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					                                            (from a recent report by ANN RICKARD in Noosa News)

 W       ith all that rain last week, we
         wanted comfort food. In our
 opinion, dark skies, driving rain and cold
                                                  But we still wanted consoling food.
                                                  Very few places in the country, if not the
                                                  world, could offer a better view than the
 wind are synonymous with creamy mashed           Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club, along with
 potato, melting meat and rich gravy.             big serves of sustaining food. And
 Fortunately Noosa has plenty of outlets          inexpensive drink prices too. These are
 offering generous serves of good comfort         liberal consolations compared to a bit of
 food and that’s why we found ourselves           torrential rain.
 climbing the stairs of the Noosa Yacht &         Breakfast on Sunday at the NY&RC would
 Rowing Club on a miserable night.                be a delight... sitting on the deck watching
 However, by the time we sat down, the rain       the river come to life over eggs benedict or
 had stopped, the moon was out, the air was       a three egg omelette will remind you how
 mild and the river was serenity itself.          lucky you are.

    One of the glories of living – great food and wine with friendly people
        in pleasant surroundings. ERROL FLYNN – famous Hollywood film star

                                                             the communication
                                                             & marketing journal
                                                                   of the
                                                              NOOSA YACHT
                                                           & ROWING CLUB Inc.

Distributed to Members and Associates                                        April - June 2009
 Our Annual General Meeting will be held at the Club at 9am, Saturday 19th September 2009.
       Individual Members, Family Members, Hon. Life and Life Members may attend.
AGENDA:                                                                        4.    Financial Statements
1. Apologies                                                                   5.    Notices of Motion
2. Confirmation of Minutes of previous AGM                                     6.    Election of Management Committee
3. Reports                                                                     7.    Election of Auditor
IMPORTANT DATES: Nominations for positions on the Management Committee close at
5pm at the Club Office, 4th September 2009. Members wishing to nominate should ask for,
read, and sign the Job Description for the position they are nominating before lodging their
nomination. Nominations are for: Commodore, Vice Commodore (Sailing), Rowing Captain,
Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Social Director, and one General Committee Member.
Postal Vote Applications will be available from the Office from 4th September 2009.
Notices of Motion must be lodged at the Office by 5pm on the 11th September 2009.
                                                                                       BRUCE WHITEFIELD - Hon. Secretary

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      COMMITTEE of the NY&RC                                                         Gympie Terrace, Noosaville, Qld.
 Commodore ........................................... John Last
                                                                                      PO Box 49 Tewantin Qld 4565
 Vice Commodore .............. Geoff McNamara
 Rowing Captain ................. Athol Macdonald                                        Phone: (07) 5449 8602
 Hon. Secretary .................... Bruce Whitefield                                      Fax: (07) 5474 1109
 Hon. Treasurer .............................. Barbara Page                             Email:
 Social Director ............................... John Lough                       
 GENERAL ................................. Rod Greenwood
 ..................................................... Elizabeth Campbell            Secretary Manager: ANDREW HEWETT

                                 Negative attitudes get us nowhere.                            CHURCHILL

April - June 2009                                                       - Page 2 -                         Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club
           positive pushes
                                     One of the main aims of the Noosa Yacht &
                                     Rowing Club is to positively encourage (push)
                                     young people to engage in the wonderful
                                     sports of rowing and sailing.

                                     We are able to give them positive pushes
                                     by providing rowing and sailing equipment,
                                     training programs and facilities, and races in
                                     which they can test and develop their skills
                                     and increase their practical knowledge of the
                                     sports, at the same time building character

                                     These positive pushes don t happen without
                                     funds from the Club and Sponsors, nor do
                                     they occur without the constant, dedicated
                                     contributions from experienced rowers and
                                     sailors, who give generously of their time and
                                     know how, supported by enthusiastic parents,
                                     to lead young people into the special world
                                     of rowing and sailing.

           “Everyone needs           When asked why rowing and sailing were
                                     special sports, a member of a leading UK
            a positive push
                                     rowing and sailing club answered, Perhaps
           now and again”            it s because these sports always involve direct
                 Albert Einstein     encounters with the living, everchanging
                                     waters and winds of Nature. All encounters
                                     are dynamic, are never quite the same, and
                                     can be vastly different. Every encounter is a
         learn to                    unique challenge, a unique experience.

       ROW & SAIL                    PETER SUTCLIFFE
                                     Waterlog honorary editor
           details back cover

Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club          - Page 3 -                              April - June 2009
               15, 16, 17 MAY
We were very lucky with the weather for this
year s 3 day Noosa Journal RiverFest
Celebration of our magnificent Noosa River.
It rained, rained, rained for days up to the
Thursday before RiverFest. Then the three                 Golf ‘sign on’ and coffee
days of the carnival were perfect Noosa
weather bright sunshine and very pleasant
Large crowds in and around the club enjoyed
the excitement, entertainment, rowing and
sailing events, the great Ferry/Rowers race,
and many other activities of our ever-growing
We gratefully thank our supporting sponsors,
the constant great efforts of our staff, our
members and our ever-willing, hard working
volunteers - all of whom ensured that RiverFest
was again an outstanding success, generating
a lot of funds for our very important Youth Row
and Youth Sail training programs.                        Two players per golf buggy

