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									GeorGe A. Schieren    irA lee Sorkin                   Peter t. Willner
     President       Chairman of the Board            National Executive Director

                                      The Rothberg Amphitheater, Mt. Scopus Campus
Message From
AFhu leadership
The American Friends of The Hebrew University celebrated               AFHU national and regional events, educational forums, and
major milestones during Fiscal Year 2007-2008: the 60th                programs involving Hebrew University faculty also fostered
anniversary of the State of Israel, the 90th anniversary of The        pioneering medical and neuroscience research and paved
Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s cornerstone laying and the            the way for breakthroughs in nanoscience. We promoted
40th anniversary of The Harry S. Truman Research Institute for         the exceptional work of Hebrew University’s new Center for
the Advancement of Peace. Many American Friends journeyed              Bioengineering in the Service of Humanity and Society, and
to Israel, participating in our June 2008 President’s Mission          provided support for multi-disciplinary Jewish Studies and for
and Hebrew University’s annual Board of Governors meeting.             Jewish education.
Together with friends from around the world, we celebrated a
                                                                       AFHU is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. We have an
rich and varied legacy of scientific and scholarly achievements
                                                                       acute sense of responsibility to our supporters and to The
essential to Israel, to Jewish communities everywhere and to
                                                                       Hebrew University of Jerusalem as reflected in our governance
people on every continent.
                                                                       structure and operations. During 2007-2008, AFHU’s regional
As the largest group among Hebrew University’s international           and national boards and committees met quarterly, providing
network of supporters, AFHU continued to spearhead a                   the oversight needed to assure fiscal responsibility and financial
multimillion dollar fundraising campaign with diversified academic     transparency. Our Investment Committee monitors and
and research priorities. American Friends funded cutting-edge          periodically adjusts asset allocations for AFHU’s multimillion
research, created scholarships for outstanding and deserving           dollar endowment. In addition, the Investment Committee
students and enabled Hebrew University to recruit top new              strictly adheres to approved policies and procedures governing
faculty, many of whom recently completed doctoral and post-            the endowment to avoid any speculative investments. This
doctoral studies at leading US and European institutions. Ranked       endowment exists to help The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
among the top 100 universities worldwide, Hebrew University is         now and for generations to come. Our Management
distinguished by the remarkable caliber of a faculty admired in        Committee and Budget and Finance Committee continue to
Israel and worldwide due to its record of effectively initiating and   monitor AFHU’s operations closely to assure our organization’s
pursuing groundbreaking research projects.                             productivity, stability, and cost effectiveness in the service of
                                                                       our mission.
This past year AFHU extended the reach of our ongoing
“Feeding the World through Sustainable Agriculture” campaign           Our lay leaders and professional staff are fully committed to The
in support of the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food         Hebrew University of Jerusalem as Israel’s standard bearer in
and Environment. The generosity of the Robert H. Smith Family          many fields and as a source of leadership. Their dedication and
Foundation resulted in a $ 15 million challenge grant to American      collective hard work resulted in Fiscal Year 2007-2008 progress
Friends, and during the past year, we sought additional sources        with many dimensions. We are pleased to report success in
of funding applicable to world-class research as well as for new       terms of fundraising, network building and achieving increased
and renovated facilities on the Rehovot campus. Alleviating            visibility for Hebrew University expertise and contributions to
world hunger, protecting scarce natural resources and curbing          our world. These efforts are broadening an already strong
virulent diseases are priorities for Hebrew University scientists      foundation—one that is designed to foster AFHU’s mission in
and therefore, for American Friends as well.                           the coming decades.

George A. Schieren                            Ira Lee Sorkin                                Peter T Willner
President                                     Chairman of the Board                         National Executive Director

                                                            AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy               AnnuAl RepoRT           1
hu Students at the edmond J. Safra (Givat Ram) Campus
2   AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy   AnnuAl RepoRT
The hebrew university
        of Jerusalem
 Research highlights

                                     Roman Temple
                                discovered in Zippori

           israeli Cholera prevention program
              Adopted by Red Cross in Kenya

            Five young hu Scientists win First
                      Competitive eu Grants

             hu Researchers develop Method
                for Transmitting Medical images
                                 via Cell phones

