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                     celebrating 5 years at the forefront of industry

The vision for Western Australia to become                        His words proved to be prophetic as the AMC is now home to
                                                                  more than 120 businesses which work in, or support the oil
the home of a world-leading destination for                       and gas, resource, marine and defence industries. New land
the oil and gas, resource, marine and defence                     releases will soon see this expand.
industries is going from strength to strength.                    Significant milestones that have occurred at the AMC-CUF
July marks the fifth year of industry excellence                  since it was opened in 2003 include:
at the Australian Marine Complex Common                           2002 – the beginning of the vision
User Facility (AMC-CUF) which opened the                          Already an identified destination for shipbuilding with nearly
doors for its first contract in July 2003.                        $1.6 billion in aluminium boat construction, the Henderson
                                                                  marine industry zone was renamed the Australian Marine
There has been a clear and concise vision for the AMC since it    Complex. Construction of the CUF and the Fabrication Precinct
was first considered five years ago. Funding to build the CUF     was in motion for a 2003 opening.
was sought and backing was won from the Commonwealth
Government and combined with funding from the State               2003 – first common use infrastructure installed
Government, the CUF is now a $354 million initiative.             The CUF’s main fabrication hall, 40 hectares of laydown and
At the time it had its detractors, but with some 190 projects,    construction land, harbour and wharves, was officially opened
1680 jobs and over $200 million of work injected into the         for business in July 2003 and Saipem was the first company to
State economy in five years, the CUF has become Australia’s       utilise the facility’s extensive capabilities.
powerhouse for the fabrication, assembly and loadout of large     Saipem used the southern services wharf to provide
infrastructure fabrication.                                       maintenance and repairs to one of Australia’s largest
In a statement in 2003 by then State Development Minister         construction barges, the Semac. The Semac had been working
Clive Brown –                                                     offshore on the North West Shelf Venture’s second trunkline
                                                                  for Woodside and its joint venture partners.
“The Australian Marine Complex will be one of the most
exciting maritime activity clusters in the Asia-Pacific region,
delivering major value-added opportunities for WA industry.”                                                  Continued on page 3

Premier’s Foreword                                                        Minister’s Foreword
                                     Welcome to this special edition                                           I have been very pleased to be
                                     of The AMC News, in which we                                              involved in the AMC since its
                                     celebrate the 5th anniversary of                                          early years of planning. It is a
                                     the Australian Marine Complex                                             passionate subject for me - it
                                     (AMC).                                                                    is relevant to my Resources,
                                                                                                               Industry and Enterprise
                                     It has been a very eventful five
                                                                                                               portfolio’s and it is also situated
                                     years. As the State’s resources
                                                                                                               in my Cockburn electorate.
                                     industry continues to grow,
                                     demand for infrastructure such                                      When the AMC opened, my local
                                     as the Common User Facility has                                     constituents were effectively the
                                     skyrocketed.                                                        labour pool that the AMC drew
                                                                                                         from, so it was important for
                                     Many companies that are located
                                                                                                         this facility to keep developing.
                                     in the complex have also been
                                                                                                         Now in my capacity as a Minister
                                     inundated with work arising from
                                                                                                         in the State Government, I am
                                     this strong demand.
                                                                                                        committed to supporting projects
The AMC has grown to become very important for Western                    that not only benefit my electorate but the entire State. What
Australian business.                                                      the AMC is achieving has wide reaching benefits for WA’s
                                                                          economy and also Australia in general.
This issue of The AMC News features comments from
influential people who have contributed to the establishment              I have seen it grow from a premier shipbuilding industrial hub
of the AMC, who have used its wonderful facilities or who work            into a facility that is the envy of the nation. In five short years,
within it. We asked them - what does the AMC mean to you or               the AMC-CUF has far exceeded expectations.
your company?
                                                                          While this is a time to celebrate our achievements so far, we
And, the answers were all very similar. The AMC means                     can also look to the future of the AMC with great excitement.
growth, it means shared infrastructure, it means working                  A new Technology Precinct dedicated to marine, defence
near and next to complementary businesses. Overall, it makes              and oil and gas has commenced, and the State Government
working in Western Australia easier.                                      is supporting the development of a technically advanced oil
                                                                          and gas industry in Western Australia. We are committed
The AMC is already a premier destination for the oil and
                                                                          to establishing the AMC as a subsea, oil and gas centre of
gas, resources, marine and defence industries. The State
                                                                          excellence servicing the Australian and Asia-Pacific region.
Government, through the Department of Industry and
Resources and LandCorp, will continue to further develop this             I look forward to the continued development and success of
exciting industrial area.                                                 the AMC, as it keeps delivering great things for WA.
New infrastructure, such as the floating dock, and further
land releases over the coming years, will provide ample                   The Hon Francis Logan MLA
opportunities for the complex to continue to develop into                 Minister for Energy; Resources;
a destination dedicated to industry that is talked about all              Industry and Enterprise
around the world.

The Hon Alan Carpenter MLA
Premier of Western Australia

Inside this issue
AMC – celebrating 5 years                                                 Students get a leg up to future careers ...........                12
at the forefront of industry ...............................        1-6   WA cruises to big wins .....................................       13
CUF update ......................................................   7     Road ahead positive for oil
Blacktip nears the summit ..............................            8     and gas industry ...............................................   14
Defence stars alight on the AMC                                           Perth to host two new subsea
as ASC West opens its doors ...........................             9     technical conferences ......................................       15
ACEPT to supply highly trained                                            AMC Tenant Update .........................................        16
oil and gas workers ..........................................      10    WA marine limousines impress the world ......                      17
Young Achiever Award 2008                                                 Land sales update ............................................     18
celebrates new talent ......................................        11
                                                                          AMC company profiles .....................................         19-20

                                                                                                  AMC TESTIMONIALS
                                                                                                  “Fortescue Metals is now Australia’s third force
                                                                                                  in iron ore, based on our ability to deliver large-
                                                                                                  scale projects using an equal mix of innovation and
                                                                                                  “Our rapid success has been helped by those
                                                                                                  who shared a similar vision. The contractors and
                                                                                                  suppliers who worked on this project were an
                                                                                                  integral part of the journey.
                                                                                                  “Like Fortescue’s operations in the Pilbara, the
                                                                                                  Australian Marine Complex’s Common User
                                                                                                  Facility (CUF) is an open access facility. It was
                                                AMC-CUF under construction in 2003.               instrumental in construction and delivery of
                                                                                                  the wharf at the Fortescue Herb Elliot Port at
                                                                                                  Anderson Point.”
                                                                                                  Andrew Forrest, Director,
                                                                                                  Fortescue Metals Group

                                                                                                  “We always take the opportunity to show interstate
                                                                                                  and international visitors where we are located,
                                                                                                  and the extent and diversity of the AMC facilities.
                                                                                                  In some ways it is reflective of our success and
                                                                                                  growth over the same period of time and by
                                                                                                  association adds to our capacity to be involved in
                                                                                                  future projects attracted to Western Australia by
                                                                                                  this very worthwhile initiative.”
                                                                                                  John Davies, Director, Modular Engineering
                                                   AMC-CUF in 2008, a hive of activity.

