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kills 1

   HARDY,           Ky.     —
 An automobile accident in
the Blackberry community
resulted in the death of a
Delbarton man.
   The Kentucky State Po-
lice have offered few de-
tails about the Friday
afternoon       crash      that
claimed the life of Steve
Hall Jr., except to confirm
the accident did occur. On
both Friday and Saturday,
the agency deferred ques-
tions to the public affairs
officer who normally issues
press releases in reference
to traffic fatalities. That of-
ficer will not be in until
   Hall, 55, is survived by
his father, Steve Hall Sr.,
and his son, David Hall.
   He was preceded in death
by his mother, Alberta
Irene Hall, and his wife,
Deonna Lockard Hall.
   Funeral services will be
                                               Local hospital, pharmacy
conducted Monday at the
Chafin Funeral Home in
Delbarton with visitation
on Sunday.
   See complete obituary
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M ot he r ’ s
   D ay
                                          Rutherford touts benefits of coal at Massey
                                          leadership conference discussion mine for

Although Mother’s Day is
celebrated each year because                                                             more than 60 percent of the oil it        world’s oil.”
of the efforts of a West Vir-                                                            consumes, and the military is the             Rutherford added that the Amer-          safety
                                          SPECIAL TO THE DAILY NEWS

ginia daughter, U.S. Rep.                    PIKEVILLE, Ky. – Pike County                largest user. To continue to spend        ica’s energy demands are expected to
Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.) has                 Judge-Executive joined Jim Kelly               this amount on imported foreign oil       double by the year 2020 and the cur-
                                          and Reps. W. Keith Hall and Leslie
an idea to further honor                                                                 means the poorhouse is just around        rent financial crisis across the nation
mothers.                                  Combs as panelist during the East              the corner.”                              at all levels of government could be
   On Thursday, Rahall                    Kentucky Leadership Conference’s                 Rutherford said coal is America’s       lightened with the use of coal.
cosponsored legislation to re-            panel “Fate and the Future of Coal             energy future and the utilization of         “America can’t continue to look
                                          and Alternative Energy Resources.”             coal in every form — whether it is        beyond coal and our unavoidable
                                                                                                                                                                             By TIM HUBER

quire the minting of a $1 coin
                                              Rutherford has a longtime sup-
                                                                                                                                                                             AP BUSINESS WRITER

to commemorate Mother’s                                                                  in its natural state, coal-to-liquid or   energy demands will have to be              CHARLESTON,
Day.                                      porter of coal, coal miners and the            coal gasification. He said the use of     met,” he said. “Coal fuels more elec-     W.Va. (AP) — Strug-
   “Mother’s Day is one of                coal industry and made that very               coal could decrease America’s de-         tricity in America than all other         gling coal producer
West Virginia’s most endear-              clear during his time as panelist.             pendency on foreign oil.                  sources combined. Electricity from        Massey Energy Co. said
ing contributions to the cher-                “Facts are sometimes a stubborn               “Can America free itself from its      coal is essential and affordable.         Friday it will stop pro-
ished traditions that set our             thing,” Rutherford said. “Let’s take a         dependence on imported foreign oil?       America has over 22 percent of the        duction at a West Vir-
Nation apart,” said Rahall.               hard look at America’s energy reali-           The answer is yes and the solution is     world’s coal reserves and has only a      ginia mine for three
   As mothers across the na-              ties of today: debt and deficiency, in-        simple: by using the abundant en-         mere 3 percent of the world’s natural     days to retrain workers
tion visit with their children            stability in the Middle East where             ergy source produced within our           gas reserves. Using coal mined right      after the operation was
and grandchildren on Sun-                 most of the oil we import is pro-              borders – coal,” Rutherford said.         here in the United States would save      cited for a string of seri-
day, basking in the cards,                duced and Japan’s nuclear plants               “America has coal reserves that will      this great country from possible          ous safety violations
flowers and other items of af-            melting down. America spends                   last for 245 years and coal is by far     bankruptcy.”                              during a surprise federal
                                          $400,000 per minute, $15 million               the most inexpensive source of fuel           While the mining of coal has put
                                          per hour and $360 million per day              per BTU. America’s coal deposits
                                          on imported oil. America imports               contain more energy than the entire
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2A I SUNDAY, MAY 8, 2011                                                                                                                                   WILLIAMSON DAILY NEWS

                                                                                                                                to exchange vows

Smith adds finishing touch to senior shows
  PIKEVILLE, Ky. – The           art major and is a reflection    art training before college    sense of not knowing what
Weber Art Gallery at             of the students’ develop-        and just started refining my   is going to result, which
Pikeville College is cur-        ment and interests. Smith’s      raw talent three years ago,”   can be a roller coaster of a
rently featuring the works       show features a variety of       said Smith. “I took a basic    ride. However, Anthony
of graduating senior An-         media including digital,         drawing class and decided      has great passion for and
thony Smith.                     sculptures, paintings, carv-     to change majors after my      joy in making art and that
  The senior art show            ings, pencil sketches and        art professor acknowledged     has always been a pleasure
meets part of the exit re-       ink drawings.                    my talent and suggested I      to witness.”
quirement for a graduating         “I didn’t have any formal      consider becoming an art          The art show will run
                                                                  major.”                        through May 17. The com-
                                                                     Smith is a member of the    munity is cordially invited
                                                                  art club and played on the     to view the art show.
                                                                  Pikeville College men’s           The Weber Art Gallery is
                                                                  basketball team for two        located on the second floor
                                                                  seasons before becoming        of the Record Memorial
                                                                  the student assistant coach    Building at Pikeville Col-
 The Williamson Housing Authority (WHA) desires to hire a

                                                                  for the 2011 national          lege. Gallery hours are:
 full-time (40-hours per week and overtime may be required)

                                                                  championship team. He is       Monday 10-11 a.m., noon-
 maintenance mechanic that can perform routine maintenance

                                                                  the son of Valerie and Sean    5 p.m.; Tuesday 9:30 a.m.-
 and unit turnarounds. Drug testing for the presence of illegal

                                                                  Voliton of Parkersburg,        1 p.m., 1:30 p.m.-2:30
 substances/drugs will be performed. A comprehensive employee                                                                   Randy Hatfield and Teresa Jarrell would like to an-

                                                                  W.Va.                          p.m.; Wednesday 10-11
 benefits package is included after serving a six-month evalua-                                                                 nounce their upcoming wedding May 14, 2011 at 7:30

                                                                     “Anthony is someone         a.m., noon-1 p.m., 2-5
 tion/probationary period. Must have 1 year of experience in                                                                    p.m. at the Parsley Bottom Freewill Baptist Church.The
                                                                                                                                bride-elect is the daughter of Lester H. Urban of Ker-

                                                                  who brings a wide range of     p.m.; Thursday 9:30 a.m.-
 maintenance and repair skills. Persons interested should come
                                                                                                                                mit, W.Va. and the late Billie Jean Urban of Lenore,

                                                                  interests — basketball,        1p.m., 1:30-2:30 p.m., 3-5
 to the WHA Victoria Court office located at 1612 West 6th Av-
                                                                                                                                W.Va. She is employed by the Williamson Family Care

                                                                  technology, fantasy, di-       p.m.; and Friday 10 a.m.-5
 enue, Williamson, WV between the hours of 8am-12pm and                                                                         Center. The groom-elect is the son of Wallie and Ethel

                                                                  nosaurs — to his creative      p.m. For more information
 1pm-4pm Monday through Thursday to pick up an application                                                                      Hatfield of Duncan Fork,W.Va., and is employed by the

                                                                  process,” said Patricia        contact Patricia Kowalok at
 and a complete job description. All applications must be re-                                                                   Mingo County Sheriff’s Department. A reception will

                                                                  Kowalok, professor of art.     218-5758 or Petra Carroll
 ceived in our office by Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 4:00pm. The                                                                  be held in the social hall of the church immediately fol-

                                                                  “Frequently, there is a        at 218-5759.
 WHA is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. NO                                                                            lowing the wedding. The couple will reside at Delbar-
 PHONE CALLS PLEASE.                                                                                                            ton, W.Va.

   Sponsored by Sponsor

          SUBMISSIONS OPEN                                        may       13
          VOTING BEGINS                                           june       1
          VOTING ENDS                                 5pm, june             15

                                                                     W ES I
                                                                   $15 ii ConsNCLUD
                                                                      0 Sa ole       E
  Newborn Sponsor                                                           ving and
                                                                                s Bo

