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Pirelli World n.30 ok


									Pubblicaz. trimestrale. Spediz. in abb. post. 70% Filiale di Milano. Reg. Trib. Milano n. 494 del 24.9.1994 - Redazione: V.le Sarca 222 Milano

              P Zero Nero: Grip Power
                                                                                                                                                 The quarterly magazine for Pirelli’s management throughout the world - February 2002 - No.30
                                                                                                                                                 W RLD

                                           Miniaturising the Future                         New Year,
                                           Pirelli begins partnership for
                                                                                          New Scenarios
                                           research in photonics
                                           with the MIT of Boston
                                           page 4                                    The year 2002 begins with plenty
                                                                                   of interesting news from the world
                                                                                   of Pirelli, extending from South
                                                                                   Africa to North America to Asia
      Technological Fashion                                                        and back.
                                                                                     In fact Pirelli signed an agree-
   Pirelli makes its debut in the world                                            ment with MIT, the Massachusetts
           of fashion with a shoes and                                             Institute of Technology, in January
                     clothing collection                                           (page 4), to join forces in the field
                                page 6                                             of photonics research. An extre-
                                                                                   mely important deal to the future
                                                                                   development of new generations of
                                                                                   integrated optical systems based on
                                           Energy is...                            nanotechnologies.
                                           Blowing in the Wind                       On the African continent, the
                                                                                   Tyre Sector was at centre stage,
                                           Pirelli signs a contract to install a   launching its latest product – the P
                                           submarine cable link for a windpark     Zero Nero, part of the P Zero Col-
                                           in Denmark                              lection – in February (page 2). Pre-
                                           page 13                                 sented to the press in Johannesburg,
                                                                                   South Africa, P Zero Nero is desti-
                                                                                   ned for the replacement market and
                   Bigger Size,                                                    cars of a sporting nature. In the
               Brighter Future                                                     meantime the P6 and P7 made their
                                                                                   debut in the local markets of Reu-
Construction works for the new plant
                                                                                   nion, Madagascar, Kenya and
             in Vilanova i La Geltrù
                                                                                   Uganda (page 18). As for Asia, the
                               page 14                                             Pirelli and Siemens consortium has
                                                                                   been awarded a contract for the
                                                                                   construction of a fibre optical back-
                                           A Sea of...Tyres                        bone network in Sumatra, Indonesia
                                                                                   (page 5).
                                           A preview of the new tyre
                                                                                     But without going any further
                                           advertising campaign
                                                                                   afield than Milan, Pirelli has also
                                                                                   been involved in many activities
                                           page 17                                 beyond its area of economic intere-
                                                                                   sts, ranging from the launch of a
                                                                                   new logo with which to brand its
                                                                                   the new clothing, shoes and acces-
                           Live Art                                                sories collection - the P Zero
  Works from the V Salon for Young                                                 project - (page 6), to the inaugura-
       Artists held in Caracas and                                                 tion of the Teatro degli Arcimboldi,
               sponsored by Pirelli                                                which will host La Scala theatre
                                                                                   productions for three years. Mae-
                               page 20                                             stro Riccardo Muti comments on
                                                                                   this move and on the future pro-
                                                                                   spects of the Arcimboldi (page 8).


                                             The P Zero Nero bows in

               Nero: the Latest
                 PZero Tyre
          The Tyre Sector took the world’s specialised press and dealers to South Africa
                          to sample the exiting new Pirelli P Zero Nero
Daniele Pirola reports from Johan-         was developed: the power and strength         for replacement on cars of a sporting
nesburg, South Africa                      necessary to sustain a sports car as          nature and is available in a wide range
                                           powerful and heavy as a rhinoceros.           of sizes from 16 to 20 inches in diame-

           s the speaker talks, the ima-   Driving pleasure like the speed of a          ter. The tyre is aimed at the interesting
           ges on the screen behind him    cheetah: images that have always been         replacement and tuner markets, the
           suddenly dissolve. Graphics     the trade mark of the tyres of the Pirel-     substitution of original sizes by wider
and bullet points disappear, so do the     li P Zero Collection.                         ones for better performance and, the-
‘clusters’. The face of a rhinoceros          Rhinoceroses and cheetah were not          refore, greater safety.
comes right up to the camera and under     chosen by chance: the P Zero Nero                Among its many assets, P Zero Nero
it runs the sub-title ‘Driving Power’.     launch took place under the gaze of           also has an entirely dedicated Internet
Then the rhino gallops away to the right   Kyalami Castle, high up on the hill that      site:      just      hook       up     to
and exits the screen. It’s dark again.     dominates the South African metropo- to see how many
The forest. The yellow streak of                     lis. Green and wide-open            possibilities are provided by P Zero
lightning of a cheetah. He                                  spaces are everywhere        Nero to make a car perform better and
looks at the audience                                           in this province of      safer. A complete list of change-overs
and powers away                                                   Gauteng, and on        possible, and all the fitments that P
again with one                                                      the horizon the      Zero Nero permits according to the
single, muscular                                                     setting sun         homologation chart. Using an Internet
leap. ‘Driving                                                        brings        to   map of all the European specialised
Excitement’                                                            mind stories      dealers, motorists can then select the
the caption                                                            of national       dealer linked to the platform Internet
says. It is the                                                         parks,           B2B of Pirelli Tyres at whose premises
announce-                                                               elephants,       he would like to have the changeover
ment of the P                                                            gold mines      carried out.
Zero Nero,                                                               and the            But the true advantage in the P Zero
the      new                                                             savannah.       Nero range comes from the availability
Pirelli ultra-                                                              It is here   of versions marked Extra Load, a featu-
low profile                                                              that P Zero     re that enables the tyre to support more
launched to                                                              Nero is         weight and force maintaining the same
the press and                                                            b e i n g       dimension and, thanks to the unique
dealers of the                                                           b o r n ,       know how of Pirelli in the field of low-
world         in                                                        powerful         profile tyres, without penalisation of
Johannesburg,                                                           and fast. A      comfort.
South Africa, in                                                       completion           And then there is the new tread pat-
February.                                                             of the P Zero      tern with its asymmetric series of
   Power and dri-                                                     Collection, P      ‘shark’s fins’ that marry dry grip with
ving pleasure are                                                    Zero Nero is        safety in the wet, but about which some
the two concepts on                                                an      ultra-low     have already jokingly asked, “are the
which the P Zero Nero                                            profile destined        shark’s fins there to scare off your com-

petitors? …” More in detail, the tread
pattern has transverse grooves at varia-
ble angles that, in different conditions
of drift, work partly perpendicularly to
the direction of travel, contributing to
maintaining constant adhesion. An
adhesion which, in the final analysis, is
the primary condition essential to
obtaining maximum handling on wet
and dry, a performance that P Zero
Nero also provides due to the rigidity
of its tread, which is able to reduce
deformation and so accentuate grip and
crisp response under change of direc-
tion and load.
   The P Zero Nero tread has an asym-
metric pattern, with longitudinal chan-
nels for water ejection that are optimi-
sed in both position and dimensions.
The central strip is constituted of conti-
nuous semi-slick elements to increase
rigidity and improve precision in chan-      operating in the vehicle field that is        equilibrium. Then you arrive at the test
ges of direction and avoiding wheel          probably unique for the quantity and          station and while others drive it is pos-
slip under acceleration. The continuity      variability of technical services it          sible to sit in the shade of a tree. The
of the rings imposes constant contact        offers.                                       car thermometer shows 40°C, but there
with the road’s surface and optimum             Wet and dry handling, aquaplaning,         is a pleasant breeze that makes the tor-
conditions for braking performance on        steering pad: everything necessary to         rid heat a little easier to bear. As for the
wet and dry: the tyre’s quick                      go looking for the performance          effect of the African sun on a European
reaction means ABS works                               limits of which P Zero Nero is      skin, we’ll see this evening. Prudent
more efficiently, especially
at the beginning of the
                                    Wide                 capable. Tortuous and highly
                                                          technical, the handling
                                                                                           hostesses are offering everyone protec-
                                                                                           tion level 12 sunscreen. The local
braking manoeuvre. The          range of sizes            track is not easy for a conti-   instructors are busily munching those
external shoulder has                                     nental European to adjust        strips of meat they call droewors; avoi-
ample, continuous and com-        available              to, the steering wheel being      ded without much regret. Every now
pact blocks with an asymme-                           on the right. The gear lever         and then someone arrives as red as a
tric distribution of sea and land                  has to be manoeuvred with the           lobster: “exceptional tyres” they growl,
for maximum grip under extreme late-         left hand and the passenger seems like        before attacking a bottle of mineral
ral stress.                                  a distracted driver.                          water. There’s no middle of the road
   The track is Pirelli P Zero’s natural        There are a lot of cars at Gerotek to      weather here, it’s either an extremely
habitat. The magnificent Gerotek cir-        underline the versatility of the new P        dry 40°C or a hurricane. And if the hur-
cuit is built almost 2000 metres above       Zero Nero range: the BMW 3 Series,            ricane arrives, better still. Just in time
sea level in the hills at the gates of       the Subaru Impreza, Volvo Coupé, Alfa         to understand that P Zero Nero goes
Witwatersrand, the Chain of White            156, Ford Mondeo, Peugeot 307. And            like a train even through that much
Waters that border Bophuthatswana. A         then there is the high-speed ring, with       water.
place where one day you wilt in the          its banked corners that keep the stee-           That was it from 1-15 February, the P
heat of the late summer of southern          ring constant. This is the regularity         Zero Nero launch. The rest is colour,
Africa and then, when you least expect       race: the ring has to be run at a constant    from that ‘Adiemus’ that closed the
it, the rains come down in one of those      160 km/h, but few people are able to          press conference and made everyone’s
sudden storms that begin to announce         stay below 170, particularly testimonial      heart skip a beat: the buffaloes and high
the end of the summer. We are not far        drivers like Walter Rohrl and Fabio           plains, flights of flamingo, battles
from Pretoria, the political and intellec-   Babini.                                       between hippopotamuses, leaping ante-
tual capital of South Africa. The tracks        You move from one test island to the       lopes, all interspersed with a Latin
are part of a multi-functional complex       other in a truck, trying to maintain your     chant that could never be more African.


