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Adrian Banninga by pengxuezhi


									1 Adrian Banninga
                                                                            - EU Citizen

 Career: Art & Creative Direction/Management


      10 years professional development experience in the video game and multimedia industry
      Experience spanning, Art Direction, Outsourcing, Cineamtics, Consulting, etc.
      Award winning background in Art production for video games
      Development on multiple titles across PC, PlayStation and Xbox 360

  “I've had the great pleasure of working with Adrian over the years, and each time he has delivered. I
        highly recommend Adrian for any organization looking for capable and dependable staff.”
                         Hector R, Fernandez, President, Streamline Studios

  “Adrian caught my attention because he always passionately worked on finding new ways to organize
    people and to optimize the workflow within our studio. He had some great and detailed ideas about
   how to improve the organization of our artist and came up with a system that could easily identify the
    studio's strong and weak spots. This was just one of many good ideas Adrian had to offer. Adrian is
   clearly someone that learnt a lot from his extensive experience in the games industry and is eager to
                                     do some good with his knowledge.”
                             Robin Keijzer, Art Director, Playlogic Games
                                                                               View Portfolio at

         Team Leadership                                     Quality Assurance & Control
         Project & Milestone planning                        Internal & External Development
         Creative Direction and Guidance                     Strong Artistic & Cinematic Vision
         Multi-task across multiple projects                 Planning & Structuring Creative teams
         Creative problem solving                            Creation of Processes & Workflow


                                                                                             2008 - 2009
 Playlogic Games
 Lead Artist & Outsource Manager

 Playlogic hired me based on my skillset hoping I could help streamline their internal creative process
 and workflow as well as handle the external outsourcers. I was involved in weekly management,
 SCRUM and review meetings with all team leads, producer and studio director throughout the entire
 production helping identify issues and adapting planning.

         Responsible for outsourcing process on Fairytale Fights, XB360, PS3 and PC. I had to
          restructure the process from the ground up and instill proper review and return policies. Had to
          visit one outsourcer in Paris France to fix quality issues with their initial deliverables.
         Production planning and re-structuring by working closely with the Project Manager and
          Art Director we formed a proper timeline and project plan, improved workflow of internal
          production, assigned coordinators at key positions throughout development teams providing
          creative freedom to the Art Director and removing the need to micro manage personnel.
 Playlogic Games (Continued)
         Quality control on all outsourced assets which included the oversight of a dedicated team
          reviewing 4000 animations and 1500 assets in the form of Characters, Buildings, weapons,
          décor etc.
         Spearheaded planning and creation of 30 Cinematic sequences when Cinematic lead was
          required but not budgeted. Actively helped to complete all 30 Cinematic in-house by working
          with Unreal 3 Engine.
2 Adrian Banninga

 DigiThirst                                                                                 2007-2008
 Co-Founder (CEO & Manager)

 Through Market research for Allgraf Studios (see below) I identified an opportunity in the local
 community spawning the creation of DigiThirst, a Cyber Café founded by myself and two other
 partners with the goal of attracting gamers and holiday goers in the area offering gaming on PC &
 Consoles. I also merged my IT services company into DigiThirst providing Computer sales, repairs,
 point of sale setup, and consultation services to both private and business clients.

        Became local hangout for serious gamers and anyone who enjoyed playing games by
         offering all night gaming events and always having the latest game titles and hardware.
        First of its kind in the country to provide console gaming in dedicated rooms with HD
         Televisions and 5.1 surround sound for true gaming experience.

 Allgraf Studios                                                                          2005-2008
 Founder (CEO, & Artist for Hire)                                           

 Allgraf Studios was founded in 2005 with the intention of doing independent game development in
 South Africa however funding for a full-fledged game proved too expensive and high risk for investors
 unexposed to the game development industry, instead re-focused on Outsourcing, company branding
 and marketing materials.

        Achieved success in branding, marketing, including promotional materials, helping local
         entrepreneurs achieve greater exposure for their products and services.
        Created materials for large property developers including 3D layouts and promotional
         materials for a new shopping mall that needed to attract investment and retailers.

 Streamline Studios                                                                       2001-2004
 Co-Founder (Art Director, Producer/PM)                         

 As Co-founder of Streamline Studios I had many duties ranging from day to day decision making,
 business development, project assessment & bidding, Contract negotiations, Creation of processes,
 workflow, running the art department and actively participating in project execution as an artist.

        Worked on “James Bond - Nightfire” with Gearbox Software, creating 23 full motion video
         segments. This was one of the first projects we handled and needed to be executed within 6
         months and we only had a team of 5 artists to complete the project.
        In-Game intro for Unreal Tournament 2004, one of the largest and well-known brands in the
         industry developed by Epic software with whom we crafted a close relationship giving way to
         working with their technology and on their later titles.
        Other projects included, in-game assets for “Big Mother Truckers 1 & 2” by Eutechnyx,
         “Sinbad - Legend of the Seven Seas” by Small Rockets, FMV intro for “Dead Man's Hand” by
         Humanhead, a pitch for a Warhammer 40K CG Television show and a few other projects.

 Rewolf Software                                                                            Year 2000
 Lead Cinematic Artist

        Responsible for creation of introductory cinematic through planning, scheduling and execution.
        Creatively I handled everything from the rough storyboarding process up to final completion of
         the fully rendered cinematic in just over 3 months working 16 Hours 7 days a week.
        Gained critical game production experience via mentorship from Valve, developer of Half
         Life. Valve bought Gunman Chronicles from Rewolf software and relocated us to their head
         offices situated in Seattle to finish development of the game.
        Project received positive exposure and recognition from leading developers while at E3 2000.
        Awarded best introduction 2001 award at the 3D Festival in Copenhagen.
3 Adrian Banninga

 Hands on Artistry

        Cinematics & Animation                              Landscape & Environmental artist
        Compositing                                         Graphic Design
        Camera & Scene composition                          FX & Particles
        Lighting                                            Motion Capture Cleanup
        Level Decoration Unreal 3 Engine                    Mechanical Modeling

 Software Experience
 3D Studio Max, Unreal 3 Engine, Combustion, PaintShop Pro, Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Digital
 Fusion, Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Project, Visio, Outlook, Windows 95 – Windows 7, Sound Forge,
 Adobe After Effects, etc.

                MCSE Certified through Intec Collage Cape Town 1999
                Self-taught in all things 3D and Art Related since 1997
                Self-taught in all things IT and related since 1991
                High school – Completed in 1996

 “During the cut scene development on Fairytale Fights I worked with Adrian. I found he had a great
 grasp on the planning of the numerous scenes and a very trained eye when it came to editing and
 framing of the shots. During production he was organized, calm, easy going and all in all a great help.

              Paul van der Meer, Writer and Cut scene artist, Playlogic Game Factory

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