Shown below is a preliminary summary of the actions taken by the Hanover County Board of Supervisors on
  October 12, 2011. Detailed minutes in final form will be presented to the Board for approval at a future date.


                                  SUMMARY MINUTES

                     Hanover County Administration Building
                                 Board Room

                                          October 12, 2011

   I.         Call to Order

At 2:00 p.m., the Chairman called the meeting to order. All Board Members were present. Ms.
A. Lisa Barker, Deputy County Attorney, attended the meeting as legal counsel beginning at
7:00 p.m. Mr. Rives was absent for the evening session.

   A. Invocation
   Mr. Via gave the invocation.
   B. Pledge of Allegiance
   Mr. Gordon led the Pledge of Allegiance.
II. Consideration of Amendments to the Agenda

Mr. Via moved that the agenda be amended to add the following items to the Consent Agenda:

IV. C-2 AND IV. C-3 - Property Acquisition – Approval of Settlement Agreements for
Avigation Easements on GPINS 7797-29-9492 and 7797-39-2163 (Ashland Magisterial District)

IV. H – Adoption of Proclamation – Raymond Cook (Cold Harbor Magisterial District)

Mr. Stanley seconded the motion.

Mr. Rives clarified that IV. C-2 AND IV. C-3 members of the Board have not had time to
review the packages that have been disturbed and stated that in negotiating these easements Staff
have followed precisely the same formulas for valuation of the avigation easements as were
followed in the three settlements that have already been negotiated and approved by the Board.
 Deborah B. Winans         Aye
 Aubrey M. Stanley         Aye
 John E. Gordon, Jr.       Aye
 Charles D. McGhee         Aye
 Robert R. Setliff         Aye
 G. E. “Ed” Via, III       Aye
 Elton J. Wade, Sr.        Aye

Consent Agenda amended.

Announcement Hanover received the Fourth Award of 100 Best Communities for Young
People today

The competition recognizes communities across the country that focus on reducing high school
dropout rates and providing service and support to their youth. This is the fourth consecutive
time that Hanover has won this award. They specifically mentioned our Graduate Warranty
Program, Teens Care Too, Kids Intensive Treatment Team (KITT) and Move and Groove which
helps to combat childhood obesity. More than 300 communities from all 50 states and the
District of Columbia and Puerto Rico sought this recognition. Hanover is one of only five
localities in Virginia to make the list.

III.   Citizens‟ Time

Chairman opened Citizens Time – No one to address the Board

IV.    Consent Agenda

Mr. Setliff made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda with the exception of the items to be
considered removed, seconded by Mr. Gordon.

 Deborah B. Winans         Aye
 Aubrey M. Stanley         Aye
 John E. Gordon, Jr.       Aye
 Charles D. McGhee         Aye
 Robert R. Setliff         Aye
 G. E. “Ed” Via, III       Aye
 Elton J. Wade, Sr.        Aye

Consent Agenda approved as follows:

       A.Request for Conditional Use Permit Extension – CUP-8-10, Insurance Auto Auctions,
Inc. (Ashland Magisterial District)
      B.     Adoption of Resolution – Acceptance of Streets into the Secondary System of
Highways – Haden Estates, Section B Subdivision (Mechanicsville Magisterial District)

       C.      Request for Approval of Roadway Use Permit and Agreement –
William Netherwood, Jr., Tusing Avenue (Portion), Craney Island Estates (Chickahominy
Magisterial District)

Amended Agenda Items IV. C-2 AND IV. C-3 - Property Acquisition – Approval of
Settlement Agreements for Avigation Easements on GPINS 7797-29-9492 and 7797-39-2163
(Ashland Magisterial District)

        D.      Request for Authorization to Advertise a Public Hearing – Department of Public
Utilities - Quitclaim of Northridge Sewer Pump Station Lot, GPIN 7787-68-2606 (South Anna
Magisterial District)

Adoption of Proclamation - First Baptist Church of Elmont – 100th Anniversary (removed from
Consent Agenda)

On a motion by Mr. Gordon, seconded by Mr. Setliff, the Board adopted the proclamation.

 Deborah B. Winans                     Aye
 Aubrey M. Stanley                     Aye
 John E. Gordon, Jr.                   Aye
 Charles D. McGhee                     Aye
 Robert R. Setliff                     Aye
 G. E. “Ed” Via, III                   Aye
 Elton J. Wade, Sr.                    Aye

Motion Approved.

Appointments (removed from Consent Agenda)

  October 12, 2011 Consent Agenda Appointments
                   / or                                                                                         BOARD MEMBER
              REPRESEN                             REASO                                                       RESPONSIBLE FOR
                 TATIVE                            N                                                          CONSIDERATION (IN
              DESIGNATI                            APPOIN                         WILLING                       THEIR ROLE AS
                    ON                             TMENT     TERM                 TO BE     NAME OF           CHAIRMAN; DISTRICT
 EE NAME         District   NAME           NAME    D           H         ION      NTED      APPOINTEE                REP)

                                                                                                                Winans (Chairman)
 Board of                                          Term                                                       Recommendation to the
 Equalizati                   Fred                 Expirin                                                    Circuit Court Judge for
    on           N/A        Franklin       Small   g         3 Years   02/28/12   YES                             Reappointment
 Deborah B. Winans         Aye
 Aubrey M. Stanley         Aye
 John E. Gordon, Jr.       Aye
 Charles D. McGhee         Aye
 Robert R. Setliff         Aye
 G. E. “Ed” Via, III       Aye
 Elton J. Wade, Sr.        Aye

Recommendation to the Circuit Court Judge Approved.

Adoption of Proclamation – Lois Wingfield Wickham (removed from Consent Agenda)

On a motion by Mr. Stanley, seconded by Mr. Gordon, the Board adopted the proclamation.

 Deborah B. Winans         Aye
 Aubrey M. Stanley         Aye
 John E. Gordon, Jr.       Aye
 Charles D. McGhee         Aye
 Robert R. Setliff         Aye
 G. E. “Ed” Via, III       Aye
 Elton J. Wade, Sr.        Aye

Motion Approved.

Amended Agenda Item - Adoption of Proclamation Raymond Cook (Cold Harbor Magisterial
District) (removed from Consent Agenda)

On a motion by Mr. Wade, seconded by Mr. Gordon, the Board adopted the proclamation.

 Deborah B. Winans         Aye
 Aubrey M. Stanley         Aye
 John E. Gordon, Jr.       Aye
 Charles D. McGhee         Aye
 Robert R. Setliff         Aye
 G. E. “Ed” Via, III       Aye
 Elton J. Wade, Sr.        Aye

Motion Approved.

V.             Presentations-
     A. Proclamations – Marc S. Weiss Family – Mr. Setliff & Delegate Cox
Delegate Cox stated it is an honor to be here and even though the pain of the sudden loss has
subsided somewhat the memory of a great man will be everlasting. Delegate Cox stated that the
Virginia General Assembly, Virginia House of Delegates presented a memorial proclamation
celebrating the life of Marc S. Weiss, adopted by the House of Delegates April 27, 2011.
Delegate Cox read the proclamation to the members of the Weiss Family and presented the
proclamation to Mrs. Weiss.

Mr. Setliff came forward and asked Mrs. Weiss to come forward. Mr. Setliff stated he was
always struck by the fact that Marc was such a gentleman and is the highest compliment he can
pay him. He was not from the South but he was southern gentleman and he always had a smile
and was welcoming. Marc played a great role with the Greater Richmond Partnership in brining
economic development to the Richmond area and he spent a lot of time away from home and in
doing that it is such a great loss and way too early but we also cherish the memories as he was
such a wonderful person. Mr. Setliff noted all the work Marc did with the comp plans and his
great leadership. Mr. Setliff then read and presented the proclamation to Mrs. Weiss recognizing
in part: in March, 1998, Marc S. Weiss joined the Hanover County staff as the Deputy Director
of the Planning Department and in July, 1999, was appointed Director of the Hanover County
Economic Development Department; and Marc S. Weiss was a resident of the Chickahominy
Magisterial District in Hanover County, Virginia, and a graduate of the University of California
Davis earning his Master‟s Degree in Department of City and Regional Planning at the
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and Marc S. Weiss was a member of the American
Planning Association (APA), the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), and a
Certified Economic Development Member (CEcD); and Marc S. Weiss was a well-respected and
dedicated public servant who committed his time, knowledge and energy in serving the citizens
of Hanover County working tirelessly to bring economic wealth to the community; and as
Director of the Economic Development Department Marc S. Weiss designed and implemented
Hanover‟s economic development zones to help attract business development in certain areas of
the County, worked on the Department‟s first Strategic Plan, and was instrumental in the
development of the Dominion Resources Green Tech Incubator which opened in Hanover
County in January, 2010, designed to assist in the startup of new “green” and clean technology-
based businesses; and Marc S. Weiss was a loving husband, father, brother and son and his
friendship, leadership, and gift of laughter will be missed by all who knew him. The Hanover
County Board of Supervisors does hereby express its sincere sympathy at the loss of Marc S.
Weiss and further wishes to express its sincere sympathy to his family.