                  2 WINNERS OF 7 Categories
       Grand Prize • Newborn (0-12 months) • Toddler (12-24 months)
     2-4 Years Old • 4-6 Years Old • 6-9 Years Old • 9-12 Years Old
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    I Community Calendar
              May 10               Presbyterian Church at 29 at an annual banquet at                   1 will be held from 6 p.m.    free crisis counseling and           (304) 687-5705 or (304)
       Stone Heritage, Inc. will   West 6th Ave. A reception 6:30 p.m. at the campus of                to 10 p.m. at Dandy’s, 1st    outreach services to the             201-3196.
    hold its regular business      will follow.                  Southern West Virginia                avenue and Court Street in    victims of the June 2010
    meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the                                  Community and Technical               Williamson, on a first        flood disaster. Free serv-             Author Kyle Lovern is
    historic Red Robin Build-         Logan Street First Bap- College.                                 come, first serve basis. For  ices are available until Au-         compiling old photographs
    ing in Stone, Ky. Everyone     tist Church invites every-                                          more information, contact     gust 2011. For more                  for an upcoming book. For
    is welcome to attend.          one to attend its Annual              May 24-25                     Lyrick Promotions, LTD.,      information or to signup,            more information or to
                                   Women’s Day Program at 3        The Mingo Career Cen-               at 304-235-2823.              call (304) 235-3656 ext.             send photos, contact him at
                                   p.m. The theme is “The ter will conduct GED test-                                                 419 for the Mingo-Logan     or
             May 13                Key to Reaching the Un- ing for candidates who                                                    branch, (304) 436-2106               copies of the photos can be
      The City of Williamson       reached: Women Reaching have passed the official                               June 17            ext. 250 for the Wyoming-            mailed to him at Kyle
    Board of Parks and Recre-      the Unreached Through the practice test. For more in-                  The Mingo County De- McDowell branch, or                        Lovern, 123 Yeager Drive,
    ation will hold its regular    Many Hats They Wear.” formation, contact John                       mocrat Women will hold (304) 888-8639.                             Williamson, WV, 25661.
    meeting at 12 p.m. at the      Ladies are asked to wear Webb at 304-475-3347 ext.                  their annual picnic at the
    Field House.                   hats, however all are asked 17. To register for Adult               Williamson City Pool at 6       HELP in conjunction                   Jacob’s Well Mission in
                                   to attend even if it is with- Basic Education to take the           p.m. Local and state demo- with the STOP Coalition                 Williamson is currently
      The East Williamson          out a hat. A reception will practice test, call Mary                crat leaders are welcome to holds weekly family sup-               looking for volunteers and
    Baptist Church’s tenth an-     follow.                       Oliver at 304-235-2022.               join. Members are asked to port group meetings for                 donations for their soup
    nual Gospel Sing will be at                                                                        bring whatever dishes or families with drug or alco-               kitchen. For more informa-
    7 p.m. Everyone is invited               May 17                          June 4                    desserts they are on the list hol addicted members. The            tion call (606) 236-5955.
    to attend.                       The Mingo County De-            Acoustic Guitar Open-             for. All members and fami- meetings are held each
                                   mocrat Women will hold         Mic Night VI will be held            lies are invited and encour- Monday from 6:30 p.m. to                The Disabled Veterans of
              May 14               their monthly meeting at 6     at the Righteous Brew Cof-           aged to attend.               7:30 p.m. at the Larry Joe           America Chapter 141 will
       Acoustic Guitar Open-       p.m. at the Righteous Brew     feehouse, 182 E. 2nd Ave,                                          Harless Center in Gilbert.           perform military rites at
    Mic Night V will be held at    Coffee       House       in    Williamson, from 6 p.m. to                      Ongoing                                                 deceased veterans' funer-
    the Righteous Brew Cof-        Williamson. All members        10 p.m. Performance                                                            Narcotics Anonymous als. For more information,
    feehouse, 182 E. 2nd Ave,      and potential members are      spaces will be held on a               Every fourth Monday of                meetings will be held contact Fred Baldwin at
    Williamson, from 6 p.m. to     encouraged to attend and       first come-first served              each month, House of                    weekly on Sundays at 3 (304) 475-4760.
    10 p.m. Performance            bring someone with you         basis. For more informa-             Hope Food Pantry on He-                 p.m. at the Harry Joyce
    spaces will be held on a       and ideas for community        tion, contact Lyric Promo-           lena Avenue in Delbarton                Center on Liberty St., off   Lynn Freewill Baptist
    first come-first served        involvement.                   tions at 304-235-2823.               holds its food giveaway.                of    Vinson      St.   in holds Church Youth Works
    basis. For more informa-                                                                           They offer USDA foods                   Williamson. For more in- the third Monday and
    tion, contact Lyric Promo-               May19                           June 5                    free of charge to qualifying            formation, call (304) 235- Tuesday of each month
    tions at 304-235-2823.           Stone Heritage, Inc. will      The W.T. and Stella De-            low-income families. Hour               2093.                      from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Busing
                                   hold its regular meeting at    skins family reunion will            of operation are from 10                                           Provided. For Information,
      The Matewan Massacre         6:30 p.m. in the historic      be held at the family ceme-          a.m. to 2 p.m. For emer-                  The West Virginia Army call Sherri Spencer 3094-
    Drama will have two            Red Robin Building in          tery starting at 11 a.m. For         gency food, call (304) 235-             National Guard is taking 426-4109.
    shows in downtown Mate-        Stone, Ky. Speaker for the     more information, call               1678.                                   applications for member-
    wan in front of local union    evening will be John           Oliver Spradlin at (304)                                                     ship. Must be 17 to 42       Celebrate      Recovery
    hall 1440. The shows are at    Michael Johnson with the       235-5559.                   Belfry High School will                          years old and have com- reaches out to those with
    11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Call        Kentucky State Highway                                   be accepting nominations                           pleted at least the 9th hurts, habits and hang-ups
    City Hall for more info at     Department. Everyone is                  June 11         for parent representatives                         grade. GED program avail- every Tuesday at 7 p.m. at
    (304) 426-4522.                welcome.                         The Hatfield McCoy Re- for Site Based Council                              able if needed. For more the Chattaroy Church of
                                                                  union Festival & Marathon though April 29.                                   information, contact Staff God. Call 235-3005 for
       The Mingo County 4-H                 May 21                will kick off with the                                                       Sgt. James Richards at more information.
    Gold Tournament will be           Sacred Heart School’s       marathon beginning at 7     The Donald Taylor
    held at the Tug Valley         pancake breakfast has been     a.m. From 10 a.m. to 10 Community and Disaster
    Country Club. Cash prizes      changed to May 21. All         p.m., there will be live Center of North Matewan
    are awarded to the top three   tickets already sold and       music, karaoke, crafts, is looking for volunteers
    teams and other prizes         those being sold with the      food, and more in down- for their center. For more
    awarded as well. Entry fee     May 7 date will be valid on    town Williamson. For more information, call (304)
    is $50 each person for a       Saturday. It will be held in   info, call the Tug Valley 426-8554.
    four man scramble. Regis-      the school cafeteria.          Chamber of Commerce at
    tration begins at 9 a.m. To                                   304-235-5240                PRO (People Reaching
    register or for more infor-         May 22                                              Out) West Virginia is a
    mation, call Mark Whitt at  The East Williamson                         June 12         grant funded, non-profit
    235-0370.                 Baptist Church’s Kidz                 Dandy’s open mic-night organization to provide
                              Choir will be present the
      Williamson High School music “Big Apple Adven-
    Athletic Hall of Fame ture – Where Faith and life             Southern WV Community & Technical College
    Committee will meet at 11 Connect” at 6 p.m. Every-
    a.m. at the Sycamore Inn. one is invited to attend.           Maintenance Worker II - Two positions. Full time with benefits.
                                                                  Performs handyman/light maintenance and grounds keeping. Requires
             May 15                       May 23                  completion of vocational program of 18 months duration beyond high
      Tug Valley Community         Valedictorians of area         school and over one year recent relevant experience in
    Choir invites the public to high schools for 2011 will        maintenance/handyman work. Skilled craft certifications preferred, but
    the Spring Program on be honored by the
                                                                  not required, DMV and background check will be required. Any accept-
    Sunday at 4 p.m. at the First Williamson Kiwanis Club
                                                                  able combination of education and experience will be considered.
                                                                  Deadline for application is Monday, May 16, 2011 at 5:00pm.
                                                                  Applications are available on-line, or by calling (304) 896-7441. Visit
                                                                  Http:// for more information and application
                                                                  form. Submit application and copies of certifications to:
                                                                                             Human Resources
       Williamson Daily News                                                   Southern WV Community & Technical College
                                                                                     PO Box 2900, Mt Gay, WV 25637                                              Happily
                                                                                                AA/EO/ADA                                                       Ever After
                                                                      Extra! Extra!
                                                                    Need some extra cash?
                                                                       Be a newspaper carrier!
                                                                   Following routes are available:                                                 Jodie M. Blair and Gerald A. Roberts
                                                    G      erald A. Roberts of Ransom Ky.,
                                                                                                                                                             and Jodie M. Blair of Williamson
                                                                                                                                                    are announcing their engagement and

                            forthcoming marriage. Gerald is the son of
                                                                                                                                                    Gerald and Martha Sue Roberts of Ran-
  %                         !! !$                        som, Ky., and Jodie is the daughter of Clyde
                                                                    Gilbert! !- " $                                                    and Gloria Blair of East Williamson. The

                                                                           $1400 Monthly Profit                                                     bride elect is employed as a customer care

                                                                           Unlimited Potential!
                                                                    $  %      !! !$                                               agent at ACS, a Xerox company in Pikeville,
                                                                                ! " $                                                       Ky. The prospective groom is employed by
                                                                                                                                                    United Central Industrial Supply of Chap-
                                                                    Hardy, KY -  %
                                                                    !  #              !!                                           manville, W.V. A bridal shower was given
                                                                        !$ ! ! " $                                                on Saturday, April 2, at the West
                                                                          $600 Monthly Profit                                                       Williamson Community Center. The out-
  %        !!                                            door ceremony will take place at 2 p.m. on
                                                                    Sidney/Canada, KY -$
                                                                        !$ ! ! "                                                      Saturday, May 14th, at the Roberts resi-
                                                                                                                                                    dence at Ransom, Ky. Pastor James Justice
                                                                                 $1200 Monthly Profit                                               will presiding over the ceremony.
                                                                                                                                    60198787                                                  60199310
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    News Fountain -
    Memories of Mother

       In the latter years of my Mother's life, I have returned
    home from my job to find a smudged mirror in my bath-
    room urging the lady of the house (ME) to "Clean me."
       Sometimes, holding down a full-time job and over-
    seeing a household with a husband, two sons and a dog
    and cat or two became a taxing thing. Mother and Dad
    lived in Sunset, a block away, during the last dozen
    years of their lives and Mother sometimes came over to
    my home and prepared the evening meal for me and my
       A stickler for a clean house, she would take her fin-
    gers and write on the smudged mirrors in my home, her
    funny but meaningful reminders that I was derelict in
    my household duties. How I miss my Mother's loving
    ways and her common sense that helped keep me on an
    even keel.
       I don't need the annual Mother's Day observance to
    remind me of what a wonderful and caring mother I
    had. She was responsible for my sticking to journalism
    in 1943 once I had been introduced to the industry. I ini-
    tially had thoughts of becoming a nurse or a telephone
    operator, but Mother knew me better than I did myself
    and was aware that I was "long winded" in talking and
    writing and that journalism seemed to fit.                                                     tablishing an annual Mother's Day celebration in honor          While I am proud of mothers and congratulate them
       Mother's Day is observed on the second Sunday of                                            of her mother, Anna Reeves Jarvis, and all of the other      on this Mother's Day, I cannot help but be horrified of
    May each year and, as is the case this year, falls on my                                       mothers in America. The widowed mother died on May           the numerous incidents across our nation that have in-
    Mother's birthday, May 8. I always remember May 8,                                             9, 1905 and, on the anniversary of her death in 1907,        volved child abuse and even deaths of the young and
    1945 especially because that was V-Day (Victory in Eu-                                         the daughter unveiled her plans for a proposed national      very young. Many a bushel of apples has its rotten fruit
    rope) as World War II wound down.                                                              holiday to honor mothers throughout the country. It was-     and, sadly, that saying seems to apply to some of the na-
       I remember my Mother every day of my life; her                                              n't until May 8, 1914, that the U.S. Senate withdrew its     tion's motherhood.
    photo atop my piano stares at me when I walk past it. I                                        opposition and passed a bill establishing the Mother's          We have Anna M. Jarvis to thank for devoting her life
    have recurring memories of Dad, too, and long to hear                                          Day observance. President Woodrow Wilson signed it           to establishing an annual Mother's Day to honor her
    him play his guitar or my piano once again. He was so                                          into law.                                                    mother, Anna R. Jarvis, and all other mothers.
    talented in music and kept me entertained and laughing                                            It is said that the daughter, years before her death in      In 1962, a historic church in downtown Grafton,
    for years. Jay Leno should have known my Dad, per-                                             1948, had some regrets over her action because of the        W.Va., became the International Mother's Day Shrine
    haps he would have been funnier than I find him today.                                         commercialism that accompanied the annual Mother's           when it was incorporated after unification of three
       I wish I had the skills my Mother possessed, in cook-                                       Day event. Millions of flowers and Mother's Day cards        Methodist church congregations, Andrews, St. Paul's.
    ing, sewing and many other things. God willing, some                                           accompany the yearly observance.                             and West Main Street. A special Mother's Day service is
    day I will meet up with Mother and Dad in a life here-                                            But as often happens in this day and time, good things    held in the church every year on the second Sunday in
    after and have the opportunity to thank them for their                                         often are accompanied by negative things. A long-            May at 2:30 p.m.
    care, teachings and help on earth.                                                             stemmed rose, for instance, is beautiful to view and            Another tribute to mothers is a statue depicting a
       This column started out as a tribute to Anna M. Jarvis,                                     touch but briers on the stem warn the beholder to watch      mother with children, which stands beside the Interna-
    a native of Grafton, W.Va., who was responsible for es-                                        her fingers.                                                 tional Mother's Day Shrine church in Grafton.
                                                                                                                                                                every subject imaginable, from the Sunday pulpit, to our
                                     I Rahall Report                                                One Last Amen on                                            town squares, and, yes, even to the daily sessions of the
                                                                                                                                                                House and Senate in the U.S. Congress. The King James
                                                                                                                                                                was the first Bible authorized by Congress under the Arti-
                                     By: Nick Rahall

