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					      June 2008
                                                   Baseball coming to Sin City
                                           Las Vegas 51’s Join SCCC, Networking Events Planned
                                                              The Sin City Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome
                                                              the Las Vegas 51s to the Sin City Chamber Membership. By
                                                              joining the Sin City Chamber, the Las Vegas 51s Baseball
                                                              Organization will now be included in our tradition of providing
                                                              incredible sports entertainment related networking events
                                                              (Hockey, Golf, Sky Diving, etc.)

                                                              “Baseball is America’s Passtime and we are thrilled to have
                                                              the Las Vegas 51s work with us to provide networking
                                                              opportunities, as well as, help us in our philanthropic
                                                              endeavors” commented Loretta Holt, President of the Sin City
                                                              Chamber of Commerce. “We are very excited about our slate
                                                              of upcoming events with the 51s and encourage everyone to
                                                              support the Las Vegas 51s. Go Blue!”

                                     The Las Vegas 51s will be joining fellow Sin City Chamber Members like the Las
                                     Vegas Wranglers Hockey Organization in providing unique networking opportunities
                                     for the Chamber Membership and the Las Vegas Business Community.

          Alexis                     The Las Vegas 51s/Stars are the longest enduring franchise in the history of
                                     professional sports in Southern Nevada. For 25 years the Las Vegas franchise has
 Entertainer of the Month
                                     been a member of the Pacific Coast League and Cashman Field has been home to
Appearing Courtesy of the World
Famous Chicken Ranch Brothel,        some of the biggest rising stars in Minor League Baseball. The 51s are currently the
        Pahrump, NV                  AAA affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers.
                                                                                Sin City Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                  Mainstream Power Players:
Judging a book by its cover?
- A Quick Look at the Political                                                        Cirque du Soleil, Inc.
Party Websites                                                                         Miss USA Organization
                                                                                       Las Vegas Wranglers
                                                                     Mixing            Las Vegas 51s
                                                                   Mainstream          On-Site Dental
                                                                     with the          BMW Motorcycles of Las Vegas
                                                                                       Henderson Hyundai
                                                                   Adult is the
                                                                                       Harley-Davidson Café
                                                                   cornerstone         Heartland Payment Systems
                                                                      of Las           InfoUSA
                                                                     Vegas’            Nevada Commerce Bank
Libertarian Party Website –                                         success.           ServPro of Nevada
Quick to load with considerable                                                        Service 1st Bank of Nevada
content related to vital issues,                                                       Southern Wine & Spirits
and shows candidate in a positive                                                      V-Theatre / David Sax Productions
                                    Note: The Sin City Chamber of Commerce believes every member is a Power Player and plays a
                                    significant role in the Las Vegas Community.

                                    June 19th – Palm Restaurant Networking Event
                                    June 21st –Sin City Golf Club Casablanca Resort Golf Outing
  2                                                                                     Sin City Vision Online
      June 2008
                                                                                            Advisory Council
Las Vegas 51s                        1
                                         Chairman: Larry Davis, Realty Management Source
Advisory Council                    2
                                         Vice Chairperson: Michele Stanford Red Thunder Mobile Billboards
Campaign Websites                   3

Bed Bug Dog Detection Team           5
                                                     2008 Advisory Council Members
June Networking Event               6                         Karen Scherer, A Flamingo Glass & Engraving
4 Anniversary Party                 7                  Melissa Jones, Avalar Jones Real Estate & Investments
Hot Rod of the Month                8
                                                                             Louis Levin, Century 21
Porn Tax                             9
                                                                Terry Bradley, Color Gamut Digital Imaging
Alexis                              11
                                                                Erika Napoletano, Diamond Bay Investments
Golf Getaway                        12
                                                                        Guetty Kaula, Insurance Broker
Less Alien                          14
                                                                             David Sutton, VCX, Inc.
Nevada’s UFO Connection             16
                                                                   Perry Garrett, Radiance Tanning Salon
Gentlemen’s Club Owners Expo       19

Chicken Ranch Experience Recap      21

About the Chamber                  23    CASHMSG of Happiness                                                      by Jinendra

                                         Science Reveals Pathway to Sustainable Happiness; Scientists, philosophers, and grandmothers
                                         agree: You can make yourself happy – with Practice.

                                         Here are some hints:

                                         COMPASSION: Don’t fake compassion. Offer yourself (time, energy, money) to others and you will
                                         tend to be happier. So find an activity you already enjoy, and share it with another. You’ll be
                                         surprised how fast the warm feelings multiply.

                                         ACCEPTANCE: Being happy doesn’t mean being cheerful-or a constant smile all the time.
                                         Everybody hurts sometimes; give yourself permission to be human.

                                         SUPPORT: In spite of your overloaded schedule, find time for socializing. Fulfilling relationships are
                                         vital to a person’s sense of well-being. So make everyday a “mental health day” – connect with your
                                         friends and relatives.
          I become a
                                         HEALTH: Happiness isn’t limited to your brain—the rest of your body has to be in on it, too. Treat
          transparent                    your body with kindness and care, and it’ll make a better vessel for achieving your emotional goals.
         eyeball; I am
                                         MINDFULLNESS: Optimism is an acquired skill. Learning to look at the bright side takes practice-
       nothing; I see all;               and mindfulness meditation is the ideal training. Just sit down for 20 minutes once a day and notice
      the currents of the                how your mind reacts to pleasant versus unpleasant sensations. You’ll realize how conditioned your
                                         mind is-and how simple it is to change it.
        Universal Being
                                         SIMPLICITY: Happiness can certainly be pleasurable, but that doesn’t mean you need a plush,
       circulate through                 leather, upholstered Rolls Royce to attain it. The simpler you material life, the easier it is to notice
      me; I am part and                  everyday joys-birds chirping, kids laughing and your feet hitting the pavement as you walk to the
        particle of God.
                                         GRATITUDE: Rather than insist that if only you had that dreamy loer, bigger apartment or glamorous
                                         job you’d be happy; cultivate an appreciation for what you already have. Students in Harvard’s
             Ralph Waldo                 “happiness class” practice this technique through “the gratitude assignment”. The homework? A letter
              Emerson                    of appreciation to someone you love.
                                             SIN CITY VISION – The Very Best of Sin City
                                 The Official Online Magazine of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce
   3                                                                               Sin City Vision Online
                                                      Judging a book by its cover?
                                                      A brief comparison of the website content of three political parties.
                                                      Editorial By: Michael Russell, Executive Vice President & Alison Millette, VP of Sales

                                                      The Presidential hopefuls are virtually decided, and as
                                                      the dust settles on an admittedly long and painful road to
                                                      the Party Nominees, the SCCC takes a look at the online
                                                      presence of the predominant 3 (yes, we said three)
                                                      political parties.