Pirelli Labs and the MIT join forces                                                         center in the field of telecommunica-
                                                                                             tions components and related techno-
                                                                                             logy,” said Professor Lionel Kimerling,

Miniaturising                                                                                Director of the MIT Microphotonics
                                                                                             Center. “Pirelli’s vision for the use of
                                                                                             nanotechnology for photonic integrated

the Future
                                                                                             circuits is coincident with the research
                                                                                             programme of the MIT Microphotonics
                                                                                             Center. We expect to benefit greatly
                                                                                             from the applications focus that this
Pirelli has signed an agreement with the world-leading                                       industrial partnership brings.”
                                                                                                The Pirelli–MIT Research Alliance
Massachusetts Institute of Technology for joint photonics research                           for Microphotonic Circuits will be
                                                                                             managed by a joint Board of Governors

        irelli Labs, the new high-tech       Labs–Optical Innovation. “Nanotech-             consisting of three representatives each
         center of the Pirelli group, and    nology constitutes the future of optical        from Pirelli and MIT.
         the Microphotonics Center of        fiber telecommunications, as it will per-          MIT has pioneered the use of nanote-
the Massachusetts Institute of Techno-       mit the miniaturisation and large-scale         chnology in realising optical integrated
logy (MIT) have announced a five-year-       integration of optical components with          circuits (IC) capable of high-level func-
long framework agreement for advan-          a consequent reduction in manufactu-            tionality. In addition to groundbreaking
ced basic research in the field of photo-    ring costs as production volumes                research creating the building blocks of
nics. In the first year Pirelli Labs will    increase.”                                      optical ICs, MIT researchers have for
make an investment of $2 million.               Pirelli and MIT scientists will study a      the first time demonstrated that such
   Under the agreement, visiting scienti-    new generation of integrated optical            building blocks - waveguides, bends,
sts from both organizations will work in     systems based on nanotechnologies.              and splitters - can be integrated with
                                                               Pirelli’s goal is to utili-   active structures such as lasers, ampli-
                                                               se all of the wave-           fiers, and modulators.
                                                               lengths available in a           Pirelli Labs, with a facility of 13,000
                                                               fibre-optic cable to          square meters in the Milan-Bicocca
                                                               maximise the amount           area, represents the apex of the Pirelli
                                                               of data transmitted on        Group’s advanced research and is direc-
                                                               each fibre and create a       tly connected to all of the Pirelli resear-
                                                               breakthrough in the           ch centres worldwide, as well as to
                                                               field of broad-band           important universities, with the objecti-
                                                               telecommunications.           ve of developing synergies between
                                                                  The goal is to provi-      basic research and applications. In the
                                                               de very high quality          field of nanofabrication, Pirelli Labs can
                                                               services over an ultra-       count on the most sophisticated equip-
                                                               broad band right up to        ment both for research and for produc-
                                                               the residential subscri-      tion: the Labs’ mission is to realise pro-
MIT laboratories and the new clean           ber. Pirelli - maker of the first fibre opti-   totypes of new technology, which are to
rooms of Pirelli Labs near Milan. The        cal amplifier - has invested since the          be spun-off to specifically created high
latter are advanced laboratories devoted     end of the 80’s in the field of optical         tech companies.
to research and production of optical        telecommunications. For this field to be           The MIT Microphotonics Center
components for telecommunications            profitable, it requires nanotechnology to       research addresses the use of new mate-
based on nanotechnologies and will           lower costs.                                    rials, devices and architectures for inte-
occupy about 5,000 square meters in the         The results of this joint research will      grated photonic systems. MIT faculty
new Pirelli Labs building.                   be developed by Pirelli. Pirelli expects        and students will work with Pirelli Labs
   “This agreement further strengthens       to make it available to the optical com-        scientists and engineers in vertically
the Pirelli leadership in the research and   munication systems market by the                integrated groups whose responsibilities
development of ever more advanced            beginning of 2004.                              range from design to the fabrication of
products and solutions,” remarked               “The Research Alliance with Pirelli          functional prototypes.
Giorgio Grasso, CEO of Pirelli               Labs joins MIT with a world class R&D                                                 P.W.


                     Indonesian telecom order worth more than 7 70 million

       First Project for
     Pirelli and Siemens
      The two companies will install a new submarine and terrestrial fibre optic backbone
                 in Sumatra, setting the basis for more business in the future

           h     e                                                                              Gbit/s on two
            Indo-                                                                               fibre pairs and
            nesian                                                                              will be installed
telecommunica-                                                                                  with Siemens
tions company                                                                                   TransXpress
PT Telkom has                                                                                   WLS equipment
awarded a con-                                                                                  for ultra-long
tract to Pirelli                                                                                unrepeatered
and Siemens IC                                                                                  submarine
Networks for                                                                                    links,     using
the       turnkey                                                                               state-of-the-art
construction of                                                                                 DWDM         and
a high-perfor-                                                                                  integrated
mance        fibre                                                                              remote pum-
optic backbone                                                                                  ping     techno-
network, both                                                                                   logy.
terrestrial and                                                                                   The contract
submarine, in                                                                                   with PT Telkom
Sumatra. The                                                                                    is structured as
network will                                                                                    a “Partnership
span the vast The island of Sumatra in Indonesia.                                               Agreement”
Indonesian                                                                                      and will put the
island of Sumatra from east to west gapore. The link also envisages a       Siemens/Pirelli consortium in a
and become the basis for telecom- possible extension to the State of        good position for future telecom-
munication development in the Singapore.                                    munications projects in the region.
resource-rich region. The order is        Siemens IC Networks (ICN) will    This will include accesses, as well
worth more than 6 70 million and deliver the transmission technology,       as further submarine links to con-
will put the Pirelli/Siemens consor- supply and install from its TransX-    nect more islands in the area to ulti-
tium in a strong position for future press family the DWDM (Dense           mately constitute a fibre optic ring
telecommunications projects in the Wavelength Division Multiplexing)        uniting Sumatra, Java and Kaliman-
area.                                   and SDH (Synchronous Digital Hie-   tan, the Indonesian Borneo.
  The high-performance fibre optic rarchy) equipment. Pirelli will deli-      This is the first project to be
backbone in Indonesia will cover a ver the 12 fibre optic terrestrial       undertaken by the Pirelli/Siemens
distance of more than 2,000 kilome- cable systems. The submarine link       partnership, which was established
tres and will comprise a 345 km to Batam will be supplied on a              in May of last year with the aim of
DWDM transmission submarine turnkey basis by Pirelli Submarine              jointly developing optical submari-
link from the eastern coast of Suma- Telecom Systems (PSTS) and will        ne transmission equipment for com-
tra to the resort and industrial island cover more than 345 kilometres,     munications network applications.
of Batam, 20 kilometres from Sin- have a transmission capacity of 40                     by Ivan Dompé, Milan


                       Pirelli presents P Zero: an industrial design project for clothing

Pirelli marked its entry into the world of fashion by launching a clothing and shoes collection
                in January, to be followed by luggage and watches in the spring

          ineteen                                                                                                          dot a the end espe-
          seventy                                                                                                          cially for this
          four: the                                                                                                        project – and with
earliest     human                                                                                                         the print of the
prints dating back                                                                                                         Pirelli tyre.
four million years                                                                                                           Leaving      aside
ago were discovered in Tanzania,                       January 2002: Pirelli elects the print          fashion formulae and seasonal ten-
testimony to a huge leap in human                   to distinguish its newly launched P                dencies, the P Zero project is born
evolution because they showed man                   Zero project, marking its debut into               after two years of research by a group
in the erect position. From then                    the world of fashion. All this because             of experts that have come up with a
onwards the footprint has been the                  more than a mark, the print is a                   selection of unique styles. Archetypes
most emblematic physical sign that                  distinctive sign that transcends time.             successively developed in variations
Man has left behind him,                            It bears witness to those who wear it.             of colour and materials, in order to
“bequeathed” to history. Just think of              Even when that person is somewhere                 concentrate the functions of several
Neil Armstrong’s footprint on the                   else. Thus, the new clothing and shoes             items and accessories into a single
Moon: a few centimetres of sole sum-                collection will be marked with the                 item.
marises the conquest of space.                      Elongated P logo - redesigned with a                  The first results of this work are the

                                                                                              P Zero Acqua
                                                                      Elements: Made of water-resistant Wolverine Leathers, the P Zero Acqua
                                                                   shoes come in red, light brown, blue, white. The inserts are made of highly
                                                                   technical fabrics by Schoeller of Switzerland: composed of very tough
                                                                   threads, resistant to any type of traction or abrasion. Mesh wefts guarantee
                                                                   maximum transpiration and cut-resistant metal threads evolved from Pirelli
                                                                   transmission cable technology ensure strength. The linings are in Drilex: a
                                                                   patented waterproof fabric with an absorbent and heat-regulating double
                                                                   layer; which is the first to come into contact with the foot and lets humidity
                                                                   pass through without vapourising it. Walking World antishock underfoot
                                                                   inserts are crushproof and washable, and massage the foot due to their ela-
                                                                   sticity. Maximum transpiration, guaranteed by the open-weave construction.
                                                                   Stainless eyelets.
      Volumes: Soft, round-toed shapes, distinguished by an external band in TPA. To guarantee maximum stability for the foot.
      Style: Elegant and sporty, inspired by the yachting world.
       Distinguishing Signs: The “distinguishing sign” is the anti-slip sole, with a tread like a tyre. “The mark” that can’t be seen, but is left by
    whoever wears it. Easy care leather treatment allows any dirty mark to be removed with a simple brushing. Should the dirt be more resistant,
    the leather can be washed with soap and water. Each pair of shoes comes with a special kit for maintenance of the soles.

