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Malaysia, the epitome of the cultural and professional melting pot in the Asian
world, boasts a professional population that is successful, innovative yet humble
and moderate in their opinions and achievements.

Malaysia has world-class business organizations with excellent facilities for the
development of human potential. World-leading multi-national companies (MNCs)
confidently invest and house their research and manufacturing facilities here in
Malaysia. Marketing MNCs base their operations in Malaysia to reach out and
manage their networks in the region and beyond.

Malaysia's integral world of culture and stability is testimonial to the right and
privilege for all races of the world to unite and exist in harmony. In Malaysia, people
of different sexes, races and cultural diversities live, learn and work together,
synergizing to produce such marvels as one of the tallest buildings in the world, the
Petronas Twin Towers and one of the most advanced airports in the world, the
Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Malaysia's rich and bio-diversified heritage of natural reserves and rainforests
reflects a world that is balanced in its reach for innovation and its love for heritage
and preservation. For those who are inclined to the natural heritage, Malaysia has
some of the world's most pristine beaches, rainforests, wetlands and

Our cultural and historical heritage reflects a rich and diversified history and
exemplifies the marriage of cultures from its earliest histories.

Malaysia is truly Asia, the melting pot that proves that Asia as a culturally rich and
diversified treasure trove of heritage, culture, lifestyle and opportunity is the reality
to be experienced and a vision to be embraced.
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3   Contact Details                                  UiTM-IFTDO Unit is the secretariat for the Conference.
                                                     Please contact us at:
4   IFTDO 2006 Patron & Advisors

4   Welcome Message from IFTDO President (2006)
                                                     IFTDO 2006 Secretariat:
5   International Federation of Training
    & Development Organisations (IFTDO)              35th IFTDO World Conference & Exhibition 2006
                                                     Global Centre of Excellence for Human Capital,
5   The Host: Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)       20th Floor, S&T Twin Tower, Tower II,
                                                     Universiti Teknologi MARA
6   Theme and Sub-Themes                             40450 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan,
8   Important Dates                                                                                           3
8   Special Briefing for Foreign Delegates
    & IFTDO First Time Attendees
                                                     And ask for:
9   Programme Overview

10 35th IFTDO General Assembly & Meetings
                                                     Sheikh Faleigh Sheikh Mansor
11 35th IFTDO World Conference                       Project Director, IFTDO 2006 Steering Committee
                                                     Managing Director, S.F.R. Consultants Sdn Bhd
12 Guest of Honour Speaker                           Phone: +603 2169 6109 / 21696228 / 74940298
                                                     Fax: +603 7494 0278 / 2169 6168
12 High Profile Speakers                             Email:

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The latest information and updates can be found in
the IFTDO 2006 Website:
    Selamat Datang

                                                                                             IFTDO 2006 ADVISORS

                                  IFTDO 2006 PATRON
                                  Keynote Address and Official Opening by
4                                 The Most Honourable
                                  Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi           The Honourable                 The Honourable Datuk Seri
                                                                             Dato’ Mustapa Mohamed          Dr Fong Chan Onn
                                  Prime Minister of Malaysia                 Minister of Higher Education   Minister of Human Resources

    Welcome Message from IFTDO President
                           Firstly, on behalf of IFTDO and the      imprtance that influence or encompass HRD as a whole,
                           IFTDO 2006 Kuala Lumpur Organiz-         such as CEOs, HR Managers, Training Managers and
                           ing Committee, I bid you all welcome     Educators/ Academicians. This categorization will pool
                           to the 35th IFTDO World Conference       main interest groups where the topics and speakers of
                           & Exhibition 2006 Kuala Lumpur,          the conference will be selectively categorized based on
                           Malaysia!                                their content, suitability and inclination. The overall
                                                                    design of the conference will provide all participants with
                             The IFTDO World           Conference   quality content and practical, applicable knowledge in a
                             Series, held annually around the       comfortable and stimulating environment. Special excur-
                             world, now nears its fourth decade     sion packages will also be available for our participants
    and serves as a major global platform for the enhancement       to take this opportunity to experience the warmth and
    of the human resource development profession. As such, it       beauty of Malaysia, our exquisite cuisine and the hospi-
    is indeed our honor that Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)       tality of one of the world’s most culturally diverse and
    is to be the first university to host one of the IFTDO World    friendliest people.
    Conference Series, and more so with the designated theme
    for 2006, ‘Education & Training Harmonized’. We believe it      We will make the 35th IFTDO World Conference &
    is an ideal time to gauge the progress and evolution of         Exhibition 2006 amongst the most memorable
    these cruciall areas of HRD and furthermore, design new         experiences for you in every way; just as much as it will
    modules that may be applied to existing HRD practices,          be our pleasure in having you with us. Once again, to all
    whereby these forces can be truly harnessed for the benefit     professionals, practitioners, industry experts and
    of global human capital management and development.             knowledge seekers worldwide, we extend to you our
                                                                    heartiest welcome, or as we say in Malaysia, Selamat
    The agenda for the upcoming conference will be facilitated      Datang!
    by dynamic speakers from around the world and include the
    most updated information, case studies, innovations and an
    in-depth    analysis of the current trends of Human
    Resources Development while seeking to build further on
    existing approaches, policies and practices. This is the
    mission of the 35th IFTDO World Conference as we aim to
    provide every participant with a most productive and
    pleasant experience.

    We have structured the conference to allow participants to
    schedule their attendance for specific session choices at       DATO’ SERI PROF. DR. IBRAHIM ABU SHAH
    their own convenience as the sessions are broken into four      President, IFTDO Board (2006)
    (4) separate tracks that focus on the different areas of        Vice Chancellor, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
International Federation of Training &
Development Organisations (IFTDO)
           Established in Switzerland in 1972, IFTDO is the sole global federation of
           organization with members from human resource development (HRD) professionals
           and corporations representing the industry in their respective countries.

           IFTDO exists to develop and maintain a worldwide knowledge network that
           identifies, develops and transfers knowledge, skills and technology to enhance
           human performance, productivity and sustainable development.

           IFTDO is a non-profit body, registered in the United Kingdom with more than 100
           member organizations worldwide, representing the ideologies, views and
           experiences of more than 500,000 training and HRD specialists from every culture,
           creed and specialization globally. IFTDO receives membership from all professional
           training and HRD national bodies, universities, colleges, governments, commercial
           institutions and consultancy practices and multi-national companies.

           Since 1972, IFTDO has organized annual world conferences boasting illustrious and
           thought-leading speakers from the world of business, government, academia and
           consultancy: to share, communicate and collaborate ideas and visions for the
           enhancement of the profession of human resource development.

           With every passing year, IFTDO’s annual conferences and exhibitions have grown
           in stature and recognition, bringing together the experiences and knowledge of
           professionals from the 4 corners of the globe to elevate the HRD profession and
           industry to greater heights.

           For more information please visit

The Host:
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
           Established in 1956, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), then a training centre was
           initially set up to offer preparatory courses for rural youths. The objective of helping
           and training indigenous people to improve their economic status was a success and
           the centre evolved to become one of the leading institutions in modern day
           Malaysia responsible for moulding and educating future business and economic

           Becoming a university was another transition in its illustrious history, testimony to its
           ability to embrace change and bring about innovation in the education industry.
           UiTM today has over 250 courses spanning over 16 campuses all over Malaysia,
           marrying its heritage in the traditional sciences with the innovative technological
           sciences that today’s market place demands.

           UiTM is perfectly positioned to partner with IFTDO to reintegrate education with
           training, to pave the way for the future learners to come together and to learn from
           both the experience and the potential of academic thought.

           For more information please visit


    The theme reflects a dynamism and integration of two of the most influential forces in the world of HRD.

    The progress of education and business over the years has divided and directed the role and influence of education and
    training to different paths, each willful in its own domain and indisputable in its dominance.

    Today, the world has changed. The social, political and economic features of the 21'st century necessitate a reinvention
    of traditional thoughts and perspectives. Today, the globalized market place requires that the roles be married and
6   synergized.

    Education and training today must once again be redefined. The world today demands that practical experience in
    training be integrated with theories and ideas in education to create practical yet innovative new learning to benefit those
    who embrace learning as a lifelong journey.

    EDUCATION AND TRAINING HARMONIZED is the world of learning. The educators and professionals who make
    learning their trade will flourish and the knowledge economy will be born and nurtured to produce leaders and thinkers of
    the 21'st Century.

    In line with the Malaysian emphasis on a knowledge based economy, the 35th IFTDO World Conference & Exhibition
    2006 will meet, reintroduce and redefine education and training together and with each other, to set in motion a catalyst
    for the development of new ideas and practices in the international human resource industries that will benefit and
    elevate both the global and local economies in an environment where education and training are truly harmonized and
    truly harnessed.

    Education & Training, being the essential building blocks of HRD, are in fact the same elements in different forms in that
    both are avenues for learning and knowledge as well as the catalysts of progress and development in all and any areas.

    The following descriptions of the Sub-Themes for the 35th IFTDO World Conference provide a brief overview into the
    various focuses, direction and contents of the conference sessions. However every single Sub-Theme topic item noted
    here will be further divided into various sessions that will delve into specifics, technicality and specialization, the details
    for which will be made available in our next and 3rd Announcement.

    The topics of discussions, deliberations and observations during the conference will include:

    Lifelong Learning
    a) Learning in the Globalized Neighborhood: The importance of information & knowledge in the borderless global era.

    b) Learning for Older and Senior People: Developing skills & knowledge well into the golden years.

    c) Learning Opportunities for the Disabled: Active participation & pursuit of achievements in the economic arena.

    d) The Corporate University: Transforming training centres and academies.

    e) Designing New Learning Modules: Reinventing the wheel of methods applied to knowledge & learning.

    f) Case Studies: The effects of a knowledge driven lifestyle on society, the workplace & human advancement.
                                                              Sub-Themes (cont.)
a) Rejuvenating Teaching & Facilitating Styles: Continuous redevelopment; a broader spectrum of results oriented
   training modules to create a more versatile workforce.

b) e-Learning and Distance Learning: Using technology to raise the standards of the human performance in the
   digital age.

c) Innovative Products & Equipment That Aid Productivity: Developments in technology which positively influence
   HRD & people management.

d) Role of Government in the Innovation Process: New initiatives that enhance learning.

Social, Political & Economic Issues In HRD
a) Cultural Diversity & Training: Managing the diverse workforce; issues of culture, age, gender, personality and

b) Ethics in Education & Training: Policies that ensure ethical & moral practices.

c) Government's Role in Promoting Training: Training & development for rural communities.

d) Linking Academia & Industry: Bridging the gap through collaborative efforts.

e) Learning & Development Among Youth: Providing guidance for the workforce of the future.

Human Capital Management
a) Human Performance in the Workplace: Developing the individual towards personal & organizational growth.

b) Progress and Career Development for the Female Workforce: Views and practices that enhance career
   progression for women.

c) Evolution of HRD In A Global Environment: Influence of globalization on trends in training & development.

d) Knowledge Management in a Learning Organization: Challenges of sharing learning, empowering and motivating
   the workforce.

e) Grading Managers and Leaders: Performance Expectations, Reward Programs & Leadership Development
   in the Work Unit.

f) Managing Human Capital in Higher Education: Efficient Multi Level HR Systems in Academic Institutions.
    Important Dates
                                                                              An event not to be missed!
                                                                              Conference registration opens on Monday,
       Registration                                                           August 21, 2006 on-site at the Kuala Lumpur
       Monday 21st to Tuesday 22nd August 2006                                Convention Centre from 8.00am until the end of
                                                                              the day where delegates will be handed their
                                                                              passes, conference materials and activity
                                                                              schedules that will be utilized throughout the
       IFTDO Board / Annual General Meetings                                  duration of the conference. Registration is also
       Sunday 20th, Monday 21st, Wednesday 23rd                               conducted on the next day from 8.00am to
                                                                              9.00am so as to accommodate any late
       (IFTDO Board, members and invited observers only)                      arrivals.
                                                                              For IFTDO Members, the IFTDO Board/ Annual
       Official Opening of 35th IFTDO                                         General Meetings will be from August 21 to
       World Conference & Exhibition 2006                                     August 22, 2006. Schedules for the committee
                                                                              meetings will be provided during registration.
       Tuesday 22nd August 2006
                                                                              To mark the commencement of this prestigious
                                                                              event, the 35th IFTDO World Conference &
       35th IFTDO                                                             Exhibition 2006 will be officiated by the Prime
       World Conference & Exhibition 2006                                     Minister of Malaysia on August 22, 2006 at
       Tuesday 22nd to Friday 25th August 2006
                                                                              For more information, kindly refer to the
                                                                              Programme Overview in the following page.

