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                             October 15, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT: In compliance with Chapter 231. Public Law 1975, adequate
notice of the meeting was made. It is included in the Annual Meetings posted on the
bulletin board in the Municipal Center. Copies have been mailed to the PRESS
JOURNAL, the BERGEN RECORD and the SUBURBANITE. A copy has been filed
with the Borough Clerk and copies have been mailed to individuals requesting the same.

Date: 10/15/08         Time of Meeting: 8:03pm                Location: Municipal Center

Members Present:
(M) X Mayor Hoelscher
(1) X Councilman Betancourt                   (4) X Councilwoman Ryan
(2) X Councilwoman Dunlea                     (5) X Councilman Lander
(3) X Councilman Pedersen (8:15)              (6) X Councilman Luciano

X Susan S. Nelson, Borough Clerk

The following is a list of subjects covered, actions taken and a record of any votes.
Suspend Regular Order of Business
Councilman Betancourt moved to suspend the regular order of business. Upon second by
Councilwoman Dunlea, motion carried without dissenting vote.                         5-0

Engineering Report – Greg Polyniak, Neglia Engineering
1) Pondside Field: The DEP land use permitting package was submitted on September
19 for an Individual Flood Hazard Permit for Riparian Buffer Disturbance. The package
was deemed administratively complete on September 23 and the DEP has 90 days for
technical review.
2) DPW Garage Drain: The BCUA Wastewater Discharge Survey was submitted on
October 3 and was reviewed by Mr. John Dinese. The Borough will be permitted to
connect the DPW floor drain to the sanitary sewer system. A Municipal Referral Form
must be submitted to the BCUA. It is anticipated that this project will go to bid in
December, and that the bid would be below the bid threshold.
3) Lynn Street/Higgins Place: The survey has been completed. The Individual
Freshwater Wetlands and Flood Hazard Permit Package should be submitted in early
November with a 20-day administrative review and 90-day technical review by DEP.

Councilman Luciano asked Mr. Polyniak to explain the reasoning for piping and current
separator drain information for the DPW drain project. Mr. Polyniak did so.

The Mayor asked Mr. Polyniak if he was comfortable with the December 2 bid date for
the DPW project – he said that he was and that it would give the Borough 2 months to
complete the job. The Mayor asked about possible contractors for the project. Mr.
Polyniak noted that Neglia has a number of them to tap into.

Councilman Lander asked about any problems due to cold weather. Mr. Polyniak felt
that there was enough time to work around the weather.

Mr. Polyniak was thanked for his report.

Fire Department Report
Chief Lowe reported on September activities for the Department:
4 fire calls; 2 regular fire drills; 1 regular company business meeting; 1 officers’ meeting;
1 Interboro mutual aid meeting; 1 mutual aid radio meeting; 2 equipment inspections; 1
convention in Wildwood; 1 fireworks stand-by in Old Tappan; and 2 parade clean-ups.
Additionally, he reported on the Northern Valley Fire Chief’s Parade held on October 4
in Haworth – the Department had the largest turnout with over 30 members marching,
they won 1st place for marching in the 25+ members group and 1st place for apparatus.
The Old Tappan Fire Dept. provided stand-by coverage for the Dept. during the day.
On October 7 the Northvale Fire Dept. held a Fire Prevention event at McDonalds.

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Upcoming events in October are: Saturday, October 18, we will be providing coverage
for Norwood from 9:00am to 9:00pm while they cover Spring Valley; on Thursday,
October 23 the department will be a hosting a mutual aid drill at the DPW compound
with Norwood, Closter, Haworth, and the Harr. Park Ambulance.

The Mayor asked the Chief for more information on the awards. The Chief gave more
detail as requested.

Joseph McArdle - a new resident – asked to discuss the train noise problem. He wrote a
letter to the editor for the paper in response to an article he read. He is aware of the
Borough’s efforts with quiet zones, but feels that CSX might be able to reduce the
volume during the night time. He feels that it is a Northern Valley problem not just a
Harrington Park problem. He understands that each train has a box that monitors the
whistles, etc.

The Mayor thanked Mr. McArdle for his concern. He further explained some of the
efforts that the Borough and neighboring towns have done in this effort. He promised
that he would keep him informed of any progress or additional information. The Mayor
also noted some resistance with the Council for spending $180,000 for quiet zones.

Karen Griffiths – 93 Bogerts Mill Road – asked to revisit the traffic issues on her street
relative to speeding and a recent accident. There are @ 23 children in that area. She
would like something done as soon as possible.

The Mayor suggested “children at play” signs. He called the County relative to
sidewalks and will pursue this idea. He has spoken to the Chief to increase patrols on
that street. He has also asked our grants people to keep their eyes open for possible
funding for sidewalks.

Mrs. Griffiths asked how the grants work. The Mayor explained what some of the
criteria are to qualify, which sometimes eliminates our eligibility.

Councilman Luciano suggested the residents contact the County to let them know their

Councilman Pedersen explained the restrictions placed on the Police Dept. relative to

Councilman Lander asked if there were specific times of the day that are bad – all day
was the reply.