AUSTRALIAN MARINE COMPLEX – celebrating 5 years at the forefront of industry (from page 1)
2004 – the word is spreading                                                     •	 The	establishment	of	Raytheon	Australia’s	Naval	Systems	Division.
The CUF’s second year 2004, saw word of its capabilities spread far and          •	 Since	2005	the	Royal	Australian	Navy	and	the	ANZAC	Alliance	have	
wide. That year marked the first of many offshore oil and gas projects              undertaken	most	of	the	capability	upgrade	work	on	the	ANZAC	
that would take place at the complex. The CUF identified how it could               Frigate	fleet	at	the	AMC.	The	ANZAC	Alliance	program	brings	
work with companies at the AMC and a Memorandum of Understanding                    together key defence contractors Tenix, Thales Australia, The United
between Western Australia and South Australia was signed to promote                 Group and Saab Systems to conduct a schedule of upgrades in the
a more cooperative approach to vie for up to $8 billion in naval                    safe, controlled and productive environment provided by the CUF.
shipbuilding and repair contracts.
                                                                                 •	 Voest	–	Alpine,	used	the	CUF	to	assemble	two	iron	ore	ship	loaders.	
•	 In	one	of	the	first	offshore	oil	and	gas	projects	to	take	place	at	the	          The ship loaders were for the Dampier Port export facility upgrade
   CUF, Apache Energy used the large fabrication hall to construct the              for Rio Tinto. Manufactured by Voest-Alpine, the company used
   $6 million Linda Platform. The 600 tonne jacket and topside would                the CUF laydown area for final assembly and loadout across the
   be used to extract gas offshore from Barrow Island on the North                  southern wharf. Loadout and delivery of the first ship loader was
   West Shelf.                                                                      completed in March 2005. The second followed in November 2005.
•	 Cryeng	Pty	Ltd	fabricated	two	24,000	litre	cryogenic	nitrogen	tanks,	         •	 The	CUF	became	the	base	for	Royal	Equipment’s	final	assembly	
   each 22 metres long by 3 metres in diameter in the small fabrication             and testing of 17 coal trucks destined for Indonesia’s Bengalon coal
   shed. The largest built tanks in Western Australia were delivered                mine.	With	a	world-wide	shortage	of	earthmoving	equipment,	Royal	
   to the HIsmelt plant in Kwinana via the high wide load corridor from             Equipment	identified	and	sourced	redundant	truck	frames	from	the	
   the AMC.                                                                         Pilbara’s Mount Newman iron ore mine to complete the project.
•	 HMNZS	Te	Mana,	a	118	metre	long	ANZAC	class	frigate,	was	the	first	
   foreign warship to berth at the CUF when it docked overnight in April         2006 – reputation keeps building locally, nationally
   2004. The ship berthed at the wharf while waiting to be docked at the         and internationally
   Tenix shiplift. The job demonstrated the potential synergies between          The AMC and its capabilities are gaining an international reputation,
   the CUF and the adjacent Tenix shiplift facility.                             confirmed during a visit to Spanish and Norwegian fabrication and
                                                                                 shipbuilding precincts by Minister Logan. The shortage of skilled
2005 – contracts keep flowing in                                                 workers in Western Australia is intensifying and the Defence Industry
The AMC expands with the establishment of its fourth precinct, the               Skills Taskforce was established to undertake a study to investigate
AMC Technology Precinct, with Raytheon Australia being the first                 the growing demand for skilled defence workers. The Logical Choice
company to establish within it. The State Government also announced              campaign was launched to position Western Australia as the logical
funding to supply additional common use infrastructure at the AMC-               choice to undertake modular fabrication, shipbuilding, repair and
CUF, including a floating dock and rail transfer system to launch and            maintenance for naval and commercial vessels.
retrieve large ships, and an extension and upgrade of the existing
“Honeywell has provided ACEPT with state-of-the-art                         “AGC has kept the CUF busy since it first opened in 2003. The
Experion process control systems and ShadowPlant                            CUF has been instrumental in helping us to deliver jackets and
simulation systems that are widely adopted by major                         topsides, and other large modules and subsea structures for
resource companies throughout Australia. These                              some of the world’s biggest oil and gas companies and projects.
systems enable ACEPT to efficiently deliver training                        Maintaining a presence against stiff overseas competition can
that is relevant and current with industry needs.                           be hard in the present climate, but having access to the CUF has
To ensure the ongoing support and currency of the                           certainly strengthened our capacity and capability, and helped
Honeywell systems at ACEPT, we have also co-located                         us to competitively bid and, in turn, win work.”
our training staff at ACEPT, which has proved to be a                       Joe Macri, Group Business Development Manager,
fantastic facility for training both our clients and our staff.
                                                                            Ausclad Group of Companies
“We are strong believers in ACEPT, and we are looking
forward to continuing to work closely together in the                       “After literally searching the world for a good location to build
future to maximise the value delivered to Australian                        luxury motor yachts, Hanseatic Marine settled in the AMC,
industry, so that skills shortages do not limit the                         mainly due to the local experience in light weight aluminium
growth of the Australian economy in coming years.”                          construction and the large array of local specialised support
Tony Cosgrove, Managing Director,
Honeywell Process Solutions Pacific                                         Dave Woods, Chief Operating Officer, Hanseatic Marine

AUSTRALIAN MARINE COMPLEX – celebrating 5 years at the forefront of industry (from page 3)
In November the Government increased its support to the AMC when                  2007 – all is clear
Cabinet approved $174.3 million for infrastructure upgrades to the                The AMC continues to grow as upgrades to the wharves at the CUF are
CUF including a floating dock; transfer system; dredging; civil site              completed as part of the $174.3 million infrastructure upgrade. This
works; and wharf and electricity upgrades. To take advantage of                   increases the CUF’s capacity to berth three vessels, ranging from 60
the proposed floating dock and transfer system, ASC Pty Ltd also                  metres to 300 metres, at any one time. Challenger TAFE’s Australian
made a $35 million commitment to construct their new submarine                    Centre for Energy Process Training (ACEPT) located in the AMC
maintenance facility next to the CUF.                                             Technology Precinct, opens its doors to students in February.
•	 AGC	used	the	CUF’s	large	fabrication	hall	for	the	assembly	of	the	             Plans begin to develop a superyacht manufacturing, repair,
   $10 million jacket structure for Shell Todd’s Pohokura gas field               maintenance and upgrade facility within the AMC. The Spanish built
   in	New	Zealand.	The	jacket	-	approximately	56	metres	high	on	a	                F100 multi-purpose frigate, the Alvaro de Bazan, visits Fremantle and
   base measuring 16 metres by 16 metres – was manufactured from                  the Federal Government announced that ASC Shipbuilding using the
   tubular steel sub sections constructed at AGC’s Kwinana workshop               Spanish shipbuilder Navantia’s design, have won the contract to build
   and transported by road to the CUF along the high wide load                    the Royal Australian Navy’s new $6 billion air warfare destroyers;
   corridor. The fabrication hall heavy lift 150 tonne gantry crane was           and Tenix Defence using Navantia’s design have won the $2 billion
   crucial in achieving the program. The jacket is Australia’s first ever         amphibious ships. Good news for Western Australia.
   export oil and gas jacket and was successfully loaded on the MV
   Annegret	bound	for	New	Zealand	at	the	start	of	February	2006.	                 The drive to establish Western Australia and the AMC as a premier
                                                                                  subsea cluster servicing the South East Asian region continues and
Premier Alan Carpenter said, “The outstanding innovation and                      is increased with the acknowledgement from various international
services on offer at the Australian Marine Complex played a major                 companies that they are considering relocating to the AMC.
part in making the Pohokura project possible for WA.”
                                                                                  •	 AMC	tenant	and	premier	superyacht	builder,	Hanseatic	Marine,	
•	 Tenix	Defence	conducted	the	$60	million	conversion	of	the	37,000	                 launches its spectacular 74 metre superyacht Silver, the world’s
   tonne commercial tanker Delos into the naval replenishment vessel,                longest aluminium hulled private motor yacht.
   HMAS Sirius for the Royal Australian Navy. The project featured
   seven major modifications packages including the installation of               •	 Thiess	uses	the	CUF	for	the	modular	construction	of	a	250	metre,	
   replenishment at sea capability; the world first installation of a                3000 tonne iron ore load-out wharf for Fortescue Metals Group.
   stern helicopter deck; addition of a container deck; modifications             •	 Ferguson	Seacabs	selects	the	CUF	as	its	service	and	supply	base	
   to the interior including additional accommodation spaces; and                    for Australasia, allowing them to complete maintenance, testing,
   installation	of	the	latest	communications	equipment.	This	was	the	                inspection and online asset tracking for its high stress shipping
   largest defence project by sheer scale completed at the CUF and                   containers.
   met all the time and budget constraints.

