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					            Catholic Charities
       Diocese of St. Petersburg, Inc.,
   Would like to thank all the
   Angels, who so generously
contributed to our Mission during
 the 2009-2010 Fiscal Year.
   It is because of your kindness
   that we were able to touch so
         many lives this year.
 A heartfelt thank you goes out
      to each one of you.
 Every effort has been made to include all donors who
gave $25.00 or more. If you have been omitted, please
  call the Executive Offices of Catholic Charities at
Honor Roll of Donors
        Platinum Angels
       $50,000 and Above
  Ms. Lynne Hensley
  Williams and Adele R. Horizon Trust

              Gold Angels

  Franciscan Sisters of Allegany
  Mr. Jim Parr
  Suntrust Foundation
  The Pub Waterfront Restaurant
  Mr. and Mrs. Chip Yodzis

          Silver Angels
        $5,000 - $9,999
  Mr. Charles Benard
  Mr. Chuck Coit
  Copperhead Charities, Inc.
  Mr. Anthony G. Coppola
  Daughters Of Wisdom, Inc
  Diocese Of St. Petersburg
  Mr. and Mrs. John M. Garrity
  R. B. Gramlich and Ouida W. Gramlich
  Mr. Edward J. McMorrow
  Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Murphy
  Mr. Kenneth Nelson
  Ms. Staci C. Pregent
  Ms. Anne Rokicki
  Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus W. Spurlino
  St. Jerome Catholic Church             3
  St. Lawrence Catholic Church
  The Edmund F. Pendergast Trust
  Ms. Kimberly Tushaus
  Mr. Scott Weaver
              Honor Roll of Donors
                            Bronze Angels
                          $1,000 - $4,999
Mr. Michael Adams                      Mr. James R. Collis
Mr. Fernando M. Alers                  Comboni Missionaries Finance Office
Ms. Denise Anderson                    Joe Covello
AT&T United Way Giving Campaign        Mr. and Ms. Joe Davis
Ms. Mary Babinec                       Mrs. Nilla De Leto
Bags of Hope Kids                      Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Demers
Mr. Carlos Baker                       Dixie Hollins Adult Education Center
Mr. Billie Baker                       Ms. Nicole T. Dorcas
Ms. Maria D. C. Baker                  Ms. Margaret Doyle
Mr. Guillermo Bambach                  Mr. John Dufek
Bank of America United Way Campaign    Ms. Tamara Echerer
Mr. Chris Bauman                       Mr. Marshall Ellion
Baycare Home Care                      Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Better Living for Seniors              Mr. Dennis Esposito
Ms. Mary Anne Bishop                   Mr. Fritz Evans
Ms. Jean Bisio                         Fee & Jeffries, P.A.
L. Vance Blanchard                     Ms. Elizabeth Fetherston
Ms. Kristine Bland                     Ms. Ann L. Friederich
Boiler One Incorporated                Michael Frisby
Bon Secours Maria Manor                General Home Development Corp
Bon Secours Place                      Give With Liberty Employee Donations
Mr. Gregory R. Bottom                  Global Impact
Mr. Herbert G. Brown                   Gold Medal Graphics
Mr. Ken Brown                          Ms. Ella Gunst
Ms. and Mrs. Collette Burgess          Ms. Brenda Hanke
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Byrne             Hawker Beechcraft
Mr. Peter Cammick                      Ms. Antoinette Hawkins
Ms. Kelly Campbell                     Healthe Systems
Mr. Shawn Carson                       Mr. Robert Hendricks
Mr. Paul Catalano                      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Henry
Mr. Richard Champion                   Mr. Remy Hermida
Christopher Services Foundation Inc.   Ms. Patricia S. Hernandez
Clearwater Vineyard Church
             4                         Ms. Stella Herrick
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Collins              Hill Ward Henderson
               Honor Roll of Donors
                             Bronze Angels
                           $1,000 - $4,999
Holiday of Hope                             Mr. Richard Miller
Mr. Jack Howey                              Mr. Robert F. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Steven V. Hulslander           Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Murray
IBM Employee Services Center                National Financial Services LLC
Incarnation Catholic School                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Nielubowicz
Ms. Wanda Inman                             Ms. Paula M. Niklas
Mr. Mitchell Ivey                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ogden
Ivory Club Inc.                             Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Ottaviani
Ms. Sarah Johnson                           Our Lady of Divine Providence
JPMorgan Charitable Giving Fund             Mr. Lee F. Pallardy , III
Ms. Sue Kimbrill                            Mr. Matthew T. Pallardy
Kiwanis Club/Gulf Beaches Foundation Inc.   Ms. Annette Passarelli
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Klasz                     Ms. Kim Patterson
Knight Enterprises - Jeffrey Knight         Father Paul Pecchie
Mr. Steve Kolkmeyer                         Mr. Charles M. Prather
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Kovac               Dr. Kathleen Prather
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Krag                 Sr. Sara K. Proctor
Ms. Carolyn Kubicki                         PSCU Financial Services
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Langston               Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Rixon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Lasala               Mrs. Angela Robens
Ms. Nancy Loeim                             Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Rodriguez JR
Mrs. Sheila Lopez                           Rotary Club of Clearwater East
Ms. Geri-Kay Lumbard                        Rotary Club of Seminole
Mr. George Martin                           Mr. Frank J. Rowan Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Allan S. Martin                Ms. Eva Ruiz
Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. McArdle             Mr. Stephen M. Russo
Beatrice McArthur                           Mrs. Cindy Salinsky
Ms. E.A. McCarthy                           Ms. Maria L. Santeiro
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McDermott                Yvette Sequino
Ms. Mary McDonald                           Alex Serrano
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. McDonnell       Mrs. June Sharkey
Medco Employee Giving Campaign              H. W. Sharpe
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Meurer              Mr. Barry Shaulis         5
Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Miller               Ms. Tamara Short
      Honor Roll of Donors
                  Bronze Angels
                $1,000 - $4,999
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew L. Snook
Dr. Jeffrey J. Sourbeer
Ms. Kathleen W. Spears
St. Joan of Arc Church
St. Jude's Cathedral School - Honor Society
St. Mary's Catholic Church
St. Paul's Catholic School
Mr. and Mrs. Al Steinberg
Mr. David P. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Sweeney
Tampa Bay Downs Horsemens Benevolent & Protective Assoc. Inc
Tampa Bay Imaging, L.L.C.
Tampa Catholic High School
The James M. & Louise C. Roche Fdn.
The Joe & Rose Hermann Charibable Foundation
The Manny & Ruthy Cohen Fndtn
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tompkins
Topview Sports LLC.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Turner
United Way of Central Maryland
Ms. Gay Varano
Dr. and Mrs. Hector Vila JR
Ms. Jeana Voller
Mr. James Warner
Ms. J. L. Weisgerber
West Florida Runners Club, Inc. - Turkey Trot
Mr. Carl R. Wieczdrek
Chris Wikenczy
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Wood
Worktools International, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Laurens G. Zwart
               Honor Roll of Donors
                            $25 - $999
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Aaron           Vivian Anabile
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Abbott          T. Ananthakrishnan
Ms. Jill Carol Abbott                 Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 2
Abbott Laboratories Giving Campaign   Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Anderson JR
Dr. Mohamed I. Abdel - Aziz           Ms. Norma J. Anderson
Mr. Kevin Ackerman                    Ms. Barbara Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Pablo E. Acosta          Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Adams          Ms. Diana Anderson
Artesha Adras                         Ms. Maria Andrade
Amy Aeschbach                         Mr. Ted Andresen
Aetna Foundation, Inc.                Ms. Valerie Andrup
Ms. Ivone L. Agard                    Mr. and Mrs. Orbe H. Andux JR
Ms. Cheryl Agostinacchiio             Mr. David J. Anglewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Agrusa         Magdy Anise
Mr. Larry Ahern                       Anona United Methodist Women
Ms. Corin Aitchison                   The Anyan Family
Ms. Susan P. Ajoc                     AnyDoc Software, Inc.