    Special Briefing for Foreign Delegates &
    IFTDO First Time Attendees
                                       Monday 21st August 2006
                                          6.00pm - 7.30pm
                                         * Welcome Reception at 8.00pm - 10.00pm

    Is this your first time attending an IFTDO Conference & Exhibition? Not sure which session to attend, how to contribute,
    where to go for advice? What is the IFTDO General Session and what are the IFTDO Tracks?

    Make plans to arrive in time to attend the special session for foreign delegates and IFTDO first time attendees on Monday
    afternoon. You will get to meet experienced IFTDO Members and all the key IFTDO 2006 staff who are on hand to make
    sure you have the most successful experience possible during your visit to the 35th IFTDO World Conference &
    Exhibition 2006.

    Specially assigned Mentors will guide you through the maze of formal association procedures, the range of sessions and
    networking opportunities, and give you practical hints and ideas to maximise your return on investment from attending this
    major event. Whatever questions you have, bring them to this session and you will be sure to get an answer!

    You will find that IFTDO's culture is one where experience, skills, ideas and even business leads are passed on freely
    between members. You only have a few days to absorb this unique culture, and the first time attendees session wil
    ensure you can proactively contribute and gain important experiences from the start.

    Meet other delegates who face the same situation as yourself, some are sure to become your most valued networking
    partners, as you learn together how to make the most of IFTDO's superb global connections.
                                                                 IFTDO 2006 Conference Programme Schedule
                  IFTDO General Assembly
 Hours       Monday 21/8/2006     Tuesday 22/8/2006          Wednesday 23/8/2006        Thursday 24/8/2006           Friday 25/8/2006
8.00am        All Day Registration        Registration
9.00am                                 Opening Ceremony           Keynote from                                          Concurrent
                                                                                           General Session
10.00am                                & Keynote Address      Guest of Honor Speaker                                     Sessions
10.30am                                     Coffee                 Coffee Break              Coffee Break              Coffee Break
11.00am                                     Break
11.30am                                                              General                   General                   Session
12.00pm                                 General Session              Session                   Session
12.30pm                                                                                                              Closing Ceremony
1.00pm                                      Lunch                     Lunch                     Lunch
1.30pm                                      Break                     Break                     Break
2.00pm                                      General              General Session
2.30pm                                                                                       Concurrent              Post-Conference
                                            Session                                                                     Workshop:
3.00pm            Academic /                                       Concurrent                 Sessions

                                                                                                                                            Programme Overview
             Professors Track and                                   Sessions                                       Implementing a New
3.30pm                                     Tea Break
              CEO Panel Forum                                                                                    Agenda for Human Capital
4.00pm                                                              Tea Break                 Tea Break
4.30pm                                    Concurrent
                                                                   Concurrent                Concurrent
5.00pm                                     Sessions                 Sessions                  Sessions
6.00pm            Special Briefing                                                        Workshop II & III:
6.30pm        for Foreign Delegates       Workshop I:                                  Competency Development
7.00pm         & IFTDO First Time     Talent Management                                          &
                    Attendees                                                          Knowledge Management
8.30pm            IFTDO 2006              IFTDO 2006               IFTDO 2006
9.00pm              Welcome
                                            Dinner                     Gala
9.30pm             Reception                                          Dinner

The latest information and updates on speakers and topics can be found on the IFTDO 2006

     35th IFTDO General Assembly & Meetings
     For IFTDO Board of Directors, Members and Invited Observers* Only

     General Assembly

     This is the annual general meeting at which IFTDO members conduct the legally required business of the federation and set its strategic future directions, and include such matters as
     future budgets and fee levels, promotion of membership, and voting for new members of IFTDO Board of Directors. The President, Executive Director, Treasurer and the Secretary
     General report on past peformance, the challenges facing the industry as a whole and new business initiatives.

     Committee Meetings

     Directors meet in their committees prior to the IFTDO Annual General Meeting, to discuss issues of relevance to their functions, to debate the merits of policy changes and other
     proposals recommended by IFTDO Board of Directors, and to develop new IFTDO projects and promotions.

10   Separate sessions are scheduled to enable delegates to discuss IFTDO matters with colleagues from the same geographical region, and to hear about their respective country and
     regional initiatives.

     * Invited Observers

     Non-IFTDO Members who are granted Observer status are entitled to attend the IFTDO Annual General Meeting in order to better understand the workings of IFTDO. As an
     international federation and supplier of professional services to the HRD industry globally, Observers are strongly encouraged to apply for IFTDO membership. For more information
     on attending as an Observer, please contact Dr. Uddesh Kohli, Secretary General of IFTDO at

     PRESIDENT                                                     MEMBERS (cont.)                                                CONFERENCE COORDINATION COMMITTEE (CCC)
     The Hon. Dato’ Seri Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Abu Shah (Malaysia)
     Vice Chancellor, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)             Erum Khan (USA)                                                Chair CCC
                                                                   Manager, International Relations
     PRESIDENT ELECT                                               American Society of Training & Development (ASTD)              O.T. Rotimi (Nigeria)
     Roger Addison (USA)                                                                                                          Mac-Tay Tack Training
     International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI)      Mohammed A. Misfer (Saudi Arabia)
                                                                   Saudi Arabian Oil Company                                      MEMBERS
     Helmi Sallam (Egypt)                                          Yoshika Okubo (Japan)                                          Prof. Dr. Rahmat Mohamad (Malaysia)
     Managing Director, Team International                         Japan Vocational Ability Development Association               Deputy Vice Chancellor,
                                                                                                                                  Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
     CHAIR OF EXECUTIVE BOARD                                      Carol Panza (USA)
     Dr. Abdel Bari Durra (Jordan)                                 International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI)       Dr. Helmi Sallam (Egypt)
     Professor at the Al-Isra Private University (IPU)                                                                            Team Engineering & Management Consultants

     CHAIR ELECT                                                   Associate Member Representatives                               Richard Battaglia (USA)
     Ebrahim Al Dossary (Bahrain)                                                                                                 Executive Director & CEO
     Advisor to the Prime Minister of Bahrain                      AFRICA                                                         International Society for Performance Improvement
     & Bahrain Society of Training & Development (BSTD)
                                                                   Elizabeth Rotimi (Nigeria)
     HONORARY TREASURER                                            Mac-Tay House                                                  Executive Director
     Bob Morton (UK)                                                                                                              Dr. Anthony J Twigger (UK)
     (Chair CIPD International Forum)                              AMERICAS
     Ciba Specialty Chemicals
                                                                   Sid Henkin (USA)                                               Secretary General
                                                                   Prism Learning Solutions                                       Dr. Uddesh Kohli (India)
                                                                   ASIA AND PACIFIC
     Professor Olu E. Akerejola (Nigeria)
     Director General, Industrial Training Fund                    Marie Dayton (Australia)
                                                                   ASEAN TRAINING & EDUCATION SERVICES P/L
     Luis Bento (Portugal)
     APG, Av.                                                      EUROPE
                                                                   Bill Fenton (UK)
     Ray Bonar (Ireland)                                           Director of Training
     Health Service Executive, St Mary's Hospital Campus           AFAQ-ETA

     Roland Dubois (Mauritius)
     Industrial and Vocational Training Board                      IFTDO Representative to the United Nations

     Adjunct Prof (Dr) Alias Masod (Malaysia)                      Richard A. Zeif (USA)
     Project Advisor IFTDO 2006,
     Director, UiTM-IFTDO Unit
     Adjunct Prof., Business Management Faculty, UiTM
                             35th IFTDO World Conference
The session topics for the 35th IFTDO World Conference, as in the past, will see the observation of crucial industry
issues faced by organizations and professionals around the world, yet will emphasize a leaning towards reinvention,
rethinking and reassessment of everything already in place. This is by no means an undermining of proven practices but
an effort to discover means of improvement beyond the now and here. The conference will focus on this through careful
selection of facilitators, speakers, topics and other contents that will aim to enhance and build further on existing
industry practices to motivate the elevation of the HRD profession and corporate organizational growth.

Attending participants will also find convenience and benefit in the categorization of the conference agenda and topics
where the sessions are slotted into four separate tracks with detailed descriptions that will cater to general interest
groups such as CEO's, HR Managers, Training Managers and Educators / Academicians or Trainers. This allows
participants the freedom to plan and attend specific session of their choice and to maximize on the available information
in the particular area of specialization at their own convenience beforehand.
Every detail will be scrutinized from the conference layout right down to the atmosphere and conference setting so as to
ensure that the 35th IFTDO World Conference and Exhibition will not only be the most productive occasion for all
attending participants but also a most memorable and pleasant experience.

General Sessions
The selection for the very best of speakers and facilitators has been completed. The criteria for selection are set at a
very high standard for the celebrity speakers who will be facilitating the main sessions throughout the conference. As
the 35th IFTDO World Conference seeks to bring together the two core elements of HRD and human capital
management, it is most crucial that speakers selected are ideal and of benefit to the theme and its goal.

These celebrity speakers will be chosen based not on their credentials and popularity alone but more attention will be
directed to their current projects, programmes, theories and formulations that may have a direct implication on the
theme of the conference and positive impact on all our attending global delegates. Some of the speakers in view include
key political figures, policy makers and diplomats as well as popular celebrity speakers.

Concurrent Sessions
Similarly, speakers who will be facilitating the concurrent sessions throughout the conference will be selected with
scrutiny towards applicable knowledge in their respective programmes so that our international delegates will benefit
from innovative yet practical information that will be most beneficial to them.

Concurrent session speakers will be selected from the world over and will facilitate in various different languages to
conference delegates of varying ethnicity. These speakers also play a most vital role in that they are able to analyze
HRD issues from the perspective of their regions of origin and culture that may have an impacting difference.
     Guest of Honour Speaker

         Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad became the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia on 16 July 1981. Born on 20
         December 1925 in Alor Setar, the capital of the State of Kedah, Dr. Mahathir did his early and secondary
         education in his home town. In 1947, he gained admission into the King Edward VII College of Medicine in
         Singapore.Upon graduation, he joined the Malaysian government service as a Medical Officer. He left in 1957
         to set up his own practice in Alor Setar. Dr. Mahathir has been active in politics since 1945. He has been a
         member of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) since its inception in 1946.He was first elected
         as a Member of Parliament following the General Elections in 1964. However, he lost his seat in the
         subsequent General Election in 1969.Owing to his keen interest in the country's education, he was appointed
         Chairman of the first Higher Education Council in 1968, Member of the Higher Education Advisory Council in
         1972, Member of the University Court and University of Malaya Council, and Chairman of the National
         University Council in 1974.In 1973, Dr. Mahathir was appointed a Senator. He relinquished this post in order
12       to contest in the 1974 General Elections where he was returned unopposed. Following the elections, Dr.
         Mahathir was appointed the Minister of Education. In 1976, Dr. Mahathir was made Deputy Prime Minister in
         addition to his Education portfolio. In a Cabinet reshuffle two years later, he relinquished the Education
         portfolio for that of Trade and Industry. As Minister of Trade and Industry, he led several investment promotion
         missions overseas. Dr. Mahathir was elected as one of the three Vice Presidents of UMNO in 1975. In 1978,
         he won the Deputy President seat and in 1981, he was appointed President of the party. He was returned
         unopposed as President in 1984. In the 1987 party elections, Dr. Mahathir defeated his challenger to retain
         the Presidency and in 1990 and 1993, he was again returned unopposed as party President. Under his
         leadership, the ruling party Barisan Nasional (National Front) won landslide victories in the 1982, 1986, 1990,
         1995 and 1999 General Elections. Dr. Mahathir is married to a doctor, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah bt Mohd Ali, and
         they have seven children Marina, Mirzan, Melinda, Mokhzani, Mukhriz, Maizura, and Mazhar

     High Profile Speakers

         Dave Ulrich is Professor of Business Administration at the University of Michigan where he is on the core
         faculty of the Michigan Executive Program, Co-Director of Michigan's Human Resource Executive Program,
         and Advanced Human Resource Executive Program. His teaching and research addresses the question: how
         to create an organization that adds value to employees, customers, and investors? He studies how
         organizations change fast, build capabilities, learn, remove boundaries, and leverage human resource
         activities. He has helped generate multiple award winning national data bases on organizations that assess
         alignment between strategies, human resource practices and HR competencies. Rated #1 Guru by Business
         Week and has published over 90 articles and book chapters. He was the Editor Human Resource
         Management Journal (1990-1999), serves on the editorial board of 4 other Journals, is on the Board of
         Directors for Herman Miller, is a Fellow in the National Academy of Human Resources; and co-founder of the
         Michigan Human Resource Partnership. He has consulted and done research with over half of the Fortune

         Topic: The HR Value Proposition: Turning What We Know into What We Do


         Subir Chowdhury is one of the world’s top management and quality strategist. He is the Chairman and CEO of
         ASI Consulting Group, the world leaders in Quality consulting. Hailed by the New York Times as a leading
         quality expert, Chowdhury has also been recognized by Quality Progress of the American Society for Quality
         as one of the “Voices of Quality in the 21st century”. Prior to The Ice Cream Maker, he has authored
         internationally best selling books like The Power of Six Sigma, Management 21 C to name some, which have
         captured the imagination of the corporate world.

