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Volume 9, Issue 1            A PUBLICATION OF THE VIRGINIA STATE BEEKEEPERS’ ASSOCIATION                     Winter 2008

View from the President                                       Specialty Crop Block Grants
Interest in beekeeping continues to grow                      Funding provided to improve beekeeping
The winter meeting in November set another                    Todd P. Haymore, Commissioner of the Virginia
attendance record! This is one of the heartening              Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
successes that occurred during my term as                     (VDACS), has announced funding for eleven
President. While serving the last four years as First         agriculture-related projects which will help open
VP and President, my major effort was to                      markets for Virginia farm products and promote
strengthen the quality of our state meetings. That,           specialty crops in Virginia. The grants include two
plus the increasing public interest in beekeeping,            projects to improve beekeeper productivity.
seems most responsible for the increase. The                  One project, entitled “Providing Pollination Support
program for the next meeting in April is shaping up.          to Local and Regional Growers,” was awarded to
We have the roster of speakers, named elsewhere in            Michael Sandridge in Hanover, Virginia. This
this letter, but not the details. They will be posted         project expands small honey and pollination
on the VSBA website as soon as they are available.            operations to provide a viable regional pollination
What may seem a minor matter to most of you was               alternative, which will benefit regional growers
raised at the business meeting, but it could affect           directly and demonstrate the economic viability of a
attendance. A small group of members never attend             pollination sideline operation on a local and
the winter meeting as currently scheduled because it          regional level.
conflicts with the opening of various hunting                 Also funded was a project to improve diagnostic
seasons. It was proposed that we move the winter              services to Virginia’s beekeepers. New pest species
meeting from the first Saturday in November to the            have significantly reduced the number of beehives,
last Saturday in October. A show of hands indicated           and Africanized honey bees are expected to further
that it didn’t matter to most attendees, but the small        jeopardize the number of honey bees. The grant,
groups who did care were about equal. No decision             awarded to Keith Tignor at VDACS, provides
has yet been made. If you have a strong preference,           equipment necessary to detect and eradicate pests
and especially if you weren’t there, please let me            and pathogens in beehives; and, increase the
know by email at                     number of hives available for improved pollination.
Another major success for VSBA in the past two                The projects resulted from the competitive grant
years has been getting the state legislature to put           process established by the VDACS Division of
some money into supporting beekeeping. Lannie                 Marketing for USDA Agricultural Marketing
Ballard spearheaded this effort. Rick Fell has been           Service Specialty Crop Block Grant funds. The
moving quickly to start up programs supported by              Specialty Crops Competitiveness Act of 2004
these funds. Please respond to his requests for               authorized the USDA to provide funds to the states
comment or support, especially on the proposed                to promote specialty crops including fruits,
Master Beekeeper program on the VSBA website.                 vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits, and nursery crops.
Here are some reminders for the coming spring                 In announcing the grants, Commissioner Haymore
meeting. The Langstroth Achievement Award will                commented, “I congratulate these individuals for
be presented, chosen from a pool of nominees.                 their vision and resourcefulness in developing
Please contribute to this pool by nominating                  workable ideas that will assist growers and enhance
someone. There will be election of VSBA officers              agriculture throughout the state.”
at the April meeting. The Nominating Committee,
                                                                                               From Marion Horsle y
                               See President, page 3                                   VDACS NEWSRELEASE 10/27/07                                                             Virginia State Beekeepers Association 1
                                                          Master Beekeeper. Funding for the programs was
VSBA Meeting Review                                       approved by the General Assembly last year.
Summary of meeting in Weyers Cave
                                                          Before breaking for lunch State Senator Emmett W.
The Fall Meeting of the VSBA was held at Blue             Hanger, Jr., gave a brief talk highlighting his role on
Ridge Community College on November 3, 2007,              the Agriculture and Finance committees. He spoke
in Weyers Cave. A record number of people and             on the economic issues facing Virginia and last
vendors attended. VSBA meetings held at this              November’s state elections. Senator Hanger then
location have grown so much that we now make use          announced his plan to request extension of funding
of the auditorium and original lecture rooms.             for beekeeping programs through next year.
