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					JANUARY 2012                                                                  BREWSTER, NEW YORK

         Reflections:                      Promises”
Pastoral Reflections: “Promises, Promises, Promises”
‘Tis the time of year when we          promises or my lack of                 my dad always told us as kids,
make promises or resolutions to        commitment to my own promises,         “God don’t make no junk!” and
ourselves to be better in some         it doesn’t seem long before I’m        God wants us to know and
way in the New Year. Often it is       getting out of the bed of my           experience the fullness of the life
to do with our health–that we will     dreams and putting those               that he created for us. And if we
quit smoking, eat better, or           promises aside.                        believe this for others, we need to
exercise more. Other times, it has                                            trust that this is true for ourselves
                                       So, then do I just write it off as
to do with our relationships–                                                 as well.
                                       another failed attempt at New
spend more time with family, be
                                       Year’s resolutions and wait for        Invite God into the promises that
more patient, keep in better
                                       2013 to arrive? Do I wait for          you’ve made. Seek Christ’s grace
contact with distant friends of
                                       another opportunity when we            when we fail and God’s strength
family. The beginning of the New
                                       usually make promises to               to take up those promises again–
Year is filled with good
                                       ourselves to try again? What, as a     as in the prayer above, we need
intentions–all those hopes, dreams
                                       person of faith, are we to do?         all the help we can get and we
and promises that we make to
                                                                              find that we in God.
start anew.                            PRAY!
                                                                              How can our resolutions fail if
Our promises can often take the        Prayer doesn’t begin and end with
                                       just asking for God’s help. It         God is leading us through them?
form of a prayer, like this one that
is found in variety of forms:          continues with our community of
                                                                                                 Peace in Christ,
                                       faith that serves as God’s hands in
Dear Lord,
So far everything has gone well
                                       this world to support us and walk
                                       with us through our promises. As
                                                                                                Pastor Jen
today. I have been patient. I have
been thoughtful of others. I have
put others first. I have not             P.S. My blog can be found at:
gossiped, been greedy, grumpy,
nasty, selfish, or self indulgent. I
have not lost my temper, or even                                  Annual Congregation Meeting
been brusque. I have not whined,
complained, cursed, or eaten any                                     Sunday, January 29, 2012
chocolate. However, Lord, in just                                   following the 9:00 AM service
a few minutes I’ll be getting out of                                         (no 10:45 AM service)
bed and I am going to need all the
help I can get!                                                   See page 2 for more information
It is often easier for me to keep
promises that I make to others
than it is to myself. Whether it is
because life gets in the way of my
                                   ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING January 29, 2012, 10:30 AM
The Annual Meeting of the                            As of December 20, 2011, voting members are:
congregation is the primary
legislative session of our life        Michelle Aaronson            Joanne Dzibela               Barbara Keogh
together. Although it may seem odd     Alexandra Alam El Din        Scott Dzibela Sr             Bryan Knapp
to be voting on ministry, we are       Sigrid Allen                 Alfred Eberhardt             Nancy Knapp
governed and led by the decision-      Denise Anderson              Lillian Eberhardt            Tyler Knapp
making that happens at this            Dawn Andren                  Debbie Efferen               Diana Kolar
assembly each year.                    Inez Arrigo                  Lottie Eisele                Frederick Kolar
                                       Joy Baggetta                 Gail Emery                   Matthew Kolar
There will be one worship service      Denise Baker                 Cassondra Eng                Susan Kolar
only at 9:00 AM. Following             Jeanette Baldanza            Richard Eng                  Lynda Kraus
worship, our Confirmation students     Joseph Baldanza Jr           Juliette Faulkner Dudowitz   Joseph Laird
will serve their delicious egg         Lauren Baldanza-Giacomelli   Carol Fendt                  Sharon Laird
sandwiches, and we will reconvene      Dorothea Baratta             Eric Fendt                   Marisol Langke
at 10:30 am for the Annual             Ellen Bell                   Fred Fendt                   Marian Langlois
Meeting.                               Laurie Bell                  John Fendt                   Charlie Larocchia
There will be NO 10:45 worship         Paula Belmont                Robert Fendt                 Debra Larocchia
service on January 29th.               Cyndi Bertone                Nicholas Fertig              Holly Larocchia
                                       John Bertone Jr              Bruce Foley Sr               Vincent Larocchia
Annual reports will be available to    Lorie Bettcher               Maxine Foley                 Lois Lawerence
pick up on Sunday, January 22 and      Constance Boldish            Aldona Gasiunas              Jane Lee
at the meeting on January 29. The      Mark Boldish                 Rosemary Gebhardt            Dolores Lockshiss
agenda for the meeting includes the    Jennifer Boyd                Gary Gerfen                  Heather Loftus
election of Council and Nominating     Joan Bradley                 Kemi Gerfen                  Stephen Loftus
Committee members and approval         Elisabeth Briggs             Charles Germain Jr           Linda Lund
of the budget for 2012.                Robert Briggs Sr             Irene Germain                Robert Lund
Voting members are confirmed           Carol Brooks                 Erik Grillo                  Carol Ann Lutz
                                       Susan Brown                  Robert Grillo                Raymond Lutz
members who have communed and
                                       Claire Brusie                Shari Grillo                 Emily Lyons
made a contribution of record in
                                       Lynn Byrnes                  John Hagedorn                Peter Lyons
2010 or 2011. Beginning on this
                                       Diana Callahan               Eric Halbekath Jr            Stephanie Lyons
page of the Trinitarian is a list of
                                       Fred Carlson                 Eric Halbekath Sr            Barbara Markert
our current voting membership, to
                                       Pamela Carlson               Joanne Halbekath             Bruce Markert
the best of our knowledge. Please
                                       Delores Ceasrine             Harold Hansen                Erik Markert
speak with council president Scott     Julius Cesare                Veronica Hansen              Erin Markert
Dzibela Sr, Pastor Jen, or Amy         Margaret Christie            Debra Harlin                 Elsie Matteo
Finney in the church office if you     Hilde Christofori            Wendy Healy                  Anita Mc Elroy
have any questions about voting        Franklyn Commisso            Lawrence Henry               Kathleen Mc Morrow
membership. Ten percent of our         Mary Beth Commisso           Lynne Heuschkel              Jennifer Mc Namara
voting membership will constitute a    Amy Conroy                   Claudine Hildreth            Susan Megaro
quorum for the meeting. At the         Patricia Corbi               Joseph Hildreth              Dawn Morello
time of the writing of this report     Linda Cowen                  Samantha Hillegass           Joseph Murphy
(December 20, 2011), there are         Thomas Cowen                 Lucy Hillers                 Frank Nagel
247 voting members, meaning a          Albert Cuomo II              Donna Hoft                   Karen Nagel
quorum of 25 is required. The          Angela Cuomo                 Donald Icken                 Jo-Ann Nestor
vote on the budget and election of     Donald Cuomo                 Joanne Icken                 Barbara Nicoletti
Council and Nominating                 Emmy Curcuruto               Kevin Icken                  John Nicoletti
Committee members each require a       Jeffery Daday                Lauren Icken                 Douglas Noah
simple majority vote.                  Carrie De Marchi             Beatrice Jacobsen            Linda Noah
Your presence at this meeting is       Laura Defilippis             Edward Johnson               Danielle O’Leary
important. Please read the Bulletin    Jeannette Doellgast          Daniel Kafalas               Karen O’Leary
of Reports carefully, prepare          Christopher Donovan          Dorothy Kafalas              Russell O’Leary Sr
questions and comments, pray for       Daniel Donovan Sr            Elizabeth Kafalas            Doris O’Toole
                                       Gertrude Donovan             Rita Karlsson                Teresa Olivapotenza
the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and
                                       Paul Doster                  Susan Kaufman                Anne Oswald
attend ready to fulfill the joys and
                                       Steven Dudowitz              Erin Kenny                   Bruce Oswald
responsibilities of congregational
                                       Ariana Dzibela               Sandra Kenny                 continued on page 3

