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XXIX No. 7

Love may be blind, but event opens eyes to abusive behaviors
By MICHELE DONOHUE                                                                                                                                       “It can happen anywhere. It could happen
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                           to any one,” said McGee, a Ramapo gradu-
                                                                                                                                                       ate and first year Pace University law stu-
  The term “love” is used for just about any-                                                                                                          dent studying women’s rights and environ-
thing. Puppies. A new car smell. Ice cream.                                                                                                            mental law.
British comedy. A significant other.                                                                                                                     Students interacted with questions McGee
  But what about yourself?                                                                                                                             posed about what constitutes as warning
  Students gathered in SC 137 Tuesday for a                                                                                                            signs of an abusive relationship, like giving
discussion called “I Love Me” that raised                                                                                                              presents.
awareness about domestic violence and                                                                                                                   “When [abusers] don’t address problems in
abuse. Women’s Center Graduate Assistant                                                                                                               a relationship, but give you gifts, that rein-
Katherine McGee spoke to students about                                                                                                                forces the inequality in the relationship,”
how to handle abusive situations, whether as                                                                                                           said McGee. “What does it say about power
a supportive friend or in a relationship that                                                                                                          in the relationship?”
may be violent.                                                                                                                                         While presents singularly do not determine
   The event was sponsored by sororities                                                                                                Erin Quigley   whether the relationship is abusive or not,
Omega Phi Chi and Delta Phi Epsilon and          Women’s Center Graduate Assistant Katherine McGee asks students to raise their                        McKee described other situations that
the Women’s Center.                              hands to demonstrate what they think abuse is.                                                        should raise questions and may hint toward
   “I feel strongly about domestic violence                                                                                                            future abuse.
and my organization, Omega Phi Chi, is           Escobar, who helped coordinate the event.          by domestic abuse and the pain violence
strong about women,” said senior Alexandra        Sorority sisters in attendance wore black to      inflicts on not only women but also their                             see ABUSE on page 5
                                                 signify mourning for all the women killed          families.

Bringing the Darfur genocide home to the states
By KAREN RIVERA                                  tragedy a genocide, because of the horrific        piness.”                                             The club has plans to start rallying local
Staff Writer                                     war tactics that the Janjaweed have used on         Furthering the complexities is the fact that      town councils to take a stand on the issue and
                                                 the peoples of Darfur.                             Darfur is one of the largest countries in          work their way up towards state legislation,
  Continuing to make their presence known,         “[We want] to make it an issue that every-       Africa and has a wealth of oil fields that         said Simon. They also want to start working
the Save Darfur Committee has now taken          one knows about,” said President Andrew            could help jumpstart the economy. The CIA          with local high schools and colleges
more steps to bring the Darfur conflict—the      Simon, a senior.                                   World Fact book reported that the country          statewide to start their own groups to help
“worst humanitarian crisis in the world,”          The violence has shocked many around the         has a 1.6 billion barrel oil-supply reserve, but   raise awareness.
according to the United Nations—to the eyes      world, with reports of rape, destruction of vil-   cannot utilize the resources with the constant       By garnering support from local areas, it’ll
and ears of the Ramapo community.                lages and other condemnable violations of          violent turmoil.                                   give more of a foundation for politicians to
  Located in western Sudan, Darfur has been      human rights.                                       The violence has not subsided even with the       pay attention to change the situation, Simon
the battleground between the Janjaweed, an          Adding to the issue has been the over-          deployment of UN peacekeeping forces.              said.
armed government-funded militia group, and       whelming refugee crisis. The UN has esti-           “Nothing can be done until people start car-        “We need to visualize and take part … get
land tribes that live in the area. Since 2003,   mated roughly two million people have been         ing,” said Vice President Steve Pardalis, a        the slightest feeling what they’re feeling [in
Darfur has been victimized by what the mass      displaced as a result of the violence, most        junior. “I believe the media covered the Tom       Darfur],” said Simon. “Americans do care,
media calls “ethnic cleansing” or “genocide.”    notably in the neighboring country of Chad.        and Katie scandal about 25 times more than         and once they see, they’ll come together …
  The United States has been one of the few        “They have no hope for life,” said Simon.        the Darfur crisis… you can’t just sit by.”         [we’re trying] to touch upon people’s hearts.”
countries to take a stand and call the Darfur    “They’re not able to live with any sort of hap-      What started as a ripple in Simon’s world
                                                                                                    quickly became a wave that is now gathering
                                                                                                    strength around campus.
                                                                                                     The Save Darfur Committee just became an
                                                                                                    official club this semester and is holding
                                                                                                    events that continue to promote awareness,
                                                                                                    one of their many goals. They will be holding
                                                                                                    an all-day event today, aptly titled Darfur               See what students say
                                                                                                    Awareness Day, in the Fishbowl and the                      about housing ... 4
                                                                                                    Student Center to keep students informed, by        Meet Professor William Mitchell ... 3
                                                                                                    handing out fact sheets and selling T-shirts.             Dropping a Chatlog ... 6
                                                                                                     The day will end with a short documentary          A preview of the 2007 Yankees ... 14
                                                                                                    about Darfur at the Female Friendly Funk at
                                                                                                    8 p.m. at J Lee’s, a musical event co-spon-
                                                                                                    sored by many socially-conscious groups on
                                                                                    Karen Rivera    campus.
Ramapo-based Save Darfur Committee is longing to step outside the cam-                               And this is only the beginning, according to
pus boundaries to spread its message.                                                               Simon.
Page 2 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                          Thursday, March 22, 2007

Defiant Bush Says Rove and Miers Won’t Talk in Public
By RICHARD B. SCHMITT and RICHARD A. SERRANO a collision course unlike any in recent years. Openly                               department released 3,000 documents offering an unusual
Los Angeles Times/Washington Post Wire Service                    defying a subpoena has little precedent.                       look into how the eight presidential appointees were pushed
     WASHINGTON — Inviting a showdown with congres-                Congress could vote to find whomever refused to com-          from office.
sional leaders over the firing of U.S. attorneys, President ply in contempt, but the case normally would be prosecuted                 Bush also firmed up his support for Attorney General
Bush on Tuesday refused to make White House political by the Justice Department, according to Beth Nolan, a White                Alberto R. Gonzales, amid rising calls for his resignation.
strategist Karl Rove available for public questioning under House counsel during the Clinton administration.                     ``I’ve got confidence in him,’’ Bush said.
oath.                                                             Nolan said Congress also could choose to use other pow-            The roles of Rove and Miers in the removal of U.S. attor-
    The president did agree to allow lawmakers to interview ers if an official refused to cooperate. These include with-         neys have drawn attention in recent days as the White House
Rove and former White House counsel Harriet E. Miers in holding funding for an agency or refusing to approve admin-              and Justice Department offered shifting explanations of how
private, but the concessions failed to placate Democrats, istration nominees for executive positions that require                and why the prosecutors were replaced. Last week, the
who have accused the White House and Justice Department Senate confirmation.                                                     White House said the idea originated with a proposal by
of dismissing eight federal prosecutors for political reasons.     Although it would give Democrats a rare opportunity to        Miers two years ago to replace all 93 U.S. attorneys as part
      The House and Senate Judiciary Committees readied question Rove, who has become a lightning rod for admin-                 of a post-election housecleaning. Officials said Rove vague-
plans Wednesday and Thursday to authorize the issuance of istration critics, Bush’s proposal drew complaints from                ly recalled knowing about the proposal, and thinking it was
subpoenas for Rove and other officials. Bush said his staff many in the party.                                                   a bad idea.
would oppose the subpoenas, setting the stage for a possible       ‘’We will move forward to authorize subpoenas for cur-             E-mails made public last week indicated that Rove also
constitutional confrontation in which past and current mem- rent and former White House and Justice officials, as well as        had raised the issue of replacing some or all of the prosecu-
bers of the White House staff could be held in contempt of documents,`` said House Judiciary Committee Chairman                  tors. The White House later backtracked on whether the idea
Congress.                                                      John Conyers Jr., D-Mich. The committee ‘’will take what-         originated with Miers and said it could not be sure who first
      Bush, speaking to reporters in the early evening after ever steps are necessary and within our congressional               proposed it.
returning from a trip to Missouri, criticized Democrats for authority to get to the bottom of what has become a horrible              Besides Rove and Miers, who resigned in January, the
trying to ``score political points’’ He urged them to accept mess that is undermining American trust in our federal crim-        White House offered to arrange interviews with deputy
his offer of private interviews with Rove and Miers, and he inal justice system.``                                               White House counsel William Kelley and J. Scott Jennings,
pledged to release all White House documents related to the          Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, D-Vt., chairman of the Senate        a deputy White House political director.
firings.                                                       Judiciary Committee, said: ‘’It is not constructive and it is        White House counsel Fred Fielding said the White House
      ``These extraordinary steps demonstrate a reasonable not helpful to be telling the Senate how to do our investiga-         was prepared to offer Hill investigators communications
solution to the issue,’’ Bush said. ``However, we will not go tion or to prejudge its outcome.                                   between the White House and the Department of Justice,
along with a partisan fishing expedition aimed at honorable          ``Testimony should be on the record and under oath.         and communications between White House staff and third
public servants.                                               That`s the formula for true accountability.’’                     parties, including members of Congress or their staffs, on
     ‘’It will be regrettable if they choose to head down the      Moderate Republicans indicated they wanted to give the        the subject.
partisan road of issuing subpoenas and demanding show tri- White House proposal a chance in the hope of avoiding a                   Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., said the offer of docu-
als when I have agreed to make key officials and White protracted battled.                                                       ments excluded some of the most relevant information,
House documents available,`` he said.                             ``I would prefer to have the interviews in public, but it is   including communications solely among White House per-
    Bush denied that the firings were politically motivated or more important to get the information promptly than to have       sonnel.
attempts to shut down corruption investigations of months or years of litigation,’’ said Sen. Arlen Specter, R-                      ``This is giving us the opportunity to talk to them but not
Republicans or to speed up probes into Democratic wrong- Pa., the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee. ``If we             giving us the opportunity to get to the bottom of what really
doing.                                                         are dissatisfied with the information provided in the manner      happened here,’’ Schumer said. ``We obviously will present
    ‘’The Justice Department, with the approval of the White offered by the president, we can always issue subpoenas.’’          a counteroffer to them that will be far more complete and far
House, believed new leadership in these positions would            The exchange came the same day that the Senate over-          more extensive.’’
better serve our country,`` Bush said, describing the moves whelmingly approved legislation that would strip the Justice
as ‘’normal and appropriate.``                                 Department of the authority to appoint interim U.S. attor-        Times staff writer Richard Simon contributed to this report.
    The administration strategy appeared to set both sides on neys without congressional oversight and a day after the

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                                     AROU N D THE

Gone but not forgotten: Ramapo hosts grief teleconference
By JODI WEINBERGER                                                                                                         nate to be able to act as a site for this teleconfer-
Staff Writer                                                                                                               ence again this year.”
      The Hospice Foundation of America will hold                                                                             For more than a decade, this program has pro-
its fourteenth annual teleconference today in SC-                                                                          vided an opportunity for health care professionals,
138 to continue educating health care professionals                                                                        funeral directors, educators, social workers and
and families on issues affecting end-of-life care.                                                                         bereavement counselors to share and exchange
   The program, “Living with Grief: Before and                                                                             ideas and obtain continuing education credits,
After Death,” will run from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.                                                                            according to a press release.
and will reach more than 125,000 people in 2,000                                                                              The teleconference, moderated by Frank Sesno,
communities via webcast and live satellite.                                                                                professor of media and public affairs at The
Professionals and community members are invited                                                                            George Washington University, will explore cur-
to attend the free broadcast and stay for a half-hour                                                                      rent theoretical perspectives on loss and grief as
discussion facilitated by faculty and staff following                                                                      experienced by persons throughout a life-limiting
the teleconference.                                                                                                        illness and by survivors after the death. Sesno
    “The Hospice Foundation of America’s annual                                                                            will also focus on areas where understandings of
teleconference is always a rich resource for profes-                                                                       grief have been challenged.
sionals and for families trying to learn more about                                                                           HFA, a non-profit organization, acts as an advo-
grief and loss,” said Dr. Kathleen Fowler,            Woven Memories, by artist April Scott. The four-foot tapestry is com- cate for the hospice concept of care through
Ramapo’s site coordinator and a professor certified pised of clothing from people that died in Harry Hynes Memorial         ongoing programs of professional education,
in thanatology. “The school of Social Sciences        Hospice in Wichita, KS. The art will be on the cover of the book      public information and research on issues relating
and Human Services of Ramapo College is fortu- “Living with Grief: Before and After Death,” being released March 23. to illness, loss, grief and bereavement.

