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 March 1, 2009
   3:00 PM
Page Two                               First Sunday of Lent                            March 1, 2009

          GORZKIE ZALE                                       FROM THE PASTOR
             "Bitter Lamentations"

                                                      LENTEN DÉCOR
                                                      This year an effort was made to return to what
                                                      is spare, simple and significant in Lenten deco-
                                                      rations. The dossal (banner), altar frontal and
                                                      vestments are red- violet - - a color that symbol-
                                                      izes penitence and the approaching Passion
                                                      and Death of the Lord. The unbleached, bees-
                                                      wax candles, so favored in
                                                      the Eastern Church as a sym-
           March 1— 3:00 PM                           bol of the “pure Christ,” also
                                                      reflect the Western Tradition
Gorzkie Zale is a traditional Polish Lenten Ser-      of using unbleached candles
vice. Owing its origin to medieval mystery plays      for Requiem Masses. Un-
and an intensely realistic identification with the    bleached candles suggest the Lenten attitude
Passion of the Lord, Gorzkie Zale was first con-      of dying with Christ and mourning for our sin-
ducted in 1707.                                                           fulness. Curly Willow
                                                                          branches are a natural re-
                                                                          minder that Lent is the
"The Bitter Lamentations" consist of three parts,                         Springtime of our spiritual
each offering a hymn on the Passion and Death, a                          life.
lamentation expressing sorrow for sin, and a
"sympathetic dialogue" between the Blessed Vir-
gin Mary and her
dying Son.                                            LENTEN DAYS OF REFLECTION

Usually sung on Friday evenings or Sunday after-      The special ethnic days of reflection represent
noons in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament,       an outreach to different groups in our parish. It
Gorzkie Zale usually encourages active congrega-      is my prayerful wish that the diverse spiritual
tional participation. While cherished qy the Polish   and cultural experiences of parishioners will
Community, Gorzkie Zale is largely unknown            enrich and unify us as a "Family of Faith." The
elsewhere.                                            Filipino Day of Reflection will be on March 7.
                                                      The Polish Day of Reflection is on March 14. I
We are pleased to offer a bilingual Gorzkie Zale      strongly encourage Filipino and Polish parish-
on March 1 at 3:00 PM with the assistance of solo-    ioners to participate in these spiritual days.
ists from the Lira Singers, Fr. Zdzislaw (Jason)
Torba will preside and preach. Our Adaptation of                                        - Fr. Luczak
Gorzkie Zale will include exposition of the
Blessed Sacrament.
Page Three                               First Sunday of Lent                                March 1, 2009

                                              “Lent Gallery”

                      Christ’s Temptation in the Wilderness by A. D. Thomas

A. D. Thomas’ Christ’s Temptation in the Wilderness is an “inculturated image” of the Gospel. It does not
depict Christ as a Jew. It does not show us the landscape of Israel. It does not strive for external accuracy so
much as making a Biblical narrative relevant to popular Indian culture. It clearly borrows symbols from Bud-
dhism and Hinduism. How to the Gospel and Indian culture is it?

I know nothing about A. D. Thomas. Another Indian Christian artist, Jyoti Sahi, may help to explain what A.
D. Thomas tried to do. Jyoti Sahi’s approach to symbolism is the key.

       The symbol reunites meaning and event, understanding and life. The Indian villager retains a contact
       with symbolism which has been lost in the developed world … Mythology today is often disregarded as
       superstition, but without symbolism the mid loses its contact with life … Jyoti Sahi shows that the myths
       of folk culture are living, and have a power beyond the merely rational.

Returning to A. D. Thomas’ Christ’s Temptation in the Wilderness, I find in it a confusion of symbols and,
what is more disturbing, too close an identification between the Temptation of Christ and that of Siddhartha
Gautama (Buddha). One can, perhaps, accept Jesus Christ as a Guru. That’s a cultural “translation.” Even
Jesus meditating in a “lotus position” does not compromise the Gospel. But the shadowy, windblown, female
figure offering a tray of gustatory delights … Is she supposed to be the devil? A ministering “angel?” Tho-
mas’ intriguing icon may be interreligious. It is not unambiguously Christian.
Page Four                                 First Sunday of Lent                                 March 1, 2009

Thomas’ “Temptation” is more Buddhist than Christian. Both Siddhartha Gautama and Jesus experienced
temptation at crucial moments in their lives. Jesus began when his public ministry after His Baptism in the
Jordan and temptation in the desert. Siddhartha Gautama meditated under the Buddha tree, he sought enlight-
enment and liberation from human suffering. According to the Buddhist story, Mara, the demonic power iden-
tified with death, destructive passions, and illusion tries to defeat Siddhartha in his noble goal. First, Mara
summons a horde of demons, but Siddhartha does not fear them. Then he sends his beautiful daughter to se-
duce Siddhartha, but, she becomes an ugly hag. Siddhartha is victorious over Mara and attains enlightenment.
Thus Siddhartha became the Buddha.

