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									                                                                                                           Summer 2008

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By Matthew Atkinson
                      The Judge Will Decide
After a mainly inconclusive struggle to bring sound sci-      York in Central Islip. Post-trial briefs were submitted and
ence and policy to the Suffolk County mosquito control        closing arguments will be forthcoming. Many thanks to
program, see Mosquito Control Reforms Denied, The Bay         co-counsel, the attorneys and students at the Pace
Guardian (Spring 2007), in 2004 we elected to try and         Environmental Litigation Clinic, for all their hard work
obtain lasting restrictions on the County by bringing a       throughout this case.
suit under the Federal Clean Water Act (the “Act”). We
argue that three aspects of the mosquito control program      It is never wise to predict a judicial outcome, but as far
are unlawful under the Act unless authorized by appro-        as the trial went, it seems that we proved the facts nec-
priate permits since such activities                                                   essary for our case. Suffolk
involve the discharge of pollutants                                                    County admitted to spraying
into protected water bodies. Our                                                       adulticides over the water after
suit is concerned with two parts of                                                    such evidence was brought
the program, the so-called mosqui-                                                     forth. There was also no dispute
to ditching and the use of pesti-                                                      about the way the mosquito
cides designed to kill adult mosqui-                                                   ditches are maintained and the
toes, called adulticides.                                                              regular broadcasting of dredge
The County maintains and expand-                                                       spoil onto the marsh. However,
ed an extensive network of ditches                                                     the County did deny digging
throughout nearly all of the tidal                                                     new ditches.
wetlands in Suffolk County Aerial mosquito spraying                                   While the trial provided drama,
(approximately 17,000 acres). The                             the salient questions are really ones of law and policy.
ditching is done with heavy machinery that broadcasts or
                                                              The adulticides are very toxic to aquatic organisms.
spreads the dredge spoil into the adjacent wetlands. We
                                                              There is every reason to take precautionary measures to
say that this discharging of dredge spoil requires a permit
                                                              keep them out of water, and no advantage in putting
issued by the Army Corps of Engineers under section 404
of the Act. We also say that these ditches are discharging    them into the water. The mosquito ditches serve no
pollutants into our bays and that requires permitting         legitimate function and are destructive to wetland values
under section 402 of the Act. Finally, we claim that the      and functions. The routine ditching is nothing other
adulticiding, when done over water, also requires a sec-      than a public works program, a drain on the County’s
tion 402 permit. These permits would almost certainly         treasury, and has been abandoned in fact after we
not be issued (thereby prohibiting these activities), but     brought this suit, although the County has stubbornly
even if they were issued, they would provide much need-       resisted any commitment on this score.
ed “adult supervision.”
                                                             Peconic Baykeeper hopes for victory; it has been a long
After cross motions for summary judgment were denied, fight. However, regardless of the judicial outcome, our
trial was held over five days in April before Judge Spatt at efforts have helped change the mosquito program for
the federal courthouse for the Eastern District of New the better.
FROM                                                                                     Robert DeLuca Honored
                                                                                    Peconic Baykeeper’s 2008 Bay Guardian Award

THE HELM                                                                            honored Robert
                                                                                    DeLuca, President
                                                                                    of Group for the
                                                                                    East End since
Groundhog Day                                              By Kevin McAllister      1992. Bob has
                                                                                    achieved a promi-
In last summer’s The Bay Guardian I       mosquito populations. In providing        nent leadership
wrote about Suffolk County’s              guidance on the matter, the New           role within Long
misguided war on mosquitoes.              York State Department of Health           Island’s environ-
“Change Comes Hard” was the fit-          has advised DEC that none of the
                                                                                    mental commu- Baykeeper Kevin McAllister
ting headline to my editorial on the      species of mosquitoes document-
shameful actions by county law-           ed as breeders in tidal wetlands          nity on issues such with Awardee Bob DeLuca
makers and County Executive Steve         have yet been found to be capable         as open space protection and smart growth. “In this 10th
Levy. Both ignored Suffolk County’s       of carrying or transmitting West Nile     Anniversary year of Peconic Baykeeper’s founding, it is
Council on Environmental Quality          Virus, and considers mosquito             especially fitting that our Bay Guardian Awardee be Bob
(CEQ) critical review of the sham         control activities in tidal wetlands to   DeLuca,” said Baykeeper Kevin McAllister. “Mr. DeLuca
environmental impact study per-           be for nuisance control purposes          was one of a small group that was instrumental in the
formed by their “gun for hire” con-       and not for the protection of             launch of the Peconic Baykeeper program and its insti-
sultant. One of CEQ’s principle rec-      public health.                            tutional establishment.”
ommendations was to restrict the
use of the mosquito larvicide             Acknowledging environmental con-
Methoprene.                               cerns, last August Suffolk County

