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									This morning, I turned on my computer, opened my email, and saw a pile of new messages in
my inbox…

            “Congratulations Jeff, Your income just increased by $100 monthly”

One after another… email notifications letting me know that overnight, my income had increased
by $25… $100… even $500 while I’d been sleeping. All thanks to a company I joined not long
ago called Empower Network.

Let me be very clear: While this IS a review of Empower Network, it’s also a review of a
company that’s made me over $4,625 with an additional $2,125 a month in passive residual
income – all in less than a month. While I will give you the “dirt” behind Empower (the things I
have issues with), this is a company that’s already paid me 740% of my initial investment back
AND added a nice monthly income to my bank account each month. Just so we’re clear.

What is Empower Network
Empower Network is a company created by network marketing leaders, David Wood and David
Sharpe, that offers tools and training to the millions of people in the home business and network
marketing industry worldwide.

Empower Network Products
Currently, Empower Network offers 3 primary products.

#1: Done-For-You Blogging System

First, there’s the Done-For-You Blogging Platform. Within seconds after joining, you’ll have a
fully set-up, search engine optimized, and hosted blog that you can use to promote any network
marketing or home business opportunity.

As you know, blogging regularly can help you get free search engine traffic, generate leads,
communicate with prospects and your distributors, and brand yourself as a “leader” in the

Unfortunately, a majority of people never start blogging because of the technical frustrations and
expense. Empower solves these problems by making their blogging system “point and click”
simple – so even the greenest newbie can start blogging within minutes.

#2: Empower Network Inner Circle Membership

Empower’s crew regularly interviews six-figure and seven-figure earners on the strategies and
techniques they use to build their businesses – and makes these audio interviews available in
Empower’s password-protected “Inner Circle”.
I believe that one of the shortcuts to success is to model people who already have the results you
want. So the opportunity to eavesdrop on how top recruiters are generating 1,000’s of leads
free… getting “Top 10” search engine rankings for their websites… and recruiting distributors
without selling… is incredibly valuable to anyone who is serious about building their business..

#3: Costa Rica Intensive Seminar

Empower Network Co-Founder, David Wood, held a 3-Day intensive training event in Costa
Rica – with some of the top marketing experts helping him teach. The price tag for the one-time
event was $2,997 per person – plus travel, food, and lodging – and it sold out.

Fortunately, the entire event was caught on HD video – and it’s being made available to
Empower Network Members for much, much less than the original $2,997 pricetag. There’s 11
hours of cutting-edge marketing strategies, methods, and techniques that show network
marketers how to go from zero to six-figure and seven-figure incomes in their chosen

      The Done-For-You Blogging System is $25 a month.
      The Inner Circle Membership is $100 a month
      The Costa Rica Intensive Seminar is $500 one-time

Empower Network Compensation Plan
The big buzz behind Empower Network is that they let you keep 100% commissions on
anything you personally buy yourself. Basically, when you buy ANY product through Empower
Network, you become a “reseller” – and you can get paid 100% commissions when you make a

Because of the 100% commissions, you make back your initial investment on each product
with your first referral. So even if you take all 3 of Empower’s current products (an investment
of $625), you’d make that back with 1 sale of each product. That’s where Empower differs from
so many opportunities where it takes dozens of referrals to make back your initial investment.

One of the things I really like about Empower is that you can program in your own merchant
account or payment processor – so that the money is immediately paid to you, not the company.
There’s no waiting for checks or worrying about getting paid. When a customer joins and buys,
the money is deposited into your account.

However, if you DO NOT buy a particular product, any sales you make get “passed up” to the
first person in your upline that purchased it and is considered a “Reseller”. (This is
IMPORTANT to understand, so you don’t lose sales that are rightfully yours)

Also, the compensation plan passes up your 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every future 5th sale. (i.e. Sale
#2, #4, #6, #11, #16, #21, #26, etc., etc.,)
Of course, this means that those people who buy through your marketing efforts also pass up
their 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every future 5th sales. As you can imagine, the more people you refer to
Empower Network, the more pass-up commissions you’ll make.

And, since 2 of their current products pay you a monthly residual income, the people you refer
(and the people THEY refer) can build you a significant passive income.

Empower Network Results
Empower network launched on October 31, 2011.

Within their first 30 days, their Members were paid $1,000,221.20 in 100% commissions.

In their first 56 days, Empower Network Members generated over $2,000,823.20 in 100%
commissions. And that number continues to grow with each passing week.

Today, Empower Network has over 12,925 Members and counting.

Success Stories
While I’ve personally experienced fast results with Empower, there are many, many other stories
of success from Empower Network Members.

“Never have I seen a group that actually cares about their people as much as these guys. Imagine
giving 100% commissions. I am getting about $450 per day in new referrals and added
income. In less than 10 days I am already at about $2700 in monthly residual income +
additional $500 one-time sales. WOOHOO!”*

                                                                                    - Ed Przybylski

“Been with Empower Network for 13 days and have made just shy of $10,000! I am
PUMPED about what we are doing here in EN because I have also had so many people who
have NEVER made money online, or in their Network Marketing Business, finally do it here.
Now we can help build a person’s posture, now we help people feel good about sponsoring into
their primary business, and now we can truly EMPOWER people to live the life of their

                                                                                   - Tracey Walker

“In my first 6 days with Empower Network I had already earned $1,050. I wish this system
had been around when I first started online a few years ago.”*

                                                                                        - Carl Willis
“For years I had struggled to be in business for myself. Some of the businesses I started did just
ok. More recently (in the past 1-1/2 yrs.) all I did was spend money and never made any money.
Until now! Until Empower Network. …I made my first $100 commission in less than 24 hrs. I
am not and will not get suckered into anything else. Empower Network is where it’s at and
where I’m staying.”*

