April - May MyTBay 2011 by gegeshandong


									APRIL/MAY 2011
City of Thunder Bay
Citizen Newsletter

cLeAn, gReen
& BeAutIfuL
to cLeAn uP
fAce tIMe
2 cItY               goVeRnMent                                                                                                                          MYTBAY
                                             Notices                                           EASTEr hoLIDAY gArBAgE coLLEcTIoN chANgES
                                                                                               There will be no garbage or recycling collection on the Good Friday
                                             LANDfILL fEE INcrEASE                             Holiday, April 22.Collection in all areas and zones moves to one day earlier
                                             Effective April 1, tipping fees at the            for this holiday week only.
MAYoR KeItH HoBBS                            City of Thunder Bay Solid Waste and                Area 1       Zone 1       Garbage & Recycling            Monday, April 18
Office: 625-3600 | Fax: (Office) 623-1164
                                             Recycling Facility are as follows:                 Area 1       Zone 2       Garbage                        Monday, April 18
E-mail: khobbs@thunderbay.ca
                                             Up to 140 kg – $7                                  Area 2       Zone 1       Garbage & Recycling            Tuesday, April 19
                                                                                                Area 2       Zone 2       Garbage                        Tuesday, April 19
Councillors:                                 Non-hazardous Solid Waste over 140 kg              Area 3       Zone 1       Garbage & Recycling            Wednesday, April 20
IAIn AnguS, At LARge                         – $50.17 per tonne                                 Area 3       Zone 2       Garbage                        Wednesday, April 20
Residence/Office: 474-0926 | Fax: 474-0881                                                      Area 4       Zone 1       Garbage & Recycling            Thursday, April 21
E-mail: iangus@thunderbay.ca                 Non-hazardous Contaminated Soil –
                                                                                                Area 4       Zone 2       Garbage                        Thursday, April 21
MARK Bentz, noRtHwood wARd                                                                     Don’t be missed! Not sure about your waste collection? Contact Transportation
Residence: 577-8226                                                                            & Works Dispatch at 684-2195
Fax: 577-2174 | Cell: 628-6910
E-mail: mbentz@thunderbay.ca

Ken BoSHcoff, At LARge
                                                                                             TAx INSTALMENT DuE MAY 5
                                                                                             To avoid penalty, all payments for the
                                                                                                                                          Ward Meetings
Residence: 473-8228                                                                                                                       Everyone Welcome!
E-mail: kboshcoff@thunderbay.ca                                                              second instalment of the 2011 taxes
                                                                                             must be received by Thursday, May 5.                      WESTforT
AndRew fouLdS,
                                                                                                                                                       Councillor Joe Virdiramo
cuRRent RIVeR wARd                                                                           If you do not have your bill for any
Residence: 766-9914                                                                                                                                    Thursday, April 14 @ 7 pm
                                                                                             reason, contact the Revenue Division
E-mail: afoulds@thunderbay.ca                                                                                                                          Thursday, June 9 @ 7 pm
                                                                                             at 625-2255.
tReVoR gIeRtugA, McIntYRe wARd                                                                                                            West Thunder Community Centre,
Residence: 683-8041 | Cell: 628-4790                                                                                                      915 Edward Street South
                                                                                             rV PuMPINg STATIoN oPENS
E-mail: tgiertuga@thunderbay.ca              PLANT A TrEE for ThE fuTurE!                    frIDAY, MAY 13                               Agenda: City & Ward Issues
LARRY HeBeRt, At LARge                       ArBor DAY - MAY 14                                                  Non-commercial
Residence: 622-7938 | Office: 624-1482       Join the City of Thunder Bay at the                                                                       rED rIVEr
                                                                                                                 vehicles are
Fax: 624-1485 | Cell: 624-8551               Arbor Day tree planting event on                                                                          Councillor Brian McKinnon
E-mail: lhebert@thunderbay.ca
                                                                                                                 welcome to visit
                                             Saturday, May 14, from 1 - 4:30pm,                                                                        Wednesday, April 20 @ 7 pm
                                                                                                                 the Recreational
ReBeccA JoHnSon, At LARge                    at Boulevard Lake.                                                  Vehicle Pumping                       Thunder Bay Boys & Girls
Residence/Office: 577-2807 | Fax: 577-4837                                                                       Station to obtain                     Club, 270 Windsor Street
                                             Bring your own shovel and work
E-mail: rjohnson@thunderbay.ca
                                             gloves, as well as any pails or                 fresh potable water and empty out            Agenda: 2011 Budget, Roads & Citizen
BRIAn McKInnon, Red RIVeR wARd               wheelbarrows you may have. Some                 holding tanks. The RV Station is             Survey Results
Residence: 767-3945 | Fax: 768-4823          tools will be on hand as well as                location on Legion Track Drive,
E-mail: bmckinnon@thunderbay.ca                                                                                                                        McINTYrE
                                             drinking water. Also, find out what             behind the Delaney Arena. Enter
PAuL PugH, McKeLLAR wARd                     you can do to help prevent the spread           from Victoria Avenue.                                     Councillor Trevor Giertuga
Residence: 346-8485                          of Emerald Ash Borer in our region.                                                                       Tuesday, April 26 @ 7 pm
E-mail: ppugh@thunderbay.ca
                                                                                             For more information contact the
                                             Meet just north of the Pavilion, main           Environment Division at 684-2195.                       North McIntyre Recreational
ALdo RuBeRto, At LARge                       parking lot on West Lyon Boulevard.                                                          Centre (Upstairs), 2051 Government Road
Residence: 768-8038 | Fax: 768-7959
                                             For more information, contact 625-2956.                                                      Agenda: City & Ward Issues
E-mail: aruberto@thunderbay.ca