   The TRINITARIAN, JANUARY 2012                                                                                  2
                                                                                      Upcoming Events
  Voting members as of December 20, 2011, continued from page 2

Jared Oswald                           Michael Scorrano Jr              Halsey Tuthill
Caitlin Parise                         Maureen Sergio                   Dawn Ulrich
Ellen Parise                           Helga Siebern                    Lauralee Ulrich
Gail Pease                             Cynthia Simon                    Lorraine Van Vlack
Clarence Penny                         Caroline Skillicorn              Lili Van Zanten
Debiane Peter                          Elizabeth Skillicorn             Barbara Von Bargen
Marilyn Platt                          Steve Skillicorn                 Henry Von Bargen
John Powell                            Brooke Smith                     Jeffrey Von Bargen
Joan Quinn                             Derek Smith                      Kenneth Von Bargen
Daniel Ranellone                       Anna Stathis                     Marie Von Bargen
Patrice Ranellone                      Nicholas Stathis                 Lorraine Walzer
Muriel Rapp                            Carl Steike                      Karl Westerville
Christine Rice                         Heidi Steike                     Margaret Westerville
William Rieg                           Lucile Steinberger               Helga Whalen
Edna Robertson                         Edward Stoecker                  Patricia Wills
Barbara Roden                          Lynn Stoecker                    David Wilson
Patricia Rudolph                       Audrey Stone                     Luke Wilson
Ralph Rudolph                          Michael Stringer                 Cecilia Winters
Kathryn Ruhs                           Susan Stringer                   Richard Winters
Lawrence Ruhs                          Barbara Sullivan                 Hollie Wund
Anna Ruopp                             Grace Tadler                     Lawrence Wund
Kristina Russell                       Juergen Tempel                   Lindsay Wund
Marc Russell                           Rosanna Tempel                   Karen Yates
Linda Salinger                         Andrea Tiersch                   Dorothy Yessian
Janet Schofield                        Maisa Tompuri                    James Yessian
Lisa Schuldt                           Agnes Torlish                    Christopher Young
Christopher Sciarra                    Mary Torlish                     Maria Young
Sandra Sciarra                         Deborah Torlish-Kovalec

                      ALTAR FLOWERS 2012                                       ANNUAL REPORTS
The chart for 2012 is posted in the narthex. Flowers may be taken     are due on or before Tuesday,
home after Sunday worship or left to beautify the altar. You may      January 3, 2012. Please e-mail
                                                                      them to the church office at:
designate the gift as a memorial or thanksgiving gift. Sundays may
be shared with other donors, reducing the $30/week cost. You may      drop a hard copy off in the staff
also give a general gift to the Flower Fund. Contact Kathie Ruhs at   mailbox. If you need a copy of your
845-277-8012 or Linda Salinger at 845-277-5345 for more               report from last year, please let Amy
information.                                                          Finney know. Thank you!