Mrs. Weiss then addressed the Board and the members of the audience who were present and
stated that she and her children (Jessica and Noah) would like to thank everyone for the
proclamations. Marc was not from the South but he loved Hanover, the people he worked with
in his department, department heads and working for the Board of Supervisors and for the people
of Hanover. Marc especially loved working for Mr. Harris and the Board. Marc always said it
was really important to live in the community in which you worked if you were making
decisions and plans for people you had to be a member of that community. Mrs. Weiss thanked
everyone for the proclamations and appreciating the work that Marc did for the County of
Hanover, for a job that he loved to do, people he loved to work for and a place where he loved to
The Chairman thanked Mrs. Weiss and stated that Marc will certainly be missed.

   B. Update on Randolph-Macon College – Robert R. Lindgren, President

President Lindgren stated it was an honor to be on the agenda after the wonderful tribute of Marc
Weiss as he had the opportunity to work with Marc as well and to travel with him on Chamber of
Commerce trips and other occasions and he will certainly be missed.

President Lindgren stated he appreciates the opportunity to address the Board on some of the
new initiatives at Randolph Macon College (RMC) which is a national Residential Liberal Arts
College of high quality that resides in Hanover County. A beautiful location that we value
highly and market at every opportunity.

RMC recently worked with Hanover on the Rainwater Harvesting Project – which has been
instituted in the newest building Andrews Hall. RMC worked with Hanover to modify code to
allow RMC to build a green building. RMC Work closely with Town Police and Sheriff‟s
Office. RMC‟s Director of Public Relations, Ms. Anne Marie Lauranzon – recently worked with
the Board on their workshop in creating their Mission and Vision Statements and also represents
the Board of Supervisors on the Board of JSRCC. Mr. George Spagna, Faculty Member, who is
on the Town Council – Ashland. RMC enjoys having their Staff involved in leadership
positions in this area. The Colleges‟ cultural entertainment calendar, events, dining hall, tennis
courts are always open to the public. The Brock Fitness Center is always open to public servants
such as the Fire/Police/EMT in recognition of what they do on behalf of the community. There
is the ability for citizens to reserve rooms and facilities on campus for meetings and events.
RMC hosts the Chamber of Commerce monthly breakfasts there. RMC works closely with the
Hanover Fire/EMS with regard to EMT and CPR training for staff and students. The students
planning to be teachers (minor in education) complete their training through a program we have
done with the Hanover Schools for many years. This year alone we had 14 students in the
Hanover Schools doing their practice teaching and appreciate that close relationship. We also
have students who are in the public schools who take dual enrollment courses at RMC this year
we have six. In our make a difference day and other community service programs we estimated
over 8,000 hours of community service and almost all of that was in Hanover County. 90 of our
current students are from Hanover County and 5.5% of the 10,000 alumni reside in Hanover and
53% of our employees live in Hanover. We are a national liberal arts college that values its local

History of the College, in the 182 year of service and the 40th anniversary of co-education and
women comprise 53% of the student body. 12,057 students and 90% of those are living on
campus with a record enrollment this year. 68% are from Virginia and diversity of population
has increased as well.

The college was originally founded in 1830 in a remote area of Boynton, Virginia by the
Methodists and is the oldest Methodist related college in the Country and named for two U.S.
Senators: Randolph of Virginia and Macon of North Carolina. The college moved to Ashland
after the Civil War.
In addition to the core curriculum the college focuses on experiential learning: internships,
travel abroad, student research and a unique first year program they do. Last year students went
to 16 countries in ten courses that covered five continents. 116 students did four credit
internships and a significant number of students participate in SURF Shapiro Undergraduate
Research Fellowship program where students work 1:1 with faculty members. There is also a
full year course that freshman take where it is a combination of students who might work on the
Chesapeake Bay and the other part of the course dealt with art. Recent successes were reviewed
– Kelly Lambert was announced as the 2008 Professor of the Year out of 18,000. Brian Sutton
won an international prize in mathematics and was the only person considered from a liberal arts
college and beat out faculty from prestigious universities from all over the world for that award.
Phi Beta Kappa Chapter and last year were voted top chapter for liberal arts colleges in the
county. The athletic teams have had a great year as well and won over 60% of their games and
the most successful year ever for yellow jackets. President Lindgren reviewed their strategic
plan goals: Focus on Post Graduate Success; Helping students once they leave RMC by helping
those seeking employment find employment even in a difficult job market. Expand the footprint
by creating new majors and communications studies, Asian studies and a new leadership in
service program and are also developing co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Added
three sports in the last year. Focused on improving facilities as curb appeal is critical for
students as they consider where they are attending and this is a very competitive environment in
Virginia. The facilities that were recently remodeled were reviewed and there are plans for a
new student center if approved by the Trustees. Plans are to grow the college by 1,500 students
in five years. The leading benefactors of the college have been the Brocks who recently
announced a 10 million dollar gift in April and by that evening the college had 67 million in
hand and as of today they have raised 74 million of their goal of 100 million. President Lindgren
stated he is very fortunate to be part of a dedicated and caring family of faculty and staff who
have the interests of the students at heart and to be part of a community where those students and
a larger community here of the County where the leadership recognizes and values what the
college does and appreciates that and take great pride in our location and continuing the
collaboration going forward.

Mr. Via commented the new dorm is beautiful and the campus looks great.

Mr. Stanley stated he has been a native of the area all his life and the economy looks really good
around Randolph Macon and it looks like it would be an honor to be a graduate of RMC and
good job.

President Lindgren stated the alumni have been contributing in record numbers over the years
and is very helpful and at the same time the alumni, our board are making some big bets on the
facilities to help modernize the college and keep it attractive and competitive outside of Virginia.

Mr. Setliff stated he has been very impressed with Randolph Macon and the activities you
sponsor and opportunities that you give to the Board and the community and are such a great
asset to have Randolph Macon and glad the expansion will happen but still keeping it small.
President Lindgren stated that having an institution like RMC is important and part of the draw
of this County and to take advantage of that and if RMC can be of help in any way to let them

Mr. McGhee stated he attended RMC for three weeks and literature did not stand a chance of
being out working on the farm for him. Mr. McGhee stated he has a warm spot for the college
especially the Board‟s participation in the Ashland Variety Show. Mr. McGhee stated he is also
impressed with the amount of improvements coming up.

Mr. Harris stated the President Lindgren is a tremendous asset to Hanover County for the number
of things he participates in and allows his staff obviously to help us such as with the Board‟s
Strategic Plan. Mr. Lindgren is one of the first individuals we talked to as we tried to pull
together the concept of the GreenTech Incubator and where that might go. Mr. Harris asked if
the college has ever done an economic impact study that would be useful to Hanover in
promoting Hanover County and Randolph Macon. Mr. Lindgren said not in a while and will
take a look at it as it will be a useful thing to do and we will share the information as the number
will be significant.

The Chairman thanked President Lindgren for his presentation.

VI.      Transportation -
      A. Road Project Status Report – Mr. Vidunas reviewed the following projects:

 Pg.    Project                                           Phase        Ad Date               Comments
  1     Shoulder Wedge                                     Pre-        Jun. '12    Various activities underway in
        Creighton Rd.                                   Construction               preparation for advertisement

  2     Pole Green Rd. / Rural Point Rd. Intn.            Design       Jul. '12    "Willingness" tentatively
        Add turn lane & safety improvements                                        scheduled for Oct.