P Zero Aria                                                                                                                 revolutio-
parka and                                                                                                                   nary use of
the P Zero                              P Zero Aria                                                                         “ c a o u t
A c q u a                                                                                                                   chouc”,
shoes. Each            Elements: The P Zero Aria parka is a                                                                 together with
model has           daily elegant cloak, perfect all day and                                                                a range of
been produ-         at all times: from free time to more                                                                    specific
ced with the        demanding moments. Made of rub-                                                                         accessories:
licence of          berised cotton for the outside of the                                                                   from coach-
the company         model, it has a double inside in                                                                        men’s gaiters
in the corre-       100% cotton and 100% wool                                                                               to aprons for
sponding            detachable collar. Rapid release                                                                        the kitchen.
area, best          steel buttons evolved from the                                                                              Of elegant
qualified           sprung catches on deep-sea                                                                              s i m p l i c i t y,
regarding           motorboats. Hand-worked                                                                                 the        styles
know-how            strengthening in strong marine                                                                          had evocati-
(Allegri for        thread on the popper buttons.                                                                           ve names:
P Zero Aria            Volumes: Calibrated outlines
                                                                                                                            “ P a r i s ,
and      Zeis       over the body. Two back slits to facili-
                                                                                                                            Milan, Impe-
for P Zero          tate driving. Two huge external pockets with
                                                                                                                            rial,        Ger-
Acqua). This        two under-pockets for keys. Two hand-war-
                                                                                                                            m a n y ,
ensures that        mers, glove substitutes. Several internal
each step of        pockets. Mobile phone sheath-pocket, accessible even when the garment is buttoned up.
the produc-                                                                                                                 through the
tion cycle is          Colours: black, putty, red, lead-grey.                                                               Pirelli cata-
made by the            Distinguishing Signs: Here the “distinguishing sign” is red or beige lining, quilted like
                                                                                                                            logues, an
finest specia-      the P Zero radial treads: the mark of a new character in clothing. P Zero Air has the same
lists. Pirelli      charm as an off-roader: good-looking when clean, but also when muddy. To be used in the
                                                                                                                            nary record
makes the           country as well as in town, needs little maintenance.
                                                                                                                            of customs
final check                                                                                                                 of the times,
in the last                                                                                                                 one imme-
stage of a journey begun by the study will cover this clothing design diately notices the mixture of civilian
of the subject matter and continued in project perfectly too.                                     and work clothes: from surgeons’
the absolute quality that is so distinc-            To tell all the truth, the relationship gowns to diving suits with 3 or 12
tive of this cornerstone of Italian between Pirelli and clothing is not bolts. A fusion of aesthetics and func-
industrial history. The watch collec- new: it goes back to 1877, when tionality that within the century
tion – which will be called P Zero Francesco Casassa joined the com- would have produced the first elastic
Tempo and will be launched in the plex founded by Giovanni Battista girdles, the Stella heels advertised by
spring – is the product of a licensing             Pirelli as a partner and production Dudovich (1916), the Hevea over-
contract with Sector, member                              started on “sanitary and shoe (1925), the vacuum cleaner
of the Bulgari Group.                                         haberdashery articles”.             (1942) and rubber kitchen gloves
   The name of each model
has the suffix P Zero: code
                                    Industrial                   If on one hand, the fac- (1960). And so on. All about avant-
                                                               tories along the Sevesetto garde dress/dressing. A philosophy
name of the Pirelli tyres         design, elegant               were producing insulated which was developed and applied by
of the same name, inven-                                       wires for electric cables, Pirelli in every area: from flight, with
ted in 1987 for the Ferrari          comfort                  already in 1879 laying the the rubber airship Norge (1926) to
F40 saloon. This was a real                                basis for the future Edison stationery, with adhesive tape (1959),
first, developed from Formula                        system, on the other, and with the by way of foam rubber inners (1939).
One radials for use on ordinary same technical expertise, Pirelli was An escalation organised by research
roads. The “custom-made” Pirelli making a whole catalogue of “over- and co-ordinated by the cult of servi-
quality is constant in any area. In coats, cloaks and coats for travellers, ce that finds its ultimate synthesis in
fact, the description Pirelli gives its coachmen and the military”. the P Zero clothing design project.
tyres, “highest performance covers” Clothing made waterproof by the                                        by Carlo Corti Galeazzi, Milan


                       Interview with Maestro Muti on the new La Scala theatre

   La Scala and the
Teatro degli Arcimboldi
    Riccardo Muti comments on the move of La Scala, the acoustic and architectural aspects
               of the new theatre and its relationship with the Milanese public

                                                                         matic gesture,     will be restored so as to comply with
                                                                         further proof      regulatory requirements and the stage
                                                                         of the attach-     will be modernised. The birth of the
                                                                         ment of this       Arcimboldi, on the other hand, is crucial;
                                                                         man of culture     it provides Italy with a new home for
                                                                         to the future of   living and experiencing culture. In a
                                                                         La Scala. A        country struggling to find an identity
                                                                         theatre with       worthy of its glorious past, a country
                                                                         which        the   where orchestras have been broken up,
                                                                         Maestro has        choirs cut back, and where many regions
                                                                         been associa-      fail to provide decent cultural and musi-
                                                                         ted for over       cal events, the opening of a new theatre
                                                                         thirty years.      takes on a profound significance. Its
                                                                         For sixteen of     birth is in itself a guarantee for the futu-
                                                                         those years he     re. Its absence would mean remaining
                                                                         held         the   firmly stuck in the past, steeped in futu-

          rom the moment “Project            demanding position of musical director,        reless museum memories.
          Arcimboldi” began to take          enabling him to realise such major
          shape, Riccardo Muti wanted to     projects as the reworking - in critical           How then do you picture the future of
be closely involved, his omnipresent         vein - of Verdi’s Popular Trilogy. He          the Teatro degli Arcimboldi?
enthusiasm in turn involving all those       inaugurated it over ten years ago with the        I picture a marvellous adventure.
around him; the imposing presence of a       return of La Traviata. And it was the very     Because the Arcimboldi is a new theatre,
man of culture, ever ready to challenge      same historic work, produced by Liliana        a place for new ideas and dreams. Of
convention in order to achieve a goal.       Cavani, to provide the curtain raiser for      course, it will take time, but once it is up
And in the case of the Arcimboldi, the       the new Arcimboldi, bridging the gap           and running, the new auditorium will
goal – indeed the adventure - was no less    between the glorious traditions of La          allow us to exploit its myriad opportuni-
than the creation of a brand new forum       Scala and the aspirations of its modern        ties and advantages. Its architectural
for the finest music and art. Even as the    heir. An heir that already looks optimisti-    structure is ideal for creating a direct rap-
building work continued around him,          cally to the future.                           port with the audience. A vast expanse of
Muti organised an orchestra rehearsal.                                                      stalls, without the traditional boxes,
On a partially built podium he transfor-       Maestro Muti, what does the move of          breaks down barriers and embraces the
med a theatre under construction into a      La Scala to the Arcimboldi represent?          whole audience in true democratic
living organism, conducting the                It marks the beginning not only of a         fashion. Furthermore, being brand new,
Symphony Orchestra’s performance of          new and important chapter in the history       the theatre is unencumbered by the histo-
Bellini’s Norma. A first rehearsal-cum-      of La Scala, but also of this country. The     rical memories that could intimidate its
experiment to gauge whether the acou-        closure of La Scala is a temporary move,       users or make them feel ill at ease. By
stics, the pulsating heart of the theatre,   born of the need to render the theatre         focusing on these two special features, I
would have a future. A striking and dra-     more efficient and functional. The hall        hope that over the next three seasons the

audience will develop a lasting bond of          You mean an effort by the Milanese to        lent my personal experience of the
affection with the Arcimboldi, a bond          leave the city centre and to head for the      strengths and weaknesses of the world’s
that will live on even after the return of     suburbs?                                       greatest international concert halls.
La Scala to the city’s historic centre.          Experience has taught me that people         Experts of worldwide renown have also
                                               have very different perceptions of             been called upon. I have great faith in the
   What will the audience at the Arcim-        distance, depending on the location. I         results obtained.
boldi be like? Will it have a different pro-   remember a conversation one evening
file compared to that of La Scala?             with two members of the audience, at              A new theatre for the audiences of
   It will be a wider audience. Not only       the end of a concert in Los Angeles.           tomorrow, but also for the artists of the
the traditional La Scala audience, but         When I asked where they lived, they            future?
also those who have never set foot in La       answered: “Luckily we live nearby.                The Arcimboldi will very probably
Scala. And let’s not forget another key        Only an hour’s drive from the theatre”.        provide a home for a project that I have
element: young people. The Arcimboldi          After all, to attend performances at La        nurtured for many years: the artistic
lies at the heart of one of Milan’s most       Scala, audiences come from all over the        moulding of an Italian youth orchestra.
important university complexes, able to        world. So the three-years residence of La      An instrumental group with three
accommodate around 25,000 students.            Scala at the Arcimboldi can hardly be          venues, in three Italian cities that boast
The very idea of being able to                                                                         age-old musical traditions. A
work close up with these                                                                               travelling orchestra that over
youngsters - tomorrow’s                                                                                the next three years will have
audience - thrills me. I would                                                                         the opportunity to create its
be absolutely delighted if these                                                                       own identity in the new theatre.
young people, along with all                                                                           It would be an extremely
those who in the past have                                                                             important presence, in terms of
been unable to enjoy the perso-                                                                        the work possibilities it would
nal experience of culture, were                                                                        offer. Compared to institutional
to come to the Arcimboldi as a                                                                         orchestras, a structure of this
matter of normal routine. So                                                                           type would have the necessary
that tomorrow - by which I                                                                             artistic flexibility for carrying
mean the end of these three                                                                            out essential training.
years of programming - they
will attend La Scala in the                                                                               Which would also involve
same spirit, feeling absolutely at home.       considered a nightmare. Quite the oppo-        the audience?
                                               site. It will be a period of exciting disco-      We already started doing this several
   How will the decentralised location of      veries, to be embarked upon boldly, with       years ago at La Scala, opening up opera
the Arcimboldi affect the relationship         an awareness of the value of this new          and symphony rehearsals to the public.
between the Milanese public and the            theatre. Aspace where future performan-        We will continue along this path. This
new theatre?                                   ces, operas, ballets and concerts can be       might mean organising rehearsals where
   It will help in the change. The Arcim-      programmed simultaneously and in tan-          the piece being studied becomes a focus
boldi is an enrichment of Milanese cul-        dem with programmes at La Scala.               for discussion and training for both
tural life. The position of the Bicocca                                                       young orchestra teachers and the audien-
area will favour those living in the nei-        How do you rate the Arcimboldi in            ces present. The theatre must become a
ghbouring areas of the city and in the         architectural terms?                           creative forge and the final result the
more ‘popular’ parts of the city. I have         I like Vittorio Gregotti’s hall a great      fruit of the direct encounter between
always been saddened by the fact that          deal. It is modern, charming and comfor-       public and musicians. A new cultural
many Milanese — and I am referring in          table. But the beauty of the place and the     adventure with an identity that is not
particular to those who live outside the       architectural space are not in themselves      only Milanese; arguably an adventure
central “Navigli ring of canals” — have        enough. The acoustics are what really          beset by unknowns, but stimulating for
been unable to come to La Scala. Not           count. They are the key to achieving the       this very reason. An adventure that can
least due to the scarcity of available         perfect volume. Yet acoustics, as the          perhaps be best summarised with the
seats. The Arcimboldi also helps to solve      ancients teach us, are magical things. No      Latin motto: Porta patet, cor magis. “The
this problem. We are faced with a unique       computer or calculation can perfect            door is open, even more so the heart”.
opportunity. All that is needed now is         them. I have watched the structure grow                                     Interview by
just that one extra effort from the public.    month by month. As a conductor I have                        Gianluca Bauzano, Milan


