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									                                                                GFE / TILA 2011 - LENDER PAID ONLY!
                                       Loan Number
                                     Originator Name
                                  This GFE Prepared by
                                   Originator Address
                                      City, State, Zip
                           Originator Phone Number
              Originator Address
                                     Originator Email
                                     Borrower Name
                                     Property Address
                                      City, State, Zip
                                        Date of GFE
                                    Base Loan amount                                                        $0.00
                               FHA MIP / VA Funding Fee                                                     $0.00
                                   Note Loan Amount                                                         $0.00
     Is this loan locked? If "Yes" enter lock date, if not locked enter GFE date

   Enter a date in this box that is a minimum of 10 days from GFE date! Do not
                            count Sundays and Holidays

     Enter How many days you locked your loan in for i.e. 15,30,45 etc. if rate is not
                                 locked enter N/A

             If loan is floating enter "15" if loan is locked enter "N/A"
                                    Monthly MI / MIP                            Date of GFE
                          Interest Rate you quoted customer City, State, Zip                                0.000%
                           How many years is this loan for?
                       Total amount of payments for this loan                                                 0
             Enter the initial monthly payment, Principal and Interest
                       Does this loan have an escrow account?                                         YES           NO

                  Broker Comp Plan (Percentage of loan amount)                                              0.000%
         Rate sheet pricing minus your comp plan / Negative = rebate / Positive = Cost                      0.000%
                                    Total Lender Fees?                                                      $0.00
                                    Credit Report Fee?                                                      $0.00
                                 Appraisal Review Fee?                                                      $0.00
                                      Appraisal Fee?                                                        $0.00
              Title Fee - Lender's Title - Do not include Owner's Title                                     $0.00
                                    Owner's Title Fee                                                       $0.00
                                    Title Endorsements                                                      $0.00

Title Endorsements
    Title Endorsements             Document Prep Fees
                                Title Endorsements                                                          $0.00
                                  Delivery / Courier Fee                                                    $0.00
                                         Notary Fee
                                       Notary Fee                                                            $0.00
                                        Email Fee                                                            0.00

         Email Fee                  Loan Tie-In Fee                                                          $0.00
                                       Escrow Fee                                                            $0.00
                                    Sub Escrow Fee                                                           $0.00
                                        Wire Fee                                                             $0.00
  Contract Processing Fee (Must be a true contract processor cannot be employed by Broker
                                    Tax Service Fee
                           Government Recording Fees?                                                        $0.00
                           Transfer Taxes and State Taxes                                                    $0.00

  Required Services Borrower Can Shop for (only complete this section if

                                          Title                                                              $0.00
                                         Escrow                                                              $0.00
                                    Pest Inspection                                                          $0.00
                                   Home Inspection                                                           $0.00

Escrow Account - (Do Not Complete this Section if this loan does not have an

Property Taxes (number of months collected)                  0         At how much per month?        $0.00           Total   $0.00
Hazard Insurance (number of month collected)                 0         At how much per month?        $0.00           Total   $0.00

Flood Insurance (number of months collected)                 0         At how much per month?        $0.00           Total   $0.00

HO6 Insurance (number of months collected)                   0         At how much per month?        $0.00           Total   $0.00
  Interest Per Diem, select number of days                   0         At how much per month?        $0.00           Total   $0.00

  Select a date you expect to close this loan
                                     Complete this section for ARM Loans Only!
                What is the max rate this loan can go to?                                       0.00%
 In how many months will the first interest rate change take place?                              0
    What is the highest dollar amount this mortgage can ever go up to?                           $0
  How much can the monthly payment go up yo in the first adjustment?                            $0.00

            How much can the monthly payment ever go up to?                                     $0.00

