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					                             Pioneer Tribune
                                                                                                       May/June 2010
                                                                                                    Volume 2, Issue 6
                                                                                                  Director - Jim Leiner

                                     What a Year!                                   My Year
                                                                                    by Ryan
What a Year!                     1   As of this past Monday, another school year    This school year was great! I read
                                     has come and gone. The first day seemed        Bad Kitty a lot! I can’t wait for
My Year                          1   so long ago. Students wearing new clothes,     the talent show tomorrow. I will
A New Program Comes                  carrying new backpacks, getting used to        be playing the piano. Chris will be
       to Pioneer                1   new schedules and new classmates.              selling hats and Carl will be telling
                                                                                    13 jokes! Our school pride days
Field Trips!                     2
                                     The year itself filled with learning, new      feel great. We’ve gone to places
Helping in the Kitchen           2   experiences, goals met and new ones            like the bay and went to the Rock
Important Lessons Learned        2   set. It seems so hard to remember ev-          Climbing Gym. We also went to
                                     erything that was packed into 10 months.       see Diary of a Wimpy Kid at AMC
Recycling                        3   From Math, Language Arts and Social            Theaters! My favorite parts are the
A Trip to the Store              3   Studies to Music, the garden, making           ones by Greg’s drawing. My least
                                     friends and of course, who can forget the      favorite part is about the cheese.
Riding the Bus                   3
                                     field trips! Each one will hold different      I hated it because it was gross.
This Year I Learned              3   memories and meaning for each person.          I hope to be flexible next year. I
2009-2010 School Yearbooks       3                                                  wish everyone a good summer!
                                     Here we are, the last day of school. Year-
Looking Back; Looking Forward    3   books to sign, video games to play, a
Dear Soldiers,                   4   bar-b-que for lunch, then off the bay for
                                     an afternoon of swimming and fun!
Our Trip to the USS Midway       4
Favorite Things About Pioneer    4   Have a wonderful break and we’ll see you
                                     July 5th for the first day of summer school.
8th Annual Pioneer Talent Show 5
K&S Landscaping                  6   Amber Palomino
A Very Special Donation          6   Editor

Pioneer Says Good Bye to Edith 6
Roadrunner Awards                6
Play on the Bay was a Huge
        Success                  7   A New Program Comes to Pioneer
The 2009-2010 School Year in         This summer, “Jim Leiner, Director of Pioneer Day School and Chris Vince-
       Pictures                  9   neux, Clinical Director of School Options, join forces to provide a fun and
2010 Summer School              10   unique learning environment where your child can practice new skills in a
                                     safe, nurturing and fun environment.”
Reminders                       10
                                     Learning With the Whole Body is designed for children ages 5-7 to work
                                     on skills in the area of attention, behavior regulation, gross and fine mo-
                                     tor skills, play and social skills, team work, turn taking and confidence. The
                                     groups will be lead by special education teachers from Pioneer and licensed
   “Give your child a boost
                                     occupational therapists from School Options.
    over the summer! Re-
    search has shown that            $280.00 includes 6 group visits, a morning snack and a parent feedback
   children learn best when          session at the end of the program cycle. For an application, e-mail a re-
  having fun and when their          quest to They will send you a packet and answer
   whole body is involved.”          any questions you may have.
      Page 2 of 10                                      Here’s What’s Happening

                                     Field Trips!         by Mike
                                     Going on field trips is sooooo much fun! One of the many field trips was to Belmont
                                     Park. At Belmont Park I rode the Tilt-a-Whril. I also rode the roller coaster. It’s so
                                     fast, it’s a blur! Also, the bumper cars are so much fun. Overall, the park is great!

                                     On another field trip, we went to Chuck E. Cheese. We played games and rode
                                     rides. They were so much fun! It’s like grey goes in and color comes out. It’s so
                                     great that my mouth is frozen!

                                     Helping in the Kitchen                   by Kevin M.
                                     Helping in the kitchen is so fun! What’s good about the kitchen is that you get a treat
                                     after you work very hard. You would have a nice time in the kitchen.

                                     In the kitchen, we cut meat and vegetables and collect and wash the dishes. It’s
                                     important to help in the kitchen because we learn how to cut our food, wash our own
                                     dishes and what tools to use to wash the dishes.

                                     The kitchen rule is to wash your hands before working and let an adult help you learn
                                     to safely cut with a knife. When you help in the kitchen, you are doing a good deed!