Professor Profile: Dr. William Mitchell takes a stab at genetics
By ROBERT ENG                                       just say ‘biologist’ because I’ve worked         can’t we regenerate heart muscle after a
Staff Writer                                        with so many different things and that           heart attack or re-grow a damaged joint
                                                    shows that I worked on lots of different         from arthritis?
  Doctor William Mitchell, associate profes-        things because it’s a very general term.
sor of genetics, has always been passionate                                                          Where else have you taught?
toward plants and animals since he could            What do you feel is the greatest thing
remember. His love for science only grew            about the science program at Ramapo?               I’ve taught in quite a few places. I was a
stronger as he studied zoology in Rutgers                                                            summer faculty member in Rutgers New
Newark, genetics in the University of                Here doing research with students.              Brunswick and Rutgers Newark. I was a
Connecticut, and plant biology in Rutgers                                                            full-time faculty member at New Jersey City
New Brunswick. He also had post-doctor-             What do you and your students do during          University for a year. I also taught as an
ate positions in both Rutgers New                   research?                                        adjunct in Bloomfield College and Hudson
Brunswick and Louisiana State University.                                                            County Community College. I also used to
Now at Ramapo College, Dr. Mitchell                   Students can perform research on the proj-     teach as a graduate student in the University
teaches the second half of biology for              ect that I’m working on, and my projects         of Connecticut and Rutgers Newark.
majors and genetics.                                have changed over the years. They can
                                                    work on the project that I have, either for      Why did you choose to teach at Ramapo?               Dr. Mitchell’s scientific research is
What made you pursue the science field              credits or no credits.                             I like the fact that there are small class sizes   opening up a large can of worms.
professionally?                                      We recently have something called the TAS       and I like the other biology faculty and the
                                                    research honors. This requires a year of         chemistry faculty that we work very closely
  I really loved biology and I was good at it.      research with a faculty member. The stu-         with. In fact, we work closely with all of the       hobbies?
I felt if you love something and have a nat-        dents have to make presentations of their        faculty and the TAS. So that was an attrac-
ural aptitude for it, that’s always good. I         work. Right now I’m working with the             tion. Of course I’m fond of all faculty in the         When I was in Louisiana, I took some
started out with animals because I thought          regeneration of body parts in worms. The         college, but when I first came here I only           dancing classes. That was ancient history
that basically was the featherweight to go to       students are looking at the regeneration         knew about the science faculty and the TAS.          but I took some dancing classes and I got
at first, but then I realized that I really liked   process.                                           I also like the fact that the students have a      hooked. So I like to dance. I’m a big
plants and so I started working with plants.          We remove a small portion of the tail of the   good background before they come here. I             dancer. I do swing dancing and country
Right now I’m working with animals and              worm and then we watch it grow back. In          had some students do very well after leaving         dancing. I go out dancing about twice a
plants.                                             fact, you can take a really small section of     here. A lot of them went to medical school           week. That’s my big hobby.
                                                    the worm and grow both the head and the          and graduate school.
If you weren’t in science, what would you           tail. These are special worms. These are           The class size here is great. In the labora-       Do you have any advice for the students
be doing?                                           fresh-water worms and live in water and          tories for biology we can only have 20 stu-          at Ramapo?
                                                    they eat fish food. Of course in nature they     dents, because of the safety concern we have
  My field really is education, but if my spe-      would eat dead, decaying things. They’re         in the laboratories, and there are only so            I think students, whether they’re taking sci-
cialty wasn’t science, then I don’t know. I         about a couple inches long and about the         many stations where you can set up. In lec-          ence courses or not, should try to enjoy the
like a lot of things. I like history and music.     diameter of the lead in a pencil. They’re        tures we have about 40 students. It’s always         courses and get as much as they can from
All kinds of things, but science is the big         tiny little things. But you remove the tail      nice when there’s a small number, but biol-          them and not just do what they have to do to
thing.                                              and it grows back.                               ogy is a big major with bio-informatics, bio-        get by, because when you leave here, you’re
                                                      What we’re trying to do is look for gene       chemistry, environmental science and inte-           going to need that little extra something.
Do you have a specific area of science that         expression changes that occur during that        grated science studies. They add up and that         And that’s important. It’s also important to
is your favorite?                                   time. Since they’re so good at regenerating,     makes up a lot of students.                          enjoy your classes. You pick your field for
                                                    we’re trying to figure out that if they’re so                                                         a reason and you should enjoy it.
 When people ask me what I am, I usually            good, then how come we can’t do it? Why          When you have free time, what are your
Page 4 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                                      Thursday, March 22, 2007

                     R o v i n g                                                                    R e p o r t e r
                                                 “What is the most stressful thing about housing?”
                                                 Question by Jodi Weinberger. Photographs by David Spangenburg.

                                                 “Everyone is
                                              a f r a i d o f u p s e t-
                                                                                                                                   “Finding a
                                             ting other people
                                                                                                                                fourth person for
                                                 by switching
                                                                                                                                  the Village.”
                                                                                                                                 Salazar, Junior

                                                                                                                                                                         “Not being able to
   “There are a lot                                                                                                                                                          pull up your
     of people you                                                                    “ I l o s t m y p a p e r-                                                          friends, the proxy
    would want to                                                                       work and they                                                                     forms and all the
  live with, but not                                                                  tried to de-house                                                                    surveys, finding
   many people you                                                                               me.”                                                                    the right people to
  could live with a                                                                        ~Christina                                                                         live with.”
     whole year.”                                                                             Harris,                                                                    ~Bergitte Antoine,
    ~Dane Boggio,                                                                              Senior                                                                       Sophomore, &
       Freshman                                                                                                                                                             Sophie Okolo,

FYE Profile: Mockert deciphers the meaning of balancing
By LAURA IZZO                                        Being a naturally outgo-                                               ward to spending more time
Staff Writer                                         ing person, I found it easy                                            outdoors on Ramapo’s beau-        Right now, I am heavily involved in Freshmen
  First year student Christine Mockert is enjoy-     to strike up conversations                                             tiful campus as well as at the   Caucus and SGA (Student Government
ing college life to the fullest. From volunteering   and meet new people. I                                                 Ramapo Reservation. This         Association) on campus. At the becoming of
her time at Pony Power to taking care of the         also got used to living on                                             semester, I am doing service     last semester, I went to the club fair and saw
Freshman Caucus’s finances, Christine knows          my own. As for the class-                                              learning for my Social Issues    several clubs that I was interested in, but
how to keep herself busy. The future high            es, I was able to organize                                             class [at] Pony Power, in        haven’t found the time to actively take part in.
school history teacher balances her academics        my time to finish my                                                   which I will be volunteering     These include the History Club, the Literature
with extracurricular activities and shares her       assignments by the due                                                 my time at “Three Sisters        club, and the newspaper. I hope that in time I
optimism with everyone she meets.                    dates, so I was able to                                                Farms.” While there, I will      will be able to get more involved in other on-
                                                     find a happy medium                                                    be assisting in therapeutic      campus activities, but right now, my main
How is your second semester at Ramapo                between schoolwork and                                                 riding sessions, as well as      focus is doing well in the classes I am taking
going so far? How is it different from your          doing things for fun.                                                  taking care of the horses and    and maintaining a high grade point average.
first semester?                                      Overall, my transition                                                 since I grew up in an urban
                                                     from high school to col-                                               environment, being outdoors      I know you are the treasurer of the fresh-
  My second semester is going very well. I am        lege was easier than I                                                 has a real appeal to me.         man caucus. What are some of your respon-
enjoying my new classes and professors. I            expected it to be, which I                                                                              sibilities as treasurer? Would you consider
have grown more familiar with my surround-           am very happy about.                                                  What is your major and            running for a position in SGA?
ings and the goings on around campus. I feel                                                                Jossie Eusebio
                                                                                                                           career you’d like to pur-
that I am more involved with the school. I’ve        What was your favorite Freshman Mockert lives for the sue?                                               Being a treasurer involves several things. One
also been able to continue establishing new          part about last semester? moment, but loves the past.                                                   responsibility is keeping all of the Freshmen
friendships, while forming stronger relation-                                                                                I am majoring in History        Caucus’s financial accounts in order. With the
ships with the friends I made last semester.           I don’t think I could pinpoint a favorite part of with the hopes of parlaying that into a career in   upcoming Leadership Conference, which will
                                                     last semester. Everything was new to me, teaching high school. I’ve known at early age                  be taking place on March 28, I had to make
What was it like for you making the transi-          which was exciting. I guess meeting new peo- that I wanted to teach. My mother is a teacher             sure that we had enough money in our budget
tion from high school to college? Was it dif-        ple from different backgrounds was a lot of fun, and my father majored in History in college. So        for food, prizes, and other materials the caucus
ficult or easier than you expected?                  as well as getting involved with campus activi- I guess it’s in my blood to become a history            will need for that day. Not only do I work with
                                                     ties.                                               teacher.                                            the financial aspects of caucus, but I also assist
  I must admit, when I first came to Ramapo, I                                                                                                               Freshman Caucus Speaker Ryan Shapiro and
thought that it was going to be hard for me to       What are you looking forward to most this           What clubs and organizations are you                Secretary Alison Conlin with whatever they
adjust. I was nervous about living away from         semester?                                           involved with on campus? Are there any              need help doing. I am actually running for a
home and making new friends. But after about                                                             you’d like to join in the future that you
a week on campus, I realized I would be fine.         With spring approaching, I am looking for-         haven’t gotten a chance to explore yet?                                 See FYE on page 5
Page 5 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                                           Thursday, March 22, 2007