         Topic: QUALITY: Competitive Advantage for the Global Leadership.
                                High Profile Speakers

Dr. Roger M. Addison, CPT, is an internationally respected practitioner of Human Performance Technology (HPT)
and performance consulting. He is the Senior Director of Human Performance Technology for the International
Society for Performance Improvement. Roger was Vice President and Manager at Wells Fargo. His responsibilities
included executive coaching and education, change management and partnering with line managers to improve
performance. He consults with Fortune 500 organizations to help them align their business requirements with
bottom line results. Roger has successfully implemented performance improvement initiatives in a number of
organizations. Roger is Certified in Performance Technology (CPT).

Roger is a frequent speaker at the International Society For Performance Improvement (ISPI), the International
Federation of Training and Development Organisations (IFTDO) and the American Society for Training and
Development (ASTD). Topics include: Performance Technology, Performance Architecture, Reengineering,
Information Design, Mentoring, Consulting, Project Management and Communication Networks.
Roger is a past president of ISPI, past Chair of the Board and current President-Elect of IFTDO. Roger has
received ISPI's awards for Member of the Year, Organization of the Year, and Outstanding Product. In 1998 he
received ISPI's highest award, Member for Life. As an international delegate to IFTDO and ISPI conferences,
Roger has worked and presented in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Topic: Organisational Harmony: Aligning Work, Worker and Workplace


Les Pickett has over 30 years experience in human resource development and people management. He has held
senior general management, information technology and human resource positions in a number of organisations
and played an active role in the development of effective managers in many countries. For five years he was Senior
Advisor to the United Nations System Staff College and recently completed an international assignment as Acting
Deputy Director of the Torino (Italy) based organisation. A member of the International Board of Advisors to the US
based International Public Management Association for Human Resources, Les is former chairman Executive
Board of the International Federation of Training and Development Organisations (IFTDO) and past president
ARTDO International.

Topic: Utilising Human Capital-Improving Key Business Outcomes Through the Effective Utilisation of
       Employee Capabilities


Dr. Irving Yi-Feng Huang is Associate professor at Tamkang University and Secretary General of Chinese Society
for Training and Development (Taiwan). He is also a consultant to the mayor of Taipei City and a committee
member of Human Resource Development Committee at Central Personnel Authority. Irving teaches Human
Capital Assessment and Local Government in the Graduate program of the Dept. of Public Administration. He
received his Ph.D. from National Cheng-Chi University with dissertation on construct validity for Assessment
Centers implemented in Taiwan. Before his academic work in university, Irving worked as the Special assistant for
the President of China Petrochemical Development Corp. where he designed an AC for development of managers
in 1992. Irving has participated in several government research projects to provide advice and suggestions for civil
service reform in Taiwan.

Topic: Human Capital Measurement and Its Implication for Strategic Human Resource Development in
       Public Sector: An Empirical Study in Taiwan


Andrew Bryant is an executive coach and master trainer of Meta-Coaching, Neuro-Semantics and NLP. Andrew
has been teaching the body and mind sciences for over 20 years and has qualifications in physiotherapy,
acupuncture, management, training and hypnosis. Andrew has trained in ten countries and has coached clients
worldwide. He is an internationally published author and in demand as a keynote speaker.

“The enthusiasm and charisma he displayed was contagious and his ability to involve the audience through real-life
examples and clever illustrations further helped him deliver a poignant message.” McDonalds

Topic: Creating Lasting Behavioural Change
     High Profile Speakers

         Datuk Dr Rosti Saruwono assumed the position of Vice President, Education Division, PETRONAS since 1 March 2004. Prior to
         this he was the Rector/Chief Executive Officer of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. He was also the MD/CEO of Institute of
         Technology Petronas Sdn Bhd, the company that plans the establishment of the University since 1995. Datuk Dr Rosti received
         his B.E (Mechanical Engineering) from the University of Queensland, Australia in 1973. He then started his career with the
         Ministry of Labour and Manpower as the Principal of the Industrial Training Institute, Kuala Lumpur from 1974 to 1980. In mid
         1980 he joined PETRONAS as the Section Head of Technical Training. In 1985, Datuk Dr Rosti was appointed as the Manager of
         Institute Latihan Perindustrian Petroleum (ILPP), Kuala Trengganu after obtaining his MBA from The Henley Management
         College, Brunel University, United Kingdom. Later on, Datuk Dr Rosti joined the Group Manpower Planning and Development
         Department as its manager before being appointed as Deputy General Manager, Human Resource Division from 1988 to 1990.
         From 1990 to 1993, Datuk Dr Rosti did his PhD in Business Studies at The Henley Management College, Brunel University, UK
         where he was also a Research Associate. Upon returning to Malaysia, he was appointed as MD/CEO of PETRONAS
         Management Training Sdn. Bhd. Subsequently in 1995 he was appointed as the MD/CEO of Institute of Technology PETRONAS

14       Sdn Bhd to spearhead the establishment of University Teknologi PETRONAS. Datuk Dr Rosti's other qualifications include
         Certificate in Non-Formal Education (Philippines, 1979) and Post Graduate Diploma in Petroleum Management (Oxford, 1983).
         He had also attended several management courses including the Senior Executive Program of Columbia University, New York.

         Topic: Linking Academia & Industry: Bridging the Gap through Collaborative Efforts


         Allison Mooney is an international inspirational conference speaker and trainer. She first came to be noticed when Ansett New
         Zealand (Airline) first set up their operations where her people skills were fully utilised, at the cutting edge of customer service, as
         Auckland Manager of the Golden Wing Lounge. Her own dedication to giving unexpected service was the catalyst of a famous
         commercial called "Fly Trap" Ansett advertisement, which was based on true life service experiences. This set a benchmark for
         exceptional customer value. During her 12 year sojourn with the both Ansett New Zealand and Managing Qantas International
         First Class Lounge, Allison soon found herself in constant demand to share with others her gift at people relating skills She is now
         self employed and is the Director of Australasia and South Pacific Personality Plus have competed certification in USA. She has
         been part of the success of Companies such as Carter Holt Harvey, Drake International, N.Z. Diary Board, Shiseido Sales and
         Marketing, Australia New Zealand Bank. Air New Zealand, Loreal Professional. AMP. House of Travel, Lufthansa German
         Airlines, amongst many other high profile Companies. At the Gala Awards of the National Speakers Assn of NZ 2004/05 she was
         awarded ‘SPEAKER OF THE YEAR’

         Topic: Management of Human Capital


         Dato’ Abdul Aziz, 52 holds a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) Degree from the University of Malaya. He began his
         career in 1977 as a Fleet Planning Co-ordinator with Malaysian Airlines Systems Berhad. He subsequently joined
         Shell in 1979 where he spent the next 20 years performing several management positions in Audit, Marketing
         Economics, Sales & Marketing, Logistics (joint venture companies with Petronas) and Human Resource, where his
         last position was the General Manager for Human Resource and Transformation for ASEAN countries. He left for an
         international assignment in 1991 – 1994 with the Shell Group based in London, where he was the shareholders’
         representative overseeing Shell’s business interests in Hong Kong and China. Prior to his appointment at TM, he was
         the Executive Vice President, Human Resource of RHB Bank Berhad, responsible for setting the human resource
         (HR) direction, formulating and overseeing the implementation of HR Strategies.

         Topic: Building and Applying a Compentency Model for Human Capital Development


         Bob Morton. MBA, CCIPD, Bob joined The Clayton Aniline Company (a subsidiary of Ciba - Geigy) in 1973, where he
         progressed to hold a number of senior personnel posts before transferring to a group HR role at Ciba - Geigy’s UK HQ
         in the late 1980’s. In 1995 he transferred to Ciba’s Corporate HQ in New York, as Director of Human Resources for
         NAFTA. Ciba Specialty Chemicals was formed and de-merged from Novartis in1997 and later the same year Bob
         moved to Switzerland as Global Head of Human Resources and Communications for Ciba’s Performance Polymers
         Business. Following the sale of that business he returned to be based in the UK where he is now Head of the People
         Development Competence Centre for the European and MEA Region of Ciba. He is Ciba’s senior expert in the Global
         People Development Competence Centre. He is a visiting speaker on UK and International MBA programmes and has
         been a keynote speaker at national and international business and HR conferences including CIPD conferences, the
         United Nation’s HR conference in Geneva, HRINZ conferences in New Zealand, EAPM Congresses and the WFPM
         and IFTDO Congresses on Human Resources. He edited and co - authored with Professor Pat Joynt a book on
         International HRM, ‘The Global HR Manager’, and has contributed to national and international journals on IHRM. Bob
         is a Companion and past Vice President International of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. He is
         a member of the editorial board of ‘People Management’ and is a director of CIPD Enterprises and IFTDO. He is
         currently Chair of the CIPD’s International Forum and will assume the Chair of CIPD Enterprises Board in August this

         Topic: Identifying and Developing Leadership Talent in CIBA Specialty Chemicals
                                        High Profile Speakers

Sid Henkin has more than 25 years of experience developing processes and tools to accelerate team development and
improve team performance. He works extensively in helping organizations transition from directive to collaborative
environments. He applies technology and an empirical approach to the issue of balancing technical competence and
behavioral alignment for high performance teams. He has developed customer and team development programs for
many of the world's largest transnational organizations, both in the private and public sectors. He is internationally
recognized as an authority on individual and team behavior in the workplace. He has developed customer and team
development programs for many of the world’s largest transnational organizations, both in the private and public sectors.
Sid is Vice President of Market Innovation for Prism Learning Solutions, based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA, and
is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium’s Agile Project Management practice. He also serves on the Board of
Directors of the International Federation of Training and Development Organisations, a United Nations Non-Government
Organization. Sid has been a behavioral consultant and program developer for over twenty-five years. Sid is a frequent
speaker and presenter at both national and international conferences on the topics of Accelerating Team Development,
Increasing team Productivity and the Impact of Behavior on Performance Management. He is published in trade and                         15
professional journals in both North and South America, as well as a contributing author to numerous management and
team development books and periodicals.

Topic: It’s Not How You Do The Work, It’s How You Do The Work Together


Marc van Roon (38) born in The Hague, The Netherlands, is composer, speaker, teacher, co-founder of Art in Rhythm
and one of the leading improvising pianists in The Netherlands. Marc performs world-wide with his European Jazz Trio.
He collaborates with a diverse range of artists from the classical, jazz, and pop worlds. He recently composed music for
dance companies Netherlands Dance Theatre and Scapino Ballet. Marc is a recording artist for Apple on the Moon
Records. He recorded with Dave Liebman, Joshua Samson and Ernst Reijseger. With the European Jazz Trio he
recorded with Charlie Mariano and Art Farmer.