                                                                                                                                                                cles of the Confederation. It was an effort to ensure that
                                                                                                    Nation's Day of Prayer
                                                                                                                                                                the troops in the field would have the scriptures close at
                                                                                                                          I want to offer one last “Amen” to this
                                                                                                                       year’s National Day of Prayer, which oc- hand.
                                                                                                                       curred on May 5, celebrating West Vir-      Our military has long championed prayer at our most tu-

                                                                                                                                                                multuous moments. From privates to Presidents, the per-
                                                                                                                       ginia’s enduring relationship with the gift

                                                                                                                       of prayer. Reading about the multitude   suasive force of pray has accompanied Americans into
                                                                                                                       of activities and events surrounding Na- battle. And it has served to aid our service personnel far
                                                                                                                       tional Prayer Day, not only in southern  from our shores as they work to defend and promote our in-
                                                                                                                                                                terests throughout the world.
                                                                                                                       West Virginia, but across the country, re-
                                                                                                                       minded me that we are building on an        President Abraham Lincoln, in sentiments familiar to
                   Sponsored by

                                                                                                                       American legacy with deep roots.         most of us, famously declared, "I have been driven many
                                                                                                                          We are familiar with the histories of times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that
                                                                                                    the Pilgrims and the Puritans and their quest for religious I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom and that of all
                                                                                                    freedom. To aid them in their prayers in coming to Amer-    about me seemed insufficient for the day.” Lincoln’s de-
                                                                                                    ica’s shores, the Puritans brought the King James Version   votion to prayer harkened back to his earliest days as a life-
                                     (0-12 months)

                                                                                                    of the Bible. This year the King James Bible celebrates its long student of the King James Bible. Certainly, many of
                                                                                                    400th anniversary. I have joined in introducing a resolutionus grew up with prayer and can attest to its multitude of
                                                                                                    calling on Congress to recognize this milestone event. This uses in the human endeavor, from daily devotions and
                                                                                                    monumental edition is being celebrated throughout the       blessing the bounty of a simple meal, to deeper reflection
                                                                                                    English-speaking World.                                     on the pressing issues of the day. Whether at home or
                                                                                                       The King James’ trusted, tried, and true verses never    church or in the public square, prayer can fulfill one of the
                                                                                                    seems to grow old for so many of us here in southern West   most fundamental rights of American citizenship, the free
                                                                                                    Virginia. Chief among them are the poetic lines of verse    exercise of religion.
                                                                                                    of one of the world’s most acclaimed and familiar prayers,     My efforts in the Congress have been to preserve our
                                                                                                    The Lord’s Prayer. From christenings and baptisms to        Constitutional guarantees of freely exercising our religion,
                                                                                                    communions, weddings and funerals the meaningful lines      and not vanquishing that right from the public square. Leg-

                                                                                                                                                                islating measures designed to maintain the historical and
                       Submissions open May 13th

                                                                                                    have provided hope to the faithful and solace for those in
                                                                                                    need. It is a mainstay of special observances from sunrise  delicate balance between freely exercising religion and not
                                                                                                    services to midnight celebrations. Whether in joy or sor-   establishing a state religion remain the obligation of every
                                                                                                    row, its simple messages fill hearts and somehow manage     Member of Congress.
                                                                                                    to sooth the understanding of events too tragic and unex-
     Are you tired of just being a number at your chain pharmacy?

                                                                                                    pected for us to otherwise immediately comprehend.             U.S. Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV) represents West Vir-
                  Break the Chains & join Hurley Drug

                                                                                                       Many other King James Bible verses fill prayers on ginia’s 3rd District
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                                                                                                       Up to 30 hrs/wk. - $8.00/hr.

                         $" "                                                                      Knowledge of Mingo & Pike                                              Alzheimer’s Reduced by Vascular
       &,89 ",*54+ ;, &0220(3854 &,89 %07.040( 


                     County Helpful.                                                        Dementia Prevention
       #! !!' :)208/,7         !& =,*:90;, +0957
        GATHER PERRY, Publisher.
     !& !# +;,790804. .7        !WHITT,:804,88 .7
                                         CHAD  " Circulation Mgr.                                   Apply at 38 W. 2nd Ave.                                        According to recent studies by Chinese researchers, the con-
      DREW &## 07*:2(9054 .7
       MARTIN, Advertising Mgr.       RACHEL LIPPS, Business Mgr.                                                                                            tinued treatment of certain conditions in persons with mild
                                                                                                           M-F 9am-5pm                                           mental (cognitive) impairment, and at risk for vascular demen-
                                 "$"! # !#                                                                                                               tia, may prevent new strokes and also delay the onset of
                                                               %!'                                                                                  Alzheimer’s disease. The drugs used to treat these conditions,
                        Need Some Extra Cash?                                       such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease,

 &,,18                                                                                      often includes those that increase blood flow to the brain

 &,,18                                                                                      (examples are pentoxifylline and ergoloid mesylates) and drugs

                                                             Call Chad                                              used to control these conditions. This research involved more
      (02 ":)8*70690548 4;(70()2> 4 +;(4*, 4 &,89 %07.040( ++  ,7*,49 "(2,8 #(=
                                                                                                     304-235-4242 Ext. 13                                        than 800 men and women ages 55 and older. They found that
                                                                                                                                                                 when these chronic conditions were properly treated, those that
                                                                                                                                                                 received treatment were almost 40% less likely to develop
      ,705+0*(28 589(., (0+ 9            "#"#! ",4+ ++7,88 /(4.,8 #5                                                                                     Alzheimer’s disease.
      &0220(3854 & %( 

                    &0220(3854 (02> ,<8 4*
                                                07*:2(9054 ,6(793,49                                                                                               The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease,
                                                &0220(3854 &% 

                                                                                               a condition of memory loss and intellectual ability that is
                                                                                                                                                                 enough to interfere with daily life activities. Vascular dementia
                                                                                 7049,+ 54
     ,3),7 5- 885*0(9,+ 7,88                                                                                                                                   is less serious. This dementia type results when there is a chronic
                                                                                    !,*>*2,+                                                                     reduction in blood flow to the brain. This condition can lead to
     &,89 %07.040( 7,88 885*0(9054                                             ,<867049
                                                                                                                                                                 Alzheimer’s disease.
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    Chaz Clusky signs letter with Emory and Henry College

                                                                                                                                                                                PHOTO/PAMELA SCOTT JOHNSON
    Matewan High School's Chaz Clusky will continue his academic and athletic career at Emory and Henry College. Clusky signed the letter of intent Friday at the high school. Attending
    the event were his parents, Tony and Joann Clusky and his coaches, Phillip Mitchell and Bob Huff.