The first speaker was Maryann Frazier from Penn           The afternoon session began with a presentation
State University reviewed the latest on CCD.              from Mike Embrey of the Wye Research Center at
Several studies show that all pollinators, including      the University of Maryland. He spoke on Nosema
honey bees, are in decline in the US. Roughly 1/3 of      cerana; its characteristics, affect on bees, and
all bee colonies in the U.S. were lost this past          treatment. Unlike Nosema apis, it is not more
winter, causing major attention in the media and          common in winter and contributes to lower honey
major concern in the bee industry. Ms. Frazier            production in the summer. Mr. Embrey stressed that
reported that CCD is probably due to a combination        the best treatment is a strong colony. He also
of factors including known and unknown pathogens          recommended feeding Fumagillin with syrup in the
in adult bees and brood, parasite load in bees and        fall for this Nosema. His second lecture stressed
brood, chemical contamination of wax, poor                being proactive in addressing honey bee issues. We
nutrition, higher stress levels, and a lack of genetic    can learn from each other and incorporate other
diversity in the bee population, to name a few. One       beekeepers ideas into our practices while
recommendation was to get rid of old comb! Ms.            diversifying our honey bee genetic material.
Frazier's second lecture addressed the history,
                                                          The effect of miticides on bee reproduction was
functions, goals, and benefits of the Mid-Atlantic
                                                          presented by Rick Fell. All the chemicals now used
Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium.
                                                          for varroa have negative effects on the reproductive
Wyatt Mangum gave an update on his untreated              health of both queens and drones. Coumaphos is
survivor hives in North Carolina. This population of      worse than Apilife Var; and, Apistan appears to be
bees has had no varroa treatments for 5 years. They       the least detrimental of the three. He surmised that
are surviving, or coexisting, with virtually no           the effects of chemicals on bee reproductive health
Deformed Wing Virus and mite counts below the             may contribute to queens being quickly superceded.
treatment threshold. Dr. Mangum will continue to
                                                          The last speaker was Holly Gatton from the
monitor these hives, and report on their condition.
                                                          Virginia Tech Pesticide Program. Ms. Gatton gave a
The State Apiarist, Keith Tignor, reported on             slide presentation on a Pest Management Strategic
beekeeping issues in Virginia. He stressed that           Plan for honey bees. This plan is being developed
drought conditions in Virginia are the worst seen in      by beekeepers, growers, commodity associations,
many years. Low rainfall levels reduce brood              land grant specialists, extension agents, food
production and food stores. He advised everyone to        processors, crop consultants, and the EPA. It
check the amount of stored honey in their hives.          addresses the major diseases and disorders, as well
 Dr. Fell followed with a description of plans to         as large and small pests and predators of honey
start several teaching apiaries and efforts to increase   bees. She detailed the many benefits of this plan and
the numbers of beekeepers raising queens in the           explained why it is important to beekeepers.
state. He detailed advantages of local queens to          Following closing comments by Alan Fiala, the
delay the introduction of AHB into our area.              meeting was adjourned at 4:30 P.M. The next
Training for handling AHB incidents are planned.          VSBA meeting will be held on April 11 and 12,
Funds are also available for promoting pollination.       2008, in Loudoun County, VA.