LIndA RYdHoLM, neeBIng wARd
Residence: 577-9260 | Fax: 475-7668            P u blished By:The City of Thunder Bay                        oN ThE coVEr:
E-mail: lrydholm@thunderbay.ca                 C omme n ts o n M Y TBAY :
                                                                                                             Paige Towsley, 2, gets into Spring Leaf
                                               Senior Editor: Karen Lewis, Manager, Corporate
Joe VIRdIRAMo, weStfoRt wARd                   Communications & Strategic Initiatives | Phone: 625-3859      & Yard clean up. Turn to page 7 for
Residence: 625-5547                            E-mail: klewis@thunderbay.ca                                  details on curbside collection and how
E-mail: jvirdiramo@thunderbay.ca               Managing Editor: Valerie Marasco, Communications Specialist   to get two free yard waste bags.
                                               Phone: 625-2438 | E-mail: vmarasco@thunderbay.ca
MYTBAY                                                                                                                   cItY goVeRnMent                                        3
Quality of Life and Satisfaction with city Services remain high
thunder Bay residents rate the                • Road maintenance continues to top           Based on the gap analysis, priority             its new strategic plan and to inform
quality of life in the city very highly         the list as the City service most in        areas for improvement are                       Council’s budget decision-making
(87%) and overall satisfaction with             need of improvement                         maintenance of streets, roadside                by providing broad public input on
city services remains high (86%),             • Asked to trade off between higher           maintenance, storm water drainage,              residents’ expectations and views on
according to the results of the 2011            taxes and reduced service, one half         recreation programs for youth and               City services and projects.
                                                of residents favour increasing taxes,       neighbourhood parks. Each of these
citizen Satisfaction Survey conducted                                                                                                       The survey involved 500 interviews
                                                while 37% favour service cuts               areas are cited by residents as being
by Ipsos Reid Public Affairs.                                                                                                               conducted between Feb. 21 to
                                              • Attitudes are more mixed on                 important, yet receive relatively lower         28 among a randomly selected,
“While we are pleased with the results,         whether there should be a dedicated         satisfaction ratings.                           representative sample of Thunder Bay
as always, there is more work to be             tax increase earmarked to upgrade
                                                                                            “Residents really like living in Thunder        residents aged 18 years and older. The
done such as improving our roads,” said         City infrastructure including roads
                                                                                            Bay and they are overall very positive          overall survey results are considered
Mayor Keith Hobbs, “and Council has           • There is moderate support for increasing
                                                                                            about their City services,” said Graham         to be accurate to within +/- 4.4
taken important steps in this direction         the number of bike lanes on City roads
                                                                                            Loughton, Vice President for Ipsos Reid         percentage points, 19 times out of 20.
by increasing capital spending for roads      • Residents feel fairly safe and two-
                                                                                            Public Affairs, who presented the results
in 2011 by $1.5 million.”                       thirds are aware of the Thunder Bay
                                                                                            to Council.                                        View the 2011 citizen
 Other key findings:                            Crime Prevention Council
                                                                                            The survey provides quantitative                   Satisfaction Report at:
• Residents continue to believe they          The City of Thunder Bay has conducted
                                                                                            data to assist the City in developing              www.thunderbay.ca/yoursay
  receive fairly good value for their tax     a Citizen Survey every two years since
  dollars (73%)                               2005. The current report includes a
• Even though the economy remains             technique called a “gap analysis” that

                                                                                               Investing in Infrastructure
  the #1 top of mind issue, the portion       compares resident satisfaction with
  of residents reporting it has decreased     services to the importance they place
  23 points since 2009 and 39 points          on those services. The gap analysis is
  since 2007 – perhaps reflecting the         designed to assist the City in prioritizing       the 2011 tax-Supported Budgets have been approved by city council at just
  improvement in Thunder Bay’s                resources and benchmarking the results.           over $277.6 million gross including a capital budget of $33.7 million gross.
  economy and the economy overall                                                               The 2011 Rate-Supported Budgets have been approved by City Council at
                                                                                                $53.8 million gross including a Capital budget of $15.4 million gross.
   INVITATIoN To gIVE INPuT oN NEW STrATEgIc PLAN                                               In addition to maintaining direct City services, the Budget includes
                                                                                                legislated levies to:
   the city’s Strategic Plan guides the actions of
   council and Administration. thunder Bay is                                                   • Thunder Bay District Social Services Administration Board for Ontario
   currently developing the 2011-2015 Strategic Plan                                              Works and Social Housing services ($18.2 million).
   that will outline our city’s priorities and initiatives                                      • Thunder Bay District Health Unit for health prevention and promotion
   for the next four years and beyond. citizen input is                                           services ($2.2 million).
   critical in helping to shape this Plan.
                                                                                                • Lakehead Region Conservation Authority for conservation and
   You ArE INVITED                                                                                management of renewable natural resources in the watershed ($2.1 million).
   wednesday, April 13                         thursday, April 14                               Following are key capital projects:
   6:30 - 9 PM                                 6:30 - 9 PM                                      • Roads and roads related projects - $11.7 million which includes $1.5 of the
   DaVinci Centre, Sala Michelangelo           Italian Cultural Centre, Main Hall
                                                                                                  new Enhanced Infrastructure Renewal Program of $2.0 million.
   340 Waterloo St S                           132 Algoma St S
   Bus Routes: Airport,                        Bus Routes: Memorial,                            • Corporate Facilities Upgrade Program - $4.3 million
   Crosstown & Mainline                        John Street & Crosstown                          • Fleet replacement - $5.7 million
                                                                                                                                                  to review the complete
  For more information, visit www.thunderbay.ca/stratplan or contact                            •Waterworks related projects - $8.5 million       2011 Municipal Budget visit
  Karen Lewis, Manager – Corporate Communications & Strategic                                                                                     www.thunderbay.ca/budget.
                                                                                                •Wastewater related projects - $6 million
  Initiatives, 625-3859 or e-mail klewis@thunderbay.ca.
4 cItY         goVeRnMent                                                                                                        MYTBAY