Topic: “Tasting the Sweetness”: Flowing through Transformational Change
       A practical workshop on building theatres of learning


Prim, a Malaysian is currently leading 6 major learning research pilot projects across China focusing on State Owned Enterprises
(Banking, Power, Medicine Industry). His primary interest is on the fusion of Eastern principles & philosophy with Western
methodologies & tools. Prim being a passionate practioner in the field of Corporate Learning, Leadership & Culture Change, has
developed several Learning Models specific to the Chinese Enterprises. He has trained, coached and presented to many Chinese
Government, and private institutions. Prim, has spend the last 2 years building a successful Consulting firm. During this period Prim
learnt the ropes of doing “Enterprise Training & Learning” business His learning comes from both his failures and successes in
managing the business process and enabling enterprise learning in the current ever changing China scenario. He has developed
great love and appreciation for the Chinese System, Culture and Capacity to accelerate development, progress and growth. He has
researched and developed several People Capability Development Models which have been used to transform culture and enhance
performance in many organization globally. Prim has also conducted workshops, coached, facilitated learning and developed
learning systems across Asia, USA and Europe. His models are utilized by many Learning Technologist globally. Prim has also
chaired, mediated and presented at many Conferences globally including IFTDO. Prim was formally a Director with Motorola
University Asia Pacific and Vice President for Learning & Knowledge Management with Maybank Group.

Topic: Growing the Learning Organizations - China’s Experience


Dr. Tarik Al Sulimani holds a B.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology from Arizona State University in the USA.He
also holds a Graduate Certificate in Computer Systems Applications from the American University in Washington DC.
He holds a Master of Science with honor in two areas (Computer Systems Applications and Management Information
Systems) from The American University in Washington D.C., USA. He holds a Ph.D. in the area of Information Systems
with honor from The George Washington University in Washington DC., USA. He has published over seventy (100)
papers on Human Resources, Arab Management, Quality Management, Globalization, and others that were all
presented in international conferences in over 25 countries all over the world. He was invited as a keynote speaker in
countries such as Russia, USA, France, UK, Finland, Brazil, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and India. He was also invited to
speak in leading universities in the world including Stanford University, Harvard Business School, University of Texas at
Dallas, University of Singapore, and the University of London. Dr. Sulimani is a certified facilitator of many leading
management and development programs. He has worked as the Vice President, Total Quality Management and
Human Resources for over 12 years with Advanced Electronics Company, a high-tech electronics manufacturing
company in Saudi Arabia part of the Economic Offset Program. In addition he has worked as a consultant for many
companies in Saudi Arabia. Currently working on writing his book titled “Quality in the Arab Organization: Is it a

Topic: Optimizing the Educational Systems in Developing Nations through Quality Practices: A Case Study
       in Saudi Arabia
     High Profile Speakers

         Barbara Pirie is a cross-cultural and cultural diversity consultant and trainer who designs and facilitates cross-cultural
         training programs, learning activities, and organisational change workshops. She has just completed writing a
         web-based training module on Oceania culture that is now available as downloadable training at She is currently writing a parallel module on the culture of Fiji. Ms. Pirie has presented
         at many international conferences, including a workshop at the 1997 IFTDO conference entitled ‘Think Local, Act
         Global’. She has published articles on the complexity of ethnic conflict and ‘speaking with silence’ and was awarded
         the East-West Center Elaine K. Kono Award for her outstanding contributions toward greater internationalization.

         Topic: Designing Culturally Effective Learning Programmes

16       DR J.M SAMPATH , PHD , Managing Director – Arpitha Associates Pvt Ltd; India, Malaysia, Singapore, USA .
         Sampath, with specialization in the fields of Learning and Vision-Value Clarification, has developed a number of tools
         and processes like Value Profile and Vision-Value Alignment. These developed over the last 17 years with nearly 500
         workshops, facilitate human evolution and Excellence. Also being an author of two books – Discovery & Inner
         Realities, his core skills in consulting include: Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Capacity Building,
         Organizational Development, Corporate Governance. His clients include Ford Motor Company, Lear Corporation,
         USA; Ministry of Law, Singapore, MAS, Securities Commission; Petronas Permata; TNB; Bank Negara, CEL,
         Malaysia; Oman Trading Establishing, Muscat, John Keells Holdings., Sri Lanka, Amtrex Hitachi, Honeywell, Siemens
         and many leading IT and non- IT companies in India.

         Topic: Leadership Development through Transforming Beliefs - A Malaysian Case Study


         Dr. Kalpana Sampath, PhD, Director – Arpitha Associates Pvt Ltd; India, Malaysia, Singapore, USA Kalpana as a
         human resource professional has been active for the last 14 years helping individuals and organizations focus on
         their vision and clarify their values. Kalpana’s core skills in consulting include Leadership Development, Executive
         Coaching, Organizational Development, Research Projects, and has developed the Belongingness Inventory for
         organizational excellence. Kalpana’s expertise at change management stems from her inviolable principle of
         acceptance. She is also the Director of Punarnava, dedicated to propagation of Authentic Ayurveda and is also an
         Indian Classical Dance exponent and a theater artist. Her clients include Ford Motor Company, Detroit, John Keells
         Holdings, Sri Lanka, Amtrex Hitachi, GEC Alsthom India, Mphasis, Emuzed, Honeywell, EMC2 and many leading IT
         and non- IT companies in India.

         Topic: Leadership Development through Transforming Beliefs - A Malaysian Case Study


         Yazdi Jehangir Bankwala is currently the principal consultant at Arpitha Associates in Singapore and Arpitha
         Associates Malaysia Sdn Bhd, who are involved in this field “Values and Ethics”. A Law graduate, Yazdi also studied
         Marketing and Business in the United Kingdom and has a wealth of working experience. He gained tremendous
         international exposure in working with people from variety of cultures and races.Yazdi’s clients include FORTUNE 500
         companies: Amoco, BP, Indian Oil, and Petronas and other organisations based in Malaysia, Singapore, India,
         Indonesia, and Mauritius.He has been a speaker at several conferences and workshops organised by: Asia Business
         Forum, Budapest University of Economic Sciences, Nanyang Technological University and The Canadian Institute on
         Governance, EBEN (European Business Ethics Network), Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Multi Media University,
         Malaysia, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. He was past President of Lions Club of Singapore Hill View,
         (2003-2004) an International social service organization and a cofounder of Centre for Promoting Human Values,

         Topic: Leadership Development through Transforming Beliefs - A Malaysian Case Study


         ADNAN H.ZAHED (BSc, Chemical Engineering , University Of Petroleum and Minerals, 1976,MSc, Ph.D. , Chemical
         Engineering ,University of California at Davis, 1979, 1982) is a professor in the department of Chemical and Materials
         Engineering, KAU. He served for a number of years as the Director KAU Sponsored Research Directorate. He also
         served for three years as a Senior General Manager at Snack Food Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since
         1997 he has held the office for the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. He has over fifty publications to his credit
         in different areas of chemical Engineering and Engineering Education. His research interest includes transport
         processes and solar energy, computer simulations and applications, hydrogen production using solar energy,
         fluidization and spouting in drying, and the development of engineering education.

         Topic: Experiences of Imparting Industrial Training to Engineering Student
                                    High Profile Speakers

Alastair Rylatt is a business consultant based in Sydney is one of Australia¹s leading thinkers, presenters and
authors on trends and practices human resource development. Over twenty years, Alastair has had over 200 clients
and published five books and many articles on emerging trends in modern business. His work has taken to many
parts of the world including, South East Asia, Middle East, UK, USA, Singapore and New Zealand. Alastair is
currently doing a thesis at the University of Technology-Sydney on the topic of building and measuring stakeholder

Topic: Building Workplace Innovation: Latest Trends and Thinking


DONI PRIHANDONO (Indonesia) is a consultant specialist in organizational development and Leadership People
Skill based. More than a hundred companies as well as Government State Owned Enterprise and Multi National
Companies in Indonesia has been helped by him for profitable growth. At least 10.000 alumnae in school of
corporate leadership in Indonesia has been developed by him until now. Most of the alumnae got the top
management position after finish the school.
Recently, Doni has been appointed to be a judge for Best CEO and Government State Owned Enterprise Award in
Indonesia. He is a founder of Leadership Inc. He also has launched his 2 books, On Becoming Effective Leader and
Servant Leadership.

Topic: Building Creativity for Fast Track Execution (from Academic Mindset to Pragmatic Touch)


Dr. Mohamed Ally, PHD has 25 years of experience in training and development and distance education. Dr. Ally is
Director and Associate Professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems at Athabasca University,
Canada. He has presented keynotes and sessions at many national and international conferences and symposia
and is a Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) by the Canadian Society for Training and
Development (CSTD). He has published many papers in journals and chapters in books. Dr. Ally has conducted
research in the areas of E-learning in the workplace, the use of learning objects, and mobile learning. He is currently
conducting research in workplace learning, mobile learning, and mobile library. He was recently involved in a project
that did a state of the field review in workplace learning.

Topic: Use of Mobile Technology to Deliver Education in the Workplace


R S Dabas (50) is HRD Expert and International Trainer who brings post MBA 25 years experience in India’s blue chip
companies and Multinational Corporations where he received accolades for facilitating ‘Turnarounds’, launching ‘Mission for
Excellence’, initiating ‘World Class Practice’ and aligning people to ‘Vision & Growth’. He left Hero Honda as Vice President
(HRD) at the age of 42 to work for the cause of enriching human potential at larger scales. Media has featured cover stories on
him as ‘Motivational Guru’ and ‘Turnaround Expert’ and his training has helped individuals and organizations achieve amazing
results in performance

R S Dabas (50) is an International Trainer in the areas of Motivation, Personal Effectiveness, NLP, Emotional Intelligence, MBTI,
Creativity, Teaming, Meditation, Kaizen and Change. He brings 25 years of experience in India’s Blue chip companies and MNCs
where he received accolades for facilitating ‘Turnarounds’, and initiating ‘World Class Practice’. Dabas had played an
instrumental role in Hero Honda’s becoming world’s largest two wheeler company and left it as Vice President (HR) for enriching
human potential at larger scales. More than 100,000 participants and 500 organizations have benefited from his training that has
been acclaimed globally with comments like ‘Maverick’, ‘Result-oriented ’, ‘Down to Earth’ and ‘Unique Blend of East & West’.

Topic: Innovative Ways of Group Learning Leading to Amazing Organisations Results


Amal Ishaq Kooheji, A dynamic and extremely active people-oriented personality who has excelled as a trainer and
project manager in the “Human Soft Skills” field. Empathetic, responsive and responsible character that is highly
attuned to the needs and motivations of others. Finds potential in everyone, wants to help others fulfil their potential.
May act as a catalyst for individual and group growth. Loyal, responsive to praise and criticism. Sociable, and
provides inspiring leadership. Manager, Training & Employment Division, Economic Development Board (Labour
Reform Project) Involved with establishing the Labour Fund’s (as part of the Labour Reform Project) strategy and
plans. Design and develop nation-wide initiative that aim at rebuilding the human capital competencies in the
Bahraini Labour market system.

Topic: Bahrain Labor Market Reforms
     High Profile Speakers

         Tanri Abeng has had an illustrious career spanning decades, in both the private and public sector, in Indonesia and
         the region. A man of strong convictions and beliefs, he has authored several books expressing his views on the state
         of the economy and business practices in Indonesia today and has an intense desire to use his years of experience
         to help mould the next generation of Indonesian economic leaders.The first in his village to complete school, Abeng
         won an American Field Service (AFS) scholarship to the United States in 1961, and spent his high school senior year
         with the Wallace Gibson family in Clarence, N.Y. After earning an undergraduate degree in Indonesia at the
         Hasanudin University, Abeng returned to Buffalo, receiving his M.B.A. from the State University of New York in 1969.
         What followed was a rapid climb up the corporate ladder: Union Carbide hired him to help establish an Indonesian
         plant shortly after he received his M.B.A. Two years later, at age 29, he was made a director of Union Carbide. In
         1976, he was named marketing manager for Union Carbide's operations in 52 countries. Then in 1979, the Heineken
         Company recruited him to run its Indonesian subsidiary, PT Multi Bintang Indonesia. Abeng's success at Heineken

18       brought him to the attention of Aburizal Bakrie, who offered him the managing directorship of P.T. Bakrie and
         Brothers. Bakrie is a family-owned conglomerate, with core business in steel pipes and infrastructure fabrication,
         rubber and palm oil plantations, mining and telecommunications.

