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                                                       Over eight years of formal art education
                                              Ability to hand-code engaging and interactive websites
                                          Strong understanding of strategies for SEO and social networking
                                     Experienced integrating scripts with jQuery, ActionScript, XML, and LAMP
                               Excellent knowledge of web standards for usability, accessibility, and compatibility
                        Ability to learn quickly, follow directions, work cooperatively, plan projects, and meet deadlines

DeVry University                                                               Web Design Courses
  Web Graphic Design, 3.92 GPA,                                                  Visual Design, Advanced Web Design, Rapid Visualization,
  Associates in Applied Science                                                  Web Animation, Informational Design, Instructional
  August, 2010                                                                   Design for Multimedia, Digital Imaging

Alpha Sigma Lambda                                                             Software Proficiency
  National Honor Society                                                          Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Lightroom,
                                                                                  Flash, Fireworks, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio,
Art Scholarship                                                                   Corel Photo Impact X3, Corel Video Studio HD, Camtasia
   Best Still Computer Graphic, 1st place,                                        Studio, Analytics, Web CEO, Internet Business Promoter,
   South Dakota Technology in Education Contest                                   Arelis, WordPress, Firebug, PHPList, IDM UltraEdit Studio

Advanced Art Courses                                                           Programing Languages
  Perception and Drawing, Composition and Contrast,                               XHTML, CSS, XML, PHP, JavaScript, ActionScript
  Conceptual Art, Sensation and Perception

Summer 2010                                                                    February 2007-2010
   Situated Research                                                               Natural Mystics Gemstone Jewelry
   Graphic Design Intern                                                           Owner/Webmaster/Designer/Developer
   Used Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat to carry out                     Designed, developed, and marketed every aspect of a
   assignments involving logo and web page design. Extensively                     niche online store including order forms, a mailing list,
   studied usability and social marketing. Published well written                  newsletter, RSS feeds, sitemaps, custom error pages, legal
   articles for the company’s usability/technology blog.                           documents, a link exchange system, etc.                                              

      Positive attitude and great sense of humor                                   Dependable and dedicated to my work and my team
      Exceptional artistic ability and creative zest                               Use of wireframes, grid layouts, ADDIE, flowcharts, etc.
      Efficient use of time and resources                                          Experienced at video and audio editing and file conversion
      Excellent written and verbal communication skills                            Knowledge to thoroughly test and evaluate websites
      Attention to detail and an eye for good design                               Capable of integrating multiple programming languages
      Fluent with an extensive number of software titles                           Versatile skills in graphic design and web development


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