                                                                                          AMC TESTIMONIALS
                                                                                          “The Western Australian Government’s vision
                                                                                          in developing the Australian Marine Complex
                                                                                          made ASC’s $35 million investment in our new
                                                                                          submarine support facility possible.
                                                                                          “By locating our ASC West facility at the AMC,
                                                                                          it will allow us to use the Western Australian
                                                                                          Government-funded open access infrastructure –
                                                                                          such as a floating dock and self-propelled modular
                                                                                          transfer system - for dockings of the Collins Class
                                                                                          “Our new facility also gives us easy access to
                                                                                          suppliers and facilities within the AMC, and this
                                                                                          will help enable us to deliver more effective and
                                                                                          efficient submarine through-life support services
                                                                                          to the Royal Australian Navy.”
                                                                                          Greg Tunny, Managing Director, ASC

                                                                                          “The initiative taken by the State and Federal
                                                                                          Governments to create infrastructure in the
                                                                                          expectation of the resources industry expanding
                                                                                          has paid off. It is pleasing to see the AMC plans
                                                                                          are coming to fruition and that the project is a
                                                                                          Hendy Cowan, Former National Party Leader who
                                                                                          sought Federal Government funding for the AMC

AUSTRALIAN MARINE COMPLEX – celebrating 5 years at the forefront of industry (from page 4)
•	 The	Western	Australian	Government	creates	the	Defence	Industry	        •	 AGC	are	using	the	CUF	to	fabricate	and	assemble	a	2000	tonne	
   Skills Unit (DISU) following a recommendation from the Defence            jacket structure, topside platform and piles for Eni Australia Ltd’s
   Industry Skills Taskforce Report. This is to ensure the State’s           Blacktip natural gas project.
   growing defence industry receives a sustainable supply of skilled
   workers to meet future demands. Located within the AMC                 •	 The	HMAS	Sirius	returned	to	the	AMC	in	June	2008	where	Tenix	
   Technology Precinct, DISU is chaired by the Member for Peel, the          Defence conducted further capability upgrades to the vessel.
   Hon Paul Papalia CSC, and comprises of a broad representation
   of Western Australia’s defence industry. This provides a vehicle for   Future – the right tools for the job
   the defence industry to influence its own labour supply destiny by     During the past five years the AMC, particularly the CUF, has grown to
   building pathways from school to industry to increase the numbers      what it is today. Continuous infrastructure upgrades have allowed the
   of suitably skilled people.                                            CUF to take on more and varied work. Land releases and land sales
                                                                          within the wider AMC have seen it become a dynamic destination for
•	 AMC	tenant	Strategic	Marine	Pty	Ltd	was	selected	as	the	preferred	     leading companies in the oil and gas, resource, marine and defence
   tender for the $62 million floating dock.                              industries.

2008 – now                                                                Having access to the CUF enhances the ability of local industry to
The AMC welcomed ASC West’s new $35 million state-of-the-art              compete for work in the oil and gas, resource, marine and defence
submarine service and repair facility in 2008 and construction of         industries. The co-location of complementary businesses is allowing
the floating dock began. A tender to upgrade Woodman Point’s              companies at the AMC to become more efficient and is broadening
Recreational Boat Precinct was called, which will supply more ramps,      their project base by creating new opportunities.
a service jetty, boat stacker and boat trailer bays.                      The future is bright and we have a lot to look forward to. The new
•	 Nomad	Consolidated,	builders	of	demountable	living	quarters	           99 metre long by 53 metre wide floating dock and 512 wheel self
   and offices for remote mine sites, used the CUF’s laydown area         propelled modular transporters system will be commissioned in
   to assemble and store over 100 demountables. Nomad, which is           2009. In addition the first Collins Class Submarine will be lifted out
   currently building on average 200 floors a month, is delivering to     of the water and transferred into the new ASC facility in 2009.
   nine sites throughout the State including Hope Downs, Mount Keith      The CUF Facility Manager’s, AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd, continue
   and Ravensthorpe.                                                      to	receive	enquiries	from	a	multitude	of	companies	to	use	the	CUF	
•	 Woodside	Engineering	Limited	recently	purchased	two	new	               for projects. The success of the AMC and the CUF is evident and will
   offshore cranes as replacements for the North Rankin ‘A’ Platform      continue into the future. Western Australia is in an enviable position
   and is using the CUF to assemble and trial the cranes.                 and there are many opportunities for AMC tenants.
“The AMC was thought to be a white elephant but over the last                            “It’s all about the location and the Australian Marine Complex
five years it has proven it is a success. This fabrication and                           is a premium destination for the oil and gas, resources, marine
erection facility puts WA on the map and allows us to compete                            and defence industries. Close to the sea, a high wide corridor
with our neighbours for some of the lucrative resources                                  and other WA industrial areas, the land within the AMC is very
contracts on offer. I have been overseas on various missions                             much in demand. The AMC, as a home for industry and a brand,
and people are always impressed with what the AMC-CUF                                    has steadily grown to what it is today, a thriving industry base
can provide, but now we need to make it a bigger success                                 and further land releases over the coming years will ensure it
by encouraging the oil and gas industry to use this fantastic                            continues to be a leading industrial area in WA and the nation.”
facility.”                                                                               Ross Holt, Chief Executive, LandCorp
Jock Ferguson, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

         Economic impact
         •	 The	AMC-CUF	is	a	$354	million	initiative,	owned	and	operated	             •	 Operations	are	expected	to	inject	more	than	$2	billion	into	
            by the Western Australian Government.                                        Western Australia’s economy over the next 25 years from
                                                                                         naval contracts and other commercial projects.
         •	 The	CUF	has	generated	in	excess	of	$200	million	in	business	
            to the State’s economy and created more than 1680 jobs from               •	 The	new	infrastructure	increases	Western	Australia’s	
            some 190 contracts undertaken since opening in July 2003.                    capability to perform major defence construction and
                                                                                         maintenance projects such as AWD module fabrication work.

Major shipbuilding achievements at the AMC since 2003:
	•	 More	than	50	per	cent	of	Australia’s	commercial	ships	are	built	at	the	AMC,	      •	 The	world’s	longest	aluminium	superyacht,	at	74	metres	in	length,	was	built	at	
    along with 30 per cent of the world’s high speed light weight ferries.               the AMC by Hanseatic Marine.

•	 Companies	based	at	the	AMC	lead	the	world	in	the	construction	of	high	speed,	      •	 Austal	Ships,	located	at	the	AMC,	has	built	the	world’s	fastest	diesel	ferry.	The	
   lightweight vessels, as well as luxury superyachts, rescue, patrol, fishing,          65 metre ferry “Shinas” built for the Sultanate of Oman to carry 208 passengers
   paramilitary and offshore supply vessels.                                             and 56 cars, achieved a top speed of 55.9 knots (103.5 kph) during sea trials.

•	 The	world’s	largest	aluminium	vessel,	at	127	metres	in	length,	was	built	at	the	
   AMC by Austal Ships.

Major subsea, oil and gas achievements that have taken place at the AMC since 2003:
•	 Fabrication	and	assembly	of	the	Linda	and	John	Brookes	platforms	and	              •	 Establishment	at	the	AMC	of	international	companies	FMC	Technologies	
   jackets.                                                                              and Ferguson Seacabs.
•	 Maintenance	on	Australia’s	biggest	construction	vessel,	Saipem’s	Semac	            •	 Opening	of	Challenger	TAFE’s	Australian	Centre	for	Energy	Process	
   Barge, after a stint working on the North West Shelf Venture’s second                 Training (ACEPT) to meet the future demand for skilled workers in the oil
   trunkline.                                                                            and gas industry.
•	 Fabrication	and	assembly	of	Natural	Fuels	Australia’s	420	tonne	biodiesel	         •	 Fabrication	and	assembly	of	a	pipe	spool	for	Woodside	Energy	Limited’s	
   plant for Darwin.                                                                     Enfield project.
•	 Fabrication	and	assembly	of	Australia’s	first	export	oil	and	gas	jacket	for	       •	 Fabrication	and	assembly	of	2000	tonne	jacket	structure,	topside	platform	
   the	Pohokura	installation	in	New	Zealand.	                                            and piles for Eni Australia Ltd’s Blacktip natural gas project.
•	 Mobilisation	site	for	dynamically	positioned	pipe	lay	vessel,	Lorelay, for the
   Perseus over Goodwyn development.

Major defence achievements at the AMC since 2003:
•	 The	$60	million	conversion	of	the	commercial	tanker	Delos, into the naval          •	 Establishment	of	ASC’s	$35	million	submarine	service	and	repair	facility,	ASC	
   replenishment vessel the HMAS Sirius, completed by Tenix.                             West.

•	 Weapon	system	upgrades	to	the	Anzac	frigates	conducted	by	Tenix,	Thales	and	       •	 Establishment	of	Raytheon	Australia’s	Naval	Systems	Division	in	2005.
   the United Group as part of a $500 million project.
                                                                                      •	 Ongoing	alongside	ANZAC	Frigate	maintenance.
•	 AMC	tenant	Austal,	produced	the	Royal	Australian	Navy	Armidale	Patrol	Boats	
   worth $350 million.

