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      November -
         2008                                                                                Where the Seeds of
                                                                                            Communication Grow

We Are Now Doing Sleep Studies
        leep deprivation can affect all     excessive snoring, sleepwalker, night
        areas of your life – attitude,      terrors or bed-wetting.
        work performance, relationships      •Insomnia – may be caused by
and most importantly, your health. If       stress, depression, hunger, physician
you did not get a good night’s sleep last   discomfort or other problem.
night you are joining the majority of        •Shift work sleep disorder – if you
people.                                     work at night or do rotating shift work.
 “There are 24 hours in a day,” says         •Narcolepsy – uncontrollably falling
Dr. Hatem A. Asad of Pulmonary              asleep at any time and any place.
Associates, LLC & Sleep Disorders            •Other conditions such as periodic
Center. “We should sleep one third of       limb movement disorder – continuous
the day and be awake two thirds, but        or wild movements of the feet, arms or
these days that is not the norm for most    legs during sleep.
people.”                                     Sleep studies can also determine
 People suffering from sleep deprivation    whether or not you have a problem with
may need to undergo a sleep study,          stages of sleep:
which could find the underlying reason       1.      Non-rapid eye movement
for loss of sleep. If your doctor feels a   (NREM)
sleep study is needed, you can have the      2.      2. Rapid eye movement                         Dr. Hatem Asad
study done locally at Peach Regional        (REM).
Medical Center in the Sleep Lab, located     Normally, NREM and REM alternate           time when you normally awake.
in the Specialty Center. Dr. Asad is the    four to five times a night’s sleep and a     And if you have shift work sleep
medical director for the Sleep lab and      change in this cycle may make it hard       disorder or another problem with your
interprets the study. Maxine Morris-        for you to sleep soundly.                   body’s internal clock, you may be given
Lowe, certified in sleep studies, is the     The most common sleep studies are:         a test called actigraphy where you wear
clinical coordinator for the lab and         •Polysomnogram         which     records   a device on your wrist that looks like
oversees the study. “This is a quality      several body functions during sleep,        a watch. The device measures your
service,” stated Nancy Peed, Peach          including brain activity, eye movement,     movement during sleep and when you
Regional Medical Center, CEO, “and I        oxygen and carbon dioxide blood             are awake giving your doctor insight
am so excited to be able to offer this at   levels, heart rate and rhythm, breathing    into what times during the day you are
Peach Regional Medical Center.”             rate and rhythm, the flow of air through    active and what times you are sleeping.
 Sleep studies are tests that watch what    your mouth and nose, snoring, body           Dr. Asad says when diseases such as
happens to your body during sleep to        muscle movements and chest and belly        diabetes and high blood pressure do not
find out what causes the sleep problems.    movement.                                   significantly improve; the reason could
While Dr. Asad says 64% of sleep issues      •Multiple sleep latency test, which        be sleep deprivation. Loss of sleep also
can be attributed to sleep apnea (when a    measures how long it takes you to fall      contributes to obesity. “Addressing
person stops breathing during sleep for     asleep. A video camera is used to record    sleep factors may help control these
10 seconds or longer) there are other       movements during sleep.                     issues,” Dr. Asad said. “Taking care of
sleep problems. These can include:           •Multiple wake test, which measures        the sleep issue has been associated with
 •Problems with nighttime behaviors –       whether you can stay awake during a                    Continued on Page 11
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Overview Of “Employees & Patient Security” Policy
 An overview of the policy         on
“Employees and Patient Security”
 Policy # SEC -9 EOC Manual
                                          EOC Tips & Trends - by Colleen Dresslar
                                        periodically.                            the safety of other personnel, visitors
 Please follow the guidelines listed                                             or patients, a “Code Yellow” should
below to help maintain a secure           -     All employees should wear        be paged along with the location.
environment at Peach Regional           their picture I.D.
Medical Center.                                                                    -      A “Code Yellow” indicates
                                          -     Visitors who appear to be lost   the need for all male employees,
  -    All departments, closets, and    or wandering should be confronted,       the Nursing Supervisor and other
non-patient rooms should be kept        and then asked “May I help you find      available administrative personnel
locked when not in use.                 a certain area?”; then, take them to     to respond and assess the situation
                                        that area.                               and talk to the offending persons. If
  -     When visiting hours are                                                  immediate help is needed, the staff
over all external doors, except the      -     Enforce visiting regulations.     involved should direct someone to
main emergency room door, should                                                 call 9-1-1.
be locked (by 8:30 p.m.) by the          -     Watch for loiterers. If you
Night Supervisor. Additionally, the     observe people loitering, notify the       Please note; document all security
corridor door near Emergency Room       Nursing Supervisor/CEO.                  incidents on the General Occurrence
Waiting Room should be locked.                                                   found in the EOC Manual.
It has a coded lock that is changed      -     If any person poses a threat to