  cLEAN, grEEN & BEAuTIfuL
  If your business or organization is improving                                  cLEAN, grEEN & BEAuTIfuL ELEMENTS

                                                                                 clean category           green category         Beautiful category
  the physical environment and the quality of life
                                                                                 conserving energy        Preservation of        Installation of
  in our city, we want to celebrate your efforts.                                Solid waste
                                                                                                          natural features       Public Art
                                                                                 Management               Intensification and    creation of civic
  cLEAN, grEEN                        DIAMoND LEVEL                                                       Redevelopment          Space
                                                                                 Sewage treatment
  & BEAuTIfuL AWArDS                                                             and Source water         Planting Street        conforms to design
                                      • 3 elements from each category
  the city of thunder Bay’s clean,     PLuS an additional element from           Protection - Best        trees                  guidelines
  green & Beautiful Awards             the Beautiful category                    Practice                 and developing
                                                                                                                                 conserving Built
  recognize building and renovation                                                                       urban forests
                                      • Receive a tree to be planted in a city   care And                                        Heritage
  projects that enrich the life of
                                       park or boulevard with an honouring       Maintenance of           Restoration of
  the community through public                                                                                                   celebrating cultural
                                       plaque, a commemorative website           Public Space             natural Systems
  art, beautification, heritage and                                                                                              Heritage
                                       button on the organization’s website,
  environmental greening. together,                                              Recycling and            Landscaping
                                       and a profile in MytBay                                                                   Preservation of
  we can grow and nurture a                                                      Reuse of Materials       continuous Parks
  community that we can all be        goLD LEVEL                                                          and open Space
  proud of.                                                                                                                      creating
                                      • 3 elements from each category            Improvements             expanding trail
                                      • Receive a plaque and a profile                                    network
  NoMINATE A cLEAN, grEEN                                                        Reducing
                                        in MytBay                                                                                Innovative
  & BEAuTIfuL ProjEcT                                                            greenhouse gas           creating Pedestrian
                                                                                                          and cycling
  to be eligible, business and        SILVEr LEVEL                               use of Alternative
                                                                                                          Amenities              Pedestrian Scale
  organization projects must          • 2 elements from each category            energy
  include elements from each of                                                                           Protecting             Accessible to All
                                      • Receive a profile in MytBay
  the clean, green & Beautiful                                                                            Biological diversity
  categories. Projects must have      BroNzE LEVEL                                                        Protecting
  been completed within the           • 1 element from each category                                      ecological Integrity
  last two years. the four award      • Receive acknowledgement
  levels are diamond, gold, Silver      in MytBay
  and Bronze. closing date for
  nominations is friday, August 12,
                                                                                                      APrIL IS cIVIc PrIDE MoNTh!
  2011. winners will be announced                                                                     for information on nominations for civic pride
  at the civic Pride Awards                                                                           awards, go to www.thunderbay.ca/awards
  ceremony Sept. 19.
                                                                                                      nominate for:
  for more information or                                                                             • clean, green & Beautiful Awards
  for nomination forms, visit                                                                         • thunder Bay green giant
                                                                                                      • Best city Block Award
  or call 625-2438.
                                                                                                      • civic Beautification Awards
MYTBAY                                                                                                                                 doIng BuSIneSS                                              5

Architectural rendering of the Thunder Bay Consolidated Courthouse as viewed from the northeast.