      Derrick Rose pours in 44 points as Bulls take 2-1 series lead
      ATLANTA (AP) -- Fi-            light for Atlanta, scoring 21      Bulls in the East semifinals.      foot jumper. After Joe            nothing but net.                  chance to get within 11
    nally, the real Chicago          points. That wasn't nearly            That one didn't work out        Johnson missed a long one            "When he gets it going         going to the locker room,
    Bulls showed up in the           enough against the D-Rose          too well for the Hawks,            for Atlanta, Rose slashed         from the outside like that,"      but even that ended ugly.
    playoffs.                        onslaught. He made 16 of           who promptly lost both             into the lane for his first       Teague moaned, "he's hard         Crawford had the ball
      Naturally, Derrick Rose        27 shots from the field, in-       games at the old Omni and          points and a 4-0 lead for the     to guard."                        slapped away, put up a long
    led the way.                     cluding four 3s. He dished         were finished off in Game          road team. Drew called a             Chicago turned to its          airball, then complained
      Looking every bit like         out seven assists, grabbed         5 back in ChiTown. Judg-           quick timeout, sensing this       bench at the start of the sec-    vehemently that he'd been
    the MVP, Rose sliced up          five rebounds, came up             ing by the way things went         wasn't going to turn out          ond quarter, and those guys       hacked.
    Atlanta for a career-high 44     with a steal -- heck, he even      Friday night, this series          well.                             really delivered. Ronnie            That got him a technical,
    points as the Bulls seized       blocked a shot.                    could be headed toward a              "You have to match their       Brewer stole the ball from        meaning Chicago went to
    control of the Eastern Con-         MVP, indeed.                    similar result.                    effort and energy," the           Jamal Crawford on the             the line for a free throw be-
    ference semifinals with             "Just attacking the whole          "They beat us up," coach        coach said. "If you don't do      opening possession. C.J.          fore the second half started.
    their best performance of        game," Rose said. "That            Larry Drew said. "They             that against this team, you       Watson scored on a layup,         Rose made that one, then
    the postseason, romping to       was my whole thought               completely beat us up."            put yourself behind the 8-        then connected on a jumper        followed with a 3 in
    a 99-82 victory over the         process."                             The Hawks stunned the           ball."                            to quickly push the lead          Teague's face. Keith Bo-
    Hawks in Game 3 Friday              The Hawks never had a           Bulls in Game 1, and kept             Rose was virtually a one-      into double figures for the       gans made another 3, and
    night.                           chance.                            it close most of the way in        man team in the first quar-       first time while the starters     just like that the Bulls had
      "He's tough to cover any-         After struggling to put         Game 2 before losing by            ter, scoring 17 points to         rested. Taj Gibson chipped        stretched it back out to an
    way," said Atlanta's Jeff        away Indiana in the open-          13. Atlanta returned home          push the Bulls to a 29-23         in with a block, stuffing         18-point lead.
    Teague, who had the futile       ing round and losing at            with plenty of confidence,         lead.                             Marvin Williams on a drive          Chicago fans began
    task of trying to guard Rose     home in the opener of this         believing it survived                 Teague, who wouldn't           to the hoop.                      chanting "MVP!" every
    much of the night. "But          series, the Bulls looked           Chicago's best punch and           have been playing much if            The Hawks seemed to            time Rose touched the ball.
    when his jump shot is            every bit like the team that       showed it could match up           not for an injury to Kirk         weather the storm, cutting        The Atlanta fans got plenty
    falling, he's the MVP."          won 62 games during the            just fine with a team that         Hinrich, kept up his strong       it back to 35-29 on John-         of chances to boo, and
      The Bulls lead the series      regular season. While              won 18 more games during           play from the first two           son's turnaround jumper.          much of their wrath was di-
    2-1, putting Atlanta in a        everyone will point to             the regular season.                games. He scored 11 of At-        But Kyle Korver responded         rected at Josh Smith.
    must-win position heading        Rose's performance, the               Not on this night.              lanta's first 17 points but       like he does so often: A 3-         The enigmatic home-
    into Game 4 Sunday night.        Chicago bench played a                Not against Rose, who fi-       couldn't keep the Hawks in        pointer that sparked a 19-6       town player did some good
      Rose was dominant from         key role in a decisive sec-        nally seemed to shake off a        it all by himself.                run to stun the home crowd        work on the inside, scoring
    the opening tip, slashing        ond-quarter spurt. And             nagging sprained ankle.               And, boy, he sure              and force Drew to call two        17 points and grabbing 13
    into the lane for a basket       everyone chipped in on the            "Yeah, I just wanted to         could've used some help at        more timeouts in a futile         rebounds. But he kept in-
    that prompted Atlanta to         boards, leading the Bulls to       get my groove back," he            the defensive end trying to       bid to slow the Bulls. Even       sisting on putting up out-
    call a timeout before game       a 47-34 edge that included         said. "Knock it down.              guard Rose. Teague, who           though some of the starters       side jumpers that clanked
    was a minute old. He fin-        18 offensive rebounds.             That's all I was trying to         did a respectable job on the      returned, it was the backups      off the rim time after time.
    ished off the Hawks mid-            "Hustle plays," Rose            do."                               Bulls star in Chicago, was        who kept delivering, scor-        Each time they did, the
    way through the fourth           called 'em. "That's who we            Coach Tom Thibodeau             left standing in his tracks       ing 12 points during that         crowd screamed in disgust.
    with back-to-back 3-point-       are as a team."                    has called on his star to get      over and over, unable to          span.                               He was hardly the
    ers, hopping down the               The Hawks hadn't played         more aggressive. The dy-           keep Rose from doing                 Atlanta put together a         biggest problem, though.
    court, serenaded by chants       a home playoff game of             namic guard sure took that         pretty much whatever he           brief rally near the end of       Johnson was held to 10
    of "MVP! MVP!" from a            this magnitude since 1997,         message to heart right from        wanted.                           the first half, but only be-      points on 4-of-12 shooting.
    hefty contingent of Bulls        when this same scenario            the opening tip, throwing             He burst into the lane         cause the Bulls seemed a          Crawford managed only
    fans.                            presented itself after At-         an immediate damper on a           when the Hawks left the           little winded from the way        seven. It was those two
      The Hawks' fans began          lanta split the first two          raucous sellout crowd.             slightest of openings. When       they were running up and          who dominated Game 1.
    heading for home. Teague         games in Chicago against              Luol Deng got it started        Teague stepped back, Rose         down the court. The Hawks           Rose made that seem like
    was about the only high-         the Michael Jordan-led             by knocking down a 19-             launched 3-pointers that hit      had the last shot with a          a distant memory.

    Jay Bruce's 3-run homer helps Reds hold off Cubs
       CHICAGO (AP) -- Jay           Central champions.                 seats," Phillips joked.            the win, laboring through nu-     six hits and five runs in six     and gave the Reds the lead
    Bruce's homer gave the              After Chicago scored a run         Phillips made a nice play       merous jams in five-plus in-      innings.                          for good in the fourth at 3-1.
    Cincinnati Reds the lead,        in the sixth to pull close, re-    behind second and a great          nings. He allowed six hits           "I felt like it was going to   It was the first homer surren-
    while the bullpen and second     liever Sam LeCure, who's           behind-the-back flip to short-     and four runs, walked four        be a good day," Garza said.       dered by Garza this season.
    baseman Brandon Phillips         also started four games this       stop Edgar Renteria for a          and threw a pair of wild          "They did a great job of just        "Garza had good stuff. For
    helped pull off what man-        season, retired three straight     force out in the third inning,     pitches.                          extending innings. In that        the most part he pitched
    ager Dusty Baker called          with the bases loaded and no       caught Alfonso Soriano's             "At the beginning of the        fourth inning [Joey] Votto        well. He just made a few
    "quite a few escape acts."       outs.                              sinking liner to start a rally-    game I thought it was going       puts his bat out there and hits   mistakes and we had some
       The Reds foiled numerous         In the ninth, closer Fran-      busting double play in the         to be a different game. But       the ball up the middle. And       good at-bats when we
    opportunities by the Chicago     cisco Cordero caught a line        fifth and also had an RBI sin-     then in the fourth innning I      then Phillips the same thing,     needed them," Bruce said.
    Cubs for a 5-4 victory Friday    through the box by Darwin          gle.                               started losing my fastball        just throws his hands out, a         The Reds added on in the
    at breezy Wrigley Field,         Barney and doubled Kosuke             "All I try to do is catch the   command," Volquez said.           seeing eye single through         top of the fifth on those two-
    turning three double plays.      Fukudome off first to end the      ball and be the pitcher's best       Matt Garza (1-4), the           the right side. Just bear with    out RBI singles by Votto and
       "We got out of some very      Cubs' final threat.                friend. Try to make plays,"        Cubs' biggest offseason ac-       it and go with it."               Phillips. Paul Janish started
    tough situations," Baker said.      "We made it tough on our-       said Phillips, the Reds' Gold      quisition, still has one win in      Bruce's seventh homer of       the inning with a hustling
    "A win is a win."                selves. I think we just tried to   Glove-winning second base-         his first seven starts and        the season was a high drive       double after his hard
       And this one was the third    keep the crowd, the Reds           man.                               none in four outings at           into the right-field bleachers    grounder went off shortstop
    straight for the defending NL    fans, on the edge of their            Edinson Volquez (3-1) got       Wrigley Field. He gave up         with the wind blowing out         Starlin Castro's glove.

I Obituaries                                                                                                           trant.
                                                                                                                          Parents, grandparents,
                                                                                                                                                                                        Virginian considered the
                                                                                                                                                                                        founder of Mother’s Day.
                                                                                                                       siblings, other relatives,
                                                                                      Contest                                                           Coin                               The legislation just in-
                                              Funeral services will be con-
                                                                                      I CONTINUED FROM 1               friends and neighbors may        I CONTINUED FROM 1
                                                                                                                                                                                        troduced by Rahall would
                                           ducted at 1 p.m. Tuesday, May                                               submit photos of children                                        direct the Secretary of the
                                           10, 2011, at the Victory Chris-            this week.                       for Cutest Kids Contest as       fection bestowed upon           Treasury to mint and issue
                                           tian Center at Lenore. The Rev-              ARH and Hurley Drug            long as parents or legal         them, it is a hopeful re-       not more than 400,000 $1
                                                                                      are proud to offer this con-     guardians give permis-           minder that family remains
      HOME INC.
                                           erend Terry Blankenship will                                                                                                                 coins, each of which shall
                                           officiate. Burial will follow the          test at no charge to anyone      sion.                            an essential part of the        be emblematic of the
  Steve Cook & Steven Cook,

                                           service at the Preston Family              registering a child in the          Entries into the contest      American heritage,” he          100th anniversary of the

                                           Cemetery at Baisdentown.
                                                                                      contest. There is also no        will     be     made     at      said.                           designation of the second
  Delbarton, WV 475-2071