Abuse: Finding power after trauma FYE: Classy lady with a love for ‘Grey’
Continued from page 1                                                                                     Continued from page 4
   “Abusers are most often characterized as         who might be using that information.                  senate position in the upcoming SGA election.          both of them.
sweet talkers and charmers,” said McGee.              “Be conscious of what you are leaving about         Hopefully every one will come out to vote on
“They start off phrases with, ‘If you love          yourself,” said McGee, who recommended stu-           April 3, 4, and 5 to support all the candidates.       Do you have a favorite TV show right now?
me you will.’”                                      dents that might feel as though they have a
  McGee mentioned that abuse is not just a          stalker to make a logbook of when they see the        Tell me a little about yourself. What are some           I have two favorite TV shows right now- Grey’s
problem for women, even though domestic             person. “It’s going to be a lot more persuasive       of your favorite hobbies or pastimes?                  Anatomy and Heroes. I enjoy Grey’s Anatomy
violence against women constitutes 73 per-          than just ‘I see this person on campus all the                                                               because of its story lines as well as the relation-
cent of family violence victims. Women              time.’”                                                 Like most people my age, I enjoy listening to        ships between the different characters. The situa-
were “84 percent of spouse abuse victims                But some people in abusive relationships          music, hanging out with friends, reading the clas-     tions that the characters are put into make for
and 86 percent of victims of abuse at the           might not feel like they have someplace to turn.      sics, as well as going to see the latest movies with   great drama, which I love. In my opinion, its one
hands of a boyfriend or girlfriend” in 2002,        Even though over 15 million violent crimes            my friends. In high school, I was heavily              of the best shows currently on television. Heroes
according to the U.S. Department of                 were reported to police between 1998 and 2002,        involved in the school musicals and going to           is about people discovering they have certain
Justice.                                            the justice department estimated that 17 million      Broadway to see the latest shows is a passion of       powers (invisibility, regeneration, mind reading,
  Although family abuse is more likely to hap-      more incidents were never reported.                   mine. Right now, I am dying to see Spring              to name a few) and how they deal with it. I think
pen in the home, abuse by a person that is not        “It is a big issue that people don’t feel com-      Awakening.                                             the show explores not only the supernatural, but
family member 46 percent of the time is in a        fortable talking about but we’re doing it in a                                                               human behavior and how it feels to be different
public place and “about a quarter of the violence   comfortable place,” said sophomore Elyse              What celebrity, actor, or famous person do             in society.
against the offenders’ friends or acquaintances     Palumbo.                                              you admire most or identify with?
between 1998 and 2002 occurred at a school or
                                                      According to the justice department, “Among                                                                What quote, phrase, or motto best sums you
college,” according to a justice department                                                                I really admire Angelina Jolie and U2’s Bono for
                                                    non-reporting victims of boyfriend/girlfriend                                                                up?
report.                                                                                                   their work with charities. They are using their
                                                    violence, 33.8 percent said they did not report
  “As a community we have an obligation,” said                                                            fame for a good reason- to get news coverage of
                                                    the incident to police because it was a ‘pri-                                                                  “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll
McGee about raising awareness on campus.                                                                  things they believe are important. Bono’s ONE
                                                    vate/personal matter.’ An additional 10.6 per-                                                               die today.” These words were spoken by actor
“That is why abuse is allowed to go on for so                                                             campaign as well as his RED campaign were
                                                    cent indicated ‘fear of reprisal,’and 16.9 percent                                                           James Dean. He believed in living everyday to
long.”                                                                                                    made up to try and help stop AIDS in Africa.
                                                    stated they wanted to ‘protect the offender.’”                                                               the fullest, because no one knows what will come
  McKee brought up that even some reality tel-
                                                      McGee suggested that if a friend might be in                                                               tomorrow. I think it’s a good philosophy to live
evision shows depict dating abuse, like relation-
                                                    an abusive relationship it is best to keep the line    Angelina Jolie is a Goodwill Ambassador for the       by, because it makes every day special and new,
ships on the MTV series The Hills. On the
                                                    of communication open.                                United Nations High Commission for Refugees.           because while it’s important to plan for your
show, Heidi does not break up with her
                                                      “Being that life line to someone is one of the      In this capacity she has traveled to places such as    future, you must take time to enjoy all the oppor-
boyfriend, Spencer, even after he blamed their
                                                    greatest things you can do,” said McKee.              Sierra Leone, Namibia, Kenya, Cambodia, and            tunities we are presented with today in order to
problems on her and disregarded that he
                                                      McGee urged students to talk to someone who         Pakistan, because she knows the press will fol-        live life to the fullest.
brought two Playboy models to her job at a
                                                    can help on campus if you or a person you             low her. By doing this, she has shown the world
                                                    know is in an abusive relationship. The               the conditions in which refugees are living in.        Interested in getting an FYE profile? Contact
  “That is a prime example of how in pop cul-
                                                    Women’s Center offers advice and counseling           They are both trying to promote awareness and          Laura Izzo at for more
ture there is a man isolating a girl from her
                                                    and keeps matters confidential unless there is a      social change and for those reasons, I admire          details.
friends,” said McKee, who recommended peo-
ple walk away from abusive language or songs,       threat of immediate danger from the abuser.
like the term wife-beater or Akon’s “Smack          Students can also call extension 7222 to talk to
That.”                                              a Sexual Assault Response Team member that
  McKee also mentioned how popular websites,        is trained to help when there is an assault.
like Facebook, make it easier to stalk someone        “You are not a sexual object,” said McGee.

 The Ramapo News
on campus. Most students post their phone           “Saying ‘No means no’ is part of loving your-
number and where they live without realizing        self.”

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                                                                                                                P O I N TS
                                     V IEW
       Campus views are the sole opinion of their respective authors, submitted to The Ramapo News and in no way reflect the views of either The Ramapo News or Ramapo College of New Jersey.

                                                 Dropping a Chatlog: Charity in the red
                                                 BonoVoyage: Obviously. I mean, I think            who can proudly claim she has read                that half of the $18 million came from
                                                 $100 million dollars would have been              through all of “Choke.” To reach that             Bono and friends alone.
                                                 way better going to, I don’t know, AIDS           market they should have asked Chucky
                                                 research as opposed to billboards and             boy to write a book called “RED.” They            ProBono: Which still begs the question
                                                 full page magazine ads that force me to           could sell pins that say, “I read RED” so         as to why Bono didn’t just donate $80
                                                 see Bono’s dumb mug.                              you can correctly identify your potential         million to AIDS research and $20 mil-
                                                                                                   mates.                                            lion to billboard ads saying, “Bono gave
                                                 ProBono: I, Bono, am such a philan-                                                                 $80 million to AIDS research, just so
By CHRIS CHAVARRIA and CHRIS                     thrope that I support charity events              BonoVoyage: I am Jack’s raging sense              you know.” It’d be a lot quicker for one
MATTIELLO                                        around the world. I do not do this so             of philanthropy.                                  thing. Though knowing Bono we may
BonoVoyage: We at Dropping a                     that I, Bono, receive praise for my,                                                                need to reverse those figures.
Chatlog would like to congratulate               Bono, contributions to this world and its         ProBono: I am Jack’s desperate
Bono. His Red campaign, which raises             less fortunate. The Bono does not do              attempt to win a Nobel Prize for filtering        BonoVoyage: It’s not that simple.
money to combat AIDS and other dis-              this for fame or acclaim. As Bono “The            charity through soulless corporations.            People like us who are too greedy and
eases, especially in Africa, has raised          Bono” Bono, I wish only to help others.                                                             inconsiderate to donate $100 million to
$18 million dollars.                                                                               BonoVoyage: I am Jack’s disappoint-               AIDS research just can’t wrap our
                                                 BonoVoyage: Have you ever noticed                 ment with the fact that people actually           heads around a genius like Bono. That
ProBono: I’ll begin the clapping now.            that his face forms a perfect landing             listened to a guy named Bono on this              would be like getting into a discussion
Everyone, please be aware, it will build         pad for a fist?                                   one.                                              on astrophysics with Carl Sagan or a
in intensity, so please do not jump the                                                                                                              drum lesson with Neil Peart.
gun.                                             ProBono: I have noticed that. And while           ProBono: In Bono’s defense, it isn’t all
                                                 it may get my attention, it doesn’t make          his fault. Part of the problem is the             ProBono: I wonder if Bono and friends
BonoVoyage: We’d also like to congrat-           me want to buy a gaudy American                   advertising. We all love Chris Rock’s             can claim that the $100 million spent on
ulate him on spending $100 million on            Express card or an overpriced Motorola            racial commentary and hilarious por-              Red advertising counts as charity. It
advertising it.                                  phone. The charity should have been               trayal of marriage, but do we respond             was part of their attempt to raise
                                                 that you get to sock Bono in his ugly             when he says “Use Red, nobody’s                   money, after all.
ProBono: I retract my statement                  mug and half the proceeds go to chari-            dead”? Of course we don’t, because
regarding jumping the gun.                       ty. Really, all the proceeds go to chari-         that slogan is awful nonsense.                    BonoVoyage: For tax considerations?
                                                 ty. Earn your reputation Bono, you                                                                  Bono’s crack lawyer crew has already
                                                 bum. Let’s be honest, the dude spent              BonoVoyage: I’d say it’s up there with            figured out how to write-off every pur-
BonoVoyage: It’s great to see all those
                                                 $100 million trying to convince every-            “When Clinton Lied, Nobody Died.”                 chase of Aviators.
red cell phones, iPods, shirts and
                                                 one he’s our 21st century Jesus in a
American Express cards are flying off
                                                 crappy outfit with an overrated band.             ProBono: Perhaps more logical con-                ProBono: I imagine he somehow actu-
the shelves.
                                                                                                   nections. Fast food gift cards that say           ally makes money off of that. He gets
                                                 BonoVoyage: I’m sick and tired of                 “Use Red, get Fed.” Cheese compa-                 $100,000 each year for buying the
ProBono: This is why they need to
                                                 celebrities pushing their politics. Listen,       nies with the slogan “Use Red, here’s             earth’s supply of wraparound eyewear.
leave the charity work to non-profits.
                                                 Sean Penn, I want to see you act. I               spread.” Fictional characters could
Hell, they can’t even make back their
                                                 don’t care what you think of the presi-           endorse it, “Use Red, lest Judge Dredd            BonoVoyage: You know who else has
money spent on advertising, much less
                                                 dent. Green Day, I don’t want to hear             punch your head, make you dead.” No               to wear sunglasses 24/7? Cyclops. And
actually help the fight against AIDS. It’s
                                                 your music or anything you have to say            one denies The Judge. “Use Red,                   he’s a superhero. By that logic Bono =
pretty amazing that the companies
                                                 so shut up please, thank you.                     Scarlett Johansson gives you...bread.”            hero.
managed to fail on every front.
                                                 ProBono: Oh, definitely. I don’t give a           BonoVoyage: I would love Scarlett                 ProBono: Hero or VILLAIN? Captain
BonoVoyage: This, of course, is not the          crap about the Dixie Chix’s opinion on            Johansson to give me bread. Plus,                 America’s dead now, Marvel finally
first thing Bono has ruined. He has a            the war, unless of course they decide to          she’s a great example of a damn good              offed him in what is probably a hamfist-
sort of an “inverted Midas touch” where          strap bombs to their ample bosoms and             actress that doesn’t run her mouth                ed attempt at social commentary. I
everything he touches becomes annoy-             give the president a big ol’ hug. Or if           about what world issues we should be              don’t see Bono stepping up. Wait a
ing and dies. Sunglasses, iPods, music           they change their name to the Chixie              backing.                                          minute. Who fought Captain America?
and Spanish all come to mind.                    Dix.                                                                                                Communists! And Bono’s pathetic char-
                                                                                                   ProBono: Yeah, Scarlett Johansson is              ity attempt is named...oh no.
ProBono: True. I’ve suffered severe              BonoVoyage: That would be a great                 busy covering Tom Waits songs, which
damage to my retinas because I am not            name for a feminist punk act.                     already puts her music career above               BonoVoyage: Ladies and gentlemen,
going to wear sunglasses like I’m some                                                             the aforementioned Green Day and                  we at Dropping a Chatlog, being big-
kind of Bono. I also can’t say “Vertigo”         ProBono: Well I think we know our next            Dixie Chix. Although I wouldn’t mind              time celebrities and all, feel it is our
without thinking of one of the most bor-         project. You know, I’m surprised that             her running her mouth, she has a great            duty to take up a cause and cram it
ing music videos I’ve ever seen.                 Apple got behind this whole Red thing.            mouth for giving bread. Frankly,                  down your inferior throats. Folks, we
                                                 They’re pushing the “Geek Chic” and               Scarlett Johannson giving me bread                need you to donate money to the war
BonoVoyage: It’s an interesting com-             red iPods don’t match any of their com-           makes more sense than the campaign                on Bono.
mentary on our society that celebrities          puters. What Mac user wants an iPod               where Bono and Oprah buy Red prod-
feel the best way to get us to donate            that doesn’t fit with their “E-Motif”?            ucts together. Is there anything more             ProBono: Bono has been outed as a
money is to get us to shop.                                                                        surreal? They might as well have an ad            figurehead for the Red Skull’s efforts at
                                                 BonoVoyage: As a Mac user I can say               where Kanye West kisses Ann Coulter               global domination. In the name of
ProBono: It might have been a better             certainly not I. I don’t even wear cloth-         then looks into the camera and says,              Captain America’s Shattered Shield,
idea to have all of those celebrities just       ing that won’t match my MacBook in                “Bugs Bunny doesn’t care about                    this must not come to pass!
donate a portion of their Scrooge                fear of clashing when I go to Starbucks           Martian people.”
McDuck moneybins to an AIDS charity,             and try to pick up girls who are brows-                                                             BonoVoyage: Please place your dona-
rather than just plastering their faces all      ing the Chuck Palahniuk section.                  BonoVoyage: I could totally see Bono              tion in an envelope and slip it under the
over billboards and TV ads. Although                                                               and Oprah skipping down the streets of            door of the newsroom. Or, buy the spe-
that leaves those poor, underprivileged          ProBono: Ah yes, nothing more attrac-             Chicago and barging into a Gap and                cial MAUVE versions of The Ramapo
companies high and dry.                          tive than a mousy-faced girl with                 demanding everything Red that they                News, hitting newsstands next week.
                                                 square glasses, a hoody and no butt               have. In fact, there’s a good chance
Page 7 The Ramapo News   Thursday, March 22, 2007
Page 8 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                        Thursday, March 22, 2007