Ms. Trina Alamo                       Anytime Ice
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Albano        Mr. Mike Anzevino
Mr. Jim Alderisio                     Arbors Seaside Cottages
Deacon Vincent Alferio                Mr. Todoseychuk Arcady
Ms. Jena R. Alfonso                   NB Arceneaux
All Nations SDA Church                Mr. Jeff Archer
Ms. Mary W. Allen                     Ms. Marian M. Arciola
Ms. Sarah Allen                       Ms. Carmen S. Arciola
Allstate Giving Campaign              Betty Ardoin
Ms. Diana T. Almeida                  Mamselle C. Armbruster
Al's Ice Machine Rentals              Ms. Lisa Armes
Mr. Eric W. Alvarez                   Mr. Gerry Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Milton H. Ambrose        Mr. L. Raul Arroyo
American Business Women's Assoc.      Mr. Dan Ashenfecter
American Legion Post #104             Mr. and Mrs. William J. Aucoin
America's Charities                   Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Augensen
Louise Amico                          Ms. Vicki Aurswald
                 Honor Roll of Donors
                                 $25 - $999
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Azzarelli           Kris Bates
Marty Baas                                Ms. Brenda Batten
Ms. Linda H. Babb                         Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Baum, III
Ms. and Mr. Barbara Babiarz               Ms. Jill Bauman
Ms. Lorraine A. Backey                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Bause
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy S. Bacon              Ms. Joanne Baxter
Ms. Robyn Badone                          Bay Gulf Credit Union
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Baggett            Bayfront Electric Services, Inc.
Mrs. Anne D. Baier                        Ms. Romona Bayron
Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Bailey               Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bazzano
Ms. Bernadette M. Bailey                  Mr. Roger Bebo
Mr. Art. Bailey                           Mr. and Ms. Walter Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Baine              Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Richard Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Bair              Mr. Bedford
Mr. and Mrs. Brad L. Baird                Ms. Marie Bednar
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Bajek             Ms. Cheryl Bedwell
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl L. Baker              Beecum & Beecum, MD PA
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Baker                Mr. and Mrs. James W. Begley
Ms. June Baker                            Mr. and Mrs. David L. Behrle
Mr. and Mrs. R. Ballard                   Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin E. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Baluta               Reverend Cynthia Bell
Mr. Jefferry Banks                        Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bell
Ms. Donna Barbar                          Ms. Susanna Bellafante
Mr. Ron Barkin                            Mr. and Mrs. Henri A. Bellavance
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Barnash              Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Bendis
Ms. Nancy M. Barrett                      Benedictine Sisters of Florida
Mr. and Mrs. Allen M. Barrett, Attorney   Mr. David N. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Barrett           Mr. James S. Bennett
Ms. Louise Barrett                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Benstein
Mr. and Mrs. Anselm Barron                Ms. Ruth M. Berard and
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Barthle             Mr. Domenic Berenato
Ms. Shannon Bartlett                      K. A. Bergsbaken
Mr. Fred Baryol                           Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Bergstrom
Ms. Sharon Bassing                        Mr. and Mrs. Leon Berliln
              Honor Roll of Donors
                             $25 - $999
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Berlin      Ms. Deb Bookly
Mr. and Mrs. Allen B. Bernard       Ms. Marcia Borello
Ms. Colleen Betlach                 Mr. John M. Bosciglio
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Beyer JR     Ms. Charlene Boses
Ms. Marie V. Bianco                 Mrs. Mary A. Boston
Mr. Roger Bibo                      Mr. and Mrs. William R. Boudreau
Bill 1 Services, Inc.               Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Bourdow
Bio Shield, Inc.                    Ms. Rosalie Bousher
Mr. Joe Bischoff                    Ms. Tiffany Bowe
Ms. Donnie Bishop                   Ms. Marjorie A. Bowen
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery A. Black       Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Bowers
Ms. Tamara Black                    Mr. Thomas Bowman
Mr. Claude L. Blanchard JR          Mr. and Mr. John P. Bozsoki
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Blanchet          Mr. and Mrs. R. Kevin Bradberry
Mr. and Mrs. Roland A. Blanco       Mr. and Mrs. William Bradley MD
Ms. Norma D. Blanco                 Ms. Leslie L. Brady
Ms. Debbie Bland                    Mr. and Mrs. Josiah B. Brady
Cdr.and Mrs. Richard P. Blank       Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Brainard
Ms. Rosemarie Blaseck               Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Brandt
Mike Bleier                         Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Brauer II
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bless          Mr. and Mrs. Rodrigo C. Bravo
Blessed Sacrament Catholic School   Mr. George Bredgenor
Ms. Mildred Blevens                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Brekka
Ms. Deborah Blomberg - Mann         Mr. Timothy L. Brennan
Ms. Nancy Bloomer                   Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Brewer
Mr. Michael Bloze
Ms. Capricia Blue                   Brewer & Sons Funeral Homes &
Boca Ciega High School,             Mr. and Mrs. Neil Brickfield
National Honor Society              BGen and Mrs. John P. Brickley
Mr. Leon Joseph Boe                 Brightapp, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Caire A. Boe JR        Mrs. Jacqueline M. Bromley
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin H. Bohling       Ms. Ginny Brommelsick
Bollenback Builders, Inc.           Ms. Pamela Brooks
                                    Mr. Kenneth Browe           9
Ms. Vilma T. Bonanno
Ms. Catherine M. Bond               Ms. Maresi Brown
                Honor Roll of Donors
                                 $25 - $999
Mrs. Carol Brown                     Ms. Kathy Callaghan-Bixly
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Brown         Mr. Matt Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Randy A. Brown          Mr. William Callan
Mr. Douglas Brown                    Ms. Michel Calvello
Brownie Troup 1241                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Calvino
Ms. Dixie Brownstein                 Ms. Maureen Cambier
Mr. and Mrs. Brant A. Brubaker       Mr. Phil Camilleri
Ms. Amanda Brudy                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael & Miiko Canada
Mr. Don Brunner                      Canadian-Franco American Club
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Brunnock      Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Canniff
Mr. Roy L. Bubb                      Ms. Charlotte Cannon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Buckley       Cap De Vila's La Teresita
Chuck Bugge                          Mrs. Joyce Capaldo
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bugge        Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Capanzano
Mr. Victor B. Buhler                 Ms. Anita Cape
Ms. Gail C. Bujake                   Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Capitano JR
Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Burdick         Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Capitano III
Mrs. Lorraine S. Burke &             Ms. Mary Capozziello
Mr. Charles M. Burke                 Mr. Alfred Cappola
Mr. Ken Burke                        Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Caputo
Ms. Jen Burns                        Mr. and Mrs. David M. Cardona
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Burns          Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Cardone
Ms. Ann Burris                       Ms. Elizabeth S. Carlin and
Ms. Sabrina A. Burton                Ms. Anita Carlisle
Ms. Sophine Burton                   Ms. Faith Carlson
Ms. Shirley Bush                     Patty Carlson
Mr. Robert E. Buzan                  Mr. Bruce Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Cadrecha     Dr. and Mrs. Manuel Carmona
Mr. Robert N. Cadrecha               Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Caro
Mr. Richard M. Cahill                Ms. Traci B. Caronna
Ms. Dorothy L. Cain                  Mrs. Agnes M. Carson
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Ruth Cain       Ms. Christina M. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Calandra     Ms. Laura B. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Caldevilla   Carter & Clendenin, P A
           Honor Roll of Donors
                           $25 - $999
Mr. Steve Casey                          Ms. Helen E. Clark
Ms.Kim P. Cash                           Clark Hunt Construction, Inc.