Major resource achievements at the AMC since 2003:
•	 The	CUF	was	used	for	the	modular	construction	of	a	250	metre,	3000	tonne	iron	     •	 AGC	fabricated	two	twin	cell	car	dumpers	for	the	Dampier	port	upgrade	project.	
   ore load-out wharf for Andrew Forrest’s Fortescue Metals Group (FMG).                 The Metzo designed car dumpers are complex structures weighing over 300
                                                                                         tonnes each.
•	 P&H	MinePro	and	Krupp	Australia	assembled	at	the	CUF	a	product	stacker	for	
   Comalco’s bauxite operation in Weipa, Queensland.                                  •	 Cryeng	Pty	Ltd	used	the	CUF	to	fabricate	two	22	metre	long	by	3	metre	in	
                                                                                         diameter, 245,000 litre cryogenic nitrogen tanks, the largest built in Western
•	 Voest	–	Alpine	used	the	CUF	to	assemble	two	iron	ore	ship	loaders	as	part	of	         Australia for the HIsmelt plant in Kwinana.
   planned export facility upgrades for Rio Tinto.
                                                                                      •	 Nomad	Consolidated	utilises	the	CUF	to	assemble	and	store	over	100	
•	 AGC	and	Monadelphous	are	assembling	the	conveyer	system	for	the	                      demountables, building on average 200 floors a month for the mining industry.
   Boddington Gold Mine expansion, and the CUF also stored the ball mill
   crushers for the mine expansion.                                                   •	 Royal	Equipment	used	the	CUF	for	the	final	assembly	and	testing	of	17	coal	
                                                                                         trucks destined for Indonesia’s Bengalon coal mine.

Common User Facility update

BHP’s ore stacker which was transported via the CUF in April.

Ore stacker for Port Hedland                                      to the North West, once again demonstrating the advantages
                                                                  offered by the CUF for project delivery, from start to finish.
The Common User Facility (CUF) has provided vital
infrastructure for the construction of an ore stacker for BHP     Fabrication began in April and a 60 person strong workforce is
Billiton’s Rapid Growth Project 4.                                expected to complete the project by November.
Built by ThyssenKrupp Engineering Australia, the stacker is
critical to the expansion of BHP Billiton’s port infrastructure   Golden opportunity at CUF
at Finucane Island. The unit, which will deposit bulk ore into    Ausclad Group of Companies (AGC) has begun another
stockpiles for blending and loading, was loaded onto an 85        major project at the CUF to service milling operations at the
metre by 23 metre barge at the CUF’s loadout wharf in April,      Boddington Gold Mine in WA’s South West.
for the journey to Port Hedland.                                  Worth in excess of $100 million, the project comprises the
Fabricated in workshops around Perth, components of the           installation of four ball mills, fine ore bins, conveyer systems,
stacker were transported to the CUF where they have been          wet screening facilities, cyclones, regrinding, pumps and
assembled into a complete unit for commissioning and              piping.
preparation for transport.                                        With no space available on-site at Boddington, the CUF is
                                                                  being used as an off-site loadout facility to receive, sort and
Sandvik ship loaders                                              pre-assemble steelwork which will be delivered to the mine as
Sandvik Mining and Construction has begun building two            required.
new ship loaders to service iron ore ventures in the north of
                                                                  It is anticipated around 250 AGC staff will be involved in
Western Australia.
                                                                  construction with more than 40 workers already on-site at
Each loader is worth approximately $20 million and                the CUF to handle project management, engineering, safety,
when commissioned, will load iron ore at Rio Tinto’s East         quality	and	materials.
Intercourse Island operation and the Cape Lambert project in
                                                                  The materials will be loaded out via the High Wide Load
the Pilbara.
                                                                  Corridor that services the AMC for the duration of the project
A big lift ship will be used to transport the modules directly    which should be completed by December 2008.
from the build site at the Australian Marine Complex (AMC)
                                                                                       Tanks that will be transported to the Timor Sea.

Blacktip nears the summit
A new 2000 tonne jacket structure and topside platform to service ENI                 Big tanks from the CUF
Australia Ltd’s Blacktip natural gas project is set for completion in August.         Meanwhile, the Blacktip project
Western Australian engineering firm Ausclad Group of Companies (AGC)                  also inspired AGC to achieve
began assembly in the main fabrication hall of the Common User Facility               another feat of modular
(CUF) in November 2007 and this state-of-the-art facility, along with ample           engineering.
laydown area, has enabled the project to progress rapidly.                            AGC is in the process of completing
                                                  Infrastructure at the CUF           the civil, mechanical, electrical
                                                  will also allow the jacket and      design, supply and fabrication of
                                                  topside to be loaded directly       five process tanks fully completed
                                                  onto a heavy lift ship and          on transport grillages and shipped
                                                  transported to the southern         by barge to Blacktip Project
                                                  Bonaparte Basin in the Timor        Onshore Gas Plant.
                                                  Sea, where it will become           Measuring more than 18 metres in
                                                  critical to Eni’s operations.       diameter, 20 metres high and 220
                                                  The new platform will               tonnes each, these are the largest
                                                  transport gas from the              tanks to be built for transportation
                                                  Blacktip site, approximately        in Australia.
                                                  100 kilometres west of the          The tanks have been designed
                                                  Northern Territory coast,           in such a way, with the use of a
                                                  via a pipeline to an onshore        synchronised jacking system, that
                                                  processing facility.                a	crane	will	not	be	required	for	the	
                                                  Eni is one of the world’s major     on-site positioning of the tanks on
                                                  integrated energy companies         to the concrete ring beams.
                                                  operating large gas and power       Previously, tanks of this scale
                                                  generation infrastructure           needed to be built on-site, however
                                                  and refining activities as          flexible world-class infrastructure
                                                  well as oilfield services           enabled the work to be completed
                                                  and has several operations          and shipped from the CUF to the
                                                  on the Australian North             Timor Sea.
ENI’s Blacktip construction is nearly complete.   West Shelf.

                                                                                                    Greg Combet, Greg Tunny and Minister
                                                                                                       Logan in the main hall of ASC West.

Defence stars alight on the AMC as ASC West opens its doors
An all-star cast turned out to officially open ASC’s new $35        Director General of Submarines Commodore Longbottom said
million submarine support facility at the Australian Marine         the level of support available to the Navy was very different
Complex (AMC) in April.                                             when it first came to the West in 1984, to what is available now.
ASC (formerly known as the Australian Submarine                     “As capable and effective as HMAS STIRLING was, and
Corporation), is the designer and builder of the Royal              remains today, it was never well suited to accommodate the
Australian Navy’s Collins Class submarines. It will use             shift to contract support that has occurred over the past 10-20
this facility to maintain and upgrade the submarines as             years,” the Commodore said.
part of a 25-year Through-Life Support contract with the
                                                                    “Through the 80s and 90s, the growth of container cities,
Commonwealth of Australia.
                                                                    demountables and semi permanent workshops was seen as
ASC has had a presence in Western Australia since 1996, and         an	OH&S	challenge	but	never	really	checked.	
the opening of ASC West merges its three former service
                                                                    “However, more recent investments by industry as well as
facilities into one consolidated, cutting-edge submarine
                                                                    State and Federal Governments have reversed this trend and
support facility.
                                                                    we have a fine example situated at the AMC.”
Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Procurement
                                                                    The purpose-built facility is set to inject millions of dollars into
Greg Combet said the new ASC West facility was a pivotal
                                                                    the Western Australian economy, and will provide an excellent
milestone for Australia’s submarine community and
                                                                    opportunity for WA workers to gain new skills in a state-of-
represented a major step forward in the delivery of greater
                                                                    the-art environment.
submarine capability and availability.
                                                                    ASC West’s main hall is undercover with a total space of 2600
“It is impossible to overstate the importance of the Collins
                                                                    square	metres,	ample	room	to	work	comfortably	on	the	78	
Class submarines to Australia’s security, they are a national
                                                                    metre, 3000 tonne submarines. The facility will house 185
asset,” Mr Combet said.
                                                                    employees and have dedicated facilities for Royal Australian
“The billion-dollar Collins Class submarines have, to date, had     Navy boat crews and Defence Materiel Organisation personnel.
to be maintained in very difficult conditions, open to dust, sand
                                                                    Located adjacent to the AMC-Common User Facility (CUF),
and weather.
                                                                    ASC West will utilise the open infrastructure for the docking
“This new facility, delivered on time and on budget,                and transfer of the submarines.
demonstrates a path to vastly improved submarine support.”
                                                                    The first submarine is scheduled to be serviced in late 2009
Fully supported by the Australian Defence Force, the new            when the new floating dock comes online along with the self
facility	will	ensure	ASC	is	better	equipped	to	efficiently	         propelled modular transporters system.
respond	to	Navy	requirements.
Keith Spence, Liz Harris, Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Minister Mark McGowan at ACEPT’s official opening.