Finally, Dr. Fell announced a Master Beekeeper                                             Submitted by Kathy Miller
program in Virginia. The program consists of three                                                  Secretary, VSBA
levels; Certified beekeeper, Journeyman level, and                                                        Virginia State Beekeepers Association 2
Bee Video Wins Award                                              General Assembly Update
VAFB presents media award for honey bee report                    General Assembly receives results of summer study
 At its 2007 annual meeting the Virginia Farm                     There were seven bills introduced in the General
Bureau presented Journalism Awards for                            Assembly this year that either directly or indirectly
outstanding reporting in agriculture. The awards are              affect beekeepers. The two most important are
given to newspapers, radio stations, TV stations,                 amendments to allow funds received last session to
and other media outlets for outstanding and                       be used over two years. Sen. Emmett Hanger with
dedicated year long coverage of agriculture.                      co-sponsoring by Sen. Harry Blevins introduced
Henrico County Television, HCTV, was a co-                        such an amendment. Del. Ben Cline did the same.
winner in the television category of the competition.             Other bills include HB1331 and HB1372 from Del.
Their report entitled "Angels of Agriculture - The                Steven Landes, SJ114 and SJ121 from Sen. Janet
Plight of Henrico's Honeybees" was featured during                Howell, and SB272 from Sen. Creigh Deeds.
the presentations as an example of award winning                  At the time of this writing, SB272 was in the Senate
coverage of agriculture. HCTV, a local government                 Agriculture, Conservation, and Natural Resources
cable channel, produced the 20 minute video last                  Committee. This bill exempts food processed in the
summer with the help of individuals from the
                                                                  home and sold to individuals from inspection by the
Richmond Beekeepers Association and Central                       Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
Virginia Beekeepers Association – East. The video                 The other bills were introduced to clean up wording
presents the beekeeper’s enthusiasm for their bees                in the Bee Law and appointments to the Plant
and problems they confront. A streaming video of                  Pollination Advisor Board. For example, HB1372
this and other productions is available on HCTV’s                 removes sanitary inspection of honey houses from
website at                    the Bee Law. This bill clarifies that the inspections
programs.htm.                                                     would be done so under food safety regulations.
                        From Virginia Farm Bureau press release
                                                                  The most important pieces of legislation are Budget
                                                                  amendments introduced by Del. Cline and Sen.
President, from page 1                                            Hanger. The amendments, referred to as Caboose
chaired by Brenda Kiessling, is putting together a                Bills, carries forward funding for beekeeping
list of nominees. If you have suggestions, please let             programs to fiscal year 2009. This would allow the
her know by email at                      Cooperative Extension Service, specifically Dr.
Also, if you have any matter for the business                     Rick Fell, to continue research and training projects
meeting, notify the Executive Committee in                        next year. Some of these projects, such as
advance to allow for planning.                                    establishing demonstration apiaries around the state
                                                                  and the Master Beekeeper program, will barely get
This is the time of year for beekeeping classes. The              started by the original ending date.
enrollment across my area, northern Virginia, is
increasing yet again, to over 250, so that some                   VSBA members are encouraged to contact the
classes have to be split. This will contribute yet                members of the Senate Finance Committee and
more to our membership. I hope that all of you will               House Appropriations Committee to request their
support any such class in your own area, through                  support of the beekeeper funding amendments to
mentoring or other assistance.                                    the 2008 budget. A list of these committee members
                                                                  is on the General Assembly Legislative Information
Something I have not accomplished during my term                  System at You may find the
in office is to explore ways the VSBA can help                    e-mail and phone information for each Senator and
Virginia beekeepers other than through the two state              Delegate from these pages. Then, contact your
meetings, tracking legislative issues, and spreading              Senator and Delegate to request their support for the
information through the newsletter and website. If                budget amendments and other beekeeping
you have suggestions, please contact me.                          legislation under consideration.