Robert Fritsch – 131 Bogerts Mill Road – also gave similar accounts to Mrs. Griffiths

Fire Chief Lowe – was asked about coverage for non-emergency use for repairs to the
Chief’s vehicles. He explained that the cars are used for 24/7 on call usage.

Councilman Luciano noted that he was the one who questioned what had happened to the
tail light assembly. He then had asked if the Borough had a policy for repetitive damage
by any employee, but not specifically directed to the Fire Department.

A brief discussion followed on protection of municipal assets in general.

Councilman Lander cautioned both sides to maintain level heads and not make things
more personal than they are intended to be.

The Mayor agreed with Councilman Lander and noted that he would like to sit down with
members of both sides to discuss this further.

Closed to Public Discussion
Councilman Pedersen moved to close the meeting to public discussion. Upon second by
Councilman Betancourt motion carried without dissenting vote.                 6-0

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Mayor Hoelscher suggested a 3-minute comfort break.                8:42pm

Council resumed the meeting at 8:50pm.

Committee Reports
Building Department
Councilman Betancourt noted that Nick Lepore had asked about putting an office in the
basement. The Councilman was not sure about ADA issues so would not endorse the
idea at this time.

Mayor Hoelscher noted that he met yesterday with the Norwood Mayor and
Administrator relative to combining building departments with Harrington Park and
Norwood. He feels the idea has some merit. Perhaps they can meet next Wednesday,
10/22 @ 7pm to discuss it further. As we already share the inspector with Northvale, this
would be 3 towns.

Other shared ideas mentioned at yesterday’s meeting were fireworks, parades, etc. He
asked Councilman Betancourt and Lander if they can attend the meeting in Norwood.

The Mayor also noted that he had attended the Riverside Cooperative meeting this
morning where they discussed shared services for road equipment with the County.

Recreation Commission
Councilwoman Dunlea reported that the 5K race raised @ $10,000, with $300 donated by
the Boy Scouts. It went very well.

The Mayor concurred that the race went well, as well as the spaghetti dinner the night

RA-192 – Lions Club Raffle
Councilman Pedersen introduced the following Resolution:
Upon second by Councilman Betancourt, Resolution was adopted on roll call vote with
all Council members present voting in the affirmative.                         6-0
Approved: October 15, 2008


Social Affair Permit – Historical Society
Councilman Pedersen introduced the following Resolution:
Upon second by Councilwoman Lander, Resolution was adopted on roll call vote with all
Council members present voting in the affirmative.                           6-0
Approved: October 15, 2008


The Mayor noted all are invited.

Board of Health
Councilwoman Ryan noted that the Board met with the County on Health Services.
Some details need to be worked out.
The Mayor noted that he understood they voted to go ahead, but the sanitarian and nurse
positions would be the Borough’s own appointments.

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Quasi Entity – JIF – Historical Society
Councilwoman Ryan introduced the following Resolution:
               SEE ADDENDUM “C”
Upon second by Councilman Pedersen and with the following discussion, Resolution was
adopted on roll call vote with all Council members present voting in the affirmative.5-0
Approved: October 15, 2008


Councilman Luciano asked for the reasoning of this Resolution – the Mayor explained
that the Society is a product of the Borough and would be allowed on our insurance

Fire Department/Fire Company
Councilwoman Ryan commended the Fire Dept. for their quick response to an electrical
fire on her block.
Councilman Lander also noted their quick response.

Councilman Lander reported that last Sunday the NVOT Environmental Club (under
Brian Hanson-Harding) did a clean-up at Beechwood Park and the neighboring Water
Company area. They got a lot of garbage and did a great job. Some students noted that
there have already been Facebook postings stating that the jumps would continue to be

A discussion continued on this subject.

Motion – DPW Appointment
Councilman Lander moved to appoint Bryan Frank Bigelow, 22 Rudolph Avenue,
Elmwood Park, NJ, as a temporary worker in the Department of Public Works for
recycling at $10.00/hour beginning September 4, 2008. Upon second by Councilwoman
Ryan and without discussion, motion carried with Councilman Luciano the sole
dissenting vote.                                                              4-1

Councilman Lander reported that the Northern Valley Old Tappan student environmental
club (SOPE) has proposed a project to clean up Beechwood Park. The Harrington Park
Environmental Commission is in favor of this project. A discussion followed on
potential safety issues.

Mayor Hoelscher reported on the following items:
   Next week he will be asking to approve 3 crossing guards – 1 for a full-time post
      and 2 for substitute status, as well as the Tappan Road/Lafayette Avenue post.
      The last 2 hires were done without Council approval, and then subsequently
      approved at the January Reorganization meeting. The Mayor explained how the
      Police Dept. has been hiring crossing guards in the past. The new guard has been
      there since the beginning of the school year. He further explained how the
      vacancy came up and was then filled.
   Shared services for fuel with Closter – Mayor Heymann wants compensation to
      redo their tanks.
   Vision plan – more info will be given for the 2009 budget.
   Garbage contract – Councilwoman Dunlea has been working on this with Jack
      Dineen and Councilman Lander. Councilwoman Dunlea noted that Mark Kiernan
      has put in a lot of effort on working out details on collection days, etc.
   The Municipal Auction planned for November was explained – 2 police cars,
      some computer equipment, and miscellaneous items will be put up for auction.
   Bogerts Mill Road – an additional idea would be for a special assessment for
      installing sidewalks on that road.
   Tri-Valley Academy – he asked Council to review the request for possible action
      next week.
   HUMC – the date is still unknown for a meeting. He asked all to keep it in mind.