  3     Pole Green Rd. / Walnut Grove Rd. Intn.           Design       Sept. '12   "Willingness" tentatively
        Add turn lanes & safety improvements                                       scheduled for Nov.

  4     Sliding Hill Rd. / Air Park Rd. Intn.             Design       Oct. '12    30% plans to be submitted in
        Add left-turn lane                                                         Oct.

  5     U.S. Rt. 360                                      Design       Dec. '12    R/W NTP anticipated in Oct.
        Bridge replacement over Chickahominy

  6     Taylorsville Rd. Bridge & Approaches              Design       Mar. '13    "Willingness" to be advertised
        Bridge over Little River                                                   by the end of the year

  7     Atlee Rd. Extension                               Design       Apr. '13    30% plans to be submitted in
        Extend Atlee Rd. 0.4 Mi. to Atlee Station Rd.                              Oct.

  8     U.S. Rt. 33 / Rt. 54 Intn.                      Right-of-Way   Jun. '13    Preliminary right-of-way
        Realign intersection                                                       activities underway
  9   Georgetown Rd. Bridge & Approaches                Design       Jun. '13    60% plans to be submitted in
      Replace bridge over Crump Creek                                            Oct.

 10   Atlee Rd. / Rt. 301 Intn.                         Design       Jul. '13    Access management concerns
      Add dual left & right turn lanes on Atlee Rd.                              being raised by VDOT

 11   Creighton Rd. / Cold Harbor Rd. Intn.             Design       Sept. '13   Public Hearing tentatively
      Widen intersection - add turn lanes                                        scheduled for Nov.

 12   U.S. Rt. 360 (I-295 to Wynbrook Ln.)            Right-of-Way   Sept. '14   Preliminary right-of-way
      Widen to 8 & 6 lanes                                                       activities underway

 13   U.S. Rt. 360 (Bell Creek Rd. Intn.)             Right-of-Way   Sept. '14   Preliminary right-of-way
      Realign intn. & add turn lanes                                             activities underway

 14   Lewistown Rd. Bridge & Approaches                 Design       Dec. '14    FHWA Interchange Modification
      Replace & widen bridge over I-95                                           Report comments under review

 15   Greenwood Rd. Bridge & Approaches               Pre-Scoping    Mar. '18    PE authorized; ad date to be
      Replace bridge over Chickahominy River                                     revised during the scoping

 16   U.S. Rt. 360 (Lee Davis Rd. Intn.)                Design         TBD       On-hold pending execution of
      Widen intn. - add turn lanes                                               project adminstration

 17   U.S. Rt. 33 / Ashland Rd. Intersection            Design         TBD       Public Hearing to be held late-
      Widen intn. - add turn lanes                                               2011 or early-2012

 18   U.S. Rt. 360 (Lee Davis Rd. to Walnut             Design         TBD       On-hold - insufficient funds
      Grove Rd.)
      Widen to 6 lanes

Pole Green Rd Walnut Grove – Mr. McGhee asked are there right of way problems. Mr.
Vidunas stated no problems that we know of 8-10 parcels will be impacted do not feel we are
encroaching on houses. Mr. McGhee – proffer money? Vidunas – Proffer money and MPO
funds. Vidunas did hear from one property owner Walnut Road and Pole Green southeast
quadrant and he is concerned about loss of trees along his side of road and expressed objections.
We will require right of way.

       Sliding Hill Rd. / Air Park Rd. Intn.
                                      the County has all the funds for the project. Mr.
       Add left-turn lane Mr. Via asked if
       Vidunas stated preliminary estimates – we are in good shape.

Taylorsville Road – Mr. Stanley – what is the cost of the project – JV 1.6 million. Mr. Stanley
stated he has never had any complaints about this bridge or the road and it is unbelievable.
US Rt 33/Rt 54 – Stanley stated this is nothing against Hanover Staff or VDOT Staff present as
they do a good job for us. The State transportation board whoever makes these decisions talked
to Delegates Peace, Cox and Lt. Governor Bolling and Mr. Stanley wants suggestions on who to
talk to? Mr. Gordon and Mr. Stanley have been questioning the deadline forever. We were told
in April it would be bid this year and now it will be 2013. This is very frustrating and we need
help on this. Appointments are made to the State Transportation Board and it is very suspect
that we cannot get anything done on that intersection. Citizens are lined up daily and it is
unbelievable and he has a real problem with that. All the legislators say they will get back with
us and they have not gotten back to us yet.

Mr. McGhee – Asked Mr. Crandol to take these sentiments back to whomever they belong with
but this project, the bridge project and every other project we have heard about is the reason
VDOT is broke. There is nothing that a simple stop light will not cure at this intersection and
they have designed this ridiculous project. Mr. Stanley stated he has gone to the State
transportation Board along with some folks in the room and made some comments that he is not
an engineer but some common sense will do that and they thanked Mr. Stanley for his input.
Maybe they are still digesting that.

Mr. Gordon – stated for the record that he shares the frustration Mr. Stanley has spoken of. A
little over a month ago we had the same discussion and Staff was asked to investigate what
could be done to get this project back on the original track and despite of best efforts were not
successful in accomplishing this. It is very frustrating and stated he does not have a solution.
Mr. Gordon stated the Design looks to be overkill and the Board continues to ask staff and
VDOT to do the very best they can to find a way to get this project back on the original track
and on behalf of South Anna residents ask that it stay on track.

Mr. Stanley stated we are not engineers and know that and don‟t have a problem with the design
if it works, but don‟t tell us one thing and do another since this has been going on since 1999.
Last thing we heard more design work needed.

Mr. Setliff asked about Atlee Road – Us Rt 301 Access management concerns what does that
allude to? Mr. Vidunas stated in working with VDOT, the geometry/lanes proposing allows
intersection to function and accommodate access to adjacent properties Patriots‟ Corner and
Atlee Shopping Center. We think we have come up with a solution to allow that to happen but
are still analyzing and hopeful we will not cut off any access to properties. Setliff- Received a
lot of good comments from citizens intersection is now working perfectly. Vidunas design is a
20 year design.

Mr. Via asked about the Home Depot Sliding Hill area there is a steel pile driven into the
ground – has the hill given way. Mr. Vidunas – someone else that may address that from

   B. Highway Matters – Mr. Crandol

Mr. Crandol noted that since he reported to the Board the last time the County has had an
earthquake, hurricane and some floods and VDOT is now getting ready for snow removal
planning. Mr. Crandol then complimented Joe Vidunas and Hanover Staff as it is a reflection of
Hanover County having a very competent capable staff that does great things with regard to
transportation every day on their own and in cooperation with VDOT. The way they do those
things is a reflection of the Board‟s leadership towards getting things done. Frequently VDOT
garners criticisms for not getting things done but Hanover County is one of the seven Mr.
Crandol works with and he gives Hanover credit for being people who don‟t stop at complaining
but give criticism when it is needed and also put your foot forward to effect solutions.
Compliment Staff and the Board‟s leadership that do a great job with transportation every day.
VDOT continues clean up from Hurricane Irene from late August. VDOT has two large debris
contractors who are working on this. Cleaning up VDOT rights of way some stumps and limbs.
May be things left behind and if you need to call our attention to those we will look into it.
Route 605 still closed and Howard Bros doing pipe installation. Idea that will finish last steps
and begin work next week with 2-3 week before completion. Restriction of through trucks on
Doswell Road/Route 688 approved, signs will be posted soon. Fall transportation meetings –
Nov 30th and opportunity to let decision makers know about transportation needs in Hanover.

Mr. Stanley – 715 Bridge closed – and repairs were made. It has been noticed that there is quite
a dip there by the trucking community, Mr. Stanley suggested he would have raised the decking
on it, could someone look at it. Mr. Crandol could be potential settlement that we do not know
of. Mr. Stanley then reviewed a citizen concern with Pine Hurst going toward Montpelier a little
knoll on the bank in the VDOT right of way. Young drivers cannot see and could be a danger
and have had several complaints from parents. Doswell Road stop by convenience store, and
call squash a penny and let them know.

Mr. Wade – complaints about school buses that the limbs are hitting buses after the hurricane
and some knocked the mirrors off. Wedging on Crown Hill Road East but did not do West.
Will they start that? Mr. Crandol – if the transportation folks will make the list and pass it along
to VDOT. Crown Hill Road – you may only get ½ and that will be passed along.