                                        Submitted by Alan Fiala                             Submitted by Lannie D. Ballard
                                               President, VSBA                               VSBA Legislative Chairperson                                                               Virginia State Beekeepers Association 3
  Upcoming Classes & Events                           Colony Collapse Disorder
                                                      Disorder continues to draw national attention
  Beekeeping Class                  Jan – Feb, 2008
   Cent’l VA Beekeepers – West                        By now most beekeepers have heard the results of
   Charlottesville, VA                                last summer’s research reports, Congressional
                                                      hearings, and many beekeeper meetings on Colony
  Beekeeping: Getting Started         Feb – March,
                                                      Collapse Disorder, CCD. The disorder was first
   Dabney S. Lancaster CC                    2008
                                                      reported in November, 2006, by a Pennsylvania
   Lexington, VA
                                                      beekeeper. Shortly afterwards other commercial
  MD State Beekeepers Assoc           Feb 16, 2008    beekeepers reported mysterious disappearance of
  Howard Co. Fairgrounds                              their bees. After a year of worries, questions, and
  West Friendship, MD                                 investigations there are still more questions than
                                                      answers. We now know that there are more and new
  Middle Peninsula Business           Feb 23, 2008
                                                      diseases in our bees, most notably Nosema cerana
  Development Partnership
                                                      and Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus. CCD may not
    Saluda Professional Center
                                                      have a singular causing agent.
  Saluda, VA
                                                      N. cerana, IAPV and other disorders are being
  Beginner Beekeeping Class           Feb – March,
                                                      considered as possible markers and maybe involved
   Lewis Ginter Botant.Garden                2008
                                                      in CCD. They may be working in conjunction with
   Richmond, VA
                                                      other stressors like Varroa mites, pesticides, and
  Beekeeping for Beginners        Feb – April, 2008   poor nutrition. The most recent research indicates
   NOVA Teaching Consortium                           that IAPV has been in the United States since at
                                                      least 2002. There may be other previously unknown
  Introduction to Beekeeping          March 1 & 8,
                                                      pathogens affecting our bees. Drought and other
   Central VA Beekeepers - East              2008
                                                      environmental factors may be compounding the
   Ashland, VA
                                                      problems inflicting stress on the bees.
  NC State Beekeepers Assoc.       March 7-8, 2008
                                                      Experiments begun last summer using irradiation,
   Ramada Inn Conv. Center
                                                      acetic acid, and comb from supers in hive
   Burlington, NC
                                                      equipment exposed to CCD were disappointing. No
  Queen Rearing Class                 April 5, 2008   differences were found in survival of untreated
   New River Beekeepers Assoc.                        hives and equipment treated with acetic acid or on
   Christiansburg, VA                                 super comb. Survival of colonies in each of the
  VA State Beekeepers Assoc.      April 11-12, 2008   three groups was about 50 percent. Colonies placed
   Loudoun County Fairgrounds                         in irradiated equipment was better but still dismal.
   Leesburg, VA                                       Colony survival in this group was 30 percent. The
                                                      researchers concluded that CCD is “likely” caused
  Adv. Beekeeping Short Course       April 19, 2008   by a living organism, though pesticides, habitat, and
   Cent’l VA Beekeepers – West                        nutrition may have a contributory role.
   Charlottesville, VA
                                                      Reports of CCD affected hives are already coming
  Honeybee Pest Short Course      June 13-14, 2008    in from commercial operations. Sideline and other
   Va Tech Dept. of Entomology                        beekeepers are reporting disappearance of bees. The
   Blacksburg, VA                                     USDA has put out the following management
  Heartland Apicultural Society    July 10-12, 2008   recommendations regarding CCD.
   Marshall University                                 1) Keep Varroa under control;
   Huntington, WV                                      2) Treat for Nosema if present;
                                                       3) Do not re-use equipment from dead hives; and,
  Eastern Apiculture Society         Aug 4-8, 2008
   Murray State University                             4) Maintain a healthy well fed colony.
   Murray, KY                                                                           Submitted by VaBeeman                                                   Virginia State Beekeepers Association 4
                                                        health clinics and more than 30 schools. The
Telling the Bees                                        gangling New Zealander devoted much of his life to
Holger Ravn Christensen                                 aiding the mountain people of Nepal and took his
Born in Nebraska of Danish immigrant parents,           fame in stride, preferring to be called Ed, and
"Chris" Christensen was a lifelong resident of          considered himself just an ordinary beekeeper.
