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					Coastal Plain CASA Volunteer
                                                                           Table of Contents
This Handbook is designed as a reference guide for Court Appointed
Special Advocates of Coastal Plain CASA. The guidelines and
policies in this handbook are designed to offer direction. Additional      1.0 Annual Reviews
guidance, support and resources can always be obtained through
CASA staff, the training manual, or the resource library. The                     1.1 Progress and Goals
information in this handbook supersedes all previously published and
unpublished policies, handbooks, and other publications or oral            2.0 Attendance
                                                                           3.0 Training
This handbook is designed as a tool for CASAs to use, but it cannot
anticipate every situation or answer every question. We must               4.0 Cancellation of Court or Meetings
therefore demonstrate some flexibility in the administration of policies
and procedures. Therefore policies and procedures may be                   5.0 Confidentiality
changed, revised, withdrawn, or deviated from as deemed necessary
by Coastal Plain CASA Program Inc. Any questions regarding these           6.0 Substance Abuse Policy
policies can be addressed with CASA staff.
                                                                           7.0 Media Policy
The resources in this handbook are likely to change during the
course of a year. The organization will do its best to keep this                  7.1 Internet
information updated for your convenience.                                         7.2 Newspaper and Television Media

                                                                           8.0 Transportation Definitions

                                                                                  8.1 Transportation Policy

                                                                           9.0 Conflicts

                                                                           10.0 Disciplinary Action

                                                                                  10.1 Progressive Disciplinary Policy
                                                                                  10.2 Causes for Disciplinary Action

                                                                           11.0 Grievance Policy

                                                                           12.0 Resources
1.0 Annual Reviews                                                        4.0 Cancellation of Court or Meetings

National CASA requires the program to conduct annual reviews of           The CASA will be contacted if the program receives notice of a
the volunteers. This review is to ensure the highest quality service is   continuance of a hearing or if a meeting has been rescheduled. If the
being offered to our clients, the children. This is also an opportunity   CASA is aware of said change, they will inform the coordinator. The
for the volunteer to target additional training they feel would be        program realizes how precious the CASA’s time is and will make
useful.                                                                   every effort to ensure their time is not wasted. The CASA
                                                                          understands that the program has no control over the court
        1.1 Progress and Goals                                            schedule, although we will advocate for timely hearings.

        If the coordinator or volunteer, during the course of the         5.0 Confidentiality
        review, recognizes areas needing improvement, a goals
        sheet will be filled out. This form is designed to ensure the     Confidential information is collected from clients and shall not be
        volunteer receives the training necessary to remain an            shared with any unauthorized person inside or outside the
        effective advocate                                                organization. CASAs are under a personal and professional
                                                                          obligation to protect the privacy of the children and families we serve.
2.0 Attendance                                                            Information shall not be discussed in a way that it might be
                                                                          overheard. If another agency requests information in a location that
Attendance at all court hearings is mandatory. A staff member is          is not secure, the CASA should refrain from entering into the
required to attend all hearings with the CASA. In the event the CASA      conversation until an appropriate location is available. The program
cannot attend a hearing, arrangements will be made to ensure the          maintains Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with various
report is presented, and all pertinent information is relayed to the      agencies in the community. If a CASA is asked for information and is
court. The CASA will inform the coordinator of their intended             not certain if the agency or person requesting the information is a
absence in advance of the court date. If chronic absence becomes a        party to the case or entitled to information, they should refrain from
pattern with the volunteer, a conference will be called to discuss the    releasing any information until the coordinator can review the
reasons for missing court dates. If the CASA must miss other              situation. The nature of our work involves contact with a family’s
meetings or staffing related to their case they will inform the           most personal information. This information is shared on a need-to-
coordinator as soon as possible so the meeting can be covered by a        know basis only with those directly involved in the case. Breach of
staff member.                                                             this policy is serious and will be handled through disciplinary action
                                                                          up to and including dismissal.
3.0 Training

