S4286                                             CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE                                                       April 22, 2004
        So, we have the administration say-                   ployment insurance benefits for dis-                   tos is too vitally important to let this
      ing they really don’t know how many                     placed workers, that the bill be read                  opportunity slip away. I know Senator
      jobs will be created this year. Then we                 three times and passed and the motion                  FRIST is committed as well.
      have had Mr. Greenspan, who most peo-                   to reconsider be laid on the table with-                 Mr. FRIST. I believe the process
      ple respect, come before a variety of                   out intervening action or debate.                      needs to initially focus on the major
      committees. He just came before the                       The PRESIDING OFFICER. In my                         issues—overall funding, claims values,
      Joint Economic Committee this week.                     capacity as a Senator from Texas, I ob-                and projections. If we can make
      When he was asked if we should extend                   ject.                                                  progress on this front, I strongly be-
      unemployment benefits, he said:                           Ms. CANTWELL. Thank you, Mr.                         lieve we can resolve the others.
        I do think it’s a good idea, largely because          President.                                               Mr. DASCHLE. I agree. I think the
      of the size of exhaustions.                               How much time do I have remaining?                   funding and the so-called economic
        What he is saying is that those 1.1                     The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Sen-                      issues are critical to finding a solution.
      million people who have exhausted                       ator’s time has expired.                               If we can’t get a fair funding level that
      their jobs are out there to demonstrate                   Ms. CANTWELL. Mr. President, I ask                   provides just compensation to victims
      that the economy isn’t getting better                   unanimous consent for another 30 sec-                  and certainty to businesses, then we
      at a fast enough pace. Therefore, we                    onds.                                                  won’t be able to resolve the other
                                                                The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without                       interlocking issues.
      should continue the Federal program
                                                              objection, it is so ordered.                             Mr. FRIST. I yield the floor and sug-
      until we see more job creation.
                                                                Ms. CANTWELL. The Presiding Offi-                    gest the absence of a quorum.
        That is what I think should happen. I                                                                          The PRESIDING OFFICER. The
      see lots of people across the country                   cer has been so kind to listen with in-
                                                              terest to these two issues. I hope he                  clerk will call the roll.
      who are very frustrated by this.                                                                                 The assistant legislative clerk pro-
        In fact, the Dayton News just in the                  and my other colleagues will take
                                                                                                                     ceeded to call the roll.
      last few weeks said:                                    these two issues to heart. I am being                    Mr. HARKIN. Mr. President, I ask
        GOP leaders still dodging jobless.                    pointed in my remarks today because I                  unanimous consent that the order for
        That is not this Democratic Senator                   believe these are two issues this body                 the quorum call be rescinded.
      saying this. This is a newspaper in a                   has the responsibility to deal with.                     The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without
      State that has been as hard hit by the                  These are two issues we can’t get done                 objection, it is so ordered.
                                                              and we are holding the American peo-
      loss of manufacturing jobs as my State                                                                                         f
      has. Ohio and Washington are among                      ple hostage by not addressing our basic
                                                              domestic economic security needs by                        TRIBUTE TO MARY MCGRORY
      the highest unemployment States.
      They are saying GOP leaders are dodg-                   giving people jobs and the reliable se-                  Mr. HARKIN. Mr. President, this
      ing the jobless. Why are they saying                    curity of electricity grids.                           evening I want to take a few minutes
                                                                I yield the floor. I suggest the ab-                 of the time of the Senate to pay tribute
      that? Here’s the answer of the Dayton
                                                              sence of a quorum.                                     to and to say a public goodbye to Mary
                                                                The PRESIDING OFFICER. The                           McGrory, a friend of long standing to
        What’s troubling . . . is how some Repub-
      lican leaders are hoisting another ‘‘Mission
                                                              clerk will call the roll.                              me and my wife Ruth and to our daugh-
      Accomplished’’ banner, this one to hide the               The assistant legislative clerk pro-                 ters Amy and Jenny. Mary passed away
      struggle of more than a million unemployed              ceeded to call the roll.                               last evening here in Washington after
      workers who have exhausted State benefits                 Mr. FRIST. Mr. President, I ask                      having had a long illness.