                            wolf prize Awarded for
                         Study of dnA Methylation

                                nanolymf: new drug
                                   delivery platform

            new insights into embryonic Stem
                             Cell development

                      electronic Structure of dnA
                       Revealed for the First Time

 AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy   AnnuAl RepoRT   3
    Roman Temple
    discovered in Zippori
    A team of HU archaeologists discovered the ruins of a Roman temple from the second
    century CE in Zippori National Park in northern Israel. The excavations, led by Professor
    Zeev Weiss of the Institute of Archaeology, shed light on the multi-cultural society of
    ancient Zippori. This discovery suggests that Zippori, the Jewish capital of the Galilee
    during the Roman period, had a significant pagan population. The remains also
    demonstrated that Zippori was a city in which Jews, pagans and later Christians lived
    together. Coins minted in Zippori depict a temple to the Roman gods Zeus and Tyche.
    The temple fell out of use at an unknown date, and a large church was built on the site
    in the Byzantine period. The remains of this church were previously uncovered by the
    HU excavation team.

                                                         Zippori Coin depicting a Temple to the Roman Gods Zeus & Tyche
4   AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy               AnnuAl RepoRT
hebrew university’s iMph program has Attracted
nearly 700 Students From 85 Countries

   israeli Cholera prevention                                          Five young hu Scientists win
   program Adopted by Red                                              First Competitive eu Grants
   Cross in Kenya                                                      Five young Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists were
   A team of HU students developed a unique cholera prevention         awarded elite five-year research grants under the European
   program that has been adopted by the International Red              Union’s first competition for outstanding new independent
   Cross and is being used in displaced persons camps in               investigators. The winners were selected on the basis of
   Kenya. Although cholera is a well-understood and preventable        having presented groundbreaking research ideas in addition
   disease, the World Health Organization estimates that there         to displaying the potential to establish independent research
   were approximately 180,000 cholera cases in 2007. Cholera           careers and become world leaders in their respective fields.
   still causes 65% of deaths from diarrheal diseases in children
                                                                       The five European Union award winners from Hebrew Univer-
   under age five in developing countries.
                                                                       sity were as follows:
   Hebrew University students determined that the disease can
                                                                        • Dr. Sigal Ben Yehuda of the Faculty of Medicine —
   be effectively prevented if prevention efforts are integrated
                                                                          Investigating the nature of dormant bacterial spores.
   into routine health care procedures. A crucial element entails
   increasing supplies of uncontaminated drinking water. The            • Dr. Tsachik Gelander of the Einstein Institute of
   HU students responsible for the innovations are medical and            Mathematics — Examining group theory and geometry.
   public health practitioners from Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria,           • Dr. Adi Mizrahi of the Silberman Institute of Life Sciences —
   Colombia, Uzbekistan, India and the United States who                  Using optical imaging to probe long-term neurophysiological
   attended the one-year Legacy-Heritage International Masters            changes in vivo.
   in Public Health Program at the Hebrew University-Hadassah
                                                                        • Prof. Reem Sari of the Racah Institute of Physics —
   Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine.
                                                                          Investigating planets in the solar system: formation and
   Since its establishment, Hebrew University’s IMPH program              evolution.
   has attracted nearly 700 students from 85 countries. Alumni
                                                                        • Dr. Assaf Fiedler of the Institute of Chemistry — Creating a
   have become high-ranking government officials, ministers of
                                                                          new methodology for the design of cancer and AIDS drugs
   health, consultants to national and international organizations,
                                                                          that modulate proteins.
   hospital directors, and teachers at schools of public health in
   almost 100 different countries.

                                                                AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy            AnnuAl RepoRT        5
    hu Researchers
    develop Method
    for Transmitting
    Medical images via
    Cell phones
    According to the World Health
    Organization, three-quarters of
    the world’s population have no
    access to ultrasounds, X-rays and
    other medical imaging technology.
    Professor Boris Rubinsky, director
    of the Center for Research in
    Bioengineering in the Service of                                                     professor boris Rubinsky
    Humanity and Society at HU’s Benin
    School of Computer Science and
    Engineering, has developed a way
    to send medical images through
    cell phones. This groundbreaking
    innovation has the potential to
    provide radiological diagnoses and
    treatment to the millions of people
    without access to this technology,
    especially those in developing
    nations and remote rural areas.