Mr. Chuck Cassety                        Mr. and Mrs. George R. Clarke
Mr. Leopoldo E. Castellano               Ms. Patrice Clarke
Dr. Aleida L. Castro                     Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Clausnitzer
Mrs. Jean Catanese                       Mr. and Mrs. James T. Clauss
Cathedral of St. Jude School             Clearwater Central Catholic High School
Catholic Charities USA                   Mr. John G. Cleary
Catholic Health East                     Clerk's Office Social Activity Account
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Caturia              Ms. Andrelle C. Clerville
Ms. Michele Cavallo                      Wayne Cliff
Central Christian Church of Clearwater   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clifford
Chacha Coconuts                          Mr. Garry R. Cline
Tom Chadwick                             Ms. Lorraine M. Cloutier
Charity Checks, Inc.                     Mr. Doug Coats
Ms. Jeanne Chase                         Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Cochran
Mr. and Mrs. Eric E. Chaykosky           Ms. Veronica Colborn
Ms. Lois C. Cheesebrew                   Ms. Caryn Cole
Mr. Leo Chin                             Mr. Andrew J. Coleman
Chix Group                               Ms. Altrice V. Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Chip Chlapowski             Ms. Salena Coller
Christ the King Catholic Church          Ms. Barbara M. Collier
Christ The King Catholic School          Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Collins
Christ The King Council Of Women         Ms. Suzanne Edgett Collins
Christ The King Lutheran Church          Columbiettes of Incarnation Council
John Church                              Columbiettes of Saint Paul's
Church of The Incarnation                Ms. Pam Colville
Mr. Peter M. Ciccarello                  Community Center Craft Group
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Cichon           Congregation Schaarai Zedek
Ms. Judith Cimafranca                    Kelly Connelly
Ms. Christine Cipala                     Ms. Kay Connelly
Mr. and Mrs. Guy A. Ciullo               Ms. Stacy Conroy
Mr. and Mrs. D'Arcy R. Clarie            Mr. Peter Conti         11
'Clarie Law Offices PA                   Mr. Gerald Conttardi
                Honor Roll of Donors
                                   $25 - $999
Ms. Yvette T. Cook                   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Cross
Mr. and Mrs. Garry W. Cooke          Mr. and Mrs. Bob Crowell
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Cooper          Mr. Raul Cruz JR
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Copek         Ms.E. Marina Cruz
Mr. Dino Coppi                       CSX Corporation
Ms. Patricia A. Corio                Ms. Linda Culhane
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cornelius       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Culhane
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Cornett       Dr. Mark T. Cullen
Thin T. Corpe                        Mr. Thomas J. Cullen Sr
Mrs. Suzann M. Corral                Mrs. Karen M. Cullinane
Ms. Jean Corsetti                    Mr. and Mrs. David L. Cullum
Ms. Anna E. Corso                    Ms. Patricia Cully
Ms. Elizabeth C. Cory                Father Timothy P. Cummings
Mr. John S. Coryn                    Ms. Nancy Currens
Mrs. Helen S. Coryn                  Mr. and Mrs. Billy Currie
Ms. Estelle Costantino               Ms. Anita Currier
Mr. and Mrs. Victor R. Coudert       Pastor David Curry
Ms. Brenda Coulehan                  Ms. Melissa Curtis
Countryside Glass & Mirror, Inc.     Mr. Eric Cuthbert
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Courey       Cutting Edge Class FBCIR
Ms. I. Shirley Coway                 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Cwikla
Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Cowne         Lynn C. Daffer
Mr. Ray Cox                          S. Kevin Dail
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Cox            Ms. Kristine Dail
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Crabtree         Ms. Catherine Dailey
Ms. Ellen Craig                      Ms. Nancy W. Dailey
Ms. Christine V. Craig               Ms. Charlotte Dalton
Theresa Crane                        Ms. Marguerite D'Amato
Mr. Edward J. Cranston               Ms. Claire M. Damery
Mr. Daniel Crenshaw                  Mr. and Mrs. Antoine J. Damouny
Dr. and Mrs. Israel Crespo MD        Mr. and Mrs. Richard Daniel
Ms. Patricia Crilley                 Barbara A. Danowski
Ms. Catherine Cronin                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dargaignon
Mr. Elton Crook                      Mr. Jeffrey A. Darrey
          Honor Roll of Donors
                        $25 - $999
Ms. Anna Marie Darring                   Mrs. Lynn G. Denson
Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso A. Dato             Ms. Lynn Denson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Daugherty           Ms. Angela DePew
Daughters of the British Empire          Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Deptula
Daughters of Wisdom Inc.                 Mr. and Mrs. John Derderian
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Davanzo             Mr. Vinnie Desiderio JR
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. David             Mr. and Mrs. Philliip F. Desimone
Ms. Mary David                           Mr. Claude T. DeSouza-Lawrence
David's Pharmacy, Inc                    Mr. Virgil M. Destefano
Mr. Walter B. Davin                      Ms. Allyson Devereaux
Mr. Carl G. Davis                        Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Devine
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Davis JR         Ms. Christie Dewberry
Mr. Glen Daw                             Holly Deweint
Mr. Darrell Dawson                       Mr. and Ms. Jorge Diaz
Mr. Steve Dayton                         Ms. Pam Dickens
Ms. Anna De Gregorio & Ms. Luisa Fiebe   Ms. Lynne Dickson
Mr. and Mrs. Julius C. De Lotto          Mr. Frank C. Dicrosta
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Debiase           Mr. Bill Dietzel
Mr. Howard Decker                        Ms. Kim Diller
Ms. Margaret M. Decker                   Mr. Frank Dillon
Dr. Terry Declue                         Ms. Lori W. Dion
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Decubellis        Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Dionne
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Dedomenico         Direct Sales Unlimited
Ms. Marg D. Defaver                      Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Disalvo
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Defurio            Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Disbennett
Mr. John Dehaven                         Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Distaula
Mr. Robert DeKorte                       Divito & Higham, P. A.
Ms. Eliese DeLaCruz                      Mrs. and Mrs. Benjamin Divona
Mr. Mark Delorenzo                       Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dixon
Dr. and Mrs. E. R. Delucia               Mr. Fred Dobbins
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Delucia          Pat Dohallow
Ms. Rosemary A. Demarco                  Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Dolson
D. Demarco                               Virginia M. Donahue
Ms. Dianne H. DeMarco                    Mr. Ken Donaldson
                Honor Roll of Donors
                                 $25 - $999
Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Donohue                Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Eckes
Mr. James Donovan                           Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ecob
Ms. Margaret M. Donovan                     Mr. and Mrs. David J. Eddy
Ms. Mary L. Donovan                         Ms. Lynn Edmonds
Ms. Charlotte Doss                          Edward Jones - Investing
Ms. Charlotte Doss                          Ms. Cindy Edwards
Ms. Patricia A. Dougherty                   Ms. Vicki Edwards
Ms. Constance J. Doughton                   Mr. and Mrs. Henry Egav
Ms. Mary Dowdican                           Mr. Dennis Eichelberger
Ms. Helen Dowdy                             Mr. Paul Eichler
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Doyle                  Einstein's Bagels
Ms. Linda M. Dragasits                      Elks Lodge #1912
Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. Drecchio               Mr. and Mrs. Don Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Dueker                   Mr. Larry Ellis
Ms. Sonia Duggan                            Ms. Diana T. Ellison
Ms. Carmella Dumpson                        Mrs. Caroline Ellison
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dunn                   Ms. Diane J. Elmer
Mr. and Mrs. Norton Dunn                    Ms. Mary A. Elmer
Ms. Marilyn Dunnigan                        Mr. Ronald Emanuel
Ms. Silvia Durkee                           Alejandro Empanada
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Durkee                EMW Laser
Ms. Caroline Van Dusen                      Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. English
Mr. and Mrs. Norman P. Dusseault            Envision Lighting Systems
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Dwight              Eric Richard Wolf Charitable Trust
Dwight Darby & Company, P. A.               Ms. Lilian Eshen
Ms. Mary Dynes                              Espiritu Santo Catholic Church
Lt. Colonel and Mrs. Robert S. Earl         Espiritu Santo Choir
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Early               Ms. Mary Jean Etten
East Bay Auto Service, Inc.                 Rita M. Etzler
East Lake United Methodist Church           Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Evanoff
Eastside Airconditioning and Heating Inc.   Ed. Evans
East-West Electric Inc.                     Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Evans
Ms. Sandy Echevarria                        Ms. Imelda Evans
Mario Echeverri                             Ms. Julia G. Evans
           Honor Roll of Donors
                          $25 - $999
Ms. Meg Evans                      Mrs. Nettie Fino
Mr. John E. Evans                  Mr. and Mrs. Joaquin M. Fiol
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Evard Sr.   Fiol & Gomez, P.A.