                                                      In the race for the presidency, it is often a battle for votes
                                                      cast based on (let’s admit it) a more arbitrary than
                                                      politically sound platform. There is an almost immediate
                                                      recovery from the months spent campaigning for (or
Libertarian Party Website – Quick to load with
                                                      against) a potential candidate; often ending in a change
considerable content related to vital issues, and
shows candidate in a positive light.                  of heart which can, and in many cases does, end in a
                                                      change of party affiliation.

                                                      To this end, the SCCC recognizes the need for citizens to
                                                      take a moment to reevaluate, breathe, and revisit the
                                                      issues surrounding the upcoming election. With the
                                                      issues come the views that will eventually determine for
                                                      each of us which is the best candidate for President of
                                                      the United States.

                                                      So, where does one begin to research the people and
                                                      parties that will hopefully reshape the country? Begin at
                                                      the beginning.

                                                      As the face of all modern companies begins with the
Democratic Party Website – Quick to load, quick to    convenience, comfort, and relative anonymity of the
ask for money, and shows candidate in a positive      internet, the Sin City Chamber of Commerce decided to
light.                                                investigate the websites of the three predominant parties
                                                      for insight.

                                                      Beginning with the underdog, the Libertarians, whom
                                                      many voters simply do not recognize as a viable option,
                                                      the SCCC was pleased to find the site to be primarily
                                                      issue oriented. The “small government” appeal is evident
                                                      to those in both the old Republican Reagan and current
                                                      Bush II Camps, yet the considerable progress made in
                                                      the last eight years has been based largely on the
                                                      strength of privacy based issues; most namely the nearly
                                                      universal abhorrence of the “Patriot Act”.

                                                      After leaving the Libertarian Party Website, the
Republican Party Website – slow to load, quick to     Republican Party Website was next in line. At first
show Democratic Party Candidate in negative light.    glance, the site was sluggish and stuffy, with negative
                                                      undertones that were unavoidable as the streaming video
                                        SIN CITY VISION – The Very Best of Sin City
                             The Official Online Magazine of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce
      4                                                                              Sin City Vision Online
                                                                                       Judging a book by its cover?
                                                                                       Continued. . .

                                                                                       flashed defeatist pictures of Obama,
                                                                                       Hillary and others complete with
                                                                                       degrading captions set on a
                                                                                       continuous loop.        One gets the
                                                                                       feeling that the rallying speaking
                                                                                       points were intended less
                                                                                       for the common voter than for the
                    Sin City Golf Club Leader Board                                    talking heads to regurgitate in
                                                                                       “higher circles”. While one is sure
                                                                                       upon visiting that there are
Rank               Contact                          Company                Average     redeeming qualities to be found in
 1        Michael Russell               Sin City Chamber of Commerce         92.50     the way of argument, issues and
 2        Tim Webster                      Casablanca Hotel & Casino         83.00     views, it is the innate slowness of the
 3        Sid Lefebvre                          Flooring America             91.50     site that requires patience well
 4        Paul Casper                             Liberty Realty             92.00     beyond that of this writer to discover
 5        John Lefebvre                         Flooring America             93.00     their merit.
 6        Samantha Summerville         Innovative Consulting & Marketing     96.00
 7        Steve Rozek                   Sin City Chamber of Commerce         98.00     Last, but not least, we visited the
 8        Scott Trujillo                      McFadden Insurance            102.00     Democratic Party Website. While it
 9        Louis Levin                        Louis Levin-Century 21         103.00     loaded quickly and efficiently, the
 10       Ken O'neil                           Sin City Caddy Girls         103.00     overall lack of substance was
 11       Mark Ford                            Sin City Caddy Girls         105.50     overwhelmingly distressing and the
 12       Leon Lato                           Lato & Petrova, CPAs          109.00     imagery appeared to be borderline
 13       Rosemary Lato                       Lato & Petrova, CPAs          114.00     demagoguery.         With nothing to
                                                                                       transform the individual searching for
                                                                                       information to a contributing believer
                                                                                       in the campaign, the requests for
          Golf Club Members that
          have not yet submitted a
                                                                                       “contributions” felt overly forward and
          score card.                                                                  borderline offensive.           It was
 14       Nelson Oshita                        Las Vegas Weekly                        reminiscent of being asked to pay
 15       Lance Fronk                          Las Vegas Weekly                        top dollar to the doorman at a
 16       Perry Garrett                     Radiance Tanning Salon                     famous Las Vegas Night Club to get
 17       Larry Davis                      Realty Management Source                    into a party you may well have
 18       Joe Russo                           Reliant Web Services                     organized, or even funded.
 19       Mark Wiley                            Scores Las Vegas
 20       Wayne Bridge                  Sin City Chamber of Commerce                   While an interesting study for us, the
 21       Mike Sussen                      Southern Wine and Spirits                   SCCC avidly encourages everyone
 22       Shane O'Keefe                    Southern Wine and Spirits                   to visit each party’s site and go about
 23       David Sutton                                VCX                              seeking the ideal presidential
                                                                                       candidate based on the issues,
          KEY                                                                          views and standpoints of political
                                     Qualified for "Chamber Cup" with                  forums.
                                     Four Appearances
                                     Signifies 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place
                                     Standing                                          Comments?