             N           AI M             T
                LATEST                AND
YouTube: Freedom of speech or copyright violation?
By DYAN CORNACCHIO                     order the video-sharing service      that it may be infringing on copy-     “One of the posted videos that         able, for free, to the public or
Staff Writer                           YouTube to pay it more than $1       right laws and has begun pulling       made YouTube so popular was            not.”
  What happens if you miss an          billion in damages for some          and deleting videos due to copy-       ‘Lazy Sunday,’an SNL sketch;             However, New York Institute of
episode of your favorite televi-       150,000 videos that Viacom           right infringement. Many users         but NBC ended up making their          Technology senior          Jonathan
sion show or want to watch your        claims it owns and YouTube users     seem to be conflicted over             own account on YouTube so that         Sussman thinks Viacom needs to
favorite music video? What about       have shared,” said Lessig.           whether or not the site is commit-     they would be in control of their      back off and let users do and post
if you just feel like watching a        YouTube is a web site that made     ting a crime and if Viacom is          content that was posted online. If     whatever they choose.
clip from one of your favorite                                                                                     Viacom could make a compro-               “I think they have the right to
movies or watching a good com-                                                                                     mise it would be the best solution.    post whatever they want,” said
mercial? Chances are you may do                                                                                    Both MTV and YouTube are two           Sussman. “I think it’s just a user
what thousands of other people                                                                                     media powerhouses, and they            created site and the users justify
do when they log on to                                                                                             could be even stronger if they         what goes on there and that it’s and simply                                                                                         worked together rather than try to     just the nature of the site.”
search for whatever it is you’d                                                                                    tear each other down.”                    Google and YouTube are cur-
like to see. It’s likely that you’ll                                                                                  While NBC may have set up           rently going over Viacom’s suit
find what you’re looking for.                                                                                      their own account on the video-        but continue to claim they are
However, this extremely popular                                                                                    sharing web site, Viacom seems         innocent. In a statement given to
web site is currently receiving a                                                                                  interested in simply removing all      the New York Times (in the arti-
huge amount of controversy con-                                                                                    content. This is a move that some      cle “WhoseTube? Viacom Sues
cerning the material posted by its                                                                                 students, like Ramapo junior           Google Over Video Clips” by
users and the copyright violation                                                                                  Danny London, feel is justified.       Miguel Helft and Geraldine
issues that are going along with it.                                                                                 “I think that Viacom is justified    Fabrikant), Google’s associate
  Viacom is one of many compa-                                                                                     because our entire society is          general counsel for intellectual
nies coming down hard on the                                                                                       based around the premise that          property, Alexander Macgillivray
Google owned Web site for vio-                                                                                     people’s original ideas, art etc       said the site has done nothing
lating copyright laws stating that                                                                                 belong to them, and that they can      wrong concerning copyright
users are posting programs owned                                                                                   do what they want with it (within      infringement.
by the company without its              YouTube is best known for its mixture of outrageous clips.                 reason),” said London. “Of               “We are confident that YouTube
explicit permission. And accord-                                                                                   course, this should have some          meets and exceeds its legal
ing to an article in The New York      a name for itself by allowing        doing the right thing by suing the     limits. We shouldn’t have to keep      responsibilities,”said
Times, titled “Make Way for            users to post videos that other      company.                               paying someone rights to listen to     Macgillivray.
Copyright Chaos” by Lawrence           people can watch and comment           “I think that it’s a tough call in   an song from, say, 200 years ago -        In the end, only time will tell
Lessig, Viacom is now taking           on. In fact, the company’s slogan    that NBC had a similar problem         but as long as the originator of the   what the future holds for the
YouTube to court.                      is “broadcast yourself.” Yet these   when YouTube first started,” said      idea is around, they should have       video-sharing Web site.
  “Viacom asked a federal court to     days, it seems the site is aware     Ramapo student Grace Helbig.           the final word whether its avail-

Vintage Clothing: Everything old is new again
By SARAH SWENSON                       such a clothing piece almost         renowned designers have                 Halloween? Why not ooze                 selection varies. It’s the type
Staff Writer                           makes you feel like it was espe-     pieces in their collections that        classic Hollywood glamour and           of shop to keep checking back
                                       cially waiting there for you, yet    no matter how old they get, will        find a Marilyn Monroe-esque             to every week. Who knows
   Vintage clothes tend to be                                               never go out of style and are
                                       ingrained with the past history                                              dress? Or why not go as a               when you’ll find a designer bag
stereotyped as synonymous to                                                utterly timeless. Finding that
                                       of the former wearers.                                                       twenties flapper, or as a mod           for $5 or less! Located in
the fashion crowd, specifically                                             vintage Chanel bag for a frac-
                                        Then, there are the trendsetters                                            Londoner during the swinging            Pompton Lakes, NJ.
models, celebrities and stylists.
Surprisingly vintage is avail-                                                                                      sixties?
able and affordable, especially                                                                                        If purchasing something old          Backward Glances: A vintage
for the financially-stricken col-                                                                                   and used makes you nervous,             shop around since the 1980s.
lege student. The trick is to                                                                                       why not start slow. There are           Every teen in Central Jersey
know where to shop and what                                                                                         tons of shops that sell beaded          flocks to this store’s unsurpass-
to search for.                                                                                                      evening bags or vintage jewel-          able selection of vintage tees of
  Vintage. The word is defined                                                                                      ry. Ease your way in, not out.          all calibers and styles. Located
as, “the class of a dated object                                                                                    Whether you like vintage or             on 43 Broad Street in Redbank,
with reference to era of produc-                                                                                    not, it is here to stay. It is an       NJ.
tion or use.” In other words,                                                                                       alternative and most definitely
everything old is new again,                                                                                        unpredictable way to shop.              Resurrection: Any girl’s idea
and essentially, in style.                                                                                                                                  of heaven, stocked and
Vintage clothing caters to all                                                                                      Here are a few vintage shops            crammed full of vintage design-
different styles and personality                                                                                    to keep an eye out for:                 er clothing. Many celebrities
types.                                                                                                                                                      and socialites go to this fashion
  For the off-beat rocker (male                                                                                     Screaming Mimi’s: A vintage             haven, to be dressed and dolled
or female) there are band tees          Over-sized glasses are a great accessory for spring.                        clothing staple that has been           in the most famous of design-
and worn in 80s style skinny                                                                                        outfitting New Yorker’s for             ers. Very expensive, although
                                       looking for designer relics so       tion of the cost is priceless.          years. Known for their excel-           worth it just to go in and get
jeans. One can even find old-                                               Wearing something old, some-
                                       they can stand out and purpose-                                              lent selection of clothing, along       ideas. Located on 217 Mott
school beat up Nikes if they                                                thing new, something borrowed
                                       fully not wear “the dress of the                                             with unique jewelry, bags,              Street NYC (in Nolita).
look in the right place.                                                    and something vintage is now
                                       moment.” They would rather                                                   shoes and sunglasses. Be fore-
  Then there is the girl looking                                            considered the look du jour.
for that one-of-a-kind dress for
                                       have a much more eclectic and                                                warned, because of their great          The Family Jewels Vintage
                                       individual style. These fash-        N’est pas?                              pieces the prices are high.             Clothing: Known for their
that special event, and doesn’t                                               Then, there are the rest of us,
                                       ion-forward thinkers normally                                                Located on 382 Lafayette                amazing selection of costumes,
want to look typical and homo-                                              when in the mood love to scav-
                                       gravitate towards prominent                                                  Street, NYC btw E. 4th St. and          vintage clothing, jewelry and
geneous.      Finding a vintage                                             enge, bargain shop and look for
                                       designers who have withstood                                                 Great Jones St.                         handbags.      One of the less
dress in the perfect style, color                                           unique items. Vintage can be
                                       the test of time, such as Emilio                                                                                     expensive vintage stores locat-
and size is a very satisfying
feeling. Being able to obtain
                                       Pucci, Yves Saint Laurent (ysl),     inexpensive, fun and really spe-        The Salvation Army: Known               ed in the city. Located on 130
                                       Chanel and Gucci. These four         cial.     Dressing     up     for       for their cheap prices, but their       W. 23rd Street NYC.
Page 9 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                          Thursday, March 22, 2007