                                                                                                      Scientist at hu

                                                         wolf prize Awarded for
                                                         Study of dnA Methylation
                                                         The 2008 Wolf Foundation Prize in Medicine was awarded to
                                                         Hebrew University Professor Howard Cedar and Professor
                                                         Emeritus Aharon Razin of the Department of Cellular
                                                         Biochemistry and Human Genetics. Their pioneering studies
                                                         illuminated the role of DNA methylation (chemical modification
                                                         of the DNA molecule) in the biological function of higher
                                                         organizations. By identifying the patterns of DNA methylation in
                                                         vivo, Professors Cedar and Razin have made a profound impact
                                                         on the field of molecular genetics and cancer research, clarifying
                                                         the ways in which DNA methylation controls gene expression
                                                         and how genes imprint biological functions and malfunctions in
                                                         humans. Both professors are prior recipients of the Israel Prize.

6   AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy   AnnuAl RepoRT
             prof. emeritus Aharon Razin & prof. howard Cedar
AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy   AnnuAl RepoRT       7
                                                                        nanolymf: new drug
                                                                        delivery platform
                                                                        Professor Simon Benita of HU’s School of Pharmacy
                                                                        developed a nanotechnology controlled release drug
                                                                        delivery platform that improves the oral administration of
                                                                        lipophilic drugs—medications that tend to be insoluble in
                                                                        water. Nanolymf, a new biotechnology start-up company
                                                                        founded by Prof. Benita in conjunction with Yissum, Hebrew
                                                                        University’s technology transfer company, was created
                                                                        to bring this new innovation to the marketplace. Typically,
                                                                        when lipophilic drugs are taken orally, they are not well
                                                                        absorbed by the body because they activate an intestinal
                                                                        pump barrier and are metabolized in the intestines and liver.
                                                                        Nanolymf, a breakthrough system, bypasses these intestinal
                                                                        and liver metabolic filters, heightening the therapeutic
                                                                        performance of medication. This system produced low side
                                                                        effects when tested in pre-clinical trials.
Medical researcher
                                                                        new insights into embryonic
                                                                        Stem Cell development
                                                                        Researchers at HU and other major institutions graphically
                                                                        demonstrated how embryonic stem cell development and
                                                                        differentiation occur, resolving a longstanding question as to
                                                                        whether the stem cells develop through selective activation
                                                                        or selective repression of genes. The international research
                                                                        team, which included Dr. Eran Meshorer at the Silberman
                                                                        Institute of Life Sciences, created the first full-mouse
                                                                        genomic platform of DNA microarrays. Microarrays are
                                                                        glass-based chips that allow the simultaneous detection of
                                                                        thousands of genes. The researchers used the microarrays
                                                                        to monitor the entire genome at different points during stem
                                                                        cell development, enabling them to establish exactly how and
                                                                        when stem cells developed into specific tissue cells. Findings
                                                                        were published in the journal Cell Stem Cell.

           electronic Structure of dnA Revealed for the First Time
            Utilizing a technique that combines low temperature measurements and theoretical calculations, HU scientists, working
            with international colleagues from other leading institutions, revealed the electronic structure of single DNA molecules.

            The knowledge of the electronic properties of DNA is important to many scientific areas from biochemistry
            to nanotechnology. In the field of nano-bioelectronics, where scientists investigate biological molecules, it is
            believed that DNA or its derivatives may be used as possible conducting molecular wires for the development
            of molecular computing networks. These networks will be smaller and more efficient than those produced today
            with silicon technology. Researchers also believe that this newfound knowledge will enable them to develop new
            sophisticated, reliable, faster and less expensive ways to decode the sequence of human DNA.

            The collaborative research was published in Nature Materials. The Hebrew University participants were Errez
            Shapir and Dr. Danny Porath at the Department of Physical Chemistry at the Harvey M. Krueger Family Center for
            Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

new Techniques
to Kill dormant
Sub-populations of some bacteria
avoid the lethal effect of antibiotics by
decreasing their metabolism, remaining
dormant for days and waiting for the right
opportunity to strike again. Studying these
dormant bacteria, Hebrew University
researchers found new methods of attack:
either by subjecting the bacteria to a
fresh dose of nutrients in combination
with antibiotics, or by infecting dormant
bacteria with phages—viruses that
attack bacteria. These discoveries have
decreased the survival rate of dormant
bacteria appreciably.                                                          dr. nathalie balaban &
                                                                           doctoral student orit Gefen
Biophysicist Dr. Nathalie Q. Balaban at
the Racah Institute of Physics, doctoral
                                                 attack, allowing the bacteria to survive
student Orit Gefen and master’s student
                                                 under stressful environments. It was
Sivan Pearl, reported their findings in
                                                 determined that dormancy provided
Proceedings of the National Academy
                                                 no protection when the bacteria were
of Sciences USA and PLoS Biology.
                                                 attacked by lytic phage that reproduces
Working with Professor Oppenheim
                                                 and kills immediately.
from the Hebrew University-Hadassah
Medical School, the team also studied            Results of this research offer a potentially
the interaction between dormant bacteria         helpful new way to tackle dormant
and phages. They tried to determine              bacteria, which are the main reason
whether dormancy evolved as a                    for the failure of antibiotic treatments in
protective defense against phage                 tuberculosis and other diseases.