                                                 SIN CITY VISION – The Very Best of Sin City
                                      The Official Online Magazine of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce
 5                                                                            Sin City Vision Online


        DETECTION TEAM                                                                   Over 90%
Las Vegas Hotels, motels, hospitals, long term Health                                    Accurate
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                                         SIN CITY VISION – The Very Best of Sin City
                              The Official Online Magazine of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce
6                                                                Sin City Vision Online
    Hosted by:              A LAS VEGAS NETWORKING EVENT - Join the Sin City
                            Chamber of Commerce for our June 2008 Networking Event hosted
                            by Palm Restaurant in the Caesars Forum Shops. Join us at a
                            beautiful venue with a warm atmosphere, amazing food, and a very
                            social networking group, please registered today.
                                                              Sponsored by:

                            DATE: June 19, 2008
                            TIME: 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM

                            MEMBER REGISTRATION FREE
                            NON-MEMBER REGISTRATION - Tickets $20.00 Each

                 Call 702-450-7222 to RSVP NOW or email

                            SIN CITY VISION – The Very Best of Sin City
                  The Official Online Magazine of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce
 7                                                                         Sin City Vision Online
                                                                       4th ANNIVERSARY
                                                                        PARTY AND SIN
                                                                           CITY EXPO!
                                                                      Hosted by the Harley-Davidson® Cafe Las Vegas

                                                                                      July 24, 2008
                                                                                       6PM to 9PM
                                                                   The Sin City Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to
                                                                   welcome the Las Vegas Business Community to our
                                                                   4th Anniversary Party & Sin City Expo on July 24,
                                                                   2008 from 6PM to 9PM hosted by SCCC Member, the
                                                                   Harley-Davidson Cafe.

Sponsored by:
  On-Site Dental
  Network Consultants of Nevada
  Strip Las Vegas
  Hills - Kahn

     4th Anniversary
      Table Display
products on July 24, 2008 at the Sin City
Chamber of Commerce's 4th Anniversary Party
and Sin City Expo. Table displays are for SCCC
Members only.

   CALL 702-450-
  7222 to register!

                                       SIN CITY VISION – The Very Best of Sin City
                            The Official Online Magazine of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce
   8                                                                   Sin City Vision Online
 Sin City Chamber of Commerce
     JUNE 2008
Hot Rod of the Month                        Featuring the Hyundai Elantra
       Sponsored by:

                                         The Sin City Vision is pleased to begin a new monthly segment, “Hot Rod of
                                         the Month.” Just as Sin City is an adult entertainment dreamland, the good
                                         ol’ American Dream of Fast Cars and Fast Women endures. In order to
                                         highlight the cars that are impact the Las Vegas highways, the “Hot Rod of
                                         the Month” will feature cars from member auto dealerships.

                                         Remember, when you contact a member auto dealership and you ask for the
                                         Sin City Chamber Hot Rod of the Month, ask them to work the numbers for
                                         you a fellow member. To that end, we are please to bring our readers the
                                         first ever, “Hot Rod of the Month” featuring Henderson Hyundai’s Elantra, a
                                         midclass sedan that offers great gas mileage, many upgrades and a
                                         comfortable ride.

Ask About Our Sin City Chamber
      Member Discounts.

  Henderson Hyundai’s
  Jesse Rodriguez will be happy
  to assist with any questions you may
  have. Jesse can be reached at: 450 N. Boulder Hwy. Henderson NV 89015, his phone is 702-565-
  1500 or e-mail him directly at

  SCCC MEMBERS – GOT A HOT ROD?                        Email your car photo, story, logo, and
  contact information to .
                                  SIN CITY VISION – The Very Best of Sin City
                        The Official Online Magazine of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce
 9                                                                               Sin City Vision Online

                                                                       New Firm Lovaas &
                                                                         Lehtinen, P.C.
                                                                   As of June 1, 2008, Aaron and I will be opening our new
                                                                   firm. We are proud to announce the new firm name of
                                                                   Lovaas & Lehtinen, P.C. We are pleased to inform you
                                                                   that Aaron and me and our paralegal, Danielle Kelley,
                                                                   will remain at our current office location, 3016 W.
                                                                   Charleston Blvd., Suite 210, Las Vegas, Nevada, and
                                                                   maintain the same telephone and fax numbers (702-
                                                                   388-1011 and 702-387-1011, respectively). Both Aaron
                                                                   and I look forward to continuing and developing our
                                                                   relationship with all the SCCC members, and making
                                                                   our firm more productive than ever. Our new e-mail
                                                                   addresses and website address are as follows:
                                                         ,      and     kristan@lovaas-
                                                          Thank you to all our current clients and
                                                                   SCCC members for your continued confidence in our
team and the service and representation that we are proud to provide.

As many SCCC members are aware, Lovaas & Lehtinen, P.C. is a local Las Vegas law firm focusing our practice on
representation of every aspect of business law, including negotiation, pre-litigation matters, litigation, trial, and post-trial
appellate matters. We have extensive experience, and serve the legal needs of our clients, by providing the following
transactional and litigation services: formation and maintenance of business entity ventures, business and ownership
transition planning, contracts, real estate matters (commercial leasing), as well as
general corporate compliance.

While our primary focus is litigation, our lawyers also engage in strategic planning
with clients so they may avoid future controversies, litigation and other legal
challenges. Our goal is to advance our clients' interests as quickly and efficiently as
possible. Our clients include various night clubs and adult entertainment venues,
corporations, small business owners, banks, construction companies, land
developers, insurance companies, and individuals from every walk of life. We take
pride in solving our clients' challenges through practical, creative and effective
counseling and advocacy. We always strive to meet or exceed the standards of
conduct contained in The Clark County Bar Association's Lawyer's Pledge of
Professionalism. We welcome you to Lovaas & Lehtinen, P.C., and look forward to
seeing you at The Palm Event this month, which we are proud to sponsor.

           Aaron D. Lovaas, Esq. and Kristan E. Lehtinen, Esq.

                                             As many SCCC members are aware,
                                             Aaron and I began a series of articles
                                             for the Vision magazine to respond to
the variety of business-related issues directly affecting SCCC members and adult-
oriented businesses in Nevada. Given the headlining news of a 25% pornography             WOULD YOU OVER TAX TERA?
tax, we felt it necessary to temporarily interrupt this series to comment on
California’s new proposed legislation and heavy-handed approach to the adult              Tera Patrick of is a
                                                                                          Proud Member of the Sin City Chamber of
businesses currently located in California. In addition, we will also discuss the
                                                                                          Commerce and our first entertainer of the
potential effects of this Bill to Nevada adult business owners and Las Vegas.             Year!
Please be assured we will continue our series of articles next month.