         Topic: Indonesia Resurrection Social, Political and Economic Challenges in HRD


         Carlos K. Aguilar, Jr. or “Pido” to many is a very talented and colorful person who does freelance consulting and
         delivers presentations on topics related to Effective Business English, Speaking Effectively, Unleashing Your Creative
         Powers and others. One would always identify him with comedy in view of his attachment to the “Comfort Room”
         group that brings joy to any group of audience as they perform their so-called “improvised comedy stint.” He has
         directed plays/musicals, acted in many of them and conducts workshops in acting. For his talents and abilities, he
         credits them to his lessons taken with Juilliard-trained Ana Valdes Lim and the Philippine Playhouse, Inc., an
         Improvisation-based theatre group. He has also written various academic textbooks. His affiliations include the
         Reading Association of the Philippines, the Ateneo Alumni Association and the Philippine Science High School
         Alumni Association

         Topic: Let Abundance! Flow to HRD


         Dr Asma is a consultant and intercultural specialist with more than 22 years of work experience in a US multinational
         in Kuala Lumpur. She has facilitated workshops on human resource development topics, intercultural and cross
         cultural management, corporate culture, teambuilding and negotiating for both public and private sector
         organizations. She has authored 3 books: Understanding the Malaysian Workforce, Going Glocal and Understanding
         Multicultural Malaysia. She teaches at graduate schools on Cross cultural management, Organization Development
         and Change, International Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior. She is an Adjunct Professor
         at the Faculty of Social and Human Development, Universiti Utara Malaysia

         Topic: Innovative Approaches in Understanding Cultural Diversity


          Mary Yap Kain Ching, the Super Principal of The Tawau Technical Secondary School started her career as an
          English lecturer at the Sandakan Teachers’ Training College, Sabah in 1975 where she became the director later on.
          She has held other positions like the Head of the Schools Inspectorate for the Tawau Zone, Director of the Tawau
          Teachers’ Training College , principal of a mission and rural school before she assumed leadership in the present
          school to turn it around making it a national benchmark today. She has established a strong reputation for
          innovation and achievement and was promoted to the prestigious Super Principal (JUSA C) post in 2004. Noted
          as a dynamic speaker on effective school management and leadership development, she also writes articles and
          plays the role of a consultant and mentor to other principals throughout the country.

          Topic: “Moving Up Without Moving Out“ – An Innovation for Quality Enhancement in Management and
                 Leadership Training
                                   High Profile Speakers

Michael A Potter is an International Management Development trainer and HRM Consultant and has been Managing
Director of MPA Consulting Ltd, Manchester, UK, for the last ten years. Michael is one of the UK’s leading training
and management development consultants and has worked in an advisory capacity for a variety of top businesses
including Rolls Royce, HSBC, the BBC and British Nuclear Fuels Limited. Michael holds an MBA from the University
of Liverpool and an MA in Organisational Analysis and Behaviour from University of Lancaster. He is also a
Chartered Member of the Institute of Personnel and Development. He is a Member of the Association of MBA’s and
an active member of the North European HRM Forum, and a former visiting lecturer to the University of Liverpool. He
has presented at conferences, training workshops and seminars in numerous countries including Finland, Sweden,
Russia, USA and New Zealand.

Topic: Effective Mentoring Skills

DR. R. PALAN (MALAYSIA)                                                                                                        19
Palan has a passion to help people learn and perform in a FUN way. The passion to help people learn and perform
has driven him to pioneer innovations in the field. His creative training tools, competency and performance
management models have been implemented widely by many organisations. With his electrifying dynamism and
persuasiveness, he entertains and at the same time educates his audience. He makes them embrace, absorb and
celebrate the message. His energy, simplicity, experience, knowledge, goodwill and humour have always made his
sessions a power packed one. With his charm and professional influencing ability, participants are usually convinced.
He has motivated audiences in over 25 different countries and has earned the recognition of many people from all
walks of life. Palan's 5 I' s – Introduce, Involve, Interact, Instruct and Intensify Retention is based on sound theoretical
models and extensive research. He has fine-tuned his practical style over the last 20 years. The sessions are fully
interactive, light but content filled whether it is training or a keynote presentation. He keeps the audience participating,
enjoying and learning throughout the session. His dedication, hard work and goal orientation makes his words tweak
the emotions and common sense of the audience. He talks about everyday incidents in life and his personal
endeavours and more importantly, the lessons learned from them. Palan's emotive speaking ability excites and
invigorates any group. Whether speaking to frontline customer service staff or Senior Managers, Palan brings much
to think about, talk about, laugh about and work about.

Topic: Learning Innovations


Bamidele graduated from University of East London in Primary Education and also has a master’s degree in Adult
Education from University of Lagos. She was awarded her PGD in Management from University of Nigeria., Nsukka
(UNN). She held a variety of teaching positions with the defunct Post-Primary Teaching Service Commission
(PP-TESCOM) of Lagos State, Nigeria before joining the Lagos State Public Service Staff Development Centre
(PSSDC) as an Assistant Chief Programme Development Officer in 1996. She is presently an Assistant Director of
Studies (Training). Bamidele has attended many professional conferences and developmental programmes including
a Total Quality Management Programme of Public Sector Services at the Royal Institute for Public Administration
(RIPA) (UK); Management of Change for Organizational Transition at the Maastricht School of Management, the
Netherlands on a Fellowship Award of the Netherlands Government (NUFFIC), and International Workshop on
Critical Assessment of the Strategies for Revenue Generation and Utilization in the MDI’s by West African
Management Development Institutes (WAMDEVIN). She has worked with many advisory committees on evolution of
training programmes for various professionals in Lagos State. She is a member of the Nigeria Institute of
Management (NIM), Chartered Institute of Personnel Management Of Nigeria (CIPM), Nigeria Institute Of Training
and Development (NITAD). She was a council member and publicity secretary of NITAD between 2000 and 2004 and
a member of the Local Organizing Committee on IFTDO regional conference organized by NITAD in 2000. She is an
accredited trainer with the Nigerian Council for Management Development (NCMD) and won the Best Senior Staff
Award of PSSDC in 1996, the Head of the Best Training Group Awards in 1998 and 2001. She has carried out
research on the problems of participants in Literacy Classes in the Lagos Metropolis and Quality Management in the
service Sector. She is a Ph. D student in the Department of Adult Education at the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Topic: Lifelong Learning A Global Policy Concensus


Donna Hickey, one of the brightest voices promoting self – esteem and motivational seminars which articulates and
endorses intensive personal and professional development. With her powerful inspirational style she challenges her
audiences, that leaves them asking for more. She has traveled many continents conducting seminars and workshops
while speaking in a variety of fields including housing, hospitality, airline, financial, communication, women’s groups,
HR organizations and the education system. As a recognized speaker, Donna’s focus is Sales, Customer Service and
People Skills seminars, and workshops.. Her clients say “what sets her apart is her wacky sense of humor along with
her honest, straight to the point opinions.” She’s been quoted by the Chicago Tribune, industry focused publications
that specialize in sales, customer service, developing people skills, and newsletters regarding the apartment industry
and sales management among others.
     High Profile Speakers

         Dato’ Dr Ismail Noor is a professional speaker, management consultant, author and a community leader. He is actively
         involved in NGO activities. He was educated at the Muar High School, and then selected for admission to the Royal
         Military College (RMC). He graduated with a bachelor’s in history from the University of Malaya, a masters and PhD in
         business administration from California (USA). He has served in the Malaysian Administrative & Diplomatic Service
         (PTD) for almost 10 years in various capacities before voluntary resigning to join the private sector as executive director
         (Malaysia) of a joint-venture company with the world’s leading executive search firm, Korn Ferry International. In 1980, he
         set up his own management consulting firm, Norconsult K.L. Sdn Bhd. He is a Fellow of the Malaysian Institute of
         Directors (MID), a Board of Governors’ member of the Women’s Institute of Management (WIM), and a director and
         founder member of the Malaysian Interfaith Network Berhad (MIN). He is currently active as the Director of the Altruistic
         Leadership Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

         Topic: Altruistic vs Capitalistic Leadership Orientations

         Dr Mona Kassim is a lecturer at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Policy Studies, Universiti Brunei Darussalam
         (UBD). She has held numerous positions at UBD including Head of Entrepreneurship Development and the Work
         Attachment Coordinator. She is currently a Coordinator in the Strategic Management Unit which is also responsible for
         quality assurance at UBD. She is an active management consultant to both the private and public sectors and has
         facilitated numerous training workshops in management. She has presented papers at numerous International
         Conferences aboard. Her research interests are tourism, SMEs, HRD, women entrepreneurship and strategic

         Topic: Linking Academia & Industry: Bridging the gap through collaborative efforts.
                The Case of Universiti Brunei Darussalam


         Philippa is an Organisational Development Consultant, as well as a Business and Management Adviser, with over 20
         years experience in the UK, Europe, America and South Africa. Much of her work has been connected with leadership
         and change, specifically in terms of behaviours and communications. For the past 5 years Philippa has been a
         Consultant for a group of 32 primary and secondary schools in the North-West. Working under the banner of
         ‘Transforming North’, with the National College of School Leaders as a partner, she has designed and led leadership
         development with a wide range of teaching and non-teaching staff, at all levels. In 2003, she took her work to South
         Africa, with a team of teachers and Heads and was very successful in implementing a unique educational qualification
         (The Certificate of Facilitation Skills in Education, endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management) with Pretoria
         schools. Although Philippa offers a specialist link for education, her training and development work brings her into
         contact with many different public and private sector people. She also helps to recruit non-executive directors for the
         NHS and has been a Best Value Inspector with the Audit Commission. Founder of the Yorkshire branch of the National
         network ‘Women in Management’, she enjoys several associate relationships with researchers and pioneers of
         leadership excellence and has recently been asked to judge the National Business Awards.

         Topic: Developing Future Leaders


         David Lim, is best known in Singapore for leading the 1st Singapore Mt Everest Expedition in 1998 which succeeded in
         placing two members on the summit. The climb captured the imagination of the entire country and helped reset the
         parameters of what could be achieved by the small, flat, tropical island nation. A week after his return from Everest, he was
         totally paralysed by the rare nerve disorder Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Artificially ventilated for 42 days, he spent six months in
         hospital before returning home. Though he was permanently disabled in both legs, he made a dramatic comeback to climbing
         the world’s great mountains, and returned once more to Everest in 2001. David leads Everest Motivation Team Pte Ltd, an
         organisation that delivers programmes designed to bring out the best in teams through a combination of coaching, cognitive
         behaviour profiling, and experiential learning. David and his team have delivered programmes and presentations in 13
         countries and 23 cities worldwide. Popular keynotes include topics on the challenge of managing change, overcoming
         obstacles and excellence in execution. Clients include Accenture, Rockwell Automation, IBM, PriceWaterhouse Coopers,
         IKEA, INSEAD Business School, Intel, Ministry of Finance, Danone, AP Moller/Maersk, Oracle, Prudential, AXA, TATA Steel,
         ABN Amro, Nokia, Citibank, Bulgari, Singapore Telecommunications, Novartis, Pfizer and Emerson. David was educated in
         Singapore and Britain; and graduated with a law degree from Cambridge University. In the corporate world, he spent nearly a
         decade in the media industry with positions in marketing, journalism management and multimedia. David is author of the
         books “Mountain to Climb” , and “ Against Giants ” ( both published by Epigram ). He is an accredited trainer in many
         human-change tools and a certified coach.

