BSc _HonS_ interactive gameS deSign by pengxuezhi


									  BSc (HonS) interactive
  gameS deSign

Can you combine           this course develops the essential design and
                          technical skills required to produce highly
                                                                                    the facilities provided to support your studies include
                                                                                    XBoX 360, large twin Lcd screen Pcs and a range
artistic design skills    competitive and successful products for a variety of      of software such as 3dS max, c#Xna, Photoshop,
with the highly           markets. integral to the course is the development
                          of communication, team-working and project
                                                                                    Premiere, illustrator and Flash development Studio. a
                                                                                    dedicated teaching and learning server, http://gmedia.
technical skills          management skills required by all graduate       with text, graphic and video tutorials also
required to develop       employers.                                                supports your learning.

exceptional graphics,     the course provides the foundation for entering the       throughout your course you will develop a range of
                          dynamic and diverse interactive games market on           both 2d and 3d games for a variety of entertainment,
animation, sound and      a variety of networked and stand-alone platforms,         education and business purposes.
interfaces? If so, this   including personal computers, mobile and handheld
may be the degree         computers, internet, digital tv and mobile phones.

for you.

                 web:                        tel:   +44 1242 714300
         international development centre
         BSc (Hons) Interactive Games Design
           Level I


                                                                                                                     Programming and Software                                 networking and computing
                       interactive games Fundamentals                            core module*
                                                                                                                           development                                             Fundamentals

                                                                                                                             Professional issues
           Level II

                                                                                                                                                                               object oriented Software
                                core module**                        character and narrative design
                                                                                                                         research methods & Hci

                       Optional PlacementPlacementP

                                                                                                                                                            Option Option
                                                                            advanced concepts
           Level III

                                                                                in gaming                                                                                           interactive games
                          advanced group Project
                                                                                                                        multimedia in Business                                      design dissertation
                                                                              digital 3d effects
                                                                                                                             and industry

         Please Note: This course map is for a single honours degree.
         * Students can choose to do either Graphics, Audio and Video Editing or Digital Media Design & Development or both
         ** Students can choose to do one or more of Game Programming, Media Control, User Interaction Studies

         iLLUStrative modULeS                                                        StaFF ProFiLe                                                                          Benefits of the Course

         Interactive Games Fundamentals introduces the                               Paul O’Brien, BSc, MSc, PGCFHE                                                         •	 industry standard software
         concepts of computer based game design for                                  Senior Tutor
                                                                                                                                                                            •	 Strong links with industry and
         different genres including techiques for building
                                                                                     “We’ve developed this course to focus on game                                             sponsorship for the end of
         levels, interfaces and interactivity.
                                                                                     production, so that students have an opportunity                                          year show
         Digital Media Design and Development                                        to experience all aspects before they choose an
                                                                                                                                                                            Entry Requirements
         introduces the use of design principles, usability                          area to specialise in. i concentrate on the media
         guidelines and the incorporation of ideas from                              production including the use of software such as                                       •	 applicants should have
         design style movements in the production of                                 Photoshop, avid media composer, 3dS max and                                               completed High School with
         digital media.                                                              after effects with first and second year students.                                        good grades. Some students
                                                                                     in the final year i like to help students explore a                                       may have to complete an
         Character and Narrative Design affords the                                  variety of ethical and legal issues as well as the                                        international foundation
         opportunity to further the computer games                                   production issues and the highlight of their time                                         course before progressing to
         work undertaken in ig110 with techniques for                                at the University is the comX exhibition where                                            the bachelors degree
         building 3d environments and evaluating a                                   students showcase their work to prospective
         variety of tools.                                                           employers and the general public.”                                                     •	 ieLtS 6.0 overall (5.5 in
                                                                                                                                                                               writing) or equivalent
         Research Methods and Human-Computer                                         tel: +44 1242 714260
         Interaction is an introduction to research                                                                                                                         Mode of Attendance
         methods and the principles of data summary                                  email:
         and presentation.                                                                                                                                                  Full-time

         Professional Issues introduces students to the
                                                                                     StUdent ProFiLe                                                                        Duration
         professional and ethical issues of the computing                                                                                                                   3 years full-time /
                                                                                     Kyle Mullan
         disciplines and professions and considers these                                                                                                                    4 years degree+
                                                                                     BSc (Hons) Interactive Games Design
         within a theoretical framework of professional
         codes of practice and conduct.                                              “the best bit about the course has been the high                                       International Fees for 2010/11
                                                                                     level of “hands-on” learning involved. there is                                        annual tuition Fee            £8,615
         Advanced Concepts in Gaming affords the
                                                                                     a lot of practical work in the interactive games
         opportunity to explore the theoretical and                                                                                                                         Career Paths
                                                                                     design course and this makes for more effective
         practical aspects of simulation and artificial
                                                                                     learning, in my opinion. i also like the fact each
         techniques in computer games development                                                                                                                           •	 Level designer
                                                                                     module has a dedicated website with lecture and
         across different genres and delivery platforms.
                                                                                     course materials. the availability of lecturers is                                     •	 character designer
         Digital 3D Effects affords the opportunity to                               brilliant too. the course really allows you to use
         further the computer graphics work undertaken                               your creative side whilst learning the technical                                       •	 game programmer
         previously with techniques for building 3d                                  skills you will need to progress in your career. the                                   •	 game development project
         environments and integrating them with live                                 amount of software i’ve used is far more than i                                           manager
         action digital video.                                                       ever imagined.
                                                                                                                                                                            Enquiries and Applications
         Dissertation provides the opportunity for                                   When i graduate, i think i will miss the time
         students to study in depth a topic of their own                             i spent in halls of residence. they were and                                           international development centre
         choice within the subject area of the field.                                probably will be for many years to come, the                                           University of gloucestershire
                                                                                     best days of my life!”                                                                 Park campus
         Option Modules allow you to choose from a                                                                                                                          cheltenham gL50 2rH
         selection of modules – a full list of modules
                                                                                     degree+                                                                                tel: +44 1242 714300
         can be seen at
         undergraduate/igd and then selecting ‘detailed                              degree+ gives you the opportunity to work for                                          email:
         course information.’                                                        a year on a paid placement that counts as part
                                                                                     of your studies. it increases your employability
                                                                                     prospects and chances of receiving a higher
                                                                                     starting salary.

                                                                                                                                                                                                             62253 11/10

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