                                          SIN CITY VISION – The Very Best of Sin City
                              The Official Online Magazine of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce
 10                                                                                Sin City Vision Online
The proposed legislation is far reaching and would affect almost every type of adult business in California including strip
clubs, adult book stores, producers and distributors of adult films and other media including magazines. Specifically, the Bill
seeks to impose a 25% tax on all of the following: (1) sale of adult material including books, magazines, video, or computer
images; (2) gross receipts of any adult entertainment venue; (3) buyers of pay-per-view viewing of adult entertainment films;
(4) producers, distributors and retailers of adult entertainment movies or videos where 50% of their gross profits are derived
from adult content; and (5) the retail sale of any adult merchandise sold through the Internet within California. Even more
atrocious is the proposed 25% tax is on the gross receipts of the above “…from whatever source, received by the adult
entertainment venue….” See AB 2914, at Section 33003(c)(emphasis added).                In addition, such a proposed tax is
absolutely concerning because it would potentially require the tax at every single stage from production, wholesale sales to
distributors, to retailers, and ultimately the consumer.

California Assembly Member, Charles Calderon originally proposed Assembly Bill No. 2914 in February of this year. The Bill
was last amended on May 8, 2008. Mr. Calderon’s apparent justification for the Bill included the “…numerous negative
secondary effects [of the adult entertainment industry] on the people of this state.” See AB 2914, at Section 1(b). Those
justifications included alleged increases in crime, sexually transmitted diseases, access of children to sexually explicit
material, and the encouragement of unsafe sex by consumers among various other justifications. All the revenues collected
from the above taxes would fund the Adult Entertainment Venue Impact Fund to reduce these asserted negative effects of
the adult industry.

The adult entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar business, and is heavily concentrated in California. Las Vegas’
designation as “Sin City” would certainly encourage the potential migration of California adult video producers,
manufacturers, distributors, vendors, retailers, and entertainers to our home state. Nevada’s excellent profitable business
environment, would also encourage the influx of former California adult related businesses into Nevada. Such an influx
could increase economic development of Las Vegas, but also would potentially increase competition to local adult
businesses, and many of our clients. On the other hand, until that influx of new adult businesses is experienced, there could
be an increase in sales of adult entertainment products in Nevada as well as other neighboring states.

Most perplexing for those current Californians enduring the red of the California budget, is the most certain defection of the
adult industry into states without such a huge tax burden. As many of our clients are aware, California has imposed
traditionally high taxes on California businesses both in the adult industry as well as other sectors. The singling out of the
adult industry to surrender ¼ of their gross receipts to assist a spend and tax government is absolutely overreaching and
most certainly will result in the defection of most, if not all, of the adult industry and related business. It will be curious to
see the next target of the California government upon the defection of the same. In the meantime, Aaron and I look forward
to any opportunity to provide assistance to both our current clients seeking to transfer and solidify their California business
holdings to their current Nevada entity; as well as welcome California adult businesses seeking to relocate to our great
State of Nevada.

            Rob Bulmer Joins Nevada Commerce Bank
(Las Vegas) —Nevada Commerce Bank, a Las Vegas-based business bank, today announced the appointment of Rob
Bulmer to the position of vice president/loan officer.

Prior to joining Nevada Commerce Bank, Bulmer served as senior relationship manager of business banking for Wells
Fargo Bank in Las Vegas, where he was responsible for underwriting loan requests for businesses, as well as sales of bank
deposit, treasury management, and merchant services to both new and existing clientele. He previously served as vice
president and commercial loan officer for Business Bank of Nevada, where he managed an existing commercial loan
portfolio of $20 million dollars.

A 10-year veteran of the banking industry, Bulmer earned a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration from
Pepperdine University in Malibu, Calif. and a master's of business administration degree from the University of Nevada, Las

Since 2000, Nevada Commerce Bank has provided outstanding commercial banking services in Southern Nevada. An
independent bank, NCB offers the advantage of local decision-making, backed by unsurpassed service, customized
products and timely value-added solutions for its customers. The bank has two branch locations: 3200 S. Valley View Blvd.
at Desert Inn and inside its new corporate headquarters at 6795 Edmund St., Suite 160 near Decatur and the 215. For more
information contact (702) 257-7777 or log on to
                                          SIN CITY VISION – The Very Best of Sin City
                              The Official Online Magazine of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce
   11                                                                            Sin City Vision Online
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Entertainer of the Month                                                            Alexis
June 2008
                                                                   Appearing Courtesy of the Chicken Ranch Brothel, Pahrump, NV

  Hi, my name is Alexis, I am from Pahrump, Nevada. I am a Courtesan that works at the Chicken Ranch. I am 38, my
  measurements are 36-25-36. I am 6 ft. and weigh 132 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes.

  I enjoy working at The Chicken Ranch because I love sharing brief encounters with a variety of interesting and successful
  gentlemen. Working at the Chicken Ranch also allows me the flexibility to travel and build additional sources of income for
  my future. The best part of my job is creating a memorable experience for someone who may not have the opportunity
  otherwise. Often my clients don't have the time for a relationship outside here, travel or may even have a handicap of some

  My hobbies include but are definitely not limited to self improvement, writing, web design, running, working out at the gym,
  wine tasting and sailing. My favorite music includes acid or mushroom jazz, 80's music, and alternative. People would
  describe me as an individual with a big heart, intelligent, creative, enthusiastic and of course, SEXY!!!

  My career highlights/awards/degrees: I was the first legal prostitute in Nevada to have her own website with photos in 1996
  and in 2000 I was included in the LPIN Hall of Fame. Following my retirement in 2000 I received a B.S. in Business
  Administration with an option in Service Sector Management. In 2004 I received my Court of Master Sommelier wine

  I am proud to be a member of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce because the represent the adult entertainment industry,
  allowing us the opportunity to contribute positively to our community as well. My favorite thing about Sin City Chamber is
  their willingness to represent the adult entertainment industry workers and their support of our industry.