My Appraisal: managing performance improvement on-line                                  has been agreed with top management
                                                                                        as well as at all levels of the organisa-
                                                                                        tion. The application can be used by

         Web Based                                                                      both the employee and the manager:
                                                                                        the former fills in his form and the
                                                                                        submits it to the system; the latter can,
                                                                                        in turn, access the employee’s form,

         Appraisal                                                                      examine the set objectives and gra-
                                                                                        dually follow the person’s performan-
                                                                                        ce improvement.
                                                                                           Linked to My Appraisal is Pirelli’s
        A new software will enable each Intranet user to set                            Learning Lab, a platform where
     his objectives and monitor them directly from the desktop                          employees can find training courses of
                                                                                        all sorts with which to achieve their
     t is common knowledge that most        advantage. The manufacturing organi-        objectives and improve “areas of

I    managers and employees find
     participating in formal perfor-
mance appraisal as appealing as
having a root canal. However it is also
                                            zations in this study clearly stated that
                                            an effective appraisal and review pro-
                                            cess created focus, a platform for mea-
                                            surement, a vehicle for employee
                                                                                        weaknesses”. My Appraisal is also
                                                                                        accompanied by a help-on-line menu,
                                                                                        which helps participants to draw up
                                                                                        objectives, use the system and under-
true that formal performance apprai-        improvement, and a means of linking         stand the Pirelli evaluation model –
sals are an inescapable part of organi-     key outcomes to performance.                validity, ability, behaviour.
zational life.                                In line with this criteria, Pirelli is       Until today, the process of assigning
   There are two main reasons that for-     launching a new Intranet application        objectives, monitoring them and their
mal performance appraisals are here to      that all Pirelli APIS users will find on    consequent appraisal was mainly car-
stay. First, formal appraisals are requi-   their desktops from March. Called My        ried out directly by a person’s mana-
red to justify a wide range of human        Appraisal, it gives a new look for the      ger. The instrument with which this
resource decisions. They also are key       new goals of a well-known Pirelli pro-      was done was the paper version of the
to evaluating recruitment results and       cess – everything that revolves around      MPI form, although in recent years an
determining training needs. Second,         the blue MPI form – and will permit         electronic file has often been a useful
formal appraisals are required to main-     employees to constantly have a real         substitute. All of this, however, impo-
tain a competitive edge. In a recent        compass at their finger tips that will      sed a constant double difficulty.
study of high-performance organiza-         guide them in achieving their objecti-         In the first place, it was becoming
tions, the practice of employing a          ves in the working world.                   really difficult to find the right time to
value added performance appraisal             My Appraisal brings together the          define a person’s objectives and agree
process was cited as on of the top 10       common requirements of the whole            them with the manager at the begin-
vehicles for creating competitive           world in all the Group’s business and       ning of the year, carry out continuous
                                                                                        verifications and formally close a
                                                                                        numerical appraisal of the principal
                                                                                        projects implemented at the end of the
                                                                                        annual cycle. Secondly, even if the
                                                                                        relative methodology was reasonably
                                                                                        well known and continually communi-
                                                                                        cated, it was still demanding to find
                                                                                        objectives that were concrete, measu-
                                                                                        rable and challenging, equipped with
                                                                                        equally precise indicators. My Apprai-
                                                                                        sal fits in as the optimal solution to all
                                                                                        these problems, bringing innovation
                                                                                        and modernity to an old but very pre-
                                                                                        cious concept - performance appraisal
                                                                                        - which today is at the basis for
                                                                                        muscle-building an organization.
                                                                                                          by Silvia Vanini, Milan


           IT strategies to get closer to the end user                             generally considers the tyre as a long-
                                                                                   lasting consumption good of low pur-
                                                                                   chase frequency. His decision making

          Customer                                                                 process is influenced by three ele-
                                                                                   ments which play a fundamental role:
                                                                                   the advice of a trusted dealer, the ori-

                                                                                   ginal equipment of the vehicle and
                                                                                   brand image.
                                                                                      The dealer influences the purcha-
                                                                                   sing decision in about 60% of the

         Innovation                                                                cases and - contrary to the final custo-
                                                                                   mer - his frequency of acquisition is
                                                                                   obviously very high. Therefore the
                                                                                   impact of the tyre itself on the total
      Internet sites, B2B projects, a solid contact centre:                        acquired amount is extremely high:
      this is the Pirelli Tyre Sector’s integrated approach                        about 50%. The management of our
                                                                                   relationship with the dealers requires
        to developing a more customer-oriented policy                              a differentiated approach, dependant
                                                                                   on the specific characteristics and
                                                                                   needs of the clientele.
                                                                                      The objectives of CRM are based
                                                                                   on three fundamental contributors to
                                                                                   value-generation: customer satisfac-
                                                                                   tion, reached through focalisation on
                                                                                   both the distribution channel and the
                                                                                   final consumer; improvement of
                                                                                   market share with particular emphasis
                                                                                   on top of the range tyres (an integra-
                                                                                   ted approach allows a manufacturer to
                                                                                   be more effective in the acquisition of
                                                                                   new customers, but above all to
                                                                                   improve and reinforce the competiti-
                                                                                   ve position with existing customers);
                                                                                   finally, time reduction in return on
                                                                                   investment and operational effi-
                                                                                      The maximisation of new informa-
                                                                                   tion technologies helps conciliate

           n important aspect of Pirel-   customer relations. The reality of       these objectives, reinforcing the con-
           li’s commercial approach       innovation in the management of          cept of an integrated and “industrial”
           over the last few years has    Pirelli’s market relations comes from    approach to the market (mass custo-
been the intensive use of information     a precise decision to pay ever-increa-   misation).
technology as an enabler of change.       sing attention to the dealer and end-       This innovation programme focu-
This innovative thrust, based on the      user, acting on the basis of a ‘custo-   sed on customer relations and based
engine of information technology, has     mer centric’ logic.                      on the intensive use of information
reached levels of high diffusion parti-      The tyre market is characterised by   technology began in Pirelli about a
cularly in the commercial area of the     generally contained levels of growth     couple of years ago: today we are able
Tyre Sector. Perhaps in such a context    and intense competition among a rela-    to identify with a certain clarity which
the letters CRM (Customer Relations       tively small number of protagonists.     are the levers of success and the areas
Management) won’t simply extend           As far as customer relations are con-    with improvement potential.
the long line of acronyms invented by     cerned, there are two figures which         The scope of the project extends
technologists to refer to the set of      must be taken into account: the final    today to all the countries in which
systems a company uses to manage          customer and the dealer. The first       Pirelli operates with a direct commer-

cial presence both in Europe and in        and aimed at a specific target. Howe-      important levers in achieving objecti-
Latin and North America.                   ver our strength is not represented        ves of operational efficiency such as
   The commercial solutions proposed       solely by 30% of the transaction volu-     greater speed of action and complete-
have been designed taking into             me being carried out directly on the       ness of the reference information
account all the characteristics of the     platform, but more than anything else      scope. Of particular importance is the
country where they are applied, and        by integration with the overall system     progressive overall assertion of logi-
they use a portfolio of standardised       of offer in view of added value servi-     cal optimisation by unit of expenditu-
instruments of information support as      ces and operational efficiency. An         re in structuring the complementary
the main lever. The standardisation of     interesting example is the collaborati-    use of levers such as the sales force,
instruments permits the simplification     ve systems of product availability,        contact centre and Internet B2B.
and comparison of many business            management and stock and, more                An important emerging trend is the
achievements, while keeping cost of        recently, the experience of automotive     progressive overtaking of the traditio-
managing the applications under con-       accessories e-procurement.                 nal diversity between marketing and
trol in the long run.                         In the Tyre Sector, support applica-    sales in terms of a reduced time con-
   An important role in our direct inte-   tions to sales force activities are very   sumption goal. The definition of a
raction with the end-user is carried out   important, given the high interaction      marketing policy is increasingly
by our Internet sites, which are mana-     capability of the dealer with Pirelli,     linked to contact with the market itself
                                                                                      and therefore it becomes possible to
                                                                                      measure the relationship between
                                                                                      cause and effect in less time (simulta-
                                                                                      neous marketing).
                                                                                         A characteristic of the Pirelli
                                                                                      approach is to go beyond the bounda-
                                                                                      ries of the traditional commercial
                                                                                      function in order to involve all func-
                                                                                      tions that have a role in the manage-
                                                                                      ment of customer relations: logistics,
                                                                                      IT, administration and others. This dif-
                                                                                      fusion of a customer oriented strategy
                                                                                      provides important opportunities for
                                                                                      the differentiation of our offer. It is in
                                                                                      this direction that we perhaps find the
                                                                                      most interesting improvement poten-
                                                                                         Both organisational needs of inte-
                                                                                      gration and simultaneous marketing
ged in an integrated manner at global      typical of a number of market reali-       logic have been and will continue to
level, with over 50 local sites specific   ties. The winning element is the tight     be important challenges from the
to each country: the volume of traffic     integration between Sales Force            point of view of IT systems techno-
to be handled is equivalent to that of a   Enhancement applications, B2B and          logy, where the logic of applicational
0800 telephone number with about           the contact centre.                        and infrastructural integration conti-
450 operators… a concrete example             The contact centre represents the       nue to consolidate as basic strong
of how technology conciliates innova-      pivot of the management of market          points.
tive aspects of customer satisfaction      relations, not only through direct            Fundamental conditions with which
and management cost control.               telephone contact, but also because of     to guarantee continuity and consi-
   More specifically oriented towards      its integration with the entire informa-   stency to such an ambitious program-
the trade is our B2B initiative, tyre-     tion management system within the          me is the orientation of the whole, which today involves     company. It therefore supports both        company management. If the innova-
about 5,000 customers in five macro        the sales force when it is “in action”     tive project had not become a funda-
areas: Europe, Latin and North Ameri-      and the marketing team in gathering        mental measure of evaluation for the
ca and Japan. While the IT platform is     precious market insight data.              entire organisation, then there would
identical, the informative and functio-       Informative integration and in-         have been little chance of success.
nal content of the solution is designed    depth knowledge of the customer are                   by Andrea Pirondini, Milan