                                                                             WELCA JANUARY
         Baptismal Celebration                                               2012 SCHEDULE
  Sunday, January 8th, 9:00 and 10:45 AM                              Meet for lunch at Southeast
                                                                      Grille House, Rt 6, Brewster,
All children (and their parents) who have been baptized in            Wednesday, January 18, at
the last two years at Trinity have been invited to come for a         noon. All are welcome! Please
special recognition of the gift of baptism. In doing so, we are       contact Marge Westerville
not only remembering their baptism, but our own as well and           845-855-5593 or Joan Quinn
what it means to live out our baptisms daily.                         845-279-7024

Join us for this special celebration at either of the services!

  The TRINITARIAN, JANUARY 2012                                                                        3
                                                                                      Thinking of Others

               BREAKFAST RUN                                     BREWSTER EMERGENCY
                                                                 SHELTER PARTNERSHIP
  The next Breakfast Run will be Sunday,
                                                           Trinity Members have filled the first of Trinity's
  February 19, 2012. We are collecting men’s
                                                           three weeks of Brewster Emergency Shelter
  tube socks (all sizes, black or white),                  Partnership (BESP) responsibilities for January
  women’s socks, men’s and women’s                         2-January 8, 2012.
  underpants (sizes small to large),
  sweatshirts, sweatpants, jeans, sweaters,                Irene & I appreciate your ready response to help
                                                           the homeless in our midst. There were five
  jackets (men’s and women’s sizes small to
                                                           guests last evening (December 12, 2011) at the
  large), boots and sneakers (men’s and                    St. Lawrence O'Toole shelter site, including one
  women’s any size), hats, gloves, scarves for             woman. In our first week we will serve in the
  men or women, and backpacks. Items may                   First United Methodist Church on Main St,
  be placed in the shopping cart in the                    Brewster. Our second week is January 30 to
  narthex. We will also be looking for people              February 5 at the First Baptist Church, where we
  to help with donating, preparing, and                    will cook, serve, stay over, and assist guests in
  distributing food. Watch for more                        using the new shower that BESP helped to fund.
  information!                                             We welcome volunteers, as we only have one
                               Yours in Service,           family cooking Friday February 3 so far, and we
                                                           like to know we are staffed. Our third week,
                                          Anna Stathis     March 26 to April 1, is also at the Baptist
                   HELP NEEDED                             Speak to us, as the smaller churches need fill-in
Waitstaff needed for banquets and full time professional   cooks and overnight hosts. Irene or I will be
waiter. Plumbush Inn, Cold Spring—email résumé to          there each of our nights to assist you in serving. or call 845-265-3904.                 It is a rewarding family event. Scout troops and
                                                           Methodist youth groups have served. We
         HELP/SERVICES AVAILABLE                           provide back-up for travel (weather) problems or
Electrician–Licensed in Westchester, Putnam, &             emergencies. An overnight volunteer host will
Connecticut; also available for work in Dutchess–Brian     join the overnight paid supervisor on new, more
Van Vlack, 845-724-3621
                                                           comfortable(Coleman) cots. We need warm,
Licensed Plumber–Repairs & service for plumbing &
heating–Dan Ranellone, 914-815-6745,
                                                           new wool socks, hats and gloves (wool or partly                                  wool is better for cold and wet weather). We e-
Car Clinic–9 Lupi Plaza, Mahopac NY 10541 Craig            mail volunteers helpful information. Thank you
Truglia, 845-628-6668,             for any help. Your prayers have helped bless
Finish and All Phases of Carpentry–Jacobsen                this ministry.
Carpentry, Insured–Lloyd Jacobsen, 845-729-1287,
                                                           Please contact Irene Germain at 845-225-
Zumba Fitness–Erin Kenny leads fun exercise classes        4698 or, Gail Pease
locally. Contact her for more information/schedule:        at 845-225-8921 or, or                                    Pastor Jen (Co-chair) after church.
Piano Lessons for Beginners—Children and Adults–
With introduction to basic concepts of music and musical
notation; Introduction to playing the cello available–
Juergen Tempel, 917-935-1142                                   Need something done? Hire a Trinity
French Horn Lessons–Also teaches baritone; Kyle                  member! Have a service to offer?
Kayler, 845-228-4167                                                Let the congregation know!
Realtor (Associate Broker) with Houlihan Lawrence,           LIST YOUR NEEDS OR SERVICES HERE
Brewster, NY–Linda Salinger, cell 914-282-1243
Realtor (Exclusive Buyer Broker) Laurie Bell with Balch
Realty–Putnam/Westchester/Dutchess/                             Call: Ralph Rudolph at 845-277-4874
Fairfield Counties; cell 914-490-4841;

  The TRINITARIAN, JANUARY 2012                                                                            4
                                                                                  We Are Grateful

