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					Examining 401K Limit Further

401K is a retirement plan in the U.S. that is offered by employers to
their eligible employees. This retirement income plan requires enrollees
to contribute a percentage from their pay on a monthly basis. Several
companies now decide to match their employees’ contribution to the
retirement plan as one of their benefits to employees.

For newbies, information regarding loans will be difficult to understand,
so it should be digested first to be able to make a sound judgment. When
you are looking for information on this retirement income plan, you will
surely come across 401K limit. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service is the
government body that imposes rules related to the plan. A good factor
about this retirement income plan is that it will be up to you to
determine the amount of your contribution. Also, the IRS 401K limit
members from withdrawing money if they have not reached the retirement
age set by the plan. Still, you can withdraw, but there’s a catch: your
withdrawals will be subjected to taxes and your savings for the future
will be sacrificed.

If you want to see a clearer picture of your contribution, an example
will be presented here. You set ten percent for the plan and that will be
deducted on a monthly basis, which means that if you are earning $3500,
the amount that will be taken out will be $350. To avoid confusion in the
future, do not forget to disclose how much you have committed to your
employer. Keep in mind that members who have not yet reached fifty years
old will only be allowed an annual plan contribution of $15,500.

For those who don’t like to become members of this plan, then they will
not be forced to enroll as this is a voluntary one. However, this move
could be a fatal mistake since this is quite important because companies
now are doing their share by matching the contributions of their
employees. As employees retire, they can be assured of regular income,
thanks to 401K plan, so it’s a must to become a member as early as today.

For members of the 401K plan, retiring is a happy affair because you are
guaranteed income that can support you for years if you know how to
budget well. We all know the issues that older people will encounter once
they retire and one of those concerns will be cash. Plan your future now
so that you can see a future that will be an enjoyable one. In the end,
you should be happy when you retire because you will have all the time in
the world to enjoy.

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