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     READ                                                          A RARE EVENT IN AUSTIN!
                                                                   Greetings, and Happy new Year!
Click here for a
wonderful review of
Viola By Choice's last
concert from the Austin                                            Austin being such the dynamic artistic
American Statesman                                                 center that it is, it is surprising that
                                                                   there aren't more interactions
                                                                   between the visual and musical arts,

   LISTEN                                                          and that a concert of music inspired
                                                                   by colors, like the one Viola by
Click here for some new                                            Choice and Audio Inversions are so
soundbytes from Viola                                              excited to present on January 23rd
By Choice on our                                                   would be somewhat of a rarity.
myspace page,
including excerpts from
our Paganini concert,                                    Colors and Music are such integral
and last year's Humor in                                 parts of our lives. They can soothe
Music.                      and invigorate us, they influence our moods and our tastes, they
                            shape our memories, if not our desires and perhaps even our
     VOTE                   relationships.

Please help Viola By        Often, we use words associated with one of our senses to describe
Choice by casting your      another sense: "Golden voice," "loud perfume," "pungent
vote for the Austin         dissonance," "velvety chocolate." This blending of the senses bears
Chronicle 2008-2009
Music Poll.                 the beautiful name of Synesthesia.
As you know by now,         We all have the capacity to find such correspondances, and when
voting is exciting and it   Jimmy PagefromLed Zeppelin says that "it's just a chord riff that
makes a big difference!
It takes just a minute,
                            inspires me, and then I go and see how it goes color-wise,"
and your help would be      somehow it makes sense!
much appreciated.
                            Similarly, when Shakespeare writes "Soft stillness and the night
Here are the categories     become the touches of sweet harmony," we can not only
Viola By Choice is
elligible for
                            understand what he's talking about, but maybe even have those
                            "sweet harmonies" materialize in some recess of our brains!
- Austin Band of the
Year (Viola by Choice)      So this is your chance to see sounds and hear hues, and get in
- Austin Musician of the    touch with your inner synesthete. See you at the concert!
Year (Aurelien Petillot)
-Bets New Austin Band
(Viola by Choice)           Aurelien Petillot
-Bets performing band/      Founder and artistic director of Viola by Choice
Insgtrumental (Viola By     Viola by Choice: Bringing us back into Music.
Choice)                     Keep Austin Viola!
- Best Austin
Musician/Female vocals
(Elizabeth Petillot)
- Bets Austin
instrument (Viola)          SOUNDS SEEN, HUES HEARD: Music inspired by colors,
                            with LIVE improvised paintings by Jan Roset
  Audio Inversion
                 The concert series Viola by Choice and Audio
                 Inversions partner up for for an extraordinary
                 multi-sensorial concert experience featuring
                 works inspired by colors.

                                   "Sounds seen, hues heard" will
                                   showcase six of the greatest
                                   violists in Austin, including
Bruce                              Williams, the principal violist of
the Austin                         Symphony, in a rainbow of
works for solo                     viola and for ensemble, by
Daniel Asia, Judith Bingham,
Peter Schickele, Joan Tower, and
Michael Alec Rose.

The concert will also present the
world premieres of compositions
by Lynn Job, P. Kellach Waddle,
and James Norman. It will also
feature live improvised paintings
by Austin artist Jan Roset, thus
completing an artistic and organic
circle of inter-relationship,
dialogue, and mutual influences
between the arts.

Mrs. Roset's artwork created during the performance, as well as
other of her paintings will be on display and available for sale.

All proceeds will benefit Viola by Choice
and help fulfill its educational and artistic goals.
AUSTIN, TX 78701

With violists Jennifer Bourianoff (doubling on violin),
Martha Carapetyan, Jessica Embach, Aurélien Pétillot,
Shawn Somerville, Bruce Williams, and cellist Jeffrey

James Norman: Fragmentary Blue, for 6 violas
Michael Alec Rose: Wine dark memory, for solo viola
Lynn Job: Arcangelo Red, for solo viola
Joan Tower: Wild Purple, for solo viola
P. Kellach Waddle: Your midnight blue lies, for solo viola
Judith Bingham: Fifty shades of green, for violin, viola,
and cello
Daniel Asia: Orange, for solo viola
Peter Schickele: Monochrome, for 6 violas

    VIOLA BY CHOICE seeks to showcase the viola through
   engaging, eclectic and accessible chamber music performances
            by the foremost local and visiting musicians.
         With its signature blend of conviviality and artistry,
  it wishes to foster dialogue between artists and the community,
            while challenging stereotypes associated with
                     Classical Music and the viola.