ceremony Marks official Start of courthouse construction
ontario’s Attorney general chris                to accommodate 15 courtrooms and                   • Piling and piling final cut-offs will be      For questions on the project, email
Bentley joined first nations leaders            four conference/settlement suites,                   complete in May.                              thomas.boreskie@infrastructureontario.ca
and local politicians on feb 24 to              including the province’s first Aboriginal          • The temporary power system will be            or call (416) 212-6447.
celebrate the official groundbreaking           Conference Settlement Suite. An                      installed for use during construction.
for the new thunder Bay                         estimated 1,000 people are expected to
consolidated courthouse.                        visit the Courthouse on a daily basis.                              cITY-oWNED ProPErTIES for SALE
Over 100 people attended the ceremony           The following is a summary of recent                 rESIDENTIAL BuILDINg LoTS                     910 Syndicate Avenue South – gc1 zone **
marking the start of construction of            activity:                                            1045 community Hall Road – $23,000            117 metres x irregular (0.27 ha±)
                                                                                                     81 metres x irregular (1.2 ha±)               1101 Syndicate Avenue South – nc2 zone **
the new facility, which will have space         • Construction trailers for subtrades have
                                                                                                     Belview Road (3) – $48,900/Lot                50 metres x irregular (0.3 ha±)
                                                  been mobilized within the Paterson
                                                                                                     83 x 241 metres (2 ha±)                       1270 Jasper drive – nc2 zone **
                                                  parking lot north of Miles Street.
                                                                                                     townline Road (5) – $44,900/Lot               56 metres x irregular (0.4 ha±)
                                                • Site excavation has been completed.                89 x 260 metres± (2.3 ha±)                    751 tungsten Street – nc2 zone **
                                                • Settling tanks have been installed for             211 Heron Street – $14,000                    49 metres x irregular (0.4 ha±)
                                                  the temporary storage of groundwater               7.6 x 35 metres (266 sm± )
                                                                                                                                                   LIghT INDuSTrIAL ProPErTY
                                                  from the excavation prior to discharge             138 finlayson Street – $14,000                1422 forest Avenue – $110,000
                                                  into the sanitary sewer.                           7.6 x 35 metres (266 sm±)                     22 metres x irregular (5,018 sm±)
                                                • Piling activity commenced in late                  MuLTI-rESIDENTIAL ProPErTY                    1600 Rosslyn Road – $25,000
                                                  February and will continue through April.          352 Adelaide Street **                        47 x 53 metres (0.25ha±)
                                                                                                     40 x 33 metres (1,320 sm±)                    951 carrick Street – LIP zone – $220,000
                                                • Reinforced concrete pile cap
                                                                                                     1341 James Street South **                    47 metres x irregular (0.55 ha±)
                                                  installation began in late March.                  137 x 33 metres (0.45 ha±)                    174 Munro Street ** 98 x 36 metres (0.35 ha±)
                                                Upcoming construction activities for                 210 Hodder Avenue **
                                                                                                                                                   offIcE SPAcE LEASE oPPorTuNITIES
                                                the period April 15 to June 15 include:              93 metres x irregular (1.2 ha±)
                                                                                                                                                   • Victoriaville Mall
                                                • With the bulk excavation complete,                 Hudson Avenue at Shuniah Street **            • 34 cumberland Street north
                                                                                                     105 metres x irregular (1.2 ha±)                (whalen Building)
                                                  work on concrete elevator pits and
                                                  basement walls, forming, reinforcing               525 Kingsway Avenue**                         • 47 cumberland Street north
Breaking ground l-r: Bill Mauro, MPP for                                                             67 x 34 metres (2,278 sm±)
Thunder Bay-Atikokan; Attorney General            steel and concrete placing will start
                                                                                                                                                   ** Appraisals required
Chris Bentley; Michael Gravelle, MPP for          during this period.                                coMMErcIAL/INSTITuTIoNAL ProPErTY
                                                                                                                                                     note: All dimensions are approximate.
                                                                                                     740 Arthur Street west – Hc zone – $330,000
Thunder Bay – Superior North; Inspector         • Underground piping for the methane                 47 metres x irregular (0.29 ha±)              contact: Realty Services division, 2nd floor,
Andy Hay of the Thunder Bay Police Service;       extraction and dewatering systems’
                                                                                                     608 Syndicate Avenue South – gc1 zone **      111 S Syndicate Ave, Victoriaville centre,
Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs; and Josias         installation will be underway as the               30 metres x irregular (0.49 ha±)              thunder Bay, tel: 625-3199 fax: 623-9344
Fiddler, Elders’ Advisory Committee.              trenches are excavated.
                                                                                                               for information, listings and pictures visit www.thunderbay.ca/realty
6 LIVIng                                                                                                                                                                                MYTBAY
Partners’ Efforts Yield Safe                                                                                                                                    Drinking Water Quality

                                                                                                                                dr in ki ng w
cycling Program for Thunder Bay                                                                                                                                 2010 report Available

                                                                                                                                              at er qu al ity
                                                                                                       An nu al Re po1 0

thunder Bay’s Active transportation                                                                                The City of Thunder                                    • Bare Point Water Treatment Plant
Program celebrated news of a                                                                                       Bay is pleased to                                      • Thunder Bay Public Library
$115,000 grant from the ontario                                                                  announce the availability of the Drinking                                   Branches
                                                                                                 W Quality Annual Report 2010.                                            • On-line at www.thunderbay.ca/water
trillium foundation in March.
                                                                                                 Copies are available at:                                                 For more information, or to speak with
The funding will enable the launch of                                                                                                                                     staff about water quality, call 683-8141
                                                                                                 • City Hall, City Clerks Office
Safe Cycling Thunder Bay, a cycling
education program aimed at riders
of all ages and abilities that will be
administered through EcoSuperior            l-r: Christian Timmons, Lakehead Public Schools,
                                                                                                 New urban forestry Website
Environmental Programs.                     Dakota Cimini-Foreman, Thunder Bay Catholic          Visit the new Urban Foresty section                                      heating and cooling costs. Explore new
                                            District School Board, Katie Spittlehouse, Thunder   (formerly T rees) at www.thunderbay.ca/                                                        ree
                                                                                                                                                                          online features like T Care, Planting
Safe Cycling Thunder Bay will be
                                            Bay Cycling Club, Andrew Ross, Black Sheep           urbanforestry to find out how urban                                                               ree
                                                                                                                                                                          Guidelines, Common T Concerns,
based on the CAN-BIKE Safe Cycling
                                            Mountain Bike Club, and Stasia Starr, Thunder        trees can increase property values, reduce                               Pruning Guide and more!
Education Program, a nationally
                                            Bay District Health Unit represent the Safe          noise and air pollution, and reduce
standardized set of cycling proficiency
                                            Cycling Partners along with the City of Thunder
and safety courses delivered by certified
                                            Bay and EcoSuperior at the announcement.
local instructors. The three-year grant
will target instructor training and         Bay will begin to offer cycling education                                                                           got Your green guide?
cycling education programs for riders       early this summer. Eight local residents                               The City’s Roads
                                                                                                               E A DIFFERE
                                                                                                                                                                          The booklet includes information
                                                                                                    ONE CAN MAK