                         Returning to A.D. Thomas’ painting, is that dark, female
                         figure Satan or Mara’s alluring daughter? Real incul-
                         turated Christian art involves an IDENTIFICATION with
                         Christ and the Gospel. Thomas’ painting mixes myth too
                         freely and effects a syncretism rather than an inculturation.
                         I believe that real inculturated Christian art is possible. I
                         cannot accept A.D. Thomas’ “attempt” because it scram-
                         ble both message and medium.

                            Art historian Albert C. Moore has observed that in India
                            “the most popular pictures of Jesus are, among Catholic
                            Christians, the Mediterranean-type ‘Sacred Heart of Je-
                            sus,’ and among Protestants the American-type heroic Je-
                            sus by Sallman.” Neither image represents the “historical
The Head of Christ by                                                                             Sacred Heart by
Warner Sallman, 1941      Jesus.” When we see Jesus and the Gospel through different     Bartolomé Esteban Murillo
                          cultural lenses, we should remember the value of the
 “inculturated image” exists because of the Incarnation. In taking on human nature, God became one not only
 with Israel, but with all nations and peoples.

                                                                                         - Fr. Luczak

      Stewardship…………………………………………...Sunday Collection

            Weekly (this year) 2/22/09—$9, 311.73 (last year) 2/24/08—$9,917.98

 The waters of Baptsm make us part of the new covenant in Christ. But the
  Bishops’ pastoral letter on stewardship reminds us that “there is a funda-
 mental obligation arising from the sacrament of Baptism… that people place
         their gifts, their resources—their selves—at God’s service in
                             and through the Church.”
Page Five                                 First Sunday of Lent                                 March 1, 2009

              SPIRITUAL LIFE


Established in 1943, Catholic Relief Services is the official international humanitarian agency of the U. S.
Catholic community. The fundamental motivation force of CRS is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That motivation
compels the agency to alleviate human suffering, to foster justice and charity, and to enhance the develop-
ment of peoples around the world. CRS provides assistance on the basis of need, not creed, race, or ethnic-
ity. This week let us remember in prayer that the ability to work to earn a living is a right of all people. All
workers have the right to a fair wage, to organize themselves, and to work in good conditions. May our fast-
ing keep us mindful of the workers who provide food for their families. May our almsgiving assist Catholic
Relief Services as we learn about microfinance projects in Egypt. Please refer to your Operation Rice Bowl
calendar for the Lenten prayer, a recipe for the week and for information about efforts to help people in Egypt.

Our goal is to raise about $5,000, with 75% of it aiding people in Egypt, the Philippines, Tanzania, Honduras,
and Ghana. The other 25% will help support hunger and poverty alleviation efforts dioceses in the United
States. Let us live more simply this Lent so that others may simply live. We realize these are difficult eco-
nomic times for many, but every bit of help, small or large, can greatly impact lives. Thank you for your efforts.

You may bring your alms each week and place them in the boxes at the doors of the church or you may bring
your cash or check and place it in the second collection the weekend of March28-29. Please note this is not
Palm Sunday weekend, however there will already be the second collection for the Rectory roof repair. You
may still bring your alms/donations on Palm Sunday weekend, April 4-5, and put them in the alms boxes.
Thank you!


Our Parish Mission, “The Great Invitation”, will be led by Fr. Jordan Kelly, OP, Director of the Archdiocesan
Office for Evangelization, March 22-25. Plan now to attend as much of the Mission as you can! He will preach
at all the Masses March 21-22, give a 3 p.m. session on March 22 followed by a pot luck dinner and evening
prayer, sessions at 7 p.m. March 23-24, and conclude with a Mass at 7 p.m. on March 25, the Solemnity of
the Annunciation of the Lord.

Morning sessions with video of the previous day’s presentation will be shown in the Holy Family Room Mon-
day-Thursday, March 23-26 for those who find a day time format more convenient.


Sunday—Gorski Zale, “The Bitter Laments” Polish/English Service, 3 p.m.

Monday—Church open for prayer until 8 p.m.

Wednesday—Bible Study, 9:30 a.m.