         Topic: Lessons from Mount Everest: The Role of Coaching and Self-directed Learning in High Performing Teams
                                    High Profile Speakers

Viv commands a resource of over 270 legal advisors and has established Eversheds as the undisputed UK leader in the
field of employment law. He has also led the development of Eversheds’ training and consultancy capabilities, as a result
of which, Eversheds is regarded as one of the premier UK-based training organisations on employment law and HR
issues. Viv is an experienced presenter, lecturing frequently at universities and in national and international conferences.
Through close working relationships with major clients, Viv continues to advise strategically on employment issues in
major reorganisations and restructurings and employee relations.

Topic: Anticipating the Implications of Age Discrimination Legislation


Hussain Ismail received his MBA in General Management from the University of Durham, UK. He is also a Fellow of the
Chartered Institute of Bankers, UK. He started his working career with Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA) in 1971 and spent
eleven years in various positions. His last position was Production Manager. Towards the end of 1981 Hussain changed
careers and switched to banking. He held various managerial positions in Operations, Marketing and Administration with
four banks before joining the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) in 1988. Hussain is currently the Deputy
Director at the BIBF. His responsibilities include the promotion, development and direction of a planned programme of
course offerings in professional education to meet the training and development needs of banks, financial institutions and
other major organisations in the Kingdom of Bahrain and GCC.

Topic: Using Technologies for Skills Development


Woraphat is an executive and life coach who finds satisfaction in helping organizations/ people achieve their
leadership and business goals through the emerging science and art of coaching. Embracing challenges, he wants
to help individuals bridge gaps and reach their highest potential through re-defining their passions/values. He taught
at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University and later joined a major US Energy company to become their VP for Public
Affairs until his retirement. He is on the Board of the Engineering Institute of Thailand as their Chemical Engineering
Division Chairman. He is currently Chairman of a South East Asian start-up Oil & Gas exploration Company.
Educated in the US and France, Woraphat has a doctorate in Chemical Engineering, took the senior executive
program with Sasin Institute of Business Administration in Bangkok and graduated from the Thai Government’s
National Defense College. Woraphat learnt coaching with a US-based coaching school and he is the first
Thailand-based member of the International Coaching Federation. He is a student of Buddhist meditation, and is an
avid reader of English, French and Thai books. He enjoys traveling and occasionally writes travel vignettes

Topic: Using Coaching as Development Tool for Career Management


An executive business coach, Jennifer is focused on helping people realise their performance potential and align
their energies with their values and life aspirations. She has more than seventeen years of international experience
in coaching, human resources and organisation development. Jennifer is a coach to people who want to tap onto
their sources of energies in giving their personal best and in expanding their possibilities. She is the Malaysia
Chapter leader who also leads the ‘Coaching in Asia’ group with International Coach Federation. She has coached
senior executives and professionals at leadership levels, and through transition periods or international relocation.
She is a business coach to both fledging entrepreneurs and chief executives of entrepreneurial firms in the
technology sector. She has trained and coached diplomats from twenty different countries on cross-cultural
dynamics. A Rotary International Foundation scholar, Jennifer graduated with a Master of Science degree from
Aston University in UK. She also holds a B.A (Hons) degree in English from University of Malaya, postgraduate UK
qualifications in Employment Law and UK plus USA (International Coach Federation accreditated) qualifications in
coaching. She has also been accredited to conduct business leadership /management coaching, emotional
intelligence programmes, critical incident interviews for profiling competencies of high achievers and specialised
communication applications for mapping organisational learning and knowledge.

Topic: Using Coaching as Development Tool for Career Management


Colin has been CEO of a number of multi-national organisations including Watson and Philip Plc, PC World Ltd,
PhotoBox Ltd., and Dixons Stores Group Ltd. Photobox Ltd was recently honoured as the UK’s best on-line retailer and a
winner of an E-Commerce award from Britain’s Department of Trade and Industry. In recognition of his knowledge and
experience of SME development,

Colin is a member of the Confederation of Business Industry’s SME committee and of the Trade and Investment
committee of the British Malaysian Society. He is also been a member of University councils and as speaker at
International Business Conferences and Management Schools.
     High Profile Speakers

         Pat Costine has extensive practical expertise in a wide range of training and development activities. He is co-author of
         the text-book "Training and Development in Ireland - Context, Policy and Practice" and has had articles published in the
         Journal of European Industrial Training and the Training Journal. A Fellow Member of the Irish Institute of Training and
         Development (FIITD), he currently serves as Vice-President of the Institute. He holds a Masters Degree in Education
         (Training & Development), with distinction, from the University of Sheffield. He provides professional training and
         development services to private and public sector organisations.

         Topic: Overcoming Training Inequities – General and Irish Perspectives


22       Mr. Mu Xiaodong, 38 years, is the the president of Wankong Group He holds a MBA, and economist degree. Graduated
         from the University of Zhejiang in China and studied in the Singapore Institute of Materials Management (SIMM) in 2002
         gaining the degree of EMBA. In 2003, Mr. Mu was selected to be the repetitive of the 13th National People’s Congress
         and awarded “the top 10 entrepreneurs in the city of Yueqing” in 2005; He continuously be awarded the honor of “the
         outstanding entrepreneurs of the city of Wenzhou” in 2004 and 2005. Currently, he is the vice president of the
         association of electrification of Zhejiang Province; the vice Director-General of the association of structure in the
         association of electrical equipment industry. Mr Mu is a typical representation of the many new “self made Chinese
         Entrepreneurs”, who were able to capitalize on China’s new economic and life-long learning policies.

         Topic: Challenges in Developing the “New Workforce” in China


         Prof. Zhang, 72, is commonly known as China’s “Father of Learning Organization” is the one of the pioneer in bring the
         concept of “Learning Organization” to China. In 1992, he established Shanghai Ming De Learning Organization Research
         Institute which has 15 research centers across China. He is the current CEO of this Institute.. He is also the honored
         academician of China Leader’s Science Research Center, the Honored Dean of Hong Kong International Royal science
         School. During the last 14 years Prof. Zhang has conducted numerous researches in the field of “Learning & Training”
         both in the Corporate & Academic world. He has authored 25 books on “Learning Organization” and spoken in more than
         150 Conferences conducted 2297 Training Workshops attended by 291150 participants.. He has helped 37 Chinese
         Enterprises to implement “Learning Organization”.

         Topic: Implementing “Learning Organization” in China


         SANJAY DHAR, (b.1968) has a B Sc. Engineering in Civil Engineering from Regional (Now National) Institute of Technology,
         Jamshedpur (India) and Master of Business Administration from Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi. He is currently a Faculty
         Member in Management Training Institute (MTI) Ranchi. MTI is the corporate training institute of Steel Authority of India Limited
         (SAIL), which is the largest steel making company in India and one of the largest in the world. As a Faculty Member his
         responsibilities include the entire gamut of assessment, design and delivery of training solutions for the corporate cadre
         executives of SAIL, and HRD interventions for performance improvement. His areas of interest are performance improvement
         facilitation and Knowledge Management. He has been actively engaged in a process for development of leadership capabilities
         of young managers at SAIL through a multi-pronged approach involving top management mentorship and special developmental
         program. He has a number of papers in journal and conferences to his credit including a paper on Building the Learning
         Organization: Operationalizing the shift from Training to Learning presented at the 34th IFTDO conference.

         Topic: Stretching to Grow

         DR R. L. BHATIA (INDIA)

         Dr. R. L. Bhatia is a Change Management and an Organisation Turnaround Specialist. He holds a PhD in HRD from University
         of Missouri, USA. An Alumni of Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad, Dr. Bhatia also holds a Law Degree & Double
         Masters in Commerce from Bombay University & Madras University. He has a Diploma in Training & Development. He has
         written for Economic Times Crème De La Crème & Times of India’s Ascent. He has been featured in almost all the business
         magazines of prestige and significance i.e. Business India, Business World, Business Today, The Indian Express, The Hindu
         Business Line, Dainik Bhaskar and Financial Express. Dr. Bhatia’s experience with Tata Group especially with Tata International
         and Tata HRD Network, Standard Chartered Bank and Ernst & Young in senior positions won him recognition amongst CEOs,
         HR Heads and Marketing Professionals. After leaving as Director with Ernst & Young, he set up Centre for Change
         Management. Centre for Change Management served Indian corporate houses and a few Asian countries in HR Design and
         Structure, Change Management Processes, Performance Management Systems, Job Evaluations, Assessment Centers,
         Training and Management Development etc. Dr Bhatia pioneered in bringing Emotional Intelligence to India. He presented Who
         Moved My Cheese, Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Present. He has conceived a Theatrical Performance titled Sleeping with
         Success. Sleeping with Success is an inspirational play.
                                   High Profile Speakers


Dr. Mario A. del Castillo, MA, PhD professional experience as a trainer, teacher, consultant, and as a business
manager spans thirty years and he has worked, trained and presented in nine countries. He held senior
management positions in several organizations in the fields of human resource and marketing. He has worked with
private organizations, government ministries and agencies, academic institutions as well as non-government
organizations. Mario is a Past President of ARTDO International and Past President and lifetime member of the
Philippine Society for Training and Development ( PSTD ) and trustee of the Philippine Training and Development
Foundation. Mario is the Executive Director of Performance Technologies Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., a performance
improvement management consulting organization headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. He is also a Senior Consultant
of the Institute of Training and Development. Mario is the principal designer and developer of the ARTDO – ITD
Certified Training Professional ( CTP ) Programme in which he remains as one of the anchor facilitators. Mario also
collaborated in developing the ARTDO – Ateneo University Diploma Program in Human Resource Development. His
consulting practice focuses on organizational development including strategic or transformational OD and
performance improvement. He teaches Strategic Management, Marketing and Organization Behavior at the
post-graduate level. Mario’s doctoral research is in the field of Organization Development in the Asian context and is
keenly interested in compiling and cataloguing Asian OD approaches. He holds an MA and PhD in Organization
Development and Planning from the Southeast Asian Interdisciplinary Development Institute (SAIDI) School of OD.

Topic: Giving Human Performance Technology an Asian Face: Innovative Implementation Strategies for
       Asian Organisations


Dr. Sunil Abrol is an eminent Management Professional having a unique distinction of having two PhD's one from
University of Delhi in Organizational Psychology and second in International Business from Indian Institute of Foreign
Trade. He has over three decades of experience in Teaching, Research, Industry & Management Consultancy. Dr.
Sunil Abrol was member of Core Team along with Mr. Sam Pitroda that conceived and established C-DOT, a unique
model of R&D / Technology management in India. Dr. Abrol has actively contributed to various professional bodies
namely ISTD, NHRDN, AIMA, DMA, NIPM, IMCI etc. He also has been associated with academic institutions in
various capacities namely IIT (D), Delhi University, IIM (A, B,C,L), MDI, IMI, IMT, FORE, IIFT etc. Dr. Abrol has been
President of ISTD & DMA, Chairman of IMCI and Director International Federation of Training & Development
Organizations (IFTDO) and has presented papers at several International Conferences in India and abroad. He is a
Certified Trainer & Management Consultant and Fellow of ISTD & IMCI. He is recipient of several awards and
recognitions for his professional contribution to the cause of HRD, Training and Management Consultancy.