of all ages. Safe Cycling Thunder Bay       have begun the Can-BIKE Instructor                                     Division and                                           about the City’s landfill and recycling
will offer a variety of cycling education   Training Program in April, and once                                    EcoSuperior are proud                                  programs, what to do with hazardous
courses that are Transport Canada           certified, can lead Bicycle Safety                                     to present the updated                                 wastes, electronic waste, ‘green’
approved, developed by Canada’s             Programs and train others. Cycling                   and comprehensive household waste                                                                     A
                                                                                                                                                                          community groups and an ‘ ’ to ‘Z’
leading cycling educators. The courses      education increases the skill and                    reduction manual, called Our Green Guide.                                listing of items you may be ready to
set the bar for quality of education.       confidence levels of riders with both ‘on            This helpful reference will help you                                     donate for re-use, sell or determine the
The support of the Ontario Trillium         bike’ and theory components.                         manage proper disposal of everything                                     safest disposal options.
Foundation makes it possible for these      For more information, visit                          from an old computer you no longer need,                                 Download your copy at www.thunderbay.ca
courses to be offered at a minimal cost     safecyclingthunderbay.com or call                    leftover paint from that spring project or                               or contact 684-2195 for a hard copy.
or at no charge. Safe Cycling Thunder       EcoSuperior at 624-2140.                             even clothing the kids have outgrown.

                                                                       Free Week - Solid Waste & recycling Facility
                                                                       SundaY, maY 1 to SundaY, maY 8
                                                                       Tipping fees waived for cars and non-
                                                                       commercial light trucks.
                                                                       Organize loads for easy removal in proper
                                                                       laydown areas.
                                                                       Contact Transportation & Works at 684-2195
                                                                       for details and hours of operation.

      LoSe Something?
       C o v e r a n d S e c u r e Yo u r L o a d
MYTBAY                                                                                                                                              LIVIng                     7
                                                                                       Leaf & Yard Spring collection
                                                                                       Spring Leaf and Yard collection will         For service information about the
                                                                                       take place between tuesday, May 3            Spring Leaf & Yard Waste Curbside
                                                                                       and friday, May 13. Look for the Leaf        Collection contact Transportation &
                                                                                       symbol on your waste collection              Works Dispatch at 684-2195.
                                                                                       calendar for your leaf & yard waste
                                                                                       collection date.
Spring up to clean up Thunder Bay                                                      Place leaves and organic garden waste
                                                                                       in Kraft (paper) bags, available at
Are you an individual who is                Join thousands of citizens who come
                                                                                       many grocery and hardware stores, or
concerned about the debris and litter       together every year in May to help keep
                                                                                       use any colour clear plastic bags at the
on the streets, trails or shorelines –      Thunder Bay clean and beautiful!
                                                                                       curb on your regular recycling day.
or a group of kids that want to “slam       Workplaces can also take part in the
junk” into a waste bin rather than          Spring Up 20-Minute Makeover on
watch it blow around?                       Friday, April 29 at 10 am. Find out more     Find your coupon for two
                                            and register at www.ecosuperior.org, or      FREE Kraft bags at the bottom
No matter how big or small your
                                            by calling 624-2143.                         of this page!
group, Spring Up to Clean Up wants
you! Spring Up runs for the month           The Spring Up to
of May, beginning on May 1. Register        Clean Up Program                           No limit on leaf and yard waste.
your May clean-up and you will              is funded by the                           Bags/bundles must weigh no                   The Towsley family takes advantage of
receive free garbage and recycling          City of Thunder                            more than 18 kg (40 lbs). No grass           the City’s Spring Leaf and Yard Waste
bags, disposal, public recognition and      Bay and delivered                          clippings please.                            collection program.
prizes to raffle off after your clean-up.   by EcoSuperior.

Young recycling fans Win
this year’s entries for our annual
recycling contest were inspiring.
                                                                                           Kraft Leaf & Yard Waste coupon
                                                                                           Redeem this coupon for two fRee Kraft (paper) leaf and yard waste
These kids are taking recycling one
                                                                                           collection bags (while supplies last).
step further by trying to create less
waste in the first place. Kudos to them!                                                   Bring this coupon to one of the locations below on the dates listed:
               One winner, Cosmo                                                              Thunder Bay Public Library, Waverley Branch
               Kostyniuk-Coda, 3,           The entire Grade 2 class at Crestview
                                                                                              285 Red River Road
               makes his own                School sent suggestions. This group
                                                                                              Wednesday, April 13 – 1 pm to 4 pm or
               wrapping paper with          of students really care. They are
                                                                                              Tuesday, April 19 – 10 am to noon
               brown kraft paper and        involved in many green projects and
potato stamps. “The paper can be            activities. Their entries were full of            Victoriaville Civic Centre, 111 Syndicate Ave. S.
                                                                                                                                                                  Yard Was
recycled,” he says “And the potatoes        thoughtful ideas about everything                 A table will be set up beside Cashiers Office                               te

