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									PhosphonicSTM Precious Metal Recovery

 Extracting high value Precious Metals from
         Process and Waste Streams
                        PhosphonicS™ Overview
   Private Venture Capital backed company
   Established in 2003
   Commercialising novel technology developed at University of London
   Raised new funding in January 2010 to support further growth

 Facts:
 Head Office and R&D centre: Milton Park Oxford, UK
 3 manufacturing sites
 20 man technical team working in fully equipped laboratory, including ICP
 Global sales footprint
 Network of sales agents including North America, Japan, China
 Global development partners
                        PhosphonicS™ Location
 Located at Milton Science Park, Oxfordshire, UK
Precious Metal Recovery - Background

 • Precious Metals: wide range of applications in
   chemical catalysts, electrochemical, electronics, …
 • PM recovery is essential for process economics
 • Recovery of PMs from solution in Process and Waste
   Streams presents a technical challenge
 • Conventional methods of recovery can be ineffective
     Lower PM concentrations
     Highly acidic environment
     Organic / aggressive solvents

 PhosphonicSTM offers an effective new Precious
 Metal Recovery solution
                 PhosphonicS™ Precious Metal Recovery

PhosphonicS™ products are silica-based, surface-coated
with optimum functional groups for PM Recovery



   Portfolio of Scavengers for Precious Metals
            Broad Coverage of Precious Metals

Wide range of Precious Metals can be treated
     Two Main Processes for Metal Scavenging

• Column – Fixed Bed
   • Pass solution through column/fixed bed
   • Flow rate, contact time, temperature dependent on metal
    concentration and Performance Target
   • Collect loaded Scavenger and ship for refining
   • Wash with solvent or water as required
   • Fixed and mobile unit options
• Slurry/Batch Mode
   • Stir Solution with Scavenger
   • Time and Temperature dependent on Conc. and
   Performance Target
   • Filter, wash if necessary and dry to defined level
  Lower concentration bulk streams: scavenging benefits
                                                                                       • Energy
                            On site
                                                   Distillation                        • Fixed costs
                                                                                       • Opex costs
                                                                                       • Time

                                                                           • Treatment Cost
Lower concentration                                Incineration
                                                                           • Time
catalyst purge stream
                                                                           • Liquid handling and
                        • Transport costs/issues                           refining problems
                        • Time
 On site

                           • Efficient concentration
                             onto solid support
                           • Low capex operation
                           • Reduced opex and waste
                           • Easier transport and                   ship
     Scavenging              handling, lower transport cost                         Precious Metals Refining
                           • Lower refining treatment costs
                           - high refining yields
Precious Metal Recovery: Application Examples

Current Plant/Field Applications include:
• Rhodium removal from low concentration catalyst
• Platinum removal from reactive chemical process &
  waste streams (e.g. highly acidic streams)
• Ruthenium removal from coating and catalyst
• Palladium recovery from chemical catalyst streams
• Selective Gold removal from base metal streams
• Post refinery Waste Streams
                   Rhodium Catalyst Recovery

                    • Recovery of Rhodium from a Catalyst
130 ppm Rh
                      purge stream
                    • 200 m3 per annum scale
                    • Low capex unit installed ($100k)
                    • >98% metal capture and ~3 w/w %
                    • Refining return 97%

 <3 ppm Rh

 Superior to alternative treatment options
 Fast Capex payback
 Annual cost saving ~ USD 320k
                  Selective Precious Metals Recovery

• Acidic Process Stream
• 110 ppm Palladium, 190 ppm Platinum, 5 ppm Rhodium
• High concentration of base Metals present
    • Copper (89 g/L), Nickel (2.7 g/L), Zinc (19 g/L)

• > 99% Platinum and Palladium and > 90% of Rhodium
  removed from solution
• Combined Precious Metal Loadings of 5-7%
• Negligible removal of base metals in the process

    Highly selective PM recovery
    Avoids laborious pH adjustment /precipitation
    Bulk scale operation
    High value cost saving
                                 Silanes – Pt Recovery

• Highly Reactive Silane Streams
• 60-100 ppm Platinum
• Continuous Scavenging Process developed to recover Platinum
  Catalyst from waste solutions
• >98% recovered Platinum
• High refining return
• Works on product and waste stream

    Previously unrecoverable stream
    USD 500k pa saving
    Silica survives contact with aggressive chemical
                        Acid Streams – Pt/Au recovery

• Strong Acid Aqueous Waste Streams
 (aqua regia, nitric acid containing Platinum and Gold)
• Concentration ranges 20 – 2000 ppm
• Greater than 98% Removal of Platinum / Gold
• Slurry Batch mode / Room Temperature
• Refiners routinely achieve 98-99% Platinum Recovery

  Avoids multiple pH adjustment/precipitations
  No sludge treatments
  Time and cost savings, lower refining charges
  Silica operates in highly acidic environment
PhosphonicS™: Business Services

              Lab Testing and Analysis
     Identify Scavenger and Process Conditions
              Run Rig and Field Trials

              Design Full Scale Process

        Build and Supply Capital Equipment

           Supply and Package Scavenger

       Advise at Start-up and provide Training

      Ongoing Technical & Analytical Support
• PhosphonicSTM Precious Metal Recovery – high
  efficiency, high capacity materials for lower
  concentration PGM streams

• PhosphonicSTM Precious Metal Recovery offers a
  simple and economic recovery solution, applied on
  site, simplifying transport of metal for efficient

• PhosphonicSTM Precious Metal Recovery is being
  applied in variety of PGM recovery processes in
  chemical, industrial, mineral processing and mining

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