 The first offshore windpark contract for Pirelli in Denmark

 Energy is...
 Blowing in
 the Wind
 Pirelli will supply and install a submarine cable system
 linking the world’s biggest windmill park to the coast

           he increasing development       opportunities. Offshore sites, costing       The contract awarded to Pirelli
           of wind power generation in     some 50% more to develop but yiel-        involves the turnkey supply and
           recent years is mainly due to   ding about 30% more power over lon-       installation of a 132 kV interconnec-
environmental politics related to          ger periods, are becoming more feasi-     tion submarine cable system linking
renewable energies. In this respect        ble. Many offshore wind projects are      the coast to the windmill park, Nysted
150 nations signed in 1997 the Kyoto       now being studied in Northern Euro-       at Roedstand. Pirelli will supply and
Protocol aiming at substantially redu-     pe, but Denmark is the leading and        install a total of 21.5 km of one of the
cing the greenhouse gases (including       most innovative country in its rapidity   largest three core, extruded, AC sub-
CO2). Later, the European Union - in       of pushing the national economical        marine power cables existing on the
a common agreement with the mem-           interest on renewable energies, where     market today. The cable will transmit
ber states - decided to reduce the         wind plays a determinant role. In fact,   the electricity generated offshore into
greenhouse gases (GHG) by 8-12%            up to 27 % of Danish power needs are      the SEAS grid that now supplies about
within 2008 – 2012 with respect to         already covered by renewable energy.      230,000 customers.
1990. Furthermore, it has been targe-      The Roedsand is the second 150 MW            SEAS have chosen Pirelli as the
ted that 12% of the European energy        project in Denmark.                       supplier of these cables because the
needs should be provided by renewa-          SEAS Group, the largest consumer-       company also represents the latest
ble energies within 2010.                  owned energy group in Denmark, is         technology, when it comes to low loss
   Among all renewable energies,           now developing the world’s largest        of energy. The contract – the first for
wind technology has been greatly           offshore windmill park, located 11,2      Pirelli within the offshore windfarm
developed and exploited on land over       km out to sea on Sealand Island. The      sector in the Northern Europe – pro-
the last 10 years, the leading countries   project, which will be completed by       ves that the Pirelli Group is one of the
in that field being Denmark, Germany,      2003, will save the environment from      leading companies in a market whose
Spain and USA. However increasing          about 300,000 tonnes of carbon dioxi-     growth rate is expected to be double-
constraints for expansion on land          de (CO2) per year. The windpark will      digit in a few years. The aim of the
(including complaints about wildlife       consist of 72 wind turbines set up        Pirelli Group is to supply the most
disturbances, visual impact, necessity     directly on the sea, each 110 metres      advanced solutions that will satisfy
of noise reduction and space availabi-     high and each generating 2.2              even the latest market requests.
lity) have turned attention to offshore    MegaWatt.                                            by Umberto Nespolo, Milan


                                          Pirelli expands its Spanish plant

                  Bigger Size,
                 Brighter Future
             Pirelli Cables y Sistemas’ is building a new plant outside the urban area of
               Vilanova i La Geltrù which will substitute today’s factory of Cavimar

                                                         Top left, the Villanova i La Geltrù plant today. Above and opposite page,
                                                         two models of how the new site will look.

                                                         employees and a capi-          the Vilanova area have grown con-
                                                         tal of 300,000 pesetas,        siderably. The factory began to
                                                         nearly 71.800, the             ‘suffer’ from being locked into the
                                                         plant was Pirelli’s            sprawling urban conurbation, so in
                                                         first factory outside          the Eighties Pirelli Cables y Siste-
                                                         Italy, and from that           mas began talking to the local
                                                         moment became the              authorities about the possibility of
                                                         principal economic             transferring its activities out of
                                                         ‘engine’ in the area           town. After 12 years of studies and
                                                         near        Barcelona.         agreements, all the parties involved

          he story that binds Pirelli       Today, the company has 850                  reached a consensus for the transfer
          to Spain and the Vilanova         employees, a turnover of 7265 mil-          of the factory. A move that will
          i la Geltrù village in parti-     lion and is one of the leading pro-         enable Pirelli Cables y Sistemas to
cular reaches way back to 1902,             ducers of cables and systems for            maintain its Spanish leadership in
when one November morning                   energy transmission and telecom-            the energy and telecommunications
Pirelli Cables y Sistemas began             munications.                                markets and provide the local
electric cable production. With 200           However, urban projections for            authority with the opportunity of

transforming the old factory’s           munications to 32,000 square             tory’s 10 hectares of urban land
important urban site into a residen-     metres, both of which will be ser-       released by Pirelli will guarantee
tial and commercial development          ved by the necessary non-produc-         the sustainable development of
for the people of Vilanova i la Gel-     tion back-up facilities. When the        Vilanova i la Geltrú, the Garraf
trú.                                     new plants come on stream Europe         capital, an area of Catalonia that
   The agreement between Pirelli         will have a new state-of-the-art         has reached gross product of 29%
and the Vilanova i la Geltrú autho-      cable manufacturing facility.            since 1990, while the aggregate for
rities provides for some important         The high technology to be used         the whole country has been around
initiatives. First, Pirelli Cables y     throughout the manufacturing pro-        23%. The city’s demographic boom
Sistemas has agreed to the sale, of      cess at the new Spanish installation     is of the same proportions, amoun-
the land on which the old factory        will have positive repercussions on      ting to 1000 inhabitants per year.
stands, to the Garraf Mediterranea       the quality and quantity of its pro-     These figures show the process of
company, which in turn will build        ducts. Production of energy cables       growth of Vilanova i la Geltrú and
up a large residential and commer-       new plant is scheduled to reach          the importance of the area in which
cial complex                                                                                          Pirelli is situa-
with       open                                                                                       ted.
spaces       and                                                                                         The develop-
green areas                                                                                           ment of this
where        the                                                                                      large project is a
Pirelli Cavi-                                                                                         historic opportu-
mar factory                                                                                           nity for the city
now stands.                                                                                           to build up a
The      agree-                                                                                       new quarter in
ment        also                                                                                      centre of Vilano-
revises      the                                                                                      va i la Geltrú
qualification                                                                                         and in front of
of the old                                                                                            the sea. A new
Pirelli factory                                                                                       residential com-
terrain from                                                                                          plex of 109,100
an industrial                                                                                         square metres,
to an extra-                                                                                          35% will be
urban area of                                                                                         devoted to the
the village. At                                                                                       private and 65%
the same time,                                                                                        to the public sec-
Pirelli’s commitment to maintain         35,000 tons a year or 46% more           tor, with a minimum of 30% reser-
its activity in this village, provi-     than current volume, with a global       ved for green spaces. The total cost
ding the local authorities with indu-    capacity of Pirelli energy in Spain      of creating the new residential area
strial terrain for the new factories.    of more than 60.000 tons a year,         is more than 7150 million and will
   In order to build the new factory,    including the existing actual plants:    be split into four phases of two
Pirelli bought over 16 hectares of       Cavigel and Fercable. The telecom-       years each for a maximum duration
land – but will only occupy a part       munications unit is expected to          of eight years.
of the terrain – an area easily acces-   reach one million of fibre optical          Last but not least, this year Pirel-
sible from the principal motorways.      cabling, mainly in OPGW conside-         li, and its plant Cavimar in Vilano-
The plant’s transfer plan is already     red the star product of Pirelli Spain.   va i la Geltrú, will celebrate its 100
under way, having got off the            Cables of that kind are exported to      years of activity in Spain, being the
ground in January 2002. The opera-       a number of countries in the world       first foreign plant built by Pirelli at
tion of building the new factories       and play a fundamental role within       the beginning of last century. Once
will start in August 2002 and con-       telecommunications companies.            again, we begin the 21st century by
clude in March 2004, and the plant       The new plants will be built in line     writing an important new page in
will be fully operational by August      with the strictest safety systems,       our own history and in the history
2004. The energy cable production        with respect for and sustenance of       of Vilanova i la Geltrú.
unit will be expanded to cover           the environment.                                          by Xavier Cardona,
75,000 square metres and telecom-          The acquisition of the old fac-                  Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain

            THE CAL

                                                    The 2003 Cal contest
            aomi Campbell,                                                                            stage of which will send 30
            Carré Otis, Chri-                                                                         candidates into the next
            sty Turlington,                                                                           round, from which the 10