                             Golf course signs thanking sponsors

                       Raising your voice lowers your argument.
                              PLATO – Greek philosopher 390 BC

April - June 2009                           - Page 4 -                    Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club
  NY&RC volunteers, Margot, Malcolm and
 Kate at Noosa Springs No.1 Hole, provided
many famished golfers with sizzling sausages              Laguna Boating Centre – large display
   and onions as they arrived at the tee.                       of boats and equipment

          XXXX Gold – a major sponsor                            Lots of fun for little kids

                                 Start of a River Fest yacht race

                   A kite only rises against the wind.        OLD ENGLISH PROVERB

Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club                    - Page 5 -                                    April - June 2009
                    A little boy upright (L) and upside down (R) on the Aerial Bungee
                                       about 5 metres above ground.

      NY&RC Youth Fish girl                                   Youth Sail girls about to race

                                Young rowers stroking very hard to win

                You have done your best, you cannot do better – until next time.
                            BANJO PATTERSON – famous Australian writer & poet

April - June 2009                                - Page 6 -                         Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club
     Secretary Manager
G day readers and welcome to yet another
jam packed, exciting edition of Waterlog. As
I write this column, there is the perfect excuse
outside in the sky for a few cold schooners of
4x. It s a real beaut day... only about 25 with
the sou wester bringing with it a dust haze.
You just have to wash that down!
Anyway, now you have the weather report
sorted, on with the news.
It s that time of the year again when I must          Were we about to lose Andrew with a lethal punch
say a HUGE thank you to all the helpers and           from Joe Bugner, former International Heavyweight
sponsors involved with River Fest. People             Boxing Champion? NO! NO! Very popular Joe,
                                                      now known as “Aussie Joe”, was at the club as a
like Mat Boyce and his Team from Laguna
                                                      guest speaker at a recent Sportsman’s Luncheon,
Boating Centre, Fourex, Zinc FM and of                where he threw many interesting and entertaining
course the Noosa Journal have once again              verbal punches. WELL DONE, JOE !
stepped up to the plate. Without these
sponsors, along with the Sunshine Coast
Council, this event wouldn t be possible. And
how lucky were we with the weather! To all
the teams who joined us on the picture perfect
Noosa Springs Resort course on the Friday,
thanks for your support and I hope that you
can all join us again next year in losing a lot
of balls.
To all our valued readers, please support
these guys mentioned above as they do us.
Yep, that s right... drink more 4x, read the
Noosa Journal and tune into Zinc. And if you
ever need anything boating then give Mat
and the guys from Laguna Boating Centre
a call.
I also must say, chin up to Miss Tewantin
(The Ferry). You ve always got next year.             NY&RC Ian and Matt (Assistant Manager) moving
Your time will come to win that elusive race.         many kegs of XXXX GOLD from basement storage
See you all at the bar to wash down the dust.         into the refrigeration cellar to make sure there was
                                                      an ample supply of this golden liquid for the large
Cheers, Andrew                                        number of RiverFest consumers.

                            I began to learn something by my 30th fight.
                              ROCKY MARCIANO – US champion boxer 1961

Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club                      - Page 7 -                                   April - June 2009
                                                     beer!! The Bar has done well, achieving
                                                     profits higher than the same period last year.

     Treasurer’s                                     Gaming has been disappointing coming in
                                                     with lower profits than last year as a result
                                                     of machine leases. Once these are paid off,
      REPORT                                         profits will be restored. It still achieves a net
                                                     margin of 17% of turnover.
          BARB PAGE
        Honorary Treasurer                           Kitchen continues to achieve great food at
                                                     a reasonable price and results in 17% profit
     Hi Everyone,                                    margin on Total sales. While the kitchen has
                                                     maintained prices it has incurred increased
     Whew, June madness is over!! It was a
                                                     expenses resulting in lower profits.
     particularly busy year, compliments of the
     government’s $900 cash subsidy, which was       We have still managed to decrease the
     only available for people who lodged their      NAB loans and plans are underway to
     tax returns by 30 June!!                        consolidate them all. This will improve
                                                     cashflow and reduce the future costs of
     The club is doing as well as can be expected
                                                     borrowing. Well that’s about it for me. Until
     given the shape of the economy and the
                                                     I see you again keep well, be healthy, happy
     competition that it faces. We expect the bar
                                                     and prosperous.
     improvements will assist in encouraging
     members and guests to experience ice cold       BARB PAGE - Honorary Treasurer

                    popular TRIVIA NIGHT at the Club
  We hold a highly successful TRIVIA NIGHT at the Club on the FIRST Monday of each month,
  commencing at 7.30pm. Our Question-Poser is Issa Schulze, a remarkable young man
  who actually made it through the process and appeared on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”
  Teams are welcome – phone the Office for details: 5449 8602.