go into the compost.”                       from water conservation, spring clean             Wednesday, April 13 – 9 am to noon
                                            ups, tree planting, composting, safely            Tuesday, April 19 – 1 pm to 4 pm
                Bruno Bruno-Bossio, 5,      disposing of batteries and other
                handmade and                hazardous waste and not littering.                Thunder Bay Farmer’s Market CLE
                decorated candles to                                                          Dove Building
                give as gifts using baby    One Can Make a Difference!
                                                                                              Saturday, April 23 – 8 am to 1 pm
                food jars and recycled      Thanks to everyone who entered the
cards. He says they reduce waste at his     contest and shared their great ideas.          Questions? Call Transportation & Works Dispatch at 684-2195.
house by simply ‘using less’.               Keep on thinking ‘green’!
8 LIVIng                                                                                                                                                  MYTBAY
heritage register Key                                                                       2011 Sewer & Water rates Took Effect April 1
to Preserving Past                                                                          By-law Number 016-2011 Schedule G
                                                                                            Water Authorities in Ontario have been
                                                                                                                                         The average household consumes 200
                                                                                                                                         cubic metres of water per year. In 2010
                                                                                            mandated by Provincial legislation to        the total cost was $677. For 2011 the
the fascinating history and heritage         Presbyterian. Due to a
                                                                                            prepare plans to raise adequate financial    cost will be $774. This represents an
of thunder Bay can be seen in our            growing congregation,
                                                                                            resources to provide safe drinking water     increase of 14.3% or $97 annually. Each
buildings and landmarks. these sites         the current church
                                                                                            today and into the future. Our water         household receives four water bills per
provide a view to the past.                  was constructed and St. Andrew’s
                                                                     Church on the          rate structure reflects the fixed costs      year so for each bill the increase will be
                                             the former was used
To promote and protect these properties,                             corner of Brodie       of operating and maintaining the water       $24 compared to 2010 billings.
                                             as a Sunday school.
the Heritage Advisory Committee                                      and Donald             system and has been designed to be           For all other customers (from a duplex
                                             The church was then
advises Council on the preservation                                  Streets.               equitable, easy to understand and to
                                             moved to its present                                                                        on a single meter to commercial and
and promotion of these historic sites                                                       benefit customers who conserve.              industrial properties) the 2011 water
                                             location on Pruden Street in 1913. The
and makes recommendations for the                                                           Rates in Thunder Bay are in the mid-         rates consist of a:
                                             move took nearly a year as most of the
Heritage Register. The Heritage Register                                                    range relative to other municipalities       • Fixed cost based on meter size
                                             work was done by horses.
is the official list of cultural heritage                                                   across the province. An independent          • Volumetric charge of $0.743 for every
properties that have been identified         On further review, some properties
                                                                                            survey undertaken by BMA Consulting            cubic metre of water consumed
as important to the community and            listed on the Register may be formally
                                                                                            in 2010 revealed that the annual cost of     • Sewer rate which remains at 75% of the
of historical interest. The list provides    designated as a Heritage Property
                                                                                            250 cubic metres of water ranged from a        total fixed and volumetric charges
information about heritage value for         under the Ontario Heritage Act. Formal
                                                                                            low of $325 to a high of $1,209 with the     Water rate increases for the three
land-use planners, property owners,          designation provides the building
                                                                                            average being $773. In 2010 Thunder          months that end April 30 and May
developers, the tourism industry,            with protection against demolition
                                                                                            Bay’s average annual cost for 250 cubic      31 will be phased in to reflect the
educators and the general public, as well    or alteration. Currently, there are 25
                                                                                            metres was $770.                             portions of the billing at the old and
                      as protection from     designated properties in Thunder Bay.
                      demolition.                                                           For all single family detached residential   new rates.
                                             The current St. Andrew’s Presbyterian
                                                                                            buildings and semi-detached residential      For answers to frequently asked
                 One property on             Church received formal designation
                                                                                            buildings that are individually metered,     questions about water bills, a detailed
                 the Register is Knox        in 1984. The church is an example of
                                                                                            the 2011 water rates consist of a:           list of rates including all water fees, or
                 United Church. Built        the Late Gothic Revival style and is
                                                                                            • Fixed cost of $0.5511 per day ($201        to use the online water bill estimator
                 in 1889, the church was     constructed almost entirely out of
                                                                                              per year)                                  for single family households, visit
                 originally located on       Simpson Island sandstone.
                                                                                            • Volumetric charge of $1.206 for every      www.thunderbay.ca/revenue or call the
                 the corner of Brodie        For more information about Heritage              cubic metre of water consumed
Knox on the Run. and Donald Streets,                                                                                                     Revenue Division at 625-2255.
                                             Properties or Thunder Bay’s Historic           • Sewer rate which remains at 75% of the
The church was where it served as the        Walking Tours visit www.thunderbay.ca/           total fixed and volumetric charges
moved in 1913. former St. Andrew’s           Living/Culture_and_Heritage