          Thanks --
     CEO Nancy Peed,
      center, presented
      outgoing County
      Chairman James
      Khoury, left, and
          PRMC Chief
             of Staff Dr.
         Cynthia Giles
          with a plague
         in recognition
       of their service.
        Khoury served
       on the Hospital
          Authority for
           12 years and
            is no longer
         on the County
    Commission. Giles
    was the 2008 Chief
     Of Staff. Both are
     truly appreciated.
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                 The winning team for the coke sale fund raiser was treated to a
                 pizza party by CEO Nancy Peed. At left she gives them a big hand.
                 Not all team members are pictured from Environmental Services,
                 Maintenance and Material Management ( Standing from left are
                 Bernard Poole, Tom Serensky, Brian McLarty, Shon Collins. Seated
                 from left are Valerie Hill, Julia Hill , Johnnie Harris and Jackie
                 Gibson. The team called themselves the Outcasts and sold 78 cases
                 collectively. Bernard Poole sold the most as an individual with 43
                 cases followed by Cookie Bailey with 34 cases and Angela Hart
                 with 25 cases. ER and Respiratory (Reaper Slayers) sold 70 cases.
                 All in all about $3500 was raised from the sale. Thanks to all who

   Honor the uniquene ss of e ach of your customers. Take
   the time to understand their needs, issue s and concerns.
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 2009                    Critical Access Hospital
                         National Patient Safety Goals
The purpose of the National Patient Safety Goals is to improve patient safety. The Goals focus on problems in
health care safety and how to solve them.

Identify patients correctly                                  Use proven guidelines to prevent infections that
Use at least two ways to identify patients. For exam-        are difficult to treat.
ple, use the patient’s name and date of birth. This is       Use proven guidelines to prevent infection of the
done to make sure that each patient gets the medi-           blood.
cine and treatment meant for them.
                                                             Use safe practices to treat the part of the body
Make sure that the correct patient gets the correct          where surgery was done.
blood type when they get a blood transfusion.
                                                             Check patient medicines
Improve staff communication                                  Find out what medicines each patient is taking. Make
Read back spoken or phone orders to the person who           sure that it is OK for the patient to take any new medi-
gave the order.                                              cines with their current medicines.
Create a list of abbreviations and symbols that are not      Give a list of the patient’s medicines to their next
to be used.                                                  caregiver. Give the list to the patient’s regular doc-
Quickly get important test results to the right staff per-   tor before the patient goes home.
son.                                                         Give a list of the patient’s medicines to the patient
Create steps for staff to follow when sending patients       and their family before they go home. Explain the
to the next caregiver. The steps should help staff tell      list.
about the patient’s care. Make sure there is time to         Some patients may get medicine in small amounts
ask and answer questions.                                    or for a short time. Make sure that it is OK for
                                                             those patients to take those medicines with their
Use medicines safely                                         current medicines.
Create a list of medicines with names that look alike
or sound alike. Update the list every year.                  Prevent patients from falling
Label all medicines that are not already labeled. For        Find out which patients are most likely to fall. For
example, medicines in syringes, cups and basins.             example, is the patient taking any medicines that
                                                             might make them weak, dizzy or sleepy? Take action
Take extra care with patients who take medicines to          to prevent falls for these patients.
thin their blood.
                                                             Help patients to be involved in their
Prevent infection                                            care
Use the hand cleaning guidelines from the World              Tell each patient and their family how to report their
Health Organization or Centers for Disease Control           complaints about safety.
and Prevention.
                                                             Watch patients closely for changes in
Report death or injury to patients from infections that
                                                             their health and respond quickly if they
happen in hospitals.
                                                             need help
                                                             Create ways to get help from specially trained staff
                                                             when a patient’s health appears to get worse.

                                                             Prevent errors in surgery
                                                             Create steps for staff to follow so that all documents
                                                             needed for surgery are on hand before surgery starts.
                                                             Mark the part of the body where the surgery will be
                                                             done. Involve the patient in doing this.