Thursday—Soup Supper & Presentation by JoAnne Harbert, 6:30 p.m., HFR
         Holy Hour, 7 p.m., Church

Friday—Stations of the Cross, 4 & 7 p.m., Church
Page Six                                First Sunday of Lent                               March 1, 2009

Saturday—Filipino Community Day of Reflection w/Fr. Plomillo, 9:00 a.m., HFR/Church
         Reconciliation 11 a.m. to Noon, Reconciliation Room

Weekend—Second Sunday of Lent
        Vicariate Youth Awards Banquet at White Eagle, 5:30 p.m.

                                                                ABOUT NEXT WEEK’S READINGS

                                                        GENESIS: “Events in today’s reading took place ap-
                                                        proximately 1800 years before Christ. In that pagan
             READINGS FOR THE                           culture, child sacrifice was common. That’s why
           SECOND SUNDAY OF LENT                        Abraham believed God wanted him to sacrifice his
                                                        only son Isaac. Later generations constantly looked
         Genesis 22:1-2, 9a, 10-13, 15-18               back to this event as an example of Abraham’s great
               Psalm 116:10, 15-19
                                                        ROMANS: “Today’s reading is part of a hymn that
                 Romans 8:31B-34                        celebrates God’s love and which concludes the
                                                        eighth chapter of Paul’s letter to the Romans. In our
                    Mark 9:2-10                         first reading, we heard how God spared Abraham’s
                                                        only son; in this passage we will hear how, out of
                                                        love for us, God did not spare his only son.”


*Letters have been mailed out to Confirmation Year II Sponsors. Please let your sponsor know to be looking
for it. There is something for them to fill out and return to the RE Office by March 30th.

*There will be a prayer service for First Communion Students on Monday, March 2nd, at 7:30 p.m. Family
members are to meet the children in church. They will come down from class.

*First Grade will have a Forgiveness Service at 7 p.m. on Monday. Fifth Grade will have a Vocation Panel and
Sixth Grade will have their Child Safety Training session with Ms. Mallari and Ms. Zaborowski. Family mem-
bers welcome to any of these events.


Bible Study will meet on Wednesday, Mar. 4, at 9:30 a.m. in Rm. 6.


Our Soup Supper and Presentation series begins this Thursday, March 5th. A simple meal will be served at
6:30 p.m. in the Holy Family Room followed by the presentation at 7 p.m. JoAnne Harbert, on behalf of
Catholic Relief Services Operation Rice Bowl, will speak about hunger and poverty issues. JoAnne is Associ-
ate Director of the Comboni Lay Missionaries and taught in East Africa for two years.

Free will offerings appreciated. RSVP to RE Office, 847/966-1180, by Wednesday, Mar. 4 if possible for meal
planning purposes. All, however, are welcome even if you don’t have a chance to call in! Other Supper and
Presentation nights are March 12, 26 and April 2.
Page Seven                                         First Sunday of Lent                                            March 1, 2009

                 HUMAN CONCERNS

                                      GO RED: American Heart Month 2009 – One Last Word

In closing this series, I’d like to offer information you need to know regarding the signs & symptoms of heart attack & stroke & actions
you need to take when you recognize them.

                                                      Warning Signs of a Stroke

•  “Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body
•  Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding
•  Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes
•  Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination
Sudden severe headache with no known cause” (pg. 26)

                                                                What To Do

If you or anyone around you has any of these warning signs, call 911 right away. To save a life & minimize stroke damage, immedi-
ate medical attention is imperative. “Time lost is brain lost.” (pg. 26) Receiving a clot-busting drug within 3 hours of the onset of
symptoms can lessen long-term disabling effects of the most common kind of stroke. (pg. 20)

                                                     Warnings Signs of a Heart Attack

• “Chest discomfort. Most heart attacks involve discomfort in the center of the chest that lasts more than a few minutes, or that
goes away and comes back. It can feel like uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain.
• Discomfort in other areas of the upper body. Symptoms may include pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back, neck,
jaw or stomach.
• Shortness of breath with or without chest discomfort.
Other signs may include breaking out in a cold sweat, nausea or lightheadedness.” (pg. 2)

The most common heart attack symptom for both genders is chest pain or discomfort. Women, tho, are somewhat more likely to ex-
perience some of the other common symptoms, particularly shortness of breath, nausea/ vomiting and back or jaw pain.” (pg. 2)

Heart attacks can differ in severity & lethality, but immediate action is crucial. Call 911 if you or anyone around you has any of the
symptoms. Time is of the essence. Getting a clot-busting drug within 30 minutes & having an artery clearing procedure within 90
minutes of arrival in the Emergency Room is vital to patient survival & heart health. (pg. 2)

In the event of heart attack, remember the “four-step chain of survival:”
• Early access to emergency response (calling 911)
• Early CPR, providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation when needed
• Early defibrillation (on-site or via paramedics)
Early advanced medical care (pg. 4)

I hope this series has been of help. Be blessed!