ACEPT to supply highly trained oil and gas workers
Australian Centre for Energy and Process Training (ACEPT) has                   “ACEPT links directly with companies in these industries, so
been officially opened by Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard                  these companies can send their staff for training at the new
and Western Australian Minister for Education and Training                     centre, in addition to the many traineeship programs already
Mark McGowan.                                                                  available,” Mr McGowan said.
ACEPT will provide world-class training for people wanting                     Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association
to enter the oil and gas, mineral and chemical processing                      (APPEA) director for NT, People and Security Don Sanders
industries.                                                                    said the centre was a fabulous improvement and was whole-
                                                                               heartedly supported by APPEA.
Ms Gillard said ACEPT was the only training centre in Australia
offering facilities of this kind.                                              “We will be encouraging all of our members to send their
                                                                               students and/or employees to the centre to complete training,”
“With the demand for resources and minerals personnel at a
                                                                               Mr Sanders said.
high, the development of ACEPT is critically important for the
future of the oil and gas, mineral and chemical processing                     “Unless we start training now, we are not going to get the level
industries,” Ms Gillard said.                                                  of skill needed for people to operate the multi-billion-dollar
                                                                               equipment	that	is	used	in	the	oil	and	gas	workplace.”	
“Apart from playing a significant role in WA, it forms part of the
national training agenda and has already attracted international               There are 250 students currently enrolled at ACEPT, which will
interest.”                                                                     also play a role in delivering training for defence industries
                                                                               based at the Australian Marine Complex.
Mr McGowan said the facility combined TAFEWA providers and
private sector interests to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for the                  The centre forms part of Challenger TAFE and is jointly funded
training needs of industry.                                                    by the Australian Government ($13 million), the WA Government
                                                                               ($6 million) and industry ($2 million).

Young Achiever Award 2008 celebrates new talent
The Australian Industry and Defence
Network WA (AIDN - WA) and the
Defence Industry Skills Unit (DISU)
are giving young defence industry
specialists an opportunity to compete
in the AIDN-WA Young Achiever Award
The AIDN - WA award is designed to
encourage a younger generation of
skilled employees into the booming
marine and defence sector. It also
reinforces that age is no barrier to
achieving excellence and knowledge,
as well as promotes what the State’s
talented young people are achieving.
The award is a national and State
initiative and is open to all members of
the defence industry aged 30 years and
State finalists will travel to the ADM
Defence Summit Awards Dinner in             (L-R) Angela Griffin, Graham Priestnall, Paul Andrews MLA, Hon Francis Logan, Paul Papalia CSC MLA,
Canberra in February 2009, while the        Liz Harris, and Peter Horobin at the launch of Young Achievers Award.
overall national winner will be offered a
place on the next Defence Industry and
Study Course (DISC).                                                    Further information
The WA marine and defence industry currently employs                    More information and application forms can be found
more than 3000 people directly and 20,000 indirectly, and               at
has generated $1.1 billion for the local economy. Skilled
                                                                        Applications close at 5pm, Friday 3 October 2008.
professionals are needed to address present and future
industry demand and our younger generation are the key
to solving this demand.

            AMC Contract
            Industry and State Government commitment to the Common User Facility (CUF) has been
            re-confirmed at a recent meeting between Minister Francis Logan, senior representatives
            of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU), the Communications Electrical
            Plumbing Union (CEPU), the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and AMC Management.
            These stakeholders re-confirmed their commitment to the future of the CUF with
            the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU sets the scene for
            a cooperative Employee/Industrial Relations approach that will ensure the CUF is
            positioning Western Australia as an employer of choice in this increasingly competitive
            economy. The MOU will help to continue to generate ongoing employment and security of
            employment for WA workers.
            The MOU was first signed in 2002 and has been instrumental in the success of the CUF.
            The AMWU, CEPU and AMC Management were the first signatories of the MOU. The MUA
            was added to the new MOU after they indicated earlier this year that they would also like
            to join the MOU.
Students get a leg up to future careers
It might not be rocket science, but primary school students     “ACEPT, which is also home to the DISU, is world-class in the
from across Fremantle and the Peel region will have the         technologies featured onsite and will play a vital role in
opportunity to experience new technologies which may steer      bringing more young people through the marine, process and
them onto their future career paths.                            defence industries.”
Scitech and the Defence Industry Skills Unit (DISU), based at
the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) Technology Precinct,        Image below: Year 7 students from Rockingham Beach Primary School
will host a special series of workshops designed to introduce   with Liz Harris, Minister Paul Papalia CSC, Pepita Bulloch,
young people to science-related careers relevant to local       Malcolm Moore and Ian Bosch, on tour of the AMC-CUF.
industries including marine,
process and defence.
Scitech Director of Science
Partnerships Paul Nicholls said
the CSIRO Lab-on-Legs program
was a great way to raise awareness
among young people about the
many opportunities created by
science in the workplace.
“Lab-on-Legs is very hands-on
and is an interactive learning
experience for the year six and
seven students who participate.
It sets up experiments and allows
the students to use logic and
creativity to solve problems,”
Mr Nicholls said.
“Science has an ever-increasingly
important role in developing better
ways of doing things and helping to
advance whole industries as well
as individuals.
“We think it is vital that students
are exposed to the opportunities
that exist for them within local
industries; many of which
have a long term future in the
The CSIRO Lab-on-Legs program
will feature a mobile laboratory;
hands-on activities related to
marine and earth sciences;
Scitech’s mobile science exhibits;
and tours of the AMC and a
Royal Australian Navy frigate.
The workshops will be held at
Challenger TAFE’s Australian
Centre for Process and Energy
Training (ACEPT) and will use its
fully operational process train.
“ACEPT is a purpose-built learning
centre which provides an ideal
backdrop for the Lab-on-Legs
activities,” Mr Nicholls said.
“Our aim is to help create
pathways for young people
who want to pursue a science-
related career by sparking their
interest and introducing them to
a wonderful educational facility
like ACEPT where they can expand
their knowledge in future years.

WA cruises to big wins
Western Australian
companies at the Australian
Marine Complex (AMC)
are proving they’re at the
forefront of the nation’s
boating industry after
winning several Australian
Marine Awards and
Australian Superyacht
The Australian Marine
Awards recognise Australia’s
finest manufacturers
and importers of vessels,
innovative products and
exporters associated with
recreational boating, while
the Australian Superyacht
Awards focus is on
excellence in superyacht
construction, refit and
                                 The 10 metre Naiad that won Kirby Marine the Australian Boat of the Year Award.
The award ceremonies, held in May, showcased the                      “The same surveyed hull is being sought after for pleasure and
outstanding craftsmanship being displayed by the State’s              fishing boats.”
boating manufacturers.                                                Also successful at the awards was Ledge Point based
At the Australian Marine Awards two companies based at the            Evolution Boat Builders, which won Boat of the Year for
AMC, Kirby Marine Fabrication and LeisureCat Australia, each          “fishing trailerable-aluminium under six metres” with its
won an award as well as Evolution Boat Builders.                      Evolution Outsider 520 vessel.

Kirby Marine Fabrication won Australian Boat of the Year              Chris Prince from Evolution Boat Builders said he was a one
Award for “cruiser-trailerable aluminium over six metres”             man operation and that his philosophy was to produce top-
category with its 10 metre Naiad.                                     quality,	custom-designed	vessels	that	meet	customers’	needs.	