Mr. McGhee – concerned about Hanover Town Road and Summer hill both have temporary
patches at two separate creeks and one good storm away from not being there at all should a
storm occur. Summer Hill road dug to the pipe with temporary fill but if we have a storm event
before river road gets fixed – no way to get out. Mr. Crandol will ask schedules for repair.
Tree trimming is most needed.

Ms. Winans – subdivision streets and is there any plan for looking at Hanover Grove and
Virginia Manor large holes in the middle of the road. Maintenance schedule that is typical for a
subdivision or do you view them occasionally. Mr. Crandol – used to have a regimented
schedule of maintenance and gotten away for lack of funding on the secondary roads. Almost
based by complaints or finding problems. Feedback is important, resurfacing this year is nil,
earliest would be next spring. Patching and pot holes and give location and we will look and
make assessment.

   C. Appropriation – Public Works - $579,200, Adoption of Resolution Designating Hickory
      Hill Road, Mabelton Road, and George Ruth Road as Rural Rustic Roads, and
      Authorization to Execute VDOT Agreements (Beaverdam Magisterial District) –

 Mr. Vidunas reviewed that staff were asked to come up with a plan to pave all the remaining
unpaved roads in the County several years ago. At that time there were 20 plus miles of road and
based upon the funding received that equated to doing one mile per year and a plan that would
have taken 20 years to accomplish. Several things happened to allow the County to greatly
expedite that plan. One of which is a relatively new standard developed by VDOT called the
Rural Rustic Road Standard which is a minimal standard. Pave in place involves right of way
and outside the condition of the road which factors more time and cost. We were fortunate in
that we had a relatively small balance of funding to work with that we did not have a project to
assign to and allowed with the Board‟s support and direction and cooperation from VDOT
allowed the following projects to be accomplished – over 20 miles used the Rural Rustic

   2009 Unpaved Roads Initiative
   Rte. #    Road                       From                     To
    710      Verdi Ln                   0.38 Mi. E. of Culley Dr 0.15 Mi. E. of Academy Creek Ln
    736      Dunn Rd                    Mountain Rd               End State Maint.
    678      Union Church Rd            Beaver Dam Rd              Teman Rd
    803      Quaker Church Rd           W. Patrick Henry Rd        End State Maint.
    762      Kenwood Church Rd          Elmont Rd                  End State Maint.
    694      Hatch Thompson Rd          Mountain Rd                End State Maint.
    811      Breedens Rd                Old Ridge Rd               Lucas Rd
    672      Darbys Rd                  Old Ridge Rd               End State Maint.
    745      Corker Rd                  Beaverdam School Rd        End State Maint.
    746      Richards Rd                Mt. Hope Church Rd         End State Maint.
    796      Buckeye Rd                 Studley Rd                 End State Maint.
    600      Noel Rd                    Verdon Rd                  End State Maint.
    647      Waldrop Ln                 Mountain Rd                End State Maint.
    815      Old Country Rd             Bienvenue Rd               End State Maint.
    788      North Telegraph Rd         Verdon Rd                  End State Maint.
    728      Ancient Acres Rd           Green Bay Rd               End State Maint.
    682      Hanover Quarter Rd         Normans Bridge Rd          End State Maint.
    681      Burnham Davis Rd           Mountain Rd                End State Maint.
   Rte. #    Road                       From                       To
    720      Ben Gayle Rd               Beaver Dam Rd              End State Maint.
    683      Rosmarin Rd                Greenwood Church Rd        Mountain Rd
    797      Terry Rd                   Taylor Rd                  Goshen Rd

*There are two roads not listed and were excluded in 2009 for various reasons. Atkinson Road –
no homes along the road; Glimpse Road – excluded because the property owners along the road
did not want to see it improved.

FY 12-17 SSYP Unpaved Road Priorities –

      The following unpaved roads were prioritized in the most recent 6-Yr. Plan update
  4.01      714     Mabelton Rd         Pleasant Mill Rd           End State Maintenance         $26,800
  4.02      819     Offley Mill Rd      Hewlett Rd                 End State Maintenance         $13,000
  4.03      773     George Ruth Rd      Landmark Cedar Rd          End State Maintenance         $12,100
  4.04      646     Hickory Hill Rd     Rt. 54                     Old Ridge Rd                 $414,900
  4.05      646     Hickory Hill Rd     Old Ridge Rd               Mannheim Dr                  $125,400

        All projects are fully-funded; funding consists of Regular Secondary Construction

Landowner Input

        Notice mailed in May to all affected property owners to obtain input on the proposed
         RRR improvements
        Survey results:

Road                                  Owners            Support            Oppose

Mabelton Rd                              9                  1                  0

Offley Mill Rd                           3                  0                  1

George Ruth Rd                           3                  2                  1

Hickory Hill Rd                          47                 6                  4
   ***Survey results above include input received in ‟09 & „11. Property owners along
   Hickory Hill Rd were not surveyed in „09.
    Based on the lack of community support, we are recommending against proceeding with
      Offley Mill Rd

Staff reviewed the results with the Board Member whose district they fall under. Offley Mill
Road did not have citizen support and based upon that staff recommend that Offley Mill not be
included in the list of projects going forward.

        Requested actions:
             Appropriate funding to recognize State funds (administered by the County)
             Designate Mabelton Rd, George Ruth Rd and Hickory Hill Rd as „Rural Rustic
             Authorize execution of County / State Agreements
        Remaining steps:
             Execute agreements
             Bid project / award contracts
             Construction administered by DPW beginning in the spring
   Motion to approve the appropriation in the amount of $579,200, adopt the resolution
   designating Hickory Hill Road, Mabelton Road, and George Ruth Road as Rural Rustic
   Roads, and authorize the County Administrator to execute all necessary agreements

   Mr. Stanley – Stated these roads are in Beaverdam District and requested that the Board to
   hold this a few hours until the companion public hearing that comes forward at 7:00 p.m.
   about thru truck traffic and asked that we defer action until that time as they coincide.

   Mr. McGhee – asked if it is Mr. Stanley‟s intention to have this as one motion as McGhee
   has concerns. Mr. Stanley stated it can be done either way. Through truck traffic has been a
   concern of his as well as the citizens and is something we need to do.

   Board consensus was received.

   Rives will have to be two separate motions.

   Item deferred to 7:00 p.m.

   Adoption of Resolution - FY 13 Revenue Sharing Request (South Anna Magisterial District)
   – Mr. Vidunas
   VDOT RS Program matches local contributions on a dollar-for-dollar basis
   Localities can request up to $10 million annually
   Funding for the FY 13 program has not been determined -- last year, $50 million was
   available statewide
   In recent years, the County has used RS funds to construct multiple sections of Lakeridge
   Pkwy, Pole Green/Bell Creek intersection & the extension of Atlee Rd
   The application deadline for FY 13 funding is Nov. 1st
   Project Description -
   • Relocate Cedar Lane (Rt. 623) to the north to eliminate the skewed intersection to
       improve safety and functionality
   • Project elements:
           – Cul-de-sac existing connection and relocate Cedar Lane to connect to Rt. 1
               approx. 500‟ to the north
           – Add left and right turn lanes on Rt. 1
           – Signalize the new connection (if warranted)

   Aerial Photos of the intersection were displayed as well as a map of the location.

Cost and Schedule

Phase                                  Estimated Cost***
Engineering                                       $228,600
Right-of-Way                                     $1,667,100
Construction                                      $2,743,200
TOTAL                                             $4,638,900
   ***Planning Level Cost Estimate
   • Tentative Schedule
         – RS Application Deadline Nov. 1st
         – Revenue Sharing Award June ‟12
         – Execute County / State Agreement - Summer „12
         – Contract Consultant Design Services / Begin Design – Fall „12

   Project Financing

Total Estimated Cost                              $4,638,900
FY 13 RS Funds                                    $1,500,000
Local Match                                       $1,500,000
Balance to Complete                               $1,638,900
   •   This will leave the project funding short and will look at:
   •   Funding Options:
          – Future State RS
          – MPO CMAQ and/or RSTP
          – State Secondary Allocations
          – County Roadway Improvements Allocations

   Cedar Lane/Rt. 1 Realignment
   • Will eliminate skewed intersection alignment to improve safety and efficiency (this has
      top 25% as far as crashes – not the worst but it does have issues)
   • Will facilitate future economic development in the vicinity of the improvements
   • Allows us to address a problem intersection before it reaches the breaking point
   • Consistent with the Board‟s Transportation Policy for the use of RS funds

   Mr. Gordon while this may not be the most dangerous in Hanover County the folks who
   travel cedar lane would beg to differ. Very difficult to Hanover in a project we have
   discussed off line for some time and commend staff for bringing this forward, the creative
   approach to resolving this intersection and improving by relocating. This is exciting news
   for the folks who have to negotiate this on a daily basis.