                                          SIN CITY VISION – The Very Best of Sin City
                               The Official Online Magazine of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce
  12                                                                  Sin City Vision Online
                           Sin City Golf Club Meeting
                                     Weekend Getaway
                                         June 21st, 2008

                                                            Hosted by
                                               Casablanca Casino Hotel, Mesquite, NV

                                                                 Sponsored by


NON-MEMBERS GOLF ENTRY: $80         Please join the Sin City Chamber of Commerce as we take the
FRIDAY NIGHT STAY: $75              one hour trek to Mesquite for a weekend Golf Getaway hosted
SATURDAY NIGHT STAY: $85            by the Casablanca Resort Hotel. Guests will have the option of
BOTH NIGHTS: $150                   a Friday Night and/or Saturday Night stay on June 20 and June

                                    Tee off for golfers is 9:30 AM on Saturday June 21st. Guests of
                                    golfers will have a wide variety of activities to participate in,
                                    everything from tennis to spa treatments waits. . . oh and don’t
                                    forget Casablanca offers a wide variety of gaming.

             RSVP to

                               SIN CITY VISION – The Very Best of Sin City
                     The Official Online Magazine of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce
13                                                    Sin City Vision Online

               SIN CITY VISION – The Very Best of Sin City
     The Official Online Magazine of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce
 14                                                 Sin City Vision Online
                          Making the Las Vegas 51s Less Alien
                                                 Las Vegas Franchise Team History: Looking Back Over 25 Seasons
                                                 (1983-2007): Las Vegas Triple-A baseball, of the Pacific Coast League,
                                                 has provided exciting family entertainment to the city for a quarter-century.
                                                 Initiating professional baseball in Cashman Field, a crowd of 13,878 fans
                                                 jammed the stadium on April 1, 1983, for a Major League exhibition game
                                                 between the Seattle Mariners and the San Diego Padres. PCL baseball
                                                 was born in Las Vegas on April 10, 1983, before a crowd of 10,622. The
                                                 then-Stars, in their brown, gold and burnt orange uniforms, defeated Salt
                                                 Lake City, 11-8. Las Vegas, under manager Harry Dunlop, posted a regular
                                                 season 83-60 record, the team's best mark which stood for 19 seasons
                                                 until the 2002 51s broke the all-time record of 85-59 (.590). Outfielder
                                                 Kevin McReynolds, the 1983 PCL MVP, set the tone for the caliber of
                                                 players, which would appear yearly in the talent laden PCL. Manager Larry
                                                 Bowa guided the Stars to their first PCL crown in 1986 with an 80-62 record
                                                 and Steve Smith led Las Vegas to its second PCL title in 1988.

                                                 The most prominent players, through the first decade, that appeared in Las
                                                 Vegas uniforms included: Sandy Alomar, Jr., the two-time PCL MVP (1988-
                                                 89), Roberto Alomar, Andy Benes, Bruce Bochy, Carlos Baerga, Jerald
                                                 Clark, Joey Cora, holder of the franchise record with a 37-game hitting
                                                 streak, Ozzie Guillen, Tony Gwynn (rehab assignment), Andy Hawkins,
                                                 John Kruk, Rick Lancellotti, holder of the single-season franchise record
                                                 with 131 RBI, Joe Lansford, Shane Mack, Tim Pyznarski (1986 PCL MVP),
                                                 Bip Roberts, and Benito Santiago.

                                               The Triple-A All-Star Game was held at Cashman Field on July 11, 1990.
                                               The National League defeated the American League, 8-5, before a crowd
                                               of 10,323. The highlight to the finale of the first decade of Las Vegas Triple-
A baseball occurred during the 1992 season. Right-hander Tim Worrell, on Sept. 5, hurled the first no hitter by a Las Vegas
pitcher in Cashman Field history. He dominated the Firebirds in his final regular season start.

The Las Vegas franchise established a player development agreement with the San Diego Padres for the first 18 years of
the team's existence (1983-2000). From 1993-2000, Las Vegas advanced to the PCL playoffs once (1996) and finished
below .500 six times. The 1996 season, under the helm of Jerry Royster, was marred by the death of Mike Sharperson. The
date May 26, 1996, will forever be etched in the history of the franchise. Sharperson, #15 jersey was later retired, was killed
in a one-car accident off of Interstate-15/215. The team rallied behind their popular fallen teammate, and put together a 42-
30 second half record to earn a post-season berth.

The most prominent players in the second and third decades of the franchise included: Homer Bush, the late Mike Darr, Ben
Davis, Rob Deer, Eric Gagné, Joey Hamilton, Dustin Hermanson, Phil Hiatt (2001 PCL MVP), Kevin Higgins, Wally Joyner,
Derrek Lee, Keith Lockhart, James Loney (2006 PCL and Minor League batting champion), Eddie Williams, who set a
franchise record with four home runs and 10 RBI against Calgary on April 22, 1998, and Worrell.

The beginning of the 21st century also signified a changing of the guard for the franchise. Las Vegas announced a new
player development agreement with the Los Angeles Dodgers (2001), a franchise rich in tradition. The team also unveiled a
new alien themed logo, based on the semi-secret government base known as "Area 51" which is located 160 miles
northwest of Las Vegas. Media reports of UFO sightings and alien activities have been rumored at the base. The team
nickname was changed from the Stars to 51s.

The Dodger Blue, which begins its eighth year in Las Vegas (2008), enjoyed immediate success on the playing field. The
2002 51s returned to the playoffs for the eighth time in team history. Left-hander Lindsay Gulin, on June 13, 2003, against
Tacoma, hurled the second no-hitter by a Las Vegas pitcher in Cashman Field history.