  This is an easy-to-read document. It has been created for the public. The exact language of the Goals can
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Help Encourage The Team
   I can’t believe the year 2008 has     team that you care about them, as
ended and a new year has begun…          people and as employees.
Where does time go? As we begin            •    Recognize that you need
a new year, let’s evaluate our           your employees to care about you
positions and see if we have areas       as well.
that need improvement…If you say,          •    Caring requires energy. It’s
I do not have anything that needs        a conscious decision you need to
improvement; you must look in the        make and carry out each day.
mirror. We ALL have weaknesses.           Why can love make such a
Are you giving the best customer        significant difference in how we
service and going beyond what           lead our teams and motivate our
it takes to make a patient, visitor,    teammates? Simply put, “love in this
or employee feel appreciated and        context means that you’re concerned
respected? Do you have goals you        about your fellow employees and
want to accomplish this New Year?       their success, you feel glad when
What can you do to encourage your       they succeed, and you help them
teammates to care about each other?     when they need help.
There are five tips for encouraging a     Together we can make PRMC a
loving team:                            place where everyone will feel a sense                      John Tibbets
    •    Practice the Golden Rule.      of accomplishment, a sense of pride,
    •    Don’t hold a grudge against    and a place where we will wake up        is progress; working together is
  an employee. Forgive and help         every morning and be glad to come        success.” Did you know employees
  them learn from mistakes. This        to work. Henry Ford once gave a          working together are generally more
  sets a good example for others on     statement on working together as a       successful at solving problems?
  your team.                            team. He said, “Coming together          How? Teams give employees a sense
    •    Show the members of your       is a beginning, keeping together         of belonging and security. They can
                                                                                 better work together to improve
                                                                                 processes and reduce waste and costs,
                                                                                 and being a member of a team helps
                         Tisha Jefferson, left,                                  people feel energized.
                        Seantrica Chapman,                                         Let’s get energized and create and
                      right and Keosha Postell,                                  nourish team spirit and pride here
                              kneeling.                                          at Peach Regional Medical Center as
                                                                                 we launch into what we can make a
                                                                                 happy and prosperous new year.
                                                                                   As you already know, PRMC is
                                                                                 placing high priority on customer
                                                                                 service. We began customer service
                                                                                 classes with our managers first so
                                                                                 they will know what is expected when
                                                                                 evaluating their employees.       The
                                                                                 Emergency Room and registration
                                                                                 have also attended because they are on
                                                                                 the front line where customers come
                                                                                 through the doors daily. Next, we
                                                                                 will be scheduling other departments
                                                                                 to attend until all employees have
                                                                                 completed the customer service class.
                                                                                   May everyone have a blessed New

PAGE SIX                                           PRMC - The Peach Seed                  NOV./DEC. 2008
                                                                                      Billy Helton and
                                                                                       Gilda Pineda

        From left, Danielle Rayburn, Tarshea
            Fudge and Barbara Walker.

                                                                    REMEMBER …

                                                         Give the customer you’re serving
                                                         100% of your attention. Do other
  From left Kathy Daniels, Dudria                       job duties on your time not theirs.
     Ross and .Tammy Dykes

                                                                Our Employees Are
                                                                Making A Difference
                                                                     OCTOBER -                Margie Cox
                                                                                            Vicky Simmons
                                                                     Tim Putman              Tommie Lee
                                                                      Dr. Jordan                Kitchens

                                                                  Chance McGough
                                                                  Brittney Lawhorn          Bernard Poole
                                                                    Becky Rikard           Clarence Moore
        New Employees                                                Susan Payne
                                                                   Priscilla Yaughn
                                                                                             Angela Hart
                                                                                           Lisa Urbistondo
  Michael Coleman - LPN               Sharnon Phillips -          Brenda Arrington          Shirley Stubbs
                                    Receptionist/File Clerk
  Lashonda Dean - Dietary                                           Dawn Norvell             John Tibbets
          Cook                  DanYelle Rayburn- Registrar
                                                                    Brian McLarty          James Cameron
  Rosemary Duprey 12 - ER             Jonice Walls - Staff           Shon Collins             Joey Ivey
           Tech                          Accountant
        Marva Lowery            Chanter Simmons - Registrar        EmployEE               achiEvEmEnt
    - Patient Account Rep           Linda Wilson -RN               rEcEiving                 award
                                                                  outstanding            BEcky rikard
   NOV./DEC. 2008                                       PRMC - The Peach Seed                                         PAGE SEVEN

Seated in front are PRMC employees Sandy Bartlett and Susan Hall. Standing in back from left are Chance
McGough, Sondra Twilley, Tom Serensky, all PRMC employees and Matt Raines from Georgia Tech.