   Mr. Gordon made a motion to Adopt Resolution FY13 Revenue Sharing Program Request –
   Cedar Lane Realignment, seconded by Mr. Setliff.
 Deborah B. Winans          Aye
 Aubrey M. Stanley          Aye
 John E. Gordon, Jr.        Aye
 Charles D. McGhee          Aye
 Robert R. Setliff          Aye
 G. E. “Ed” Via, III        Aye
 Elton J. Wade, Sr.         Aye

Motion Approved.

3:15 p.m.    VII.             Presentation – Community Development Annual Report – Fiscal
Year 2011 – Mr. Maloney

Mr. Rives and Mr. Stanley left the meeting.

Mr. Rives and Mr. Stanley returned.

Population Growth continues with a declining trend. Average growth rate for the past 20 years
falls into the 1.5% to 2.5% targeted range.

Population Demographics – 2010 U.S. Census data shows an increase in the 65 plus population
with a decrease in the 20-64 age group.

Suburban Growth – the 10 year average is approaching the 70/30 goal for suburban / rural

House – continuing decrease in CO‟s issued for single family detached housing with a
corresponding increase in single family attached CO‟s issued

Housing – New home sales saw an increase in homes sold below $200,000 while more expensive
homes saw a slight decrease in sales

Non-Residential Development – An additional 368,244 square feet of non-residential floor area
was approved in FY11

Mr. Maloney noted there was an error in the report in terms of one of the users and it has been
corrected for the report that will be posted on the website and distributed. Patriots Corner have
added over 25,000 sf of commercial retail product in that intersection and the Board discussed
the road project earlier this evening.

Public Works – consistent with other development trends, the number of E&S permits has
steadily declined; decline in business and personal aircraft usage is consistent with general
economic downturn; a significant increase in recycling revenue due to new efforts in the areas of
yard waste, co-mix and curbside recycling helped to defray general fund support required to
maintain services.

Public Utilities – The annual rate at which new customers are added remains low; Average daily
water production has decreased since FY08; While on-going improvements to the wastewater
treatment system, there is a reduction in the amount of wastewater sent to Henrico.

Building Inspections – Plan reviews and permits issued have remained relatively consistent over
the past three years; Although inspections performed has decreased steadily since FY07, there
was a slight increase from FY10 to FY11; Weed and grass complaints have increased as
structures continue to remain vacant.

Parks and Recreation – Increase of 5.3% in overall park visitation from FY10; Shelter rentals
increased 9.8% from FY10; Program enrollment increased 2.7% while programs offered
increased 3.7% during FY11.

Mr. Setliff stated this is a good report and hope citizens will review this as well as there is a lot
of good information in there and a lot of it is very positive except for slow growth but some folks
prefer slow growth.

Mr. McGhee and Mr. Setliff generally discussed slow growth.

Mr. Maloney stated the information should be valuable data for citizens, board, pc and Staff as
we prepare to review the comprehensive plan in the next year.

The Chairman asked Mr. Maloney to clarify whether this will be on line – Mr. Maloney – yes
and presented to PC next week as well.

VIII.       Request for Authorization to Advertise a Public Hearing – Zoning Ordinance
Amendment, Ordinance 11-12: Comprehensive Update of Uses in the Business Districts

Mr. Maloney reviewed this request for a Comprehensive Update and revision to the various
business districts contained within the zoning ordinance. Several years ago the County
undertook a similar effort related to industrial districts and today that appears to be a successful
effort and we are optimistic this will be equally successful. The proposed amendments outlined
were to simplify some of the use descriptions where possible. Staff tried to add uses that did not
currently exist within the ordinance and uses that are more indicative to a 21st century economy
rather than a mid-late 19th century economy. Staff also undertook an effort to eliminate uses that
are obsolete and in doing so taken extra care to minimize the like hood that we have rendered
any existing business non-conforming and is not on the goals and something we will try to avoid
at all costs. Staff has tried to standardize use descriptions within the industry by referring and in
some case mimicking uses as outlined in the North American industrial classification system
which is the new name for the old SIC codes. We will in many cases have standardized use
descriptions. We also undertook an effort to create a mechanism to consider list uses that may
not be specifically listed provided that the use can demonstrate that it has similar characteristics
and anticipated impacts to other uses within the district. Currently our ordinance states very
clearly the uses that are not otherwise listed or prohibited and as it comes to business use we
cannot predict or anticipate every existing business or a new type of enterprise so we want to
create a mechanism to add a little bit of flexibility and encourage that investment in the County.
Staff also tried to remove some uses that may be considered incompatible and many of them are
agriculturally related. We are not eliminating agricultural uses from the district. What this really
means is that many of the uses permitted as a conditional use permit or special exception in the
A-1 district pyramid up to business district. An example would be a frog or fish farm looking at
that Staff will ask is it likely that such a use is going to locate in an area designated for business
and if it could is that the best investment in that area. We have very limited to our overall land
area – limited areas designated for commercial enterprise. We have vast areas designated for
agricultural uses. We wanted to make sure those uses best suited for agricultural remain in those
areas so that we can maximize the investment in our relatively limited areas designated for
business use. We have also added definitions where necessary to provide clarification to existing
uses. This was not solely a staff effort. The staff assembled a technical advisory committee
which consisted of Roger Bowers, Atty with Future Law, Bill Goodfellow, Engineer with
Goodfellow, Jalbert, Beard; Scott Courtney, Engineer, Resource International; Jimmy Stanley,
Local Commercial Developer and has experience in both the Bell Creek and Northlake projects.
We did discuss all the proposed changes in detail with that committee, took the committee
members comments seriously while drafting this ordinance and staff recommends that the Board
authorize this ordinance to be advertised pending the Board authorization, staff will set a
schedule with the planning commission probably a couple of work sessions to review the
ordinance in detail prior to a public hearing.

Mr. Via made a motion for authorization to advertise for Public Hearing before the Planning
Commission – Ordinance 11-12, seconded by Mr. Stanley.

 Deborah B. Winans           Aye
 Aubrey M. Stanley           Aye
 John E. Gordon, Jr.         Aye
 Charles D. McGhee           Aye
 Robert R. Setliff           Aye
 G. E. “Ed” Via, III         Aye
 Elton J. Wade, Sr.          Aye

Motion Approved.

The Chairman advised that the next agenda item will be the Legislative Agenda.

Legislative Agenda –

Hanover County
Legislative Agenda for 2012 General Assembly Session

2012 Legislative Agenda Action Items
Mr. Rives – stated there are two items proposed and the first is a matter that the Chairperson
brought to the attention of Delegate Peace in the summer.

      Request that the General Assembly direct the appropriate state agency to conduct or
       coordinate a study of whether and how it would be possible to improve the ability of local
       emergency communications centers to handle high call volumes during public
       emergencies, through mutual assistance or otherwise.

Problems that arise is that the local cell tower gets over-whelmed and the call center gets over-
whelmed because there is a finite capacity in communications centers – 12 incoming lines and
even smaller numbers of communications officers on duty and quickly becomes over-whelmed
in a large emergency. Delegate Peace wrote a letter to Terrie Suit, Secretary of Veterans Affairs
and Homeland Security early in the summer asking that they take a look at this problem through
the State Interoperability Committee. Ms. Suit responded and seemed to focus more on the cell
tower side of the problems and stated she thought there would be some federal regulatory
changes coming along that might help to address that. Mr. Rives stated it would be beneficial for
the State to take a more comprehensive look at this problem to determine whether there is
something that could be done to enhance the ability of all local governments to deal with these
problems. Legislation is not necessary as it is more of a technical and logistical problem.