In addition to the 40 hours of classroom training and observation, all
volunteers are required to have 12 hours of ongoing training each
year (NCASA Standard). This training will be offered by the program
through peer group, outside training and conferences, video and
resource library, and online training when available. The coordinator
will track this training. If the CASA does not receive the required
training, a conference will be called with the CASA, and a plan will be
set out to ensure they receive the required ongoing training.
6.0 Substance Abuse Policy                                                         setting. The use of expletives in email is forbidden and will
                                                                                   be subject to disciplinary action up to and including
The program is committed to providing a safe environment for                       dismissal.
volunteers, employees, and clients. That commitment is jeopardized
by the illegal use of drugs while working or volunteering for the                  7.2 Newspaper and Television Media
organization. The following policy relates to all volunteers.
                                                                                   Volunteers understand that because of the nature of their
        (1) It is a violation of Coastal Plain CASA’s policy for any               work they may be involved in high profile cases. As an
            employee or volunteer; to use, possess, sell, trade, offer             advocate for the child it does not fit within Coastal Plain
            for sale, or offer to buy illegal drugs - or otherwise                 CASA’s mission to engage the media in conversation about
            engage in the illegal use of drugs while acting on behalf              our cases. If a CASA is approached by the media regarding
            of the organization.                                                   a case or program business, they will refer the call to the
        (2) It is a violation of Coastal Plain CASA’s policy for anyone            Executive Director.
            to report to work, or volunteer service, under the
            influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.                         8.0 Transportation Definitions
        (3) It is a violation of Coastal Plain CASA’s policy for anyone
            to use prescription drugs illegally. (However, nothing in      Transportation refers to any motorized transport from one location to
            this policy precludes the appropriate use of legally           another. The term ‘client’ refers to a child on Coastal Plain CASA
            prescribed medications as directed by a doctor.)               caseload as well as their family. Foster child refers to a child in the
        (4) Violations of this policy are subject to disciplinary action   custody of this or any state.
            up to and
            including dismissal.                                                   8.1 Transportation Policy

As a condition of the relationship with the volunteer and the program,             Volunteers will not transport clients or foster children in their
the volunteer must abide by the terms of this policy and must notify               vehicles or any vehicle they are operating. This extends to
the Advocacy coordinator in writing of any conviction of a violation of            public and air transportation where the client would require
a criminal drug statute not later than five days after the conviction.             supervision. Only an agent of DFCS or an authorized agent
                                                                                   of a like agency contracting with DFCS can transport foster
7.0 Media Policy                                                                   children or clients.

        7.1 Internet                                                               It is the sole responsibility of the Executive Director to
                                                                                   arrange transportation in emergencies at the request of
        Email addresses of our agency partners will only be used for               either the court or DFCS. Employees and Volunteers do not
        work associated with the program. If the volunteer is                      have the authority to arrange for transportation without the
        released or ends their relationship with the program, all                  Executive’s directive. Breach of any portion of this policy will
        emails pertaining to a case will be purged from the                        be handled through disciplinary action up to and including
        volunteer’s personal computer. This information is                         the release of the volunteer from the program.
        confidential and highly sensitive and should be disposed of if
        the volunteer is no longer associated with the program.
        Email will contain language appropriate in a professional
9.0 Conflicts                                                                                 7. Any action or inaction on the CASAs part
                                                                                                 causing the organization to breach a contract,
If a conflict arises that necessitates the intervention of a supervisor at                       MOU, or organizational agreement
another agency, the Volunteer will contact the coordinator who will                           8. Breech of confidentiality
follow the guidelines set forth in Coastal Plain CASA program’s
policy and the MOU with the agency in question. The CASA should              11.0 Grievance Policy
not contact case manager’s supervisors as this could upset the
CASA’s relationship with the case manager.                                   If a grievance should arise the following policy is in place to expedite
                                                                             the process and come to a fair and reasonable conclusion
10.0 Disciplinary Action
                                                                                         1.   Contact the Advocacy Coordinator
Coastal Plain CASA wants to give every volunteer the opportunity to                      2.   Conference with the Advocacy Coordinator and
succeed. Coastal Plain CASA is committed to supporting volunteers                             Executive Director
to reach the level of performance set out in this document. If there                     3.   If the situation cannot be resolved through the above
are areas of weakness, the program is dedicated to working with the                           means and it is a programmatic issue the volunteer
volunteer and offering suggestions and resources to correct the                               can request a meeting with the Executive Director
concern.                                                                                      and a member of the Governance Committee.