Highland Springs, VA. Mr. Christensen was a Life        Dr Eva Crane
member of the Richmond Beekeepers Association.
He was known throughout the Richmond area for           After a very brief period in the hospital Dr Eva
his beekeeping knowledge and willingness to help        Crane passed away peacefully on the September 6,
others. He will be remembered for his gentle spirit,    2007. Founder and long time Director of the
kind heart and big smile. His legacy will continue      International Bee Research Association she was a
through his gift of several decades of beekeeping       towering figure in the world of apiculture. The
journals to the library at Virginia State University.   legacy of her written work has been, and will
                                                        continue to be, a beacon to guide and inspire others
George Wady Imirie Jr.                                  for many years to come.
George Imirie, a master beekeeper who tirelessly        Eva grew up in Dulwich, South London. She
promoted the value of bees and beehives, passed         completed studies in mathematics before earning a
away on September 6, 2007. A Bethesda native, he        Masters degree in quantum mechanics and later a
was born to a family that had been in the area for      Doctorate. Her interest in honey bees began with a
298 years. Mr. Imirie started tending hives at age 9,   hive of bees received as a wedding present in 1942.
following in the footsteps of his father and
                                                         In 1949 Dr. Crane became editor of Bee World.
grandfather. After a break for education and service
                                                        She expanded its pages to include abstracts from
in the U.S. Army, he returned home to the family
                                                        articles on bees and bee science throughout the
auto parts business and beekeeping in Rockville,
                                                        world. Soon the abstracts needed its own
MD, and soon after returned to keeping bees.
                                                        publication, “Apicultural Abstracts,” forming the
Mr. Imirie helped improve the knowledge and             basis of one of the most comprehensive databases of
management skills of fellow beekeepers. He was an       bee related information in the world. Also in 1949
Eastern Apiculture Society certified Master             she founded the Bee Research Association, later
Beekeeper, founded the Montgomery County                known as the International Bee Research
Beekeepers, and shared his knowledge and opinions       Association (IBRA), serving as its director for over
through a worldwide newsletter called the "Pink         three decades. In 1962 she founded The Journal of
Pages." In his writings Mr. Imirie coined a phrase      Apicultural Research, the premier English language
now popular in bee circles, "Be a bee-keeper, not a     publication of apicultural research.
bee-haver." The Maryland State Beekeepers
                                                        Through the years Dr. Crane authored over 180
Association honors Mr. Imrie’s memory by naming
                                                        publications including the “The World History of
its annual award for education after him.
                                                        Beekeeping and Honey Hunting.” From her travels
Sir Edmund Hillary                                      she acquired a huge eclectic collection of
                                                        beekeeping artifacts that, combined with other
Sir Edmund Hillary was an unassuming beekeeper          materials, constitute the IBRA Historical Collection
who conquered Mt. Everest just days before the          containing some 2000 items.
coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Sir
Hillary's life was marked by grand achievements,        Eva Crane received many honors for her work. In
high adventure, discovery, excitement, and personal     1985 she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from
humility. He only admitted being the first man atop     Ohio State University in recognition of her
Everest after the death of his climbing companion,      contribution to the science of beekeeping; it was an
Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. The Himalayan Trust,             honor of which she was particularly proud. She was
established by Sir Edmund in 1960 is symbolic of        made an officer of the Order of the British Empire
his affection for the people of the regions. Over the   in 1986; an award that many felt under-rated her
years the Trust has helped build three hospitals, 13    achievements.                                                    Virginia State Beekeepers Association 5
VSBA Spring Meeting                                       Apiarist Report
Annual spring meeting news from Leesburg                  Next steps in beekeeping
The Loudoun County Beekeepers’ Association                I recently read an article in the “American
(LCBA) is hosting the spring 2008 Virginia State          Entomologist” listing the top five insect news
Beekeepers Association meeting from April 11th            events of 2007. Honey bees occupied two spots on
thru April 12th. The meeting will be held at the 4-H      the list, while a third adversely affected our bees. At
Fairground in Leesburg, Virginia. Invited speakers        number five was the discovery of 3000 year old
include Nancy Ostiguy, Associate Professor at Penn        beehives in Israel. Number four on the list was the
State University, Phil Craft, State Apiarist from         effects of drought on insect populations, including
Kentucky, and Michael Palmer, a commercial                beneficial insects and plant pests. And in the
beekeeper and President of the Vermont Beekeepers         number one position of the top five insect stories in
Association.                                              2007 was Colony Collapse Disorder.