The Chairman added that the other locality being pre-trained as well as Hanover so that we
would be familiar with their roads etc when the calls came in. Mr. Rives advised this would be a
request for a State study.

      Request that the General Assembly amend Va. Code 2.2-3109 to clarify that a family
       member of a government employee may enter into a contract to supply goods or services
       to the governmental agency as long as the employee has no control or influence over the

This item is more of a housekeeping type of item.

Positions on Legislation Anticipated to Come before the 2012 Session
    Support legislation that would provide counties with the same local taxing authority as
       cities in order that counties might reduce their dependence on real estate and personal
       property taxes. (Same as last year)

      Oppose legislation that would eliminate or phase out the authority for machinery and
       tools taxes or business professional occupation license taxes unless alternative and
       equivalent additional revenue sources are made available to localities. (Same as last

      Oppose legislation that would expand the categories of students whose parents do not
       reside in Hanover for whom Hanover would be mandated to provide free public
       education. (New) – Cost to educate
Mr. Setliff asked if someone (who is not a County resident) but works for the County
Government in some capacity full time can that person‟s children attend Hanover Schools? Mr.
Rives stated not tuition free. Under appropriate circumstances the children might be able to
come if there is space available in the school and the school division determines it is appropriate.
Mr. Rives clarified that the State law should remain the same and Counties should not be
mandated to take children from other jurisdictions/school districts unless the criteria in the
current state law are met. The School Division is adding a parallel provision to its legislative
agenda. Board Members asked how much is the tuition and the County cost is about $4,500 per
year and a lot cheaper than private school.

      Support amendments to Title 51.1 to establish a defined contribution plan through the
       Virginia Retirement System as an option for localities, in lieu of the defined benefit plan.
       (Same as last year)

      Oppose any state mandated changes to locally funded VRS programs. (New)

Legislative Policy Statements - nothing has changed.
    Support the protection of existing authority regarding local budget decisions and oppose
       any shifting of funding responsibility from the state to localities for new or existing

      Support the protection of existing local government authority in all areas including
       eminent domain, revenue and land use.

      Support environmental regulations and programs that are scientifically valid and
       reasonably cost effective and that will result in substantial and demonstrable
       improvements to the environment.

      Support equitable reallocation of revenue and service responsibilities between the state
       and localities to provide for ongoing stability in taxation and the delivery of government

      Support the development of alternative funding sources, in lieu of cash proffers, for
       capital improvements required to serve new residential development.

Governor’s Task Force for Local Government Mandate Review
Governor‟s Task Force for Local Government Mandate Review – There is no representative
from Richmond metro region. Hanover is preparing its list and determining how to
communicate them to the task force.
                     VACo List of Top Mandates of Concern to Counties

           Local Aid to State                      Equal Tax Authority

           Line of Duty Act                        Public Safety

           Public Education                        Election Administration
               Comprehensive                        Courthouse Construction
                Services Act

               Constitutional Officers              Environmental Protection
Mr. Stanley asked about elections and administration as he has received complaints where they
have to take classes and believe it is something the Board has required. Look at that for the
number of classes – four may be too many. Five individuals on the mandated commission and
do they have the same common interests as Hanover County. Mr. Rives stated four are elected
officials and Mr. Harris clarified the City Manager from Lynchburg only non-elected official and
the Supervisor from Fluvanna County is the closest geographic location similar to Hanover.

Mr. Rives reviewed slides that he presented in January of this year as money will be the issue in
this year‟s general assembly again. These slides were condensed out a VACo presentation from
last year as to why money will be a big issue.

State Budget Pressures Will Continue
          • Prior utilization of one time budget actions

            •     Expiring federal stimulus funding

            •     Additional spending pressure, especially Medicaid program

            •     Growth in debt service payments
            •     Repayment to VRS
            •     Unfunded transportation needs
            •     Federal Health Care Reform
            •     Required replenishment of Rainy Day Fund
RRPDC Legislative agenda reviewed (copy in the Board‟s packet) – legislative requests by
RRPDC – Commonwealth Trans Board third urban seat and resident of rich metro area which
includes Hanover. There are two urban at large seats and historically filled by residents from
northern Virginia and Hampton roads and Richmond area should have a rep on the CTB. Mr.
Setliff we should do that.

Mr. Gordon – all jurisdictions making up PDC think this is important we should add this

Mr. Rives asked if this was consensus to add to action agenda. Consensus received to add to
action agenda.

Pg 5 under growth management tools – it states we support local government authority to apply
zoning laws and comprehensive plans to all private businesses, including: businesses that sell
liquor and assisted living centers of all sizes.

Mr. Rives clarified that there are discussions going on as to whether or not to privatize ABC
stores and the question of whether and to what extent if they are privatized they would be subject
to local zoning controls. RRPDC suggests subject to local zoning ordinances just as any other
retail business.

Assisted Living Facilities, the County previously had the authority to regulate assisted living
facilities and lost authority two years ago and the question is whether this is an issue you want to
try to address this year.

Mr. Setliff – asked about Children‟s residential facilities.

Mr. Dennis Walter, Senior Assistant County Attorney came forward to review this item related
to Children‟s residential facilities. Those children are there because of foster care or voluntarily
removed from homes. We have updated our zoning ordinance so we do have provisions when
you can have children‟s residential facilities. Specifically those children that are involved with
the Department of Juvenile Justice they do not qualify so that the only folks the County permits
are the folks who are in foster care or otherwise voluntarily removed from their homes. There is
a zoning provision and we have governed that since that issue came up. Mr. Setliff asked if the
State has not taken the authority for the group home category. Mr. Walter advised they have not
changed that.

Support provisions from RRPDC –

Mr. Gordon clarified the authority to apply zoning laws is important, Mr. McGhee agrees, Mr.
Stanley agrees. Mr. McGhee has a citizen who is interested related to the senior adult area.

Mr. Harris clarified add as a position statement or action item.

Mr. Rives not sure if anyone will introduce or not. RRPDC has as a position statement or we can
make it a leg action.
The Board generally discussed whether or not to send forward as action item.

Mr. Rives change in state law and statute to send back to the way it was assisted living up to 4 by

Mr. Rives stated Mirroring PDC Process and make this a position statement. Mr. Setliff unless
we do it aggressively.

Mr. McGhee good issue to test waters.

Mr. Gordon suggested as a support item. Liquor sales not sure how to word that item.

Mr. Rives agree with that as a position statement and discuss with legislators and if willing to
sponsor could be an action item.

Mr. Rives – consensus of the Board to make the two adjustments and present to legislators on
December 2 at the Ashland Library. Board Consensus Given.

Mr. Gordon thanked Mr. Rives for the presentation and the suggestion to add two items. Mr.
Gordon clarified that this process may change and we may modify, change, add, and improve as
we learn more about the activities of the General Assembly. Mr. Gordon then made a motion to
adopt with changes, seconded by Mr. McGhee.

Mr. Rives left the meeting.

Economic Development Annual Report – Mr. Gaskin

Mr. Gaskin –acknowledged Marc Weiss and his impact as Economic Development Director.

Mr. Gaskin then reviewed the Vision adopted in the strategic plan – A business climate that
fosters the retention and expansion of existing businesses and the attraction of new businesses.

Current Economic Climate – shows the lack of job creation recovery in our recession versus all
other recessions – Post WWII.

What are Our Goals:

           •   JOB RETENTION
           •   JOB CREATION

How do we do this?
         • Objective 2: RETAIN & CREATE HIGH-QUALITY JOBS
           •   Hanover Unemployment rate (8/11 – 6.0%); 58% of Hanover companies have 0-4
               employees; 50% of U.S. Population work for a company that has less than 20
               employees. Mid-size companies employ most of Hanover citizens.
               09-10 saw positive trends for every target sector except real estate; decline in all
               but one sector which was Health Care. Health Care showed positive growth and
               employment and the most stability of all the professional/technical occupations.
               Commercial Space Availability is still a challenge as product is not ready in some
               instances. Mr. McGhee and Mr. Gaskin generally discussed how product could
               be ready aside from County Government stepping in and the example of Isle of
               Wight County and the failure of those purchases. Ms. Winans and Mr. Gaskin
               generally discussed Flex Space – Industrial Park – Office with loading dock and
               Mr. Harris noted the Bell Creek condos would be an example.
           •   Objective 4: INCORPORATE PROCESS MEASURES
               Business First Program is a program done in collaboration with the Greater
               Richmond Partnership Regionally and it gives us the opportunity via County Staff
               or with business professionals to go out and reach out to the business community
               to see what their needs are; challenges and is structured to measure data that we
               can compare regionally and use as a tool for decisions.

