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					Gardiner Tertiary Scholarships 2012
Two scholarships of $5,000 per year for the duration of a scholar’s University or TAFE course

Rural students often face much greater barriers to participation in higher education than their metropolitan
counterparts. Many must move to a new city, which can cause significant financial anxiety for students and their
families, as the cost of living independently is added to that of purchasing the required materials, equipment and
books. Added to the financial anxieties are the challenges associated with adjusting to a demanding self-directed
study regime, navigating around a new city, and developing new social and support networks.

Because of these and other barriers, many young people in rural communities simply do not apply for tertiary studies.
Indeed only 68% of rural students complete secondary school, compared with 87% of metropolitan students. Of
those rural students who do secure university places:
     15% defer their commencement, and 30% of these never actually take up their studies
     More than 81% are in the lowest two quartiles according to socio-economic status
     A significant number of those who do commence their studies drop out before completing their degree,
         because of financial, social and geographical challenges.
         (Source – DEECD)

Scholarships, therefore, play a vital role in supporting rural students who otherwise may not be able to pursue tertiary
studies. The Gardiner Foundation is proud to offer tertiary scholarships to two individuals residing in Victorian dairy
communities, for studies commencing in 2012.

In supporting people to gain essential qualifications that are in high demand in Victoria’s rural communities, the
Foundation is targeting both key priorities of its Community & People Development Program:
      attracting, retaining and developing talented people in the dairy industry and its communities, and also
      strengthening small dairy communities by bringing vital specialized skills into those communities, and
        encouraging residents to value and aspire to tertiary education.

Applying for a Gardiner Foundation Tertiary Scholarship:
Eligibility is restricted to applicants who are:
        Australian citizens residing in rural Victorian dairy communities
        Commencing their first year of full-time tertiary study in 2012 (University or TAFE)
        Required to move away from home to take up their chosen course
        Through their chosen course, pursuing a career that will either:
             o directly benefit the dairy industry; and/or
             o benefit small dairy communities, and is currently included on the Australian and/or Victorian skill
                  shortage list and rated as R, D or S
        Not receiving any other scholarship

Tertiary Scholarships 2012
Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:
        Academic commitment and achievement
        Personal achievement and community involvement
        Potential to make a positive contribution to the Victorian dairy industry and/or its small rural communities

Application process:
Applications open on Monday 17 October and will close at 5pm on Friday 2 December. Late applications will not be

Applications must be submitted via the Gardiner Foundation’s online application form.

Applicants are required to submit along with their application form:
     A copy of their most recent academic results transcript (for current students, and those who have studied in
         the last 3 years)
     An up-to-date resumé or Curriculum Vitae
     A letter of support from an independent referee

Selection process:
Applications will be shortlisted according to the three assessment criteria by Friday 16 December. Shortlisted
applicants must be available to attend an interview in Melbourne on 23 or 24 January.

Interviews will be conducted by a small multi-skilled interview panel. Interviewees are required to provide evidence at
their interview that they have been offered a place in a suitable tertiary course. (If an applicant is awaiting a second
round offer, they must advise the panel at interview.)

The interview panel will determine its preferred two scholarship candidates, and will recommend them to the
Foundation. Interviewees will be advised of the outcome by 3 February 2012.

Successful scholars:
The two successful scholars will need to sign a Gardiner Foundation Scholarship Agreement accepting the Terms
and Conditions of the scholarship (as detailed on page 3 below). At this time they will also need to provide evidence
of their enrolment.

Once the Foundation has received a scholar’s signed Letter of Offer and evidence of enrolment, the first payment will
be made into the nominated bank account within 30 days.

Payments will be structured as follows:
    $3,000 paid up front after 1 February each year, after provision of required documentation, and
    $2,000 paid at the middle of each year after 1 August, after provision of required documentation.

Required documentation includes confirmation of enrolment, statement of academic results, and one brief progress
report from the Scholar each year.

Tertiary Scholarships 2012
Terms and Conditions of Scholarship:
Eligibility requirements:
Successful Scholars must:
     Be an Australian citizen,
     Reside in a small Victorian dairy community,
     Commence first year full-time tertiary study in 2012,
     Be required to move away from home to undertake such studies,
     Be pursuing a career that will benefit the dairy industry and/or small dairy communities,
     Not be in receipt of any other scholarship at the time of the Foundation’s offer of scholarship, and
     Agree not to accept any other scholarship for the duration of the Foundation’s scholarship.

Continuity of studies:
The Scholar agrees to advise the Foundation in advance of any plans to withdraw or defer from their studies, or
transfer to a different course or to part-time study. In the event of withdrawal, deferral or transfer, the Scholar will
provide documentary evidence to the Foundation confirming these changes.

Should a Scholar withdraw from their course for any reason prior to graduation, the Foundation will terminate the
Scholarship Agreement.

Should a Scholar change to a different course prior to graduation, defer the completion of their studies, or transfer to
part-time study, the Foundation will review the circumstances and may elect to terminate the Scholarship Agreement
if deemed appropriate.

In the event that a Scholar fails a unit, he/she will be required to meet with the Assessment Panel to discuss the
circumstances, and will have the opportunity to demonstrate renewed commitment to completing the course. After
the meeting, the Foundation may elect to terminate the Scholarship Agreement if deemed appropriate.

The Foundation agrees to fund the Scholar for the designated number of years of his/her approved course, as stated
in the Scholarship Agreement. If for any reason the Scholar takes more than the agreed number of years to complete
his/her course, the Foundation will review the circumstances and may elect to terminate the Scholarship Agreement
on the original completion date if deemed appropriate.

Payment of scholarship funds:
Scholars are required to provide their bank account details to the Foundation along with their signed Scholarship
Agreement. Payments will be made by EFT into the Scholar’s nominated bank account within 30 days of receipt of
the relevant documentation.

Scholar reports:
In order to receive their payments, Scholars must provide to the Foundation:

In year 1:
     Prior to 1 February, a copy of their enrolment statement for first semester; and
     Prior to 1 August:
           o a copy of their academic results transcript for semester 1, and
           o a copy of their re-enrolment statement for second semester.

Tertiary Scholarships 2012
In year 2 and subsequent years:
     Prior to 1 February:
             o a copy of their academic results transcript for semester 2 of the previous year
             o a progress report detailing their experiences during the previous year, and
             o a copy of their enrolment statement for first semester.
     Prior to 1 August:
             o a copy of their academic results transcript for semester 1, and
             o a copy of their re-enrolment statement for second semester.

Scholar reports must be submitted online using the template provided by the Foundation.

Publicity and communications:
The Foundation will use some of the information provided in successful Scholars’ application forms to promote the
Gardiner Tertiary Scholarships program. This information will be published in print media and online. The Foundation
may also wish to take photographs of the successful Scholars and use these for media and communications

Scholars will be invited to participate in Foundation functions or events from time to time, and may be required to
speak or present at such an event.

The Foundation will keep Scholars informed of any upcoming opportunities for professional or leadership
development that it may be able to offer.

Tertiary Scholarships 2012

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