Thank you to:
+ A special thank you goes to our Minister of         Thanks to your generous support, many
   Music, Dr. Franklyn Commisso, for                  gifts and generous donations went to the
   coordinating special music for Christmas Eve       Children’s Center at Bedford Hills.
   and Christmas Day                                           Trinity Lutheran Church Social Ministry
+ All those who helped beautify our Sanctuary,
   especially Carol Fendt, Don & Joanne Icken,
   Ed Johnson, Barbara, Bruce, and Kris
   Markert, and Ken Von Bargen
+ Elsie Matteo, Kathie Ruhs, and Linda                         Christmas Fair 2011
   Salinger, Trinity’s Flower Fund Secretaries
+ Special music director Ray Lutz (Folk Choir),       First of all, thank you for pitching in to help with
   and to Trinity Brass musicians: William            the Christmas Fair in a thousand and one ways
   Lemak, Thomas Lemak, Jack Titcomb, and             +/-! It could only have been accomplished with
   Nicole Daskalaskis                                 your help and support. As you know, we were
+ Trinity’s office staff and the office volunteers    blessed with a beautiful day and a fine turnout.
   for the additional work at this time of the year   In addition to our enjoying the excitement of the
+ All those who have contributed a bulletin           day, there was the pleasure of inter-generational
   cover since August: Florence Cuomo,                interaction with our Trinity community and the
   Joanne & Ariana Dzibela, Alex Bertone, Gail        opportunity to welcome visitors, some who come
   Pease, Wendy Healy, the Conroys, the
                                                      every year and some who were visiting for the
   O’Tooles, John Bertone, Joy and John
   Baggetta, Samantha Hillegass, Michael              first time.
   Boyd, Winter Stathis, and Nicole Morello           To date, a total of $2,000 from the proceeds of
                                                      the Fair have been given to the following:
              BULLETIN COVERS                         Trinity’s Building Improvement Fund; Trinity’s
Children and adults are welcome to sign up            Youth Group (to be used toward the July 2012
on the sheet in the narthex to submit a               trip to New Orleans); Save the Children; and
drawing or photograph for the bulletin cover          Putnam Community Action Program. The
that can be inspired by one of the readings           Lutheran World Relief handcrafted and Fair
of the day. Artwork should fit in an area that        Trade items brought in $267, and this amount
is about 4 inches high by 3.75 inches wide.           goes directly into the LWR program.
It does not need a border but should                  A more detailed report will be forthcoming in
reproduce well when photocopied in black              our annual congregation reports.
and white (line drawing in pen, dark pencil,
marker, or crayon; photographs with a lot of          Linda Post Bushkofsky, executive director of
contrast). All artwork should be original (you        WELCA, writes in the Jan./Feb. 2012 issue of
should have the right to reproduce it).               Gather magazine: Our mission as Women of the
Artwork is due two weeks before the                   ELCA is to mobilize women to act boldly on their
Sunday it will be used. Please scan and               faith in Jesus Christ…. And few among us
email a JPG or TIF to                                 accomplish our bold acts all by ourselves. We or put it in the        live in community, and it is that community that
office staff mailbox. Please put your name            supports us, calling us into boldness and
and the verse(s) that inspired you on it (a           encouraging us along the way.
self-stick note works well for this). Original                Gratefully, Trinity’s Women of the ELCA
art will be returned.

The TRINITARIAN, JANUARY 2012                                                                       5
                                                                                     You Are Appreciated

November 16, 2011                                         November 17, 2011
Dear Trinity Congregants:                                 Dear Trinity Lutheran Church:
Thank you for your recent contribution of $90.00.         Thank you for your recent gift of $77.00 to Domestic
The support of congregations, like yours, is essential    Disaster Response. Your gift means the church can
for the financial health of Koinonia. Your                continue to respond efficiently and effectively to
contribution will support our campership program as       disasters that have already occurred and can stand
well as cover everyday expenses related to program,       ready for those that may come in the future.
staffing, and maintenance that are vital for providing    After an outbreak of tornadoes ripped through
a quality ministry experience.                            Alabama, gifts to ELCA Disaster Response enabled
This is an exciting time for Koinonia! Our ministry is    the church to recruit, train and organize volunteers
strong, vital, and growing. Programs are reaching out     for Camp Noah, a free day camp program…. After
to more people and providing experiences of renewal       the earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan, gifts to
that strengthens the Church and builds new leaders        ELCA Disaster Reponse helped the Lutheran
for the future.                                           churches of Japan keep their doors open…. That’s
By financially support Koinonia your congregation         how ELCA Disaster Response works–helping people
becomes an important partner in this ministry. Thank      rebuild not only homes, but hearts….
you for spreading the word and furthering this            As the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
ministry.                                                 (ELCA), we do more together than we ever could do
In the Peace of Koinonia,                                 alone. We are a church that rolls up its sleeves and
Lisa Spitler, Interim Executive Director                  solves problems–doing God’s work in the world.
                                                          Thank you for your support.
                                                          In Christ’s service,
                                                          The Rev. Daniel Rift, Director
                                                          ELCA World Hunger and Disaster Appeal