Over the past seven seasons, fans had an opportunity to watch Dodger stars: Adrian Beltre (2001), Paul Lo Duca (2001),
Kevin Brown (2002), Dave Roberts (2003), Hideo Nomo (2004), Jayson Werth (2004-05), Milton Bradley (2005), Eric Gagné
(2005-06), Brad Penny (2005), Odalis Perez (2005), Cesar Izturis (2006) and Yhency Brazoban (2007) play at Cashman
Field on Major League rehabilitation assignments.
                                         SIN CITY VISION – The Very Best of Sin City
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      15                                                                    Sin City Vision Online
                                                                   1 Tuesday, Salt Lake City               7:05
                                                                   2 Wednesday, Salt Lake City             7:05
                                                                   3 Thursday, Salt Lake City              7:05
                                                                   7 Monday, Tucson                        7:05
                                                                   8 Tuesday, Tucson                       7:05
                                                                   9 Wednesday, Tucson                     7:05
                                                                  10 Thursday, Tucson                      7:05
                                                                  11 Friday, Tacoma                        7:05
                                                                  12 Saturday, Tacoma                      7:05
                                                                  13 Sunday, Tacoma                       12:05
                                                                  14 Monday, Tacoma                        7:05
                                                                  22 Tuesday, Omaha                        7:05
                                                                  23 Wednesday, Omaha                      7:05
                                                                  24 Thursday, Omaha                       7:05
                                                                  25 Friday, Omaha                         7:05
                                                                  26 Saturday, Iowa                        7:05
                                                                  27 Sunday, Iowa                         12:05
                                                                  28 Monday, Iowa                          7:05
                                                                  29 Tuesday, Iowa                         7:05

                                                                  8 Friday, Sacramento                      7:05
                                                                  9 Saturday, Sacramento                    7:05
                                                                 10 Sunday, Sacramento                     12:05
                                                                 11 Monday, Sacramento                      7:05
                                                                 25 Monday, Fresno                          7:05
                                                                 26 Tuesday, Fresno                         7:05
                                                                 27 Wednesday, Fresno                       7:05
                                                                 28 Thursday, Fresno                        7:05
                                                                 29 Friday, Colorado Springs                7:05
                                                                 30 Saturday, Colorado Springs              7:05
                                                                 31 Sunday, Colorado Springs               12:05
For more information on 51’s ticket packages call:               SEPTEMBER
Isaiah Flynn, (702) 943-7246, Iflynn@LV51.Com                              1 Monday, Colorado Springs     12:05
                                                                          *Times, dates & promotions are subject to

                                                                          For more information on 51’s ticket
                                                                          packages call: Isaiah Flynn, (702)
                                                                          943-7246, Iflynn@LV51.Com

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       Nevada has an undeniable connection to UFOs.
                                                           Based on: David Sereda's Evidence: The Case For
                                                           NASA UFO's

                                                           Atomic testing in the early years of the Cold War lead
                                                           many believers that a heighten intensity of UFO
                                                           activity resulted in an alien spacecraft crashing in
                                                           Roswell, NM in 1947.

                                                           As a result, Area 51, ever present in the international
                                                           psyche, a top secret government base on the dry
                                                           lake bed at Groom Lake has fueled the imagination
                                                           of millions. Are we back engineering a crashed UFO?
                                                           What mystery lies in the Nevada desert.

                                                           Many intrepid visitors today take a run to Rachel, NV
                                                           not far from Las Vegas to get closer to what is
                                                           believed to be a hot bed of UFO activity. With the
                                                           incredible reports of objects reaching incredible
                                                           speeds, blinking in and out of existence there appears
                                                           to be something out there in the Nevada desert.

                                                           Las Vegas Visitors have often seen lights in the sky.
                                                           Will you see something? Do you believe?

Sirius ~ the Dog Star ~ Have we determined the source      Share           your        UFO                  story:
of UFOs?                                         

The UFO Phenomenon - the Tether Incident, Sirius and Ancient Knowledge of our Current Visitors

Throughout the 1990's NASA was airing live television footage of the Space Shuttle Missions. In February of 1996,
while testing a 12 mile long tether that would be used to collect high energy electrons which creates electricity,
something amazing occurred. Underestimating the amount of electricity that would be generated the tether
snapped, releasing it free from the Shuttle to float into space.

Amazingly caught on a UV Video camera were many objects that appeared to be UFOs. These objects
hovered at a variety of speeds in back of the 12 mile long tether. What was astonishing was the size of these
crafts, estimated to be between 1 - 3 miles in diameter, these are the largest UFOs ever caught on film.

                                     SIN CITY VISION – The Very Best of Sin City
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 17                                                                         Sin City Vision Online
                         Saturn in Infra-Red taken from Hubble ~ Source

Faster than the Speed of Light

Humans see only in the visible spectrum. Our eyes can only capture light in this narrow frequency. The UFOs
caught on video were in the Ultra Violet spectrum, meaning they were traveling faster than the naked eye
could see. The radiant objects were pulsing with an spiral pattern indicating a Magnetic Field which would
make the craft pure energy.

                                                                              Objects were seen leaving the Earths'
                                                                              surface, flying across the globe (faster
                                                                              than a shooting star at about 900,000
                                                                              MPH and never burning out), as well
                                                                              as, making high speed turns. Our
                                                                              fastest satellites travel about 35,000
                                                                              MPH.     Additionally, objects were
                                                                              escaping      Earth's   gravity  further
                                                                              indicating an internal energy source,.

                                                                              Oscillating waves of energy in what is
                                                                              thought to be an object capable of
                                                                              changing it's mass to the weight of a
                                                                              Photon by changing it's frequency
                                                                              which in turn enables the vehicle to
                                                                              obtain faster then light speeds,
                                                                              directly contradicting Einstein's Theory
                                                                              that nothing is faster than the speed
                                                                              of light.

  "Gravity at the highest frequency is truly beyond space and time"     Across from Stone Henge in 1996 the
                             David Sereda                               same year as the tether incident, a
                                                                        crop circle in a farmers field
appeared resembling a gravity wave pulsating just like the UFOs seen from the Shuttle.

Water Everywhere

Baffling NASA is the observation of objects entering the Earths atmosphere which can only be seen in the ultra
violet spectrum. The Polaris Satellite detected about 10 - 20 Million objects that appear to be mostly H20 in
"droplets" the size of a house that are hitting the Earths atmosphere. The H20 which may be a highly
benevolent act that is helping to repair the ozone layer considering that the water is being burned up on
impact in our atmosphere releasing Hydrogen and Oxygen which mutates to ozone. This is an unidentified
phenomenon that is not fully understood.

With what is believed to be a radiant membrane that protects the water inside creates a barrier to protect the
water traveling the fast distant of space. If water is surviving the only way possible is a membrane. No other
satellite has seen these objects, although they are said to have only looking in the infrared spectrum.

Ancient Knowledge of Sirius

In 1938, Chinese Professor Chi Pu Tei from the University of Beijing along with a team of Tibetan and Chinese
Archaeologist discovered what a burial site of small people with "large bulbous heads."