Vector Control sprays Methoprene
                                          Executive Steve Levy pledged to
                                          restrict the use of Methoprene.
                                                                                                  Eye In The Sky
by helicopter into some 4,000 acres       Regretfully, Mr. Levy has once again      Lighthawk is a nonprofit environmental aviation
of tidal wetlands as often as every       flipped on a promise. Following Mr.       organization. Through its volunteer-based structure,
two weeks. Methoprene is a hor-           Levy’s directive, on June 2nd the         flights are arranged both nationally and international-
mone mimicker that inhibits               County Attorney’s office filed a law-     ly in support of its mission to protect the
mosquito larvae from developing           suit in State Supreme Court to nulli-     environment. Peconic Baykeeper is pleased to
into adults. Its effectiveness in         fy the restrictions imposed by the
destroying mosquito larvae also           DEC as outlined in Temporary              announce the approval of our application for assis-
holds true for crustaceans (i.e. lob-     Revocable Permit (TRP) that was           tance in performing seasonal reconnaissance of our
sters, crabs, shrimp) which are sim-      issued to Suffolk County. Of note,        local waters. These survey flights will help us to better
ilar creatures to insects, all being      these same restrictions were              monitor changes in our bays including the presence of
arthropods. Recent research has           imposed by the DEC in its permits         algal blooms, seasonal variability in water clarity,
found that Methoprene is lethal to        issued for the two prior years with-      impacts of shoreline hardening structures, and wet-
lobster and blue crab larvae in           out any public health ramifications.      land filling. Although we currently carry out such
concentrations as low as one part                                                   monitoring by on-water patrols, the afforded flights
per billion. Moreover, evidence indi-     Blindsided by this legal action, the
                                                                                    from Lighthawk will provide an invaluable perspec-
cates that this substance causes          State Attorney General’s office,
                                          which represents the DEC, was not         tive. Our assessments will be incorporated in our bien-
significant reductions to non-target                                                nial Baywatch publication (due fall of 2008) and pub-
insect groups.                            adequately prepared with a one-day
                                          notice to rebuff the County’s outra-      lished on our web site.
Recognizing the threat to marine          geous claims of an eminent public
life, New York City and Westchester       health threat if Methoprene use
County restrict its use to man-           was curtailed. As a result, Supreme
made structures where there is            Court Justice Arthur G. Pitts granted     Environmental Champions Honored
little chance of significant concen-      a Temporary Restraining Order that                                Peconic Baykeeper Kevin
trations escaping into the natural        nullified DEC’s restrictive use                                   McAllister was among a
environment. Likewise, in Suffolk         criteria. Bearing witness to the                                  select group of 22 New
County, the Fire Island National          courtroom theatrics, I remain in
Seashore and NYS Department               disbelief at the outcome. To their                                Yorkers and organizations
of Environmental Conservation             credit DEC says they are not going                                that received the U.S.
Region 1 limit its use on federal         to lay-down and will respond appro-                               Environmental Protection
and state managed lands to when           priately to reaffirm the scientific                               Agency’s (EPA) 2008
there is a documented disease             basis of their policy and keep the                                Environmental Quality
threat in the targeted mosquito           County’s poison out of 23,000 acres                               Award for their contribu-
population. DEC also allows its use       of state owned wetlands.                                          tions on behalf of the
if repeated applications of Bti (bacil-                                             Kevin with Congressman environment.
lus thuringiensis), a more benign                                                   Tim Bishop
biological larvicide fail to control
 Testing the Waters at Haven’s Beach                                                                                                        By Sumner Pingree