                                              AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy   AnnuAl RepoRT 9
 hebrew university 2008 board of Governors Convocation Ceremony
10   AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy   AnnuAl RepoRT
The hebrew university
        of Jerusalem
  board of Governors
   The Following Distinguished Americans were honored at the 71st
             Annual Hebrew University Board of Governors Meeting:

                                         honoRARy doCToRATeS
                                          professor Charles Arntzen
                                      Congressman Tom lantos (z”l)
                                   professor Catharine A. MacKinnon
                                                      heidi Rothberg
                                          professor harry l. Swinney

                                         honoRARy FellowShipS
                                                     Sarita Gantz
                                                patricia l. Glaser
                                                  A. Sidney Katz
                                                   Michael Stein

                                                        wAll oF liFe
                                        dr. Clement and Sandra Alpert
                                                     Gabriella de beer
                                               Adrienne and Alan Fiske
                               ellen Klersfeld and Sheldon hechtman
                                                       Marion loundy
                                                      James Matanky
                                                       Roger Richman

                                   dr. Seymour and Cecile (z”l) Alpert
                                              henry M. Schaerf (z”l)

                                        TRuSTeeS And FoundeRS
                                          Ronda and barry lippman
                                       Marcy and daniel Schlessinger
                                         Kathleen and Jerold Solovy
                                            louise and Michael Stein

            dr. Seymour and Cecile (z”l) Alpert Chair in pain Research
                            Sachs Family Chair in Computer Sciences
nettie and philip Rounick entrance lobby in the yitzhak Rabin building

         AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy    AnnuAl RepoRT      11
     dedicating The Robert h. Smith                                      A “Feeding the World through Sustainable Agriculture”
                                                                         fundraising campaign is being spearheaded by American
     Faculty of Food,
                                                                         Friends of The Hebrew University, inspired by a $15 million
     Agriculture and environment                                         challenge grant from the Robert H. Smith Family Foundation.
     On June 12, 2008, a ceremony was held on Hebrew University’s
                                                                         Interdisciplinary academic programs and research projects
     Rehovot campus to dedicate the Robert H. Smith Faculty of
                                                                         are transcending traditional academic boundaries in order to
     Agriculture, Food and Environment. Among the Israeli leaders
                                                                         accelerate progress in sustainable agriculture and environ-
     on hand to participate in the dedication were Hebrew University
                                                                         mental conservation. Among the many transformations taking
     President, Professor Menachem Magidor, Israeli Minister of
                                                                         place: a new building to house the Institute of Environmental
     Agriculture Shalom Simhon and Rehovot Mayor Shuki Forer.
                                                                         Sciences; a veterinary medical complex that incorporates
     The Robert H. Smith Faculty is adopting a new vision for            advanced animal science studies; and new laboratories for
     sustainable agriculture and plays a leading role in global ef-      biochemistry and for undergraduate students. Support is also
     forts to supply nutritious and abundant food to the developing      being raised by American Friends to help Hebrew University
     world, which is faced with scarcity. Said Eli Feinerman, Dean       recruit top young scientists.

Robert h. & Clarice Smith with hu president, Menachem Magidor at the dedication
Ceremony for the Robert h. Smith Faculty of Food, Agriculture and environment

     of the Smith Faculty, “Our faculty, which is among the best in      Celebrating the 40th Anniversary
     the world in its field, is striving to cope with the challenge of
                                                                         of the Truman Research institute
     safeguarding our common future by finding ways to produce
                                                                         In 2008, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and friends from
     nutritious, quality food at low cost and without causing harm
                                                                         around the world commemorated the 60th anniversary of
     to the environment.”
                                                                         President Truman’s historic recognition of the State of Israel, and
     Robert Smith, an internationally known businessman and              the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Truman Research
     philanthropist from the Washington D.C. area, has maintained        Institute for the Advancement of Peace.
     a longstanding relationship with The Hebrew University and          On May 29, 2009 an international academic conference
     AFHU, beginning with the involvement of his father, Charles         was held at the Truman Institute and funded by the Mandel
     E. Smith. Robert H. Smith is a former chairman and current          Foundation. Presiding over the conference were Professor Haim
     honorary chairman of Hebrew University’s international Board        D. Rabinowitch, Rector of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
     of Governors, and the esteemed recipient of an honorary             and acting academic director of the Truman Institute, and
     doctorate. Robert H. Smith has also served as president of          Ambassador William A. Brown, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel
     AFHU’s Mid-Atlantic Region.                                         and Chairman of the Truman Institute Board of Trustees.