Ms. Imelda Evaris                  James M. Fiola
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry R. Evert        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Fiore
Pat Fabisihk                       Ms. Edwina A. Fiorino
Ms. Jill M. Farlane                Gary First
Ms. Doreen Farma                   First Baptist Church of Oldsmar
Mr. James Farran                   First Lutheran School - Student Council
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Farrell        First United Methodist Church
Ms. Kathleen T. Farriss            Mr. Jerry Fisher
Ms. Brenda C. Faust                Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fitzgerald
Dr. Frank V. Fazio                 Mr. Ken Fixter
Feather Princesses - TAS           Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Fleck
Mr. Lawrence Fedele                Mr. Billie Fleenor
Fee & Jeffries, P. A.              Mrs. Melva E. Flick
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard F. Feeney      Ms. Donna Floberg
Mr. Gregory R. Feldman             N Maureen Florczak
Ms. Sunny Fellows                  Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fluty
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Fenton        Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Fly
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Fenton     Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Scovell
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Ferguson   Corinne Fogel
Ms. Frances Ferrari                Ms. Sandra Fogel
Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Ferreris JR    Ms. Clare Foley
Ms. Andrea Festa                   Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Foley
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund      Ms. Margaret Foley
Ms. Linda Fiechtner                Ms. Martha Folsom
Ms. Phyllis M. Fielder             Ms. Lynn Fontaine
Fifth Third Bank                   Ms. Leonora Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge S. Figueredo    Mr. and Mrs. John L. Forney
Mr. Jose Figueroa                  Mr. and Mrs. James W. Forshey
Ms. Sophia Filinser                Mr. John Foss
Mrs. Katherine M. Filippelli       Ms. Linda Foster
Maureen W. Finch                   Ms. Lisa Foster
                Honor Roll of Donors
                               $25 - $999
Mr. David Foushee                       Ms. Janet Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Fowler          Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Garfolo
Ms. Dorothy A. Fox                      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Gariboldi
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Foy              Ms. Cheri Gariboldi
Ms. Nancy A. Francisco                  Mr. Bob Garren
Mr. Robert Franckle                     Travis Garry
Franklin Templeton / Matching Program   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Gaul JR
Ms. Lorraine Franza                     Mr. and Mrs. Morgan L. Gaynor
Mr. Charles J. Frazita                  Ms. Linda Gebharns
Mr. Dan Freeman                         Mr. Paul Gehring
Ms. Georgia B. French TTEE              Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. George
Mr. John Frey                           Ms. Kathryn L. Gerardo
Ms. Karen Fridlund-Boyles               Ms. Patricia A. Gergely
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Friederich         Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gibbemeyer
Mr. Mark A. Friedrich                   Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Gifford
Ms. Judith Friend                       Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Giglia
Mr. Kenneth J. Friend                   Ms. Brandy Gilbrook
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fuhs                Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Gillman
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Fuller              Ms. Elizabeth Ginocchio
Mrs. Agnes Furman                       Ms. Vivian Gioia
Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Fusco                Mr. James R. Giuliano
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Gabbard        Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Givens
Gabrielle Noyes Math Honor Society      Ms. Elizabeth Gladden
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Gage            Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Gladu
Mr. David Gainey                        Glen Ellen CT MBL HM Assoc. Inc.
Ms. E. Galante                          J.S. & T.J. Glodzik
Ms. Marie Gallagner                     Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Godcharles
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Gallar            Mr. and Mrs. Dan Goldstone
Ms. Clara C. Gallo                      Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gonzales
Ms. Claire M. Gambale                   Mr. and Mrs. Ismael Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Garcia           Ms. Maira M. Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Luis E. Garcia             Arbey O. Gonzalez
Ms. Deb Gardiner                        Ms. Alice Gooch
Mr. and Mrs. Lee O. Gardner             Good Shepherd Medical Clinic PA
          Honor Roll of Donors
                          $25 - $999
Ms. Peggy Goodale                Mr. George Guthrie
Mr. Paul Goodall                 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gutierrez
Mr. Tim Goodman                  Ms. Natalie J. Gutowski
Mr. Tom Goodrich                 Khin M. Gyi
Mr. Steve Gordon                 Ms. Jennifer Haak
Mr. Steve Gordon                 Ms. Lisa A. Haffner
Mrs. Kathleen D. Gorman          Mr. Shaun Haggerty
Mr. Rich C. Gorski               Ms. Margaret Locke Moore
Mr. M. Rodriguez Gort            Mr. and Mrs. Scott Halisky
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Goulet       Ms. Joyce W. Hall
Ms. Barb Gourley                 Mr. Whitneigh Hall
Mr. Greg Grambor                 Mr. and Mrs. Rick Hallmark
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grant          Hallmark Development of Fl Inc.
Mr. Sam Grawcock                 Ms. Janet Halma
Ms. Beverly A. Green             Ms. Ellen N. Hamblin
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Greenbaum      Mr. Barry Hamel
Dr. Stephen Greenberg            Hameroff Insurance
Karl E. Greeson                  Mrs. Therese A. Hamm
Mr. Jim Gregg                    Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Hanley
Mr. Rich Gregorski               Mr. Mark Hansen
Mr. Lee Greiner                  Ms. Jean Hanulik
Mr. Dan Greive                   Ms. Esther Happle
Ms. Tunisia Gresham              Mr. and Mrs. John P. Harding III
Ms. Carole Grier                 Ms. Sarah Harlan
Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Grieshop   Harmony Home Funding Company, LLC
Mr. Edward J. Grimes             Mr. John Harneit
Mr. Bruce A. Gross               Mr. Gerald W. Harris
Mr. Jerry Grubba                 Ms. Claretha N. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Grullon        Mr. Lee Harvard
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Gude       Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Hasak
Ms. Patricia Guerra              Mr. Howard Hathaway
Gulf Beaches Paid Lunch Group    Hatten Contractors, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gunzner     Mr. Rick Hauci
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gurtman        Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Haumschild
               Honor Roll of Donors
                               $25 - $999
Ms. Tiffany Hausdorf                      Mr. and Mrs. Curt Hidde
Hawker Beechcraft Employees Golden Rule   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Higginbotham
Ms. Jacqueline Hawkins                    Mr. J.Paul Higgins
Ms. Jackie Hawkins                        Ms. Christina Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Haywood            Ms. Ruth A. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hazard                 Society of St. Vincent De Paul
Ms. Pamela Healy                          Mr. Francis J. Hirsch
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Heath                    Mr. and Mrs. William Hobscheid
Mr. Victor G. Heidgerken                  Mr. Eric Hoegstrom
Mr. Justin Heidman                        Ms. Catherine M. Hoerter
Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Heinlen           Mr. Ralph Hoffstetter
Mr. Gerald J. Heinzen                     Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Helgesen             Ms. Cheryl Hogue
Ms. Barb Hendry                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hogue
Hennessy Construction Services            Mrs. Marie Hoke-Singer
Mr. and Mrs. Geza Henni                   Holiday Isles Elks Lodge #1912
Mr. Dan Hennie                            Mrs. Kathy J. Hollis
Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. Henry JR           Mr. Louis P. Holscher
Alicia Henry                              Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Holt
Mr. Dennis Henry                          Ms. Linda Holt
Mr. Patrick Henry                         Ms. Jennifer Holt
Ms. Marlene Henry                         Holy Christian Church, Inc.
Ms. Donna A. Herbert                      Holy Cross Knights of Columbus
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Herbst           Holy Family Council/Catholic Women
Mr. Hernandez Hermes                      Holy Family Church
Ms. Stephanie Hernandez                   Ms. Carol Hooser
Herndon Construction Services, Inc.       Ms. Kim Hooten
Mr. Michael D. Herrera                    Mr. David S. Hoover
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Herrick              Hope Presbyterian Church
Mr. Anthony Herrick                       Ms. Bernadette M. Hornsby
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Heter                Hospice Resale Shoppe
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Heuser             Hospital of Chicago Medical Center
Mr. Terence Hickey                        Hot Car Accessories Inc.
Ms. Betty J. Hickey                       Mr. and Mrs. Joe Houlton
          Honor Roll of Donors
                         $25 - $999
Ms. Awanda D. Howell                        Mr. Mark Jennings
Dr. J. Howells                              Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jersey
Hucko & Hucko Pa                            Ms. Brenda Jewman
Ms. Frances R. Huey                         Jidd, Inc., DBA Pinch-A-Penny No. 54
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Huff                Jiffy Reprographics
Mr. Richard P. Hughes                       Mrs. Sharon Jill
Sr. Joseph E. Hukle                         Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Johansen
not given Hunt                              Ms. Mary C. Johns
Ms. Elizabeth W. Hyde                       Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Johnson
Ms. Jennifer L. Hyland                      Ms. Carla Johnson
IBM Retiree Charitable Campaign             Laura Johnson
Ms. Agnes Idicula                           Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson
Incarnation Church Respect Life Committee   Mr. Winston Johnson
Independent R. E. Professionals             Mr. and Mrs. James E. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Ingersoll                Ms. Barbara Johnson
Mr. John Inglis                             Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Paul Johnson
Inside Homes, Inc.                          Ms. Jennifer Johnston
Ms. Joan Irwin                              Jon Bishop Salons
ISPC                                        Mr. Russell Jones
Ms. Sylvia Izquierdo                        Ms. Kim Jones
Ms. Christa Jackebiak                       Courtney Jones
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Jackson               Ms. Krista S. Jones
Ms. Christa Jackubiak                       Ms. Joanne M. Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Branson E. Jacobs Sr           Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Jordan
Ms. Pegoty Jacobson-Lopez                   Mr. Christopher P. Josten
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. D. Jacono           Ms. Ann M. Joyce
Ms. Auletta James                           Mr. John R. Joyce
Judy James                                  Ms. Joanne T. Joyce
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Jaworski JR          Ms. Mary E. Joyce
Mr. James H. Jeansonne                      JPMorgan Chase Employee Campaign
Dr. Patricia N. Jeansonne                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Juback
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jeffrey                  Judy Anderson Youth Ministry Coord.