The historic village of Sag Harbor                       presence of stormwater pollutants                           sources. Despite these indications of
came to be and has thrived as a                          and safety for bathers. Its 20-acre                         pollution threats, there has yet to be a
place by the sea. While no longer                        expanse is a remnant of a salt-                             comprehensive analysis of water
home to so many seafarers (or                            marsh-coastal pond system which                             quality conducted at Haven’s Beach.
watchmakers!), the connection to                         was progressively filled with dredge
the water remains its essential char-                    material in the early-middle 20th                           With grant support from the
acter and its future. That connec-                       century. A central feature today is a                       Johnson Family Foundation and
tion between land and water — man                        quarter mile ditch drain which                              with the collaboration of Stony
and estuary — in our fast changing                       bisects the park and connects to                            Brook University, Peconic Baykeeper
world is now the interface of new                        Sag Harbor Bay by a culvert and                             has commenced an 8-month water
environmental challenges for so                          open wash over the public beach.                            quality monitoring program at
many places, including our own Sag                       The drain receives surface and                              Haven’s Beach. The primary focus
Harbor. Pollution of our coastal                         ground waters from a low-lying, 75-                         will be on bacterial contamination
waters by stormwater runoff is one                       acre residential watershed.                                 emanating from the stormwater out-
such problem that may have mani-                                                                                     fall. In addition to routine monthly
fested itself in one of Sag Harbor’s                     Periodic water quality testing of the                       sampling, the testing will include
quintessential, public waterfront                        Haven’s Beach drain and receiving                           wet weather samples to isolate the
areas, Haven’s Beach Park.                               waters since 1991 by State and local                        effect of rainfall from individual
                                                         agencies has indicated varying con-                         storm events. Such an analysis is
Haven’s Beach, within short walking                      centrations of different pollutants.                        consistent with new federal Clean
distance of the Village center, is                       Most notably, samples collected in                          Water Act regulations that require
an open-space and recreational                           the ditch have documented high                              Towns and Villages to evaluate all
resource of uncommon value to                            coliform bacteria levels, and the                           stormwater sources and implement
community residents and visitors.                        area has been closed to swimming                            Stormwater Management Plans.
Its bay shallows make it a popular                       in the past as a precaution after                           Here on Long Island, stormwater
bathing destination and the                              heavy rains and anticipated high                            has been identified as the most sig-
nearshore waters of Sag Harbor Bay                       bacteria counts. Sag Harbor’s Local                         nificant source of pollution in our
remain certified for shellfishing.                       Waterfront Revitalization Plan identi-                      South Shore bays, and the largest
And yet, for more than a decade,                         fies the Haven’s Beach stormwater                           contributor of pathogens to the East
there have been concerns about the                       outfall as one of 41 pollution                              End’s Peconic Estuary.

                           Photo Credit: George Costa
                                                         Carmans “Ez-Pass”                                                                         By George Costa

                                                        March 31, 2008 heralded           portion. The Art Flick Chapter of Trout Unlimited combined its efforts with
                                                        an eventful day for the           The New York State DEC and DOT and applied for a Fish Passage Grant pro-
                                                        Carmans River, located in         vided by the Fish America Foundation. These grants to restore the nation’s
                                                        Brookhaven Township,              fishery habitats are awarded through Fish America’s partnership with NOAA
                                                        Suffolk County, NY. This          (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Construction finally
                                                        day celebrated the reuni-         began in January of 2008 and was completed in March. At a cost of approxi-
                                                        fication of two sections of       mately $200,000 the passage added roughly 3 additional miles of potential
  Carmans River fish ladder
                                                        this important waterway,          spawning habitat to the migrating fish.
                                                        a joining that once again
 allows historical anadromous fish species to swim into waters that have been             Returning fish such as Alewife, an important herring type baitfish for many
 denied to them due to man made barriers, barriers that were constructed                  other species, wasted no time in their discovery of this passageway. Many of
 across almost all of the Island’s rivers, streams, and creeks. Early settlers used       them immediately began using the passage. Other fish species are also discov-
 these dams to provide waterpower to operate mills. Due to advanced human                 ering the passage. Trout, White Perch, even some small Striped Bass were
 technology, these mills became obsolete and ceased to be used. However, the              reported to have utilized the newly finished passage. These returning fish
 dams remained and fish were unable to return to spawn in the upper reaches               prove that with our continued help, a river such as the Carmans has the abil-
 of these rivers, streams and creeks.                                                     ity to naturally restore and heal itself.

 One such impasse, the main dam of the Carmans at Southaven Suffolk County                George Costa is President of Art Flick Chapter Trout Unlimited.
 Park, blocked the movement of fish from the tidal section into the freshwater