                                           Grandsons, family members
                                                                                      charge for anyone to go          www.williamsondailynew             Rahall reviewed the ef-       Sunday in May as
       Steve Hall Jr.
                                           and friends will serve as pall-
                                           bearers.                                   online and vote for an en-                           forts ofAnna Jarvis, a West     Mother’s Day.
                                              The family will receive
   Steve Hall Jr., 55. of Delbar-          friends on Monday evening
ton, passed away May 6, 2011,              from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the
of injuries sustained in an auto-                                                                                      though coal could be a way      Beulah, North Dakota, is a       erated their importance to
mobile accident at Hardy, Ky.                 In lieu of flowers the family                                            to curb America’s national      model of how coal is being       the region andAmerica as a
   He was born Jan. 12, 1956 at
                                                                                      Coal                             security issue.                 used to produce energy in
                                           suggests that memorial contri-
South Williamson, Ky., the son             bution be made to the Commu-                                                    “Solving America’s na-      an efficient and environ-            “America’s coal miners
                                                                                      I CONTINUED FROM 1
Steve Hall and the late Alberta            nity Care Hospice Center, 2330                                              tional security problem is      mentally friendly manner,”       are the backbone of our
Irene Hall. In addition to his             Pollard Road, Ashland, KY                                                   simple: more coal produc-       he said. “America needs to       great country. They produce
mother, he was also preceded in
death by his wife Deonna
                                           41101.                                     a considerable damper on         tion.” Rutherford said. Coal    take notice. Dakota Gas is       the coal that powers the
                                              Weaver Mortuary of West
Lockard Hall.                              Williamson is serving the Pre-             Pike County’s own econ-          can’t be set aside when one     gasifying coal into clean-       switches that turns the lights
   Steve was a retired coal                ston family.                               omy by drastically lowering      takes into account its avail-   burning energy for profits       on in our homes, factories
miner. He enjoyed hunting,                                                            the amount of money re-          ability, lower cost and is a    and capturing and transport-     and businesses,” he said. “It
                                                                                      ceived through coal sever-       domestic energy source.         ing carbon dioxide (CO2)         produces the energy for the
                                               Weaver Mortuary
fishing, riding his ATV and
being with his grandson. He                                                           ance tax, Rutherford said        Coal fueled America’s In-       emissions for a profit also.     printing presses and the steel
formerly was an umpire for the                                                                                                                         Asolution to carbon modifi-      and machinery that made
Delbarton Little League.                     John E. Weaver - Licensee In Charge      the current instability of the   dustrial Revolution, which
   In addition to his father he is           1718 W. 3rd Ave., Williamson, WV 25661   coal industry is a relevant      brought Americans a qual-       cation has been addressed        America the greatest indus-
survived by his son, David Hall                   Phone 235-2410                      and real issue.                  ity of life second-to-none in   and successfully imple-          trial power in the world.
of Newtown; brothers, Ronnie                                                             “It is projected that do-     the world. If we don’t bring    mented by Dakota Gas.            America relies on our coal
(Betty) Hall of Delbarton,                                                            mestic coal production must      factual, common-sense dia-      Clean coal technology does       miners in times of war and
William (DeeDee) Hall and                            Rosemond                         double by 2020 to meet           log to the table in regard to   exist.        Go            to   peace, they are the heart and
Gary (Phyllis) Hall, both of                                                          America’s electricity needs,     energy we could lose our and            soul of America – we
Wayne; sisters, Dorothy Ann
Phillips of Newtown and                                                               Rutherford said. “America’s      freedom and our way of          read about the CO2               should all thank God and
Goldie Mae (Gene) Daniels of                  Rosemond “Mama Rose”                    insatiable lust for petroleum    life.”                          pipeline. Have you ever          draw strength and courage
Matewan; one grandson, Jacob               Salmons, 82, of Williamson,                to maintain a way of life or           Rutherford also ad-       heard of a coal-fired electric   from them. We will con-
Christopher Allen. He will                 passed away on Friday, May 6,              quality of life has putAmer-     dressed coal being used as      power generating plant hav-      tinue to battle vigorously an
sadly missed by nieces,                    2011, at the Appalachian Re-               ica in peril – our financial     an alternative fuel source      ing a meltdown? With new         unapologetically for coal
nephews, cousins, friends and              gional Hospital in South                   house could fall. We are ex-     while being environmen-         technologies, we can bal-        and America’s coal miners.
family.                                    Williamson, Ky.                                                             tally friendly.                 ance America’s ecology           May the winds of change
   Funeral services will be held
                                                                                      periencing it right here in
                                              Born July 26, 1928, in Rich-
at the at 1 p.m. Monday, May               wood, she was the daughter of              Pike County, where coal              “Since the year 2000, the   with its economy.”               bring support to America’s
9, at the Chafin Funeral Home              the late Owen Lawson                       severance tax in down mil-       Great Plains Synfuel Plant        Rutherford then praised        most important energy in-
with the Minister Donnie Estep             Persinger and Darrell Ham-                 lions of dollars.”               operated by the Dakota          the men and women who            dustry.”
officiating. Burial will follow            monds Persinger.                              Rutherford also feels as      Gasification Company in         mine coal for a living and it-
in the Mountain View Memory                   In addition to her parents,
Gardens at Maher.                          Rose is preceded in death by
   Visitation will be at the Fu-           three brothers: Ruel, Jerry and
neral Home Chapel from 6 p.m               Jake Persinger and a precious                                                 Miners already spent          inspectors issued cita-          measures weakened by
to 9 p.m. Sunday evening.                  grandson: Joey Smith.                                                       eight hours at a training       tions for buildups of            MSHA's demands for
                                                                                                                                                       combustible materials            ventilation changes.
Friends and family will serve as
                                                                                      Safety                           session mandated by
                                              Rose was a graduate of Chat-
pallbearers.                               taroy High School. She retired
                                                                                      I CONTINUED FROM 1
                                                                                                                       MSHA last Monday.               and running a mining                Massey can ill afford
   Online condolences can be               from housekeeping at the his-                                                                               machine with low water           even a temporary pro-
made at ChafinFuneral-                     toric Mountaineer Hotel in                                                     "Massey Energy has           pressure to sprayers de-         duction stop at any of its
Home.Com                                   downtown Williamson after                  inspection.
                                           many years of dedicated serv-                Miners at the Ran-             wrestled with serious           signed to control dust           mines.
                                           ice. She had been                          dolph Mine about 25              safety issues at many of        and prevent explosions,             On Monday, the Rich-
                                                                                                                                                                                        mond, Va.-based com-
    Weaver Mortuary
                                              a member of the Calvary                 miles       south      of        its mining operations for       among other things. The
                                           Baptist Church in West Virginia            Charleston were to               quite some time, so one         agency said three of four        pany said production
  John E. Weaver - Licensee In Charge      since 1964.                                spend Friday, Monday             safety stand down at the        rock dust surveys con-           fell 1.2 million tons
  1718 W. 3rd Ave., Williamson, WV 25661
                                              Rose was a kind and loving              and Tuesday getting              troubled Randolph Mine          ducted Wednesday did             short of expectations in
                                           mother and she adored her                                                   is unlikely to fix these        not comply with regula-          the first quarter, con-
       Phone 235-2410
                                           grandsons and her great-grand-             extra safety training in-
                                           children. She leaves a legacy              stead of extracting coal,        longstanding problems,"         tions. MSHA issued               tributing to a $7.7 mil-
                                           of deep and abiding love and               Massey said. The tem-            MSHA director Joe               three additional orders          lion loss. The bad news
                                                                                      porary shutdown comes            Main said Friday. "What         Friday.                          comes just weeks before
      Angie Preston
                                           devotion for her family which
                                           includes her daughter and only             a week after U.S. Mine           is needed is a sweeping            The agency has said           the company is to be ac-
                                           child, Judy Smith and her hus-             Safety and Health Ad-            change throughout the           similar conditions con-          quired by Abingdon,
   Angie Preston, 93, of Bais-             band, Ralph Gregory “Dusty”
                                                                                      ministration inspectors          company, so that miners'        tributed to the Upper            Va.-based rival Alpha
dentown, passed away on Fri-               Smith of Borderland; her
day, May 6, 2011, at the                                                              caught Massey mining             safety and health are           Big Branch explosion.            Natural Resources. The
                                           beloved grandsons, Gregory
Community Care Hospice                     “Hootie” and Christine Smith               at Randolph without re-          placed well ahead of               The agency believes a         $7.1 billion deal is due
Center in Ashland, Ky.                     of Williamson and Johnny                   quired ventilation equip-        production."                    small      amount      of        to close after share-
   Born February 26, 1919, in              Mike and Kim Smith of Var-                 ment and other serious              MSHA's April 29 visit        methane ignited and              holder votes June 1.
Crum, she was the daughter of              ney, her great-grandchildren,              violations the agency            to the Randolph Mine            turned into a massive               MSHA records show
the late Lace Salmons and                  Cassie and Kimberly Smith                  says could have caused           was a so-called "impact"        explosion that tore              production fell at Ran-
Nancy Jane Mills Salmons.                  and Addisyn and Jonathan                                                    inspection        targeting     through Upper Big                dolph as the mine oper-
   In addition to her parents,             Blake Smith; two very special              a fire or explosion.
she is preceded in death by her            young ladies whom she loved                  "We were disap-                mines with poor safety          Branch because exces-            ated with a dwindling
husband, Frank Preston; five               as her own grandchildren; Amy              pointed in the results of        records. The agency             sive amounts of highly           number of underground
brothers and one sister.                   and Erin Newsome both of                   last week's MSHA in-             started the inspections         explosive coal dust had          workers. In the first
   Angie was a retired cook                Delbarton; her dear sister,                spection and I ordered           after 29 miners died in         accumulated. Investiga-          quarter, the mine pro-
with the Mingo County Board                Gertrude       Hackney         of          this stand down to rein-         an explosion at Massey's        tors also suspect low            duced 101,169 tons of
of Education having worked at              Williamson and her daughter,               force safe mining prac-          Upper Big Branch mine.          water pressure and worn          coal with 90 workers.
Lenore High School and later               Vickie Pinson of Williamson.                                                                                teeth on a mining ma-            Output totaled 187,470
at Tug Valley High School prior                                                       tices     and    provide            The April 5, 2010,
                                           Rose is also survived by her
to her retirement. She was of              beloved pet and companion,                 additional training in           tragedy was the dead-           chine contributed to the         tons with 104 miners in
the Baptist faith.                         Snoopy.                                    safety, ventilation and          liest to hit the U.S. coal-     initial explosion.               the same period of 2010.
   Angie enjoyed flower and                   The family wishes to express            the requirements of our          fields in decades and              Massey maintains the          By the fourth quarter of
vegetable gardening and she                their deepest appreciation to the          mine plan," Massey               remains the target of           explosion was caused by          last year, employment
also liked canning that which              nursing staff of the Ap-                   Chief Executive Baxter           criminal and civil inves-       an        unprecedented          was about steady, but
she had harvested. She was a               palachian Regional Hospital                Phillips said in a state-        tigations.                      buildup of natural gas           production had dwin-
wonderful homemaker and a                  and Skilled Nursing Facility
loving wife and mother. She                                                           ment.                               At Randolph, MSHA            that overwhelmed safety          dled to 116,030 tons.
                                           and Ashen Ali, M.D., for the
dearly                                     care and comfort they provided
   loved her family and her                to Rose during her time there.
grandchildren were her treas-              They also express their love
ures. She will be deeply missed
   her large family.
   Angie is survived by two
sons, Robert (Vonda) Preston
                                           and thanks to Brenda Neal,
                                           Rose’s care giver who helped
                                           care for Rose at home.
                                              Funeral services will be con-
                                                                                       W.Va. miner convicted of
                                           ducted at 1 p.m. Monday, May
of Baisdentown and Bill Pre-
ston of Kitts Hill, Ohio; five
daughters, Brenda (Billy)
“Doug” Bartoe of Williamson,
                                           9, at Weaver Mortuary and in-
                                           terment will follow at the
                                           Mountain View Memory Gar-
                                           dens at Huddy, Ky. The Rev-
                                                                                       making false statement
Linda (Ottie) Harmon of                    erend Aaron Rhode will
   Chesapeake, Ohio, Judy                  officiate. Family members and                BECKLEY, W.Va. (AP)            his plea Thursday at a          Co.'s Cucumber mine. The         Dowell County mine.
Moore of Lenore, Shelia                    friends will serve as pallbear-            — A mine safety trainer          hearing in Beckley.             agency was conducting an            Dawson faces up to five
(Robert) Ratliff of Tornado and            ers.                                       has pleaded guilty to a fed-        Dawson was charged           investigation at the mine at     years in prison and a
Pamela Preston of Waco,                       The family will receive                 eral information of making       with telling federal Mine       the time.                        $250,000 fine. He also
Texas; three sisters, Mary                 friends on Sunday evening,                 false statements to investi-     Safety and Health inspec-         Dawson was hired by            agreed to give up his mine
Floyd of Wellston, Ohio, Verna             May 8, 2011, from 6 p.m. to 9              gators in 2008.                  tors in November 2008           Griffith Construction Co.        training credentials.
Curnutte of Wayne and Opal                 p.m. at the mortuary.
Kistler of Lancaster, Ohio; 16                Weaver Mortuary of West
                                                                                        Federal prosecutors say        that he provided proper         to train its employees, who         Sentencing is set for
grandchildren; and 24 great                Williamson is serving the                  57-year-old Raymond C.           training to miners working      provided construction and        Aug. 25.
grandchildren.                             Salmons family.                            Dawson of Raysal entered         at Brooks Run Mining            other services at the Mc-