Are you jonesing for a cup of joe? Here’s where to go
By KAITLYN HAY AND                     are drawn to this café, is located                                             both lunch and dinner and has         prices ranging from $4.50 to
BROOKE KAWECKI                         in the rear of the café and is sur-                                            anything that anyone would be         $9.45 for a quiche and soup com-
Staff Writers
                                       rounded by white ceramic walls                                                 craving. The atmosphere is both       bination. Some cool drinks that
Café Archetypus:
                                       with sculptures built in to them.                                              relaxing and unique as they offer     they offer include a great green
This cool, casual and one-of-a-
                                       Each table is like it’s own mini                                               both indoor candlelit dining as       tea latte, frozen hot chocolate, hot
kind café located in Edgewater,
                                       cave as the ceilings are caved in                                              well as an outdoor dining area for    chocolate, coffee and a mixture of
NJ is a great place to go on a date,
                                       to make you feel as though you                                                 visits in the warm weather. Their     chi teas. For dessert they have
out with a group of friends or out-
                                       are dining within a glacier.                                                   location is perfect for a quiet       delicious chocolate chip and oat-
with some family members. The
                                       Although the atmosphere is so                                                  night out with some friends or as     meal raisin cookies, as well as
atmosphere is what the major
                                       intruiging, the food at Café                                                   a place to dine after you go to a     coffee cakes. The atmosphere is
appeal of this chic café is. When
                                       Archetypus is also excellent.                                                  concert or event at Giants            relaxed with events like poetry
you walk in, you enter into a
                                       They serve everything from sal-                                                Stadium or the Meadowlands.           nights, as well as musical per-
                                       ads to pizzas to the most outra-                                               They offer everything from wraps
                                       geous ice cream sundaes. Then,                                                 to pizza to traditional Greek dish-
                                                                              Cozy and serene cafe setting
                                       you can finish it off with some                                                es for dinner. Make sure to leave
                                                                              tea, they have an assortment of
                                       soothing tea or special coffee.                                                room for dessert because Eros has
                                                                              cookies and brownies that will
                                       This café is at a great location and                                           many delicious cakes, pies and
                                                                              satisfy any sweet-tooth’s craving.
                                       is open on the weekdays until                                                  sorbets just to name a few.
                                                                              Homemade gourmet muffins are
                                       midnight and the weekends until
                                                                              always fresh and waiting to be
                                       1 a.m.                                                                         BeanTowne Gourmet:
                                                                              consumed by any breakfast lover.
                                                                                                                       This coffee house is located in
                                                                              Open mic nights and musical per-
                                       Java’s Brewin’:                                                                Allendale, NJ. They are open
                                                                              formances are always taking
                                       This specialty coffee place can be                                             seven days a week with varying
                                                                              place here too. It’s a great stop for
                                       found on The Franklin Turnpike                                                 hours. They serve a variety of
                                                                              Sunday breakfast or a casual cup
                                       in Mahwah, NJ. They have a                                                     quiches, wraps, salads, soups,
                                                                              of coffee.
                                       huge selection of food that is very                                            desserts and specialty coffee and
One of many tasty sundaes                                                                                                                                   Sip a green tea latte in peace
                                       inexpensive. The food varies                                                   tea. All of their soups are home-
dimmed dining room where all                                                  After Athens-Eros Café:
                                       from veggie sandwiches to grilled                                              made and they are constantly          formances. BeanTowne is perfect
the tables are lit with candles.                                              Located in Rutherford, NJ, Eros
                                       cheese to Italian wraps. Also,                                                 adding more to their menu. Some       for a nice evening out with a
You can either choose to eat in                                               Café is the perfect place for some
                                       they offer soups and parfaits in                                               of the unique soups include           group of friends for dessert or a
this section, or, if you don’t mind                                           great food or some peaceful cof-
                                       three flavors; tropical fruit, melon                                           pumpkin chowder, carrot ginger        quick weekend lunch with a spe-
the wait, you can eat in the cave.                                            fee and dessert. Inspired by the
                                       and strawberry/banana. Along                                                   with coconut and pea with mint.       cial someone.
The cave, the reason many people                                              Greek culture, this café serves
                                       with 20 varieties of coffee and                                                They are moderately priced with

Gamer’s Edge: Is Electronic Arts good for gaming?
By JUDD GOLDENBERG                                                                                                    on the James Bond movie,              gamers have criticized their
Staff Writer                                                                                                          Electronic Arts secured the rights    servers, which require going
  In the video game world, if one                                                                                     to any game featuring James           through pages of terms and condi-
publisher is king, it’s Electronic                                                                                    Bond. Since 1999, none of the 9       tions with every different game.
Arts. Known as EA, this publish-                                                                                      Bond games made by EA went on         Additionally, EA has had a histo-
er is known for their ability to                                                                                      to sell as much as Goldeneye.         ry of shutting down fan-made
break into a different crowd of                                                                                          “Honestly, I don’t really play     game modifications and they
gamers, such as sport fans. The                                                                                       that many games by EA,” says          came under fire for using online
Madden NFL games, EA’s flag-                                                                                          freshman Alex Korduletsch. “I         tracking for in-game advertising
ship series, has had the best sell-                                                                                   remember playing Harry Potter         in Battlefield 2142.
ing video game in 2006, 2005 and                                                                                      when I was 12. But I’ve heard            Out of all the criticism about
2003. In 2004, when Grand Theft                                                                                       bad things about their employ-        EA, the biggest complaint many
Auto: San Andreas (published by                                                                                       ment history.” This is in refer-      gamers have is that every year
Take-Two) was the year’s best                                                                                         ence to an infamous post by the       games come out with minimal
selling game, Madden was sec-                                                                                         spouse of an Electronic Arts          differences. Often gamers pay
ond. In 2007, they intend to pub-                                                                                     employee. Written anonymously         $50 a year for a sport title, just for
lish one third of the hundreds of                                                                                     on a blog, the poster claimed that    the purpose of a change in team
games scheduled to be released                                                                                        the average hours of an employee      rosters. These kinds of changes
this year. So what’s the prob-                                                                                        were 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. with no        can be done through an online
lem?                                                                                                                  pay for overtime. This eventually     update to the previous year’s
  Among a large group of gamers,                                                                                      resulted in two class action law-     game, which would barely cost
there is a strong dislike for EA.                                                                                     suits, which were settled for         any money.
Many people believe that this is                                                                                      $15.6 million and $14.9 million         The point can always be made
because the one on top is always                                                                                      each.                                 that you can’t blame a business
loathed the most. Similar to cor-      The Madden NFL series has made over $2 billion in revenue.                         In the current generation of      for wanting to make money. The
porations such as Walmart, Exxon       the competition, NFL 2K never er who can release a video game                  games, a video game’s online          problem is that in many cases, the
or McDonald’s, is the business         managed to bring in the money featuring NFL players, teams, or                 component is just as important as     larger a company becomes, the
hated because they are the biggest     that Madden did. In 2004, NFL stadiums for the next five years.                its single player. In this regard,    less originality is left in its prod-
or because of how they reached         2K5 was released for $20, less      In addition to buying out licens-          many feel as if EA has lagged         ucts That’s why in the same way
the top?                               than half the price of Madden ing, EA is notorious for purchas-                behind. Originally, they refused      that moviegoers shouldn’t only
  Since 1999, Madden had compe-        2005. For the first time, the NFL ing game developers and buying               to release their titles through       see the bigger summer block-
tition in the football market. The     2K series outsold Madden. In out the rights to make games fea-                 Microsoft’s Xbox Live service.        buster, it’s important for those
NFL 2K series, made by Sega,           response to this, EA reached an turing certain characters. For                 EA eventually agreed but only on      who play video games to support
had a following that stretched         exclusive agreement with the instance, after the enormous suc-                 the condition that they host their    independent game developers.
back to the Dreamcast. Despite         NFL, becoming the only publish- cess of Goldeneye a game based                 own servers. However, many
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Music Review: Punk rock still living
By CHRIS MATTIELLO                    where Leo works his fingers           where Leo stamps his feet on         the album is extremely average       Bomb” and “Annunciation
Staff Writer                          across the entire fretboard. Leo,     the wooden boards with an            compared to the strong start that    Day/Born On Christmas Day.”
    Let’s get this straight: The      who puts on an incredible live        acoustic. The song sounds like       Living boasts. “The Unwanted         Though the music on both
Pharmacists are not The Clash         show, could easily wake the           it should be accompanied by a        Things”is the last track on the      tracks is up to the high stan-
and Ted Leo is no Joe Strummer.       crowd                                 band of old men playing a            album that stands out as some-       dards that Leo sets, the lyrics
That’s not to say that Ted Leo        from an in-between sets lull                                                                                    induce cringes. “Bomb. Repeat.
doesn’t make a perfect spiritual      with just the beginning licks                                                                                   Bomb.” is a mostly spoken-
successor to Strummer. He’s           and could likely work them into                                                                                 word rant about jet fighter
smart, maybe a little bit too         a frenzy by the end.                                                                                            bombers that is significantly
smart for his own good, but he           Living begins with a triple                                                                                  more embarrassing than it is
understands the music he wants        threat of songs that includes                                                                                   inspiring. These tracks are bad
to make, and can play guitar          “The Sons of Cain,” “Army                                                                                       enough that they make a solid
probably a little bit too well to     Bound,” and “Who Do You                                                                                         case for re-burning the entire
be described as a “punk gui-          Love?,” where Leo’s signature                                                                                   album after purchasing it just so
tarist.”                              falsetto that many were exposed                                                                                 that these tracks aren’t there. It
  While Living With The Living        to through his internet-loved                                                                                   would certainly make the album
might not be his best album, it’s     cover of Kelly Clarkson’s                                                                                       flow much better.
probably his most ambitious. His      “Since U Been Gone.” Hearing                                                                                      Still, Living With The Living
songwriting was always top            what Leo can do with just three                                                                                 is a fine album. It’s more hit and
notch-keep in mind this is the        chords should be required lis-                                                                                  miss than most Ted Leo albums,
                                                                            Ted Leo’s latest CD may gain more attention amoing fans.
man who wrote a beautiful song        tening for anyone who thinks                                                                                    but it’s still much more hit than
about eating disorders. Now, he       that punk is dead. It also offers     washboard, jug and the spoons,       thing special with its ska back-     a lot of what’s out there. If the
understands how to weave his          a guitar solo, a flourish that, at    so don’t be surprised when you       beats and crunchy melody.            music industry was fair, Ted
words to fit his own terms and        this rate, our children will view     hear the fun tin whistle inter-        On Living, Leo dives into the      Leo would be famous by now.
his audience’s expectations.          as a musical artifact.                lude. Leo shows he can finger a      political        rock       field.   Sure Ted Leo’s name doesn’t
  Listening to the first ten sec-       “La Costa Brava,” despite it        guitar just as well as he can wail   Unfortunately, he dives head         carry the weight of a Joe
onds of “The Sons of Cain,” you       clocking in at six minutes, is a      away on it.                          first into the shallow end. Sure,    Strummer yet, but give him
can’t help but hear the slick riffs   sweeping, radio-friendly track           Not every song is a keeper        Leo’s politics are smarter than      some time. He might just sur-
of The Clash, but in a delicious-     that hits its crescendos at all the   though. “Colleen” doesn’t have       Green Day’s, but that doesn’t        prise us all.
ly American suit and tie. It          right times. “A Bottle Of             a single memorable second dur-       prevent his beliefs from ruining
works like a warm up song             Buckie” is a punk hoedown             ing its three minutes. The end of    the tracks “Bomb.Repeat.             Rating: B

