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      CHAPTER #3210
                                       ONTARIO COUNTY HOG OFFICERS
          December 2010
                                               Steve Fingar – Director
        Volume 21 Issue 12                          315-573-0435

                                           Steve Healy – Assistant Director

                                               Russ Young – Treasurer

                                         Marianne Sweet – Secretary/Editor
                                          Marlene Fingar – Activities Officer
   SALES AND SERVICE INC.                
         1103 Routes 5 & 20                         *315-536-2654
          Geneva NY 14456
    Monday – Wednesday 9AM – 6PM             Maxine Kniffin - LOH Officer
         Thursday 9AM – 8PM          
          Friday 9AM – 5PM
         Saturday 9AM – 4PM
                                      Dawson Raymo – Road Captain Coordinator
Tel 315-789-7976   Fax 315-789-3720                  315-573-3687
                                            Ron Boehlert – Safety Officer
      National HOG website
                   Hal O’Connor – Photography/Historian
       National H-D website                                       315-945-4865
       Geneva H-D website                 Kathy Lord – Membership Officer                
December 2010                                   Ontario County HOG Newsletter                                      pg. 2
                                                   Ontario County HOG  
                                                 Chapter Meeting Minutes 
                                                    December 5, 2010 
We had 35 members plus Alan & Anna at the meeting
that was held at the Elk’s Club. The chapter was                       Motorcycle Movie Matinee (Nov 21) – The Smith Opera
surprised with coffee, bagels and donut holes that Steve               House was very happy with the event. They might try to
picked up for the meeting. We had decided at the                       do something during the rally. Charlie paid for
officers’ meeting that since our Christmas party was                   everything for the basket raffle out of his own pocket.
being postponed till after the January meeting that the                The chapter voted to reimburse him for the money he
chapter would provide the coffee and goodies for the                   lost and he said to donate the money to Corinna.
December meeting.                                                      Corinna is doing pretty good, still has some surgery
                                                                       ahead of her but is definitely cancer free.
No guests, no new bikes, no new members.
                                                                       Alan announced the officer for next year: Director –
Donations of new toys were brought in to be distributed                Steve Healy, Assistant Director – Amy Johnson,
to the needy.                                                          Treasurer – Russ Young, Secretary/Editor – Marianne
                                                                       Sweet, Activities – Marlene Fingar, Road Captain &
Starting at the January meeting we will begin                          Safety – Steve Fingar, and Membership – Kathy Lord.
membership renewals. The cost is still $20 per                         The positions of Ladies of Harley &
household. Each member must have a current national                    Photographer/Historian are open.
HOG membership. A membership form will be included
with the newsletter so you can fill it out and bring it to the         January meeting: make final plans for Smokey
January meeting.                                                       Mountain trip, pick charity to receive donation from final
                                                                       quarter 50/50 raffle, get ideas for rides for next year
Steve & Marlene’s daughter Jill was at the meeting                     (more daytime/weekday rides for those people who don’t
transferring everyone pictures to a laptop to be put on a              have to work during the day), renew memberships,
disc to be played at the January party.

Marlene planned a quick NY City weekend for Jan 10-                    We had some extra winners for the last month of the
12. (see Amy’s story about the trip)                                   year.
                                                                       Chapter 50/50 – Charlie Quinter
There was a sign up list for the Jan 28,29,30 –                        Charity 50/50 – Chris Downs
Motorcycle Show in Cleveland. This could be an                         Nametag drawing – Kim Maslyn, Marianne Sweet
overnight or a day trip. Please let Marlene know what                  Chapter drawing – Jackie Boehlert, Jerry Maslyn, Patty
you are interested in. We are thinking of renting a                    Casella
couple of vans.
                                                                       The January chapter meeting will be on
Feb 12th - Chili Cook Off at GHD
                                                                       Sunday Jan 2nd. After the meeting will be
Feb 26th Pirate’s Ball Party Geneva Ramada - The                       our Christmas Party at the Elk’s with a
chapter voted to offset part of the cost for chapter                   buffet.
members to attend the party. The chapter also voted to                 The cost is $5; the chapter is paying for most of it. If you
pay for a DJ for the party to keep the cost of the tickets             haven’t signed up and want to go, contact Marlene by
more reasonable.                                                       Dec 23rd.

Tammy Healey is working on plans for the Smokey
Mountain Trip (tentative date is Aug 27 – Sept 4). Final
decisions will be made at the January meeting so people
can start making reservations. Websites to check out:, (make sure
you get the NC one, not the one in Sturgis)

Amy gave us some updates about the NY State rally for
next year. The calendar of events is filling up very
nicely. The Rally needs a new treasurer – must know
QuickBooks. Contact Marlene if you are interested.
December 2010                             Ontario County HOG Newsletter                                      pg. 3

Director – Steve Fingar

                                                                                   NY State HOG Rally 2011
Ok its winter, its cold and the only thing that keeps                               “Surrender the Booty”
me sane is planning next year’s trips. All of my                                      Geneva, NY
vacation is already booked. We’re riding in Florida                                    July 7, 8, 9
in January, cruising with HOGS on the High Seas in
June, a couple of rallies in July, and our club trip to
the Smokey Mountains in August/September.