Hospital Working On Getting “LEAN”
          each Regional Medical Center is      hospitals,” said Frank Mewborn, director       long-term through better processes and
          participating in a new initiative    of the Health Care Performance Group           buy-in from those who are on the front
          designed to help increase its        in Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation        lines of providing patient care.”
capacity to serve patients, improve the        Institute.     “Rural hospitals typically         Beyond direct process improvements,
quality of services and reduce costs.          don’t have the resources to hire outside       the initiative will also provide long-term
The benefits will come from adopting           consultants to help with performance           benefits through senior leadership and
performance improvement techniques that        improvement issues.                            hospital staff who have been trained in
are already widely used in manufacturing          Georgia Tech project leaders will work      the lean techniques and who will share
industry.                                      with health care professionals at the          them with other departments and facilities.
   The initiative is part of a two-year        participating hospitals to conduct lean        Success will be measured by improvements
demonstration project, to be led by the        assessments, teach basic lean concepts,        made during the process, and by the ability
Georgia Institute of Technology, that will     develop value stream maps to analyze the       of each hospital to continue the process
help train staff at seven Georgia rural        flow of materials and information, and         improvement efforts after the initiative’s
hospitals in “lean” techniques that identify   implement rapid process improvement            conclusion.
waste in processes and find ways to            techniques. Because the techniques rely           Hospitals that have agreed to participate
eliminate it.                                  on input from those closest to the processes   in the program include Upson Regional
   Georgia Tech has successfully used          being improved, each hospital will dedicate    Medical Center in Thomaston, Peach
the approach with hospitals in Atlanta,        staff members to work with Georgia Tech.       Regional Medical Center in Fort Valley,
Columbus, Newnan and Vidalia. Its                 “This is a substantial investment on        Monroe County Hospital in Forsyth,
“lean health care” training programs have      the part of the hospitals because they         Morgan Memorial Hospital in Madison,
been licensed for use nationwide by the        must pull front-line staff from their          Banks-Jackson-Commerce Hospital in
American Hospital Association.                 normal responsibilities during the process     Commerce, West Georgia Medical Center
   “We want to take the techniques that        improvement        activities,”   Mewborn      in LaGrange, and Hutcheson Medical
have proven to be so successful in large       noted. “Involvement of these key people        Center in Fort Oglethorpe. The projects are
hospitals and use them in small, rural         is essential to the process, and it pays off   expected to be completed by June 2010.
NOV./DEC. 2008                     PRMC - The Peach Seed              PAGE EIGHT

                                                            Chest Tube
                                                            This refresher course for
                                                           nurses is taken periodically.
                                                              Pictured from left is
                                                           Francis Peed, Chris Hobbs
                                                               and Bart Bowden.

In right photo from left, Pamela
Harris, Francis Peed, Ed Fowler,
 Tim Putman, Chris Hobbs and
                   John Tibbets.

    Work at developing a relationship
       BEFORE you address the
          customer’s request.
  NOV./DEC, 2008                                PRMC - The Peach Seed                                    PAGE NINE