Pat Kellen, Parish Nurse
Advocate Health Care/ St. Isaac Jogues
Page Eight                   First Sunday of Lent                              March 1, 2009

                                           Unplanned pregnancy? Feeling confused or
                                          distraught? Call HOPELINE for confidential aid
                                                         (847) 823-HOPE

             PARISH LIFE

              GUILD 7



VANCE… BY CALLING 847 966 9679 OR-
WEEK UP UNTIL 10 AM ON THE FRIDAY OF      Fr. Ronald Plomillo is a priest
                                          of the Diocese of Mabel, Philip-
PICK UP!                                  pines. Ordained in 1995 he studied
                                          in Ateneo de Manila University and
ORDERS MAY BE PICKED UP IN THE HOLY       Loyola School of Theology obtain-
FAMILY ROOM BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 4        ing his Masters in Theology and Philosophy. He was
                                          assigned as the Director of Liturgy of his diocese and
AND 6 PM.                                 Dean of Studies of their local college seminary prior to
                                          his coming to .Chicago to pursue his Doctor of Minis-
PRICE PER SANDWICH IS $3.50 EACH          try in cross cultural studies in the Catholic Theological
                                          Union, Hyde Park, Chicago. Presently, he is an associ-
                                          ate pastor of St. Lambert Parish Church in Skokie, IL.
Page Nine                          First Sunday of Lent                  March 1, 2009

   St. Isaac Jogues Women’s                     St. John Brebeuf School
                                                            Students write…
                 Guild 7

             “Pasta Dinner”
(includes pasta, 2 homemade meatballs, salad,
      bread, soda or water, and dessert)
             Saturday, March 14
            (after the 5PM Mass)
              Holy Family Room

 Tickets can be purchased from WC members
            by calling 847.966.9679
               or at the Recrory
Page Ten                                   First Sunday of Lent                             March 1, 2009

Sunday, March 1                                                       Liturgies next weekend
    7:30 am Christine Wolf                                                  March 7 — 8
    9:00 am Bridget Burke                                                     Presider
   10:30 am Florencio Moreno, Sr.
   12:00 pm For the Living & Deceased Members of           5:00 pm    Fr. Luczak/Deacon Rod
             St. Isaac Jogues & their Families;            7:30 am    Fr. McGlynn/Deacon Paul
             Frances Leske                                 9:00 am    Fr. Kalas/Deacon Paul
                                                          10:30 am    Fr Stagaman/Deacon Rod
Monday, March 2                                           12:00 pm    Fr. Janas/Deacon Rod
   8:00 am Purgatorial Society;
             Terry Dyja
                                                                                    Altar Servers
Tuesday, March 3
    8:00 am Richard MacDonald                               5:00 pm   Olivia Ellsworth, Mercedez Gallegos,
                                                                      Christina Jimmychan
Wednesday, March 4                                          7:30 am   Adam Ratner, Colin Austria,
   8:00 am Nellamattam Kurian                                         Jacob Austria
                                                            9:00 am   Carlo Lasco, Athena Lasco,
Thursday, March 5                                                     Elizabeth Stanton
    8:00 am Kunjamma Mathai                               10:30 am    Pamela Lerias, Joana Hidalgo,
                                                                      John Hidalgo
Friday, March 6                                           12:00 pm    Celina Antony, Thomas Malitz,
     8:00 am Mary Jane & Helen Polinski                               Marco Lambo

Saturday, March 7                                                       Sacristy Committee
    8:00 am Communion Service-No Intentions                           Diane Bauer, Janet Grant
    5:00 pm For the Living & Deceased Members of
              St. Isaac Jogues & their Families;                          Relatives & Friends
              James O’Connell                               Please remember the sick and hospitalized:
                                                          Mary Affatati, Wilma Anapa, Bob Arns, Shirley Arns,
Sunday, March 8                                         John Arns, Jr. Andre Baros, Noah Baros, Linda Bennett,
    7:30 am Lisowski Family                                Shawn Bong, Genevieve Conway, Heidi DeMeo,
    9:00 am Steven Zourkas                                   Marian De Meo, Mary Genvaldi, Arlene Irmen,
   10:30 am James O’Connell                               Stanley Jezior, Shirley Klein, Mark Koz, Maria Ladd,
   12:00 pm Michal Herdzik & Henry K. Herdzik                Megan Lawler, Lillian McCloud, Bob Meyers,
                                                        Marilyn Michaels, Pat Olech, Tammy Heffernan Propst,
                                                                  Tony Romito, Clariza Saint George,
                                                         Linda Bong Sanchez, Paul Sitkowski, John Terzakis,
                                                               Pat Terzakis, Pat Walter, Chuck Watson,
                          Reconciliation                     Mary Zimniewicz, Megan Zimniewicz Upshaw.
                          Fr. Luczak