Mr. and Mrs. P.Brian Jeffrey                Mr. and Mrs. John G. Julian
The Jennings Family                         Ms. Angela Jung
               Honor Roll of Donors
                             $25 - $999
Just A Guy Ministry                    Ms. Susan Kimbrell
Just Give                              Ms. Meghan Kimsey
Ms. Michelle M. Justiniano             Ms. Debra Kimura
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Kacprowicz      Mr. and Mrs. F. K. King
Mr. John R. Kaddis                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. King
Mr. John Kahajas                       Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery H. King
Kahler Family                          Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Kingery
B Kalch                                Mr. Arthur F. Kirk JR
Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Kallenberg        Kirkland, Russ, Murphy & Tapp, P. A.
Ms. Geraldine Kaminski                 Ms. Helen M. Kitowski
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thomas Kamprath   Kiwanis Club of Seminole Breakfast
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Kandalec        Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Kizer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kane           Mr. Christopher Kizler
Ms. Eva Kane                           Ms. Maureen L. Klear
Mrs. Bernadette Kant                   Ms. Claudia Klenkie
Ms. Jenny Kassay                       Mr. and Mrs. Lee N. Kline
Mr. and Mrs. David Kber                Ms. Theresa Knecht
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Keefe Jr.         Knights of Columbus Charities Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Keith          Knights of Columbus St. Pete Council
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Keller          Knights of Columbus
Ms. Betsy Keller                       Ms. Joy A. Koah
Ms. Pamela Keller                      Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Kochik
Mr. and Dr. Kelly                      Mr. and Mrs. James R. Kohloff
Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Kendra          Mr. Joseph F. Kolcun
Jean A. Kendra                         Mr. Joseph F. Kolcun
Mrs. Eleanore M. Kennedy               Ms. K Frances Korrow
Mr. Lawrence E. Keough                 Mr. Robert Koschler
D Kerti                                Ms. Stefania Kotusinski
Mrs. Doris Kevin                       Judge E. A. Kouachevich
Ms. Heidi Kewry                        Mr. David Kouclyer
KFC                                    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Koutsaris
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kilkelly        Mr. Lou Kovich
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Kilkelly          KPMG's Community Giving Program
Mr. and Mrs. Dale W. Kimball           Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Kraeter
           Honor Roll of Donors
                           $25 - $999
Mr. John Krambuhl                      Mr. Michael Lauer
Mr. Ron Kras                           Mr. John V. Lavery
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Krautner       Ms. Mary J. Lawrence
Ms. Wilma Krenzelak                    Ms. Cynthia Lawson
Ms. Judith A. Krzebiot                 Mr. Ernest W. Le Blanc
Ms. Barbara Kuhlman                    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lefferson
Mrs. Theresa Kurdys                    Ms. Jennifer Lemar
Mr. and Mrs. Jason F. Kurrack          Ms. Jennifer M. Lemar
Mr. or Ms. Miglinas                    Ms. Carmen L. Leon
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. La Rose         Ms. Missy Lermann
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. La Russa       Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Lesperance
Mr. and Mrs. Steve La Varta            Mr. and Mrs. John G. Lestage
Ms. Jenna Labarre                      Mr. and Mrs. Sam S. Leto
Mercedes Laboy                         Sr. Paulamorie Levey
Carmen S. Laboy                        Mrs. Stacy H. Lewis
Mr. Bob Labrie                         Mr. and Mrs. James A. Liberatore
Mr. Randy S. Lacey                     Mr. Matthew G. Licht
Ms. Mary A. Lachance                   Mr. Jeffrey S. Lima
Ladies Auxiliary Of St. Jude Council   Mrs. and Mr. Barbara J. Lindstrom
Mr. Robert J. Laferriere               Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund J. Lipski
Olga - Jasmiwa Lajko                   Ms. Shelley Little and Ms. Ruby Siers
Ms. Katharine F. Lake                  Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Livingston JR
Ms. Le Anne C. Lake                    Ms. Rose A. LLauget
Mrs. Amy Jo Lake                       Mrs. Michelle P. Lloyd
Mrs. Joan N. Landers                   Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Cindy Landosky                         Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Lodovico
Mr. and Mrs. Garry Lane                Ms. Nancy E. Loehr
Ms. Julie Langevin                     Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Loffredo
Mr. and Mrs. Justin P. Lantz           Mr. and Mrs. James F. Logan
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Laplant            Mr. and Mrs. James R. Logan
Robert Laplume                         Ms. Anne M. Logan
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Larose          Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Longway
Ms. Loren Latulipe                     Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lopez
Mr. Michael Lauer                      Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lopez
                Honor Roll of Donors
                               $25 - $999
Mr. Andrew Lopreato                    Ms. Kay M'Aleer
Ms. Melissa J. Lopreato                Mrs. Mary R. Mallette
Mr. Bob Lossa                          Mr. and Mrs. William F. Malone
Ms. Bonnie Loughlin                    Ms. Margie Malone
Ms. Helen Loughnane                    Mrs. Mary H. Maloof
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Lovelady       B.J. Manchester
Ms. Carol E. Lowrey                    Ms. Catherine M. Mandalinich
Loyal Order of Moose Interbay/ Tampa   Ms. Tabietha Manes
Mr. and Mrs. Artsete J. Lucchesi       Ronak Mangat
Ms. Karen L. Luger                     Mr. and Mrs. Gagandeep S. Mangat
Mr. and Mrs. Victor L. Lugo            Ms. Beatrice R. Manion
Mrs. Elaine Luker                      Ms. Laura Mann
Ms. Jennifer M. Lutz                   Minister. Wanda M. Manning
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Lydon            Mr. Rodger Mannka
Mr. Joseph T. Lykes III                Ms. Elizabeth A. Manus
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Lynch          Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Marchese
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Lynch           Ms. Marcia Marcionette
Mr. William R. Lynn                    Mr. and Mrs. James R. Marcotte
Ms. Frances Lyons                      Mr. Chris Marinari
Mr. George Lyons                       Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Marinik
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lyons                Mr. Bernard Marks
Mr. Mike M' Intyre                     Dr. and Mrs. John D. Maroney
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Maccaron        Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Martin
Ms. Dorothy Machnick                   Ms. Linda Martin
Mr. Ken MacKay                         Mr. Paul Martin
Ms. Laura Macke                        Mrs. Gerrie Martin
Ms. Janet Macke                        Mr. Robert W. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Magazine          Ms. Maricela V. Martinez
Magnificat Inc.                        Mr. Rafael Martinez JR
Mr. and Mrs. John Mahoney              Ms. Kathy Martini
Mr. Walt Mahoney                       Mary's Outreach For Women
Mr. Joseph T. Maier                    Dr. and Mrs. Mark T. Mason
Ayelet Maisel                          Mr. Kevin Massey
Ms. Claire Malczyk                     Ms. Sharon W. Massige
          Honor Roll of Donors
                        $25 - $999
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Masterson    Ms. Sheryl P. McEntegart
Mr. Brian Matejcek                Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. McEntegart
Steve Matesich                    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McEvily
Ms. Lucie Mathurin                Ms. Jocelyn McGahan
Mr. Philip Matisro                Ms. Laura McGary
Ms. Connie Matranga               Ms. Maureen A. McGinnis
Ms. Alicia W. Matthews            Mr. Thomas B. McGrath
Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Matthews    Ms. Patricia F. McHugh
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Mattos     Mr. and Mrs. William W. McIver
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Maturo     Mr. and Mrs. James F. McKay
Mr. Gary P. Maujean JR            Kathleen E. McKay
Jeanne Mauro                      Mr. Andrew McKee
Ms. Linda Mayares                 Mr. and Mrs. Alex McKenna
Mr. Mike Mayo                     Mr. Ian McLean
Ms. Kay McAleer                   Ms. Kim K. McLernon
Ms. Michele McAteer               Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. McNamara
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Mcbath        Mr. Peter J. McNeill
Ms. Pamela McCall                 Ms. M. Joyce McRae-Fox
Mr. and Mrs. E. Andre McCarroll   Ms. Therese M. McVey
Mr. Michael P. McCarroll          Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Meadows
Ms. Elizabeth A. McCarthy         Ms. Rose Medina
Mrs. Unknown McCausland           Mr. and Mrs. Carrmelo Meletiche
Mr. Jack McClintock               Melvin S. Cutler Charitable Foundation
Ms. Susan McClugral               Jeff Mencken
Mr. Bill McCoige                  Capt. and Mrs. John E. Mendel USN
Terry L. McCook                   Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Mercer
Mr. and Mrs. John W. McCormack    Ms. Jane E. Merkey
Dr. and Mrs. Jorge McCormack      Mr. and Mrs. John J. Merman
Mr. Michael P. McCracken          Ms. Lila K. Methot
Ms. Joan W. McCreary              Mr. and Mrs. David M. Metz
E. McCullough                     Mr. and Mrs. David G. Meurer
Amarilis F. McCutchen             Mr. Matt Middlebrooks
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. McDevitt   Mr. Paul P. Midili           23
Mr. James and Sam S. McDonald     Mrs. Bernice Lee Miele
                Honor Roll of Donors
                                $25 - $999
Ms. Joyce Mikles                    Mr. and Mrs. David R. Mohl
Mile High United Way                Ms. Barbara Molloy
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Miliziano      Ms. Teri Moloy
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Miliziano    Ms. Margarita Moncada
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Miller       Mr. James Monroe