Dubbed the four-wheel-drive of the year, the winning boat is          The State’s success travelled even further with Hanseatic
the pleasure craft version of the pursuit vessel operated by the      Marine, located in the heart of the AMC, receiving the award
WA Police.                                                            for “Excellence in the Construction of a New Superyacht”
It is also the first vessel in Australia to sport a twin
configuration of Yamaha’s latest 350 horse power V8 outboard          The company’s 73 metre superyacht, Silver, is made from
engines.                                                              light weight aluminium. With elegant and simple non-complex
                                                                      shapes, Silver is sleek and clean. A fine entry bow with narrow
Company Principle Rob Kirby said the vessel was a product of          beam simplicity was the key in the design.
continual feedback and discussion with previous and present
owners.                                                               Other WA winners at the Australian Superyacht Awards
                                                                      included Sam Sorgiovanni, who was recognised for his
“We continuously look to streamline our construction process          excellence in design, and Donald B Johnston, the founder
and	endeavour	to	set	a	high	standard	of	quality	Australian	           of Oceanfast, who was the first inductee into the Award’s Hall
products,” he said.                                                   of Fame.
“We have great team loyalty with expertise in structural,
architectural and marine fabrication. This has been a
tremendous joint effort by all of them and we are very proud to
win this award.”
LeisureCat Australia was successful with its LeisureCat 8000
Sportsfisher, winning Boat of the Year for the “fishing non-
trailerable in the up to 10 metre” category.
LeisureCat Australia Sales Manager Kevin Horsley said the
aim of the company was to build a spacious, strong, seaworthy
vessel with great stability and performance.
“In just a few short years we have been able to refine the
design or power catamarans and our range can now be found
right around the world as our export market grows and more
vessels are used by rescue, police and custom authorities,”
he said.                                                              The award winning Hanseatic Marine superyacht, Silver.
Road ahead positive for oil and gas industry
The reconvened
Western Australian
Oil and Gas Industry
Coordinating Council
(OGICC) will develop an
Industry Road Map that
will set an agenda to
support the future of the
oil and gas industry.
The Australian oil
and gas industry will
see unprecedented
growth in the next
15 to 20 years, due
to major projects off
the North West coast
including Pluto, Pilbara
LNG, Gorgon/Janszlo,
Ichthys, Browse Basin
and Sunrise.
The council, which
recently held its
third meeting, will
develop the road map
as a long term vision
from now until 2020.
It will be used to
assess the technology
and infrastructure
requirements	of	major	
oil and gas projects,
with a view to possible
cost-savings from the         Deployment of a deep water diver-less manifold at a subsea oil and gas project. Image courtesy of DOF Subsea.
sharing of resources.
The Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration                          OGICC members
Association’s (APPEA) Western Australian Chair, Colin Beckett,               •	 Hon	Francis	Logan,	MLA	(Chair)
said the council will set a plan for the sustainable future of the           •	 Colin	Beckett	–	WA	Chair,	APPEA	
industry and complementary services.                                         •	 John	Brazier	–	WA	State	Manager,	
                                                                                Australian Steel Institute
“Currently, operators are working on oil and gas projects                    •	 Richard	Clark	–	General	Manager,	
independently and there is no clear picture of their combined                   AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd
infrastructure	requirements	or	the	service	capabilities	that	                •	 Jonathon	Edwards	–	Business	Development	Director,	
will be needed to construct and maintain these projects,”                       Well Ops SEA Pty Ltd
Mr Beckett said.                                                             •	 Jock	Ferguson	–	State	Secretary,	
                                                                                Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
“A road map will identify opportunities and challenges for                   •	 Dr	Ian	Finnie	–	Chief	Executive,	WA:ERA
the industry and look at ways to maximise infrastructure                     •	 Lee	Gillette	–	WEL	FA	Manager,	FMC	Technologies	
investment and capitalise on the State’s service capabilities.”              •	 Peter	Hood	–	CEO,	Coogee	Resources	Ltd	
                                                                             •	 Reg	Howard-Smith	–	Chief	Executive,	
The council has set a list of five priorities that will help to guide           Chamber of Minerals and Energy WA
the industry and establish Western Australia as a world-class                •	 Eve	Howell	–	Executive	Vice	President	NWS,	Woodside	
centre for oil and gas engineering, production, fabrication,                    Energy
research and development, and subsea engineering,                            •	 Roy	Krzywosinski	–	Managing	Director,
manufacturing and maintenance servicing.                                        Chevron Australia
                                                                             •	 Marco	Mosole	–	Operations	Manager,	PIC	Pty	Ltd
The council will also use focus groups to undertake further                  •	 Gary	Napier	–	GHD	Oil	and	Gas	Group	Manager,	
investigation and actions. The council was formed to provide a                  GHD PCT Engineers
forum for government and industry leaders to discuss strategic               •	 John	O’Hare,	General	Manager,	Department	of	Industry	
issues facing the sector in WA.                                                 and Resources
                                                                             •	 Enda	O’Sullivan	–	Secretary,	Subsea	
The brochure, Western Australian Oil and Gas Industry – Building                Underwater Technology
employment and business opportunities for Western Australia, is              •	 Dave	Robinson	–	Secretary,	Unions	WA	
now available, detailing the council’s vision and priorities.                •	 Giordana	Santellani	–	Operations	Manager,	
                                                                                ENI Australia Ltd
For a copy of the new booklet, contact Janet Want, Project                   •	 John	Sheridan	–	Managing	Director,	
Officer from the Department of Industry and Resources, on                       Ausclad Group of Companies Ltd
+61 8 9222 0449 or via email                      •	 Tim	Wall	–	Managing	Director,	Apache	Energy	Ltd	

Perth to host two new subsea technical conferences
Momentum is building to establish the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) as a subsea oil and gas centre of excellence in the Asia
Pacific region, and the State Government is continuing to support this direction through the sponsorship of two conferences devoted
to subsea technologies.
With a renewed focus on deepwater exploration between 1500 and 3000 metres, both conferences are appropriate for the current
climate. WA’s rich resources reserves and talented industry, makes WA the perfect location to host these two events. The conferences
will further stimulate WA’s oil and gas industry and promote the State’s capabilities and exploration potential to the world.

The next generation of deepwater challenges showcased in Perth
The Deep Offshore Technology (DOT)
Conference is coming to Perth this
December. One of the most significant
deepwater technology events in the
world, now in its twentieth year, DOT
will address nearly every technology
issue that a deepwater operator may
The conference will bring together the
world’s leading executives, managers,
and engineers from major and
independent oil and gas companies
to share knowledge with key people
involved in groundbreaking technology
Australia, and WA in particular, is one
of the most challenging exploration
and production operating regions in
the world and is perfectly placed to
contribute to this conference.
The Department of Industry and
Resources is sponsoring DOT and will
have a booth at the event.
The 20th Deep Offshore Technology
(DOT)	International	Conference	&	
Exhibition is open from 3 – 5 December
at the Perth Convention Exhibition
For more information please visit                                                   Diver performing stinger checks during pipelay operations.

