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                      COMPUTER NETWORK
                                   [1 MARK EACH]

1) Satellite Communication channels is the example of
    a) Simple Duplex
    b) Half Duplex
    c) Full Duplex
    d) None

2) Baud is –
   a) Electrical Signal over transmission lines
   b) Analog signal over transmission lines
   c) Satellite signal
   d) None

3) Data is transmitted one bit at time, it is –
   a) Asynchronous Serial Transmission
   b) Synchronous Serial Transmission
   c) Any
   d) None

4) ……………..Technology an upper limit for block size is kept?
    a) Message Switching
    b) Packet Switching
    c) Circuit switching
    d) None
5) For long distance communication ---------- transmission mode is used.
        a) Serial Mode
        b) Parallel Mode
        c) Both
        d) None
5) The term topology describes ----------- way in which computers are organized and
    connected in a network –
    a) Illogical
    b) Logical
    c) Syntactical
    d) None
6) In ------------- Networks transmitting and receiving equipments are geographically
    distributed –
    a) Lan
    b) Man
    c) Wan
    d) None

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7) Level 5 UTP cable has speed –
    a) 100 mbps
    b) 50 mbps
    c) 150 mbps
    d) None
8) BNC connector stands for
    a) Bayonet Locking
    b) Broadcast network computing
    c) Binary network computing
    d) None
9) CSMA stands for –
    a) Carrier Sense Multiple Access
    b) Carrier sent multiple access
    c) Carrier senseless multi access
    d) None
10) The flag bit pattern in frame format of HDLC is –
    a) 01111100
    b) 01111101
    c) 00111111
    d) 01111110
11) Bisync organizes data into blocks of upto ------------- characters
    a) 256
    b) 512
    c) 275
    d) None
12) for low speed data communications ----------------- protocol is used –
    a) Synchronous
    b) FTP
    c) SNTP
    d) Asynchronous
13) TCP/IP has ------- layers –
    a) 7 layers
    b) 4 layers
    c) 5 layers
    d) None
14) SDLC stands for
    a) Synchronous Data Link Control computer
    b) Syntactical Data Link Control protocol
    c) Synchronous Data Link Control protocol
    d) Synchronous Data Link Computer protocol
15) An ------------- is a network that fits between the LAN and the Internet.
    a) Internets
    b) Extranets
    c) Intranets
    d) None
16) FDDI stands for –

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    a) Fibre Distributed Data Interface
    b) Fibre Data Distributed Interface
    c) File Document Distributed Interface
    d) None
17) IEEE stands for –
    a) Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    b) Institute of Electronics and Electricity Engineering
    c) Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    d) None
18) FDDI uses ---------- as transmission medium.
    a) Fibre
    b) Simple Cable
    c) Optical Fibre
    d) None
19) Repeaters exist in which layer of OSI reference model –
    a) Application Layer
    b) Presentation Layer
    c) Physical Layer
    d) Network Layer
20) The network area within which data packets originates and collide is called as -
        a) Collision Detection
        b) Collision Domain
        c) Common Domain
        d) None
21)----------- device used to transmit data packets to two different networks –
    e) Hub
    f) Switch
    g) Router
    h) Bridge
22) Bridges filter network traffic depending on ------------- address
        a) MAC
        b) CAM
        c) MAC and CAM
        d) None
23) IP Address has in total ---------- bytes –
        a) 32 bytes
        b) 8 – bytes
        c) 1 bytes
        d) 4 - bytes
24) The no. of bits to identify the network in class A is –
        a) 8
        b) 16
        c) 32
        d) 24
25) Number of bits used for multi cast addresses is –
        a) 7

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       b) 14
       c) 21
       d) 28

26) Starting bit patterns for class C networks is –
        a) 101
        b) 010
        c) 110
        d) None
27) IP Address from to belongs to ------------------ class
        a) A
        b) B
        c) C
        d) D
28) ARP request frame is divided into –
        a) Frame header & MAC
        b) Frame header & Frame Tail
        c) Frame header & ARP message
        d) None
29) ARP Table contains ------------------- address
        a) Frame Address
        b) MAC address
        c) Both
        d) None
30) ---------------- answers the RARP requests in a network.
        a) ARP server
        b) RARP server
        c) Both
        d) None
31) Source machine gets MAC address of destination machine using –
        a) RARP
        b) MAC
        c) ARP
        d) None
32) The LAN’S connection to the -------------- provides WAN connectivity.
        a) Router
        b) Bridge
        c) Hub
        d) None
33) In hierarchical communications topology FDDI inter connects –
        a) Client farm
        b) Server farm
        c) Both None
        d) None
34) LAN’S contain ------ distinct functional areas .
        a) 1

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       b) 2
       c) 3
       d) 4