               I used to complain because I had no shoes, until I met a man
                  who had no feet. TURGENEV – Russian philosopher & writer 1861
April - June 2009                             - Page 8 -                           Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club
              REPORT                                                    JOHN LAST Commodore

              an important article
             recently published in

FROM future rowing and sailing champions,
to high speed jetskiers, stagnating houseboats
and flat-bottomed barbecue boats, Noosa
Yacht & Rowing Club commodore John Last
has seen it all in his time on Noosa River.
  A proud clubman and a passionate advocate
for the preservation of the river for all of its        “We’re still proceeding with the ideas of
users Mr Last said THE NOOSA JOURNAL                  the River Plan – we’re trying to do that in a
RiverFest Regatta 2009 was a major fund-              co-operative sense,” Mr Last said.
raiser to support the young athletes involved           “They could start just by going back and
in the Youth Sail and Youth Rowing programs           seeing who actually has moorings in the river,
which were growing in popularity, particu-            and if they are actually being used,” he said.
larly among local schools.                              While how the river is used and shared
  Mr Last said the club had approached the            is still a work in progress, Mr Last said the
State Government about cleaning up the                river should be celebrated by all within
mooring situation on the river, and creating a        the Noosa community and invited visitors to
clear space along Gympie Terrace for water-           visit the club and enjoy the social facilities
based activities such as sailing, rowing,             right on the river.
outrigging and fishing. It had received a
response but it was non-committal at best.
  He said the River Plan mooted by the prev-
ious Noosa Council appeared to be in limbo
with neither Maritime Safety Queensland or
Sunshine Coast Regional Council willing to
tackle the issue of boats seemingly abandon-
ed on their moorings.

                            Co-operation can achieve impossible things.
                                        JULIUS CAESAR – 55 BC

Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club                      - Page 9 -                               April - June 2009
                                                        • We also won the Australian Blazer

                    Sailing                               Championship at the Go to Blazers on the
                                                          Gold Coast Paul & Ally Blundell and
                                                          Chris Annear
                     REPORT                             The Club also hosted a round of the Go to
                        GEOFF McNAMARA                  Blazers and the Riverfest Regatta.
                     Vice Commodore (Sailing)
                                                        An acid test for most of the sailors is the
In June we had our annual and 50th Presen-              Annual Bay to Bay Race where we test our
tation Night which was a great success and              skills against up to 200 boats and clubs from
this gives us a great opportunity to look at the        all over the country. This year 23 boats rep-
year just past. Among the highlights were the           resented the Club and we had some great
following:                                              success. The race was a true test of gear
                                                        with all boats being pushed to their limits
An number of new boats joined the Club and
                                                        and some beyond as the Bruce’s Hewish and
it was great to see two of our sailors defying
                                                        Nicks found out when they lost their rig when
the Global Economic Downturn to bring two
                                                        clearly leading the entire fleet on Day One. A
brand spanking new boats to the Club Guy
                                                        special mention goes to Cornsey who finished
Meakin’s Peggy and Max Marion’s Galaxy
                                                        the course for the second year running but
Bounce .
                                                        was kept off the podium. In the class racing
The club boats representing us at away racing           John Tidy of Boobiana won his class in the
regattas including:                                     Farrs with Peter Creighton on Ab Fab close
                                                        behind. Touché picked up a 4th in the RL’s
• Surf to City out of Southport Yacht Club
                                                        but the big winners were Max Marion with his
• Cock of the Bay out of RQ
                                                        brand new Galaxy Bounce Max could not
• Qld Trailer Sailing Championships
                                                        quite match the cunning, guile, deviousness,
• Cooloola Cup out of Tin Can Bay
                                                        craftiness and good old well honed skills of
  Sailing Club
                                                        the master Vic Devonshire and his crew on
• Mono Masters at Lake Cootharaba
                                                        Good As who took out the top title.
• All Boats Championship also at Lake
  Cootharaba                                            This leaves our regular Wednesday, Friday
• Bay to Bay Tin Can Bay and Hervey Bay                 and Sunday racing which had great fleets
  Sailing Clubs                                         competing throughout the year. These races
                                                        would not be able to be done without the tire-
We also had crews at:
                                                        less dedication of race committees. We thank
• Hamilton Island Race Week                             Jo, Sharon, Rod, Henry, Ros, Jan, Donetta,
• National SB3 Australian Championships                 Martin, Claudia and Vic.
   Chris Annear and Kai Timm
                                                        We look forward to another great year of
• World SB3 Championships in Ireland
                                                        racing and growth in our sport, seniors and
   Chris Annear and Kai Timm
• Special mention of a crack team including
  Cornsy, Meakin, Ritchie and Nicks                     GEOFF McNAMARA
  representing us at Geelong Race Week                  Vice Commodore (Sailing)
  who were unmatched off the race course

            This above all to thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night
              the day, thou canst not then be false to anyone. SHAKESPEARE 1590
April - June 2009                               - Page 10 -                       Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club
                                                                   L/R: Max Marian, Phil Crawford (skipper),
CLUB CHAMPION: Something Offensive                                 Ron Pilgrim, Carl Painter