In reviewing Business First Climate Feedback Mr. Gaskin noted that there was some dis-
satisfaction with local tax structure, zoning and land use.

Major Accomplishments
   • Specialty Coating & Laminating firm remains open through purchase of local investment
   • REA Algonquin Industries announces expansion of Air Park facility
   • East Penn Manufacturing currently constructing an addition over 10,000 sq ft
   • Olli Salumeria invested in new fermenting equipment
   • CrossGlobe made a capital investment at their headquarters with addition of 5 new jobs
   • Virginia Wood Processing built a new 1,100 sq ft office and sales center.
   • Specialty‟s Our Name hired 3 new employees; anticipates another 5 new hires in 2011
   • Target Marketing closes on new building for expansion plans
   • DRGI: Eastlight Renewables graduates, Marz Industries acquires venture capital, Israel
   • Economic Development department hire two new personnel
   • Business First – New Staff and Enhancements
   • Live Here Shop Here program
   • Business Launch Academy classes started


Tourism is tracked by historic (Civil War Trails) is one program and we are in the top ten sites in
terms of visitation which is run out of the Convention and Visitor Center downtown. The other
way tourism is tracked is by the non-historic sites of which we have Bass Pro, Kings Dominion
and Mr. Gaskin noted Randolph Macon College should also be included.
      •   Encouraging entrepreneurship
      •   Promoting tourism
      •   Working with existing businesses to identify expansion/investment opportunities
      •   Creating secondary investments around existing drivers
      •   Continually recruiting regionally, nationally, internationally
      •   Readying strategic development sites for future growth

(A full copy of the annual report was distributed to the Board Exhibit 1 of 1).

5:11 p.m. - Mr. Gordon left the meeting.
5:19 p.m. - Mr. Gordon returned.

Mr. McGhee – VoTech Center major step but we need to increase enrollment through
collaborative efforts between industry and the school system. Mr. Gaskin – terrific asset a path
to get tech schools and to be entrepreneurial. Europe has a program for that where the youth are
not stigmatized by not going to college or shorting their future. Mr. McGhee stated that some of
the most successful people did not go to college. Mr. Gaskin stated that statistics bear out that a
college education over a lifetime is a good investment but it is not a necessary requirement for
being an entrepreneur.

Mr. Gordon stated that was a very good presentation and noted this Board made a huge
investment in brining the business park designation and was a major action to designate a fairly
significant area and then to bring water and sewer to that development. The next step in the
process is getting the word out that we have this area that is perfect for development.

Mr. Harris clarified that Staff are aware of some of that history and we are very much focused on
who is the right client for the Route 33 area.

XI.       Recess 5:24:40 PM
Reconvene – 7:00 p.m. – all board members present. Mr. Rives was absent and Ms. A. Lisa
Barker, Deputy County Attorney was present as legal counsel.
XII.      Citizens‟ Time – No one
XIII.     Eagle Scout James E. Ramser, Ashland Magisterial District, Boy Scout Troop 505

Mr. Via came forward alone with Eagle Scout Ramser. Mr. Via then read and presented the
proclamation recognizing in part: the Boy Scouts of America was incorporated by Mr. William
D. Boyce on February 8, 1910; and the Boy Scouts of America was founded to promote
citizenship, training, personal development and fitness of individuals; and James E. Ramser is a
resident of the Ashland Magisterial District in Hanover County, Virginia, and a junior at Atlee
High School; and on the 7th day of June, 2011, James E. Ramser attained the rank of Eagle
Scout, the highest award granted by the Boy Scouts of America; and to achieve this high honor
James E. Ramser carried out a community project at the New Hanover Presbyterian Church by
building a bridge for the nature path/frisbee golf course; and James E. Ramser of Boy Scout
Troop 505 which meets at New Highland Baptist Church has accomplished those high standards
of commitment and has reached the long-sought goal of Eagle Scout.

XIV.           Public Hearings –

   A. Consideration of a Request to Restrict Through Truck Traffic on Hickory Hill Road
      (Route 646) between Elletts Crossing Road (Route 641) and E. Patrick Henry Road
      (Route 54) (Beaverdam Magisterial District)

Mr. Vidunas reviewed:

    Several citizens & Transportation Safety Committee have expressed concerns related to
      large trucks on Hickory Hill Rd
    The VDOT Commissioner is authorized to restrict through trucks on certain routes
      provided certain conditions are met
    The following 2 criteria must be met:
           A reasonable alternative route must exist
           Character and/or frequency of truck traffic is not compatible with affected area
    Additionally, 1 of the following 2 criteria must be met:
           Roadway is residential in nature or
           Roadway is functionally classified as a local or collector road. In this case it is
              our opinion that all four of the criteria are met by this request.

      Restriction would be applicable to any through trucks (trucks are defined as a truck, a
       trailer or semi-trailer combination except pickups or panel trucks

Mr. Vidunas displayed a map of the area.

The route is Hickory Hill. It is about a six mile segment that extends from Ellets Crossing Road
to the East and connects with Route 54. The alternative route that is suggested here would be
using a portion of Ellets Crossing Road, Route 1 and Route 54. The difference there is
calculated to be a little over two miles (is that right). Mr. Stanley: 2.8

Mr. Vidunas continued - This is not a significant difference particularly considering what the
travel time is. I have driven it a couple of times both ways. What it works out to is about 2-3
minutes of additional travel time to use the alternate route versus using the Hickory Hill Route.

    Upon formal request to restrict through trucks, VDOT will perform a study to determine
      if a restriction is appropriate
    VDOT Guiding Principals in their decision making process:
            All vehicles should have access to the roads which they are legally entitled to
              Restrictions of certain vehicle classes should only be made where it will enhance
               health, safety and welfare and not impose an undue hardship
              Limited number of instances where restrictions of through trucks will create a
               safer environment

Those are the criteria VDOT would apply in looking at this or any request that came before
them. As Mr. Crandol stated earlier today if the request went forward VDOT would take about
6-8 months for consideration before arriving at a decision.

The Chairman asked Board Members have questions or comments at this time. Hearing none,
opened the floor to a public hearing and asked anyone who would like to speak in favor of or in
opposition to this request to come forward.

Seeing no one come forward the Chairman close the public hearing. This is in the Beaverdam
Magisterial District.

Mr. Stanley stated along with this we have a companion case coming forward from this
afternoon where we decided to go forward with both tonight. On this first issue I am going to
support this. Being a Board Member you need to go a different road every time you go
somewhere so you can see what is going on in your district and I come through that road quite
often. It is a very pretty road through there. It is obviously not very much traffic but it is a cut
through and I have met several log trucks on there in my passing and I am in that business and I
support people in being able to make a living and doing things but safety comes to mind on this
road. It is unsafe for even some vehicles with big trees almost in the road and some sharp curves
and things like that and of course during the discussion of whether to appropriate money for the
paving of this road, this came up and I asked the Staff to come forward with this and they did
with some recommendations from other and citizens. I am going to move for approval of this

Mr. Via Seconded the motion.