                                                                                                         Photo Credit: Scott Hughes

Stuart Goode E.M. Warburg Pincus & Co. (Retired)
Stuart Goode, now retired, was a private investor and
former partner of Warburg Pincus & Co., a private New
York based venture banking and investments manage-
ment firm. He was associated with the firm from 1981
through 1996, and has over thirty years of experience as
an investments professional. His appreciation for the
environment has him serving on the Advisory Council
of The Scripps Institution of Oceanography and has
joined our Board as of September 2007.
                                                                 positions at Honolulu Brewing Company and Long
Stuart was born and raised west of Chicago, and                  Island Brewing Company in Jericho. Today, Mark is co-
received a B.S. and M.B.A. from Northwestern                     owner and brewmaster of Blue Point Brewery, Long
University. He now resides in New York City and of               Island’s only microbrewery.
course Long Island’s bountiful beauty brings him back
to his second home in Bridgehampton.                             Mark’s loves the opportunity to be creative, trying new
                                                                 recipes, and enjoys devising plans to ensure that every
                                                                 brew maintains the highest quality every time. He’s
Peter Hallock Senior Managing Director, Corcoran                 grateful to have the opportunity to create a local prod-
                                                                 uct and one that supports the protection of Long
Former President of the Allan Schneider Associates real          Island’s clean water.
estate franchise, Peter joined our Board of Directors in
September 2007. Since the acquisition of Allan Schneider         Maria Brown Science Teacher, Sayville High School
by Corcoran, Peter has managed Corcoran’s East
Hampton office. The East End is the historic home of the         A native of Long Island, Maria holds degrees in Biology
Hallock family and has been a lifelong haven for Peter.          and Geology from City University, Queens College. As a
                                                                 Consulting Scientist, she focused her expertise in the
“Supporting charitable causes,” Peter says, “improves            areas of wetland restoration and estuarine ecology,
the quality of life in the Hamptons.” He has been a fix-         especially monitoring the eelgrass communities in the
ture on the boards of key regional institutions including        Peconic Bay.
the Southampton Historical Museum, the Southampton
Hospital and the Village Improvement Association of              Maria joined our Board of Directors in December 2007.
Southampton. Bay Street Theatre has been of special              She currently teaches science at the Sayville High
interest to Peter, as board member and long-term sup-            School and is founder of the school’s award winning
porter where he continues to champion their efforts to           group, SWEEP (Students Working for Enhanced
make the East End an important center for artists, writ-         Environmental Protection).
ers and theatrical productions. Peter is a resident of
Southampton and New York City.                                   Petronila (Pat) Perez Joins Staff
Mark Burford Brewmaster                                          After several years in the profit world, Pat recently joined
                                                                 Peconic Baykeeper in February as the Office
Mark Burford, new member of our Board since                      Administrator. She holds a B.S. in Business Management
September 2007, was born in Rockville Center, Long               from Binghamton University and has always had a special
Island. He has always had a special interest in beer,            interest in non-profit organizations. While at
music, politics, friends, and family. Mark’s love for beer       Binghamton, she worked with Cloud 9, a non-profit
began when he was 14 years old and was introduced to             equine therapy organization, helping them to formulate
home-brewing by his older brother.                               and implement strategic and operational goals. Today,
                                                                 she brings the same dedication and focused thinking to
Later, the notion of becoming a part of the emerging             Peconic Baykeeper. She currently resides in Shirley with
American microbrew movement inspired Mark to take                her husband.

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 Winter Flounder Population Collapsing
                                                                                                  By Charles A. Witek, III

For as many years as anyone alive can remember, do not mix with one another on the spawning
winter flounder were a keystone species of Long grounds. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries
Island’s bays and estuaries. From the cooler, deeper Commission warned, in its November, 2006 edition of
waters where most adult flounder                                                     Fisheries Focus, that if any such local
                                                          Photo Credit: Scott Hughes
spent the summer, they would begin                                                   subpopulation of flounder disappears,
trickling into the bays and inlets                                                   it might never be restored.
as the water started to cool in
the fall, becoming more numerous                                                     No one is certain why flounder are dis-
as autumn advanced. They came                                                        appearing. In their larval stage, they
to spawn, reaching a peak of                                                         are particularly vulnerable to factors
reproductive activity in late February                                               such as silt from dredging, non-point-
and March. Then, in late spring, the                                                 source pollution and sewage effluent.
adult flounder returned to the ocean.                                                However, it is believed that any action
Along the way, the winter flounder                                                   to rebuild the population must first get
enriched the lives of those who lived                                                overfishing under control, something
or visited near the shore. They have                                                 that managers have, to date, been
always been one of our favorite                                                      unable or unwilling to accomplish,
food fish. Twenty years ago, in                                                      even for a single year. In 2006, the
1988, New York anglers landed and                                                    Southern New England/Mid-Atlantic
took home nearly 5 million winter                                                    stock of winter flounder, to which
flounder. Commercial fishers also                                                    New York’s fish belong, probably
took their share. Tackle shops, party                                                had about 59% of the mature
and charter boats, fish-packing                                                      adults were removed from the popula-
houses, restaurants and fish dealers                                                 tion at a time when the recruitment
benefitted along with those who Winter Flounder                                      of juvenile fish into the population is at
actually caught the flounder. And                            or near historic lows.
the flounder, of course, played their role in the ecosys-
tem, feeding on small invertebrates and being fed on, That level of overfishing, combined with negligible
in turn, by fish, birds and marine mammals.                  spawning success, guarantees a fisheries disaster. It
                                                             is possible that some subpopulations of winter floun-
In the 1990s, the winter flounder’s abundance began der may already have passed beyond the point of no
to wane. The decline accelerated into a full-fledged return, although we hope that is not the case.
collapse. Where nearly 5 million were landed by However, in order to stem the collapse and begin the
anglers just two decades ago, barely 15,000 were rebuilding of New York’s winter flounder population,
caught in 2007, a decline of more than 99%. Jim
                                                             Coastal Conservation Association New York has asked
Gilmore, who heads up the Department of
Environmental Conservation’s Marine Bureau, speak- the DEC to halt all harvest of winter flounder from
ing at the March meeting of the Marine Resources New York waters. CCA NY hopes that DEC will heed
Advisory Council, noted that scientists attempting to the request while there is still a flounder population
do winter flounder research have, at times, had trou- left to rebuild.
ble finding any fish to study.
The decline is particularly troubling because New
York’s flounder population is comprised of a number               Charles A. Witek, III is the State Chair of the Coastal
of discreet, locally spawning populations that probably           Conservation Association New York.