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk E. Miller         Reverend Jacob A. Monteleone JR
Ms. Betsy Miller                    Ms. Deb Mood
Ms. Mary Beth Miller                Ms. Mary Beth Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Miller             Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. R Ashley Miller        Ms. Kelly Moore
Ms. Mary Miller                     Ms. Claudia B. Moore
Ms. Susan F. Miller                 Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert C. Morales
Mr. Joseph F. Miller                Mr. and Mrs. Kyle E. Moran
Mr. Robert Miller                   Biedal Morek
Ms. Mary E. Miller                  Ms. Mary M. Moren
Mr. Will Miller                     Jewel R. Morgan
Mr. Ronald Miller                   Mrs. and Mr. Joan Morgan
Mr. Larry Milligan                  Ms. Jacqueline Morgan
Mr. Stanley R. Mills JR             Reverend Tom Morgan
Ms. Karen Minaca                    Morning Star School
Mr. Robert Miniasian                Morning Star School
Missionaries of Africa              Ms. Lynda Morrill
Ms. Melissa Mita                    Miss Jean R. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Mitchell   Mr. John R. Morris
Ms. Virginia Mitchell               Father Bob Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Ashok Mittal           Ms. Pricelia H. Morrison
Ms. Geraldine Mitten                Ms. Sheri A. Morrison
Mr. Gerri Mitten                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mortensen
Dr. and Mrs. Jorge H. Miyares       Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Mosakowski
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Modica        Mr. and Mrs. David A. Mosakowski
Ms. Shawn Moffitt                   Mr. and Mrs. Hans Peter Moschinger
Moffitt Cancer Center               Mr. William Moscinski
Mr. Mike Mogil                      Dr. and Mrs. Gerard C. Mosiello
Graciela Mognoni                    Most Holy Name of Jesus Church
          Honor Roll of Donors
                          $25 - $999
Most Holy Redeemer School           Mr. and Mrs. Sigurd Nelson
Msgr. Frank M. Mouch                Dr. Yvonne A. Nelson
Ms. Cynthia Moussas                 Ms. Chelsea Nelson
Ms. Miriam Moya                     C Nemer
Mt. Zion A. M. E. Church            New Life Worship Center
Mulligan                            Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Newcomb
L. J. Mullins                       Mr. and Mrs. David Newth
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Mulvaney       Ms. Huong T. Nguyen
B. J. Mumchester                    Ms. Michelle Nickerson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Mundy       Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Niemier
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Murphy       Ms. Shanon Noell
Ms. Rebecca Murphy                  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Nohlgren
Mr. Joe Murphy                      Col. and Mrs. Richard A. Nolan USAF
Mr. and Mrs. Lester F. Murphy       North Pinellas Republican Club
Ms. Dorothy Murphy                  Northside Christian School
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Murphy            Northwest Church of Christ
Mr. James Murray                    Ms. Virginia Nowlin
Ms. Mary K. Murray                  Ms. Gloria Nunes
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Murtagh       Ms. Chiaka Nwoga
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Muscaro        Oakhurst United Methodist Thrift Shop
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Musselman    Ms. Andrea Obenland
Ms. Louise J. Mussot                Ms. Claire O. Obordo
Ms. Sheila Mutchen                  Mr. and Mrs. David W. O'Brien
Ms. Brigitte Muth                   Sr. Dolores O'Brien
Ms. Lindsay Myers                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. O'Connell
Ms. Marilyn Myers                   Mr. and Mrs. Matthew O'Connell
Ms. Kathleen Myers                  Mr. John O'Connor
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Nasser      M. Odajewski
Nature Coast Lodge, Inc. No. 2502   R. O'Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Neal          Mr. and Mrs. Bernard W. Odoy
Mr. William T. Nebraska             Mr. and Mrs. C. K. O'Gara
Ms. Marissa Neidlinger              Ms. Bonnie O'Laskey
Ms. Celeste D. Nelson               Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Oleary
Mr. and Mrs. Lee E. Nelson          Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Olivito
                Honor Roll of Donors
                                $25 - $999
Mr. Andrew Olsenland                            A. J. Papes
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. Omundsen                Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Paquin
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Oneill                   Ms. Theresa M. Parkinson
Mr. Raymond F. O'Neill                          Mr. and Mrs. Doug Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. O'Neill                   Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Parrino
Mr. Andrew Oravec                               Patty Pascua
Mr. and Mrs. Liborio A. Orlando                 Mr. and Mrs. John Pasquale
Mr. and Mrs. George Orsi                        Vimal Patel
Mr. Scott Orsini                                Patel
Ms. and Mr. Carmen E. Ortiz                     Ms. Christine Patel
Ms. Ashley Ortiz-Diaz                           Pratibha K. Patel
Ms. Rose Orto                                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Patrias
Ms. Nancy Osick                                 Mr. Christopher Patterson
Ms. Coletta Ottinger                            Patty’s Escape Salon and Day Spa
Our Lady of the Rosary Church                   Mr. Robert Paver
Outreach Ranchero Village                       Mr. Anthony Paz
Mr. John E. Overmyer                            Mr. and Mrs. Ron F. Peabody
Ms. Nancy Owens                                 Ms.Ricarda Ms. Pearson
Ms. Loretta M. Paccione                         Mr. Larry L. Peel
Mr. and Ms. Michael J. Pacetti                  Peg's Cantina & Brew Pub
Mr. Grant Pactz                                 Mr. and Mrs. Esteban Pelaez
Mr. and Mrs. Wade J. Pacuch                     Mr. Jim Pendley
Ms. Olivia Paff                                 Ms. Mary C. Pendygraft
Efren Page                                      Eon Pereira
Carol Ann Paleo                                 Gladys Perez
Ms. Carole A. Palka                             Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Dan M. Pallick                     Ms. Brenda Perry
Palm Harbor University High Football Boosters   Ms. Laura Perry
Palm Lake Christian Church                      Mr. and Mrs. James Pesuth
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Palmiotto               Mr. and Mrs. Lee Pete
Panchero Village                                Ms. Lee Ann Pete
Ms. Frances Panico                              Mr. Rickey T. Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Panlener                 Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Peterson
Papa John's Pizza                               Ms. Nicole Peterson
           Honor Roll of Donors
                          $25 - $999
Michael Petria                        Mr. Mark Porzio
Ms. Betty Petronis                    Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Potthast
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Pflug            Azilah Potthoff
Ms. Natalie Piazza                    Ms. Marilyn F. Powers
Ms. Louise W. Pickett                 Mr. and Mrs. Juan C. Prado
Ms. Carol Pickul                      Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Pierce          Mr. David Priebe
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Pierce          Princess Hirrihigua Chapter
Jamie Pilarczyk                       Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Prisland
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Piniella JR       Ms. Candy Pritchett
Ms. Maria Pinillo                     Ms. Doris A. Proni
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Pistorius      Reverend Arthur J. Proulx
Mr. John A. Pitt                      Ms. Jeanne M. Provost
Jenny Pladencia                       Mr. Thomas Pryor
Plan First                            Mr. and Mrs. Casey Przybocki
Mr. and Mrs. Luis A. Plasencia        Ms. Deb Pubinsry
Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Plazewski Sr   Mr. and Mrs. Jon Puhl
Ms. Carolyn J. Plummer                Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Puleo
Ms. Melisaa Plunkett                  Ms. Margaret E. Purdy
Mr. Brian L. Podber                   Mr. Terrence F. Pyle
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Poff          Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert A. Quaglia
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Polansky      Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Quartetti
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett L. Polhemus      Ms. Diane Quelch - Wright
Mr. Gary Pollard                      Ms. Bonnie L. Quick
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Polo              Mr. and Mrs. Gerard R. Quinlan
The Polo Family                       Mr. Gary D. Rabenold
Pontifax Committee North              Rado Lawn Service
Ms. Mary Ponz                         Mr. and Mrs. John Rakucewicz
Mr. Stephen Ponzillo                  Ralph Evert Plumbing Service Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Popp Ret       Ranchero Village Outreach
Pop's Run in the Sun                  Mr. and Mrs. Angelo J. Randace
Mr. John J. Porricolo                 Mr. David Raponi
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto J. Portales      Raytheon Charitable Giving 27
Mr. Albert J. Portelance              RBC Foundation - USA
                Honor Roll of Donors
                                 $25 - $999
Re - Ex Insurance Brokers, LLC           Ms. Helene M. Riley
Ms. Lynne Read                           Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Riney
Ms. Brittany N. Reagan                   Ms. Joan Riordan
Vanessa L. Reavis                        Ms. Sheryl L. Risley
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry N. Redd               Ms. Pam Riter
Robin Redden                             Mr. and Mrs. Tulio G. Rivera
Ms. Karen Redden                         Mr. Victor R. Rivera
Regions                                  Ms. Susan Rivera
Ms. Lepena Reid                          Ms. Rosemary Rivera
Mr. Francis X. Reidy                     Mrs. Sarah Rivera
Dr. and Mrs. Michael T. Reilly           Rivera Bay Civic Association
Mr. Mark Reimer                          Mr. Scott L. Robbins
Ms. Mary S. Reinhart                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Robens Jr.