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    Harriot Avenue Bridge – there is a water problem on one side with a gap in the
     sidewalk that gets muddy in wet weather. Mark Kiernan got a price of $211 to
     connect the 2 sidewalks. The Mayor asked Councilman Lander to ask Mark
     Kiernan to take care of the sidewalk.

Councilman Luciano noted that he had seen a letter from Greg Polyniak/Neglia
Engineering okaying work at 7 Riker Avenue. He is still waiting for certification from
the engineers that all requested information has been provided. The Mayor said he would
talk to Mr. Polyniak.

Mayor Hoelscher advised that all Council members should be at Borough Hall next
Monday, October 20, at 7:00pm for a joint meeting with the Planning Board on the 3rd
Round COAH requirements. He explained the various items/contingencies to submit by
the deadline of December 31, 2008.

Closed Session
Councilman Pedersen made a motion to go into closed session for reasons of police
personnel issues and negotiations for the PBA contract. Upon second by Councilman
Betancourt and without discussion, motion carried without dissenting vote.

Return to Open Session
Councilman Pedersen made a motion to return to open session. Upon second by
Councilman Lander and without discussion, motion carried without dissenting vote.

Motion – Temporary Hires as Crossing Guards
Councilman Pedersen moved to temporarily hire Gerry Gehl as a crossing guard, and to
temporarily hire Alison Campbell and Robert Shortal as substitute crossing guards
pending advertisement of these positions. Upon second by Councilwoman Dunlea,
motion carried without dissenting vote.                                           6-0

Councilman Pedersen moved for adjournment. Upon second by Councilman Betancourt,
motion carried without dissenting vote.                                  6-0
                                                              Time: 10:15pm

Minutes taken by S. Nelson, Borough Clerk

                                     ADDENDUM “A”


              BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of
       Harrington Park that it approves RAFFLES to be held by the Lions Club of
       Harrington Park on Saturday, December 6, 2008, at 8:00pm at the Harrington
       Park Fire Company at 13 Kline Street, Harrington Park, and that the Borough
       Clerk be authorized to issue License RA-192.

                                     ADDENDUM “B”


               BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of
               Harrington Park that it has no objection to granting permission for the
               Harrington Park Historical Society to apply for a Social Affairs Permit to
               hold an event at St. Andrew’s Church, Lynn Street, Harrington Park on
               October 17, 2008, from 7:00pm - 10:00pm to serve alcoholic beverages.

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               BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Chief of Police has no
               objections to the filing of said application, and the Borough Clerk has
               certified that not more than 25 Special Permits for Social Affairs have
               been authorized for these premises during this calendar year.

               NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Borough Clerk be
               authorized to sign said application and forward same to the Department of
               Law & Public Safety, Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Trenton.

                                     ADDENDUM “C”


       WHEREAS the Borough of Harrington Park is a participating member of the
       Bergen County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund relative to General Liability and
       other coverage; and,

       WHEREAS the "FUND" has adopted certain criteria to distinguish between bona
       fide municipal activities and other quasi-public entities not sponsored by the
       municipality and therefore, not subject to coverage by the "FUND;" and,

       WHEREAS it has been determined that in order to be covered by the "FUND" an
       organization or activity meet the test that its function is of the type that
       historically municipalities have undertaken themselves or have provided with
       insurance coverage and/or is one which advances a bona fide local public purpose
       on a non-profit basis typically met by local government, the benefits of which are
       available to the municipality in general; and,

       WHEREAS the Borough has asked the "FUND" to extend General Liability and
       Non-Owned Automobile Liability Coverage to the following entities:


       Name: Harrington Park Historical Society
       Activity: Education, preservation, and maintenance of cemeteries, as well as
                 archiving of historical data of the Borough
       Type of Activity: Clerical work, social gatherings, etc.

       NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Council of the
       Borough of Harrington Park as follows:

       It is hereby certified that the above listed organization exists within the Borough
       of Harrington Park as a bona fide charitable, educational, or recreational activity
       of the municipality and is, in fact, an organization that supports and/or provides
       services to the municipality in general and as such is sponsored or subsidized
       directly or indirectly by the municipality.

       The Borough of Harrington Park does hereby request that this organization
       described herein be named as an additional insured for General Liability and Non-
       Owned Automobile Liability and Property Liability Coverage in accordance with
       the applicable limits and restrictions.

       A certified copy of this Resolution shall be filed with the Secretary of the Bergen
       County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund.

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