December 15, 2011
Dear Pastor Boyd:
“Thank you for your gracious offer to buy holiday
gifts for our children. Through this entire ordeal, you
have shone a light upon our family, illuminating it
with your understanding and kindness.”                    December 15, 2011
I want to thank you for participating in the Friends of   Dear Friends of Trinity Lutheran Church:
Karen 2011 Adopt-a-Family Holiday Gifts for Kids          On behalf of the mothers and children you utilize the
program. Your donation of 2 $100 JC Penney gift           services of the Children’s Center, I would like to
cards and a $100 Game Stop gift card will make the        thank you–and the parishioners of Trinity Lutheran
holidays brighter for our critically ill children and     Church–for your very generous donation of toys.
their brothers and sisters.
                                                          Because of people like you, mothers are able to
In 2010, Friends of Karen fulfilled the wish lists of     choose appropriate toys to present to their children at
727 children. With your generous help, we hope to         the holidays and for their birthdays. This simple
delight 800 children this year….                          gesture of giving really serves as a means to connect
This is the 26th consecutive year our Adopt-a-Family      a mother and her child and creates so much joy.
Program has made sure that our children–in hospitals      In these challenging economic times, especially, we
or at home–can celebrate the holidays. It is with         are most appreciative of being remembered and we
enormous gratitude that we recognize the hundreds of      thank you, again, for your kindness.
individuals and organizations who have partnered
                                                          Merry Christmas and best wishes for a wonderful
with us….
                                                          New Year!
With warmest regards,
Judith R. Factor, Executive Director
                                                          Alessandra N. Rose, Director

 The TRINITARIAN, JANUARY 2012                                                                               6
                                                                             Worship, Prayer, & Music

        Pastoral Acts by Pastor Boyd                                            Bible Study
+ Funeral of Louis Kristianson on November 29                        All are invited to come to any of the
+ Funeral of Samuel Clem Irwin III at Koinonia on                    Bible study groups whenever you can.
  December 2 by Pastor Kari Smail                                    Here are the topics that they are currently
+ Baptism of Paul Christopher Avy on December 4                      exploring.
+ Receipt of new members Inez Arrigo and Loretta                     The Wednesday evening group (7:00
  Christiano on December 4                                           pm) is reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s The
+ Farewell & Godspeed to Carole & Chuck Helvig on                    Cost of Discipleship. The Thursday
  December 4                                                         afternoon group (2:00 pm) is looking at
+ Funeral of Dorothy Reehl on December 12                            Women of Faith in scripture and life.
+ Memorial service for Lenor Schmidt on December 29

A leader for Children's Bells is needed. Please               Please keep this ministry in your prayers and
speak to Franklyn or Mary Beth Commisso if you                consider it in your heart. If you have questions
are interested in continuing what you are currently           about what’s involved, speak with Mary Beth
doing or are interested in a new Ministry.                    Commisso. Training is provided.
        ADULT BELLS and SENIOR CHOIR                                        ALTAR GUILD SERVERS
Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings: 7-7:45 pm                Training provided. Please contact Dawn Morello.
for handbells and 7:45-8:30 pm for vocal choir.
Speak with Mary Beth or Franklyn Commisso.
               USHERS & GREETERS                                                 Ministry
                                                                       Prayer Ministry Team
Trinity is blessed to have a number of people who             We gather in prayer and conversation about
enrich our worship services by acting as ushers               personal and congregational prayer needs, joys,
and assisting ministers–but we need more help in              and concerns.
those areas, especially for 10:45 services! Do
you think you might be called to give a little of your        We meet the 1st Sunday of the month, following
time to serve in one of these role? It’s not difficult.       the end of the later worship service. All are
It doesn’t require a big commitment of time. You              invited to join us.
come to worship anyway, so why not think about                Our next gathering will be Sunday, January
participating in a new way!
                                                              8th at ~12:30 PM.

                                                           January Worship Schedule
             Free Books
                                             Sun, Jan 1     Holy Communion/Lessons & Carols, 10:00 AM
  Outside of Shepherd’s Hall are a
                                             Thu, Jan 5     Holy Communion/Spoken Worship, noon
  variety of church- and faith-
                                             Sun, Jan 8     Holy Communion/Rembrance of Baptism,
  related books that are free for the                       9:00 a.m. & 10:45 a.m.
  taking. They are ones that Pastor          Thu, Jan 12    Holy Communion/Spoken Worship, noon
  Jen’s mom has gleaned from her             Sun, Jan 15    Holy Communion, 9:00 a.m. & 10:45 a.m.
  shelves (and which Pastor Jen              Thu, Jan 19    Holy Communion/Spoken Worship, noon
  already owns). Please help                 Sun, Jan 22    Holy Communion, 9:00 a.m. & 10:45 a.m.
  yourself!                                  Thu, Jan 26    Holy Communion/Spoken Worship, noon
                                             Sun, Jan 29    Holy Communion, 9:00 a.m. ONLY

 The TRINITARIAN, JANUARY 2012                                                                           7
                                                                   Sunday School and Families

                               SCS News for January

An extra-special thank you goes out to          Inclement Weather? – Please check your
Dawn Andren, Doris O’Toole, Amy Conroy,         email before heading out. If it is necessary
and Stephanie Lyons for coordinating,           to cancel SCS, we will try to send an email
setting up and decorating Fellowship Hall for   ASAP in addition to getting it announced on
Advent Festival. This was the fifth year they   100.7 WHUD.
have taken on this event and always do an
outstanding job.                                           Dates to Remember
                                                January 8 – SCS classes resume
We enjoyed a terrific Christmas presentation    February 19th – Transfiguration/Mardi Gras
at the 9 AM Worship service on December         Sunday
18th based on the story the Friendly Beasts.    February 22nd – Ash Wednesday
Our 5th graders read the story and our
Children’s Choir sang the song of the same      Reminders: No food or drink from Coffee
name. Lynda Kraus took on directing the         Hour is permitted downstairs! (The church
pageant in addition to her weekly 5th grade     mice are trying to get in for the winter.)
SCS teaching responsibilities!