Topic: Strategies for Making your Company “Great Place to Work”


Dr Peter Chee is the President and CEO of the Institute of Training and Development (ITD Group), Asia’s Leading
Multinational Corporation for HRD with its Head Quarters based in Penang, Malaysia. With Dr. Chee’s leadership and
contribution for over 18 years, ITD Group has today established itself as specialist in HRD and Business Education
with programs from Diploma up to Doctoral degrees. Over the years the organisation led by Dr. Chee has earned a
sound reputation as a leading education, training HRD provider that has successfully produced thousands of
graduates occupying leading positions in organisations. ITD’s corporate training and competency development
programs, international management conferences, management consultancy and research services are provided to
a large number of international organizations including leading local and multinational companies. In the conduct of
its various activities, Dr. Chee has led ITD into strategic regional partnerships with leading world class Universities,
Institutions, Gurus and Professional bodies in the US, Europe and Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.
The Group’s outstanding track record includes establishing itself as one of the largest provider of Masters and
Doctoral business education programs in the region. As a clear distinction of his commitment to quality and
continuous improvement, the ITD Group has attained the ISO 9001:2000 Certification for Global Provision of Training
and Development. The ISO Audit Results found ITD’s system to be completely in conformance with internationally
recognised standards without any corrective action required – an achievement rarely paralleled by others. Dr. Chee
has presented many papers at national and international HRD and Management conferences. He holds a Doctor of
Business Administration Degree from the University of South Australia (UniSA), an MSc. in Training and HRM from
the University of Leicester, UK, and was also and was a Graduate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. He
also holds the Certificate in Human Performance Improvement (HPI) from The American Society of Training and
Development (ASTD). Dr. Chee’s doctoral research work lies in the area of Performance Management and
     High Profile Speakers

         Topic: Adding Vitality to the Employer                             Topic: Melding Learning and Education as a
                Brand - A Unilever Experience                                      Catalyst for Transformation

         DR TAREK A. EL BADAWY (EGYPT)                                      DR SHARIF Q. ELABDELWAHAB (SAUDI ARABIA)

24       Topic: Knowledge Workers and the
                Creation of an Information
                                                                            Topic: Joint Training: Gotevot Paradigm Shift
                                                                                   of Training
                Society in Egypt

          CEO, MULTIMEDIA COLLEGE, TM                                       DR LICHIA YIU (SWITZERLAND)

          Topic: Building and Applying A Competency                         Topic: ISO 10015: QualityStandard for
                 for Human Capital Development                                     Education & Training: A Much Needed
                                                                                   Instrument to Improve Performance

         PROF. BARRIE OXTOBY (UNITED KINGDOM)                               TOM VERGHESE (AUSTRALIA)

         Topic: Sustainable Development Program                             Topic: Managing the Diverse Workforce:
                for NGOs and Change Agents                                         Issues of Culture, Age, Gender,
                                                                                   Personality and Language

         ASSOC. PROF. INDAH (UiTM, MALAYSIA)                                AZUDDIN JUD HAJI ISMAIL (MALAYSIA)

         Topic: Knowledge Management in a                                   Topic: Knowledge Management in a
                Learning Organization: Challenges                                  Learning Organization: Challenges
                of Sharing Learning, Empowering                                    of Sharing Learning, Empowering
                and Motivating the Workforce                                       and Motivating the Workforce

         DR CHRIS SAVILLE (MALAYSIA)                                        DR. TAMIM ABDUL HADI SAMMAN (SAUDI ARABIA)

         Topic: Ethics in Education and Training                            Topic: Co-operative Training for the Engineering
                                                                                   Students, King Abdul Aziz University,
                                                                                   Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


         Topic: Experiences of Imparting Industrial                         Topic: Experiences of Imparting Industrial
                Training to Engineering Students at                                Training to Engineering Students at
                King Abdul Aziz University (K.S.A.)                                King Abdul Aziz University (K.S.A.)


         Topic: Academic & Industry Linkages                               Topic: Academic & Industry Linkages

                                                                           EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, IFTDO
         Topic: Implementing New HRD Strategies:
                The Role of UiTM Global Centre of                          Topic: HRD Policy & Strategy: A EU Model
                Excellence for Human Capital

             * Kindly visit our website at for an updated list of speakers.
                                  35th IFTDO World Exhibition
 The 35th IFTDO World Conference & Exhibition 2006, held annually around the world, is now nearing its fourth decade
 and serves as an excellent avenue where corporate consumers may fulfill their organizational or individual needs for
 both key developments in international business trends, policies and practices via the conference as well as the
 opportunity to acquire world class products and services to guarantee success via the exhibition, making it a proven,
 time tested platform for all interested exhibitors to widen their reach into the market place.

 The world class exhibition is bound to see that both participants and trade visitors alike find exactly what they require to
 drive their business or careers well into that extra mile.

 As for exhibitors, held in conjunction with the 35th IFTDO World Conference at the exquisite Kuala Lumpur Convention
 Centre, the 35th IFTDO World Exhibition will provide the ideal location to promote your products and services to a huge
 number of potential consumers made up of conference participants as well as trade visitors seeking to meet their
 business needs.

 IFTDO encourages all interested exhibitors to promote and display thier products and services at the 35th IFTDO World
 Conference & Exhibition 2006, to meet the demands of all our participants and trade visitors while finding in them your
 ideal customers and business partners.

 As the conference participants and trade visitors come from a very diverse range of businesses and industries, the
 exhibition allows for a broad spectrum of products and services to be offered as shown in the following "Exhibitors'

 Exhibitors’ Profile


For more information on the 35th IFTDO World Exhibition and to participate as an exhibitor, please visit IFTDO 2006 website
     Exhibition Layout

26   1001 1002 1003 1004 1005 1006                                          1007 1008 1009 1010 1011 1012 1013 1014 1015   1016 1017 1018 1019 1020 1021 1022 1023 1024    1025 1026                                                      1027 1028 1029 1030 1031

     1038     1039 1052     1053 1066   1067 1080   1081 1094   1095 1108      1109 1122     1123 1136      1137 1150      1151 1164    1165 1178      1179 1192     1193 1206    1207 1220   1221 1234   1235 1248   1249 1262   1263 1276     1277 1290     1291

     1037     1040 1051     1054 1065   1068 1079   1082 1093   1096 1107      1110 1121     1124 1135      1138 1149      1152 1163    1166 1177      1180 1191     1194 1205    1208 1219   1222 1233   1236 1247   1250 1261   1264 1275     1278 1289     1292

     1036     1041 1050     1055 1064   1069 1078   1083 1092   1097 1106      1111 1120     1125 1134      1139 1148      1153 1162    1167 1176      1181 1190     1195 1204    1209 1218   1223 1232   1237 1246   1251 1260   1265 1274     1279 1288     1293

     1035     1042 1049     1056 1063   1070 1077   1084 1091   1098 1105      1112 1119     1126 1133      1140 1147      1154 1161    1168 1175      1182 1189     1196 1203    1210 1217   1224 1231   1238 1245   1252 1259   1266 1273     1280 1287     1294

     1034     1043 1048     1057 1062   1071 1076   1085 1090   1099 1104      1113 1118     1127 1132      1141 1146      1155 1160    1169 1174      1183 1188     1197 1202    1211 1216   1225 1230   1239 1244   1253 1258   1267 1272     1281 1286     1295

     1033     1044 1047     1058 1061   1072 1075   1086 1089   1100 1103      1114 1117     1128 1131      1142 1145      1156 1159    1170 1173      1184 1187     1198 1201    1212 1215   1226 1229   1240 1243   1254 1257   1268 1271     1282 1285     1296

     1032     1045 1046     1059 1060   1073 1074   1087 1088   1101 1102      1115 1116     1129 1130      1143 1144      1157 1158    1171 1172      1185 1186     1199 1200    1213 1214   1227 1228   1241 1242   1255 1256   1269 1270     1283 1284     1297

       Exhibitor Exposure                                                                                                                        Shell Scheme Package
       The 35th IFTDO World Exhibition will be located on Ground                                                                                 RM 750.00 per sq.m. (Min 9 sq.m.)
       Level with an access Concourse facing the KLCC Park to the                                                                                US$230.00 per sq.m. (Min 9 sq.m.)
       north of the building.
                                                                                                                                                 Each exhibitor receives the following:
       The exhibition will be open to trade visitors throughout the                                                                              a) standard shell scheme booth panel;
       conference. The exposure will be maximised by the                                                                                            size: 3.0m(L) x 3.0m(W) x 2.4m(H)
       delegates of the 35th IFTDO World Conference, IFTDO                                                                                       b) The blue fascia board and sticker cut-out lettering
       Board and its members as the morning and tea breaks will                                                                                     of exhibitor's name in whit colour
       be serve at the foyer of Hall 1 & 2.                                                                                                      c) Floor needle punch carpet laid direct on floor
                                                                                                                                                 d) 1 table
                                                                                                                                                 e) 2 folding chairs
                                                                                                                                                 f) 2 unit flourescent light
       Rate of Participation                                                                                                                     g) 1 unit 13Amp power point
                                                                                                                                                 h) 1 unit wastepaper basket

       Space Only:
       RM680.00 per sq.m. (Min 18 sq.m.)
       US$200.00 per sq.m. (Min 18 sq.m.)
Professional Conference Organiser:
S.F.R. Consultants Sdn Bhd
                                          Driven by Knowledge, Driven by Life…
                                          In the words of philosopher John Dewey, ‘Education is not a preparation for life;
                                          Education is life itself’.

                                          At S.F.R. Consultants Sdn. Bhd. our philosophy is that once you stop learning, life ceases to evolve.
                                          We develop diverse learning programs and bring them direct to you through confidential
                                          industry-specific consultation, in-company professional training, conferences and even week long
                                          public affairs. We strive to provide you with exceptional result oriented services that will serve as a
                                          catalyst towards positive, productive change and improved efficiency bringing you to a higher level of
                                          development and professional competence.

                                          We also produce, organize and manage some of the biggest conferences in Malaysia since 1994,
                                          attracting hundreds to thousands of delegates to any one of our conferences. Our planning and                                  27
                                          involvement begins right from the selection of topic, theme, content, speakers, and venue, covering
                                          all overall aspects of management from start to finish producing events of unrivalled quality. Our
                                          conferences address key strategic business issues and are designed to quality standards that meet,
                                          and exceed, the expectations of conference delegates and speakers including contributing sponsors
                                          while providing opportunities for conference delegates to network with the industry's top ranking
                                          practitioners, thinkers and business communities.

                                          As a recognized Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) in the Meetings, Incentive, Convention,
                                          and Events (M.I.C.E.) Industry and a Professional Training Provider, S.F.R. Consultants is well
                                          positioned to organize and manage the 35th IFTDO World Conference & Exhibition 2006, promising
                                          an innovative and fresh approach that is epitomized by the reunion and synergy of education and
                                          training as one.

                                          For more information please visit

 Official Airline:
 Malaysia Airlines
Breaking the barriers of the new millennium, our Official Airlines, with a fleet of nearly 100 aircraft serve more than 100 destinations around the world and is the
first airline in the world to fly through the newly opened polar routes passing through the regions of Russia and North Alaska. As a pioneer in the industry in more
ways than one since 1947, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has become an award-winning airline spreading its wings across six continents.

MAS provides a transport service that ranks among the best in terms of safety, comfort and punctuality. Distinguished and loved for its personal touch and warmth
aiming to set new world standards continually with enhanced in-flight services, reliable ground support and excellent infrastructure to respond to consumer
demands for worldwide coverage. As one of the top 5 Airlines in the World, MAS has been accredited with a long list of awards including Best Cabin Crew, Best
Signature Dish and many others while continuously winning over the hearts of passengers across the skies of the world with that unique Malaysian hospitality in its
crew trained by their very own Malaysia Airlines Academy that serves as a benchmark for the industry training staff members of 22 other airlines.

Sharing the limelight with the ultra modern Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Malaysia Airlines also provides world-class cargo management facilities to
meet the needs of passengers and clearly goes beyond the distance for passenger comfort and enjoyment. From innovative products, personalized services to
technologically advanced conveniences for passengers appealing particularly to the front-end business traveler, MAS is true to its motto; 'Going Beyond

With more than 50 years of experience MAS brings you the best service that air travel has to offer. From sophisticated in-flight entertainment to the simple things in
life such as their renowned world-class cuisine, MAS redefines the standards of passenger comfort and services and will be your first acquaintance of Malaysia in
the skies.

Come on board and experience the difference!

IFTDO 2006 International Delegates

Malaysia Airlines is providing competitive airfares on Malaysia Airlines international* services for all registered delgates attending IFTDO 2006 in Kuala Lumpur.
Registered delegates/exhibitors and accompanying persons who wish to purchase Malaysian Airlines special rates should contact nearest ticket office and quote
"G IFTDO" for further asistance.

*excluding Singapore-Malaysia and domestic services
     Official Newspaper
     New Straits Times
     The New Straits Times was established in July 15, 1845, making it the oldest
     English-language newspaper in the region. Originally known as The Straits
     Times, its name was derived from the Straits of Malacca, a busy shipping lane
     in the last century.