Movie Review: Abs and stabs grab audiences
By CHRIS CHAVARRIA                    scene is meant to imitate the         perhaps the only chance that the     childhood is easily summed up as     Headey) shows great strength
Staff Writer                          graphic novel’s particular appear-    movie has of attracting a sizable    “exactly the same as all other       and tenacity. Gerard Butler lets
   Ads and promotional material       ance. The effect lends an even        female audience, as all of 300’s     Spartan children.” And even          out a roar for every line that
for 300 displayed from the start      greater epic feel than the story      nearly two-hour length seems         there, the Spartan life is essen-    would rival most lions. The
exactly how its content would         alone could muster.                   like an attempt to simulate the      tially seen as a series of violent   issue here is not a lack of talent,
play out. Every trailer released                                                                                                                      but simply that the movie has no
was a menagerie of pumping                                                                                                                            interest in being praised for its
beats, over-abbed warriors and                                                                                                                        depth and symbolism.
half-naked women. It might                                                                                                                              This is perhaps where the per-
seem strange for a movie about                                                                                                                        sonal preference comes in: if
an epic Greek story, because such                                                                                                                     you want to see spectacular bat-
films are often full of political                                                                                                                     tles between powerful armies,
intrigue and dramatic emotional                                                                                                                       with limbs sliced and faces
moments. But 300 announces                                                                                                                            smashed, set to hard music and
right from the start that the                                                                                                                         with breathtaking visuals, the
depths of Spartan politics largely                                                                                                                    film is a joy to watch and the two
consist of a swift kick down a pit.                                                                                                                   hours pass by in a moment.
And it is that same straightfor-                                                                                                                      Going in with those expectations,
ward approach that the film uses                                                                                                                      the only part of the film that
for its full duration. You cannot                                                                                                                     drags is the drama going on in the
go into this movie expecting                                                                                                                          Spartan political sphere, and that
more than brilliant visuals and                                                                                                                       section is brief. For those that
ultra-violent scenes.                                                                                                                                 want a deep human drama that
    It is not the first of Frank                                                                                                                      makes them think, the focus on
Miller’s comics to be translated      King Leonidas leads the Spartan army into battle as they prepate to right the Persian army.                     style and lack of substance will
for the big screen. Equal in style      That’s quite a claim when one    effects of testosterone.          events. It does not seem neces-            seem nauseating. The film can-
over substance to 300 was Sin         realizes the exact scope of this     The film can hardly be consid- sary for them to tell more than             not be criticized for not meeting
City, a mix of gritty noir-style      epic – it details the battle       ered a classic due to this, its that, but strict critics will lament         standards that it never intended to
storylines that consisted largely     between 300 Spartans and a         hyper-masculinity and dedication the virtual absence of back-story.          meet, but at the same time it is
of tough-guy dialogue and out-        Persian army that numbered in      to action scenes and fight chore-  To say that the dialogue is large-        objectively not a film that will go
right brutality. Just as Sin City     the hundreds of thousands. To      ography over character develop- ly just a display of toughness and           down in history.
was praised for its distinct visual   add a further epic feel, each      ment and plot exposition. The power is not to deride the film’s
style, 300 shows once again that      member of the Spartan army is      story is extremely simple and cast. Dilios (David Wenham) is                 Rating: C+ from a purely criti-
dedication to visual effects can      spectacularly chiseled, so much    straightforward, and the only appropriately scummy and trai-                 cal perspective, A+ from a per-
drastically change mood and           so that one begins to believe they character details we learn are torous, Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro)              sonal perspective.
impact. 300’s environment is          can stand strong against a nearly  those of the Spartan King is as regal and godlike as possi-
largely green screened, as each       endless stream of enemies. It is   Leonidas (Gerard Butler), whose ble, and even Queen Gorgo (Lena
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Q & A with D and C: Down in the dumps
Staff Writers

                                                                                                                                                                  Do you have
                                                               Dear Dana and Crysta,

                                                                                                                                                                  something on
                                       I haven’t really felt like myself lately. I just feel really down all the
                                      time. I never really want to go out or be around my friends for very

                                                                                                                                                                   your mind?
                                    long, and it’s becoming harder and harder to concentrate in class and
                                     while doing homework. I’ve talked to a few of my friends about how
                                    I’ve been feeling, but mostly they just tell me to cheer up and feel bet-
                                     ter. This doesn’t help at all, sometimes it just feels like no one really

                                        knows what I’m going through. Should I see a professional about
                                                       this? Could it be something serious?

                                                             - gloom and doom 101

DP: God, don’t you just hate it when people tell you to “buck up”?!        that you may need to speak to a psychologist. No big deal, nothing to
Sounds to me like you could have a case of the mid-semester blues.         be scared or ashamed about.
However I’m only getting part of the story here so it could be some-

thing more serious. Consider how long you’ve been feeling this way         CJ: There are actually counseling services on campus so you would-
and how often you experience these feelings on a daily basis.              n’t necessarily have to find a doctor or spend money. You can find
                                                                           information       about      the     Counseling     Services       at

CJ: Yes, this time of the year is really difficult. During the fall They

semester everyone is excited to be back and the weather is nice.           have trained psychologists you can talk with confidentially. If these
Then, before you know it, Thanksgiving break is here and there is          feelings get worse don’t be afraid to seek help.

one final push until the end of the semester and winter break. Then

spring semester starts and it’s already cold. The excitement seems to      DP: For now just try to take it one day at a time, and don’t let the
wear off quickly and spring break feels like an enternity away.            “optimists” make you feel even worse because you aren’t chipper and

                                                                                                                                                                    with the
However, Dana might be right. You might just be down lately.               full of sunshine. Like Crysta said, if the feelings get worse or you

Hopefully it will start getting warmer soon and nice weather might         start to experience suicidal thoughts and tendencies then don’t be
cheer you up.                                                              afraid to make an appointment with the counseling center on campus.

                                                                           And take it from a true pessimist, things will get better. So cheer up!
DP: However, when you return from spring break if you’re still feel-       Just kidding…
ing blue, then you might want to consider speaking to a counselor
about your feelings. Sometimes depression can start off seemingly
innocent and somehow transform into a huge emotional problem that                     We don’t bite, send us your problems at
is completely out of control. You don’t want to end up in an out of      with the subject:ADVICE
control place. Don’t start freaking out, just take into consideration