                                                            WINTER SERIES
 OTHER MAJOR AWARDS:                                        GOOD AS Vic Devonshire
 BLAZER                                                     XXXX PURSUIT SERIES
 EXILE Grant Evans                                          CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE Brett Simons
 SPRING SERIES                                              COL HICKEY WINTER SERIES
 EXILE Grant Evans                                          GOOD AS Vic Devonshire
 SUMMER SERIES                                              COL HICKEY SUMMER SERIES
 SOMETHING OFFENSIVE Phil Crawford                          AB FAB Peter Creighton
 AUTUMN SERIES                                              FRIDAY SERIES
 SOMETHING OFFENSIVE Phil Crawford                          EXILE Phil Crawford

          who greatly assist our efforts to help young people in the local community through our
       YOUTH ROW, YOUTH SAIL and YOUTH FISH training programs, which not only breed future
           rowers, sailors and fishers, but also give them sound, life-long qualities of character.
     ¡ ABN-AMRO Morgans                    ¡ LAGUNA BOATING CENTRE           ¡ The NOOSA JOURNAL
       Stockbroking & Financial Planning   ¡ L-TEC PTY LTD Tewantin          ¡ TODAY’S JUICE – Matt Bullman
     ¡ ANGOVE FAMILY WINE MAKER              Electricians                    ¡ TOM OFFERMANN Estate Agents
     ¡ BARRA JACK’S Tackle World           ¡ MARKRIS Wholesale Foods         ¡ TOURISM NOOSA
     ¡ COCA-COLA                           ¡ NOOSA REALTY –                  ¡ TOYWORLD
     ¡ COMMONWEALTH BANK                     Shane Wickson
                                                                             ¡ VIANDE FOODS
     ¡ COOKERS Bulk Oil System             ¡ RAPID CLEAN Sunshine Coast
                                                                             ¡ WILLIS AUSTRALIA
     ¡ FALLS CREEK SKI LIFTS               ¡ RAY SCHOLES MARINE                Insurance Brokers
     ¡ FISHING OFFSHORE NOOSA              ¡ RAY WHITE – Doonan              ¡ XXXX GOLD
     ¡ FOUR SEASONS FINE WINES             ¡ RFS FINANCE                     ¡ ZACHARY’S Gourmet Pizza Bar
     ¡ HARVEY NORMAN Noosaville              right financial solutions
                                                                             ¡ ZINC 96.1
     ¡ INTRAPAC PROJECTS                   ¡ SNOOZE Noosaville
       Intelligent Development             ¡ STRATOGEN
                                                                                  our SPONSORS support
     ¡ KJ CONSTRUCTIONS                      Chartered Accountants               YOUTH ROW & YOUTH SAIL
       Commercial & Domestic               ¡ TEAM BAKER – Air Conditioning          We support our
     ¡ LA BOUCHERIE – Meats                  & Commercial Refrigeration          VALUABLE SPONSORS

                  It is better to have a lot of something and all of nothing.
                                     HARRY TRUMAN – 33rd US President

Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club                            - Page 11 -                                   April - June 2009
                                                       skippered by Ali Blundell and crewed by Harry

        PAUL BLUNDELL (Sailing Co-ordinator)
                                                       Robilliard. Second was St. Andrews with Ella
                                                       Evans and Elyse Ainsworth and third was
                                                       Good Shepherd sailed by Audrey Straatsma
                                                       and Jess Elms. The Primary School trophy
The second quarter of the year has been busy           was won by St. Thomas More with Eloise
around the boatshed and beachfront of the              Blundell and Sam Safe onboard. Hugh and
club and as usual all the happenings could not         Martin from Stratogen have already expressed
be possible without the fantastic support from         their interest in being involved in the event in
our sponsors and volunteers who continually            future years which is also a huge boost for
support our programs throughout the year.              school sailing in the area.

ACCESS SAILING – Increasing Access                     YACHTING AUSTRALIA –
to the Water for Disabled Sailors                      BASIC SKILLS 1 & 2 ACCREDITATION

The Youthsail Access Sailing program is                Over the last few months the Youthsail Prog-
going from speed to speed with new groups              ram has helped more than 50 young sailors
joining the program. We now cater to the               obtain either their YA Basic Skills Level 1 or
sailing needs of groups like House With No             Level 2 accreditation. More courses will be
Steps’, Spiral Inc., Link Family Scheme and            conducted over the next few months and
also a number of private customers who are             we expect the overall number to be over 100
taken out on the water by our very capable             by year’s end. Without doubt the largest
Assistant Instructors in our Vagabond sailing          progression of sailors through the ranks in
dinghys. Tim Vercoe has recently been final-           the history of Youthsail.
ising documentation so we can apply for a
                                                       YOUTHSAIL SCHOOL HOLIDAY
Government grant to hopefully expand this
                                                       SAILING PROGRAM
program with the purchase of purpose-built
Vagabonds and a soft sided rescue boat.                This quarter has seen both the April/Easter
                                                       and June/July school holiday breaks and
STRATOGEN CHARTERED                                    programs were run throughout both these
ACCOUNTANTS SUNSHINE COAST                             holiday periods. 56 different kids sailed in
INTER-SCHOOL DINGHY REGATTA                            121 day sessions in the April program and 70
With the help of sponsors Hugh Ramsay and              kids enjoyed 201 sessions in the June/July
Martin Rafter (Stratogen Chartered Account-            program. That’s a total of 322 day sessions of
ants), Youthsail hosted this regatta (now in           6 hours each covered in just 12 program days
its 10th year) during May with teams from St.          (an average of 26 kids per day some days
Teresa’s Catholic College, St Thomas Moore             we had up to 40 kids).
Catholic Primary School, Noosa Districts               These programs could not take place without
State High School, Sunshine Beach State                everybody working together and Kai and I
High School & St. Andrews Anglican College             thank our Assistant Instructors and Trainee
competing through a series of pool heats on            Assistant Instructors for helping during the
Saturday and a final series on Sunday. The             holidays. Some days we had over a dozen
weekend showcased the high level of sailing            junior support staff on the water at the one
on the Sunny Coast and a great weekend                 time, either sailing Vagabonds with young
was had by all both on the water and on the            crews onboard or in rescue boats coaching
deck. The overall winner was St. Teresa’s              from afar. Well done, everyone!