12   AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy                 AnnuAl RepoRT
Jack, Michelle & noreen Rounick at the dedication of the Rounick lobby at
Mandel institute for Jewish Studies in the Rabin building on Mt. Scopus Campus

   Special presentations were made by
   Professor Michael Devine, Director
   of the Truman Presidential Library
   and Museum. A session devoted
   to President Truman and his impact
   on Middle Eastern history brought
   together Michael Devine; Professor
   Richard Kirkendall of the University
   of Washington; and Professor
   Allen Weinstein, Archivist of the
   United States. A session on “Israeli
   Statehood and International Actors”
   drew upon the expertise of Hebrew                                                    Jonathan Alpert, cousin of dr.
   University faculty Professors Uri                                                     Seymour and Ceil Alpert z”l,
                                                                                 accepting honors at the benefactors
   Bialer, Avraham Sela, Gabriel Sheffer
                                                                                          wall Ceremony, June 2008
   and Alon Kadish. They were joined
   by Associate Professor Vladislav
   Zubok of Temple University.

   An afternoon panel included
   Professor Ronald Zweig, New York
   University; Professor Emeritus
   Ronald and Allis Radosh, City
   University of New York; Professor
   Michael J. Cohen of Bar-Ilan
   University and Professor Melvin
   Leffler of the University of Virginia.

                                                                           Alice, herb, Keith and Kathy Sachs at the
                                                                 dedication of the Sachs Chair in Computer Science

                                                   AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy      AnnuAl RepoRT      13
 Midwest Region Torch of learning Scholarship lunch. honoree david Rubin,
 third from right, second row; hebrew university Student Ambassador, first row.
14   AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy    AnnuAl RepoRT
                         Award and

                                     Scopus Awards
                                Mid-Atlantic Region: Morton
                                    and norma lee Funger
                           Southeast Region: Robert M. (z”l)
                                    and Mary Montgomery

                     Torch of learning Awards
                    Greater ny Region: Adam o. emmerich
                              Southeast Region: Tom Katz
                          western Region: william Shernoff
                             Midwest Region: david Rubin

                           Tree of peace Awards
           Greater ny Region: dr. Clement Alpert, Stanley M.
       bergman, Morton Charlestein, dr. d. walter Cohen, dr.
                          bruce donoff, dr. Allen Finkelstein

                      AFhu Scholarship events
            Southeast Region: Mar-a-lago Scholarship luncheon
                                western Region: bash in bel Air
                          western Region : A Chocolate Affaire

AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy     AnnuAl RepoRT       15
                                                                                                  Morton & norma lee Funger

     Scopus Award
     The Scopus Award is named for The Hebrew
     University of Jerusalem’s Mount Scopus
     campus in Jerusalem, where cornerstones
     were laid in 1918 for an institution that
     would represent and perpetuate the highest
     scholarly and scientific ideals. The Scopus
     Award symbolizes the university’s highest
     ideals of achievement and leadership.
     Recipients of the Scopus Award are
     distinguished by their commitment to Israel
     and the Jewish people, their concern for
                                                                     Mid-Atlantic Region honorees:
     peaceful coexistence among people and
                                                                     Morton and norma lee Funger
     nations, and their work on behalf of important
     causes locally, nationally and internationally.                 Morton and Norma Lee Funger, influential leaders in Wash-
                                                                     ington D.C.’s political and public service arena for more than

     Southeast Region honorees:                                      three decades, received the Scopus Award at a gala din-

     Robert M. and Mary Montgomery                                   ner on December 12, 2007, in the nation’s capital. Award-
                                                                     winning veteran news broadcaster Marvin Kalb was a special
     Philanthropists and community leaders gathered in Palm
                                                                     guest at the dinner.
     Beach, Florida on January 21, 2008, in order to pay tribute
     to Robert M. (z”l) and Mary Montgomery, recipients of           Proceeds from the gala dinner benefited cancer research