      without finding another job.                            unanimous consent that the order for                     Mary McGrory was a wonderful,
        That is the Dayton paper saying that. That            the quorum call be rescinded.                          warm, witty, and wise woman. Her
      is not this Senator.                                      The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr.                           death is, indeed, a passing of an era
        I happen to agree with the paper’s                    CHAMBLISS). Without objection, it is so                when the written word could carry
      point, that we should take care of                      ordered.                                               meaning, when the written word could
      these 1.1 million people Greenspan says                                   f                                    actually move people, when people
      are not getting help. The economists                                                                           looked to a Mary McGrory to give
      are saying we are not recovering fast                     ASBESTOS LITIGATION REFORM
                                                                                                                     them the kind of inspiration they need-
      enough; give these people the benefit. I                  Mr. FRIST. Mr. President, today we                   ed or to give them the in-depth anal-
      believe the Senate must act.                            had a vote on the motion to proceed to                 ysis they needed to understand what
        That is what Business Week said:                      the asbestos bill. As a followup to that               was going on in Washington.
        Government actions will act as a bridge               vote, the Democratic leader and I have                   Her writing had such a clarity about
      that will help the economy cross over this              been in discussions over the course of                 it that once I read what Mary McGrory
      extended valley of almost nonexistent hir-              the day. Unfortunately, we have yet to                 had written, I found myself many
      ing.                                                    work through the legislative impasse                   times saying: Yes, that’s how I feel.
        That is Business Week.                                on asbestos. However, there are Sen-                   Why didn’t I think of that? Why
        Why do they say that? Because they                    ators on both sides of the aisle who are               couldn’t I have said it that way?
      know the best thing for us to do is pass                committed to getting something done.                     I think of her passing as the passing
      the unemployment benefits and create                      This morning Senator DASCHLE and I                   of an era, like there is a time and a
      a bridge until we see substantial job                   confirmed our understanding that we                    place and a circumstance that happens
      creation.                                               must provide an opportunity for nego-                  in the passing of time when certain in-
        I can’t think of a better source to lis-              tiations which will determine whether                  dividuals do something, make some-
      ten to than Business Week, which ana-                   a bipartisan solution can be reached.                  thing, or leave an imprint in some way
      lyzes business trends, or Alan Green-                   We will oversee a mediation process to                 that you know will never happen again,
      span, the Chairman of the Federal Re-                   determine whether we can resolve the                   such as the passing of a Michelangelo,
      serve, when they say we ought to pass                   remaining differences. My hope is we                   a Leonardo da Vinci, a Shakespeare, a
      these benefits.                                         can work through this quickly.                         time and a place for Shakespeare and
        This is about the 16th or 17th time we                  Mr. DASCHLE. Mr. President, while I                  his magnificent writings never to be
      have been to the floor. I know people                   am disappointed that we find ourselves                 seen again. I think of that when I
      say we are working on something. Peo-                   in this situation, I am pleased we are                 think of Mary McGrory because we
      ple say, Let’s compromise. Let us cut                   now going to begin the negotiations                    may never see her kind of writing ever
      the program in half. But, Alan Green-                   and move forward. As we have dis-                      again.
      span didn’t say cut the program in                      cussed, starting on Monday, we will                      Oh, with the advent of computers,
      half. The Dayton newspaper didn’t say                   convene meetings of interested stake-                  sound bites, trying to get everything
      cut it in half.                                         holders utilizing Judge Edward Becker                  into 30 seconds or trying to make ev-
               UNANIMOUS CONSENT REQUEST                      as a mediator. I am strongly com-                      erything so simple that it is reduced to
       I ask unanimous consent that the                       mitted to getting the bill done and                    meaningless jabber, it may be that we
      Senate now turn to Calendar No. 470,                    working through the serious issues                     will never see her kind of writing
      which is S. 2250, a bill to extend unem-                that still divide us. The issue of asbes-              again.

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