                                                                                      Ethics panel says it can't stop loophole use
                                                                                               CHARLESTON,             the commission says it          kins, the Senate's minor-        effect July 1.
                                                                                      W.Va. (AP) — The West            "frowns on such conduct"        ity counsel.                       The Legislature added
                                                                                      Virginia Ethics Commis-          but it doesn't have the au-        Adkins works as a per-        the ban to the state's
                                                                                      sion says it can't stop a        thority to prevent it.          diem lawyer. He had              ethics law this year. It re-
                                                                                      legislative lawyer from            The Charleston Gazette        asked the commission             quires state-level elected
                                                                                      using a loophole to evade        reports that the commis-        whether the ban would            officials and agency
                          Online at:
                                                                                      a new "revolving door"           sion issued the opinion         apply to him if he be-           chiefs, and even some
                                                                                      ban.                             Thursday in response to a       comes an independent             staffers, to wait a year be-
                                                                                        In an advisory opinion,        request from Donnie Ad-         contractor before it takes       fore becoming lobbyists.

Entertainment                                                                                               SUNDAY EVENING MAY 8, 2011
      When should a                                                                                       (4) WSAZ
                                                                                                                           6 PM             6:30
                                                                                                                        D a V i n c i 's I n q u es t
                                                                                                                                                            7 PM            7:30             8 PM
                                                                                                                                                              Brush Arbor Bluegrass Stargate Atlantis
                                                                                                                                                                                                             8:30            9 PM
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Stargate Universe
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             10 PM           10:30            11 PM
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    S to rm S to ry C o l d Sq u a d

  boyfriend get between                                                                                   (5)
                                                                                                                        W o o d wo r k V . G a r d e n A p p e a r a n c e s S . W i n e
                                                                                                                                                                                          Time Goes Waiting God Masterpiece Classic 2/3 (N) MurrayStateOrchestra
                                                                                                                                               ABC News Funniest Home Videos (N) Ext. Makeover: Home (N) Desperate Housewives (N) Brothers & Sisters (SF) (N) News
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    America                b o o k c lu b @
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           (:35) ET

                                                                                                         (10)   WPBY    This Week BBC News Generation WondersW Nature 1/3 (N)                                            Masterpiece Classic 2/3 (N) Bonesetter's Daugh. (N) Nova
                                                                                                         (11)   WYMT    27 Newsfirst CBS News 60 Minutes                                  The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business (SF) (N)             CSI: Miami (SF) (N)            News                   (:35) M e d i a

   Dear Dr. Brothers:
                                                                                                         (12)   WVAH    J u dg e J ud y J u dg e J ud y S i m p so n s       Amer D. (N) Simpsons (N) Burgers (N) FamilyG (N) Cleveland (N) Eyewitness News                         '70s Show '70s Show
                                                                                                                        News                   CBS News 60 Minutes                        The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business (SF) (N)             CSI: Miami (SF) (N)            News                   Numb3rs

   I'm three months into a very cool relationship. We are
                                                                                                         (13) WOWK
                                                                                                         (15)   WGN     Christine              Christine      Met-Mother Met-Mother Met-Mother Met-Mother Met-Mother Met-Mother WGN News (:40) Replay Monk

both 23, and we started off as very good friends in
                                                                                                         (23)    TBS    (5:00) M ean Girls                    ++ Race to Witch Mountain                                  ++ Race to Witch Mountain                                  Speed Racer

school before things got hot and heavy. I was wonder-
                                                                                                         (24)    LIFE   Movie                  +++ Waitress (2007, Comedy) Nathan Fillion, Keri Russell.                 Army Wives (N)              Coming Home (N)                Army Wives

ing -- am I being too protective to worry about the way
                                                                                                         (25)    TNT    (5:00) +++ Bod y of Lies                             Pre-game     NBA Basketball Playoffs Chicago Bulls vs. Atlanta Hawks (L)               Inside the NBA (L)                     Movie
                                                                                                                ESPN    S p o r t s C en t e r                Baseball Tonight (L)        MLB Baseball Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies Site: Citizens Bank Park (L)        S p o r t s C en t e r

she and her brother fight? I've been on the phone with
                                                                                                         (33)    OUT    AWA                    Bo wh u nti ng M ath e ws T V T h e C rush Ji m S ho ck e y W il dG am e Realtree       Bone Collect Hunt             Friends NRA Wardens                   Fear No Evil

her several times when they've been having it out, and
                                                                                                         (34)    CNN    CNN Newsroom                          Dr. Sanjay Gupta            C N N P r e s en t s           Piers Morgan Tonight        CNN Newsroom                   C N N P r e s en t s

I know at least one time, he hit her. It made me ex-
                                                                                                         (41)    DISC   Deadliest Catch                       Hogs Gone Wild              Wild Animal Repo               Hogs Gone Wild              Hogs Gone W ild                Wild Animal Repo

tremely angry, and I wanted to punch him. I don't know
                                                                                                         (42)    TLC    Untold Stories of the E.R. Untold Stories of the E.R. Sister Wives Sister Wives Sister Wives Sister W (N) Strange Sex Strange Sex Sister Wives Sister Wives
                                                                                                                 USA    Law & Order: S.V.U .                  Law & Order: S.V.U .        Law & Order: S.V.U .           Law & Order: C.I. (N)       In Plain Sight (N)             Burn Notice

whether to get involved.
                                                                                                         (51)    DISN   Shake It Up Shake It Up Sh ake It Up Shake It Up GoodLk (N) Life on Deck (:10) Wizards (:35) Wizards Wizards                                Shake It Up Shake It Up Shake It Up

                                                       -- L.D.
                                                                                                         (53)    NICK   Victorious Victorious iCarly                         Victorious Wife & Kids Wife & Kids Hates Chris Hates Chris G. Lopez                    G. Lopez        The Nanny The Nanny

                    Dear L.D.:
                                                                                                         (59)   SPIKE   Coal                                  Coal                        Coal                           +++ Ramb o III (1988, Action) Richard Crenna, Sylvester Stallone.                 Movie

                    You have all the right instincts as a
                                                                                                         (60)     FX    Movie                  +++ The Day Afte r Tomorrow ('04) Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid. ++ The Day the Earth Stood Still ('08) Keanu Reeves.                                       2 1/2 Men
                                                                                                                  E!    Sex & City Sex & City Sex & City Sex & City Khloe Lamar Khloe Lamar Khloe Lamar Kh loe Lamar Khloe & (N) DanceSce (N) Fashion                                                      C. Lately

                  boyfriend who loves his girlfriend and
                                                                                                         (65)    A&E    Criminal Minds                        Criminal Minds              Criminal Minds                 Criminal Minds              Breakout Kings (N)             Breakout Kings

                  wants to protect her. That is something
DR. JOYCE                                                                                                (68)    FAM    Movie                  ++ P aul Blart : Mall C op ('09) Kevin James.                   +++ The Game Plan ('07) Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.                   F u nn i e s t H o m e V i deo s

                  that should make you -- and her -- feel
BROTHERS                                                                                                 (72)    AMC    (4:30) Reindeer Games                 ++ The Interpreter (2005, Drama) Sean Penn, Nicole Kidman.                             The Killing (N)                The Killing

                  very good. But you do need to talk to
                                                                                                                 ENC    (:10) ++ A n ger M a n a g e m e n t ('03) Adam Sandler.          ++ The Scorpion King ('02) The Rock. (:35) ++ 2012 (2009, Action) Amanda Peet, John Cusack.
                                                                                                                 HBO    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ('10) Michael Cera.                   True Blood                     Game of Thrones (N)         Treme (N)                      Game of Thrones

                  her about this. It's difficult to be thrown
                                                                                                                 MAX    Movie                  ++ Sp lice ('09) Adrien Brody.             (:15) +++ The Losers ('10) Jeffrey Dean Morgan.            +++ The Blind Side ('09) Sandra Bullock.

                  into a situation, as you have been,
                                                                                                                SHOW    (4:30) N in e          +++ Youth in Revolt Michael Cera.          The Borgias                    Nurse Jackie United St      The Borgias                    The Borgias

                  where you don't really know the details
                                                                                                                 TMC    Movie                  + Sp ymate ('06) Chris Potter.             ++ Cairo Time ('09) Patricia Clarkson. +++ The Joy Luck Club (1993, Drama) France Buyen, Rosalind Chao.

                  or background of the relationship, and
                  know only the reality that it's wrong to
hit a woman. But your girlfriend and her brother might
not even see it that way, and that could be a dangerous
attitude for her to have. It seems likely that the behav-
ior you are witnessing grew naturally out of a rough-
                                                                                                         Stevie Nicks shares what
and-tumble childhood in which hitting and other
physical stuff were accepted in the household.
   You should ask her about this so that you have a clear
picture of where these two are coming from. While they
                                                                                                         inspired new solo album
are still acting like 12-year-olds, you can let them both                                                                                                    lief and make a record."                              saw the cassette in my head                           old, who previously con-
know that you can't tolerate that kind of behavior. Tell                                                                                                        The result, "In Your                               with the little ink that said,                        sidered songwriting a solo
                                                                                                         By: NATALIE ROTMAN

them that you believe that if they continue down this                                                                                                        Dreams," was released this                            'Secret Love.'"                                       pursuit. "I suddenly under-
                                                                                                         ASSOCIATED PRESS