Major and Mrs. Reischmann                Ms. Tracey Roberts
Jan Reithaver                            Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Roberts JR
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.   Joan and Tracy S. Robin
Ms. Megan Renville                       Ms. Laurie A. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Repak             Ms. Sonia Robinson
Ms. Bernadette Resse                     Mr. and Mrs. Mario Rodriguez
Mr. Dave Resulta                         Ms. Maria T. Rodriguez
Resurrection Catholic Church             Mr. and Mrs. Luis T. Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Reuben            Ms. Natalie Roe
Mr. Drew Rey                             Mr. and Mrs. James P. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Reyes               Maria Rojas
Mr. Eugene M. Rheault                    Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Rojek
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Ricciardi       Ms. Barbara J. Romanski
Ms. Gail R. Rich                         Mrs. Madeleine Rondeau
Smith B. Richard                         Mr. and Mrs. Pat Roney
Mrs. Bernece Richards                    Ronnie's Sport Barber Shop
Mr. William R. Richards                  Roof Engineering Associates Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Ridenour           Mr. and Mrs. Tim Roper
Ms. Ashley Rideout                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Roperti
Ms. Virginia Riggs                       Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Rosario Ret
Mr. Tim Riley                            Ms. Lorraine Rose
           Honor Roll of Donors
                          $25 - $999
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rosendale           Mr. Ted Scarpino
Ms. Sandra S. Ross                    Ms. Ramona Schaefer
Rotary Club ot Seminole Lake          Mr. and Mrs. Morris Schallenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rowan            Mr. and Mrs. Kurt H. Schaller
Mr. David Rowland                     Mr. Bob Scheidt
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Rowley           Mr. and Mrs. David W. Scherrer
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Rozea         Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Schmedes
Ms. Leilah Rubenstein                 Mr. Al G. Schmitt
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Rudzewicz         Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Schneider
Mr. and Mr. Thomas J. Rusche          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schoendorf
Mr. George W. Rush                    Mr. and Mrs. Chester J. Schornak
Ms. Cathy Rush                        Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schrader
Mrs. Mary V. Russell                  Cean Schrader
Mr. Patrick Russell                   Loretta Schroeder
Ms. Lynn Rutan                        Ms. Saluna Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Ryan            Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Marc S. Ryan             Mrs. Sabrina Burton-Schultz
Ms. Lu Ann Ryan                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Schuur
Mr. Joseph M. Sacco                   Ms. L. E. Schweitzer
Ms. Nancy E. Sackville                Ms. Linda M. Scrofani
Safety Harbor Covenant Church, Inc.   Sea Horse Parish
Ms. Caroline Saffri                   Mr. or Mrs. Hurley N. Seaford
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Salamone           Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Searchfield
Ms. Connie Salerno                    Mr. Ron Sebastian
Ms. Adelia Samaha                     Ms. Jane E. Sedelmeyer
Ms. Adrienne Samartino                Ms. Bonnie J. Seebach
Mr. George Sandbrook                  Mr. and Mrs. William P. Seemann
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Sandefur       Mr. Eric Seiler
Ms. Carlina Sarabia                   Mr. William J. Selby
Mr. Anthony Sasso                     Ms. Mary Serina
Mr. James Sawyer                      Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Sessa
Ms. Cathy Saylor                      Mr. Marc Sexton
Ms. Maria Sbashnig                    Mr. Kelly R. Sexton Ph.D 29
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scanio            Ms. Jane Shafer
                Honor Roll of Donors
                               $25 - $999
Nandkishor and Sonal Shah           Ms. Janet Sloane
Mr. Larry W. Sharer                 Mr. George K. Smalios
Ms. Lisa Sharpe                     Ms. Rhonda Smallwood
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Shaw         Ms. Maureen Smini
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Shea          Ms. M. Lorraine Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Shea        Mr. Donald R. Smith
Alan Shedler                        Ms. Denise L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron B. Sheets        Ms. Maureen Smith
Mr. William Shepard                 Ms. Sharon Smith
Ms. Catherine M. Sheppard           Ms. Carolyn E. Smith
Mr. Craig H. Sher                   Mr. Richard Smith
Ms. Marybeth Sheridan               Ms. Jeanette Smith
Ms. Conni Short                     Mr. Dwayne Smith
Ms. Karen Shuttleworth              Ms. Debra A. Snyder
Mrs. Phillis T. Siano               Ms. Sheila Soares
Ms. Donna Siler                     Social Security Retirees Fund
Clayre Silva                        Society of St. Vincent De Paul
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Simmons       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Soeltner
Ms. Sylvia Simmons                  Mr. Arthur L. Solar
Ms. Meagan Elizabeth Simmons        Soldiers of the Cross
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel I. Simon        Ms. Kathy Solitare
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Simonini    Ms. Annette Solomon
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Simpson         Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Sonoski
Mr. and Mrs. George Simpson         Ms. Lena Sookup
Ms. Ruby Sims                       Ms. Virginia Sorota
Mrs. Patricia A. Sinclair           Mr. Joseph Sorota JR
Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Sindewald    Ms. Lena Soukop
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Singer       Mrs. Jackie L. Spath
Mrs. Margaret M. Singletary         Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Spinelli
Ms. Nicole H. Sirchio               Ingeborg Spirig
Ms. Rose M. Skalka                  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Sponton
Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Skindel        Mr. Michael Spooner
Ms. Emily Skinner                   Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Spoto
Mr. Walt Skirven                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. St. Amand
          Honor Roll of Donors
                          $25 - $999
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. St. Amant            Ms. Ursula Stenzel
St. Brendan Women' s Council              Mrs. Joy Stephen
St. Catherine of Siena                    Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. Stephens
St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church       Mrs. Susan M. Sterghos
St. James The Apostle Catholic Church     Ms. Marie E. Sterlin
St. Jerome Parish/Life Line Ministry      Mr. Alfred W. Stevens
St. John Vianny CRHP Group                Ms. Melissa Stewart
St. Jude Cathedral                        Mrs. Anne Marie Stewart
St. Jude Cathedral School                 Mr. Elmer S. Stinnett
St. Jude Jr. National Honor Society       Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Stipanov
St. Jude Women's Council                  Stitchers in Service
St. Justin Martyr Church                  Mr. Ray Stockings
St. Justin Martyr Roman Catholic Church   Ms. Rachelle Stockings
St. Leo University                        Ms. Dorothy J. Stokes
St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church   Mr. Robert Stone
St. Mark Lutheran Church                  Mr. Ron Stone
St. Mary Our Lady Of Grace Church         Mr. and Mr. Shane M. Stratton
St. Matthew Youth Group                   Ms. Sharon R. Streater
St. Patrick Catholic Church Circle 1      Ms. Kay Strehle
St. Paul Catholic Church RCIA Team        Mr. and Mrs. James Strenski
St. Paul United Methodist Church          Mr. Tom Strickland
St. Petersburg Catholic High School       Coline Strinhardt
St. Raphael Church- School                Studio 1212 Art Gallery
St. Raphael's Council of Catholic Women   Mr. Dennis Stumpf
St. Stephen Catholic Church               Suffolk Federal Credit Union
St. Theresa Council of Catholic Women     Ms. Ruth Sullivan
St. Vincent de Paul Society               ~ Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Staab JR           Ms. Heidi Summers
Mr. and Ms. Gerald D. Stacy               Suncoast Hospice
Ms. Denise Stankey                        Mr. Joe Suozzi
Linda Staskiel                            Dr. Rohit Suri
Ms. Janet Steag                           Mr. Frank P. Susca
Ms. Naida Stebbins                        Ms. Janet Sussman      31
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stemmermann        Mr. Robert Swain
                Honor Roll of Donors
                               $25 - $999
Ms. Jane A. Swan                   The First Presbyterian Church of Safety Harbor
Mr. Roger Swarm                    The Lunch Bunch
Ms. Debbie Swartz                  The Matassini Law Firm, P.A.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Sweeney      The Paper Porch
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sweeten    The Pardee Company, Inc.