                                                                                     - Debra Hill

“$1,075 so far… $575 Residual. I’ve been involved in the industry six months, part-time. I built
a 70+ person team in my primary opportunity… which pays me roughly $200/residual. In 11
days with Empower, I’ve almost tripled that.”*

                                                                                      - Tim Buist

And there are many, many more…

      Kelly Williams created a monthly income of $7,200 in his first 3 weeks…
      Marisol Dennis created a monthly income of $3,000…
      Tracey Walker added $20,375 to her bank account in her first 37 days…
      Carol Douthitt was paid $12,075 in just 4 weeks… and $7,075 of that is recurring
       PASSIVE monthly income…
      Barbie Zabel made a whopping $16,000 in her very first month…
      Kris Darty received $20,575 his first month… with $8,600 of that being paid to him in
       recurring PASSIVE monthly income…
      And Lawrence Tam generated over $59,225 in just 5 weeks… and a recurring PASSIVE
       income of $27,725 per month.

Income and Earnings Statement*
Of course, no mention of success stories and testimonials would be complete without mentioning
Empower Network’s Income and Earnings Statement. As we all know by now, just because
someone else makes money doesn’t guarantee that you will. So I want to make sure to include a
link directly to the Empower Network Income and Earnings Disclaimer.

                    Empower Network’s Income and Earnings Statement

What I Like About Empower Network
Before joining Empower, I spent A LOT of time investigating it. And the benefits I found
on the outside looking in were confirmed when I joined.

      In-Demand Products: The products are highly in-demand by a worldwide market of
       entrepreneurs who have one main thing in common: A high level of frustration and
       confusion. Empower’s tools and training are designed to solve their problems and deliver
       real results.
      Evergreen Market: I’ve personally been making money in the home business industry
       for 25 years. It’s an “evergreen” market with millions of buyers, in both good economic
       times and bad.

      Done-for-You Marketing System: The system is “Plug and Play” ready. Following my
       Empower Setup Guide, you can have your payment processor and autoresponder plugged
       into Empower’s back office quickly – and use it to build your list and make money your
       first week.

      Monthly Residual Income: My first favorite part of Empower. Marketing something
       with a monthly residual income gives you time freedom on top of financial freedom. In
       my first month, I’m already making a passive income of over $2,000 monthly. My goal
       for this year is $50,000 monthly.

      100% commissions: My second favorite part. The 100% commission are a BIGGIE,
       because you make back all of your initial investment with your first sale of each product
       – and your profits from your next sales add up faster. With other affiliate programs and
       offers only paying 5%, 25%, or 50% profits, it’s no wonder Empower has grown so
       quickly. People LOVE these 100% commissions.

      Really Works and Really Pays: Who can argue with Empower’s success? $1 million in
       the first 30 days. $2 million in the first 56. And people who were struggling finally
       making their first money online. It’s great to see people who have been involved in one
       offer after another making their first $100 or $1,000 in Empower.

Issues with Empower Network
While I must admit that I’m happy with 95% of Empower Network, there are a few issues I have
with their system.

      Comp Plan Could Be “Gamed”: This USED to be my number one concern. IF you
       refer yourself in a certain way, you can actually “capture” sales that you’d normally pass-
       up to an upline sponsor. This could effectively lock out your sponsor from getting any
       rewards for referring you to Empower.

However, co-founder David Wood recently held a teleseminar where he stated that this practice
is specifically NOT ALLOWED – and that anyone discovered doing this, in any way, shape, or
form – would have their account dropped. So they’ve already taken care of one of my biggest

      Video Sales Letter Only: Right now, Empower’s marketing system sells their products
       by video only. That means that if you don’t have a broadband connection or if you don’t
       want to sit through a long video that you can’t pause or rewind, you’re out of luck. That’s
       one of the reason why I created an Empower Network Report that walks prospects
       through the company, products, and compensation plan. I even made it “rebrandable” so
       my Team can add their own Empower Network affiliate link and give it away to their

I’m hoping that Empower will either add print to their marketing system – or create a “print-
only” version of their marketing system for those who don’t care for video.

      Payment Processor Issue: In the beginning, Empower Network partnered with First
       Data to supply merchant accounts to Members in order to process 100% commissions
       through the system. Well, as you can imagine, when 1,000’s of people swamp a company
       with merchant account applications in just days, something has to snap. And it did. First
       Data sent an email to everyone who had just set up a new merchant account that they
       would no longer be processing orders for Empower – and would have to find an
       alternative payment processor.

Fortunately, Empower’s co-founders jumped in – and immediately added PayPal, AlertPay, and
Authorize.net to the back office – to give everyone an immediate alternative. At the time I’m
writing this review, they’re also talking about implementing a new merchant account company
that can handle the huge number of accounts that new Members will be applying for. This was a
major speed-bump for some people, but I feel good about the way the 2 co-founders fixed this.
And right now, there are more ways for Members to take payments than when the company
originally launched.

I’m busy enough with my own companies that I rarely join “outside” opportunities. However,
Empower Network’s product line, marketing system, and compensation plan was enough to get
me to take the time to do my due diligence. After exhaustive research, I finally decided to join –
because I felt that (a) the products solved common problems experienced by millions of people
worldwide and (b) the compensation plan was set up to pay me back my initial investment
quickly and give me the opportunity to build a solid passive monthly income with minimal daily

So far, I’m extremely happy with Empower Network – and, from what I’ve heard from David
Wood and David Sharpe, there are a lot of NEW breakthrough 100% commission products being
developed right now (including live events). If you’re looking for an opportunity that works
WITH any opportunity you’re currently in… or works as a “stand alone” opportunity… you need
to do your own due diligence and see if Empower Network is right for you.

Overall, I highly recommend Empower Network.

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