                                              Changes are coming
                                               Learn how you can                          in your electricity system
                                            manage your electricity use                 Herb Carroll 55+
                                                                                        Tuesday, April 12
                                                                                                                      Brodie Library
                                                                                                                     Saturday, April 16
                                                                                                                                                     Waverley Library
                                                                                                                                                    Wednesday, April 20
                                                and get ready for                       1:30 pm                          11:00 am                             1:00 pm
                                                                                                         FREE, but please Pre-Register
                                              Time of Use pricing                                          tbhydro.com or 343-1131
MYTBAY                                                                                                                                                           LIVIng                 9
                                                                                              An Arts-Based Destination
Prince Arthur’s Landing will
comprise a vibrant, mixed-use area                 BAggAgE BuILDINg ArTS cENTrE
that is intended to be people-friendly,
visually inviting, pedestrian-oriented
and diverse in building forms and
functions. It will support year-round
activities, with highly integrated
public elements.
Originally constructed in the early 1900s,
the Baggage Building will be expanded
with a new two-storey addition to
create a public arts-based destination                                                                                                            “ I watched these buildings being
                                                                                                                                                    constructed from the ground
combining exhibition, teaching and retail                                                                                                           up and they are built to last.
space with artisan studios.                                                                                                                         The foundations are amazing
The Red River Road Plaza combines                                                                                                                   structures themselves, and once
a water feature with public art and                                                                                                                 complete, not only Prince Arthur’s
celebrates the rich Aboriginal history                                                                                                              Landing, but Thunder Bay, will
of the site and its significance as the                                                                                                             become a different place.    ”
gateway to Western Canada. An artistic                                                                                                              Jason, City of Thunder Bay W  aterfront
wall panel will be integrated onto an                                                                                                               Development Facebook page
                                                                     DINg ArT               S cENTrE                                                commenting on the Baggage Building
existing concrete base of a waterfall                   BAggAgE BuIL
                                                                                                                                                    Arts Centre construction photos.
feature located in front of the Baggage                 March 2011
Building Arts Centre.

  rED rIVEr roAD INSTALLATIoN                                                                       The installation site of the Red River Road water feature is of great historic
                                                                                                    significance as the gateway through which traders, voyageurs, and settlers
                                                                                                    discovered and settled Western Canada. Water is a theme that flows through Prince
                                                                                                    Arthur’s Landing, starting at the foot of Red River Road.
                                                                                                    Artists were asked to interpret the guiding theme of ‘Red River Road: Pathway to the
                                                                                                    West/To the World’ and a literary selection titled Red Sky Métis as part of the overall
                                                                                                    content of their artwork. The artwork will highlight the cultural and geographical
                                                                                                    significance of this site as a key link to Aboriginal history and in particular the Red
                                                                                                    Sky Métis, the Riel Rebellion and the development of Western Canada.

  The ceiling in the Baggage Building addition reveals the buildings wood structure, with clear finished fir decking and glulam beams.
10 L I V I n g                                                                                                                               MYTBAY
Accessibility: Learning to be a chair Leader
councillor Rebecca Johnson spent         street sidewalk, but no one told me I     a buffet. How do you manage that?
the day in a wheelchair as part of       would have to hold back the wheels        I had to have another person at the
the canadian Paraplegic Association      of the chair so I wouldn’t gain speed     table get my lunch.
(cPA) ontario’s chair Leaders event      and crash into the parked bus or roll     I tried not to use the washroom
which landed her on the cover of         into the street. I made a left turn       unless absolutely necessary. I actually
                                         and headed to the parking lot. Did        got stuck in a bathroom stall on the
outspoken Magazine, published by
                                         you know that the sidewalks are on a      third floor of City Hall and had to
cPA. following is an excerpt:
                                         sideways slope? As you push forward,      cheat and get out of the chair to shove
“I had to start my day’s events the      you also have to push to keep yourself    it out of the stall. If I didn’t have the
day before, working out how I would      on the sidewalk. I couldn’t get over      ability to stand up, I would have been
get from one location to the other.      the curbing to get to my car in a         stuck until someone else came in.
Parallel transit must be booked well     nearby parking lot, so a colleague
in advance. I learned that people        took my car keys and got the package      At the end of my day in the chair I
with spinal cord injuries have to plan   out of the trunk. I was losing my         spent time with the City Clerk staff
for any journey, every night or even a   independence at this point.               on the main floor of City Hall and
                                                                                   realized that the hole in the glass that    soon forget, and I hope we can use
week in advance.
                                         I attended a meeting at a local hotel     you speak through doesn’t work for          my experiences at the Accessibility
I realized how significant automatic     – a $21 taxi ride each way. There were                                                Committee for improving our
                                                                                   people in a wheelchair – it’s too high.
door opening buttons are. I ran into     about 200 people at the meeting and                                                   community for those who have
two snags on the third floor of City     I soon learned that everyone is about     Being a Chair Leader was a great
                                                                                                                               mobility issues.”
Hall where public facilities do not      three to four feet taller than you are.   experience, but for a relatively simple
                                                                                   day it was tiring. I’m not sure how         For a copy of the complete article about
have automatic door options – the        I felt left out of conversations and
                                                                                   I would have managed one of my              Councillor Johnson’s experience as a
McNaughton Room and the third            couldn’t see facial expressions as
                                                                                   normal days of activity. I was also         Chair Leader, contact Valerie Marasco,
floor washrooms.                         well as when standing. Looking up at
                                                                                   thankful it was semi nice out with no       Communications Specialist at 625-2438
There is a nice new sidewalk from        everyone was hard on the neck. The
                                                                                   rain or snow. This was a day I won’t        or email vmarasco@thunderbay.ca.
the front door of City Hall to the       meeting went well until lunch – it was