                        I like losing because everyone likes winning.
                            GROUCHO MARX – famous US film comedian

April - June 2009                              - Page 12 -                        Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club
NOOSA BOATMAN AND RONSTAN                              The new Winter Series is well under way and
YOUTHSAIL SUMMER SERIES                                the spectacle from the Deck is well worth the
The Youthsail Saturday race program has                entry fee (nil).
grown into a great fortnightly series and the          Come On Summer!!
overall winners were: Laser            Blake           PAUL BLUNDELL - Sailing Co-ordinator
Thomasson; Vagabond Ali Blundell & Ben
Vercoe; Sabot Jessica Vercoe
Thanks again to Dale from Noosa Boatman                (Congratulations Paul, for the great work you
and Lucas Down from Ronstan for their on-              are doing with YOUTH SAIL – editor)
going support.


    La Boucherie
        quality fresh meats and poultry
                 Wholesale and Retail                                 10% discount for NY&RC members

                Garry Rogers Proprietor                                   Chris Vale
             Noosa Civic Shopping Mall
     Eenie Creek Rd, Noosaville Ph: 5474 0288
                                                               Phone 1300 765 417
        Unit 4, 10 Project Avenue, Noosaville                           Fax (07) 5455 5121
      Phone: 5474 2288 Mobile: 0403 048 795      •

                     Either do not attempt it, or persist until you finish it.
                                OVID – Roman philosopher & writer 80 BC

Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club                       - Page 13 -                                  April - June 2009
           great FERRY / ROWERS race

The annual RiverFest race between the Noosa Ferry and NY&RC rowers was held on the
Noosa River in glorious sunshine and on calm water. Four NY&RC Master Champion Women
Rowers are seen in the photo relentlessly mowing-down the flat-out Ferry to win by a good
margin. These champion ladies turned on a wonderful performance of rowing, with grace, rhythm,
perfect precision, and great power, awesome to watch by the hundreds of people at the club and
along the river bank. WELL DONE, LADIES!
The race photo was taken by Andrew Seymour for the Noosa Journal.


                                                                 CANVAS & VINYL
  105 Poinciana Avenue,          Shane Wickson                                        • Boat Canopies & Biminis
  Tewantin Qld 4565          Licensed Real Estate Agent                               • All Marine Trim & Upholstery
                                                                18 Action Street
  Ph: (07) 5449 9122                0403 037 004                                      • Ute Canopies & Tonneaus
                                                                Noosaville Qld 4566
  Fax: (07) 5449 0177                                                                 • Restaurant Clear Drops     PROUD SPONSOR                    BRETT KRUGER          • Custom Made Covers      YOUTH ROW & SAIL                  Phone 5449 8588       • All Canvas & Vinyl Needs

                    Few are born with a silver spoon in the mouth.
                                CERVANTES – Spanish poet & writer

April - June 2009                                     - Page 14 -                           Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club
                                                           and Hannah Every-Hall who had five starts
                                                           for three golds, a silver and a bronze, with a
                                                           particularly sweet victory in the A category
                                                           womens single scull.
                                                           The next goal for the Noosa rowers is

           Rowing                                          participation in the World Masters Games in
                                                           Sydney in October, with the rowing events to
                                                           be held over four days at the Olympic course
              REPORT                                       at Penrith.
                     BOB UPHAM
                                                           Three of our rowers will also be trying for
Rowing at the Australian Masters Rowing                    National selection, a process which starts in
Championships in Rockhampton late in May                   November. Toby Lee-Evans and Alex
saw some intense competition, with NY&RC                   Cattaneo will be rowing in the junior events,
doing extremely well for a small club. Noosa               and Hannah Every-Hall has been so encour-
finished in seventh place having won a total               aged by her performance in the Masters that
of 18 medals 4 gold, 6 silver and 8 bronze                 she has decided to try to replicate her winning
which was an excellent performance compet-                 world championship performance of 2002 by
ing against 30 other clubs which included the              training for selection in the senior Australian
heavyweights of southern rowing.                           team. She now has a family and a small
                                                           business to run, so the seven days a week
Part of the regatta is the interstate series,
                                                           training will be a demanding task. All three
where crews selected to represent their
                                                           members will be on the water as much as
respective States race in four events. There
                                                           possible in the coming months and the rowers
are quad scull and eight oared races for both
                                                           are determined to help in any way they can,
men and women. This year Noosa had two
                                                           whether it be babysitting or boat washing, or
representatives in the Queensland womens
                                                           anything else that makes it easier for these
quad scull, Di Crouch and Sian Hebron, who
                                                           three to complete the necessary training.
took the silver medal, just 2.3 seconds behind
NSW.                                                       The Masters event once again confirmed
                                                           that Noosa can compete at the top level and
Other notable performances were by our
                                                           achieve outstanding results for a small club.
women with Sian Hebron winning three golds,
Karen Turnbull and Rachel Mecham two each                  BOB UPHAM