The research team also found large round disks with a spiraling groove of text. Over 716 disks were recovered
all resembling the radiating disks. The local people believed the disks marked something that happened over
12,000 years ago. The text was later translated with an amazing story about a craft falling from the sky. On the
cave walls was found a pictograph of the Earth, Moon, Sun, and Stars. The local tribe which had an average
height of just 4'2'' held the tradition that the craft and occupants were from Sirius, also known as the Dog Star.

                                     SIN CITY VISION – The Very Best of Sin City
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 18                                                                         Sin City Vision Online
From different sources we have this same knowledge, same recollection. The Dogon's an isolated tribe in NW
Africa speak of advance knowledge of Sirius with maps that include Sirius and an A and B star. Three stars on
the map! It was not until the 1990s that it was discovered that Sirius had not only 2 additional stars but planets
that revolved around Sirius B.

The Dogon's widely believed their Gods to be half Man and half Fish that traveled in water encapsulated
space craft from the Sirius Star System. If aquatic beings travel the expanse of space large quantities of water
would be required for the journey. The visitors were known as the Nomos and return on the Day of the Fish.
They are masters of water.

A Babylonian god was believed to come from the
water and teach science and elevate man to a new
level of technology. The ancestors of the Dogons
migrated to Egypt around 3,000 BC. The Egyptians
society near the River Sirius later to be the River Nile
believed their gods Osiris and Isis both symbolized as
the all seeing eye (See the One Dollar Bill on top of
Pyramid) were said to be Half Man and Half Fish. The
Egyptian Goddess Isis is said to have come from Sirius,
"I am she that goes out to the Dog Star."

Anubis, the God of the Dead, symbolized as Half Man
and Half Dog was said to be the god of Sirius. Anubis
would guide souls on a celestial boat to the star
system of Sirius upon their deaths. Some believe the
Sphinx is really half man and half dog in deference to
the Dog Star.

Mastery of water, miracles related to water are seen
through out the history of different gods. The Dogons
believed that the Nomos returned on several

Have we learned who are the visitors? Is the Dog Star
sending water and crafts to the earth in a benevolent          Orion taken from Hubble ~ Source
attempt to heal our planet and help us reach a
higher state of enlightenment?

On May 27, 1999 the Shuttle launched 3 years to the day of the tether incident at 33.33 degrees to Sirius. Have
we told them we understand their message and we believe?

“After reading this book, you will conclude as I did that the quality and volume
of the evidence is irrefutable and undeniable. Further, it prepares us for perhaps
the most vital revelation which will be unveiled to us in the new millennium-that
we are far from alone in the multi-verse and that there is at least one species of
extra-dimensional/terrestrial entity which is very interested in our own well being
         and survival in a most profound and wonderfully positive way.“

                                                 Dan Aykroyd
                      Speaking about David Sereda's Evidence: The Case For NASA UFO's
                                             C.M., D. Lit. (H.C.)

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                                                   2008 Gentlemen’s Club Owners
                                                        Expo & Tradeshow
                                              The largest gathering of the year of the owners and operators
                                              of the multi-billion dollar adult nightclub industry.
                                              • A three-day conference and trade show for the adult nightclub industry.
                                              Over 3,000 attendees attend the annual show.
                                              • Daily panel sessions with industry leaders addressing legal, marketing and
                                              insurance topics; alcohol sales; club sound, lighting and renovations;
                                              employee relations; and new products.
                                              • Three-day trade show with 450-plus booths.
                                              • Opening Night Party Monday evening.
                                              • Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show Tuesday evening.
                                              • Club Owner Appreciation Party Wednesday evening.
                                              • Membership meeting—Association of Club Executives (ACE).
                                              • Produced by E.D. Publications, publishers for 19 years of the Annual Adult
                                              Nightclubs and Industry Buyers Guides and the bi-monthly Club Bulletin
                                              business trade magazine.
                                              THE ATTENDEES:
                                              • The 2007 Expo drew over 3,000 attendees, including over 1,700 adult
                                              nightclub owners and general managers from individual clubs and club
                                              chains. At least 70 percent of the 2,500 adult nightclubs listed in our annual
                                              directory will attend the 2008 Expo.
                                              • Other Expo attendees include touring feature entertainers, booking agents,
                                              attorneys, insurance specialists, club brokers, sound and lighting companies,
                                              ATM companies, health and beauty professionals, dancewear and clothing
                                              companies, computer and internet specialists, food and beverage
              Exotic Dancer Magazine is a
                                              companies, architects, and liquor distributors.
             Proud Member of the Sin City
                                              • In short, the individuals responsible for providing live adult entertainment to
                   Chamber of Commerce
                                              millions of consumers every night of the week will be in attendance.
                                                THE INDUSTRY:
• Gentlemen’s clubs represent the highest-grossing, fastest-growing segment of the nightclub industry. There are over 2,500
adult nightclubs in North America which employ over 500,000 dancers and support staff, and serve 1.6 million customers
every day. Adult nightclubs lead the industry in alcohol sales. They constitute a multi-billion dollar industry.
• To reserve booth space or be a sponsor at Expo 2008, please contact Gary Daugherty or Lacy Empkey at (727) 726-3592.
For more Expo 2007 details, log on to:


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     Exotic Dancer Magazine is a Proud Member of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce

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 21                                    Sin City Vision Online
2008 Sin City Chamber Chicken Ranch Experience Thrills
Chicken Ranch Cup and Sin City Chili Cook-Off Competition Results

                                                                 Las Vegas, NV, May 3, 2008: The Sin City
                                                                 Chamber       of    Commerce     (SCCC      -
                                                                 pleased to announce the completion of the
                                                                 4th Annual SCCC Chicken Ranch Experience
                                                                 which was held at the World Famous
                                                                 Chicken Ranch Brothel in Pahrump, NV.
                                                                 Over 500 guests enjoyed a day full of
                                                                 activities including the Chicken Ranch Cup
                                                                 Golf Tournament, Sin City Chili Cook-Off, a
                                                                 bikini contest, a beer pong contest, and the
                                                                 carnival like atmosphere of the Chicken
                                                                 Ranch Experience.