PICC Lines A Reality At PRMC
      n an effort to better serve local
      patients and family physicians
      while keeping more business at
                                             Our patients and our physicians love the PICCs.
home, Peach Regional has recently           The patients appreciate not having to be stuck so
expanded it’s Outpatient Services           much and the physicians enjoy the convenience and
to offer Nursing based PICC Line
insertions and maintenance as well
                                            safety of the device.” -- Reggie Smith, RN
as long and short term IV therapy in
the Outpatient setting.                      Enter the PICC line. PICC line         medications.
  PICC Lines or Peripherally Inserted     placement can be ordered by the               The procedure usually takes
Central Catheters have been in wide       patient’s family doctor even if he/       45-90 minutes in the Outpatient
use in medical communities for 15-20      she is on staff at another hospital.      Department. A dressing covers the
years but are usually more available      After receiving physician orders, the     site and if properly maintained, the
in larger metropolitan hospitals than     PICC is placed by a nurse in a large      PICC can be used for up to one year
in smaller places like Peach Regional.    vein above the bend of the elbow in       for medications and blood draws
When a patient is admitted to any         the patient’s upper arm effectively       as the patient’s physician orders.
hospital, IV therapy is started with      getting it out of the way of “moving      This eliminates “using up” other
a peripheral (arm) catheter which         parts” causing much less frustration      vessels in the arm and significantly
usually lasts from 16-48 hours. If        for the patient.                          decreases the patient’s pain by not
the patient requires longer term            In building this program, Peach         having to be stuck so often.
IV therapy, infection control rules       Regional has partnered with the Bard        Reggie Smith, RN, Nurse Manager
require that their IV be replaced and     Corporation and recently purchased        OR at Peach Regional, Tim Putman,
moved around until all veins sites        a special ultra-sound machine             RN, Chance McGough, RN, Chris
are exhausted. Then if IV therapy is      developed by Bard especially for          Hobbs, RN, and Francis Peed, RN
still warranted, a surgically placed      PICC line placement.         Specially    have recently completed PICC
central line catheter is considered       trained nurses use this ultra-sound       training with BARD and the team
by the attending physician which          machine to locate and identify the        has already placed a number of
guarantees a good IV site but             targeted vessel in the upper arm.         lines in the inpatient and outpatient
raises the chance of life-threatening     The nurse then marks the site of          setting at the local hospital. Smith
complications and systemic (full          the vein on the patient’s skin with       said, “Our patients and our
body) infections.                         the specific depth of the vein being      physicians love the PICCs. The
  By the same token, if a patient         measured by the machine. A needle         patients appreciate not having to be
is ordered to have outpatient             guide is then placed on the ultra-        stuck so much and the physicians
IV therapy infusions for several          sound probe guaranteeing the exact        enjoy the convenience and safety of
consecutive days or weeks with            angle to introduce the needle.            the device.”
antibiotics or other medications, the       Under fully sterile conditions, the        “The technology is a welcome
patient is under the same infection       skin is then anesthetized at the entry    addition and we hope will provide
control rules for changing IV sites...    site and the needle is introduced and     a much needed service to our local
which is painful and inconvenient         threaded into the vein with pinpoint      communities,” stated Nancy Peed,
for all involved. Also, different         accuracy...allowing the nurse to          CEO. “This is just the first of many
medications have different ph             capture and photograph the entire         new services we are initiating to
values which sometimes don’t              procedure on the ultra-sound screen       improve patient and physician
match the ph of the body. This can        and in nearly all cases, only one stick   satisfaction here. In the long run,
have a caustic effect on veins when       is necessary. The PICC catheter is        programs like this will help to
these medications are repeatedly          then introduced and threaded up           rebuild our local medical community
given daily and weekly...which can        the arm and into the central vessels      into the vibrant, bustling business
cause serious complications like          of the chest cavity exactly like a        it needs to be in the future,” she
phlebitis and other problems over         surgically placed line...allowing         stated.
the long term.                            safer administration of “caustic”
. NOV./DEC 2008             PRMC - The Peach Seed                  PAGE TEN

Own A Piece Of History
         Sealed Bids Being Accepted On
        2008 Being Olympics Collectible
         Coca-Cola Bottles now through
           3 p.m. February 13, 2009
                  Left: Peace On
                                                    Human Collaboration

                       Healthy World

Rare & Limited Edition Collectibles
Submit SEALED BIDS to:
            PRMC Coke Fundraiser Building Fund,
         P. O. Box 1799, Fort Valley, Georgia 31030.
  Include your name, address, phone number and name of the bottle(s) you are
  bidding on. Bids start at $20. You can view the bottles at Peach Regional Medical
  Center, front lobby. Bids accepted until 3 p.m., Friday, February 13, 2009. Winner
  announced at 5 p.m. All proceeds benefit PRMC Building Fund.
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     Time for the
  annual Relay For
      Watch for
    about Relay

 Sleep Studies
  Continued From Page 1
reduction in blood pressure by
10-15 points.”
 Children can suffer from sleep
deprivation as well and loss
of sleep could contribute to
Attention Deficit Disorder, social
life disorders, as well as affect
school performance and anxiety
 If you think you may have a
sleep disorder, talk with your
doctor about sleep studies and
if it is a possibility for you, have
them refer you to Dr. Asad so
you can do the study close to
home. A Friday night study is
available for those people who
can’t undergo the study during
the week. Recognizing how              stephanie goodyear presented peach regional medical center chief Executive
sleep deprivation affects your         Officer Nancy Peed with a flag which had proudly been flown over the skies of
overall health, most insurance         Iraq and Afghanistan for the hospital. The flag was flown aboard E-8C Joint
companies now pay for sleep
                                       Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS) aircraft by the 379th Air
 Fixing your sleep issue
                                       Expeditionary Wing during separate Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and
will improve your lifestyle,           Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) combat missions providing Command
could reduce intake of some            and control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to coalition air
medications and will definitely        and Ground Forces March 14-16, 2008. The flag flew out of Robins Air Force
improve your mood.                     Base and was brought back by Tech Sgt. Perry Jackson.

  The Peech Seed is edited by Victoria Simmons and Brenda Arrington and published every
   two months as possible. Items must be submitted by the 25th of the publication month.
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                 2008 Employee
                 Christmas Party
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