Coastal Plain CASA believes in a progressive disciplinary policy             *Note: Georgia CASA and National CASA are not Governing or
when appropriate. There are circumstances where that policy cannot           Managing entities. The Executive Director is responsible for daily
be utilized and an immediate release is the sole option.                     program management. Coastal Plain CASA’s board is a Governing
                                                                             Board and has authority over issues concerning policy.
        10.1 Progressive Disciplinary policy

                 1.   Verbal redirection
                 2.   Written redirection copy placed on file
                 3.   Removal from the case
                 4.   Dismissal from the program

        10.2 Causes for disciplinary action are as follows

                 1. Chronic tardiness to court, meetings, or other
                    CASA business or missing court dates or
                    meetings without informing the coordinator
                 2. Negligence in performing advocacy duties
                 3. Inefficiency in performing duties
                 4. Inability or unfitness to perform duties
                 5. Misconduct
                 6. Conduct reflecting negatively on the corporation
                    or its officers
12.0 Resources                                                            LANGUAGE TIPS
                                                                          For Interviewing Children
                                                                             1.    Use clear language, appropriate to child’s age; avoid jargon
CASA Volunteers take the following oath:                                           & technical terms.
                                                                             2.    Keep it simple; focus on main idea, short questions, etc.
I do solemnly swear or affirm that I understand the duties and               3.    Avoid asking about abstract concepts.
responsibilities of a CASA volunteer of the superior and juvenile            4.    Avoid “ Do you remember” questions
courts of the Tifton Judicial Circuit and that I will perform each of        5.    Don’t rush in; give child time to respond without offering
these duties to the best of my skill, knowledge and ability.                       possible answers.
                                                                             6.    With young children, do not ask for estimates of elapsed
I do further swear or affirm that I understand that I cannot give legal            time, frequency, or measurement.
advice or otherwise practice law and that I cannot perform the               7.    Never ask children to guess.
services which have been assigned by law to a governmental                   8.    Repeat names and places instead of ambiguous pronouns.
agency or agencies or professional in any case to which I am                 9.    Avoid tag questions, which suggest an answer.
assigned.                                                                    10.   Note that children are very concrete in interpretations.
                                                                             11.   Be clear when you are shifting back and forth between
I do further swear or affirm that I will always advocate in good faith             topics, people, or time.
for the best interests of each child to whom I am assigned, that I will      12.   Avoid negative stereotypes
respect the privacy of all parties involved, keeping confidential all        13.   Avoid relationship words; use names the child uses instead.
matters received in the scope of my CASA duties, and that I will             14.   Avoid yes/no questions whenever possible
complete all tasks required with respect to each child to whom I am          15.   NEVER coerce or mislead
assigned, so help me God.
Juvenile Court Hearings and Time Frames
In Abuse and Neglect Cases                                                CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocate
                                                                          GAL – Guardian ad Litem
EMERGENCY SHELTER CARE (72 Hour) HEARING: Held within                     DFCS – Department of Family and Children Services
72 hours of child’s removal. Judge must decide whether there is           CPS - Child Protective Services
probable cause to believe the child is deprived. Burden of proof is on    TPR – Termination of Parental Rights
the state (DFCS).                                                         SAAG – Special Assistant Attorney General (DFCS Attorney)
                                                                          FP/FPA – Foster Parent / Foster Parent Association
ADJUDICATORY (10 DAY or DEPRIVATION) HEARING:                             CCFA – Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment
Scheduled no later than 10 days following the filing of the deprivation   CM - Case Manager
petition and completed no later than 30 days following child’s            MDT – Multi-Disciplinary Team
removal. Decision made based on evidence from DFCS and parents.           FTM – Family Team Meeting
                                                                          FPU – Family Preservation Unit
DISPOSITIONAL HEARING: Generally heard after adjudication &               ILP – Independent Living Program
no later than 60 days following child’s removal. Case Plan introduced     IEP – Individualized Education Plan
and signed into a Court Order by the judge. DFCS testifies as to          CPRS – Case Plan Reporting System
resources and placement of child. CASA report submitted with              ICPC – Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
recommendations as to services and placement.                             SST - Student Support Teams
                                                                          ICWA – Indian Child Welfare Act
REVIEW HEARINGS: Heard within 90 days of dispositional hearing            CAPTA – Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act
and at least every 6 months thereafter. Monitoring reports from           OCGA – Official Code of Georgia Annotated
DFCS, CASA, and parents are reviewed by judge to determine if             TPO/TRO – Temporary Protective/Restraining Order
dispositional orders are being followed.                                  PO – Protective Order or Probation Officer
                                                                          TANF – Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
EXTENSION OF CUSTODY HEARINGS: Custody order placing                      ASFA – Adoption and Safe Families Act
child in care of DFCS expires at 12 months. DFCS must file to             HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
extend custody. Judge decides whether child will remain in foster         PE – Psychological Evaluation
care, return to parents, or proceed with terminating parental rights      DV- Domestic Violence
based on reports from DFCS, CASA, and input from all parties              VW – Victim Witness
involved.                                                                 SA – Substance Abuse
                                                                          DD – Developmental Disability
TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS (TPR): Judge decides,                      MH – Mental Health
based on evidence presented by DFCS, attorneys for the parents            CHIP – Children’s Health Insurance Program
and CASA report if one or more grounds for TPR exist and if it is in
the child’s best interest to terminate parents’ rights.