For more information checkout/befriend us/drop
                  us a line at
                VIOLA BY CHOICE's webpage
             VIOLA BY CHOICE's MYSPACE page
               Aurélien Pétillot's MYSPACE Page
  AUDIO INVERSIONS is a new music concert series based in
 Austin, Texas. We are dedicated to entertaining and engaging our
 audiences with great performances of the very best of the music of
 our time. We strive to make our programs exciting, interesting, and
     above all, eclectic. Our mission is to bring a wide variety of
  composers and influences to downtown Austin, and to continue
promoting the most outstanding musical works and composers, with
 the added hope of engendering a love of contemporary music in a
                             new audience.
        VIOLA BY CHOICE Season
         Bringing us back into Music

PAGANINI: The beauty behind the bad boy
                 Devilish, lush, virtuosic, influential, & lyrical

                   Paganini achieved unparalleled international stardom in the
                   Nineteenth Century as the greatest violinist ever. His bad
                   boy attitude, his striking spidery looks, and the
                   unfathomable dazzle of his virtuosity, led many who heard
                   him to believe that he had to have come from another
                   planet, if not from the netherworld. Don't miss this rare
                   opportunity to hear his exhilarating music, which oozes
                   with operatic drama, impressive mood-swings, and
                   unforgettable melodies.

                         Friday, October 24th, 8PM.
                        Sunday, October 26th 6PM
                Helen Bravenec, violin; Isaac Bustos, guitar;
                 Julia Cory, cello; Aurélien Pétillot, viola.

Listening to people of note.
                   Tributes and celebrations.

                   Featuring works by UT composition faculty Dan Welcher
                   (60th birthday), before the premiere of his much
                   anticipated Fifth Symphony; Ned Rorem, one of America's
                   most loved composers (85th birthday); Jazz legend Paquito
                   d'Rivera (60th birthday), and the great Puccini (150th
                   anniversary of his birth). The concert will also reflect on
                   the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King jr, 40 years after his
                   assasination and 45 after his
                   milestone speech: I have a dream.

                        Sunday, December 14th, 6PM.
             Nikki Birdsong, piano; Jennifer Bourianoff, violin;
                   Alexis Ebbets, violin; Julia Cory, cello;
         Aurélien Pétillot, viola; Elizabeth Pétillot, mezzo-soprano;
                            David Small, Baritone.

COLORS: Hues Heard, Sounds seen.
                   Musical works inspired by colors.
                   An extraordinary multi-sensorial concert experience
                   presented in partnership with the concert series Audio
                   Inversions, showcasing six of the greatest violists in Austin,
                   in a rainbow of works for solo viola and for ensemble, by
                   Bach, Peter Schickele, Joan Tower, Judith Bingham, and
                   Michael Alan Rose. The concert will present the world
                   premieres of compositions by Lynn Job, P. Kellach Waddle,
                   and James Norman. It will also feature live improvised
                   paintings, thus completing an artistic and organic circle of
                   inter-relationship, dialogue, and mutual influences
                   between the arts.

                          Friday, January 23rd 8PM.
          Jennifer Bourianoff, Martha Carapetyan, Jessica Embach
        Aurélien Pétillot, Shawn Somerville & Bruce Williams, violas;
                             Jeffrey Wang, cello.

                   This Time it's personal!
                   The viola and the voice: a perfect match

                   Husband and wife team Elizabeth and Aurélien Pétillot join
                   talents with Austin's most flamboyant, cherished, versatile,
                   mesmerizing pianist, Michelle Schumann, in works by
                   Brahms, Richard Strauss, Frank Bridge, and others,
                   including a
                   world premiere of a song cycle by Austin's own, Russell
There is nothing like a conversation between good friends and
we would love to have you be part of it.

                         Friday, February 20th, 8PM.
         Aurélien Pétillot, viola; Elizabeth Petillot, mezzo-soprano;
                          Michelle Schumann, piano.

                    The crème de la crème of French music.
                    A rendez-vous with you.

                    After 10 years in America, Aurelien Petillot revisits his
                    homeland, and wants you to join him on this musical
                    voyage, par excellence. You have carte blanche to get in
                    touch with this je ne sais quoi which French music brings
                    to your joie de vivre.
                    Featuring Debussy's chef d'oeuvre, the Sonata for Flute,
                        viola, and harp, the Vieuxtemps Sonata, as pièce de résistance, as well as
                        some amuse-gueules de choix, the concert will be a soirée de choix entre nous.
                        Laissez les bons temps rouler!

                                                     Friday, April 17th, 8PM.
                                          Elaine Barber, harp; François Minaux, flute;
                                        Aurélien Pétillot, viola; Michael Schneider, piano;
                                                       Bruce Williams, viola.

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