     With a long history, the New Straits Times has a rich and resourceful archive
     that presents veritable record of events in this part of the world. Published by
     the publicly-listed New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd, the paper has always been
     a source of vital news and views, reported with unequalled fervor. With bureaus
     all over Malaysia, The New Straits Times constantly strives to present its
     readers with real-time news packed with rich editorial content, minus the
28   trimmings, in line with its "All The News That Matters" motto. Actively involved
     with the nation's well-being and progress in all fields earns our Official
     Newspaper the title "The Newspaper of the Nation".

     Today, the New Straits Times continues to be an authoritative and influential
     newspaper addressed to the government and corporate sectors, as well as
     being the choice of a growing audience made up of young professionals and
     students, the future leaders of a united modern Malaysia.

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     Official Venue
     Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
     COMMERCE               CULTURE             COLOUR

     Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is located at the heart of the Kuala Lumpur
     City Centre (KLCC) development in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. Designed
     as a "city within city" this 40 hectare (100 acre) site offers stimulating
     environment within which one may work, live, shop, visit and enjoy life.

     The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre has excellent views overlooking the
     landmark PETRONAS Twin Towers from its prestigious location, standing
     alongside a wide range of hotels, taxi and bus routes and the PUTRA Light Rail
     Transit (LRT) commuter shuttles that open the doors to the rest of the city
     conveniently and efficiently. The Centre is also supported by some of the most
     advanced technologies & facilities available, providing access to information on
     demand to ensure all visitors stay connected with their base of operations.

     When it comes to convention destinations, few are able to contest its merits.
     Designed to be ahead of its generation, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is
     a representation of the best features derived from the world's leading meeting

     For more information please visit our website at
                                                     Registration Information

    To register for the conference and reserve hotel accommodation, please complete the Registration Form and fax it to
    IFTDO 2006 Head Office at +603 7494 0278 and followed by mail. You can also register online via IFTDO 2006 official

    To qualify for the 'Early Registration Fee', the completed registration form and payment must reach IFTDO 2006 Head
    Office by the specific date stated below. After this date, the system will automatically charge you the normal conference
    fee as stated below:

                                                    Early Registration          Late Registration
                                                                                                        On-Site Registration
                                                   payment made up to         payment made on and
                                                      and including             after 30/3/06 up to    payment made on and
                                                         29/3/06               and including 21/7/06       after 22/7/06
Overseas Delegates
IFTDO Members [1 - 2 person(s)]                       USD 1,400.00                USD 1,500.00            USD 1,600.00
IFTDO Members [3 - 5 persons]                         USD 1,300.00                USD 1,400.00            USD 1,500.00
IFTDO Members [6 or more persons]                     USD 1,200.00                USD 1,300.00            USD 1,400.00
Non-IFTDO Members [1 - 2 person(s)]                   USD 1,500.00                USD 1,600.00            USD 1,700.00
Non-IFTDO Members [3 - 5 persons]                     USD 1,400.00                USD 1,500.00            USD 1,600.00
Non-IFTDO Members [6 or more persons]                 USD 1,300.00                USD 1,400.00            USD 1,500.00
Accompanying Person                                    USD 400.00                  USD 400.00              USD 400.00

   Fee includes:
   a) Full pass to all conference sessions and social events
   b) All materials of conference
   c) Luncheons & refreshments on the 22 - 25 August 2006
   d) Passes for Welcome Reception, Cocktail Dinner & Gala Dinner
   e) Accommodation for Five (5) nights in a prestigious hotel with 5-star facilities
      (Arrival on 20 August 2006, Departure on 25 August 2006)
   f) Airport Transfers
   g) Half day 'Kuala Lumpur City Tour' & 'Putrajaya and Cyberjaya Tour'

   Delegates registering only for the conference excluding hotel stay, tours, excursion, etc. will pay USD 850 (member) and
   USD 950 (non-member). This fee includes Full pass to all conference sessions, receive all materials of conference, and
   luncheons & refreshments on the 22 - 25 August 2006 excluding Cocktail Dinner and Gala Dinner.

                                                    Early Registration          Late Registration
                                                                                                        On-Site Registration
                                                   payment made up to         payment made on and
                                                                                                       payment made on and
                                                      and including             after 30/3/06 up to
                                                                               and including 21/7/06       after 22/7/06
Malaysian Delegates                                      29/3/06
IFTDO Members [1 - 2 person(s)]                       RM 2,700.00                  RM 3,000.00             RM 3,300.00
IFTDO Members [3 - 5 persons]                         RM 2,600.00                  RM 2,900.00             RM 3,200.00
IFTDO Members [6 or more persons]                     RM 2,500.00                  RM 2,800.00             RM 3,100.00
Non-IFTDO Members [1 - 2 person(s)]                   RM 2,900.00                  RM 3,200.00             RM 3,500.00
Non-IFTDO Members [3 - 5 persons]                     RM 2,800.00                  RM 3,100.00             RM 3,400.00
Non-IFTDO Members [6 or more persons]                 RM 2,700.00                  RM 3,000.00             RM 3,300.00
Accompanying Person                                   RM 900.00                    RM 950.00               RM 1,000.00

   Fee includes:
   a) Full pass to all conference sessions and social events
   b) All materials of conference
   c) Luncheons & refreshments on the 22 - 25 August 2006
   d) Passes for Welcome Reception & Cocktail Dinner
     Registration Form
                                                                                                     Conference Fee Payment
                                                                                                     Payment of the conference registration fee can be made by one of these methods:

                                                                                                     ( ) Bank Transfer:
                                                                                                     Bank transfer to: S.F.R. Consultants Sdn Bhd - IFTDO 2006
                                                                                                     Affin Bank Berhad (Sea Park Branch), Malaysia.
                                                                                                     Account no.: (if required, please call us)
     PLEASE REGISTER BY FAX OR ONLINE.                                                               Swift no.: (if required, please call us)
                                                                                                     ( ) Bank Draft / Cheque:
     Please register the following delegate(s):                                                      (Cheques: Malaysian organizations only)
                                                                                                     Bank draft or Cheque made payable to:
     Name:                                                                                           S.F.R. Consultants Sdn Bhd - IFTDO 2006
     Designation:                                                                                    ( ) Purchase Order:
     ___________________________________________________________________________                     (For government agencies only)
     Name for Badge:                                                                                 You must attach the purchase order to the registration form.
     Name:                                                                                           ( ) Credit Card:
     ___________________________________________________________________________                     Register ONLINE at or FAX the registration form with credit
     Designation:                                                                                    card information to (603) 7494 0278 or (603) 2169 6168
     Name for Badge:                                                                                 I authorize IFTDO 2006 (Through TicketCharge) office to charge my:
     ___________________________________________________________________________                     ( ) American Express ( ) VISA ( ) Mastercard

30   Name:
     ___________________________________________________________________________                     Card #: __________________________________________________ Exp. Date: _________
     ___________________________________________________________________________                     Name as it appears on credit card: _______________________________________________
     Name for Badge:
     ___________________________________________________________________________                     Amount: ______________________ Card holder's phone number: _____________________

     Approving                                                                                       Signature: __________________________________________________________________
     Manager's Signature:
     ___________________________________________________________________________                     Mail
     ___________________________________________________________________________                     Please mail the registration form and payment to the Professional Conference Organiser:

     State:                               Country:
     Phone:                               Fax:
     Contact Person:                      Designation:                                               Terms & Conditions of Business
     E-mail:                                                                                         a) Registration by fax shall be deemed as confirmation.
     ___________________________________________________________________________                     b) The full fee and the registration form must be received by us not later than the specific dates
                                                                                                        stated in the brochure (please refer to Registration Information, page 17).
     Confirmation: All conference registrants will receive a written confirmation via mail/e-mail.   c) Cancellation must be in writting and either through fax or mail.
                                                                                                     d) Cancellations will be assessed a US$ 100 / RM 400 administration fee until April 29, 2006.
     Accommodation:                                                                                  e) Fifty percent (50%) of the registration fee will be refunded or charged for cancellations
     There are many hotels at the area of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Hotel and airport             received from April 30, 2006 through June 1, 2006.
     transfer arrangements can be done through us. Please provide the following if you require an    f) Cancellations received after June 1, 2006 are non-refundable and will be charged a full fee.
     accommodation during the conference:                                                            g) You may send a substitute if you are unable to attend. If an IFTDO member transfers his or
                                                                                                        hers registration to a non-member, the non-member must do one of two things: Pay the
     Type of Hotel: (   ) Three Star     (   ) Four Star   (   ) Five Star and above                    difference of the IFTDO member and non-member price at the time of transfer or become an
                                                                                                        IFTDO member at the time of transfer.
     No. of Room(s):        Check-in Date:             Check-out Date:                               h) Video cameras, tape recorders, or any recordable equipment are strictly prohibited during
     ___________________________________________________________________________                        the Conference.

                                                                                                     Exhibition Fee Payment
                                                                                                     Payment of the Exhibition fee can be made by one of these methods:

                                                                                                     ( ) Bank Transfer:
                                                                                                     Bank transfer to: S.F.R. Consultants Sdn Bhd - IFTDO EXHIBITION 2006
                                                                                                     Affin Bank Berhad (Sea Park Branch), Malaysia.
     PLEASE REGISTER BY FAX OR ONLINE.                                                               Account no.: (if required, please call us)
     NO TELEPHONE REGISTRATION WILL BE ACCEPTED.                                                     Swift no.: (if required, please call us)

     We are interested to reserve a space of __________ sq meter.                                    ( ) Bank Draft / Cheque:
                                                                                                     (Cheques: Malaysian organizations only)
     (   ) Attach is the payment for:        or    (   ) Kindly send us a quotation for:             Bank draft or Cheque made payable to:
                                                                                                     S.F.R. Consultants Sdn Bhd - IFTDO EXHIBITION 2006
     (   ) Space Only __________sq meter (min. 18 sq meter)
                                                                                                     ( ) Purchase Order:
     (   ) Shell Scheme __________sq meter (min. 9 sq meter)                                         (For government agencies only)
                                                                                                     You must attach the purchase order to the registration form.
     (   ) We are interested in visiting only.

     ___________________________________________________________________________                     Mail
     ___________________________________________________________________________                     Please mail the registration form and payment to:

     State:                               Country:
     Phone:                               Fax:
     Contact Person:                      Designation:
The IFTDO 2006 Organizing Committee would like to thank the IFTDO 2006 Patron, IFTDO 2006 Advisors,
sponsors, Strategic Partners and various individuals for their very generous support towards IFTDO 2006:

Prime Minister's Office                                                                             IFTDO Board & Members                                                                            

Ministry of Higher Education                                                                        Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)                                                                           

Ministry of Human Resources                                                                         Malaysia Airlines                                                                           

Tourism Malaysia                                                                                    New Straits Times

Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation                                            Sdn Bhd
                                                                                                    PanGlobal Insurance Berhad
British High Commission (Kuala Lumpur)                                                    
- UK Trade & Investment                                                                            MPH Bookstores Sdn Bhd
Australian Trade Commission (Kuala Lumpur)
- Austrade                                                                                          Training Malaysia                                                                       

Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC)                                                             Study Malaysia                                                                           

Institute of Bankers Malaysia                                                                       HRD Gateway                                                                           

Malaysian Institute of Management                                                                   Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre                                                                               

Malaysian Institue of Human Resource Management                                                     TicketCharge Sdn Bhd                                                                             

Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers                                                      Specialist Management Resources Sdn Bhd                                                                  

                                                                                                    Personal Development Leadership Management
                                                                                                    Cooperation (M) Sdn Bhd

    Please contact SFR Consultants Sdn Bhd                                                
    for details on sponsorship and business
    opportunities.                                                                                  Committee Members and numerous individuals,
                                                                                                    who are directly or indirectly involved in IFTDO 2006

The Local Host Committee and IFTDO act as agents only in securing hotels, transport and travel services and in no event be liable for acts or defaults in the event of injury, damage,
loss, accident, delay or irregularity of any kind whatsoever during arrangements organised through contractors or the employees of such contractors in carrying out services. Hotel
and transportation services are subject to the terms and conditions under which they are offered to the public in general. The Local Host Committee reserves the right to make
changes where deemed necessary, whithout prior notice to parties concerned. All disputes are subject to Malaysian Law.

The Local Host Committee and IFTDO reserves the right to alter any of the same if necessary and not liable for non-delivery of services beyond its control.

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