"It is an amazing event that is designed to promote the diversity of our membership" commented Michael
Russell, Executive Vice President. "We had 25 exhibitors from the (Sin City) Chamber Membership that took
advantage of a great networking opportunity and a full day of activities. We also invited several of our non-
profit members to participate in order to help get the word out about the amazing work they do for the

Leading the non-profit fundraising was Erika Napoletano founder of Woman-on-Top who is organizing an
expedition to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro later this year. Other SCCC Non-Profit Members invited to participate
included the Foundation for Positively Kids, the ACLU of Nevada, and the Desiree Alliance.
"Thank you for always being of help in promoting my business. I have some really good leads that I am going
to follow up on" commented SCCC Member Tracy Quattrin from Fabulous Frames about the business contacts
made by exhibiting during the Chicken Ranch Experience. Fabulous Frames is a Las Vegas based custom
framing company and 2008 Annual Sponsor of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce.

One of the highlights of the annual Chicken Ranch Experience is the golf competition for the SCCC Chicken
Ranch Cup, a 20 pound loving cup imported from Europe. The 2008 Chicken Ranch Cup was held at SCCC
Member Location, Willow Creek Golf Course, who was recently granted permission to build a new casino hotel
adjacent to the course. Included in the competition for the first time was the Sin City Caddy Girls
( who delighted the golfers with their knowledge of the game and their beauty.

Congratulations to Tim Webster of Casablanca Resort Hotel and Casino, Wilson Tune, Paul Hobbins, and Mark
Azzara of Southern Wine & Spirits for claiming the 2008 Chicken Ranch Cup. The names of each player from
the Casablanca/Southern Wine Team will be placed on the Chicken Ranch Cup. The SCCC Chicken Ranch
Cup is on display throughout the year at the Leghorn Bar inside the Chicken Ranch Brothel in Pahrump, NV.
Coming in second at the 2008 Chicken Ranch Cup was last year's winning team headed by Sin City Golf Club
Chairman Paul Casper of Liberty Realty, along with Dave Barker, Joe Brandise, and Brian Dushan. Flying in from
Indiana to participate in this amazing event was Jim Bodner, Joe Ornick, Bill Graves, and John Blackman whose
foursome took home third place.
Fourteen contestants competed for the Sin City Bikini contest with special guests adult stars Princess Sahara and
Rucca Page. Other contestants included ladies from the Chicken Ranch Brothel, as well as, the Sin City Caddy
Girls. Congratulations to Sexy Lexy of the Chicken Ranch Brothel for being awarded first place.

On witnessing the Sin City Caddy Girls/Radiance Tanning Salon sponsored bikini contest, David Sutton, President
of VCX, Ltd ( commented "the Sin City Chamber is best chamber in the world. How cool is this?"
                                    SIN CITY VISION – The Very Best of Sin City
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 22                                                                         Sin City Vision Online
Chicken Ranch Experience Continued . . .

                     Mark Ford and his Sin City Caddy Girls at the 2008 Chicken Ranch Experience

The first ever Sin City Chili Cook-off was a big hit with the crowd. First place was awarded to Ray Bogart,
Second Place to Jodi Wiseman and third going to Cindy Haught. Congratulations are also due to our Salsa
Competition winner Gene Beller with Sheila Beller coming in second and Cindy Haught placing third. The
People's Choice Chili was claimed by Marty Leitner.

Special thanks to Debbie Rivenbaugh, Manager of the Chicken Ranch Brothel, Perry and Rhonda Garret of
Radiance Tanning Salon, Terry Bradley of Color Gamut Digital Imaging, Jonathan Remund of Bizwala, Inc.,
Larry & Mary Davis of Realty Management Source, Strip Las Vegas, On-Site Dental, Ken O'Neil and Mark Ford
from the Sin City Caddy Girls, and Mike Sussen of Southern Wine & Spirits for their contributions to the 2008
Chicken Ranch Experience.

                             See you at the 2009 Chicken Ranch Experience!
                                      SIN CITY VISION – The Very Best of Sin City
                           The Official Online Magazine of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce
 23                                                                           Sin City Vision Online
                                             “Sin City Chamber means business”
                                             Las Vegas Review Journal


It pays to belong . . . Membership is reasonably priced, our events are really fun and the
return is in the connections you make. See why our members are finding connections never
before possible with a Sin City Chamber of Commerce Membership.

Business   Membership   A   ~   Individual                     $     325.00
Business   Membership   B   ~   2 to 5 employees               $     450.00
Business   Membership   C   ~   6 to 10 employees              $     550.00
Business   Membership   D   ~   11 to 15 employees             $     650.00
Business   Membership   E   ~   16 to 20 employees             $     800.00
Business   Membership   F   ~   21 to 50 employees             $     950.00
Business   Membership   G   ~   51 to 75 employees             $   1,350.00
Business   Membership   H   ~   76 to 100 employees            $   1,650.00
Business   Membership   I   ~   101 to 150 employees           $   1,850.00
Business   Membership   J   ~   151 employees or more          $   2,350.00

Each New Member Receives:
      An invitation to a SCCC New Member Orientation at the SCCC
      Corporate Office
      Framed Certificate of Membership and Plaque
      Membership Card
      THREE Category Listings on Sin City Chamber of Commerce online Business Directory
      FREE 50 Word Description on Sin City Chamber of Commerce online Business Directory
      Free Hot Link on Sin City Chamber of Commerce online Business Directory
      Sin City Vision Monthly Newsletter
      A Listing in the Annual Membership Directory
      Free Entry to Monthly Events (unless otherwise noted.)
      Discounts on Entry to Special SCCC Events

Note: Each new member is required to pay a $50.00 admin fee upon signing.                      Only SCCC
Members may advertise on the SCCC Website or in SCCC Publications.

• Additional Business Listing in one category for a current Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Member. To qualify, you must have an active SCCC Membership. Add $50.00 to receive Framed
Certificate and Membership Plaque.

NON-PROFIT MEMBERSHIPS (501C3s)- $295 Flat Fee

GOVERNMENT ENTITY MEMBERSHIPS - Full business rate for number of employees
Membership Database - $325. Get an excel file with the names and contacts of Sin City
Chamber of Commerce Members.

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