Tiwah Switzer                      The Women's Half Marathon
Shelby L. Sydnor                   Ms. Valeria Thoeny
Ms. Genevieve Szczepaniak          Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Thomas
Mr. Anthony J. Szpak               Mr. and Mrs. Jerome H. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon J. Szponar   Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Thomason
Tailored Foam of Florida, Inc.     Mr. John Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Talbot      Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Timberlake
Ms. Barbara H. Talbott             Mr. and Mrs. John T. Timmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Micheal T. Tammaro    Mr. John Timmins Jr.
Ms. Josie B. Tan                   Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Timmons
Mr. Mandeep K. Taneja              Dr. Megan & Mr. Tom Tirone
Jugal R. Taneja and Manju Taneja   Mr. Arthur Todd
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Tapp       Mr. Arkadiy Todoseychuk
Mr. John R. Tarrant                Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tomaino
Ms. Jackie L. Tatsak               Ms. Carmen Tomich
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Taylor JR    Mr. and Mrs. Todd Toomer
Mrs. Mark Taylor                   Ms. Jean Toothman
Ms. Margaret S. Taylor             Ms. Cynthia S. Tozier
Mr. Kent Taylor                    Ms. Brenda K. Trayner
Ms. Eileen M. Teclaff              Ms. Lydia D. Trinidad
Ms. lina Teixeira                  Ms. Anna L. Trucios
Ms. Tracy Telatycki                Ms. Cindy Trudeau
Ms. Susan Tellmann                 Mr. Ernest W. Trust
Ms. Josephine J. Tellone           Tsulumene
Ms. Colleen A. Temesvari           Mr. Greg Tuchowski
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Tencza      Ms. Barbara Tucker
Texas Roadhouse Holdings, LLC      Mr. Alfredo Tudisco
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan S. Thatcher     G.M Turain and H.H.Turain
The Sisters of St. Clare Florida   Ms. Laura M. Turley
           Honor Roll of Donors
                          $25 - $999
Ms. Christina Turner                       Mr. and Mrs. Hector Vila
Mr. Neville S. Turner                      Ms. Doris Vincent & Ms. Viola Diedrichs
Ms. Carolyn Turner                         Mr. Joel Vincent
Mr. James S. Tyrrell                       Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Virostek
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Tyrrell, JR          Ms. Jeana Volbi
Mr. Chester J. Ugan                        Ms. Jeana Volles
Ms. Susan M. Ugan                          Thy Vongsa
Mr. William G. Ulbricht                    Reverend Richard S. Wade
Mr. and Mrs. Kent L. Ulrich                Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Waggoner JR
Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater      Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Waggoner JR
United Way of Central & Northeast Conn.    Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Waitkus
United Way of Greater Houston              Ms. Karen Wajenecht
United Way of Greater Rochester            Ms. Joan M. Walcott
United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc.   Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Walek
United Way of New York City                Ms. Grace L. Waley
United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania    Mr. and Mrs. John Walichnowski
United Way of The Laurel Highlands, Inc.   Ms. Lean Walker
United Way of The National Capital Area    Mr. Robert G. Walker
Mr. Ralph E. Uzzi                          Ms. Carol A. Weideman
Valancius & Salvador, PA                   Ms. Mary Walker
Ms. Wilma Krenzelak                        Mr. and Mrs. John E. Wall
Ms. Diana Della Valentina                  Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. David Vanwanzeele             Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wallace
Mr. Lester Varadi                          Ms. Erica Walters
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Vaughn               Mr. and Mrs. William K. Walton
Mr. Vincent Vaughters DDS                  Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Waltrous
Mrs. Mary Ann Vecchio                      Ms. Francine S. Ward
Mr. and Mrs. John Vecchioli                Ms. Judy Ward
Mr. and Mrs. John Veighte                  Ms. Margie Ward
Vendome Village                            Mr. Andrew Wargo
Ms. Dorothy Venis                          Ms. Merri Warren
Verizon                                    Mr. Edward J. Warticki
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vermette               Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Washington
Inez, Ronald and Robert Vigil              Mr. and Mrs. Stanley K. Wasitowski
                Honor Roll of Donors
                                  $25 - $999
Mr. John Waters                      Mr. Noel Wilkinson
Mr. James Wayne                      Mr. Jeffrey L. Wilks
Ms. Midge Weatherwax                 Ms. Sandy Willenburg
Ms. Yvette C. Webb                   Ms. Melody Williams
Mr. Matt Weber                       M. L. Williams and Lavin Lindsay
Ms. Tara Webster                     Mr. Rick Willis
Ms. Clara Wehrfritz                  Lee Willisten
Beva Weise                           Mr. John Wills
Mr. Norman Weller                    Mr. James Wilson
Ms. Shirley Wells                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Wilson III
Cari Welsh                           Ms. Anna Wilson
Ms. Terry Wendt                      Ms. Sandra Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Wennes       Ms. Jeanne Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Wesley       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Windishman
Mrs. Lucille P. Weyer                Wings of Nutrition
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Wheeler      Winnens Circle of Southwest Florida
Ms. Mary Whipple                     Mrs. Shirley Winter
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. White         Wishnatzki Strawberry Farm
Mr. and Mrs. James R. White          Ms. Margaret D. Wisniewski
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. White        C. Witherington
Mr. James P. White                   Ms. Eve Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. White           Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Woltman
Gerald R. Whitehurst                 Ms. Mary Woltman
Ms. Gail Whiting                     Women's Fellowship of Pilgram
Ms. Theresa Whitley                  Col. and Mrs. Hector Wood Ret
Ms. Brenda G. Whitley                Mr. Tony Wood
Mr. Phil Whitman                     Mr. and Mrs. James R. Woodfield
Mr. Clifton Whitty                   Woodroffe Corporation Architects
Ms. Beverly Wiebeld                  Mr. Gerald Woodward
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wilding      Mr. Shawn Wright
Dr. Catherine Wilkins                Charles Wright
Mrs. Dania Wilkins                   Mr. Eugene Wright
Ms. Wilkinson                        Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Wroblewski
Mr. Noel E. Wilkinson                Ms. Jenifer Wrzesniewski
Honor Roll of Donors
            $25 - $999
 Yanchuck, Berman, Wadley, and Zervos P. A.
 Mr. and Mrs. Edgar O. Yates
 Mr. Alfred R. Yeasted
 Ms. Maureen C. Yennerbeck
 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Yglesias
 Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Youner
 Mrs. Winifred A. Young
 Ms. Frances Yourt
 Youth Build Pinellas
 SFC. Michael Ysidro
 Mr. Steve M. Yurka
 Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Zaiens
 B. Zaino
 Glyssel Zanabria
 Ms. Jessica Zane
 Ms. Kathleen Zapata
 Delma A. Zeazey
 Ms. Louise Zedell
 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Zeien
 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O. Zeller
 Mr. and Mrs. John Zientarski
 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Zingale JR
 Mr. and Mrs. William Zito
 Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Zuhars
 Ms. Sharon Zulli
 Ms. Lois A. Zumbahlen
 Dr. and Mrs. Antonio V. Zumpano