POST-TPR REVIEWS: Annual review required to determine if steps
have been taken to acquire permanent residency for the child.
Agencies, Organizations and other Groups

CJCJ – Council of Juvenile Court Judges
OCA - Office of Child Advocate
DHS –Department of Human Services
DJJ – Department of Juvenile Justice
VOCA – Victim of Crime Act                                Department of Child and Family Services
CJCC – Criminal Justice Coordinating Council              CASE PLAN COMPONENTS
PSSF – Promoting Safe and Stable Families
CJ4C – Committee on Justice for Children                     1. Case plan is ordered by the court. It then becomes a
PCA – Prevent Child Abuse                                       legal document.
FCC – Family Connections Collaborative                       2. It must address the issue of deprivation (abuse &
TIP – Truancy Intervention Program                              neglect)
CJA – Children’s Justice Act                                 3. The case plan should be specific to family’s needs
DEC – Drug Endangered Children                               4. It should contain the recommendations of the
GKCC – Georgia Kinship Care Coalition                           Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment.
CAC – Child Advocacy Center                                  5. Case plan must be modified through the court
GA-CAN – Georgia Child Advocacy Network

Department of Child and Family Services

1. Eligibility

         TANF – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
         Childcare Vouchers
         W.I.C – Women, Infant and Children
         Medicaid/Medicare (Peachcare)
         Vocational Rehabilitation
         Food Stamps