                                               WORKING WATERS
                                                An Interview with Jon Semlear                                         By Pat Perez

                                               Pat: At what age did you first get Jon: “The habitat is basically the for-
                                               started commercial fishing?           est for the deer to hide in. Scallops
                                                                                     for example, don’t have a place to
                                               Jon: “I began working full-time on hide when the eelgrass dies. I think
                                               the water in 1983 after obtaining a we need to focus on getting the habi-
                                               degree in Coastal Zone Management tats back and we would be okay.
                                               from the University of Rhode Island.” Often times, things get closed and
                                               Pat: How did you know this is what they don’t open back. Closures are
                                               you wanted to do?                     not necessarily the answer. We
                                                                                     should look at better management of
                                               Jon: “Growing up in the Village of restoration projects because the
Clean Boating Tips                             Sag Harbor, I was always around management factor can affect the
                                               water. In high school I clammed and results. Striped bass for example,
                                               hunted for bluefish.”                 love to eat flounder. They are a
                                                                                     predatory fish and their population
                                               Pat: What type of gear do you use?    has exploded, so maybe the protec-
                                                                                     tion of the striped bass went to such
                                               Jon: “I use “pound” nets (also called
                                                                                     an extent that it’s affecting the bal-
                                               a pond net) which extend from stakes
                                               driven into the bay bottom in a sym- ance and now we see winter flounder
                                               metrical pattern and form a box. This are unable to compete.”
                                               box entraps the fish therefore form- Pat: It is sad to acknowledge, but
                                               ing an aquarium in a sense.”            Baymen like you are a disappearing
                                               Pat: Does your catch vary with the breed. Is there any hope that we will
                                               seasons?                                see the 1970’s numbers again where
                                                                                       everyone knew someone who
                                               Jon: “Most definitely. I fish in Noyac worked the water for a living?
• Always “pump it out” – use shore-side        and Little Peconic Bay. I start putting
restrooms whenever possible.                   up the nets around April 10th and fish Jon: “Clam prices are lower nowa-
                                               through to Thanksgiving. The pro- days and it doesn’t make sense
• Spill-proof fueling & oil changes – use an
                                               gression of arrivals is pretty much the because there are fewer clams today
                                               same every year. Initial catches than there were back then. If there
absorbent pad around deck fill and no spill    include menhaden, bunker, herring, were more resources (i.e. clams, scal-
device at the fuel vent.                       and later I see fluke & porgy. As the lops, etc. ), I don’t think there would
                                               water temperature begins to get be a flood of people wanting to
• Prevent oily discharge from your bilge –     warmer, I catch mackerel. In the fall, become fishermen again. Our popu-
use an oil-absorbent bilge sock.               when the fish begin to leave, it’s the lation demographics have changed.
                                               reverse.”                               You have to love it. I think about
                                                                                       what the weather is going to be like,
• Choose less toxic and biodegradable          Pat: After the appearance of the what my strategy will be. It’s a
cleaning products and minimize cleaning        Brown Tide of 1985, the bay scallop lifestyle more than a living.”
and maintenance on the water.                  fishery virtually collapsed. In the
                                               absence of Brown Tide events, do Pat: What should we be doing both
• If in-water cleaning must be done, use       you feel the fishery can ever recover individually and collectively as a
                                               to the pre-Brown Tide level?            community to turn things around?
non-abrasive cleaning methods or better
yet, ask your marina for a discount on a       Jon: “The main key is to get the habi-     Jon: “People should work with their
mid-season haul out for cleaning.              tats back and this will require habitat    local environmental groups, Trustee
                                               restoration projects. The sediments        Boards and Town Boards. Managing
                                               where eelgrass use to grow for exam-       and restoring the resource is expen-
• Keep recycled hazardous waste segregat-
                                               ple, becomes hard, especially in areas     sive and time consuming, so it
ed and dispose of it properly–call 1-800-      where there is more tidal flow. This       requires that everyone pool their
CLEAN-UP for a location near you.              makes it really hard to re-establish       resources and pull together.”
                                               eelgrass beds.”
• Stow it, do not throw it! Keep your trash
                                               Pat: If warranted, would you support Jon Semlear, a resident of Sag Harbor is a com-
on board and dispose of it shore-side.         imposing an extended closure until mercial bayman and President of Southampton
                                               such time stocks are able to recover? Town Board of Trustees.