 Deborah B. Winans          Aye
 Aubrey M. Stanley          Aye
 John E. Gordon, Jr.        Aye
 Charles D. McGhee          Aye
 Robert R. Setliff          Aye
 G. E. “Ed” Via, III        Aye
 Elton J. Wade, Sr.         Aye

Motion Carries

The Chairman advised that the Board would return back to an item discussed earlier this
afternoon that was deferred until we had conducted the public hearing. Appropriation – Public
Works - $579,200, Adoption of Resolution Designating Hickory Hill Road, Mabelton Road, and
George Ruth Road as Rural Rustic Roads, and Authorization to Execute VDOT Agreements
(Beaverdam Magisterial District)

Mr. Stanley noted this is also in the Beaverdam Magisterial District and gave the Board a little
history on this. Mr. Stanley advised he has received a number of calls since the letters went out
to individuals who owned property on the road or living on the road. If you are familiar with the
road in the summertime especially there is a lot of dust, the road gets pretty rough, they use a
motor grader quite a bit on that road. Thanks to our staff over the last year when they did that
rural rustic paving of roads with nothing but success and added not only in Beaverdam but other
districts a very good plan. Mr. Stanley noted he was torn a little about this because there are a
couple of real large property owners (maybe 3 – one supports it and one does not and the other
lives way off). I have gotten correspondence from a number of the ones that want it paved that
actually live on the road outnumber the ones that do not. Hickory Hill he supports that,
Mabelton used to be in South Anna but with the Redistricting came to Beaverdam – they wanted
it the last time and we ran short on dollars. They assured me they wanted it. George Ruth – will
go forward also. The one we decided not to do Ofley Mill – that is where Sally Lowry used to
live, and she was a citizen‟s advocate and came to a lot of Board Meetings. Her son lives in
Maryland and the only real house on the road was Ms. Lowry‟s and her son advised she would
have been against it, so we will not pave that road. Mr. Stanley then made a motion to approve
the appropriation in the amount of $579,200, adopt the resolution designating Hickory Hill Road,
Mabelton Road and George Ruth Road as Rural Rustic Roads and authorize the County
Administrator to execute all necessary agreements, seconded by Mr. Via.

 Deborah B. Winans         Aye
 Aubrey M. Stanley         Aye
 John E. Gordon, Jr.       Aye
 Charles D. McGhee         Aye
 Robert R. Setliff         Aye
 G. E. “Ed” Via, III       Aye
 Elton J. Wade, Sr.        Aye

Motion Approved.

   B. Leasing of Property Known as Sycamore Tavern - GPIN 7812-74-6165 (South Anna
      Magisterial District)

Mr. Sager, Director of Parks and Recreation, came forward to review this request is for a .419
acre parcel located adjacent to the Montpelier Arts and Education Center as well as Montpelier
Park. This property has been leased to the Florence L. Page Fund for the main purpose of
maintaining and operating the Page Memorial Library. This library has been in service for about
60 years and when the current library located in the arts and education center was open the Page
Library was kind enough to donate resources and other materials to help them on their way.
Their mission has evolved and changed to collecting, preserving and sharing genealogical and
historical records on Hanover County and promoting Sycamore Tavern as a historic site. The
existing lease was first entered into in 1982, subsequently there was some follow up lease
agreements from 1996, addendum in 2002. The current lease expires next June and we are
proposing a ten year lease that would run to June 30, 2022. This new lease would also clean up
some ambiguities existing in the old lease agreements. The department of parks and recreation
support this request and Ms. Lowery from the Library is present to answer any questions the
board may have.

No questions from Board Members
Chairman opened the public hearing – no one to address the Board.

Mr. Gordon advised this has been a good arrangement for the county and for the library.
Certainly a jewel in the western end of the County. Mr. Gordon then made a motion to approve
the lease agreement and authorized the County Administrator to execute the agreement leasing
Sycamore Tavern to The Florence L. Page Fund and take all actions necessary to carry out the
terms of the agreement, seconded by Mr. Stanley.

 Deborah B. Winans          Aye
 Aubrey M. Stanley          Aye
 John E. Gordon, Jr.        Aye
 Charles D. McGhee          Aye
 Robert R. Setliff          Aye
 G. E. “Ed” Via, III        Aye
 Elton J. Wade, Sr.         Aye

Motion Approved.

XV.    Expedited Planning Public Hearings – Mr. Maloney

 SE-13-11        PATRICIA CRAWFORD, Requests a Special Exception Permit in accordance
 with Title I, Article 5, Section 11.6.1, of the Hanover County Zoning Ordinance to permit an
 adult day care center on GPIN 7797-06-7997, consisting of approximately 7.26 acres, zoned B-
 2(c), Community Business District with conditions, and located on the northwest quadrant of
 the intersection of Charter Gate Drive (State Route 2043) and Kings Charter Drive (State Route

Mr. Maloney reviewed the Background, displayed the General Parcel Map and reviewed the

Planning Analysis:
    The proposed adult day care will occupy a 3,877 sq ft unit in an existing strip shopping
    The applicant is proposing to care for 12 seniors currently, with the ability to care for up
       to 50
           • Seniors include clients with dementia and Alzheimer‟s

            The proposed use is compatible with other businesses in the area
                • No exterior changes to the building
                   •   Activities will be conducted inside
                   •   Hours of operation will be compatible with other businesses within the
                       shopping center
A sketch of the shopping center was displayed on the screen the highlighted unit towards the
right of the screen was pointed out as the facility.

Staff Recommendation:
APPROVAL subject to conditions

No questions from the Board.

The Chairman opened the public hearing – seeing no one came forward to address the Board and
the Chairman closed the public hearing.

Mr. Via stated this is a good location and as the population ages a lot of individuals will need a
facility such as this to go during the day. Mr. Via then made a motion to approve SE-13-11
subject to the outlined staff report, seconded by Mr. Setliff.

 Deborah B. Winans          Aye
 Aubrey M. Stanley          Aye
 John E. Gordon, Jr.        Aye
 Charles D. McGhee          Aye
 Robert R. Setliff          Aye
 G. E. “Ed” Via, III        Aye
 Elton J. Wade, Sr.         Aye

SE-13-11 Approved.

SE-14-11       MINNIELAND PRIVATE DAY SCHOOL, INC., Requests a Special
Exception Permit in accordance with Title I, Article 5, Section 10.6.1, of the Hanover County
Zoning Ordinance to permit a child day care center on GPIN 8706-23-0081, consisting of
approximately 1.53 acres, zoned B-1(c), Neighborhood Business District with conditions, and
located on the southwest quadrant of the intersection of Rutlandshire Drive (State Route 2320)
and Chamberlayne Road (U.S. Route 301) in the CHICKAHOMINY MAGISTERIAL

Mr. Maloney reviewed the Background, displayed the General Parcel Map and the

Planning Analysis:
    In 2007, the zoning for this site was amended to B-1(c), and the user was approved for a
       day care facility (SE-32-07)
          • The day care facility was never constructed and the SE was expired.
    The property has since been acquired by the applicant, who wishes to modify the layout
       and elevations using its prototype structure
    The daycare will accommodate the following:
          •   179 children (infants to 12-year olds)
          •   25 caretakers/teachers
          •   Office staff

Mr. Maloney displayed the sketch plan

Sketch Plan:
    The submitted sketch plan and elevations are similar to those approved with the previous
       SE and include the following:
           • 11, 886 SF day care structure
           • Shared access with the adjacent B-1 parcel

The elevations were displayed for the proposed building and it is very compatible with the
existing development within the Rutland Development. The area of the special exception
outlined in red was pointed out; the entrance will be from Rutlandshire and will have shared
access to future development on the back portion of the property.

Staff Recommendation:
APPROVAL subject to conditions

No questions from the Board.

The Chairman opened public hearing – no one.

Mr. Setliff made comments in support of this request and then made a motion to approve, SE-14-
11, seconded by Mr. McGhee.

 Deborah B. Winans         Aye
 Aubrey M. Stanley         Aye
 John E. Gordon, Jr.       Aye
 Charles D. McGhee         Aye
 Robert R. Setliff         Aye
 G. E. “Ed” Via, III       Aye
 Elton J. Wade, Sr.        Aye

SE-14-11 Approved.

XVI.          Announcements –

Consolidate November Board Meetings to the date of Nov. 22 – Mr. Harris noted that it is
staff‟s recommendation to consolidate the two November meetings with the November meeting
to occur on the 22cnd at 2:00 p.m.
Motion by Mr. McGhee, seconded Mr. Gordon to consolidate the November meetings and to
have the meeting to occur on November 22, 2011 at 2:00 p.m.

 Deborah B. Winans        Aye
 Aubrey M. Stanley        Aye
 John E. Gordon, Jr.      Aye
 Charles D. McGhee        Aye
 Robert R. Setliff        Aye
 G. E. “Ed” Via, III      Aye
 Elton J. Wade, Sr.       Aye

Motion Approved.

Mr. Gordon encouraged everyone to attend the Richmond Folk Festival.

Adjournment –

At 7:23:18 PM the Chairman adjourned the meeting to October 26, 2011 – Hanover County
Administration Building – 6:00 p.m.

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