Besides the excellent meeting program, there are          CCD seemed to be the story that would never die.
many places to visit and things to do in Northern         Despite our best efforts we are no closer to a cause
Virginia. Everyone from history buffs to wine             or cure than when CCD was first reported. Israeli
aficionados to museum enthusiasts to shoppers will        Acute Paralysis Virus and/or Nosema cerana being
find many interesting sites within a short distance of    the cause is now doubtful. Both were found to have
the meeting. Equestrian fans will find some of the        been in the United States much longer than first
finest stables in the state. The area offers              believed, a discovery that greatly pleases Australian
breathtaking scenery and beautiful landscapes.            beekeepers. They were facing the loss of an
History fans can see the smallest national cemetery       emerging market worth millions to their industry.
and Civil War battle site at Balls Bluff or visit the     CCD has raised awareness that we have little
historic Oatlands Mansion. Many other historic sites      knowledge of what diseases (and pests) are
including Harpers Ferry, Gettysburg, and Antietam         affecting our bees. It also points to a skill
are only a short drive. Strolling through the streets     beekeepers may need to master in the near future,
of Leesburg, Middleburg, Hillsboro, and Waterford         the art of dealing with the media.
is fun for everyone, especially antique collectors.       Several years ago the Apiary Inspectors of America
Loudoun County is also home to the excellent              called for a national survey of honey bees to
Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum.              document the presence, or absence, of pests and
If you can plan an extra day or two in the Northern       pathogens affecting honey bees. Since then our
Virginia area, a trip to Washington D.C. or               borders have been opened to importation of queens
Arlington National Cemetery are good excursions.          and bees from other countries. A few years ago the
And then there is the shopping. Besides the one-of-       United States Department of Agriculture agreed that
a-kind shops in downtown Leesburg the Leesburg            a national survey was a necessary program and
Premium Outlet mall, with more than 110 stores, is        developed a plan to accomplish this goal. Despite
close to all accommodations. This destination mall        the need no funding has been appropriated for such
is a favorite with anyone who likes a bargain. And,       a survey. It would be difficult to complete a
did we mention Washington D.C. is just down the           comprehensive survey without suitable funding.
road.                                                     The USDA national survey calls for sampling hives
Information on things to do in Loudoun County can         in each state for diseases and pests of major concern
be found at Meeting         found in other countries. There isn’t enough money
                                                          or personnel to sample all hives. And, testing for all
information is on the VSBA website at http://www. or obtained by email at            diseases and pests would be cost prohibitive. A
                                                          national survey could prevent introduction of new The LCBA looks
forward to welcoming you April 11-12, 2008.               and potentially devastating pests; and, allow the
                                                          USDA to say no to nations wanting to ship queens
                             Submitted by Suzy Jampoler   and bees into the U.S. CCD research helped
                                                                                              See Apiarist, page 7                                                        Virginia State Beekeepers Association 6
Apiarist, from page 6                                       Langstroth Award
complete some work, but a more complete survey is
                                                            The Virginia State Beekeepers Association is
need to satisfy the international community.