2. Child Protective Services
    a. Adult Protective Services
    b. Investigation
    c. Ongoing Services (Safety Plans)
    d. Foster care
    e. Permanency Plans (Relative Care Subsidy)
   Department of Family and Children Services Contact                   Tift County DFCS      229-386-3388
                                                                               Clark             Annie       229-386-3620      aeclark
                                              Email:        Faircloth          Regina       229-386-7021    rcfaircloth
Irwin County DFCS     229-468-2150                                             Harris            Sybil       229-386-7030     shharris
                                                                              Blakely           Brenda       229-386-7016     brblakely
     Last Name       First Name Of Office #                E-mail             Daniels           Sharon       229-386-7036     sldaniels
      Bracewell      Mary Lynn       229-468-2150       mlbracewell          Williams         Earlletheia    229-386-7009   eewilliams1
                                                                              Adams             Sherry       229-386-7020     saadams
      Dorminey          Ava          229-686-5568        asdorminey            Belton          Kenyatta      229-386-7484     kmbelton
        Butler         Steve         229-468-2158         sbbutler             Brown           Melissa       229-386-3510   mabrown3
       Melton        Billie Jean     229-468-2154         bjmelton             Carter           Nerisa       229-386-3113     nscarter
                                                                              Daniels          Rosalyn       229-386-7135    rwdaniels
        Jones          Minnie        229-468-2170         mcjones
                                                                               Griggs            Willa       229-386-7135     wpgriggs
                                                                              Harper            Brenda       229-386-7060     bsharper
Turner County DFCS    229-567-4353                                            Harper            Carrie       229-386-7446     ceharper
                                                                              Howard           LaTosha       229-386-7178    lmhoward
       McSwain        Melanie        229-567-4353       mmmcswain             Jacobs             Maria       229-391-2579    msjacobs
       Jackson        Belinda        229-567-4353        bajackson             Joiner          Heather       229-386-7019     hdjoiner
        Dean          Crystal        229-567-4353         cwdean             Johnson            Joyce        229-391-2581    jajohnson
       Chalon          Kerri         229-567-4353         krchalon             Lanier            Mary        229-386-7023     mmlanier
                                                                              Liggett           Debbie       229-386-7021     dwliggett
                                                                             Peterkin          Chelsea       229-386-7017    ckpeterkin
Worth County DFCS     229-777-2000                                           Saunders           Angela       229-386-7448   arsaunders
                                                                             Shavers            Angela       229-386-7447   amshavers
       Huges          Sharon          229-777-2045        sfhughes             Shipp            Wendy        229-386-3510     wgshipp
      Dawson         Takierra         229-777-2052        tdawson             Thomas            Mendi        229-391-2568   mdthomas
        Lee           Robert          229-777-2046          rglee            Valentine          Shasta       229-386-7176      slhorne
       Wright        Quandula         229-777-2050        qmwright            Walker           Natasha       229-386-3510     nswalker
       Curry          Audrey          229-777-2069         ascurry            Walker           Sabrina       229-391-2580    sawalker2
                                                                              Waters            Cheryl       229-386-3113     clwaters