                                                                     NOOSA VILLAGE
                                                                      SHOE REPAIR
    MEMBER NATIONAL INSURANCE BROKERS ASSOCIATION                 • Shoe Repair • Key Cutting • Engraving
                                                                      • Engravable Gifts • Shoe Care

    ALL CLASSES OF INSURANCE                                         Noosa Village Shopping Centre
   Phone Chris Murfin (07) 5447 4066                              Gibson Rd, Noosaville Ph: 5474 0077
         Office Opposite Noosa Post Office                    10% Discount for NY&RC Members

             You learn different things when you fail or succeed.                      CHURCHILL

Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club                           - Page 15 -                                April - June 2009
                    The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.
                              MOLIERE – French philosopher & writer 1660

April - June 2009                              - Page 16 -                 Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club
                                                      Don’t like winter mornings
                                                                 Interacting with people you don’t
                                                                 usually talk to

     YouthRow                                         Participating in a team sport
                                                                                       - Angela
                                                      (Coach’s note: Angela LOVES houseboats
                                                      VERY much. She gets kind of stuck on them!)

Welcome to our junior rowing group. We have                  •    I don’t like waking up before the sun!
had a fun and productive couple of months,                   •    Learning awesome new skills
but here we are in the middle of winter where                •    Making friends
our early mornings remain dark and our on-
water time is very limited. We aim to make                   •    Conditioning muscles
the most of our two mornings with the time                   •    I DON’T like waves
we have. We are planning on having another                                                   - Megan
afternoon rowing session at the start of this
                                                      Early Mornings            Social
                                                             Cold Mornings             Fun
We have just had a junior mini camp’, where
the girls spent two days with a few visitors          Wind                      Meet new people
joining the program over their holidays to                                             - Georgina
keep in shape.                                        I like rowing because it is on the water and it
Here is some comments from the kids on their          is in crews and it gets you fit. What I don’t like
thoughts on rowing:                                   about rowing on the water, when there are
Winter mornings are annoying!                         lots of houseboats and speed boats giving
                                                      you wash! - Kate
      Good fun              Make new friends
                                                      Good to learn new skills
Blisters HURT!!!            Learn new skills
                                                             Meet new people
                                 - Tegan
                                                      Amusing when Ang gets stuck under
I like rowing because it is different to other
sports and you can be with friends. I have
learnt about not shooting the slide’ and                     Pretty good for getting fit
keeping good posture. - Christobel J                                                         - Allana

                   Bend the willow while it is young.              OLD ENGLISH PROVERB

Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club                      - Page 17 -                                    April - June 2009
                                                                            Membership Enquiries:
                                                                            Des Mabbott (Secretary)
                                                                            0420 935 769 // 5470 2390

Reports from Outrigger Victoria James

The Noosa Outrigger Canoe Club held a
 Naming Ceremony’ to officially bless our
new canoe, which was purchased with a grant
from the Qld Gambling Fund, and applied for
by NOCC President Elise Fitzgerald on behalf
of the club.
Celebrations began with a training session of
8 canoes paddling to John’s Landing and                that she be named, and thereby christened,
back, to enjoy a breakfast BBQ. In keeping              Mahalo , which we understand to mean
with Hawaiian traditions, pork was on the               Thank You in Hawaiian.
menu, with sausages, bacon and eggs, etc.
                                                       Members gave thanks to the Qld Gambling
The Hawaiian ceremony to celebrate the laun-           Fund for its grant, and expressed their grati-
ching of a new canoe is traditionally a very           tude for the good fortune to be able to paddle
spiritual and pious event. Noosa Outriggers            in Noosa’s wonderful environs. Mahalo was
adapted this tradition to suit our environment,        then anointed in the waters’ in which she
preparing and decorating the canoe for her             will travel. Six men carried her to the river in
maiden voyage. Our President announced                 silence and paddled out.