                                                                            REST IN PEACE

                                                                               Mary Genualdi,
                                                                               Wife of Frank

                                                                              Henry Kaminski,
                                                                             Husband of Bozena

                                                        Your ways, O Lord, make known to me;
                                                             teach me your paths.
                                                                                   - Psalm 25:4
Page Eleven                                    First Sunday of Lent                                            March 1, 2009

PASTOR: Rev. Andrew Luczak                                        Sacrament of Matrimony: Must be registered for six
ASSOCIATE PASTOR: Rev. Camillus Janas, O.F.M                      months prior to setting the wedding date with an addi-
                                                                  tional six months for necessary preparation. Note: The
PASTORAL STAFF:                                                   following wedding times can be scheduled:
   Deacon Bob Kerls, Parish Business Administrator                                Friday at 5:00 p.m.;
   Mrs. Dolores Stanton,Director of Religious Education                           Saturday at 1:00 and 3:00 p.m.;
   Mrs. Patricia Kellen, Parish Nurse                                             Sunday at 3:00 p.m. (Ceremony only)
   Mrs. Lisa Hall, Music Director
                                                                  Sacrament of Baptism: Second and fourth Sunday of
DEACON COMMUNITY:                                                 each month at 1:30 PM. Baptism Preparation Session
   Deacon & Mrs. Robert C. O’Keefe                                must be completed before Baptism. Contact the Parish
   Deacon Rod Ranola                                              Office as soon as possible for details.
   Deacon & Mrs. Paul M. Stanton
                                                                  Parish Office Website: http://sij-parish.com
WEEKEND LITURGY PRESIDERS:                                                         E-mail: office@sij-parish.com
  Rev. Ron Kalas                                                  8149 Golf Road, Niles, IL. 60714. . . . . . . 967-1060
  Rev. Larry Janowski, O.F.M.                                                       Mrs. Janet Piovosi (Parish Secretary)
  Rev. Bernard Kennedy, O.F.M.                                                      Mrs. Emilie Casacchia (Data Processor)
  Rev. Philip McGlynn, O.S.M.                                                       Mrs. Marlene Garber (Data Processor)
  Rev. David Stagaman, S.J.                                                         Mrs. Jane Piper (Bulletin Editor)
                                                                  Religious Education. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .           966-1180
                                                                                    Staff Secretary
Eucharistic Celebrations:                                         Parish Nurse. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 967-1094
   Sunday: 7:30, 9:00, 10:30, & 12:00 Noon                        Music Ministry. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 967-1091
   Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM                                       Parish Hall. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 965-1091
   Saturday: 8:00 AM & 5:00 PM                                    Ministry Center. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       965-6911
                                                                          Parish School:
Sacrament of Reconciliation:                                          St. John Brebeuf School. . . . . . . . .               966-3266
   Saturday, 11:00 - 12:00 Noon or anytime by request.                              Principal: Mrs. Margaret Whitman

                                      ADDING NAMES TO THE PARISH SICK LIST

It has always been the policy of St. Isaac Jogues to offer our parish community an opportunity to pray for those parish-
ioners who are ill and in need of our prayers. We have tried to keep close track of these names for our Bulletin as they
are made available to us.

However, now we face an important privacy issue, very much like the issues faced by hospitals, health institutions, and
certainly by other parishes.

We cannot (by law) publicly let our parish community know the health status of any of our members without
their permission.

We appreciate the fact that often friends, neighbors, and acquaintances wish to do something special for a person who is
ill, and ask to place their name on the list to be prayed for. While their intentions are surely good, we simply can no
longer accept names in this manner.

We will institute a new process regarding calling in names for the Bulletin list.

Names for the sick list placed in the Bulletin have to be called in by the person who is ill, or by a member of
their family. At the time they call in the name, they will be asked whether they are the sick person him/ herself, or a
member of their family, and if they give permission for the name to be placed on the list. They will be asked for the cor-
rect spelling of the sick person's name. If a family member, they will be required to give their name for our records.

Thank you for your patience regarding this new process. We wish to do all we can to offer our parish community the
opportunity to offer prayers for those who are ill — but we must also be cognizant of the fact that all members of our con-
gregation are entitled to their privacy in this regard.
8149 Golf Road
Niles, IL 60714

847 967-1060


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