                                     Important Lessons Learned
                                     Every year Pioneer students learn many different things. When asked, stu-
                                     dents had a variety of responses as to what was the most important lesson
                                     they had learned this year. Here’s what they had to say:

 “It’s hard to wait for my dad to    “It’s hard to wait for my dad to come back, but I just had to learn to
come back, but I just had to learn           be patient.” - Jack
       to be patient. - Jack”        “To be a good big brother.” - Hudson
                                     “Music in music class.” - Ryan
                                     “How to use safety equipment.” - Kevin S.
                                     “That there are different environments.” - Chris
                                     “About money in math.” - Megan
                                     “Obama is conservative, though I didn’t learn that in school.” - Ross
                                     “To type correctly and really fast.” - Kevin M.
                                     “All about forests.” - Mike
                                     “Exercising is important for my body.” - Carl
                                     “To use a calming strategy when I’m upset.” - Taylor
                                     “Counting money and other math.” - David
Here’s What’s Happening                                                          Page 3 of 10

                Recycling          by Taylor
                I get into Steve’s truck. He drives to a secret place. The secret place is the recycling
                center! We sort the cans and glass by color. We also dump out any liquid we find
                in the cans and bottles. We get money for the Student Activity Fund so we can do
                fun things at school. It was fun!

                A Trip to the Store                  by Hudson
                I went with Jeanne to Rite Aid to get pictures developed. I pushed the buttons to
                identify the amount of pictures we wanted and we watched them come out on the con-
                veyor belt. While we waited for the pictures, we went and got candy. I picked Rollos.

                Riding the Bus               by Megan
                I just started riding the bus to school. I like it! I like sitting in the seat and listening
                to my ipod. I listen to Keith Urban and Rock and Roll. It’s a long ride home.

                This Year I learned                  by Jack
                •   You have to treat your friends with respect and kindness.
                •   I learned how to multiply by using rhymes!
                •   To be kind and safe.
                •   I learned about animals in science

                2009-2010 School Yearbook
                It’s that time again! Yearbooks are at the printers and will be distributed to those
                who ordered one on the last day of school. We want to sent a big thank you to
                Streeter Printing, who has donated part of the printing process to us this year.

                This year’s theme is TOP SECRET. It is designed to look like a detective’s folio with
                questions that just have to be answered! “What is Pioneer Day School?”, “Who runs
                Pioneer?”, “Who are they [the students]?”, “What makes this place so special?” Each
                of these questions and more are answered by the “research” the detective has done.

                Looking Back; Looking Forward                                 by Chris
                I loved going apple picking in Julian this year! It was fun. It was enjoyable. It was a
                little troubling, but everything turned out okay. We picked many apples and put them
                in the bags. We got to go into the secret area that people who came there were not
                allowed to go in. I learned 1 new thing. Apples can breathe!

                When it’s time for next year, I’m hoping for a little bit more vacation. I also hope that
                some of the teachers who left will come back and teach new things that we don’t know
                about. This year was good and I’m hoping to have another good one next year!
       Page 4 of 10                                     Here’s What’s Happening

                                Dear Soldiers,            by Jack
                                Dear Soldiers,

                                Please protect our country. Thank you for your service. Thank you for our safety.
                                You have great bravery!

                                Your Pal,

                                Our Trip to the USS Midway                        by Carl
                                The trip to the Midway was fun! I saw Jack’s dad get promoted to Captain. The USS
                                Midway had a lot of airplanes. It reminds me of my brothers in the Navy and Army.
                                I saw Jack’s whole family. It was an awesome ceremony. Jack’s dad worked super
                                hard in the Navy to become a Captain. He got to play with he big toys. I was soooo
                                proud of him! What will he do as captain? Where will he go? I think I’d join the Army
                                if I had a chance. I’d work super hard to become a Colonel!

                                Favorite Things About Pioneer
                                Pioneer is a place were there are so many different things going on every day. Based
                                on interests, different students each like different parts of the year better than
                                others. I asked the students “What was your favorite part of the school year?” Here
                                are their responses.

“Swimming, School Pride Day     •   “My friends.” - David
 and also my friends. - Mike”   •   “Doing jobs like gardening, cleaning and building things around the school.” -
                                •   “Swimming, School Pride Day and also my friends.” - Mike
                                •   “P.E., friends and going home.” - Carl
                                •   “When it rains after lunch, we watch movies.” - Kevin M.
                                •   “All the people.” - Chris
                                •   “My teacher, Edith.” - Megan
                                •   “Otter pops!” - Ryan
                                •   “Using power tools like the pressure washer and jack hammer.” - Kevin S.
                                •   “Being brave and strong.” - Jack
                                •   “Going on field trips.” - Hudson
Here’s What’s Happening                                                      Page 5 of 10

                 The 8th Annual Pioneer Talent Show
                 The night began with a fundraiser bar-b-que. People were able to buy hamburgers, hot-
                 dogs, chips, dessert, drinks and an assortment of other snacks. There were also a few
                 raffle items to bid on. At 6:45 the show began. There was a comedian, a piano soloist,
                 a Scooby Doo Theme Song singer and of course the Pioneer School Band. They rocked
                 out to Rockin’ Robin, My Friends and their newest song, Pioneer School. Every year,
                 the band takes a popular song and reworks it to create a new song about Pioneer. This
                 year they came up with Pioneer School based on the song Low Rider. The crowd really
                 seemed to get into it! The evening closed with the announcing of the raffle winners.
                 Thanks to everyone who came and helped make the night a success!
Page 6 of 10                           Here’s What’s Happening

               K&S Landscaping                 by Kevin S.
               Hello everyone,

               I have some great news! Steve and I have been doing something very exciting! It’s
               also a little stressful. We started K&S Landscaping. We get rid of weeds and stuff.
               K&S only has one customer right now, but we’re working on getting more. If you
               need any yard work done, please let us know by calling the school office and asking
               for me or Steve. Talk to you later!