                                                                        *Contact Information May Change*
CASA Contacts                                                      R.L. Mack Headstart                      229-382-5110
                                                                   Friendship First Steps Child Dev. Ctr.   229-388-8140
                                                                   Marshall’s Learning Center               229-386-0908
Coastal Plain CASA Office                 418 North Ridge Avenue   Tift Co. Rec. Dept Summer Day Camp       229-382-3262
                                          Tifton, GA 31794
                                                                   Children & Adults with Special Needs
                      Mailing Address:    P.O. Box 2587            Special Olympics                         229-382-9412
                                                                   Babies Can’t Wait                        229-391-3722
                                          Tifton, GA 31793         Diversified Enterprises                  229-386-3560
                                                                   Easter Seals of Southern GA              800-365-4583
                                          229-386-9765             Tift Co Pre School Intervention          229-387-2455
                                     FAX: 229-386-9766
                                                                   Brother Charlie’s Rescue Center          229-382-5540
                                                                   Goodwill Industries                      229-382-0093
Georgia CASA                               Coastal Plain Area EOA, Inc.             229-382-2960
National CASA                   
                                                                   Crisis Services
                                                                   Coastal Plain American Red Cross         229-382-3133
COMMUNITY RESOURCES                                                Tift Co. Needy Children’s Fund           229-387-2745
                                                                   Brother Charlie’s Rescue Center          229-382-0577
Child Abuse Prevention
                                                                   Coastal Plain Area EOA, Inc.             229-382-2960
Dept of Family & Children Services        229-386-3388
                                                                   Pregnancy Care Center                    229-382-4491
Tift Co. Council on Child Abuse           229-382-5172
                                                                   Ruth’s Cottage                           800-33HAVEN
CASA                                      229-386-9765
First Steps                               229-386-8373             Economic Development
The Patticake House                       229-382-4141
                                                                   Tifton-Tift Co. Chamber of Commerce      229-382-6200
Child Care & Preschool
Kid’s Advocacy Coalition                    229-382-9919
                                                                   Public Ser & Business Outreach ABAC      229-391-5070
Child Care Resource & Referral              866-833-3552
                                                                   Upward Bound                             229-391-5150
Childs Play Childcare                       229-387-8833
                                                                   High School Equivalency Program HEP      229-391-4878
The Potter’s House Childcare Center         229-382-4418
                                                                   College Asst Migrant Program CAMP        229-391-4883
First Methodist Preschool                   229-382-6100
                                                                   Ed. of Homeless Children & Youth         229-387-2400
High Hopes Development Center               229-387-0687
                                                                   Northeast Campus of TCHS                 229-387-2450
Maggie Campbell’s Gingerbread House
                                                                   Tift County High School                  229-387-2475
      Early Learning Center                 229-388-9494            th
                                                                   8 Street Middle School                   229-387-2445
Love Unlimited                              229-382-2968
                                                                   Matt Wilson Elementary                   229-387-2440
Miss Daisy’s Darlings                       229-387-7172
                                                                   J.T. Reddick Elementary                  229-387-2435
Mother’s Love Childcare & Learning Centers
                                                                   Charles Spencer Elementary               229-387-2430
                            229-382-0675 or 229-382-5588
                                                                   Omega Primary/Elementary                 229-528-4293
Mother Goose Kindergarten                   229-382-6243
                                                                   Northside Primary                        229-387-2425
Northside Baptist Church Weekday Education Program
                                                                   Len Lastinger Primary                    229-387-2420
                                                                   G.O. Bailey Primary                      229-387-2415
Peace Lutheran Church Preschool             229-387-0333
                                                                   Annie Belle Clark Primary                229-387-2410
6th Street Academy                       229-387-2485    Family Connection
Adult Literacy/Moultrie Tech             229-391-2615    Tift Co. Comm. on Children & Youth   229-388-1000
English Language/Moultrie Tech           229-391-2615
Literacy Volunteers Adult Education      229-382-0505    Food
Adult Basic Education                    229-386-7461    Tifton Soup Kitchen                  229-382-8438
Citizenship Prep Program                 229-382-0505    Meals on Wheels                      229-382-1922