35)In list Oriented approach each resource has –
        a) Access Control list
        b) Ticket and list
        c) Both
        d) None
36) Discretionary and mandatory are two kinds of –
        a) Ticket and list policies
        b) Permission grant policies
        c) Access control policies
        d) None
37) An access control mechanism processes user’s requests in three steps. One of them
        a) Authorisation
        b) Activation
        c) Authentication
        d) None
38) SNMP stands for
        a) Simple Network Management plateform
        b) Simple Network Mail protocol
        c) Simple Net Management plateform
        d) Simple Network Management protocol
39) Transformation of plaintext into cipher text is called –
        a) Cryptography
        b) Decryption
        c) Encryption
        d) None
40) The transformed message is known is -
        a) Cipher Text
        b) Plain Text
        c) Digital text
        d) None
                                 [2MARKS EACH]
41) P2P and B2C are stands for -------&--------.(Peer to Peer, )Business to Consumers

42) Different forms of e-commerce of -------, -------, -------- &--------.(B2C, B2B, G2C,
    C2C, P2P)

43) Remote logic and digitized voice are the example of -------&--------.(Connection

         PC Training Institute Ltd., An ISO-9001 Certified Organisation                     5

44) The layers which are not present in TCP / IP reference model are ------&-------
    (Session and presentation)

45) The example of asynchronous and synchronous mode of communication are
       a) e-mail and UAR
       b) e-mail – HDLC
       c) e-mail – UDP
       d) None

46) The different TDM schemes are -------and --------.(Statistical TDM , Conventional

47) The bus topology has ------ high------low. (Reliability, cost)

48) The parameters that are key concerns in the design of data transmission system are ---
    -&-------.(Datarate and distance )

49) The types of configurations in wireless transmission are
       a) Directional and omni-directional
       b) Directional and non-directional
       c) Directional
       d) None

50) Range of frequencies for omni-directional applications are
       a) 30mhz – 2ghz
       b) 30mhz – 1ghz
       c) 30mhz – 4ghz
       d) None

51) Data is 1000000 it become ------ with even parity. (10000001)

52) The preamble field necessary for
       a) Synchronous
       b) A synchronous
       c) Both
       d) None

53) 1000 Base-LX is a ------ mode fiber
       a) Single
       b) Double
       c) Multiple
       d) None

54) The solution to congestion are -----and ------.(Openloop , Closedloop)

55) The stable state with low throughout is called--------.(Congestive , Collapse)

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56) TPDU is an acronym of ------- (Transport Protocol Data Unit)

57) The service primitive used to exchange data in connection oriented service are---
    (SEND and RECEIVE)

58) Brouter is a device that combines the function of a ------&-------.(Router and bridge)

59) Modem is a contraction of the terms ------and ------------.(Modulator and

60) The feistel(f) function, DES operates on ----------------- at a time and consists of -------
    ----stages. (32, 4)

                                   [4 MARKS EACH]
61) The efficiency and overhead for an asynchronous transmission of single 7-bit ASCII
    character with one start, one stop & one parity bit are------ and -------.(70% , 30%)

62) Main components of computer networks are
       a) Servers
       b) Nodes
       c) Workstation
       d) Network operating system

63) Match the following
(1) B2C        (a) ordering books on line
(2) B2B        (b) manufacturer ordering tires from suppliers
(3) G2C        (c) government distributing tax forms
(4) P2P        (d) files sharing
       a) 1-a 2-b       3-c    4-d
       b) 1-b 2-c       3-a    4-d
       c) 1-c 2-d       3-b    4-a
       d) None of above

64) First four different layers of OSI model are ----,-----,------&-------.
        a) Physical, Data link , Network , Transport
        b) Physical, Session, Network , Transport
        c) Application , Session , Network , Transport
        d) Network, Physical Transport, Session

65) Communication using circuit switching involves three phases
      a) Connection establishment
      b) Data transfer
      c) Termination

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       d) All of the Above

66) Optical fiber is base on the principle of
       a) Reflection
       b) Refraction
       c) Total internal reflection
       d) None

67) The three currently international standards of CPC are -----,-------&-------.
       a) CRC-12
       b) CRC-16
       c) CRC-CCITT

68) The transmitted code if the frame is 1101011011 and generator polynomial is
    X4+X+1 is (Transmitted code is “11010110111110” )

69) The common data link protocols are
       a) ADLC , BSC
       b) SDLC , HDLC
       c) Both a & b
       d) None of these

70) Match the column
Name           Cable
(1)10 base 5 (a) Fiber optics
(2)10base 2 (b) Twisted pair
(3)10base T (c) Thin coax
(4)10base F (d) Thick coax
       a) 1-a 2-b    3-c     4-d
       b) 1-c 2-b    3-a     4-d
       c) 1-d 2-c    3-b     4-a
       d) None

71) “Repeater and HUB” are used in which layer (Physical layer)

72) The basic types of bridges are------,--------&---------.
       a) Transparent , Translational , Source route bridge
       b) Application, Transport, Seesion
       c) Both a & b
       d) None of these

73) The different swiching methods are----------,---------&---------.(Cut-through , Store
    and forward Fragment free)

74) A noiseless 3-khz channel transmits binary signals at the rate of
       a) 6kbpa

                      We touch the future ☺ we teach !                                      8

       b) 5kbps
       c) 4kbps
       d) 2kbps

75) A nosy channel of 3000 hz B.W and s/n ratio 30 db can never transmit more than
       a) 29901.6 bits/sec
       b) 29801.7 bits/sec
       c) 29876.3 bits/sec
       d) None

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