Supporting Peconic Baykeeper
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Year-in and year-out since its formation in 1998, the Baykeeper’s work has been made possible through the efforts and generosity of hundreds of members and support-
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groups. Their commitment to our clean water mission has enabled our steady growth and increased public presence through our scientific, public education, communi-
ty action and legal programs. We are pleased to acknowledge those who have made generous contributions in support of our programs over the past year.

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Lawrence Andria                        Kathleen De Fouw                          Charlotte Grube                       Tyra Liebmann                            Charles & Carolyn Parlato                   Frederick & Nancy Smith
Glen & Regina Arcuri                   Adelaide De Menil                         Kathleen Gunderson                    James Lilly                              Mark Paviluk                                Lance Smith
Stanley Arkin                          Gerald Deas                               George G. Gusset                      John Linder                              Ed Pavlak                                   Laura Solinger
Linda Ashcraft                         Joseph & Danna Debragga                   Elizabeth Gustin                      David & Michele Lindsay                  Norman Peck                                 Steve Solow
Maureen Ashe                           Peter Del Col                             James Hackett                         John Loconsolo                           William Pedersen                            Alan Sosne
Carlos Avilla                          Robert & Lisa DeLuca                      Billy Hajek & Stacy Myers             Anthony & Roseanne Lofaso                Katharine Peiffer                           Don Spates
John Bader                             Peggy DeMayo                              William Hale                          Jeffrey & Andrea Lomasky                 Frank & Maureen Penna                       Carol T. Spencer
Alec Baldwin                           Kenneth Deneau                            Peter Hallock                         Joseph Louchheim                         Larry Penny                                 Andrea Spilka
Tom & Barbara Ball                     Patricia E. Desjardins                    Roger Halsey                          Stuart Lowrie & Kenneth Dorph            Richard Perfit                              Edward Stateman & Sylvia Baruch
Anthony & Grace Bardinelli             Stephen & Helen Dicarmine                 Charlton & Nancy Halsey               Louis Lubrano                            Sandra S. Pershing                          Roy Stegemann
James & Susan Barracca                 Paul Dietche                              Elizabeth Halsted                     Elsa M. Luker                            William Persky & Joanna Patton              Fred & Bettina Stelle
George Basbas                          Joseph Dilworth, Jr.                      William Hamilton                      Richard & Joy Lupoletti                  Alan Peters                                 Howard Stern
Jean & William Baurley-Nill            Daniel Dineen                             Richard L. Hammel                     Russell Lynn & Linda Haberman            Ronald & Barbara Peterson                   Linda Stocknoff
Randall & Catalina Beach, Jr.          Kenneth Dobert                            William Hannan                        Jeanne MacFarlane                        Gregg Petry                                 Peter Stone
Hank Beck                              Susan Doherty                             Lars Hansen                           Donald & Susan MacNeil                   Dagmar Phillips                             Benjamin Suglia
Victor Beck                            Jody Donohue                              Susan Harder                          Donald Maharam                           Diana Phillips                              Richard Suter
Authur Beckenstein                     Ed Dooley                                 Ian & Charsi Harrington               Isadore Mallah                           Gary Picone                                 John & Margaret Sweeney
Dick Behrke                            Fred Dorfman                              Ted & Dina Hartley                    Maryanne Manning                         Sumner Pingree                              Gary Talarico & Linda Filardi
A. Renee Belleville                    James Dougherty                           John Hartnett                         Timothy Maran                            Robert & Linda Pollack                      Diane Tanenbaum
Barbara Beran                          Sarah Douglis                             Anne Hearst                           David Margolis                           Maud Pollock                                Minerva Taylor
Dave Bergen                            William Dovale                            Deborah Hearst                        Jacqueline Marino                        Shirley Porter                              Daniel Terrasi
Larry Berman                           Cile Downs                                Daniel & Nancy Hebert                 Charles Marino & Helen Ross              John Potente                                Ruth Thomas & Tony Villar
J. Darius Bikoff                       John Drake                                Jim Heffron & Barbara Michelson       Charles Markey                           Carl Prellwitz                              Robert Thomas & Gerald Kershow
Lynn Birks                             William S. Drew & Maxine J. Kass          Gregory & Claire Heimarck             Jim Marquardt                            Joseph & Lisa Ravitch                       Don Thompson
Melissa Bishop                         Edna Du Brul                              George Held                           RobertMarshall                           Keith Recker                                Richard Threlkeld & Betsy Aaron
James Blackley                         Eileen Dugan                              Woody Heller                          Robert & Mary Ann Marston                John Redpath                                Richard Tiernan