American Idol: The good and the
By ANNIE DAVIS                      was hot, baby.” Paula Abdul            ing, “That was a mess for me.”          struck.” Glocksen belted out            sing.” Jackson was blown away.
Staff Writer                        was moved to tears by                  Abdul thought that he was trying        Ross’s 1968 song, “Lovechild.”          On Lakisha’s performance, he
                                    DooLittle’s performance, saying,       too hard, saying, “Worry less           The judges felt that her perform-       remarked, “That was sensation-
  American Idol has narrowed the
                                    “This is it for you.” DooLittle        about trying to fit in.” Cowell         ance was wishy-washy. Cowell            al.”
contestants down to the final top
                                    has won the approval of the            gave no room for kindness in his        said that he wouldn’t be remem-           Cowell did not enjoy Stephanie
12, consisting of 6 girls and 6
                                                                                                                   bering her song, saying, “It was        Edwards’ performance or Chris
boys. Each contestant sang a
                                                                                                                   ok. You can’t say much about            Richardson’s         performance.
song by lead Supreme, Diana
                                                                                                                   it. It was a little bit forgettable.”   However, the other judges had
Ross, and was given instruction
                                                                                                                      Young boy Sanjaya Malakar            mixed feelings about what these
on their singing by the diva her-
                                                                                                                   thought highly of Ross’s expert-        contestants brought to the stage
self. Ross’ credentials are per-
                                                                                                                   ise, saying of Ross’ instruction,       that night.
fect for Idol. Starting off the
                                                                                                                   “It’s like having Van Gogh teach          Last and certainly not least was
first round of finals was Brandon
                                                                                                                   you how to paint.” Malakar              17-year-old Jordan Sparks.
Rogers. Cowell detested his
                                                                                                                   sang Ross’s hit, “Ain’t No              Ross immediately identified
performance, commenting, “It
                                                                                                                   Mountain High Enough,” and              Spark’s greatness as a singer,
was a complete letdown. The
                                                                                                                   Ross told him to put some feel-         saying, “To me she has star qual-
dancing was terrible. [There
                                                                                                                   ing into it, saying, “Get your          ity, an inner light.”      Cowell
was] no originality. It was
                                                                                                                   soul in there.”                         thought that after her perform-
absolutely not good enough,
                                                                                                                     Crowd favorite, Phil Stacey did       ance of “If We Hold on
                                                                                                                   a good job, and Jackson agreed.         Together,” Sparks had earned her
   Jackson agreed with Cowell,
                                                                                                                   Jackson thought that Stacey put         way in Idol, saying, “You have a
saying “You came out like you
                                                                                                                   it down with his performance            chance at being in the finals.
had reverted back to a backup
                                                                                                                   and that he was the best perform-         On the results show Wednesday
singer.” Also, Rogers forgot
                                                                                                                   ance of the boys, saying, “You          night, Brandon Rogers left Idol,
some of his words as he was
                                                                                                                   get the boys award for the night.       and was the first contestant of
caught up in the moment busting
                                                                                                                   The vocals were hot.”                   the Top 12 to go. Rogers was
a move.
                                     Idol Contestant Brandon Rogers got the boot this week.                            The next idol contestant,           thrilled that he had the chance to
   Next, Melinda DooLittle got
                                                                                                                   Lakisha sang Ross’ “God Bless           be a part of Idol and does not
encouragement from Diana
                                    judges yet again. Cowell even          critique, saying outright that          the Child.” All three judges            plan on ending his dream any-
Ross. Ross said that she was
                                    compared her to singer Gladys          Sligh had mangled Ross’s song,          concurred that Lakish definitely        time soon. Tune in next week at
confident that DooLittle would
                                    Knight in her ability.                 saying, “You turned a beautiful         is Idol material. Simon told her        Tuesday 8pm to hear the 11
get a good reception for her
                                      Then, afro-haired Chris Sligh        song into a complete, utter ruin.       that she’s got the juice to be an       remaining Idol contestants fight
song, saying, “I think the audi-
                                    sang “Endless Love” with a dif-        I didn’t like it.”                      Idol, saying, “You’ve got it.           their way to “Idol-dom” and
ence will feel it, I did.” Well,
                                    ferent feel to it. Sligh got less         Fourth up was rocker chick           [That was] outstanding.” Abdul          Wednesday at 9pm to hear the
they most certainly did, or at
                                    than perfect reviews for his           Gina Glocksen, who described            felt the soul that Lakisha has          results of the vote.
least the judges did. Jackson
                                    singing by the judges. Jackson         her awed reaction to superstar          when she sings, saying, “Your
said he liked it, saying, “That
                                    said that it was jumbled up, say-      Diana Ross as being “star-              heart comes through when you
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                              Ramapo Sports
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Ken’s Power Play: Wild rush for final spots in East
By KEN SMITH                      goals this season and he’ll         scored two goals for his new
Staff Writer                      make the already potent             team in his last game and
                                  Sabres even better.                 Atlanta is already boasting
    Here we are, a week after
                                    The second place Devils are       Ilya Kovalchuk, Marian Hossa
the NHL trade deadline and        continuing their style of play      and Slava Kozlov. They will
we’ve been able to see how        and still winning just like         be extremely dangerous in the
the new players have affected     always. They didn’t acquire         playoffs out of the three seed.
their new teams.                  any players over the deadline,        Here is where the uncertain-
  The Eastern Conference          instead shipping out extra          ty begins. The Ottawa
boasts some of the best teams     defender David Hale to the          Senators and the Penguins are
in the entire league as well as   Flames for a draft pick. The        separated by only 1 point
a much closer race for the bot-   Devils still have the best          here. However, it will be the
tom playoff spots. It’s an        goalie in the league, maybe         Penguins coming out as the
exciting conference with, per-    best in the history of the          4th seed. They are such an
haps the most exciting team to    game,      Martin      Brodeur.     exciting team to watch.
watch,       the     Pittsburgh   Second-year forward Zach            Between Sidney Crosby, who
Penguins. There’s also the        Parise is ripping it up this sea-   will be the next Wayne
Buffalo Sabres who have been      son, leading the team in goals      Gretzky, Jordan Staal and
amazing all year and the con-     with 28. The Devils haven’t         soon-to-be Rookie of the Year
sistent New Jersey Devils         missed the playoffs since           Evengi Malkin, you have one
who are (surprise!) going to      1996 and have won 3 Stanley         of the most potent offenses in
win the Atlantic Division         Cups in the last 11 seasons.        the league. They’re stronger
again. So where are these         Never forget about the Devils.      at goalie this year and their
teams going to land?                 The Thrashers are a team         defense is playing well behind
  The aforementioned Sabres       that made a splash at the trade     Sergei Gonchar. They are
are a virtual lock for the top    deadline and will make anoth-       going to surprise a team or
seed in the conference. The       er one in the playoffs this sea-    two in the playoffs.
only team even close to them      son. They made trades to get             Next are the Ottawa
is the Devils but it doesn’t      defenseman Alexei Zhitnik           Senators, the best team to
seem like they’ll have the        from the Flyers, giving them        never win the Cup. The
ability to catch up. The Sabers   an excellent veteran defender,      Senators are always in the
even made a big deal for the      and forward Keith Tkachuk           playoffs but they never win it
deadline picking up Dainius       from the Blues, who will            all. Don’t expect this to be the
Zubrus from the Capitals.         probably be the best acquisi-       year for them but they are still
He’s a veteran winger with 22     tion of the deadline. Tkachuk       a very good team. They have
                                                                      an all-star lineup with Dany
                                                                      Heatley, Jason Spezza and
                                                                      Daniel Alfredsson but it does-
                                                                      n’t seem like they have the
                                                                      drive to fight through the dif-
                                                                      ficult playoffs that the NHL       New Jersey’s Cam Janssen and Toronto’s Wade Belak duke
                                                                      has.                               it out in a 90 second fight during a recent Devils-Maple
                                                                         The Tampa Bay Lightning         Leafs game. Janssen was targetted after a brutal hit on
                                                                      are one of those teams that        Leafs star Tomas Kaberle that got him suspended for 3
                                                                      you can never be too sure of.      games.
                                                                      Yeah, they’ve only got 78          threat they really needed. He are probably done for. They
                                                                      points. They’re sitting in the     will rub off on all the other have a ridiculously difficult
                                                                      six seed and will stay in that     players on the team and the schedule from here on out.
                                                                      spot for the playoffs, which       Islanders should be tough to The Hurricanes have a similar
                                                                      should place them against the      beat in the playoffs behind a schedule, as do the Rangers.
                                                                      Thrashers should everything        rejuvenated Rick DiPietro in The Canadians seem to have
                                                                      go right. That will be the         goal.                            the easiest games in front of
                                                                      series to watch. The league’s         Who’s going to be in the them but they’ve struggled
                                                                      leading     scorer      Vincent    eighth spot? This is going to lately. The Rangers will be
                                                                      Lecavalier and the extremely       come down to the very last getting Brendan Shanahan
                                                                      quick and dangerous Martin         game. The Toronto Maple within the week so I’ll have to
                                                                      St. Louis team up to make the      Leafs, Montreal Canadians, go with them as the eight seed
                                                                      Lightning a scary team to          Carolina Hurricanes and the in the East. However, these
                                                                      face. They can go on a run at      New York Rangers are vying teams are playing each other
                                                                      anytime. We’ll see if the          for this coveted spot.           an awful lot during these last
                                                                      Thrashers are ready for them.         The Maple Leafs are very few games so keep an eye out
                                                                        In the seventh spot, there’s     inconsistent, though they have for some great scraps as they
                                                                      the obligatory New York team       a pretty good team. The battle for the last playoff spot.
                                                                      in the playoffs. The Islanders?    Rangers,      Canadians    and      There’s going to be some
                                                                      What a comeback these guys         Hurricanes fall into the same great games coming up soon
                                                                      have had since last season.        category as the Leafs.           and you absolutely can’t miss
                                                                      They got even better during         Who’s going to get it togeth- the best postseason in sports
                                                                      the deadline, making probably      er and make the final push for as 16 teams fight tooth and
The Rangers have a lot to smile about lately. The Blue Shirts
                                                                      the biggest deal when they got     the eighth spot?                 nail for the glory of the
who looked dead a month ago, have shot up to the seventh
slot in the Eastern Conference. Can they keep it up?                  Ryan Smyth from the Oilers.          Looking at the schedules for Stanley Cup.
                                                                      Smyth gives them the scoring       these teams, the Maple Leafs
                                      Ramapo Sports
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Questions abound for 2007 Yankees Norton puting up great stats
By PATRICK MURRAY                     Houston Astros. Pinch your-            in the rotation by the beginning       By JACKIE SWIERC                      team’s pitching coach and she’s
Staff Writer                          selves Yankee fans Andy Pettitte       of the season, his health and          Staff Writer                          also been my individual pitching
                                      is back in the rotation.               determination pending of course.                                             coach since middle school,” said
   The story over the past several       Another familiar face to the           After fitting in nicely for the        Last year the Ramapo College       Norton. “I go to her camps and
years says that Yankees should        Yankees is Mike Mussina who            second half of the season, Bobby       Softball Team came close to win-      clinics, so I pitch all year long.”
win it all. All the talent, all the   was re-signed for two more             Abreu starts his first full season     ning a championship title. This       In season, Norton mentally pre-
super-stars, what’s stopping          years. The Moose has been as           as a Yankee. He will be playing        year they are ready to bring it       pares herself at practice the day
them?                                 close to consistent as the Yankees     right field where Gary Sheffield       home.                                 before each game. “I get ready
   Apparently that story hasn’t       have had in the pitching depart-       played before injuring his wrist         With a pitcher like junior, Katie   for each team we play the day
changed. The Bronx Bombers            ment over the past six seasons         on a freak collision at first base.    Norton, the Roadrunners have a        before when I’m with the team at
are in a drought of sorts. They       and he’ll be back for what many        If not for that play, Abreu could      good reason to be optimistic for      practice,” said Norton. “We all
haven’t come near a pennant           think will be his final two major      still very well be apart of the        the 2007 season.                      get in the right mind set and we
since their historic 2004 collapse    league seasons.                        Phillies or another team.                In 2006, Norton recorded a 1.79     know what we have to do to
and more importantly haven’t            Mussina posted a 15-7 record in      Sheffield now finds himself in         ERA in her 25 appearances on          win.”
been in reaching distance of a        2006 with a 3.51 earned run aver-      Detroit as part of the defending       the mound. She recorded 90                 Off the mound, Norton’s
World Championship since their        age. It is uncertain where he will     American League Champions.             strikeouts in 125.1 innings           achievements continue in the
loss to the Florida Marlins in        fall in the newly constructed           Although the addition of Johnny       pitched, ending with a 13-5 win-      classroom. In 2006, Norton was
2003 World Series.                    pitching rotation, but consider it     Damon a year ago was a huge            loss record. Norton pitched nine      named as a member of Ramapo’s
   The 2006 season was up and         a luxury for Mussina to be             change for centerfield at Yankee       complete games while starting         Dean List. As a history major
down. The reigning MVP in Alex        thought of as a possible number        Stadium, the true changing of the      17. Her accomplishments were          with a minor in education,
Rodriguez needed an umbrella at       three starter.                         guard may be this season. For the      recognized when she was named         Norton will graduate in 2008
home to shield himself from the         In order to make Giambi the full     first time in over a decade Bernie     to the NCAA Atlantic Region           with hopes of becoming a
showers of boos from the crowd.       time DH, the Yankees added             Williams may not be a Yankee.          All-Tournament Team.                  teacher. “I might eventually turn
The so-called Yankee iron-man,        Doug Mientkiewicz who has              He may not be a Major League             So far this season, Norton has a    to coaching too,” said Norton.
Hideki Matsui, missed over four       made a reputation of being a sure      Baseball player at all in fact.        1.05 ERA with a 4-1 win-loss             Due to inclement weather, the
months due to a broken wrist suf-     handed, defensive first baseman.       Though manager Joe Torre want-         record. She hopes to continue her     2007 season looks like it is going
fered on an attempted sliding         The move will go unnoticed but         ed Bernie in Spring Training,          success while always keeping the      to be delayed. “The snow is
catch. Randy Johnson seemed to        besides adding Andy Pettitte,          Williams declined and made it          team’s success in mind. “I go         killing our schedule,” said
be more of a liability than an ace,   Mientkiewicz will be one of the        clear that he would only report if     into each game and do whatever        Norton. So far, the Roadrunners
never appearing as lights-out as      smartest moves of the off season       he was guaranteed a spot on the        I can to help the team,” Norton       have only been able to play in
originally advertised.                for Bombers.                           team. He was not, so for the first     said. “We want to win the NJAC        Florida over spring break where
  On the upside, Derek Jeter was        In a chess-match maneuver, the       time since 1992, Bernie Williams       and be successful like last year.”    they finished 9-3. “Florida went
looking like a favorite in the        Yankees signed Japanese pitcher        is not a part of the Yankees in           Norton has been playing soft-      well. All three of us in the pitch-
MVP race, rookie sensation            Kei Igawa. Perhaps one of the          Spring Training.                       ball for as long as she can           ing rotation threw really well,”
Melky Cabrera fit in almost too       most unnecessary moves of the            The Yankees should find them-        remember. “I have been pitching       said Norton. “It was nice because
perfectly in the Yankee line up,      winter, the Yankees signed Igawa       selves in the thick of another two     since middle school. Both of my       we were always together for
and Chien-Ming Wang was even          after the Red Sox landed Japan         team AL East Divisional race.          brothers play baseball and my         team bonding and toward the end
talked about in Cy Young con-         league stud Daisuke Matsuzaka.         The Blue Jays could pretend for a      dad is a baseball fan,” said          we really clicked and came
tention.                              A mediocre showing in Spring           while this season but the Red Sox      Norton. “We’re a big baseball         together and went on a 6-0 run.”
 In the end, a massacre in Boston     Training leave many wondering          and Yankees still have a strangle-     family.” Norton attended Mt. St.         So what does the rest of 2007
just before the playoffs would be     where the steep priced signing         hold on the AL East. Like years        Dominic High School in                hold for the Ramapo College
the last high the Yankees would       will leave the pitcher come April      past, the sky’s the limit for New      Livingston, NJ, where she also        Softball Team? Through dedica-
feel in 2006. A destined Tiger        1.                                     York. Look for the same close,         participated in soccer and basket-    tion and perseverance, the opti-
ball club took care of the Yankees      The perpetual question mark for      heated battles in Fenway and the       ball. However, it was softball        mistic pitcher hopes to take it
for an all too familiar feeling of    the team is Carl Pavano. Since he      Bronx and look for a familiar          that proved to be her specialty, as   game by game and get stronger
elimination in the ALDS. Jeter        became a Yankee he has been            result. The Yankees will take the      she was named to the 1st Team         as the season progresses. Norton
would be robbed of an MVP             either injured or has failed to live   division, as usual, but certainly in   All-Essex County and 2nd Team         said, “Once you know what it
award, Cabrera would inevitably       up to the expectations fans and        a closer race than dictated by the     All-State.                            feels like to be in the World
lose his job back to Matsui for       the organization had for him.          final standings of last season.            Norton pitches year-round in      Series, you want to get back there
the playoffs and for 2007, and        Pavano is expected to be a starter                                            preparation for each spring sea-      so much more.”
Wang’s stellar pitching through-                                                                                    son. “Maryann Goodwin is our
out the season would go unwar-
  Despite the disappointing finish                                                                                        The Snow is melting and Spring is now here.
in 2006, much is to be looked                                                                                            Get out to the ball game starting this weekend.
forward to in this coming season.
   Perhaps the bright lights and
insurmountable pressure of New
                                                                                                                     Softball takes on USSMA this Saturday at
York kept Randy Johnson from                                                                                                           Noon.
his intimidating form that was so
feared in years passed. In a move
to help out both parties, the                                                                                        Lacrosse meets Mahattanville at Noon on
Yankees traded Johnson back to
Arizona where the Big Unit once
    To fill his roster spot, the
Yankees acquired an old friend
                                                                                                                      Volleyball vs. Vassar Wednesday 3/28 at
via free agency. The lights out                                                                                                          8:00
performer for so many playoff
games is back in New York             Will Alex finally make some friends? Will Jeter defend A-
where he played the first eight       Rod when he gets booed? We’ll soon know when the 2007                              Baseball vs. West. Conneticut at 3:00
                                      season kicks off April 2 in the Stadium. The Yankees play
seasons before signing with the
                                      the cellar dweller Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the opener.                                       Wednesday 3/28.
                                    Ramapo Sports
Page 15 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                            Thursday, March 22, 2007