path, it could have bad consequences. For one, it could                                                     LOS ANGELES (AP) —                               week.                                                   It's the first single from                          stood why (John) Lennon
lead to your sister looking for an abusive man in her                                                    Stevie Nicks found inspira-                            The album features a                               "In Your Dreams."                                     and (Paul) McCartney
life to continue this tradition, and you're not applying                                                 tion everywhere before dig-                         song Nicks wrote in 1975,                               Another song on the                                 wrote together. I under-
for the job. If her brother gets angry, then you may find                                                ging into her first solo                            right after joining Fleet-                            album was co-written with                             stood why other famous
you have bitten off a bit more than you can chew with                                                    album in 10 years.                                  wood Mac. She never                                   Eurythmics guitarist Dave                             songwriting teams wrote
this family.                                                                                                She sat down at a piano                          shared it with the band,                              Stewart (also a producer of                           together, because they each
                                                                                                         in an Australian hotel and                          "which is crazy because                               the album) and titled by                              had something that the
   Dear Dr. Brothers:                                                                                    declared: "I'm ready to                             this is a very easy, simple,                          Reese Witherspoon.                                    other person didn't have.
   My mother is both very religious and very logical.                                                    make a record now."                                 precise song that Lindsey                               The actress offered her                             For Dave (Stewart) and I, I
Her mantra has always been "If your faith doesn't show                                                      "I really don't care if any-                     Buckingham        would've                            Nashville home to Nicks                               have books of poetry and
provable results in your life, go find one that will."                                                   body buys it, and I really                          loved, and Fleetwood Mac                              and Stewart for a brief stay,                         he has thousands of
She's convinced that the only way to let go of anger she                                                 don't care if everybody                             would've loved," she says.                            noting that nothing is                                chords."
feels toward those who have wronged her is to say a                                                      steals it," she says during                         "I put it away right after I                          "cheaper than free."                                     Nicks was forced to can-
prayer for them. There's no debating this with her, yet                                                  an interview at her Pacific                         joined the band, and for                                "Cheaper Than Free" is                              cel recent promotional ap-
at the same time she says she would like to be able to                                                   Palisades home. "What I                             some reason, I never put it                           the album's closing track.                            pearances in New York
prove this to me. Obviously, you can't prove things that                                                 need is to make a record for                        on any of my records ei-                              Sharing the writing process                           after coming down with
deal with faith. Right?                                                                                  me, the artist. I need to cre-                      ther."                                                was new for Nicks, and                                pneumonia and flu, but she
                                                   -- M.W.                                               ate something now. So I am                             Last year, she remem-                              also a happy surprise.                                plans to join Rod Stewart
   Dear M.W.:                                                                                            going to close my eyes to                           bered the track that she'd                              "I really had that light,                           for the 16-city Heart &
   Generally speaking, I agree with your premise. But                                                    the music business and its                          stuffed into a box in her                             epiphany, where I realized                            Soul Tour, which is to have
there are ways to measure effects, and one area that ac-                                                 problems, and go forth with                         parents' Phoenix home:                                why people wrote to-                                  its first stop on March 20 in
tually has been studied is prayer. And while there has                                                   a good heart and great be-                          "Something in my head, I                              gether," says the 62-year-                            Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
been much interest in whether prayer affects the one
who is the subject of the prayers, not much thought has
been given to the prayer-givers themselves. When you
hear about prayer circles or Internet prayer groups, you                                                        Warner Music being sold for $1.3B amid music
often are made aware of the so-called power of prayer.
   But can it help her let go of things or feel less angry                                                                                                   will have to cut staff and                            music's decline. They took                               The fortunes of the music
and aggressive in general? A new study published by                                                                                                          other expenses further and                            the company public a year                             industry remain uncertain
the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
                                                                                                         By: RYAN NAKASHIMA

                                                                                                                                                             hope that a new wave of in-                           later to help recoup their in-                        and last year, rising down-
would vote a resounding yes. Through a series of exper-
                                                                                                         AP BUSINESS WRITER

                                                                                                           LOS ANGELES (AP) —                                novation will carry digital                           vestment. There are now                               load sales were offset by the
iments in which students were provoked and then asked                                                    Warner Music Group Corp.,                           music sales higher.                                   just 3,700 employees, down                            collapse in the popularity of
to pray or just think about either the provoker or some-                                                 the world's third-largest                              "I am excited to extend                            from 5,100 in late 2003.                              ringtones.
one else, those who prayed later showed reductions in                                                    recording company with                              my longstanding involve-                                 The Russian-born Blavat-                              The new owner may have
their anger and aggression toward those who had                                                          such artists as Eric Clapton,                       ment with Warner Music,"                              nik will likely have to cut                           to bank on new services yet
wronged them, as opposed to those who just thought                                                       Michael       Buble      and                        Blavatnik, 53, said in a                              even more — so much so                                to take off. There's specula-
about the enemy or another person. Prayers were seen                                                     Paramore, is being sold for                         statement. "It is a great com-                        that billionaire Ron Burkle                           tion that Google Inc. is com-
by the researchers as an effective way of diffusing                                                      about $1.3 billion as a                             pany with a strong heritage                           balked at pursuing the com-                           ing out with a music service
anger and reducing aggression -- as long as the prayers                                                  global decline in CD sales                          and home to many excep-                               pany past an initial round of                         and that Apple Inc. will un-
that were said were of a benevolent nature, and not hos-                                                 weighs down the industry.                           tional artists."                                      bidding. Burkle worried that                          veil a subscription plan to
tile! Would your mother consider this "proof"? The re-                                                     Len Blavatnik's Access                               Blavatnik is a former                              cuts might start to hurt                              complement sales of indi-
searchers found that prayer helped calm people                                                           Industries is paying $8.25 a                        board member who was                                  Warner-signed artists he                              vidual tracks on iTunes.
regardless of their church affiliation or if they normally                                               share and will take on about                        part of the group that bought                         considers friends, such as                               Further deal-making is
prayed or went to church. So maybe it could help you                                                     $2 billion in Warner debt                           the company in 2004. He                               Red Hot Chili Peppers, ac-                            possible. Citibank is looking
calm down as well.                                                                                       and $320 million in cash.                           has about a 2 percent stake                           cording to a person familiar                          to sell Britain's EMI Group
                                                                                                         The total values the com-                           in the company.                                       with the matter. The person                           Ltd., which it seized from
                                                                                                         pany at about $3 billion.                              The sale ends a seven-                             wasn't authorized to speak                            Guy Hands' Terra Firma pri-
                                                                                                           The deal, announced by                            year run by investors led by                          publicly and spoke on con-                            vate equity group in Febru-
                                                                                                         the companies Friday,                               Chief Executive Edgar                                 dition of anonymity.                                  ary after it defaulted on a
Charges to be dropped in Bieber
                                                                                                         comes as U.S. recorded                              Bronfman Jr., who pur-                                   Bronfman will remain                               loan.
                                                                                                         music sales are half what
mall frenzy, star to record PSA
                                                                                                                                                             chased the company from                               CEO after the sale. Bronf-                               Other groups that lost out
   GARDEN CITY, N.Y.                           teen pop star sign auto-                                  they were about a decade                            Time Warner Inc. with pri-                            man and Blavatnik declined                            on bidding for Warner —
(AP) — Justin Bieber has                       graphs.                                                   ago. Gains in digital sales                         vate equity backing for $2.6                          interview requests ahead of                           including No. 2 music com-
agreed to record a public                        Bieber manager Scott                                    have started to flatten, and                        billion. Those investors                              the release of Warner's                               pany Sony Corp. — are also
service announcement on                        Bruan and Def Jam Records                                 CD sales continue to fall.                          slashed payrolls and took                             fourth-quarter earnings re-                           looking for parts that may
cyberbullying in order to re-                  executive James Roppo                                       That means Blavatnik                              other measures to cope with                           port Tuesday.                                         be discarded from this deal.
solve misdemeanor charges                      were charged after police
filed against one of his man-                  said they refused to help dis-
agers and a record executive                   perse the crowd.
after a frenzy at a New York                     Prosecutors told a judge
mall.                                          Friday that they are drop-
   The case stemmed from                       ping those charges. The
an incident in 2009, when                      record company and a man-
thousands of unruly girls                      agement company pleaded
turned up at a clothing store                  guilty to fire code violations.
on Long Island to see the
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    Nation & World
     Tribe seeks apology for code name Cruise line says
                                        Houser noted Obama           ments of disapproval, while      Osama bin Laden, Geron-
    BRYAN                                passenger
                                     was elected on a message
                                     of compassion and change.
                                                                     countless Facebook and
                                                                     Twitter users chimed in,
                                                                                                      imo faced his enemy in nu-
                                                                                                      merous       battles    and
                                     Forever linking the mem-        some using historical pho-       engagements,"        Houser

       The leader of the Fort Sill   ory of Geronimo to "one of      tos of the Apache leader for     wrote. "He is perhaps one
    Apache Tribe is asking           the most despicable ene-        their profile pictures.          of the greatest symbols of
    President Barack Obama           mies this country has ever         Geronimo is a legend          Native American resistance
    for a formal apology for the
    government's use of the
                                     had" shows neither com-
                                     passion to Native Ameri-
                                                                     among Apaches and other
                                                                     Indian tribes for the fierce
                                                                                                      in the history of the United
    code name "Geronimo" for         cans nor change in              fighting he brought on dur-        Geronimo was born in
    Osama bin Laden.                 perception of Indians or        ing the 19th century as he       1829 in what would later
       Tribal Chairman Jeff          their struggle, he said.        tried to protect his land, his   become the state of New
    Houser sent a letter to the
                                                                                                                                       By: ELLIOT SPAGAT

                                        The White House re-          people and their way of life     Mexico. Aside from lead-
                                                                                                                                       ASSOCIATED PRESS

