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Painting ServicesRequest for Quotation


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                             Painting Services—Request for Quotation
Please note that this form can only be used for requesting painting services. Projects requiring additional work (Carpentry, plumbing,
electrical, disassembly of modular furniture…) must be submitted to Plant Operations for estimating.
Please visit their website at to request an estimate for multiple
trade work.

Customer Name: ________________________________________________________ Today’s Date _____/_____/20_______

Customer contact – Office: ___________ Cell Phone: _______________ Pager: _________ E-mail: _____________________

Building Name: __________________________________ Room Number(s): _______________________________________

Date(s) you would like the area scheduled for painting: _________________________________________________________

Please describe the work you would like performed as completely as possible.
    • Is the area being repainted with the same color paint?
      Yes        No        If no, please specify the existing and desired new color: ____________________________________

    • Are there any accent colors required?
      Yes        No        If yes, please specify which wall(s): ____________________________________________________

    • Please check if the following items need to be painted or refinished?
      Doors        Door frames         Fin tube covers           Window frames        Other: ______________________________

    • Do you require any assistance with the moving of furniture such as desks, filing cabinets, etc?
      Yes        No        If yes, please list items: _____________________________________________________________

    • Are there items on the walls that we will have to remove & reinstall?
      Yes        No        If yes, please specify: Picture         Bulletin/dry erase board      Binder bin
      Other: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

    • How tall are the walls?
      8’-0”       8’-6”       9’-0”       9’-6”         10’-0”       Other: ____________________________________________

    • Can the work be done between 7:00 and 3:15 on regular business days?
      Yes        No        If not, please specify: Afternoons          Nights      Weekends

    • Does the ceiling need painting?
      Yes        No        If yes, is it drywall? Yes        No
Other Information:

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