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					             FINANCE 570
              SEMINAR IN

                                Summer, 2011
Instructor/Phone:          Dr. Joe Greco          (657) 278-2375
Office:                    SGMH 5174
e-mail/Home Page:
Class Time/Place:          M,T, Th 6 - 9:00 PM / SGMH1313

Office Hours:              T, Th 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Course Description
The course is a graduate-level finance course that studies globalization, its
causes, the effects on the financial markets and global corporations, and related
current and future trends. In particular, it studies offshore outsourcing and
financial innovations. Financing methods and exchange rate risk management
are analyzed in light of globalization’s impact. The course uses a collaborative
(teams) seminar approach: a combination of lecture-discussions, case studies
(Ivey Case Methodology), and student-generated research. We will use Black
Board. Approximately one-third of the course is online.

Required Texts      1. Alan C. Shapiro, Multinational Financial Management,
                       J.Wiley and Sons
                    2. Thomas L. Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree,
                    3. Robert Reich, Supercapitalism

Academic Honesty
The Department of Finance policy requires that students engaging in academic
dishonesty receive a grade of F. Plagiarism is closely monitored. We will follow
the policy.

Grading Policy
Case Study: Oral Presentation by Group              40
Panel Discussion                                    60
Exams (2@50 pts each)                              100
                                Total             200 points

Group Case Analyses and Presentations (40Points)
      The instructor will assign members to each group. Each group prepares
and delivers a power-point presentation to the class to accompany each case.

      Criteria for Evaluation of Case: Oral Presentation
      Financial Analysis                                          20
      Comprehension of Content                                    10
      Evaluation                                                   5
      Communication skills                                         5
                                                         Total    40
      How well was the case analyzed using: background research for the
      case, financial spreadsheets and the Ivey Case Study Techniques?

      Comprehension of Content (10):
      The points represent how much, how often, and with what precision
      financial concepts were applied in the case analysis.

      Case Evaluation(5):
      The evaluation points represent how well the conclusions, alternatives,
      and solutions were presented and supported by the evidence, the
      analysis, and the Ivey case methodology.

      Communication Skills(5):
      Each group will present orally and each member must present some part
      of the analysis. Points for communication skills represent graphics, i.e.
      how well the power point was developed with points for slide layout,
      colors, charts, and professional appearance. Oral skill points represent
      how well the presentation was presented to the class with respect to
      professional dress, clear and rehearsed oral delivery as well as how well
      student questions were fielded by the group. Reading word-for-word from
      notes is a sign of a poorly prepared presentation and will cause a
      mandatory LOSS of points to the group’s grade.


      Each student will chose a side to be on prior to the panel discussion: pro
      or con related to the books “Supercapitalism” and “The Lexus and the
      Olive Tree.” We will have three groups present their ideas to selected
      questions about the books.

              CLASS SCHEDULE
Class                      Topic                Assigned Reading

July 04   Enron: The Smartest Guys in the       On Line

July 05   Structured Payments in Intl Finance   Chapter 1,18
          Ivey Case Study Methodology;
          Group Assignments

July 07   The Foreign Exchange Market           Chapter 2, 7

July 11   Currency Futures and Options          Chapter 8

July 12   Parity Conditions                     Chapter 4

July 14   FIRST EXAM                            CHAPTERS: 1,2,4,7,8,18+ Enron

July 18   Political Risk                        Chapter 6

July 19   Cost of Capital                       Chapter 14

July 21   International Financial Markets       Chapter 12

July 25   Managing Economic Exposure            Chapter 11

July 26   Managing the MNC’s Financial System   Chapter 20

July 28   Panel Discussion                      Lexus and Olive Tree;
                                                SuperCapitalism and
                                                Enron: Smartest Guys in the

Aug1      SECOND EXAM                           CHAPTERS 6,11,12,14,20+The
                                                Lexus and the Olive Tree;

Aug 2
          Group Presentations
                                                CASE STUDIES

Aug 4     Group Presentations                   CASE STUDIES

                CLASS SCHEDULE
Class   Class      Topic     Activity               Delivery
  1     M7/4     Ethics of the   Watch DVD
                                 “Enron: The
                    MNC          Smartest Guys in
                                 the Room”

 2      T7/5     Chapter 1,      Lecture             Live
                 Chapter 18
 3      Th7/6    Chapter 2,7     Lecture             Live
 4      M7/11     Chapter 8      Lecture             Live
 5      T7/12    Chapter 7,4     Lecture             Live

 6      TH7/1   First Mid Term                       Live
 7      M7/18          6         Lecture            Online
 8      T7/19         14         Lecture            Online
 9      TH7/2         12         Lecture            Online
 10     M7/25         11         Lecture             Live
 11     T7/26         20         Lecture             Live
 12     TH7/2                      Panel             Live
 13      M8/1    Second Mid                          Live
 14     T8/2    CASE STUDY       GROUPS              Live
 15     Th8/4   CASE STUDY       GROUPS              Live


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