David & Janet Blakeman                 Christian Duryea                          Roger & Eleanor Herold                Joe Martens & Kimberly Sholty            James & Cheryl Reeve                        Charles Tiernan
John Blaney                            Sharen Dykeman                            Henry Hildreth                        John Mastropolo                          Duke Reich                                  Tom Tilson
Steven Bloom                           Brenda Earl DePaola                       Steve Hilles                          Peter Matthiessen                        George F. Reilly, Jr.                       Skip Tollefsen
Christina Bloom                        Jane Edsall                               Dorothy Hines                         Gene May                                 Judith Reiss                                Edward & Phyllis Toohey
Jeremiah Bogert                        Christopher Eglevsky                      John Hochstrasser                     Richard, Jr. Mayberry                    David B. & Cristin G. Rich                  Yvonne Torrente
Charles Bonfante                       Helen Eiffe                               Fred Hoeffner                         Walter & Jane Maynard, Jr.               Ellen Richardson                            Theresa A. Trifari
William & Rosemarie Bongiorno Jr.      Steven Einhorn                            Howard & Sandra Hoffen                Diane Mazarakis-Karoutsos                Leo Rigaud                                  John Troubh
Marcy Bortman                          Stuart & Lynn Epstein                     Robert Hoguet, III                    Edward Mazzeo                            Marie Rizzo                                 Jeffrey & Hollace Tullman
Michael Bottini                        Elaine Ercolano                           Patricia Hope                         Robert McAlevy & Patricia Downey         Joan Robbins                                Susan Ulrich
Charles & Caroline Boyar               Jeffrey Esposito                          Helen Horton & Walter Green           Kevin McAllister & Mary Wilson           Charles Roberts                             Salvatore Vacca
James Boyle                            Vivian Eyre                               Karen & Jefferson Hughes              Peter McBride                            Samuel Robins                               Patricia Veneziano
James Brady                            Ann Fay                                   Kathleen Hui                          William McCarthy                         John & Cindy Roe                            John Veronis
Anthony H. Brand                       Caroline Fell                             Priscilla Huntington                  Patrick & Valerie McCarthy               Alain Roizen                                James Victory
Samuel Braude                          Noel Feustel & Tori Petersen              Daniel Ingegno                        E. Blair McCaslin                        Andrzej Rojek                               Jeanne Vielbig
Daniel & Sally Breen                   Bettina Finn                              Carmine Ippolito                      Albert McCoy                             John Rooney                                 Quintus & Hella Von Bonin
J. Lyons & Kate Brewer                 Ethan Finneran                            Betty Ann Iseman                      Brendan J. & Maura McCurdy               Barbara Rosenthal & Richard Vinski          Evelyn Voulgarelis
Brian & Leslie Brille                  Marianne Finnerty                         A. Willard & Phyllis Ivers            Robert McDade                            Richard Ross                                Robert Wacker
Christie Brinkley                      David L. Fisher                           William & Roberta Jaklevic            James McDermott                          William & Mary A. Rossitto                  Marc and Laura Wahl
Abraham Bronchtein                     Greta Fisher                              Jeanie Johnson                        Eileen McFetridge                        Tom Roush                                   Martin Walicki
James & Veronica Brooks                Jack Fishman                              James Johnson                         James McGarrity                          George Rubino                               Dorothy Walker
Melvin & Linda Brosterman              Robert Fitch                              Kathleen Johnson                      James McGarry                            Kyle Ruhs                                   Rosalind Walrath
William Brown                          William & Abigail Fleming                 Ruth Johnston                         Alan McGill                              Gina Rusch                                  Robert Walsh & Virginia Rocha
Alice C. Brown                         Michael D. Flynn & Sandra DiLorio Thorn   MaryAnn Johnston                      Charles McGuinness                       Mary Ryan                                   Connie Walsh
F. William & Lynn Brownell             Chris Fokine                              Lynn Jones                            Joseph McKay                             Shelby Saks                                 John Wandoloski
Jacob & Lois Buchheit                  James & Hollis Forbes                     Adrian Jones                          Larry Melzer                             Antonia Salm                                Anne Washburn
Richard & Constance Buckley            Clifford Foster                           Peter Jones                           James Messer                             Richard Salomon                             Steven Wax
Richard Bulloss                        Evan Frankel & Rivalyn Zweig              Edward & Patricia Kaczmarek           Henri Michaud                            Howard & Joanne Samborn                     Emil Wcela
Mark Burford & Alycia Lally            August Franza                             Richard Kahn                          Paula Michtom                            Albert Sanders                              Chris Wedge & Jeanne Markel
Thomas & Catherine Burns               Rav Freidel                               Janet E. Kaiser                       Robert & Maryann Miller                  David Sanicola                              Randall Weichbrodt & Patricia Bergin
Brad Butler                            Richard Freilich                          Alvina Kalsch                         Rory Millson & Linda Rodd                Dolores Sapieta                             Marilyn Weigold