Baseball off to great start at 11-3                                                                        Softball is on fast track
By RICH COLLYER                     the game out and we won 10-         allowing six hits and just one     By RICH COLLYER                       the Ramapo offense.
Staff Writer                        3.                                  run.       Jordan Descefano        Staff Writer                            Strong pitching was once again
                                         In game two was Joe            pitched the last two innings                                             the trend when Ramapo beat
                                    Abruzzo who pitched great in        and struck out four.                    The Ramapo softball team         Bendictine 3-0. Heather Camb
   Beautiful weather, girls in
                                    Virginia. Joe was dealing            We exploded offensively led       opened their season in Florida        was the hero this time throwing a
bathing suits, white sand,
                                    again as he also went five          by Nick Sbarra and John            with a 9-3-road trip. Good hitting    complete game five hitter.
relaxing all day and partying
                                    innings allowing four hits and      Callendrello as we posted 11       and even better pitching high-        Offensively, Laura Cascino led
all night. These are the rea-
                                    two unearned runs. Tim Gaven        runs. This was by far the most     lighted the trip.                     the way with a 2-3 day adding an
sons that most college stu-
                                    led the way with 3 hits and         satisfying win we had down           The season opened with a game       RBI.
dents go down to Florida on
                                    Jordan     Descefano,       Nick    there.                             against Rhode Island College.          In game two, Norton’s complete
spring break. During spring
                                    Sbarra, and Justin Rabinowitz         We had the momentum going        The girls showed they still had       game gave the Roadrunners a 6-0
break this year I also made the
                                    had two of their own. Joey          our way the next day when we       some rust to shake as they            victory over McDaniel. Norton
journey down the Florida with
                                    Cacchiola capped it with a          played St. Mary’s. The result      dropped the game 2-1. Despite         allowed just two hits and struck
the rest of the Ramapo base-
                                    homerun, we won 16-2.               was surprising to say the least.   the loss the Roadrunners got a        out four. Offensively Katie
ball team.
                                       We came back the next day        From the looks of things this      strong pitching performance           Donnelly, Beth Choma, Marilee
   The weather was definitely
                                    ready to go after the sweep.        was going to be our easiest        from Katie Norton who pitched         Farmer, Leah Mondadori, Tara
beautiful and the sand was
                                    We played against Fitchburg         game. We had our best pitcher      the whole game and allowed only       Eagle, and Kelly Schriber all had
white but as for the rest of that
                                    State. On the mound was             going, and their pitcher proba-    two runs. Offensively Katie           two hits a piece.
stuff not quite. Replace the
                                    Timmy Seiden. Personally I          bly couldn’t break glass. The      Donnelly, Michele Rossi, and             On the final day of the trip
girls in bathing suits with
                                    wasn’t sure how he was going        Ramapo        pitching     came    Beth Choma had two hits each.         Ramapo opened the day with a
three other teams at our hotel.
                                    to do, because he had been          through as the           Florian     The Roadrunners bounced back        12-4 crushing of Carleton. The
Replace the relaxing with run-
                                    hurt and had not pitched. He        Wouters was lights out, strik-     later that day behind Marissa         route was led by Laura Cascino
ning and pitching. And the
                                    looked good out of the bullpen      ing out 10 over six innings.       Marino’s complete game. Marino        (2-3 3 RBI) and Beth Choma (2-
closest thing we had to a party
                                    in Virginia and it carried over       Offensively, however, we         allowed six hits and just one run.    4 4 RBI). Marissa Marino and
was watching Borat.
                                    to Florida. Tim pitched six         struggled. Our hitters were        Danielle Labriola’s sacrifice fly     Heather Camb handled the pitch-
  Don’t get me wrong though,
                                    innings allowing just two hits      just trying too hard and before    in the 5th inning proved to be the    ing duties holding Carleton to
the trip was well worth it. The
                                    and     zero    runs.      Justin   you knew it, the score was 2-2     winning run in Ramapo’s 2-1           five hits and four runs.
fact that I could actually go
                                    Rabinowitz led the way offen-       in the ninth. In one of the        victory.                                The final game of the trip saw
outside and play baseball with
                                    sively going 4-5 with two           strangest endings I have ever        The ladies returned to action the   Ramapo winning a laugher 12-1.
no sleeves on was a great feel-
                                    RBI. Joey Cacchiola pitched         seen, Ramapo pinch runner          next day, once again dropping the     Katie Norton and Heather Camb
ing. Also adding to the enjoy-
                                    the last three innings and we       John McGuckin (sprained            first of the two games. Katie         held Smith College to just one
ment was the fact that we went
                                    were able to hold on 6-3. Now       wrist and all) scored the win-     Donnelly went 3-4 as Ramapo           run. Laura Cascino and Danielle
8-2. Last year was fun, but the
                                    we knew we could go on a            ning run when the pitcher          lost to Geneseo 7-5.                  Labriola each had three RBI to
5-5 record soured it.
                                    roll.                               threw a wild intentional walk.       Like the first day however, the     give the Roadrunners their ninth
 This year we were running on
                                      The next day we returned to       We all exploded out of the         Roadrunners bounced back with         win.
all cylinders; the hitting was
                                    play Defiance College.              dugout like we had won the         a victory in the second game.           The Roadrunners return to
great and the pitching was
                                     Pitching for us was freshman       World Series.                      Marissa Marino once again went        action this Saturday at noon
                                    Mike Murano. Mike carried             After the drama of Thursday,     the distance this time allowing       when they will host USMMA in
   But it all didn’t start that
                                    his Virginia success over and       we were set to play a double-      zero runs as the Roadrunners          the home opener.
well. The first game we played
down there was against Ohio         pitched 5.2 innings, allowing       header       against     MCLA.     beat Hendrix College 6-0.
Wesleyan. Pitching for us was       two hits and four unearned          Starting Game One for              Ramapo was paced by Marilee
junior Florian Wouters. Flo         runs. Gary Miller had 3 RBI         Ramapo was Chris Stanisce,         Farmer’s 3-4 day.
has great stuff, but he didn’t      and it looked as though we          who once again pitched well           On Tuesday the Roadrunners
have it on this particular night,   would run away with it. But         allowing just four hits and        returned to play the Coast Guard.
we fell into an early 6-0 hole.     Defiance lived up to their          zero runs over six innings.        Katie Norton and Heather Camb
The offense never really got        name and tied the score in the      Shaun Hanrahan went 4-5 and        combined to limit Coast Guard to
going until it was too late and     6th. We came right back, as         Jairo Jimenez added four           just three runs in the 9-3 victory.
it looked like a football score     Gino Gallagher (2-3) singled        RBI’s as we won easily 13-2.       Beth Choma was 3-4 with four
as we lost 18-6. I’m not going      and Nick Sbarra followed with       Joe Abruzzo pitched Game           RBI including a homer. Also
to lie the first thought that       an RBI triple. Matt Raimo and       Two, and did not have his best     adding three hits were Lauren
came to my head was “here we        Joey Cacchiola closed out the       stuff; but he found a way to       Cascino and Leah Mondadori.
go again.” Last year was very       7-5 victory.                        win. The rains came and short-       The next day Ramapo returned
similar all the momentum in            At the halfway point of the      ened the game, we won 6-3.         to play Penn State Behrend.
the world stopped when we           trip we were sitting pretty. We       The last day of the trip, we     Despite Katie Donnelly (3-4),
lost the first game in Florida.     were 4-1 in Florida and 7-2         took on Washington and             Beth Choma (2-3), and Ginny
    Luckily I was wrong. Day        overall. At this point we all       Jefferson College. We were         O’Brien’s (2-3) offensive output,
two saw us playing a double-        knew that we could really do        trying to do something that        the ladies dropped the game 7-3.
header against Penn State           something great.                    had never been done. A 9-1           On Thursday, the Roadrunners
Altoona. Starting for us in          Our next game was a familiar       trip. Unfortunately we weren’t     won a real nail biter behind the
game 1 was junior Chris             foe. Westfield State.               able to pull out the victory and   pitching of Katie Norton. Norton
Stanisce. Chris had missed           We had played them last year       the trip ended on a sour note.     threw a complete game one hitter
some time due to a death in         and they beat us soundly.              I can’t be upset with the       beating Simpson College 1-0.
the family, but he looked as if        We didn’t just want to win       whole trip because of one          The lone run came in the 4th
he hadn’t missed a beat. He         we wanted to embarrass them.        game. We accomplished alot         when Michele Rossi led off the
went five innings, yielding         Starting for us was Jesse           to start the season. The pitch-    inning with a double and scored
just five hits and allowed three    Bartley, the captain of the         ing has been great and no one      on a Marilee Farmer RBI single.
runs. Leading the way offen-        pitching staff, who had been        has a bigger smile on his face       In game 2 of the doubleheader,
sively were John Callendrello       battling arm problems. I was        than our pitching coach Jan        the     Roadrunners       upended
and Jairo Jimenez who had           really rooting for him because      Koslowsky. He always knew          Carthage College 7-2 behind
                                    he’s a great guy, a great leader.   we were capable. Now we just       Marissa Marino’s complete             Ramapo’s Beth Choma
three and four RBIs respec-
                                    Jesse put out a virtuoso perfo-     have to let the momentum take      game. Marilee Farmer and Laura        waits to make a play on the
tively. Danny Mulligan closed
                                    mance with six quality innings      us.                                Cascino each went 2-3 to pace         ball at first base.
                                 Ramapo Sports
Page 16 The Ramapo News                                                                                                           Thursday, March 22, 2007

                                          P L AY
    Defending NJAC Softball Champions
    off to a 9-3 start, while Baseball team
    has eleven wins in their first fourteen
                                                                                                                                  Photo Courtesy of
Marissa Marino (left) and the Softball team are off to a great start this season with a record of 9-3. They host USSMA in the home opener, Saturday. Gary
Miller (right) and the baseball team are off to a flying start. The Roadrunners return to Ramapo next Wednesday to open the home schedule against
Western Connecticut.

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