SUT Perth puts WA in the subsea spotlight
Western Australia will showcase the technical challenges and        the most value for delegates currently participating in the
solutions of the subsea industry when it hosts the Society for      industry.”
Underwater Technology’s (SUT) inaugural Subsea Technical
                                                                    Themes to be discussed at the conference include innovations
Conference in 2009.
                                                                    such as smart wells; deepwater production and long
SUT Treasurer Keith Bentley said SUT is committed to                distance tie-backs; subsea-to-beach technology; and subsea
delivering a conference of real technical merit.                    processing and boosting.
“The new frontier is deep-water exploration and new                 Other topics include risk, reliability, availability and
technologies	and	techniques	are	needed	to	further	explore	and	      maintenance; lightwell intervention; metocean, umbilicals
study the world’s oceans and to identify the natural resources      and moorings; soils and data gathering; underwater tools and
that can be found there,” Mr Bentley said.                          AUV’s; pipelines and risers.
“This two-day conference will further explore the potential of      The conference will run in parallel with one of the largest oil
subsea exploration and development with major oil and gas           and	gas	exhibitions	in	the	world,	the	Australasian	Oil	&	Gas	
representatives from around the world.”                             Exhibition (AOG).
The Subsea Technical Conference was conceived by leading            AOG and the 1st Annual Subsea Technical Conference will be
subsea industry representatives on the SUT Perth committee.         staged at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre from
                                                                    17 – 19 February 2009.
“SUT Perth is comprised of key individuals with many years of
experience and knowledge within the subsea arena,” he said.         More information can be found at and
“The committee carefully selected special technical themes
that reflect current industry challenges and that will create
AMC Tenant update
Cat to take on the rough water conditions of the NW
A tender to build a new catamaran that will patrol and regulate
the Shark Bay fishing area in the North West of WA has been
awarded to Elite Marine, located in the AMC’s Support Industry
The company won the tender to build the 12.9 metre Aluminium
Catamaran for the Department of Fisheries after designing
a vessel that could withstand the sometimes rough and
unpredictable conditions of the ocean in the State’s North West.
The new vessel is scheduled for launch in July.
Elite Marine Director Brett Sullivan said the company designed
a vessel that would be suitable for the conditions that the two
man Fisheries crew would have to endure while on patrols.                                         A drawing of Elite Marine’s new catamaran.
“The	cat	features	a	unique	wave	breaker	and	a	high	tunnel,	
giving the vessel greater lift so it can power through heavy seas
without sacrificing speed,” Mr Sullivan said.
                                                                             Contact information
“Licensed to carry 12 people, the cat has been fabricated and                Elite Marine
designed using the strict standards set under the USL Survey                 20 Jessie Lee St
Code. The next step is sea trials and then delivery to the                   Henderson WA 6166
Department.”                                                                 Phone: +61 8 9437 5679
Elite Marine is also working on two 8.7 metre catamarans for                 Email:
the Department of Environment and Conservation and has just                  Website:
started fabricating a 10 metre Mono hull jet boat for Kalbarri
Ocean Extreme Tours.

Second workshop on its way
Phillips Engineering, owned by Eric Phillips, has been providing        “Phillips has recently completed the fabrication of an
its	clients	with	high	quality	work	on-time	and	on-budget	for	over	      underground vault and conveyor for the heaviest haul railway
45 years. Couple its modern facilities with its vast experience         line and port in the world at FMG’s Cloudbreak mine site,”
and the company is the right choice for getting the job done.           he said.
Phillips Engineering, located in the Fabrication Precinct at the        “We are also working on the fabrication and installation of
AMC, is a steel fabrication and general engineering company             the side walls for the AMC’s new floating dock. The six large
that has been involved in some of the State’s biggest resource          modules will be delivered to site early next year ready for
projects.                                                               installation.
Estimator and Project Manager Rohan Eicke said Phillips                 “To cope with this increased demand for our services, we are
Engineering had been involved in the fabrication of the feed            currently building a second workshop nearby our current
prep’s second skin on the South Mine at the TiWest – Cooljarloo         premises. This will allow us to take on even more work and
Mine Site in Cataby.                                                    allow our employees to work in more comfortable conditions.”
“The replacement of the second skin meant fabricating and               Phillips Engineering’s additional workshop at number
transporting it in four large sections and joining them together        19 Egmont Road is now open for business.
on site,” Mr Eicke said.
                                              Phillips Engineering
                                              has also worked on
                                              the Cloudbreak Iron            Contact information
                                              Ore Infrastructure             Phillips Engineering
                                              Project in the Pilbara.        5 Egmont Road
                                              The project recently           Henderson WA 6166
                                              began transporting             Phone: +61 8 9437 4100
                                              iron ore from the              E-mail:
                                              mine site to Port              Website:

Phillips Engineering provided an underground vault and conveyor
for FMG’s Cloudbreak mine site.

The Vikal limousine in the water. Image courtesy of Armada.

WA marine limousines impress the world
One of the most spectacular superyachts to cruise the seas              The reputation of Vikal International, located in Bibra Lake,
is doing so with two magnificent tenders that were built right          has gone before it and its spectacular tender vessels are
here in Western Australia.                                              increasingly gaining international attention.
Said to outshine anything that has gone before it, the 67 metre         A tender garage beneath Anna’s foredeck stores the two 8.5
superyacht, Anna, is a masterpiece in superyacht design                 metre Vikal tenders. More like marine limousines, the tenders
and fit-out. Built by one of the world’s oldest and respected           are built to meet the needs of the client and feature leather
superyacht builders, Feadship’s De Vries, Anna comes with a             interiors.
helideck, spa pool, gym, 18 crew and four tender vessels – two
of which were built in WA.

     DoIR may come knocking at your door                                            Improved telecommunications
     The Department of Industry and Resources will soon be                          at the AMC now available
     conducting an extensive survey of Western Australia’s marine                   The AMC Telstra Exchange Facility is now
     industry.                                                                      operational and will service AMC tenants.
     The survey – a who, what, when and where of the marine                         The exchange will enable tenants to access
     industry – aims to identify the size and shape of the industry.                new Telstra services that were not previously
     General Manager of Marine and Defence at the department
     John O’Hare said the survey would map the local industry,                      The exchange was constructed to ensure timely
     something that had not been done before.                                       provision of fibre optic and broadband services
                                                                                    to purchasers and leaseholders within the AMC
     “This survey will provide both government and industry with a                  and the Marine Support Precinct.
     thorough set of data that can be used to better inform major
     stakeholders in making decisions that will be of benefit to the                As part of an agreement to accelerate
     industry,” Mr O’Hare said.                                                     the provision of these services, LandCorp
                                                                                    undertook to construct and service the
     “There is a lack of hard statistics on our local marine industry               exchange facility for Telstra.
     and we want to document evidence of the successes as well
     as identify future needs. The survey will give a clear picture                 The AMC Telstra Exchange Facility is located in
     of the growth of the marine industry in WA and better enable                   the area south of Quill Way.
     industry to highlight its economic importance when lobbying                    For more information contact Telstra on
     governments for support.”                                                      1800	125	593	for	sales	enquiries,	132	000	
     In the near future the department will be seeking feedback                     for business phones or visit
     from members of the marine industry, many of whom are AMC                      au/business/help/contactus/index.htm
     tenants. Take this opportunity to be a part of your local marine
     industry’s future.
Land sales update
Support Industry Precinct: Stage 3 sold out – Stage 4 on the way
The Australian Marine Complex (AMC) has experienced growth                marine and defence industries. It is likely exciting developer
of more than 25 per cent as new ventures continue to identify             opportunities	will	be	made	available	for	high	quality	workshops	
the AMC’s Support Industry Precinct as the ideal location to do           fronting Cockburn Road.
                                                                          As part of the AMC Support Industry Precinct development,
The Support Industry Precinct is home to some of Western                  around six hectares of native bushland will undergo
Australia’s leading suppliers of marine and engineering                   rehabilitation work valued at more than $1 millon.
services including luxury boat designer Evolution Yachts,
leading aluminium boat builder Trailcraft, seating specialist             Fabrication Precinct: Subsea cluster
Beurteaux	and	industrial	gas	supplier	Air	Liquide.		                      LandCorp is actively progressing development plans to service
                                                                          the fast-growing subsea oil and gas industry.
Recent land releases have paved the way for 26 new businesses
to purchase lots or establish themselves at the precinct                  The cluster is likely to feature 17 lots of up to three hectares
including a variety of engineering, logistics and consultancy             and will include both freehold and leasehold opportunities.
firms from Australia and overseas.                                        LandCorp expects that an area with access to a high-wide-
                                                                          load corridor and adjacent to the AMC-CUF would ideally suit
Polysius, a subsidiary of German engineering company                      significant players within the industry.
ThyssenKrup, has purchased three lots within the precinct and
is set to invest $20 million to build a new service centre for            LandCorp is negotiating with a number of Registration of
refurbishing high pressure grinding rolls used on mine sites.             Interest respondents and anticipates that remaining lots will be
The centre will house around 80 workers.                                  advertised for sale by the end of 2008.