                                    In Search
Kate Moss…all famous                                                                                  finalists will be chosen. The
beauties celebrated by the                                                                            third eliminatory phase will
notoriety of the Pirelli                                                                              be by a celebrity jury made
Calendar. But this symbol                                                                             up of leading members of
of Italy across the world has
featured few Italian girls:
just Rina Lucarelli, photo-
graphed by Clive Arrow-
                                     of a Star                                                        the worlds of television,
                                                                                                      music, fashion, journalism,
                                                                                                      cinema, advertising and
                                                                                                      sport, to whose votes will
smith for the 1991 edition,                                                                           be added those cast by
and Monica Bellucci A new Italian face that will represent the beauty of members of the public via
immortalised by Richard              the Bel Paese in the next edition of the Pirelli                 TIM’s SMS system.
Avedon in 1997. This year,                  Calendar will be selected via MTV                            Pictures of the partici-
the creators of the world’s                                                                           pants in ‘The Cal Contest
most prestigious and sou-
                                          and the SMS service provided by TIM                         2003 – An Italian for the
ght after calendar, an                                                                                Pirelli Calendar’ contest
annual collection of beauty seen through casting session that will give all young will be seen on the music channel’s web
the lenses of the greatest photographers, Italian girls of between 17 and 26 years site, where the competition’s official
are about to make a change.                  old the chance to make themselves regulations and an entry form will also be
   MTV Italia is to present ‘The Cal Con- known, be voted for on the television found.
test 2003 – An Italian Girl for the Pirelli channel - and perhaps become the one           The MTV programme that will featu-
Calendar’, an initiative born of collabo- chosen to represent Italian beauty at re the contest from its launch to its con-
ration with TIM, the Italian mobile world level.                                        clusion will be TRL – Total Request Live
phone giant, to offer all Italian girls the     Voting for contestants will take place which, due to its closeness to young peo-
unique opportunity of becoming one of as a result of the visual support offered ple, its success, popularity and following,
the stars of next year’s Pirelli Calendar.   by the Internet site is best qualified to reach the initiative’s
   MTV, a channel which has always and TIM, sponsor of the event and tech- target audience.
been close to the young as an expression nological partner, whose “job” will be to         The 10 finalists will appear before the
of their “world”, is to organise - in asso- collect votes: all members of the public celebrity jury at a gala evening on 12
ciation with Pirelli and                     have to do to cast their vote is send an April 2002, all in front of MTV’s televi-
TIM - a                                      SMS message to a special number set up sion cameras, after which the final will
                                             by TIM after which the phone company be transmitted as part of TRL’s 15 April
                                             will collect the votes and sum up the programme. The winner will become
                                             results.                                   one of the 2003 Pirelli Calendar models,
                                                A real opportunity and an initiative photographed by world leading photo-
                                             open to all Italy’s young girls, provided grapher Bruce Weber.
                                             they do not already have a professional       The Cal is prestige, legend, unique-
                                             modelling contract. MTV will manage ness. To receive it is a privilege. To be in
                                             the entries and candidate selection throu- it is an honour. This initiative is offering
                                              gh its TV channel and official web site the young women of Italy just that cove-
                                      and will give all its viewers ted opportunity.
                                               the chance of becoming the contest’s                     by Livia Armellini, Milan
                                                    The selection of candidates will
                                                  take place progressively and will be
                                                   through MTV viewer votes, the first


                                                A tyre spot with a difference

                   A Sea of...Tyres

                          A fishing boat, three fishermen and the sea…a tale from the set
                          of Pirelli’s new television tyre commercial, going live in March

       t is not like any other tyre. That is    the power that holds the boat is so domi-      from under the sea, long platforms were
       confirmed by its performance on          nant the boat begins to rise out of the        built, the tyres were attached to them and
       the road and by its publicity. We        water. The bow first, then most of the         they were submerged so that the tyres
are talking about the Pirelli tyre and its      keel. Rooted at the stern, the cabin crui-     appeared to run free while emerging and
new ad - called “The Grip” - which will         ser rises vertically in the sea.               submerging in front of the television
make its debut later this year in world            The men on the bridge decide there is       camera. Two boats were used, one for
markets. A Hollywood action movie of            only one solution: chop the fishing line       filming at sea and a second entirely
just 30 seconds “dedicated” to power            with an axe. It works and the second the       reconstructed in original size for the bat-
and control. Like Pirelli’s previous TV         line gives, the boat crashes back into the     tle scenes, the vertical rise of the boat
spot, this idea also comes from Agenzia         water with a massive splash. The men           and smashing back into the sea.
Armando Testa, which oversees Pirelli’s         ask themselves what could have caused             Filming was on Malta, well known in
communication in all the markets in             such a scene. The answer does not take         the cinema world for its two immense
which the Group operates.                       long in coming: with a mighty leap, the        open-air swimming pools at sea level.
   The viewers’ attention is captured           hero of the commercial rockets out of the      That is where all the most spectacular
right from the first sequence. A big            water – a Pirelli tyre, the only force able    sequences in the film were shot. The
powerful boat slices through the open           to stop such a powerful boat at full           mighty leap of the tyre from the waves
sea at dawn. Lines are already baited and       speed. It is a triumphant emergence and        was engineered using a compressed air
in the water, on board anglers are waiting      a potent communications icon. Imme-            catapult designed exclusively for the
for the first bite. What is about to happen     diately after that first tyre, a shoal of      scene. The filmed footage was then
is beyond the unsuspecting fishermen’s          them shoots out of the water, file past the    assembled in Milan and the sound track
worst nightmares. Suddenly a rod flexes,        astonished fishermen and disappear over        laid using acoustics of the sea and other
its reel begins to pay out line like a mad      the horizon. ‘Power is nothing without         elements.
thing. A man lashed to a seat clutches his      control’, is the now legendary pay-off            All this impressive team work con-
fishing rod and the others crowd around         line which ends the advertisement.             veys to the viewer the surprise and exci-
him to help. But something is not right,           Like all Pirelli TV ads, this latest pro-   tement of watching a spot that has never
the hunters become the hunted. The              duction employs the talent of a special        been seen before. One it is impossible to
powerful boat stops in its tracks, its tur-     director. He is Jan De Bont, maker of          forget. And, more than anything else,
bines unable to move it.                        major blockbusters like Twister and            one able to portray a Pirelli tyre’s level of
   As the wind howls and waves pound            Speed. Most of the special effects were        absolute road control and braking safety
the stern, the men try to resist, to free the   created live on set rather than during the     in any conditions. On land as well as on
boat. But the steel fishing line and hook       electronic stages of post production. To       water…
refuse to budge a single millimetre. The        give the real feeling of a herd of animals         by Maurizio Sala, Creative Director
cruiser’s propellers thrash uselessly and       flinging themselves high into the air                           of Armando Testa, Milan


                            P6 and P7 make their debut on the African market

     Pirelli: East Africa’s
     Top Imported Brand
      Reunion, Madagascar, Kenya, Uganda: our marketing team consolidates and extends
             the Tyre Sector’s presence in Africa with a new product presentation
Alessandra Rossi reports from East           important customers had the chance of       contrast with a hinterland of sprawling
Africa                                       sampling our two new products in tests      plains and uncontaminated space. Huge
                                             conducted by leading local rally drivers.   modern 26-wheel American trucks, trai-

         irst stop: St. Denis de la Reu-     Pirelli is in continuous expansion in       lers and buses drive the great arteries. In
         nion, an island of 2,500 km2,       Reunion as a result of its top products     the cities, expensive cars and 4x4s min-
         home to 700,000 people. A           and the support of a distributor who        gle with the ‘matatu’, mini-buses wei-
place of tortuous narrow roads that          owns Peugeot, BMW and Daewoo car            ghed down by as many as 20 people
criss-cross the mountains and edge their     centres and concessionaires.                with little regard for the fact that offi-
way past perilous sheer drops. An island        From Reunion, the marketing team         cially, they may only carry 12.
on which 250,000 cars are in perpetual       moved to Madagascar where Pirelli is           At Pirelli’s East African office in Nai-
motion, together with 15,000 4x4 sport       ‘the choice’. It seems impossible that      robi there was the presentation of
utility vehicles and 13,000 trucks and       this small piece of France in the middle    awards before the press to Rory Green
buses. Valter Donati, the Pirelli director   of the ocean is just a short flight from    and Orson Taylor, who won the Rally of
                                                                                         Kenya Championship on Pirelli tyres.
                                                                                            In Kenya, Pirelli Key Point points are
                                                                                         opening up everywhere. The Pirelli
                                                                                         Truck Team logo signifies to all truck
                                                                                         and bus fleets guaranteed products and
                                                                                         after sales service. After years of uncer-
                                                                                         tainty and harrowing conflict, Uganda
                                                                                         has experienced a radical turnaround:
                                                                                         every year its gross national product
                                                                                         grows by an average of 7%. Our impor-
                                                                                         ter distributor belongs to a generation of
                                                                                         young managers, dynamic people open
in East Africa, comments: “…here the         the African coast. Madagascar is a          to innovation and progress, who believe
car is the means of travel par excellen-     country in which it is still possible to    in Pirelli and invest to support their
ce, given that the population scorns         find untouched rain forests and inacces-    sales with a high level of service and
public transport. A vehicle must be the      sible areas. Here Pirelli’s convention      adequate stock.
latest model and have every possible         discussed technology, the range and            The tyre market in East Africa today
option. Rallying is the island’s great       marketing policy. The keynote was the       is, and will remain, extremely competi-
passion, which is why Pirelli sponsors       provision of service and assistance,        tive. But Pirelli, the top imported brand,
the top local team, Peugeot Sport”.          with products that improve the safety of    is present in strength and growing. To
   So where, if not here, could the area’s   motorists who drive for hours on the        achieve such results has taken conside-
launch of the new P6 and P7 take place?      country’s difficult roads, where Pirelli    rable flexibility, spirit of adaptation and,
After technical and marketing presenta-      offers a range of tyres for all vehicles.   above all, reciprocally open minds. But
tions, on 23 November 180 dealers, car          Finally, Kenya and Uganda: crowded       with these basic ingredients a good final
concessionaires and the islands most         cities, skyscrapers and huts, they all      result is guaranteed.