 Name of Originator:                         0                            Borrower:                      0
 Originator Address:                         0                            Property:                      0
 City, State, ZIP:                           0                            Address:                       0
Originator Phone Number:                    -
Originator Email:                   0                                 Date of GFE:                                    1/0/1900
Purpose               This GFE gives you an estimate of your settlement charges and loan terms if you are approved for
                      this loan. For more information, see HUD's Special Information Booklet on settlement charges, your
                      Truth-in-Lending Disclosures, and other consumer infor mation at If you decide
                      you would like to proceed with this loan, contact us.
                      Only you can shop for the best loan for you. Compare this GFE with other loan offers, so you can find
                      the best loan. Use the shopping chart on page 3 to compare all the offers you receive.
                      1. the interst rate for this GFE is available through           1/0/1900        After this time, the
                      the interest rate, some of your loan Origination Charges, and the monthly payment shown below can
                      change until you lock your interest rate.
                      2. The estimate for all other settlement charges is available through                     1/0/1900
                      3. After you lock your interest rate, you must go settlement within                 0    days (your rate lock period)
                      4. You must lock the interest rate at least      0 days before settlement.
Summary of            Your initial loan amount is                                   $                                  $0.00
your loan             Your loan term is                                                                         0           Years
                      Your Initial interest rate is                                                           0.00%
                      Your Initial monthly amount owed for principal,
                      interst, and any mortgage insurance is                        $                                  $0.00
                      Can your interest rate rise?                                      X   NO       Yes, it can rise to a maximum of         0.00%
                                                                                                     The first change will be in      0 months
                      Even if you make payments on time, can your                       X   NO       Yes, it can rise to a maximum of
                      loan balance rise?                                                                                    $0
                      Even if you make payments on time, can your                       X   NO       Yes, the first increase can be in         0
                      monthly amount owed for principal, interest,                                   and the monthly amount owed can
                      and any mortgage insurance rise?                                               rise to           $0        The maximum it
                                                                                                     can ever rise to is          $0
                      Does your loan have a prepayment penalty?                         x NO         Yes, your maximum prepayment
                                                                                                     penalty is               N/A
                      Does your loan have a balloon payment?                            x NO         Yes, you have a balloon payment of
                                                                                                             N/A          due in N/A years
Escrow Account        Some lenders require an escrow account to hold funds for paying property taxes or other property-
information           related charges in addition to your monthly amount owed of                   $0
                      Do we require you to have an escrow account for your loan?
                            No, you do not have an escrow account. You must pay these charges directly when due.
                            Yes, you have an escrow account. It may or may not cover all of these charges. Ask us.
                      A Your Adjusted Origination Charges (see page 2)                   $0.00
                      B Your Charges for All Other Settlement Services (See page 2)      $0.00
                      A      +
                             B    Total Estimated Settlement Charges                     $0.00

                                                                                                     Good Faith Estimate (HUD-GFE) 1

Understanding         Your Adjusted Origination Charges
your estimated        1. Our origination charge
settlement charges         This charge is for getting this loan for you.                                                           $0.00
                      2. Your credit or charge (points) for the specific interest rate chosen.
                            The credit or charge for the interest rate of                is included in
                           "Our origination charge." (see item 1 above)
                      X You receive a credit of                          for this interest rate of                                 $0.00
                             You pay a charge of                      for this interest rate of

                      The tradeoff table on page 3 shows that you can change your total
                                 settlement charges by choosing a different interest rate for this loan.

                                 A     Your Adjusted Origination Charges                                                                        $0.00
                         Your Charges for All Other Settlement Services
Some of these charges 3. required services that we select
can change at settlement these charges are for services we require to complete your settlement
See the top of page 3 for We will choose the providers of these services.
more information.           Service                                       Charge
                                     Appraisal                            $0.00     Credit report                 $0.00
                                     Appraisal Review                     $0.00     Tax Service                   $0.00
                                       VAFF / FHA MIP / USDA Guar. / Upfront PMI                                                                $0.00
                                 4. Title services that we select
                                    This charge includes the services of a title or settlement agent, for
                                    example, and title insurance to protect the lender, if required.                                            $0.00
                                 5. Owner's title insurance
                                     You may purchase an owner's title insurance policy to protect your interest
                                     in the property.                                                                                           $0.00
                                 6. Require services that you can shop for
                                     These charges are for other services that are required to complete your
                                    settlement. We can identify providers of these services or you can shop
                                    for them yourself. Our estimates for providing these services are below:
                                 Service                                                 Charge
                                 Title                 $0.00       Pest Inspection                     $0.00
                                 Escrow                $0.00       Home Inspection                     $0.00                                    $0.00
                                 7. Government recording charges
                                     These charges are for state and local fees to record your loan and
                                     title documents.                                                                                           $0.00
                                 8. Transfer Taxes
                                    These charges are for state and local fees on mortgages and home sales.                                     $0.00
                                 9. Initial deposit for your escrow account
                                    This charge is held in an escrow account to pay future recurring charges
                                    on your property and includes        all property taxes,               all insurance,
                                    and           Other                                                                                         $0.00
                                 10. Daily Interest charges
                                    This charge is for the daily interest on your loan from the day of your
                                    settlement until the first day of the next month or the first day of your
                                    normal mortgage payment cycle. This amount is               $0.00            per day.
                                    for         0      days (if your settlement is              1/0/1900           ).                           $0.00
                                 11. Homeowner's insurance
                                   This charge is for the insurance you must buy for the property to prptect
                                   from a loss, such as fire.
                                   Policy                                             Charge
                                 Hazard Insurance             $       -    Ho6 Insurance                            $0.00
                                 Flood Insurance                  $0.00                                                                         $0.00
                                 B     Your Charges for All Other Settlement Services                                                           $0.00
                                 A    +    B Total Estimated Settlement Charges                                                                 $0.00
                                                                                                                 Good Faith Estimate (HUD-GFE) 2