Thunder Bay gets face Time with Ministers on Local Issues
thunder Bay leaders brought major        The annual conference attracted over      Les Louttit, Fort William First Nation      “After a meeting with Energy Minister
local issues to Queen’s Park.            2,300 delegates and was attended by       Chief Peter Collins and Manager             Brad Duguid, it’s clear that there
                                         the leaders of every political party      Land and Claims Negotiations Ian            are significant energy and economic
Mayor Keith Hobbs, City Manager
                                         including Premier Dalton McGuinty.        Bannon, Northern Ontario Association        development issues at stake with an
Tim Commisso and five Thunder
                                         Thunder Bay’s delegation met one-         Chambers of Commerce’s Barry Streib         understanding that the priority here
Bay City Councillors including
                                         on-one with seven Ministers and           and Ron Nelson of the Northern              is the distribution, transmission and
Intergovernmental Committee
                                         their offices including the Ministry      Ontario Municipal Association. The          pricing of electricity. We also met
Chair Joe Virdiramo, Iain Angus,
                                         of Northern Development, Mines            delegation is confident that Thunder        with Health Minister Deb Matthews
Brian McKinnon, Aldo Ruberto,
                                         and Forestry, Aboriginal Affairs,         Bay and Northwestern Ontario’s              and discussed a substance abuse
and Ken Boshcoff brought
                                         Energy, Transportation, Health and        critical concerns, including energy and     treatment facility – another critical
Thunder Bay’s concerns on major
                                         Long-term Care, Infrastructure, and       the need for a Made-in-Northwestern         issue for our City.”
issues to over a dozen meetings with
                                         Ministry of Research and Innovation.      Ontario energy strategy are now             Results of the conference and
Provincial Ministers in Toronto
                                         The Thunder Bay delegation included       understood clearly at Queen’s Park.         meetings were brought back to the
Feb. 27 – March 1 for the Ontario
Good Roads Association                   Nishnawbe Aski Nation, Grand Chief        “The three days of lobbying will            City’s Intergovernmental Committee
Conference (OGRA).                       Stan Beardy and Deputy Grand Chief        hopefully pay off,” said Mayor Hobbs.       in March.
MYTBAY                                                                                                                                  LIVIng               11
Local Youth                                 “ I like to ask for donations instead   2012 community & cultural
                                              of gifts because my birthday is
                                              right after Christmas when I
                                              don’t need anymore toys
                                                                                    funding Program
Birthday to                                   or games.
                                              I choose P.R.O.
                                                                                    non-profit organizations and
                                                                                                                                 Application forms and detailed
P.r.o Kids
                                                                                    individual artists are invited to
                                              Kids to help                          apply for the 2012 community &               grant guidelines and criteria
                                              other kids                                                                         will be available online on
                                                                                    cultural funding Program.
It’s not often that you find a child          play hockey.  ”                       This program provides project and
                                                                                                                                 Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at
who is willing to forgo the gifts he                                                                                             www.thunderbay.ca/grants
                                               Jeremy Dunmore                       operating grants to local not-for-
would receive at his birthday party                                                                                              or for pick up at VictoriaVille
                                                                                    profit community organizations               Civic Centre - Community
in order to donate to charity.                                                      in Health, Welfare, Social                   Services Reception.
Jeremy Dunmore did just that                                                        Development, Arts and Heritage.
on both his seventh and eighth                                                      Project grants are also available
birthdays. Jeremy asked his friends                                                 for individual artists undertaking        The deadline for applications is
                                           children whose families cannot
not to bring him gifts but to bring                                                 community arts projects on a non-         Friday, June 24, 2011. For more
                                           afford to pay for activities for their
the cash they would have spent on a                                                 profit basis.                             information, call 625-2351.
                                           children. At Jeremy’s request, his
gift and he would give this money to       donations have been designated to
P.R.O. Kids.                               allow children to play hockey, a sport
This year, he added some of his own        he also enjoys. We thank Jeremy for
savings to bring the grand total up to     his generosity and acknowledge his
$400. Over the two birthdays Jeremy        parents for teaching him the value of
raised $670. P.R.O. Kids assists           charity at such an early age.

                          Customer Appreciation Day
                          Tuesday, April 19
                                 Stop by any location of the Library for
                                 refreshments, attendance prizes and
                                 more. This is our way of thanking you
                                 for using the Library!

                                                                                                     fRIdAY, MAY 27 - wedneSdAY, June 1
                             Mary J.L. Black Branch                                      Admission is free. donations gratefully accepted. All are welcome!
                                                                                                                  700 River Street
                             Library Farewell Tea
                             Tuesday, April 19                                              You’re invited to view this annual exhibit featuring some of the best
                                                                                         talent Thunder Bay has to offer – the artists of the Thunder Bay 55 Plus
                             This appreciation event will double as a farewell
                                                                                        community. Artwork featuring watercolours, pen and ink, oil and acrylics
                             to the current building. Stop by Mary J.L. Black
                                                                                                      and drawing and sketching will all be on display.
                             Branch Library between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. for
                             refreshments and a look back at the history of              Special thanks to all of the volunteers who plan and organize this event
                             the branch.                                                            each year. Without you there would be no show!
                                                                                        For more information on this and other events at the Thunder Bay 55 Plus
                                                                                             Centre, please call 684-3066 or visit www.thunderbay.ca/55plus

                           www.tbpl.ca                                                                       See why we put the PLUS in 55!

                         345-TBPL (8275)                                                       opening night gala - friday, May 27, 7-9 pm. don’t Miss It!
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