          Pirelli’s key role in the micropower market                                    te for useful purposes, such as hea-
                                                                                         ting buildings.
                                                                                            Fuel cells represent the most

     The Electric
                                                                                         advanced technology for distributed
                                                                                         generation and they are also in line
                                                                                         to replace traditional automotive
                                                                                         engines as well as batteries in porta-

      Revolution                                                                         ble electronics (mobile phones, lap-
                                                                                         tops…). Another solution is gas
                                                                                         microturbines, which, compared to
                                                                                         larger turbines, have far lower main-
   Energy distributed generation means better efficiency, low                            tenance and operating costs.
                                                                                            The third way to “Micropower” is
environmental impact and lower overall costs: a key to the future                        photovoltaic, the exploitation of sun
                                                                                         power, but its cost is still not compe-
                                                                                            In the long term, power networks
                                                                                         could become democratic market-
                                                                                         places, where all micropower units
                                                                                         could interface, ensuring a conti-
                                                                                         nuous power exchange, and where
                                                                                         each user could choose capacity and
                                                                                         technological solutions as needed.
                                                                                         Thanks to this network, it would also
                                                                                         be possible to sell the surplus
                                                                                            For these reasons among the
                                                                                         research projects undertaken by the
                                                                                         Pirelli Labs, Fuel Cells and Photo-
                                                                                         voltaic are two of the most impor-
                                                                                         tant, which started in 2001 within
     Projection 2000-2015 of the cost of generating capacity (Source “The Economist”).   the Material Innovation research
                                                                                         group. Both are based on the know-

          he way electrical energy is          continuous power supply.                  how developed in the material scien-
          generated and distributed              Pirelli, the world leader in power      ce for advanced applications. The
          could drastically change in          cables, decided to create a working       target is to solve some of the techni-
the next few years. Market liberali-           group among the Pirelli Labs dedica-      cal problems, which are still slowing
sation, environmental concerns and             ted to the exploration of the opportu-    the success of these technologies,
technological achievements are in              nities beyond this new technological      and to reduce the cost of final pro-
fact leading to a radical and dramatic         era. Basing on its leading edge tech-     ducts. In order to shorten the “time
revolution that could be compared to           nology and on deep knowledge of           to market”, these activities take
that of the telecommunication sector           the market, Pirelli can play a key        advantage of different external co-
in early ‘80s.                                 role in the micropower market,            operations with high level academic
  This revolution is based on the              which is foreseen to reach US$ 60         and research centers and are inclu-
concept of “Micropower”, the                   billion in ten years.                     ded in the R&D fields covered by
energy distributed generation. When              New technologies are close to           the consortium CORIMAV, between
compared to traditional power sta-             ensuring a competitive cost per kW.       Pirelli and Milano Bicocca Univer-
tions, the “Micropower” solution               Moreover, “Micropower” technolo-          sity. Even if the first target was and
could ensure better efficiency and             gies could become, in the short term,     still is Distributed Generation, Pirel-
both lower environmental impact                an effective choice, due to lower         li Labs aim to develop Photovoltaic
and lower overall energy cost. Brin-           costs and losses of energy transmis-      and Fuel Cells for automotive and
ging generation closer to final users,         sion and to the opportunity to            portable electronic applications, too.
furthermore, ensures affordable and            employ the surplus heat they genera-                 by Marco Orseniga, Milan


                      Fifth edition of Pirelli Salon for Young Artists in Venezuela

                                            Live Art
                   Twenty-three young artists express their view of the world through
                       works that challenge the laws of materialism and gravity

          he Pirelli Salon for Young        world. They include the restoration of      also rubbed off on Pirelli’s Venezue-
          Artists is one of the much-       the Etruscan rooms at the Louvre in         lan subsidiary, which has worked with
          anticipated cultural events of    Paris, the recreation of the Italian gar-   the Museo de Arte Contemporanea for
Venezuela. The fifth salon was held         dens at the Victoria and Albert             many years to ensure each bi-annual
recently at the Museo de Arte Con-          Museum in London, the restoration of        Pirelli Salon becomes a useful oppor-
temporanes Sofia Imber at Caracas,          the Galleria Capitolina in Rome and         tunity for young artists who wish to
where 23 young Argenti-                                                                             show their works. As well
nean artists’ works were on                                                                         as being a point of referen-
display, having been care-                                                                          ce for talented young artists
fully selected by a jury                                                                            the salon also acts as a
from 100 entries. The                                                                               launch pad, as has been the
Salon, which takes place                                                                            case with a number of
every two years, was inau-                                                                          Pirelli artists who have
gurated by Sofia Imber,                                                                             since had the opportunity
director of the Museum,                                                                             of exhibiting their works in
and the then President of                                                                           galleries in New York,
Argentina, Gaetano Manin-                                                                           Miami and a number of
no, during an official cere-                                                                        European cities.
mony.                                                                                                 After Caracas, the win-
Members of the public                                                                               ning works of the Pirelli
attending the inauguration                                                                          Salon for Young Artists
– there were so many that                                                                           will be transferred in
they filled all of the                                                                              February to the Museo Ela-
museum’s rooms - did not                                                                            dio Aleman Sucre, an insti-
just admire, criticise or                                                                           tution that is a cultural
applaud the works on                                                                                meeting point in the city of
display, they actively parti-                                                                       Valencia, close to a Pirelli
cipated in the event: in fact,                                                                      Venezuela plantation for
the works of all artists,                                                                           the production of caout-
none older than 35, expres-                                                                         chouc.
sed an infinite vitality                                                                              The categories in which
through their varied crea-                                                                          the young Argentineans’
tions, installations, dances                                                                        works were divided and
and flights. The originators                                                                        judged were painting, pho-
stood next to their works to                                                                        tography, drawing, illustra-
explain that art is something that lives,   permanent sponsorship of the picture        tions and graphics, sculpture, installa-
is active, pulsating, something that        gallery of the Pinacoteca di Brera in       tions and projects, audiovisuals, etc. A
moves and transforms itself with time.      Milan. Then there are the concerts for      variety of fields of artistic expression
Not just something plastic.                 world peace in Beirut, Jerusalem,           filled by the never ending fantasy and
   For many years, Pirelli has suppor-      Moscow and Istanbul under the direc-        talent of Venezuela’s young artistic
ted international and national artistic     tion of Maestro Riccardo Muti.              community.
events and institutions across the             A little of this cultural energy has                      by Luis Borbon, Milan


                                                          Pirelli launches a new Internet marketing tool

                                                           It is called I-Visor and it illustrates the history
                                                         of Pirelli in motor racing from 1907 to nowadays,
                                                               anticipating the launch of the new PZero
                                                episodes, to precede the opening        phenomenon that is growing both in
                                                of a new product website called         the United States and across Europe,
                                      The visor will        whereby the individual consumer
                                               also be used to announce an inter-       becomes an indirect promoter of a
                                               national promotion, in which parti-      commercial product or service by
                                               cipants will have a chance of win-       sending an e-mail to a list of friends
                                               ning randomly drawn prizes, inclu-       with similar interests. Like the recen-
                                               ding 100 copies of the book “P           tly launched Pirelli Calendar Visor,
                                               Zero the Hero”. To some the logic        portraying all Calendar pictures from
                                               of this initiative may not sound so      1964 to 2002, the P Zero I-Visor will
                                               new, as it has been tried before         offer similar advantages: the more
                                              with both off-line (“Win the Ronal-       users forward the I-Visor by e-mail,

              ith the launch of the new     do Poster”) and on-line (Click &            the greater the indirect diffusion of
              P Zero Nero tyre, Inter-      Check) enterprises, based on sell-in        the “P Zero” message across the Net
              net again plays a central     and sell-out campaigns, with the            to a selected audience. As those indi-
role not only in informing consumers,       common need of creating end user            rect promoters are assumed to have
dealers and the press around the            traffic and additional sales directly at    approved the content of the mail -
world of the new product’s existence,       dealers’ points of sale. But in fact, the   that is the I-Visor - there is less chan-
but also in surrounding the new tyre        way the new P Zero Nero is to be            ce of the e-mail message being dele-
itself with more appeal and curiosity       communicated on-line is quite revo-         ted as irrelevant by the recipient. And
value, involving the general cyber-         lutionary. For the first time in the        if a recipient gets an e-mail from a
public in a series of interactive initia-   Internet arena, Pirelli will wrap up all    friend, the message has a better chan-
tives. Based on previous experience         its communication strategy on-line          ce of not being perceived as junk mail
with the P2500 Euro, Pirelli P6 and         using a downloadable palm-shaped            (unsolicited e-mail from business and
P7, Internet will be used as our on-        “micro-browser”, through which              other organisations). An example of
line complement to other more tradi-        anyone can find interactively Pirelli’s     a viral marketing initiative? The most
tional forms of advertising and com-        wealth of motor racing victories,           famous of all is the free-mail service
munication, with the aim of targeting       from the early 20th century until           of Microsoft’s Hotmail, whose foun-
an on-line annual audience of almost        today and see a special episode dedi-       der had the idea of adding the fol-
six million Pirelli web site visitors,      cated to the significance of the “P         lowing message to every e-mail sent:
click after click and with measurable       Zero Collection”. The I-Visor is a          “Get your free e-mail account at
returns.                                    free gift offered via e-mail to all”. Hotmail
   To enhance the emotional compo-          Pirelli’s almost 290,000 registered         subscriptions grew at exponential
nent of the new P Zero Nero, this           users so that they can test its features    pace, becoming the no.1 e-mail servi-
year’s novelty is a specifically desi-      and, hopefully, forward it to other         ce in the world. Simple, effective,
gned internet tool called Pirelli I-        equally enthusiastic visitors, igniting     straight to the point: like saying “P
Visor that illustrates the history of       a word of mouth process, often defi-        Zero”.
Pirelli in motor racing in four weekly      ned as viral marketing. The latter is a               by Alessandro Motta, Milan


     The new standards for quality management systems                              were then standardised and formali-
                                                                                   sed in documents to be agreed by the

        A Key
                                                                                   supplier. The purchasing authority
                                                                                   was allowed the right to verify the
                                                                                   implementation of the required
                                                                                   system at the supplier’s premises.