    president Tuesday, saying        ferred questions on the         from encroachment by U.S.        ing resistance efforts for         SAN DIEGO (AP) — A cruise line said Wednesday
    equating the legendary           matter to the U.S. Defense      and Mexican armies.              his people, he was also          a passenger was seen jumping overboard as the ship
    Apache warrior to a "mass        Department, which said no          Stories have been passed      known as a spiritual             headed toward San Diego.
    murderer and cowardly ter-       disrespect was meant to         down about the Chiricahua        leader.                            Closed-circuit video aboard the Celebrity Millen-
    rorist" was painful and of-      Native Americans.               Apache leader being able to        After the families of          nium shows the woman climbed over a railing Mon-
    fensive to all Native               The department wouldn't      walk without leaving foot-       Geronimo and other               day night and let go, Celebrity Cruises said.
    Americans.                       elaborate but said code         prints, helping him evade        Apache warriors were               The ship staff learned she was missing when she
       The letter was posted         names typically are chosen      the thousands of soldiers        captured and sent to             failed to disembark in San Diego on Tuesday morning
    Wednesday morning on the         randomly so those working       and scouts who spent years       Florida, he and 35 war-          and couldn't be found onboard.
    Oklahoma tribe's website.        on a mission can communi-       looking for him throughout       riors surrendered to Gen.          The company said the ship's GPS satellite marked
       "Right now Native             cate without divulging any      the Southwest.                   Nelson A. Miles near the         the location where the guest went overboard. The Coast
    American children all over       information to adversaries         In his letter, Houser told    Arizona-New Mexico bor-          Guard was searching the area.
    this country are facing the         Meanwhile, news about        Obama that his tribe — like      der in 1886.                       The woman, whose name was not released, was seen
    reality of having one of         the code name spread            the rest of the nation —           Geronimo eventually            alone on the video, said Cynthia Martinez, a spokes-
    their most revered figures       quickly across Indian           was ecstatic about learning      was sent to Fort Sill in         woman for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., which owns
    being connected to a terror-     Country and on social net-      of bin Laden's death during      Oklahoma, where he died          Celebrity. The woman was traveling with her older
    ist and murderer of thou-        work sites, resulting in a      a raid in Pakistan. But those    of pneumonia in 1909             brother.
    sands       of      innocent     groundswell of criticism        feelings were tempered as        after nearly 23 years of           Martinez didn't know where the passenger jumped
    Americans," Houser wrote.        against the U.S. govern-        details about the code name      captivity. He was buried in      but said coordinates were provided to the Coast Guard.
    "Think about how they feel       ment. Other tribes and          emerged.                         the Fort Sill Apache pris-       The ship had docked in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on
    at this point."                  tribal leaders issued state-       "Unlike the coward            oner of war cemetery.            Sunday and made its next and final stop in San Diego.
                                                                                                                                         The voyage began April 18 in San Juan, Puerto Rico,
                                                                     I                                                                 and went through the Panama Canal.
                                                                                                                                         The cruise line said the woman was 63, while the
                                                                                                                                       Coast Guard said she was 65. Martinez said she could
                         Stocks fall sharply after                                                                                     not explain the discrepancy. The Coast Guard did not
                                                                                                                                       immediately respond to a phone message Wednesday.
                                                                                                                                         The Coast Guard suspended its search for the woman
                            weak data on jobs                                                                                          after sunset Tuesday and resumed Wednesday. A Coast
                                                                                                                                       Guard helicopter took off at 7 a.m. from San Diego and
                                       Payroll processor ADP         pace in 8 months in April.       1,347.                           a C-130 aircraft departed Sacramento to search an area
                                     said companies added              The Dow Jones industrial         The Nasdaq composite           about 150 miles south along the Baja California coast
                                                                                                                                       to near Bahia de San Quintin.

                                     179,000 new jobs in April,      average fell 84 points, or 0.7   index fell 13, or 0.5 percent,

                                     far fewer than economists       percent, to close at 12,724.     to 2,828.

       NEW YORK (AP) —               had expected.                   The average of 30 large            More than two shares
    Stocks closed lower after          In a separate report, the     companies is still up 10 per-    rose for every one that fell
    two reports raised doubts        Institute for Supply Man-       cent for the year.               on the New York Stock Ex-
    about the economy's              agement said its service sec-     The S&P 500 index fell 9       change. Trading volume
                                                                                                                                         Williamson Daily News
    strength.                        tor index rose at the slowest   points, or 0.7 percent, to       was 4.6 billion shares.

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                                                                                                                               Vital Vittles on Borderland Rd
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    WILLIAMSON DAILY NEWS                                                                                                                                                           SUNDAY, MAY 8, 2011 I 9A

     FBI: DC suspicious letters part of broader probe
                                         schools on Thursday. One         with them. They are being           last October, the FBI said.       addresses were printed, the            campuses. Mayor Vincent
                                         school received two letters.     analyzed at an FBI labora-             A law enforcement offi-        FBI said. WRC-TV in                    Gray condemned the mail-

                                         On Friday, 10 more en-           tory in Quantico, Va.               cial with knowledge of the        Washington obtained an                 ings as "a dastardly act."

      WASHINGTON (AP)                    velopes were found: six            The letters had the same          situation told The Associ-        image of one of the letters              Schools were open on
    — More than three dozen              that had been delivered to       characteristics as mailings         ated Press that the en-           that had a Dallas postmark.            time Friday, and police
    suspicious but apparently            schools and four more that       under investigation by the          velopes contained a letter        The stamp appeared to be               were working with postal
    harmless letters addressed           were collected at a mail fa-     FBI and postal inspectors           referring to al-Qaida and         canceled on May 2, the                 inspectors to make sure
    to District of Columbia              cility by U.S. postal inspec-    in Dallas, the FBI said in a        the FBI and that the white        day after the U.S. an-                 mail delivered to the
    schools appear to have               tors, said Lindsay Godwin,       news release. James                 powder had the look and           nounced it had killed al-              schools was safe, Metro-
    been mailed from the Dal-            a spokeswoman for the            McJunkin, head of the               consistency of cornstarch.        Qaida leader Osama bin                 politan Police Chief Cathy
    las area and closely resem-          FBI's Washington Field Of-       Washington field office,            The official was not author-      Laden.                                 Lanier said. School em-
    ble       letters     under          fice.                            said similar letters have           ized to release the informa-        D.C. schools began re-               ployees were told to check
    investigation by authorities            No hazardous substances       been mailed to schools              tion and spoke on condition       porting the letters around 1           their mail and immediately
    there, the FBI said Friday.          have been found in any of        elsewhere in the U.S. over          of anonymity.                     p.m. Thursday. The city                turn over any suspicious
      Envelopes containing a             the envelopes, and no one        the last several weeks.                The envelopes were ad-         has more than 100 public               letters to police, said Fred-
    white, powdery substance             has been injured or become         A few of the letters were         dressed to the schools and        schools and another 52                 erick Lewis, a D.C.
    were delivered to 28 D.C.            ill after coming into contact    also sent to D.C. schools           not to individuals, and the       charter schools with 93                schools spokesman.

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    10A I SUNDAY, MAY 8, 2011                                                                                                       WILLIAMSON DAILY NEWS

      SUNDAY, MAY 8, 2011                          COMICS/ENTERTAINMENT
      BLONDIE                                      Dean Young/Denis Lebrun

      BEETLE BAILEY                                              Mort Walker                                                          Today’s Answers

      FUNKY WINKERBEAN                                             Tom Batiuk

      HAGAR THE HORRIBLE                                        Chris Browne

      HI & LOIS                                         Brian and Greg Walker
                                                                                 THE LOCKHORNS                                             William Hoest

      MUTTS                                                 Patrick McDonnell

                                                                                         Jacquelene Bigar’s                  HOROSCOPE
                                                                                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Monday,             is yes.
                                                                                 May 9, 2011:                                    VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
      ZITS                                         Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman       This year, you’ll have an oppor-                Take much-needed time to do
                                                                                 tunity to demonstrate your priorities.     research or to push a project ahead.
                                                                                 Family will always be close to your        You could be overly exhausted or
                                                                                 heart. You will open new doors, as         looking for a way around a situation.
                                                                                 you will be unusually fortunate later      Just observe, and a lot more will
                                                                                 this year. Is there something you          become clear. Tonight: Say “yes” to
                                                                                 have wanted to do? This year might         living.
                                                                                 be the right time to manifest just that.        LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
                                                                                 You gain unusual insight into your                        Focus on others,
                                                                                 background and a parent. If you are        whether you are off playing or head-
                                                                                 single, you will long for someone to       ing in a new direction. Though you
                                                                                 nestle in with you. Just don’t jump        might want or need to concentrate on
                                                                                 into this arrangement because of your      certain aspects of an issue, you could
                                                                                 need for closeness. You want to have       have difficulty doing so. Others seek
                                                                                 the right person, too. You will if you     you out en masse. Tonight: Enjoy the
                                                                                 hold out. If you are attached, the two     moment. Forget that it is Monday.
      THE FAMILY CIRCUS                           CONCEPTIS SUDOKU               of you often can be found nestled in
                                                                                 together. LEO sometimes presents
                                                                                                                                 SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
                                                                                                                                          You have a way of com-
      Bil Keane                                                                  another perspective.                       manding attention. You won’t be a
                                                        by Dave Green                The Stars Show the Kind of Day         backseat driver today, in any segment
                                                                                 You’ll Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive;        of your life. Others count on you tak-
                                                                                 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult            ing your place and acting responsibly.
                                                                                     ARIES (March 21-April 19)              Could you be enabling someone?
                                                                                                You are fiery and           Tonight: Burning the candle at both
                                                                                 dynamic. The unexpected occurs out         ends.
                                                                                 of the blue. Express your deeper feel-          SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
                                                                                 ings. You do a great job of expressing                   Tame the desire to take
                                                                                 yourself, and others hear you loud         off. Use this impulse in a more posi-
                                                                                 and clear. Tonight: In the thick of        tive and gratifying manner -- perhaps
                                                                                 things.                                    doing some research or becoming
                                                                                     TAURUS (April 20-May 20)               an armchair traveler. Recognize your
                                                                                            Know when it is best to say     restraints and move forward. Tonight:
                                                                                 less and just be yourself. Your ability    Try to move forward.
                                                                                 to clear out a problem emerges. You             CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
                                                                                 have a seriousness that empowers                      You can only see and
                                                                                 you. As a result, others trust your sug-   accomplish so much. Cut the idea
                                                                                 gestions. Tonight: Stay close to home.     that you can do it all — at least for
                                                                                     GEMINI (May 21-June 20)                now. You sometimes make demands
                                                                                              As a sign, you tend to        that are very hard on you. Let oth-
      DENNIS THE MENACE                                                          speak your mind as few can. You            ers carry the ball right now. Tonight:
      Hank Ketchum                                                               mean what you say, and others hear         Listen to what a partner shares.
                                                                                 you loud and clear. Express yourself            AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
                                                                                 to friends or in a meeting. Some of                      You might want to move
                                                                                 the reactions you get could stun you.      forward and handle a certain issue.
                                                                                 Tonight: Ever playful.                     Truth be told, you might want to allow
                                                                                     CANCER (June 21-July 22)               others to do their fair share. You carry
                                                                                            Curb a need to get your         too much of a burden on your shoul-
                                                                                 way. Your need for control eas-            ders; allow others to pitch in. Tonight:
                                                                                 ily could swing into relationships.        Go off and join a friend or visit with a
                                                                                 Unexpected developments force you          roommate.
                                                                                 to deal with responsibilities and per-          PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20)
                                                                                 haps update your community image.                     Focus, focus, focus and
                                                                                 Tonight: Treat yourself well; you put in   enhance your ability to get past an
                                                                                 quite a day.                               immediate problem. You want to get
                                                                                     LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)                  down to basics, though you can be
                                                                                            How you handle an unan-         gentle while doing so. Others are
                                                                                 ticipated piece of information can and     more likely to accept their role in this
                                                                                 will define your day. Many of you will     matter when approached with soft-
                                                                                 focus on re-arranging your plans,          ness. Tonight: Work as a team.
                                                                                 whereas others will be pushed to the
                                                                                 max to incorporate everything and             Jacqueline Bigar is on the Internet
                                                                                 get it done. Tonight: The only answer          at

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