               A Very Special Donation
               After learning how to spin wool and knit hats, one of our students decided early
               in the school year to set up a booth at the talent show selling his creations. They
               were very popular and by the end of the evening, you could look in any direction
               and see someone wearing a Yarn Works hat. I was told a few days later, that our
               young entrepreneur donated half of his earning, $50 to the school. When he had a
               free moment, I asked him what made him decide to make his donation. He replied,
               “I was being generous.” He continued with, “Maybe Pioneer can use it to buy a pool.
               Then we wouldn’t have to waste time in the van going to the pool.”

               Pioneer Says Good Bye to Edith
               When I look back at my two and a half years at Pioneer a big smile comes across my
               face. Making the decision to move to Boston was not an easy one for me, but a move
               that I decided upon knowing it will bring me miles closer to my family. To me, Pioneer
               has been my San Diego family and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been
               a part of it. The people I have worked with have become my best friends, and I truly
               feel like a proud mother when I think of all the students and their abilities. Seeing
               their growth and progress has been so rewarding and a reminder of why I became a
               teacher. Pioneer is a special place with special people.

               Thank you parents, students and teachers for all the smiles and memories. I will keep
               them with me always and will be thinking of you during my first chilly, Boston winter.

                                                                                        - Edith

               Edith has been an awesome member of the Pioneer family and we wish her luck with
               her move! We’ll miss you, Edith!

               Roadrunner Awards
               Roadrunners was a new event this year. It was designed to give the students a physi-
               cal break from academics and being in the classroom. Originally, students ran laps
               around a small school track for points. Somewhere along the way, the points turned
               into pennies. For every lap a student ran, he or she earned a penny. The final numbers
               have not been turned in yet, but our most active runner earned $70. That’s 7000 laps!
               The money earned will be put into an account here at school and given to students
               over the summer to use on field trips and out in the community. Great job runners!
Here’s What’s Happening                                                        Page 7 of 10

                 Play on the Bay Was a Huge Success
                 Thank you for your support in raising awareness and finances for Pioneer Day School’s
                 future Therapeutic Sensory Playground. In addition to serving as a fun and creative
                 element of Pioneer’s unique environment, the sensory equipment will feature many
                 benefits that one may easily overlook. As children engage in the dynamic aspects of
                 the recreation items, their brains will be growing along with their bodies! The equip-
                 ment will provide the means to improve areas such as muscle coordination, sensory
                 processing skills (through vestibular and proprioceptive input), bilateral hand skills,
                 core strength, postural control, visual motor skills, gross motor coordination, attention
                 to task, interpersonal skills (turn taking, self-pacing, communication skills), and fine
                 motor skills (as intrinsic hand strength increases). The investment you made into the
                 lives of the students at Pioneer will not only be used for brief moments of “play”. As
                 they engage in meaningful, sensory-based tasks, their brains will be forever changed
                 as new neural pathways form! Thank you again for your contributions!

                 With everyone’s help we raised $11,243.41 for our playground!

                   •   Mission Beach Women’s Club - location
                   •   PRP International - Boutique wines
                   •   Azucar - desserts
                   •   Scott Bowman - auctioneer
                   •   San Diego Desserts - desserts
                   •   The Vine - beer
                   •   Jeff and Herb - live music
                   •   Elivia Freeman - entertainment
                   •   Copy Hut Plus - printing for the event program covers
                   •   1st Friday Club - live music