     to Efficiency                                                                    In the ‘80s the International Stan-
                                                                                   dard Organisation (ISO) appointed a
                                                                                   Technical Committee to develop a
                                                                                   standard on quality systems. The
Submarine Energy Systems become Pirelli’s first cable division                     ISO’s aim was to increase world
                                                                                   trade by improving confidence
   to achieve ISO 9001 Vision 2000 certification for quality                       between customer and supplier. The
                                                                                   unification of the Quality Systems

          ast November, the quality                                                requirements, in fact, allowed many
          system of Pirelli Cavi e                                                 companies to demonstrate their
          Sistemi SpA’s Submarine                                                  capability of supplying conforming
Energy Systems - including the Arco                                                products and, therefore, to compete
Felice factory – was certified as                                                  in a wider market.
complying with the new ISO 9001                                                       In 1987, the first issue of the new
Vision 2000 standard by the Norwe-                                                 documents was published and
gian certification organisation, Det                                               named ISO 9000: a total number of
Norske Veritas.                                                                    five appeared and were numbered
   Submarine Energy Systems is the                                                 9000, 9001, 9002, 9003 and 9004.
first Pirelli Cables division to attain                                               The new standards quickly beca-
this significant goal, having earlier                                              me successful worldwide and reque-
been certified to the previous ISO                                                 sts for ISO 9000 compliance certifi-
standard, issued in 1994.                                                          cates skyrocketed. In 1994, a revi-
   The new standard marks the achie-                                               sion of the 9000 standards was
vement of a major and ambitious                                                    issued and included a small number
improvement in both the methods to                                                 of additional quality system require-
be followed and the targets to be                                                  ments as well as the enhancement of
reached by the companies in the                                                    some concepts, after which the
field of quality management               ger the delay to the customer. So the    Vision 2000 revision made funda-
systems.                                  controls were extended back to the       mental changes to ISO 9000.
   In recent years, the development       first phases of manufacture, such as        The key new issues of Vision 2000
of industrial structures - involving      raw materials and product design,        are the quest for customer satisfac-
shared responsibilities of large scale    after which the manufacturing pro-       tion and a continuous improvement
manufacturing capabilities and the        cess itself became the object of         in the efficiency of the internal orga-
increasing complexity of the manu-        further analysis.                        nisation. At the same time, the stan-
factured goods - highlighted the             The result of those quality control   dard decreased its formal aspects,
need for a control system able to         studies have been summarised in          which had been criticised by many
guarantee the compliance of product       theories on quality systems consi-       companies as being “bureaucratic”
quality to design and customer            sting of a mix of methodological and     and now stresses personnel involve-
requirements.                             technical solutions.                     ment and skill.
   The first approach was to accura-         During the Second World War,             The adoption of the new rules will
tely check the products before relea-     demand for the reliable supply of        become mandatory for certified
se to the market, but that system         military goods created a greater         companies by 2003, a deadline
proved unreliable, expensive and          need for studies of quality systems      Pirelli has already achieved antici-
dramatically time consuming. It           and a statistical approach to accep-     pating the deadline and proving,
became evident that the later defects     tance criteria, particularly in the      once again, to be really thinking
were found, the higher became the         United States. The quality systems       ahead.
cost to the manufacturer and the lon-     developed for military purposes                         by Enrico Dotti, Milan


                       Our factory at Prescot introduces a new safety standard

Safety in the Spotlight
   Pirelli Components on Britain’s Merseyside achieves the highly advanced OHSAS18001
               health and safety standard and reduces its accident rate by 50%
                                                                                           and external transport and pedestrians.
                                                                                           A system of emergency stops that cau-
                                                                                           ses equipment to be brought to a stand-
                                                                                           still in less than 10 seconds was intro-
                                                                                           duced on machinery that was able to
                                                                                           continue revolving, even after being
                                                                                           switched off. Personal protective equip-
                                                                                           ment to safeguard operators from
                                                                                           machinery, chemicals and other ele-
                                                                                           ments was improved where necessary
                                                                                           and better control over contractors and
                                                                                           visitors has been exercised.
                                                                                              Planned system and housekeeping
                                                                                           audits, safety tours and improved health
                                                                                           monitoring for employees identified as
                                                                                           being at risk are also among the impro-
                    Aerial view of the Prescot plant of Merseyside.                        vements to the Pirelli Components
                                                                                           system. In addition, Pirelli has introdu-

          irelli Components has attained     the company considered building               ced planned reviews to regulate acci-
          a health and safety standard       OHSAS18001 into its ISO9001 quality           dents, incidents and/or complaints,
          which has only been awarded        management and ISO14001 environ-              together with some corrective and pre-
to about 1000 companies in the world to      mental management systems, creating a         ventive actions and risk assessments.
date. It is the OHSAS18001 certifica-        fully Integrated Business Management             Pirelli Components’ success was
tion: a health safety management             System (IBMS).                                based on a strong senior management
system, which aims at continual impro-          The company introduced an integra-         commitment to succeed and a willing
vement in health and safety performan-       ted policy derived from the three Pirelli     and co-operative workforce. The com-
ce and monitoring. In the 12 months          UK quality, environmental and health          pany is constantly looking for improve-
since the new system’s introduction,         and safety policies. Pirelli Components       ments in its health and safety standards
both the minor and lost time accident        identified key aspects and then set           and achieving certification was a great
rate at the company’s Prescot factory        objectives and targets. A plan of action      boost to the team. Says Brian Campbell,
has been reduced by more than 50%.           was devised and regularly reviewed to         business management system manager,
Components is the first Pirelli Cables       check progress; this enabled Pirelli          “Today’s near miss could well be
and Systems company to have achieved         Components to create a series of health       tomorrow’s accident, therefore training
such an advanced form of certification.      and safety procedures and checklists,         of staff in the importance of being aware
   Pirelli Components undertook essen-       together with a plan of risk assessments.     of significant issues has been a key fea-
tial training for key members of staff,      That involved identifying up to 250           ture in the success of the new system.”
health and safety representatives and        activities undertaken in the factory             After being launched in March 2001,
expanded annual awareness sessions for       every day with the risk of associated         the system was independently audited
employees and contractors to include         accident or injury, by means of using         by BASEC (British Approvals Service
health and safety matters. The organisa-     equipment or carrying out the process.        for Cables) and certification was gran-
tion looked at its former health and         Hazards such as manual handling, use          ted after a final assessment in Novem-
safety management system, identifying        of machinery, slips, trips and falls were     ber 2001.
strengths and weaknesses. To improve,        all taken into account, as well as internal        by Dave Yates, Prescot, Merseyside

                              World Brief
      PAX System Technology                 in Monte Carlo, Pirelli announced a                                 comments,
        Training has Begun                  new Winter Ice version of its WX                                    “We have a
                                            product. The new tyre is available in                               s t r o n g
  In February 1999, Pirelli signed an       225/55-18, and is intended to super-                                working
agreement with Michelin for the joint       sede the existing WX70 in that size.                                relation-
development of the PAX System, a            Most of the tyre’s development                                      ship with
revolutionary project that allows           testing was carried out by double                                   Pirelli with
motorists to continue driving in total      world champion, Carlos Sainz, in his                                regard to
safety with a flat tyre for 200 km at a     works Ford Focus WRC car.                                           the deve-
maximum speed of 80 km/h. The first            A hybrid tyre, the new ‘P Zero Ice’                              lopment of
PAX System technical training has           is destined for use in mixed condi-       cable systems that provide total
taken place over two days in Milan,         tions of dry asphalt and snow. A con-     cable and fixings solutions. When
where the target was to explain PAX         ventional snow tyre is normally nar-      looking for a compliant cable
                                            row and with a deeply cut tread,          system at an affordable price, we
                                            while conventional asphalt cover is       find Pirelli can be relied on to sup-
                                            usually as wide as possible and has a     ply a competitively priced solution
                                            semi-slick pattern. Combining the         for the task at hand.” The shell and
                                            two performance tyres in one is a         core of this tower was completed in
                                            challenge of technical ingenuity in       August 2001, with the fit-out due
                                            which the Pirelli technicians have        by June 2002.
                                            succeeded. The P Zero Ice maintains
                                            a 225 mm section width and has                        Errata Corrige
                                            shoulders that are only lightly cut, to      Please note that in the last issue
technology to Pirelli’s European per-       retain its asphalt performance and         of Pirelli World (n. 29 October
sonnel so that they can contribute to       withstand the stress of maximum            2001) the contract on page 14 was
the set up of the system after sale ser-    cornering forces.                          erroneously attributed to Pirelli
vices networks. Fitting and removing                                                   Cables and Systems Telecom
PAX System components was tried                                                        instead of Pirelli Energy Cables
out using different existing machines           Pirelli Reaches for the Sky            and Systems.
with the help of six leading tyre fit-
ment equipment makers. During the              Pirelli FP200 Gold® fire resistant
same period, run-flat driving tests on      cable has been specified for two
the Vizzola track gave a final boost to
participants on the reliability of the
                                            new 42-storey tower buildings cur-
                                            rently under construction at Lon-
                                                                                            The quarterly international newsmagazine
technology. With an automotive indu-        don’s Canary Wharf. In total around                      for Pirelli management
                                                                                                  FEBRUARY 2002 - NO 30
stry constantly striving to find alterna-   300,000 metres of FP200 is being                   
tive solutions to the spare wheel,          used for the fire alarm systems in
Pirelli has again shown it is able to       both buildings. Carmel Building                      Published by Pirelli S.p.A.
satisfy emergent customer needs.            Services is installing the cable                           Personnel Affairs
                                            using special shot fixings that are                      Editor Silvia Vanini
                                                                                              Assistant Editor Livia Armellini
                                            fired directly into the concrete. This
                                                                                            Editorial Consultant Robert Newman
   New Pirelli WX90 P Zero Ice              method makes for a cost-effective               Artwork Y&R Communications, Milan
  Tyre for the 2002 Rally Season            and speedy installation – vital for                             Photographs:
                                            projects of this scale. Regional con-                      p. 5, p. 13 Image Bank
 Just before the 2002 World Rally           tracts manager for Siemens Fire
                                                                                               Printed by Arti Grafiche Meroni, Milan
Championship season got under way           Safety and Security, Keith Parker,


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