There are so many exciting things to do you just
have to pick what sounds right for you.

 I’ve had a nice run at Director the last three years.
Thanks to everyone that made my job easy and fun.
Steve will do a fine job and we’re all very happy
Amy stepped in as the Assistant Director. I know
she will add something extra. She knows
everybody – everywhere.

 I’m looking forward to the challenge of being Road
Captain Coordinator. That’s an office I have never
done, so I hope all of you that have will help me

Now Steve H can enjoy writing something every

                                                                                Be sure to check out
                                                                                for service specials
December 2010                            Ontario County HOG Newsletter                                      pg. 4
                                Big City, Big Lights, Big Christmas Trees
                                             By Amy Johnson

The ride started in Geneva on Friday night after
work. Anna was good enough to be the designated
driver, so Lisa & Al Sabia & I hitched a ride &                 temperature of 45 degrees. Almost spring like for
headed towards Penn Yan to pick up the rest of the              us upstaters. We slowly broke up in 3 groups &
group. The rest of the group were: the                          went our own ways. It was decided that after a day
Fingar's. Marlene, Jill, Shirley, Rhonda (Steve &               of shopping that we would all meet at Rockefeller
Lisa's sister), and her daughter Kara with her                  Plaza at 7:30, have dinner together & then head to
girlfriend. Too many in Marlene's car, so Shirley               Radio City Music for the Rockette's 10pm show.
came & rode in Anna's car. We headed southeast                  We had dinner at a great Chinese/Thai restaurant
& we started cutting cross lots to 17. Half the group           on 42nd Street called Nanking. After we finished up
(those from Geneva) didn't get a chance to grab                 we headed around the corner to the theater. We
dinner so about 9:30 we started to get hungry. We               headed into the show with bags in tow & were
sent a message to the other car to see if they were             taken away with the 3-D special effects that were
hungry as well. They had all eaten so it was                    incorporated into the show. I have to say that the
decided that we would stop at the Famous Roscoe                 Toy Soldier routine was my favorite. The precision
Diner to grab a quick bite. Well it turned out to be            was just perfect. There were no less than 30 girls
real quick stop. We got there at about 9:55 & were              on the floor in every routine & they kicked up their
informed that they were closing & all they had to               heels in everyone of them. After the show ended at
offer was coffee & danish to go. We passed on the               11:30 we all booked it back to Grand Central to
offer, used their restrooms & headed back on the                catch the 12:12am ride back to Tarrytown. Poor
road. We arrived in Tarrytown about midnight. We                Anna had purchased new sneakers in hopes of
got our rooms, unpacked the cars & decided where                getting around town faster. Those sneaks were
to head for a quick bite to eat. We hit up the                  almost the end of her.
Eldorado Diner West. We all had something to
eat & headed back to the rooms. Morning would                   Upon our return from the train station, a few of us
come early.                                                     had a sweet tooth that needed to be satisfied, so a
                                                                time was decided that we would leave in the
We got up, some earlier than others in anticipation             morning & half the group headed into bed & the
of the pending trip & headed back to the Eldorado               others headed to the all night diner. We got back
for breakfast that would stick to our ribs. We knew             late, relaxed & crawled into bed late (or was it
that it would be awhile before we ate again.                    early?). The internal alarms went off, a bit late
Everyone filled up & we headed for the train station.           maybe & it turned out the older crowd left late
Once we finally found the lot to park the cars (which           because we slept in & the younger crowd was in
took several trips around the block), we bought our             the car & ready to roll on time. We met at the
tickets & jumped on the next train heading into the             Roscoe Diner, this time in time to receive a
city. It was a nice ride & we rode in with a bunch of           meal. We passed each other at the diner, the 1st
"Santa's". As more Santa's arrived we heard them                car leaving when the 2nd car arrived. We had a
talking about a party/festival they were all                    nice breakfast & back on the road. We dropped
meeting at in one of the parks in Manhattan. We                 Shirley at her door & the rest of us headed back to
arrived in Grand Central & headed west down 42nd                Geneva. Alan was glad to see we made it home
Street. We headed North up 5th to all those great               before the storm moved into the area. That is what
stores waiting for us to spend all our                          we were trying to beat. We unpacked the car, piled
money. DeBeers, Fendi, Harry Winston, Tiffany's. &              the goodies purchased & our luggage into our own
F.A.O. Swartz. The streets were just packed with                & headed for home. The end of a fantastic
folks. The store fronts were all                                weekend, one that Marlene on a whim pulled
decorated from wild/futuristic window displays to               together & we all enjoyed downtown NYC together.
that great red bow on the Cartier building. Twinkling           Thank you Marlene for all your planning & web
snowflakes hanging across the streets & the                     surfing. Great time, great friends, great memories.
Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree. Everything was
just beautiful & we were lucky to have a daytime
December 2010   Ontario County HOG Newsletter                                      pg. 5
December 2010   Ontario County HOG Newsletter                                      pg. 6

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