RESI RIVER REGATTA                                     winning $500 for our club. Our Masters Blue’
                                                       team put in a great performance, coming third
Noosa Outriggers travelled to Brisbane for             in their division, winning $250 for our club.
the annual RESI RIVER REGATTA, which is
a marathon race up and down the Brisbane               All in all, the Regatta was a great day out,
River in the heart of the city, with the start and     especially as the rain stayed away for the race.
finish at Southbank. Brisbane River currents           The paddlers joined recreational and prize
are generally strong in this race. Recent flood-       giving celebrations afterwards at Southbank.
ing made the river even more challenging,
particularly for steerers, with lots of floating
Four Noosa canoes started. With a minute
between starts for three divisions    Open,
Masters and Senior Masters. Noosa’s Senior
Masters team performed extremely well as
usual, coming second in their division, and

               Laugh away your woes.        CHARLIE CHAPLIN – famous US film comedian

April - June 2009                              - Page 18 -                        Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club
Crossing Bass Strait for Charity
Canoe manufacturer, Peter Corbishley, recently organised a fund raising event for Cancer
Research, which involved two Outrigger Club paddlers taking a course across Bass Strait,
to deliver one of 2x 6 person canoes to Cradle Coast Outrigger Canoe Club in Tasmania.
The other canoe was bought by the Melbourne Outrigger Canoe Club, who decided to
accompany the Tassie bound canoe and safety ship across the Strait. Some readers may
have seen the story of this adventure on nightly TV news. Peter told us enthralling details of
Outriggers paddling for nine hour episodes and camping on small islands waiting for storms to
clear. Full information

                                 RESI RIVER REGATTA                        from previous page

                    You never know what you can do until you try.   NAPOLEON

Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club                   - Page 19 -                           April - June 2009
                                                               Riverfest has come and gone. The weather

     Noosa Yachtie                                             Gods were kind to us, which resulted in a very
                                                               enjoyable and profitable weekend. The 25 odd
                                                               fishing club volunteers who worked on this
                                                               project are to be commended on their willing-
                                                               ness and tireless effort over the two days and
                                                               a heartfelt thank you from me personally.
                                                               Congratulations to Cookey’ on winning the
 YOUTH FISH                                                    Tinney. He looks very smart arriving at the
                                                               club in his new shiny chariot. Also congrat-
ALAN COPE - President                                          ulations to the fishing competition winners
                                                               and participants who supported the Catch &
Hi Members         Welcome to the mid year                     Release Program and released most of the
Waterlog report. Mid Year means it is time                     fish back into the river alive.
to fill out your Membership Renewal Forms
                                                               Phippsy                      Flathead 2.32kg (C&R)
if you intend to rejoin. Quick action on this will
                                                                                            Barra Jacks
assist Tom our Membership Secretary with
the organisation of his files.                                 Toby Black                   Bream      0.65kg (C&R)
                                                                                            Harvey Norman
Fishing as usual has fluctuated between good
                                                                                            Furniture & Bedding
and bad. But some very nice fish have been
boated. We now offer to members our 12 man                     Stephen Hardman              Whiting    0.68kg (C&R)
Bluewater Charters Deep Sea Trips, our 3                                                    Natural Thai
man Deep Sea Trips with South Qld. Charter
                                                               Stephen Hardman              Golden Trevally 2.48kg
Services (Smithy) and 8 man River Charters
                                                                                            NYFC Youthfish
with Noosa River Fishing & Crab Tours at
                                                                                            Other Species
hugely subsidised rates. All made possible
thanks to the great efforts of our raffle sellers              Remember to book and pay early to secure
who sell tickets in a Seafood Tray every                       your spot and please keep an eye on the
Thursday night at the Yacht Club.                              Club Notice Board for dates for additional
                                                               River Charters and Club Barbecues. Circle
     Half Day       $70          3/4 Day     $90
                                                               Saturday 19th December for this year’s
     Full Day       $100         River     $30                 Christmas Party.

                      russell watkins                                                                      FOR ALL YOUR
                                                                                                           POSTAL NEEDS
                      architects a.r.a.i.a.                                                         including paying bills,
                                                                 TRICIA AND DAVID MOORE                  travel, stationery,
                                                                 LICENSEES                             greeting cards, etc.

                                          po box 239
                                                                 NOOSAVILLE POST OFFICE
                               noosa heads, Q 4567               Noosa Village Shopping Centre       BUSINESS HOURS:
                                    ph: 0418 988 806             Telephone (07) 5449 7100              9am-5pm Mon-Fri
                           email:               Facsimile (07) 5474 0372           8.30am-11.30am Sat

            They won’t believe you unless they see the fish. Even then they
            will think there is something fishy. MARK TWAIN – famous US writer 1860
April - June 2009                                      - Page 20 -                               Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club
This will be my last Waterlog Report, as I will              speak up now. Thank you to all involved in the
be taking a rest from the President’s position               last four years of my time with the Club.
as at the end of August. So if there is a person
                                                             ALAN COPE - President
out there interested in taking on a very
rewarding position in the Fishing Club, please                            Very well done, Alan – Peter, editor

            DATES FOR BOAT CHARTERS                             JULY TO NOVEMBER 2009
  July 26              (Sunday)       River Charter                 7am 11am     (BBQ to follow)
  August 16            (Sunday)       Full Day Offshore             6am 3pm
  September 26 (Saturday)             Full Day Offshore             5.30am 2.30pm
  October 17           (Saturday)     Full Day Offshore             6am 3pm
  November 22          (Sunday)       Full Day Offshore             6am 3pm