Dan Byrne                              Lewis Friedman & Lynn Passy               Linda Kamm                            Kris Millward                            Gregory T. & Marion B. Sarafin              Sally Weinraub
Peter Caloir                           Scott and Victoria Gammon                 Joyce Kane                            Donna Miness                             Carolyn Sas                                 Harvey Weitz
Mary Ann Campos                        Paul A. Gangsei & Susan Herman            Lawrence Karwoski                     Matthew & Laura Minogue                  Charles Savage                              Marshall & Nancy Wendell
Eugene Caraher                         Samuel & Vivian Garber                    Philip Kassover                       Fred & Serena Moehring                   Robert D. Savage                            Edward Wesche
William Carey                          David Gassner                             Eric and Brenda Keil                  Rich Mohlere                             Perry Sayles                                John White
Linda Casa                             William and Karen Gatz                    Pamela Keld & Joseph Edelman          Donald Mole                              Joan Scanlan                                Henry
Helen Casey                            Brian Gayman                              John Kelly                            James Monaco & Susan Schenker            Barbara Scerbo                              Kim White
Ruth Chalmers                          William Geraghty & Kathleen Lynch         Robert & Kathy Kelly                  Nancy, Dominick, Suzanne, & Peter Mone   Ralph Schenk                                Russell, Jr. William
John Chappel                           Catherine Gerardi                         John Kenlon                           David Moore                              Newt Schiller                               Gerard Wilson
Charlotte Post Chase                   Morton Gewirtz                            George & Joan Kennedy                 John Morales                             Leona Schlein                               Harry Wilson
Jerry E. Clements & Carol Wachs        Edward Geyer                              Raymond Kern                          Ed Moran                                 Dennis Schmidt & Jennifer Meihofer          Nancy Winarick & Richard Siegler
Robert Coe                             Morad & Sima Ghadamian                    Kay Kidde                             Patrick Moran & Alison Cornish           Steven & Anne Marie Schneider               Harvey Winer
Aaron Cohen                            Nancy Gilbert & Richard Wines             Susan Kinscherf                       Carol Morrison                           Andrew Schnier                              Eric & Hillary Woodward
Jeff Cole & Sally Booth                Vincent Gizzi & April Garston             David Kleinberg                       Sara Morton                              Martin & Judith Schwartz                    Lucinda Worthington
Nicolas & Eve Combemale                James Going                               Thomas Knight                         Al Mould                                 Stephen & Sherry Schwartz                   Ruth Wysell
Timothy Connors                        Rosalie Goldberg                          Robert Koppelmann                     Roger Mulvihill                          Henry Schwatzman                            Marc Yaggi & Sarah Douglis
Jack & Marion Conway                   Robbi Goldberg                            Donald Kornrumpf                      Dorothy Jean Mundy                       Robert & Rose Schweitzer                    Helene & Manoucher Yektai
Joy Cordery                            Mary Cox Golden                           James Kraus                           Andrew Murphy                            Edwin Schwenk                               Dolores Zebrowski
Dorothy Corwin                         Stuart Goldman                            Herbert Kronman                       Thomas B. Muse                           Vincent Scotti                              Barry Zolot
David Cory                             Howard Goldston                           Elaine Kurka                          Mark Mutkoski                            Helene Scully                               Gary Zuar
Joseph Coscia                          Stuart Goode                              Falk & Sabine Kurzendoerfer           Richard & Constance Neel                 Dorothy Seiberling                          Victor & Mary Zupa
Charles Coulter & Margaret Logan       Robert & Laura Goode                      Michael Kuzow                         Michael & Marisa Nelson                  Susan M. Seidman                            Elizabeth Zust
John Cox, Jr.                          April Gornik & Eric Fischl                Vitold Lach                           Richard Nesi                             Brian Shea                                  Joy Zuzulo
Louis & Elizabeth Craco                Edward W. & Alexandra A.Graham            Jack Lacombe                          Celia Moss Newman                        John Shea III
Peter & Joan Croan                     Patricia Gray                             John & Jessalyn Lacombe               John & Vincenza Nicholas                 Robert Sheehan
Janet Culbertson-Kaften                Steven Green & Ciny Sulzberger            Dana LaForge & Kathleen McCabe        Johanna Northam                          Barbara Sherard
Robert & Eileen Cullen                 Donald & Mary Greene                      Vincent LaRocca                       George & Marion Norton                   Saul & Judith Sherman

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Board of Directors
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Phyllis Toohey | Treasurer
Maureen Sherry-Klinsky | Secretary

Maria Brown | Mark Burford| Nicolas Combemale
Stuart Goode | Peter Hallock | Todd Jacobs | Skip Tollefsen

“Kathy”, our 29’ Dyer is essential to the Baykeeper’s role as the
“eyes on the water.” Through the generous support of Dave
                                                                             WE ARE ALWAYS
Bofill and his crew at Modern Yachts we have saved thousands
of dollars in winterization, storage and maintenance costs.             LOOKING FOR HELP    ...
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