Regular SCS classes resume January 8th
after two weekends off for Christmas and
New Year. The second semester curriculum
and supplemental units are ready to go.
Classes will also be getting masks and the
Alleluia banner ready for Mardi Gras
                                                       Grace Tunes & Prayers
Sunday, February 19th. 4th Grade will begin
their formal Communion instruction during       Words and songs to use for meal time prayers
                                                God our Father, God our Father
                                                Once again, once again
NEW! Children’s Offering Envelopes – the        We bow our heads to thank you
2012 children’s offering envelopes were         We bow our heads to thank you
distributed to the classes on December 18th.    Amen. Amen
All of the children were assigned new                                     Tune: Frere Jacques
numbers and these have been matched to
the parent’s envelope number so they can        The sun will always shine
be recorded weekly. You’ll see these            The birds will always sing
offerings on your quarterly statements.         As long as there is God, there’s always the real
Please discard any unused envelopes from        thing
2011 and previous years.                        Jesus Christ came down to die for our sins
                                                And so we thank you God as this song begins
                                                Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, Amen
                                                Do, do, do, do, do Jesus is the real thing
                                                                            Tune: Coca cola song

  The TRINITARIAN, JANUARY 2012                                                              8
                                                                                   Business & Finances
                                              YEAR TO DATE BUDGET REPORT (THRU NOVEMBER 30, 2011)
             COMMENTS                                       GENERAL CHECKING ACCOUNT
                                              Category             Budget      Actual    Variance
   GENERAL ACCOUNT                            INCOME
   INCOME–Contributions and                   Contributions          $162,615   $171,613     $8,997
   other income are $13,808 ahead             Other Income            $28,138    $32,960     $4,822
   of projections. Expenses are               Total Income           $190,754   $204,573   $13,819
   $5,394 less than projected,
   leaving Trinity with an $18,808            EXPENSES
   deficit YTD. This affords Trinity a        Benevolence                $6,600          $6,600              $0
   great opportunity to reduce the            Pastoral                 $100,626         $98,250        ($2,376)
   $34,000 deficit projected for              Education                  $6,657          $7,174            $517
   2011.                                      Evangelism                   $150            $923            $773
                                              Worship & Music           $20,204         $19,375          ($830)
   MORTGAGE FUND–                             Administration            $55,780         $55,293          ($487)
   Contributions caught up again              Property                  $36,699         $34,334        ($2,365)
   and the fund is back in the black          Stewardship                  $997            $421          ($576)
   by about $108.17.                          Social Ministry               $50              $0           ($50)
                                              Fund Raising                    0       $1,012.50          $1,013
                                              Total Expenses           $227,763        $222,369        ($5,394)
                                              NET INCOME               ($37,009)      ($17,797)        $19,212
                                              CHECKING ACCOUNT BALANCES
            FOR 2011                          January 1, 2011      $33,052         Current             $14,989
        CONTRIBUTIONS IS                      balance                              balance
         JANUARY 1, 2012.
                                              MORTGAGE FUND
                                                                 Contributions      Payments        Variance
                                                                    $40,166.62     ($40,058.48)       $108.14

                  Pledges for 2012                                         Memorial Gifts
                                                                We are grateful for contributions to the
As of December 22, 78 pledge cards have been                    memorial fund from Joan & Andy Quinn
received. If you have not completed one, there is               in loving memory of Clem Irwin and
still time! Blank cards are available in the narthex            Lenor Schmidt and from Barbara Goos and
or contact the church office to have one e-mailed to            Lucile Steinberger in loving memory of
you.                                                            Clem Irwin.
                                                                A Christian memorial gift is a contribution
          BUILDING IMPROVEMENT FUND                             of money or property to some Christian
From November 23 to December 20, 2011, $1078.00 was             cause in loving memory of a relative or
received from: Joy Baggetta, Claire Brusie, Al & Lillian        friend. We give such memorial gifts on the
Eberhardt, Nick Fertig, Jim Goodfellow, Eric & Joanne           occasion of a loved one’s being called to
Halbekath, Sr., Samantha Hillegass, Don & Joanne Icken,         Eternity, on an anniversary of the “Gift of
Rita Karlsson, William & Sylvia Rieg, Deb Torlish-              Life,” or on the remembrance or
Kovalec, Gisela Vesterling-Penge, Karl & Marge                  celebration of an event in the life of the
                                                                departed one. Such gifts, given lovingly,
Westerville, Helga Whalen, James & Dorothy Yessian, and
                                                                honor the Living Lord, Jesus Christ. If you
an anonymous donor.                                             would like to contribute a monetary
We thank those who have contributed to the Building             memorial gift to Trinity, there are forms
Improvement Fund. Please provide encouragement and              available on the credenza in the Narthex. If
financial support for these projects with whatever offering     you are interested in sponsoring an item,
                                                                please contact the office for a list of
amount you are able to make.
                                                                suggested gifts.
                                                                                              Thank you

