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The Affiliate Code to Commissions


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The Greatest AutoPilot Affiliate Commissions 18 Traffic Strategies Exposed

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One way to make money as an Internet marketer, is to sell other people`s products. That is, by
being an affiliate. But the best way to make HUGE affiliate commissions, is to actually sell your
own products! Now, this might sound like some impossible mission to you, but stay with me for a
minute, and I will show you how this can actually be a breeze.

First, you will need to actually create your own products. And the easiest way to do that is just to
write an e-book. 20 pages of valuable content will be really enough, for a price of $7-$15. And this
might sound like a very low price, and even not worth the hassle. But trust me - by following the
strategy I will outline below, this can be very, very profitable thing to do.

Effective Strategy #1 - Remember The Importance Of Preselling
When you are promoting affiliate products, you must be aware that your main role as a referral is
to recommend the product to your customers. You should not be doing any hard selling as you will
not get good response from it. You will need to treat yourself as the middleman where you identify
the problems that the market is facing and you will recommend the resources to them.
Your main role is to educate your customers, letting them know the benefits that they can get from
the product so that they will click on your affiliate link to get more information. Once you have
made them curious enough to click on your affiliate link to get more information, you have done
your job. Remember to choose the product which has good sales letter so that you can get
maximum profits from the traffic that you drive to the merchant's website.

If you are working as an affiliate for some time, you probably know that selling things and services
as an affiliate, and profiting from them, is not very easy. Even harder it is to make affiliates
commission as a really passive income. So how to make it easier, and how to make more

Give me 2 minutes, and I will tell you how - it`s really not that hard at all!

When you sell a product or a service online, and these are not your products, you work as an
affiliate. By doing this, you usually get just anywhere from 30% to 75% of the sale price as
affiliates commission. The good side of  it, is that you actually  not have to worry
about creating products, and you don`t have to handle any of the customer support.

But the downside is, these affiliate products usually cost anywhere from $30 to $97 and up, which
is pretty expensive. That is, it is pretty hard to sell them, right?

So what can you do to make your job easier?

You make your own product, and sell it for $9-$15, even $29, and keep 100% of the profits to
yourself! just imagine how many of them you can sell for say $14 instead of the $67, which is the
average price of any affiliate product!
If you do that, you don`t even have to worry about affiliate commission, as all you will make by
doing this, is yours!

If you want to make more money, and faster, and start to build an email list, you can even start
profiting the same month!

Just imagine having a list of 2000 or more subscribers in less than 3 weeks! (for a super fast way
to get many people on your list fast, get a free guide at If you work hard for
some time, you can actually build a profitable campaign and leave it to generate passive income
for you, for months to come.

To save yourself 80% of time and money (yes, you hear it right) on niche research and profitable
campaign setup - head on to Niche Marketing Camp. Here you will get all the niches researched
for you already, you will get all the content needed for your free and paid products. You will be
taken by the hand and shown how to drive massive traffic to your money pages. (Make sure you
download the sample niche - which is absolutely free). Just copy, personalize, and go make
another one. Each making at least $500-$1000 every single month!

As I wind up, I would like to remind you that building your own email opt-in list is a simple process,
though it takes time to set it up and to create a reasonable list of targeted customers. But once you
have set it up and you have a good product to offer, you will enjoy all the benefits of building your
own email list. I wish you the best in your email marketing endeavors.

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The Greatest AutoPilot Affiliate Commissions 18 Traffic Strategies Exposed

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