                   • Jeanne Lee - handmade fused glass and functional art
                   • Rosemary & Dean Sutter - 3 hour bay cruise with wine and cheese on their
                         beautiful trawler
                   • Amber Palomino - personal time and graphics for the event flyer, invitation and
                   • Dianne Reichart - Personal time, appetizers and a 20 person cruise
                   • Fran Pritchard - personal time and raffle items
                   • Debbie Woo-Ming and Jeanne Lee - designing our dream playground
                   • Debbie Woo-Ming - SD County Fair Ticket Fun Pack
                   • Jon Hickey - sharing his knowledge of event planning, table design layout,
                         lighting, sound, table linens and art easels
                   • Maria Medved - Gift basket items
                   • Jim Leiner - 4 hour tubing on the bay adventure for 4
                   • Lisa Karmazin - event organizer, personal time, hand painted sink and gift basket
                   • Wes Young - Window cleaning gift certificate
                   • Carol Morris - a “Gucci” purse and several Kumiko Spa Bags
                   • Tracy and Alex Shepler - painting
                   • Michael Turko - personal time as our Master of Ceremonies
                   • April Ellefsen - 2 certificates for piano playing
                   • Jennifer Avina - one week vacation rental on the Florida panhandle (sleeps 10)
                   • Lois and Larry Smoker - Amish Quilt and a Longaberger Basket
                   • Carl Swepston - 30 minute private flight for 2
                   • Julie Katfayan - Gift certificate for graphic design work
                   • Joseph Shepler - a painting
                   • P. Scott McMahan D.D.S., Richard P. McLaughlin D.D.S., and Paul K. Upathan
                         D.D.S. - Dental Beauty Package
                   • Stacy Denherder - Simple Wills with Guardianship Designation for 2
                   • John Taddey - Home teeth bleaching kit

                   • PRP Wines - 4 gift certificates for wine tasting parties up to 12 people
                   • Crystal Visions - Oracle cards and Angel Sans Spaz
                   • Quartz Oz - 2 sessions at the Oxygen Bar
Page 8 of 10                           Here’s What’s Happening

               Play on the Bay Update Continued
                •   Progressive Fitness - Several gift certificates for 4 personal training sessions
                •   3rd corner - Gift certificate
                •   The Pearl Hotel - 1 night stay
                •   Humphrys by the Bay - Gift certificate for Sunday brunch
                •   Lucy Yoga Wear - Gift certificate
                •   Vic Ballesteros - Magic Show gift certificate
                •   Don Van Sickle - 2 night accomidations in Catalina
                •   R&R Wine Marketing - Several wine gift baskets
                •   Old Venice - Gift certificate
                •   Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza - Gift certificate
                •   The Mission Restaurant - Gift certificate
                •   OB Centric Art Gallery - Teapot
                •   Ranchos Mexican Restaurant - Gift certificate
                •   Nattis Restaurant - Gift certificate
                •   Blue Parrot Restaurant - Gift certificate
                •   Gary Gilmore Goldsmith - Hand painted bronze pendant
                •   San Diego County Credit Union - gift baskets
                •   Pepe’s Italian Food - Gift certificate
                •   Las Brisas Dry Cleaning - Gift certificate
                •   The Point Cafe - Gift certificate
                •   Clip Joint - hair cut gift certificate
                •   Olive Tree - wine basket
                •   Nancy De Maria, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - Wine, Pasta and Chocolate basket
                •   Roppongi - Gift certificate
                •   Sweet Salon - Gift certificate
                •   Great Wave Hair Salon - Gift certificate
                •   People’s Healthfood Store - Gift certificates
                •   Sea Trader Liquor and Deli - Gift certificate
                •   Walter Andersen Nursery - Gift certificate
                •   Newsbreak Coffee and Cafe - Gift certificate
                •   Great News! Discount Cookware and Cooking School - 2 gift certificates
                •   Sea Trader Liquor and Deli - Gift certificate
                •   Walter Andersen Nursery - Gift certificate
                •   Newsbreak Coffee and Cafe - Gift certificate
                •   Great News! Discount Cookware and Cooking School - 2 gift certificates
                •   Fish Market Restaurant - Gift certificate
                •   Juice It Up juice bar - Coupon books
                •   Java Beach Cafe - Gift certificate
                •   Shades Restaurant - Gift certificate
                •   Sail Ho - 9 hole round of golf for 2
                •   Sea Port Hotel - Gift certificate
                •   Claytime Ceramics - Gift certificate
                •   OB Donut Shop - Gift certificate
                •   Cliff’s Barber Shop - Gift certificate
                •   Hair of the Dog - Gift certificate
                •   Trend Setters Hair Salon - Gift certificate

               This list was added to the Play on the Bay Fundraiser page on the school website. We
               hope to have photos of the event posted on the website soon!
Here’s What’s Happening                             Page 9 of 10

                 The 2009-2010 School Year in Pictures

                 So many good times this year!
                                          2010 Summer School
                                          It’s coming up fast! This year our summer program will be a combination of our
                                          original summer camp program and last year’s summer school. The academic day
                                          will be shortened to a few hours in the morning with the afternoons focusing more
                                          on community interaction.

                                          Students will go on a field trip each week and the rest of the afternoons will be focused
                                          on the community. Since we have a great garden this year and there is too much for
                                          just Pioneer’s kitchen, the student’s will run a school business selling produce. Other
                                          possible student businesses this summer will sell lemonade and goodies and items
                                          from school that aren’t used or needed. Money earned will be put back into the school
                                          for items we do need and will use.
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