PLIGHT, Inc.                             229-386-4360    Coastal Plain Area EOA, Inc.         229-382-2960
Tift Co. Board Of Education              229-387-2400    Brother Charlie’s Rescue Center      229-382-0577
Irwin Co. Board Of Education             229-468-7485
Worth Co. Board Of Education             229-776-8600    Government State & Local
Turner Co. Board Of Education            229-567-2461    Department of Juvenile Justice       229-386-3331
Tift Co. Pre K Program                   229-387-2455    Dept of Family & Children Services   229-386-3388
Horizon Academy                          229-386-7097    GA State Dept of Veterans Services   229-386-3856
Tiftarea Academy                         229-382-0436    Georgia Dept of Labor                229-386-3322
Tifton-Tift Co. Public Library           229-386-7148
Title 1 Parent Involvement               229-387-2400    Health
Mother’s Love Pre K                      229-382-0675    Right from the Start Medicaid        229-386-7335
Migrant Education Program                229-392-0602    I’m A Big Kid Now—TRMC               229-353-6318
Irwin Co. Education Center               229-468-9719    Tift County Health Department        229-386-8373
Irwin Co. Elementary                     229-468-9476    Children 1 Program                   229-386-8373
Irwin Co. Middle School                  229-468-5517    WIC Program                          229-386-8373
Irwin Co. High School                    229-468-9421    Perinatal Case Management Program    229-386-8373
Turner Co. Elementary                    229-567-3611    Tift Teen Health Center              229-388-0008
Turner Co. Middle School                 229-567-4343    Prepared Childbirth Class—TRMC       229-353-6316
Turner Co. High School                   229-567-4377
Turner Co. Special Services School       229-567-3412    Housing
Worth Co. High School                    229-776-8625    Brookfield Mews Apts.                229-382-6278
Worth Co. Middle School                  229-776-8620    Brother Charlie’s Rescue Center      229-382-0577
Sylvester Elementary School              229-776-8605    Habitat for Humanity                 229-387-5059
Worth County Primary School              229-776-8660    Tifton Housing Authority             229-382-5434
                                                         Magnolia Place Apts.                 229-382-1344
Elderly                                                  Meadow Crossing Apts.                229-528-4881
Social Security Admin.                   229-382-6457    Meadowwood Apts.                     229-382-2124
Leroy Rogers Senior Center               229-391-9299    Tift Towers                          229-386-8911
Tift Health Care Nursing Home            229-382-7342    Wildwood Apts.                       229-386-2178
Golden Living Center                     229-382-1665
Georgia Legal Service Program, Inc.      800-546-5232    Legal
                                                         Child Support Enforcement            229-387-8557
Employment/Job Skills                                    Georgia Legal Services               800-546-5232
GA Dept. of Labor                         229-386-3322
Diversified Enterprises                   229-386-3560   Mental Health/Counseling Services
Career Net/Work Force Center and Work in Action          Behavioral Health Services           229-391-2300
             Scholarship Program          229-386-7461   Horizon Academy                      229-386-7097
Coastal Plain Area EOA                    229-382-2960
Mentoring                                               QUICK FIND
Big Brothers/Big Sisters                229-382-2077    American Red Cross                  229-382-3133
Youth Apprenticeship Program            229-402-4362    Tift Co. Animal Control             229-382-7387
Girl Scouts of SW Georgia               800-448-4762    Birth Certificates                  229-386-8373
Boy Scouts of America                   229-436-7226    Tifton Chamber of Commerce          229-382-6200
PLIGHT, Inc.                            229-386-4360
                                                        Child Support Enforcement           229-387-8557
Recreational Services                                   Extension Service                   229-391-7980
Tiftarea YMCA                           229-391-9622    Irwin Co. Sheriff’s Department      229-468-7459
Tift County Recreation Dept.            229-382-3262    Ocilla Police Department            229-468-7494
                                                        Turner Co. Sheriff’s Department     229-567-2401
Resource & Referral                                     Ashburn Police Department           229-567-2323
United Way of S. Central GA             229-382-2881    Tifton Post Office                  229-382-1511
Child Care Resource & Referral          229-833-3552    Tifton Police Department            229-382-3132
Parent to Parent of Georgia             800-229-2038    Tifton-Tift County Library          229-386-7148
Ruth’s Cottage                          229-387-9697
                                     or 800-33HAVEN
                                                        Tift County Sheriff’s Department    229-388-6020
Substance Abuse                                         Worth County Sheriff’s Department   229-776-8211
Alcoholics Anonymous                    229-386-1600    Sylvester Police Department         229-776-8501
Behavioral Health Services              229-391-2300    Veteran’s Services                  229-386-3856
Lakeside Addiction Recovery Center      229-386-3537
Support Group
Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation      229-382-3322
Hospice Reflections Support Group       229-353-6330
Cancer Support Group                    229-386-1300
Diabetes Support Group                  229-353-6753
Ruth’s Cottage                          229-387-9697

Transportation Services
Tift Lift Transit                       229-382-8438

Youth Programs
Youth Crime Prevention Program           229-382-5434
Youth Abstinence Program                 229-382-5434
Community Involvement Center—Tifton Police
         Department                      229-386-5299
Tift Teen Health Center                  229-388-0008

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