       Please Book and Pay early for Charters. Bookings and information 0427 008 020

                                                                                            You need
      Beach House T E E WA H                                                         Vic Devonshire
                                   • fully furnished
                                   • right on the beach
                                   • 3 main bedrooms                         BOAT BUILDING
                                   • sleeps 8 people                AND SHIPWRIGHT SERVICES
                                   • all mod. cons. –
                                     micro / TV / video         • Repairs • Maintenance • Centre Boards • Rudders

   enquiries – Peter Whadcoat – 0402 079 380                    Mobile 0412 627 076 Ph (07) 5449 7402

                            It’s bloody un-Australian to drive past a pub.
                            JOHN SINGLETON – famous Australian advertising agent

Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club                             - Page 21 -                                    April - June 2009
                                 NY&RC                        and runner up Jo Steadson. The Mens winner
                                                              was Llew Pointon and the runner up was John

                        SOCIAL                                Last.

                       GOLF CLUB
                                                              A group of us are travelling up to Coral Cove
                                                              Golf Resort for the weekend August 14th to
                                                              16th to try our hand at the only par 6 hole in
                        LAURIE MOORE – Golf Club Captain      Australia. Should be a lot of fun.

Weather-wise it has not been a good year for                  Anyone that would like to try their hand at
golfers with two games having to be cancelled                 Golf and haven’t played before or haven’t
because of the inclement conditions. I think                  played much is welcome to join us every
we have had more than our fair share of rain                  second Saturday at Noosa Par 3 Golf Course
on golf days this year. For those of us that                  at 11.30am. Don’t be shy... everyone has to
were brave enough to face the conditions, it                  start somewhere. Just turn up on the day or
has changed the way we think about hitting                    ring Laurie on 5474 2224 or 0418 554 911.
the ball, with no run on the fairways causing                 We will soon work out a handicap for you so
higher than normal scores. But we have still                  you can join in the fun.
had a lot of fun.                                             Next games are July 11th & 25th and August
Individual winners this quarter have been, for                8th & 22nd. Championship rounds are on
the Ladies Mary Sawyer and runner up Anne                     September 5th & 19th and October 3rd.
Gallen. Mens David Blanton and runner up                      Good golfing.
John Last. The Geoff Cronin Memorial Trophy
winners for the Ladies were Maureen Moore                     LAURIE MOORE - Golf Club Captain

    RIVERSIDE ROOFING                                                                               MARINE
               WALL CLADDING
                  RE-ROOFS                                                                           Available from
                                                                            Yacht & Boat Paint
                    PH/FAX - 07 5474 2728                                                         PAINT CITY GROUP
                    MOBILE - 0413 943 678                           Maroochydore (07) 5443 7744    Noosa Heads (07) 5449 8288
                 CHRIS ANNEAR                                  Single Packs – Two Pack Urethane – Varnish & Fillers
      P.O. BOX 273, NOOSAVILLE, QLD. 4566                               Brushing Urethane – Antifoulings

                     The only real way to tell if something is good or bad
                is to try it. MAE WEST – famous US film star, humanitarian, charity worker
April - June 2009                                     - Page 22 -                                    Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club
                                                                                    Would you like to join the
                                                                                  NY&RC SOCIAL GOLF CLUB?
                                                                                   H make many new friends H
                                                                                      H great exercise H
                                                                                     H lots of happy times H
                                                                                        (in between bad shots)
                                                                                 H non-golfers welcome H
                                                                              Contact Golf Captain Laurie Moore
                                                                                5474 2224 or 0418 554 911

                 NORTH COAST
                                                                                                   MERCURY - MERC CRUISER
              Russell Mayne
                                                                                                   MERCURY               MERCURY
                                                                                                                         OUTBOARDS by
   Tel: 5449 8013 Mobile: 0412 617 816                                                             OUTBOARDS   YAMAHA     YAMAHA

   FIRE & SAFETY EQUIPMENT                                                                             SALES & SERVICE
   Sales – Service – Installation                                                                   QUINTREX     l   YELLOWFIN

• Fire Extinguishers • Smoke Detectors • Staff Training • Fire Blankets       146 Eumundi Rd            PHONE (07) 5449 7633
• Hose Reels • Safety Signs • Standpipe Repairs • Evacuation Plans            NOOSAVILLE Q. 4566          FAX (07) 5449 9830

                     Fixed ideas can hurt people. I try to change fixed ideas
                           by shocking people with humour. MAE WEST
Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club                                           - Page 23 -                                      April - June 2009
                                                                                  Neil Fraser – 0412 004 020

                                                                                  help yourself to
                                                                                  better finance
                                                                                  and at the same time help
                                                                                  YOUTHROW and YOUTHSAIL
                                                                                          PHONE or VISIT
                                                                                      for a no obligation consultation

                                                              Shop BA 04 – Noosa CIVIC Shopping Centre

                                   EVERY DAY
DINE and DRINK                     from 10am to 10pm
right on the Noosa River           SUNDAYS
delightfully & inexpensively       from 8am to 10pm
                                                           an initiative of the

     It’s not true I had nothing on. I had the radio on.
                      MARILYN MONROE

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