Instructions GFE estimates your settlement charges. At your settlement, you will receive a HUD-1, a form that lists your
Understandingactual costs. Compare the charges on the HUD-1 with the charges on this GFE. Charges can change if you select your
which charges own provider and do not use the companies we identify. (see below for details.)
can change at These charges                             The total of these charges                    These charges
settlement Cannot Increase                              can increase up to 10%                        can change
                 at settlement                                        at settlement                                  at settlement
                     Our Origination charge                                Required services that we select               Required services that you can shop


                                                                                                                 . . . .

                     Your credit or charge (points) for the                Title services and lender's title              for (if you do not use companies we
                     specific interest rate chosen (after                  insurance (if we select them or                identify)
                     you lock in your interest rate                        you use companies we identify)                 Title services and lender's title
                                                                                                                          insurance (if you do not use
                     Your adjusted origination charges                     Owner's title insurance (if you use            companies we identify)
             . .

                                                                   . .

                     (after you lock in your interest rate)                companies we identify)                         Owner's title insurance (if you do not
                     Transfer taxes                                        Required services that you can                 use companies we identify)
                                                                           shop for (if you use companies we               Initial deposit for your escrow
                                                                   identify)                                        account
                                                                   Government recordeing charges                    Daily interest charges


                                                                                                                    Homeowner's insurance

Using the      in this GFE, we offered you this loan with a particular interest rate and estimated settlement charges. However
tradeoff table      if you want to choose this same loan with lower settlement charges, then you will have a higher interest rare.
              ..      if you want to choose this same loan with lower interest rate, then you will have higher settlement charges.
                 if you would like to choose an available option, you must ask us for a new GFE.
                 Loan originators have the option to complete this table. Please ask for additional information if the table is not completed.

                                                               The loan in this GFE            the same loan with                The same loan with a
                                                                                               lower settlement charges          lower interest rate.
                 Your initial loan amount                                 $0
                 Your initial interest rate                             0.00%
                 Your intital monthly amount owed                       $0.00
                 Change in the monthly amount owed from                                        You will pay                      You will pay
                 this GFE.                                            No change                more every month                  more every month
                 Change in the amount you will pay at                                          Your settlement charges           Your settlement charges
                 settlement with this interest rate                   No change                will be reduced by                will be reduced by

                 How much your total estimated settlement
                 charges will be.
Using the     for an adjustable rate loan, the comparisons above are for the initial interest rate before adjustments are made
shopping chartUse this chart to compare GFE's from different loan originators. Fill in the information by using a different column
                 for each GFE you receive. By comparing loan offers, you can shop for the best loan.
                                                               This loan                 Loan 2                     Loan 3                   Loan 4
                 Loan originator name                                    0
                 Initial loan amount                                    $0
                 Loan Term                                               0
                 Initial interest rate                                0.00%
                 Initial monthly amount owed                            $0
                 Rate lock period                                        0
                 can interest rate rise?                                No                         No
                 can loan balance rise?                                 No                         No
                 Can monthly amount owed rise?                          No                         No
                 Prepayment penalty?                                    No                         No
                 Balloon payment?                                       No                         No

                  Total Estimated Settlement Charges
If your loan is some lenders may sell your loan after settlement. Any fees lenders receive in the future cannot change the loan
sold in the future receive or the charges you paid at settlement.
                                                                                                               Good Faith Estimate (HUD-GFE) 3

                                       0                                                                 0                                  1/0/1900
                               BORROWER NAME                                                          LOAN NUMBER                         DATE

                                       0                                                                                   0
                                 BROKER NAME                                                                         CONTACT PHONE

                                       0                                                                                   0
                                 PREPARED BY                                                                         CONTACT EMAIL