LandCorp General Manager Operations Mike Moloney said the                 Fabrication Precinct: Prime leasehold lots
injection of new business is a measure of confidence in the               LandCorp	is	now	accepting	enquiries	for	the	short	and	long	
AMC and an endorsement of the State Government’s strategic                term lease of southern lots adjoining the CUF, adjacent to the
approach.                                                                 ASC West site. Applications will only be accepted from suitable
                                                                          businesses which can demonstrate their need for direct
“This clustering of industries and specialised services provides          waterfront access and relationship to the CUF operations.
an environment conducive to collaboration, innovation and
quality	project	delivery	which	is	a	massive	draw	card	for	
prospective new tenants,” Mr Moloney said.
More lots will soon be available in the precinct, as planning is              Further information
currently underway for the release of Stage 4 land. Fronting                  For more information about current land releases within
Cockburn Road, this is an important stage for the Support                     the AMC visit or
Industry Precinct as land becomes more limited.                               contact selling agents Ben Widdowson or Matthew Lyford
                                                                              at Watchtower Real Estate on +61 8 9478 5777 or
Pre-sales for Stage 4 are expected to commence in the third                   Rocco Demaio at Jones Lang Laselle on +61 8 9322 5111.
quarter	of	2008.	Special	Use	criteria	apply	and	lots	will	only	
be available to compatible companies in the oil and gas,

                                                          The AMC from above with a focus on the new land for sale at the Support Industry Precinct.

AMC company profile
Ocean Industries (WA) Pty Ltd solving the problems of the deep
Only the most experienced engineering
professionals can take on the hostile
environments encountered by the maritime,
subsea and mining industries. Western
Australia is fortunate to have one such
company right on its doorstep.
Ocean Industries specialise in the concept,
design and manufacture of precision
engineered	equipment	and	tooling	for	the	
marine, oil and gas, and high pressure water
and hydraulic industries.
Located at the Australian Marine Complex
(AMC), Ocean Industries is finding solutions
for the complicated and demanding
conditions faced by these industries each day.
Ocean Industries General Manager Neil
Thrum said the ocean environment was hard
to	navigate	and	the	company’s	equipment	
was designed to make it easier and safer for
work to be carried out underwater.
“Ocean Industries has years of experience
solving problems for industries involved in
underwater projects,” Mr Thrum said.
“You could say we embrace the challenges
of the deep.
“We	analyse	the	company’s	requirements	
and formulate an appropriate solution, using
the most technically advanced materials,         A CNC lathe machining components in Ocean Industries workshop.
CNC machining and fitting technologies.”
                                                                        the	team	was	also	dedicated	to	providing	the	highest	quality	
Sophisticated	CNC	machining	equipment	allows	the	team	to	               manufacturing and after-sales service for the specialised
machine components accurately, fast and in multiple lots, for           equipment	in	use	at	sites	throughout	the	world.
most	on-site	equipment.
                                                                        One	of	its	unique	products	is	an	underwater	machine	that	can	
Having worked with clients all over the world, Ocean Industries         transplant seagrass. Another is its design of the first Remote
has established an international reputation for precision               Controlled Robotic Descale Manipulator - a remotely operated
engineering.                                                            tool with a high pressure water jet on the end of an extendable
Ocean Industries has supported L-3 Nautronix to design a                and rotating arm.
state-of-the-art	piece	of	equipment	that	will	revolutionise	            “This removes the human presence from dangerous
underwater diving operations.                                           environments in alumina refineries, making the workplace a lot
The L-3 Nautronix MUCS unit (Mine Countermeasures                       safer,” Mr Thrum said.
Underwater Computer System) is an underwater computer for               Ocean Industries was also contracted to manufacture and
the Royal Australian Navy’s divers. The MUCS unit provides              assemble jumper plates and riser connectors for subsea
accurate 3D navigation and long range communications under              well-heads for Aker Solutions, formerly Aker Kvaerner.
the water, so divers can access and record data to successfully
complete complex diving tasks in a short amount of time.                Ocean Industries expert capabilities include design, CNC
                                                                        machining,	fit	out,	marinising	and	shape	moulding	of	equipment.	
“Ocean Industries carried out the mechanical design and                 They	also	hire	out	a	range	of	specialised	equipment.
manufacture of the MUCS housings including the initial
development, first production and supply of all the mechanical
components,” Mr Thrum said.
L-3 Nautronix Managing Director Mike Gallagher, said the                       Contact information
company had enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Ocean                    Neil Thrum
Industries.                                                                    Ocean Industries (WA) Pty Ltd
                                                                               8 Sparks Road
“Over the years we have called upon them to help us with                       Henderson, Perth, WA 6166
the mechanical design of numerous undersea projects. The                       Phone: +61 8 9410 1088
relationship we have formed is mutually beneficial and most                    Fax: +61 8 9410 1579
importantly, delivers a superior product for our clients.”                     Email:
Mr Thrum said the variety of work that the company completed                   Website:
was testament to its experience and knowledge. He said
AMC company profile
Aquastack	Marina	–	One-stop	and	you	are	cruising
If owning a boat appeals but the maintenance puts you
off, then the new boat and trailer stacking facility at the
Australian Marine Complex (AMC) could have you cruising
the waters without the fuss.
Aquastack	Marina	is	a	secure,	one-stop-shop	for	all	boating	
enthusiasts. It provides repair, servicing, maintenance and
boat and trailer stacking, as well as launch and retrieval
services, for boats sized 18 - 33 feet.
Likened	to	a	valet	service	for	boats,	Aquastack’s	crew	can	
take all the hard work out of owning a boat so owners can
enjoy more time on the water.
Aquastack	Marina’s	Director	Luke	Clayton	said	they	offer	
clients a complete package, so all they have to do is get in
and turn the key.
“Not only do we offer boat storage, our team and I can
organise and deliver your boat to a nominated boat ramp.
We will then pick it up, wash it down, flush the engines and
stack it away,” Mr Clayton said.
“Our	quick	turn-around	time	means	clients	can	call	us	one	
hour before they want to head out and we will have their boat
ready for them to hit the water.
“We have ice, drinks, fuel and can even organise catering.”
Aquastack	offers	complete	packages	–	gold	and	platinum,	
which can be customised to suit every lifestyle and budget.
Unlike	other	boat	storage	facilities,	Aquastack’s	
revolutionary stacking system allows your boat and trailer to
be stored in its purposely built racking system.
“Our purpose-built forklift can carry up to 25 tonnes and we
can fit 220 small, medium and large sized boats and trailers
with ease,” he said.                                            Aquastack Marina’s purpose-built forklift stacks a 30 foot boat.
A security coded gate system for individual clients offers
a secure location as well as easy access in and out of the
marina. Other benefits include some protection from WA’s
harsh weather conditions, reduced maintenance costs, and              Contact information
less depreciation for your boat.                                      Luke Clayton
                                                                      Aquastack	Marina
Other	than	being	boat	crazy,	the	crew	at	Aquastack	have	              42 Jessie Lee Street
more than 60 years boating experience between them.                   Henderson, Perth, WA 6166
Aquastack	is	only	minutes	away	from	the	Woodman	Point	                Phone: +61 8 9437 6332
Boat Ramp and conveniently located close to other popular             Mobile: +61 4 17 222 203
Perth boat ramps in East Fremantle and Rockingham.                    Email:

        A sneak peak at what Aquastack
        Marina’s Platinum Package offers:
        •	 24/7	on-site	security.	
                                                                      PROMOTE YOUR COMPANY IN THE AMC NEWS
                                                                      The AMC News is received by more than 2000 readers including other businesses within
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                                                                      and the media. This newsletter is a great way to promote your business and the new
        •	 Option	of	boat	storage	with	no	trailer.	                   ventures at the AMC. In each issue we profile different companies within the Shipbuilding,
        •	 Unlimited	boat	valet.	                                     Fabrication, Technology and Support Industry Precincts as well as activities in the Common
                                                                      User Facility.
        •	 Fuel	topped	up	before	every	trip	
                                                                      So if you have some news or a story to tell about
           (charged to account).                                      what your company is up to at the AMC contact:
                                                                      Amanda Carrie
        •	 Engine	pre-start	check	before	every	trip.	                 Department of Industry and Resources
                                                                      Phone: +61 8 9222 3383
        •	 Boat	wash	down	after	every	trip.	                          Email:
        •	 Engine	flush	after	every	trip.

                                                                      Disclaimer – The information contained in this publication is provided in good faith and believed to be reliable
        •	 Custom	designed	packages	to	cater	for	                     and accurate at the time of publication. However, the information is provided on the basis that a reader will be
                                                                      solely responsible for making their own assessment of the information and its veracity and usefulness. The State
           every lifestyle and budget.                                shall in no way be liable, in negligence or howsoever, for any loss sustained or incurred by anyone relying on the
                                                                      information, even if such information is or turns out to be wrong, incomplete, out of date or misleading.

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