    The TRINITARIAN, JANUARY 2012                                                                         9
 We Remember in Prayer Those Who Are
In the hospital, ill, recuperating from      David Vangor, Gloria Veaz, Gina              Horatio Massatti, Marge Popham,
surgery, or undergoing medical               Venezia, Glenn Wagner, Elizabeth             Lenor Schmidt, Scott Werner
treatment: Lee, Kathleen Bailey, Sam         Waugh, Cecilia Winters, Terry Wolf,          Expecting a child: Heather & Stephen
Beukelman, Dee Blunier, John Boyle,          Stephanie                                    Loftus
Erin Conroy, Linda Cowen, Ben Dalecki,       Facing life’s challenges: Amie, Ed           Partnership Ministries: The
Margie Dyer, Barbara Goos, Karen             Ahlsen-Girard and family, Karen C., the      Northwest Diocese of the Evangelical
Goos, Barbara Hagedorn, Walter               Cardella family, Eric Colapinta, Cristina    Lutheran Church in Tanzania; the
Jakymiw, Sue Kaufman, Barbara Keogh,         Dieguez, Phyllis Dischel, Bob and Chris      Brewster Soup Kitchen (Grace
Luis Marques, Elsie Matteo, Michael          Donohue, Paul Garofolo, Jeannie              Assembly of God) and Brewster Food
Montana, Pr. Paul Nordeen, Jean              Graham, Terry Gregori, Larry Hampson,        Pantry (St. Andrew’s Episcopal),
Phisterer, Andy Quinn, Richard Rapp,         Anita Luhrs, Bob, Sue Rodriguez, Anna        Brewster Ecumenical Service
Martin Schechter, Toni Simpson, Isabelle     Ruopp, Alex Smith, Barbara Sparkes, the      Partnership (BESP); local small
Smith, Meranda Sue, Travis Sullivan,         Strawn family, Katelyn Stufano, Michael      business owners in challenging
Michael Tillistrand, Harper Tortorella,      Talarico, Jennifer West, Dave, Marie &       economic times.
Tina Verra, Wayne White, Mary Wilkat,        Jim, Lisa, Jaimie Zeola                      Servants of the Church: Presiding
Joe Zhinin, Gina                             Mourning the passing of: Dorothy             Bishop Mark Hanson and the
Wrestling with long-term health              Reehl, member and aunt of Linda              Churchwide staff; Bishop Robert
issues: Morgan Andren, Kristin Audelo,       Cowen; Ellen Sparrell, stepmother of         Rimbo of the Metropolitan New York
Malcolm Beal Sr, Olivia Bellini, Gloria      Gail Pease; Neil Manning, brother of         Synod and his staff; Pastor Jennifer
Bretone, Christa, Janet Canor, Deena         Kathy Valletta; Clem Irwin, Trinity          Boyd, Deacons Charles Germain, Jr.
Cox, Tom Curran, Al Eberhardt, Bill          member; Louis Kristianson, father of a       and Dorothy Kafalas; Minister of Music
Elmore, Margaret Fowler, Santa               friend of Sue Kaufman; Lenor Schmidt,        Franklyn Commisso; Council
Garafolo, Amanda George, Chuck               long-time Trinity member; and                members; Sunday School teachers,
Helvig, Roger Imhoff, Raymond Kiernan,       Michaelina Donofrio, aunt of Connie          and worship leaders
Rev. John Kroschel, Janet Krouslis,          Boldish
Gayle Martorano, Myra Martorano,             Serving in the Armed Forces: Michael         INTERCESSORY PRAYERS: To add a
Reneé McElroy, Cole Megaro, Louise                                                        name to Trinity’s prayer list, please
                                             Caitney, Michael Conroy; all those in the    complete a request form located in the pew
Morgese, Tanya Murgai, Roland, Regina        service of our country, especially in Iraq   and place it in the offering plate or send it to
Paulson, Betty Rodda, William Rogers         and Afghanistan, and their chaplains         the church office. Names are usually listed
Sr, Jordan Rothstein, Laura Rothstein,       Restricted to home/nursing home:             for four weeks. Please contact Elsie in the
Riley Rushia, Norma Schwarz, Sherry                                                       church office if a person should be listed for
                                             Lillian Boos, Marge Christie, Frank
Seidman, Dale Smith, David Spar,                                                          a longer period of time, moved to a different
                                             Cucinella, Lottie Eisele, Beatrice Foley,    area of concern, or removed. Wednesday is
Kenneth Strawn, Dylan Stolper, Audrey        Gerrit Franssen, Gordon Griggs, Lucy         the deadline for including names in the
Stone, Kathy Sullivan, Josephine Talley,     Hillers, Heddie Kessel, Marian Langlois,     following Sunday’s printed list.

INTERCESSORY PRAYERS: To add a name to Trinity’s prayer list, please complete a request form located in the
pew and place it in the offering plate or send it to the church office. Names are usually listed for four weeks. Please
contact Elsie in the church office if a person should be listed for a longer period of time, moved to a different area of
concern, or removed. Wednesday is the deadline for including names in the following Sunday’s printed list.

                       Prayer Tools                                that chair to use as a part of your prayers. You
 Prayer space–do you have a favorite place that                    can write specific prayers or reflections in the
 you like to pray? Is there anything that you do to                notebook as a way to keep track of your prayers.
 make that space special or set aside as your own                  You can pick a psalm or other passages to use as
 sanctuary?                                                        your prayer.
 While making the time for prayer is one of the                    If you find that you do most of your praying
 most critical pieces of prayer, setting aside a space             while traveling, put all the distractions of music,
 that help to do this. I have been blessed to have a               the radio or work aside (unless its relaxing music
 room that is just mine (not the bedroom) where I                  that helps to set aside other distractions). While
 have a comfortable chair, candles, and pictures                   still paying attention to your driving, invite God
 that lend themselves to a sacred space.                           into that space to help you in your prayers.
 When we don’t have the space to do that,                          Designating a place for prayer helps to bring us
 sometimes just designating a particular chair can                 into that place of reflection and conversation
 be helpful. Keep your Bible and a notebook by                     with God. What space have you chosen?