   ENTER BASE LOAN AMOUNT:                      $                                -          ENTER NOTE LOAN                    $                                -
                                           **Indicate fees paid by:                  B - Borrower, S - Seller, L - Lender
BROKER COMPENSATION PLAN:                                 0.000%                           BOX 4: Title Services and Lenders Title
                                                                                                                                             **        Amount
       DATE OF INITIAL GFE:                               1/0/1900                                       Insurance
 "YOUR ADJUSTED ORIGINATION                                                              Escrow Fee/Settlement Fee                                      0.00
         CHARGES"                                                                        Sub Escrow Fee                                                 0.00
              BOX 1: Our Origination Charge                                              Loan Tie-In Fee                                                0.00
    Broker Comp Plan Percentage %           0.000%                                       Wire Fee                                                       0.00
Broker Comp Plan in dollars        $          0.00                                       Lender's Title Insurance                                       0.00
Contract Processing         (broker must
provide invoice at submission)
                              Lender Total Fees                                          Title Endorsements                                             0.00
                                                                                         Document Prep Fee (transfer documents)                         0.00
Lender Total Fees                                $
                                                                 0.00                    Delivery/Courier Fee                                           0.00
                              $                                                          Notary Fee                                                     0.00
    ZERO TOLERANCE = TOTAL BOX 1:                               $0.00                    Email Fee                                                      0.00
   BOX 2: Your Credit or Charge (points) for specific
                interest rate chosen                                                                                           TOTAL BOX 4:             $0.00
Lender Compensation to Broker ( -
                                                 $               -0.00
)                                                                                                 BOX 5: Owners Title Insurance                        Amount
                 Rate Sheet Price                             0.0000%                    Owners title insurance (all purchase loans)                    0.00

Discount or Credit as a dollar amt.              $               0.00                                                          TOTAL BOX 5:             $0.00
   Premium Pricing expressed as a percentage %                 #DIV/0!                    BOX 6: Required Service that you can shop for                Amount

              Credit to Borrower ( - )           $             #DIV/0!                   Title                                                          0.00
                        TOTAL BOX 2:                            $0.00                    Pest Inspection                                                0.00
A: Your Adjusted Origination Charges                                                     Home Inspection                                                0.00
    (BOX 1 + BOX 2)     TOTAL BOX A:                            $0.00                    Escrow                                                         0.00
         Your Charges for all other Settlement Services                                                                        TOTAL BOX 6:             $0.00
                Required services lender selects GFE Box 3                                    BOX 7: Government recording charges                      Amount
Credit Report                             $                      0.00                    Gov't Recording Charges (confirm with your title co.)          0.00
Appraisal                                 $                      0.00                                                       TOTAL BOX 7:                $0.00
Appraisal Review                          $                      0.00                     BOX 8: Transfer Taxes (refer to state guidelines)            Amount
                                          $                                              State Transfer Tax                                             0.00
VAFF / FHA MIP / USDA Guar. / Upfront PMI $                      0.00
                                          $                                                                                    TOTAL BOX 8:            $0.00
                               TOTAL BOX 3: $                                -            BOX 9: Initial deposit for your escrow account               Amount
                                                                                         Property Taxes: # of months = @
                                                                                                                   0               0.00          $      0.00
  THE LENDER PAID BROKER FEE WORKSHEET IS USED                                           Hazard Insurance # of months =@
                                                                                                                   0               0.00 $               0.00
   WHENEVER THE LENDER IS PAYING THE BROKER'S                                            Flood Insurance: # of months = @
                                                                                                                   0             0.00   $               0.00
                  COMPENSATION                                                           Ho6 Condo Insurance       0    @        0.00   $               0.00
 UNDER THIS OPTION NO OTHER COMPENSATION CAN BE PAID                                                                           TOTAL BOX 9:             $0.00
                    TO THE BROKER                                                                 B0X 10: Daily Interest Charges                       Amount
                                                                                         Interest per diem:           0
                                                                                                              # of days = @       0.00   $              0.00
Broker agrees that fees listed on this Worksheet are accurate to best of broker's                                              TOTAL BOX 10:            $0.00
   knowledge. Any amount out of tolerance at closing/settlement based on a
                                                                                                BOX 11: Homeowners Insurance                           Amount
 comparison of HUD1 and most recent Changed Circumstance/GFE approved
                       and/or reissued by lender accord                                  Hazard                                                         0.00
                                                                                         Flood                                                          0.00
NOTE: Final HUD MUST MATCH fees listed in the GFEs. We can no                            Ho6 Condo Insurance                                            0.00
   longer request cost to cure from the Broker post closing.
                                                                                                                               TOTAL BOX 11:            $0.00
  SAVE YOUR COMPLETED WORKSHEET FOR USE WITH                                                 Your Charges For All Other Settlement Services
                                                                                                                              TOTAL BOX B:             $0.00
                                                                                           Total Estimated Settlement Charges BOX A+B:                 $0.00
$   -

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