                                                            soliciting nominations for the L.L. Langstroth
The second recognized need for beekeepers is                Achievement Award. The award recognizes the
experience in being interviewed for the many                achievements and contributions of a Virginia
newspaper, magazine, television, and internet               beekeeper in their advancement of beekeeping in
reports on the fate of bees. Africanized honey bees         the State. Nominations must be received by VSBA
first exposed this need. Many beekeepers were               on or before March 14, 2008, to be eligible for
approached by local reporters for opinions and              consideration. The recipient of the 2008 L.L.
stories. Most handled the interviews well. Some             Langstroth Achievement Award will be announced
discovered that sometimes less is better when               on April 12, 2008 at the spring VSBA meeting in
answering a reporter’s questions. Alan Fiala, Rick          Loudoun, VA. Contact Keith Tignor at 804-786-
Fell, and I are already in discussions to offer             3515 or send emails to vabees@virginiabeekeepers.
training sessions to interested beekeepers. Look for        org for further details. All nominees are encouraged
these workshops along with the many beekeeping              to attend this meeting and be recognized for their
classes being offered this year.                            contributions to fellow beekeepers.
                               Submitted by Keith Tignor
                                           State Apiarist
                                                            Christmas Basket Winners
State Fair Honey Competition                                SVBA announces basket winner from fund drive

State Fair proves profitable for all                        Winners of the annual Christmas basket raffle by
                                                            the Shenandoah Valley Beekeepers Association are
Interest in honey and honey bees was exceptionally          Jim Skinner of Gloucester, VA, and Mary Ann
high this past Fall. Once again the bee cage and            Beverage of Hillsboro, WV. Special thanks to all
exhibits were a favorite of children and adults. Fair       who participated in this important fund drive. The
goers made the 2007 sales the highest recorded. In          SVBA raised around $700.00 for speaker expenses
addition to an opportunity to share their experiences       and outreach activities.
in beekeeping volunteers completed over $14,000 in
                                                                                                           Sue McKown
consignment sales for beekeepers from across                                                                     SVBA
Virginia. A portion of the sales was divided among
the local associations of each volunteer. The Open
Honey competition was particularly notable for the          CheckMite+ Availability
liquid honey categories. First Place winners for the        Section 3 permit sought for mite and beetle control
2007 Virginia State Fair Honey Competition are:
                                                            Nine years ago the Virginia Department of
Light Extracted Honey              Pamela Fisher            Agriculture received its first Section 18 emergency
Light Amber Extracted Honey        Robert Gibson            exemption for using CheckMite+ in beehives with
Amber Extracted Honey              Robert Gibson            Varroa mites or small hive beetles. The exemption
Dark Extracted Honey               Pamela Fisher            from the Environmental Protection Agency allows
Frame of Honey                     Robert Stapleton         use of an unregistered pesticide for a limited time if
Lt/Lt Amber Cut Comb Honey         Robert Stapleton         EPA determines that an emergency condition exists.
Amber/Dark Cut Comb Honey          Anne McCracken           Bayer, Inc., announced late last year they would no
Lt or Amber Chunk Honey            Robert Stapleton         longer support Section 18 applications for
Amber or Dark Chunk                Robert Stapleton         CheckMite+. The company anticipates Section 3,
Creamed Honey                      Robert Gibson            general use, registration of the product to be
Beeswax, 1 pound mold              Gay Stapleton            approved in Spring 2008. Virginia’s Section 18
Beeswax, pair candles              Gay Stapleton            exemption is due to expire on February 1, 2008.
Beeswax, 3 fancy mold              Gay Stapleton
                                                                                            Submitted by Keith Tignor
                              Submitted by Robert Gibson
                                                                                                        State Apiarist
                             State Fair Coordinator, RBA                                                         Virginia State Beekeepers Association 7
                       VSBA Spring Meeting

                          April 11-12, 2008

                       Loudoun County Fairgrounds
                             Leesburg, VA
   Details for the meeting are contained in this newsletter and on the
               VSBA website,

Ann Harman
1214 North Poes Rd.
Flint Hill, VA 22627


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