    The TRINITARIAN, JANUARY 2012                                                                                         10
                                                            From the Office—Office Hours M-F 9 AM–1 PM

        JANUARY BIRTHDAYS                  Alex Alam El Din 1/13                      Erin Markert 1/23
 Laura DeFilippis 1/2                      Dunlin Stathis 1/13                        Penny Litchfield 1/24
 David Haar 1/2                            Jennifer Rota 1/14                         Jennifer Morello 1/24
 Maxine Foley 1/4                          Aidan Smith 1/14                           Ryley Matos 1/25
 Cole Meissner 1/4                         Jeffrey Brown 1/15                         Kristina Nagel 1/25
 Dylan Torlish 1/4                         Jessica Griesinger 1/15                    Kyle Steike 1/25
 Zachary Duben 1/5                         McKenzie Callahan 1/16                     Gail Emery 1/27
 Sara Corbi 1/6                            Sarah-Marie Alam El Din 1/17               Russell O’Leary Jr 1/28
 Julius Cesare 1/9                         Heather Eng 1/17                           Heather Larocchia 1/29
 Ethan Calabrese 1/11                      Eric Halbekath Sr 1/17                     Victor Beltrami 1/31
 Haylie Calabrese 1/11                     Robert Lee 1/18                            Anna Stathis 1/31
 Savannah Calebrese 1/11                   Stephanie Dudowitz 1/20
 Luke Morello 1/11                         Kylie Baker 1/22                             JANUARY ANNIVERSARIES
 Courtney Meissner 1/12                    Caitlyn Parise 1/22                        Connie & Mark Boldish 1/13
 Donna Porta 1/12                          Jake Groundwater 1/23

 Are you celebrating a birthday or anniversary in January and aren’t on this list? Please contact the church office with
 the complete month-day-year information. Thanks!

 WEATHER OR NOT                         AWAY THIS WINTER?                               PLANNING AN EVENT?
  Listen to WHUD                Please let the church office know your            Please contact Samantha Hillegass
                                alternate address and effective dates to          at 845-225-9851, 914-523-3430, or
  (100.7 FM) for                                                         regarding any
                                continue receiving the Trinitarian and
  closings due to               other mailings over the winter. Thanks!           BUILDING USE.

                    THINKING GREEN                                                 PASTOR JEN’S CONTACT INFO
 RECYCLE rechargeable batteries and cell phone in                                 Here is my CURRENT personal
 the box in the upstairs hallway (no alkaline batteries).                         contact information, in case of
 Place cans & bottles RETURNABLE for the New York                                 emergency.
 state deposit in the container in the upstairs kitchen.                          Cell phone (518) 231-4633
 Please WASH everything well and REMOVE CAPS                                      Home phone (203) 616-5207
 from bottles. WELCA returns these for the deposit.                               Home address: 17 Filmore Ave,
                                                                                  Danbury, CT 06811

   2012 Offering Envelopes are in the narthex. PLEASE PICK UP
   AND USE your envelopes and complete ALL the requested
   information so your contributions can be correctly credited. Please              Office Hours: Monday to Friday,
   discard any unused envelopes from 2011 and earlier.                                   9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
                                                                                      Closed Monday, January 2
                                   Your envelope number
                                                                                   Articles for the February Trinitarian
                                                                                    are due Mon, January 16. Please
                                                                                     email articles to Amy Finney at

                                                                                             WE’RE ONLINE!
                                                                                  Current issues of Trinity Weekly, the
                                                                                  monthly calendar, TLC e-notes, and
                                                                                  the Trinitarian are always available
Indicate cash or your check number        Fill in ALL relevant amounts

 The TRINITARIAN, JANUARY 2012                                                                                  11
                              Trinity Lutheran Church
 JANUARY 2012                 2103 Route 6
                              Brewster, NY 10509
   Sunday Services            Return Service Requested
 9:00 a.m., 10:45 a.m.
Sunday Church School
       9:00 a.m.

Spoken Word Worship
 Thursdays at noon

 All content and enclosures
  are an extension of this
      church’s ministry.

Trinity Lutheran
Church Mission
Statement: As a people                             JANUARY HIGHLIGHTS
of God, we desire to          Sun, Jan 1      Holy Communion, one service at 10:00 AM only
experience the presence       Mon, Jan 2      HAPPY NEW YEAR! Office closed
of God in our lives that      Jan 2-8         BESP coverage at the 1st United Methodist Church, Brewster
we might be the
                              Tues, Jan 3     Annual reports due
presence of God in the
lives of others.              Sun, Jan 8      Baptism Remembrance, both services
                                              Prayer Ministry meeting, 12:30
2103 Route 6
Brewster, NY 10509            Mon, Jan 9      Council reports due
                              Wed, Jan 11     Council meeting, 7:00 PM
Website:         Wed, Jan 18     WELCA lunch at Southeast Grille
Phone: 845/279-5181           Sun, Jan 29     Annual meeting following 9:00 AM worship
Fax: 845/279-5182             Jan 30-Feb 5    BESP coverage at the 1st Baptist Church, Brewster
(call first)
E-Mail Pastor Jen at                Remember to see the full January calendar enclosed as well
Office: office2

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