     AFHU’s Scopus Award. Robert and Mary Montgomery were            at The Hebrew University. Among the notables present to

     honored for their support of a wide array of charities and      honor the Fungers were Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley,

     their concern for Israel and the cause of higher education. A   Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Steny

     distinguished member of Florida’s legal community for more      Hoyer, Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler, Mont-

     than four decades, Robert Montgomery was one of the top         gomery County Executive Isiah Leggett and The Honorable

     plaintiff lawyers in the U.S., Vice President of The Hebrew     Sallai Meridor, Israel’s ambassador to the United States. The

     University, Ambassador Carmi Gillon, brought greetings          Scopus Award was presented to the honorees by Robert H.

     from the university. James Carville was the evening’s guest     Smith and Professor Menachem Magidor, president of The

     speaker. The event benefited student scholarships at the        Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

     undergraduate and graduate levels.                              Morton and Norma Lee Funger, longtime friends of The
                                                                     Hebrew University, are successful real estate professionals.
                                                                     Committed to Jewish communal leadership, Morton Funger
                                                                     has served as Vice President and President of AFHU in
                                                                     Washington D.C., and is an Honorary Member of The
                                                                     Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Board of Governors.

16   AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy           AnnuAl RepoRT
honoring                                      Kim Vernis, was honored with the Woman
                                              of Valor Award for her role in ushering in a
iris wolstein                                 new era of access for students and faculty.
American Friends of The Hebrew University     In addition to their own philanthropy, the
and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem        Wolsteins worked with other American
celebrated the vision of a group of Ohio      Friends and AFHU leaders in the Midwest
philanthropists who made the university’s     Region; among these were Brent Grover,
Mt. Scopus campus more accessible             Larry Kadis, Michael Miller, Joseph Kanfer,
to disabled students and visitors. The        the Myers Foundation, the Michel Family,
extensive improvements resulted from the      National City, Will Sukenik, the Saperstein
commitment of Mrs. Iris S. Wolstein and       Family, David Simon and family, and the
Bertram “Bart” Wolstein (z”l) of Cleveland,   Zantker Charitable Trust.
Ohio, who mobilized community support
for this essential project. At a ceremony
in Jerusalem on October 28, 2007, Mrs.
Wolstein, accompanied by Clevelanders
George and Colleen Kimson and Myron and

                                                                          iris wolstein & Student
     Torch of                                                          western Region honoree:
                                                                       william M. Shernoff
     learning Award                                                    On March 12, 2008, AFHU’s Western Region presented
                                                                       William M. Shernoff, Esq., with the Harvey L. Silbert Torch of
     Midwest Region honoree:                                           Learning Award. The gala dinner took place at the Beverly
     david M. Rubin                                                    Hills Hotel. The event’s keynote speaker, Edmund (Jerry) G.
     Midwestern Friends gathered at the Standard Club in Chi-          Brown Jr. is former Governor of California and the state’s
     cago for their first annual Scholarship Award Luncheon on         current Attorney General.
     May 7, 2008. David M. Rubin, past president of the Chicago
                                                                       William M. Shernoff, a partner at Shernoff Bidart Darras,
     Chapter and an alumnus of The Hebrew University, received
                                                                       has an international reputation for challenging the world’s
     AFHU’s Torch of Learning Award from HU President Men-
                                                                       most powerful insurers. He is responsible for Holocaust-era
     achem Magidor. Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal
                                                                       life insurance litigation against Europe’s major insurance
     delivered the keynote address. Student Ambassadors,
                                                                       companies. William Shernoff’s efforts resulted in a $5.2 billion
     Hadar Moriah and Tomer Nir thanked American Friends and
                                                                       dollar restitution settlement for Holocaust victims and their
     described the challenges students have faced over the last
                                                                       families. In addition to his professional achievements, the
     three years in pursuing their education. Hadar remarked, “I
                                                                       Torch of Learning honoree is widely recognized for his lifelong
     am so moved there are so many people who care to support
                                                                       dedication to humanitarian communal causes.
     our education.” (See page 14 for Honoree David Rubin and
     HU Student Ambassadors.)
                                                                       Greater ny Region honoree:
                                                                       Adam o. emmerich
     Southeast honoree:
                                                                       The Lawyers’ Division of the Greater New York Region hon-
     Thomas o. Katz                                                    ored Adam O. Emmerich at AFHU’s 38th annual George A.
     On Thursday February 7, 2008 at a dinner at the Woodfield
                                                                       Katz Torch of Learning Award event on October 30, 2007.
     Country Club in Boca Raton, FL, the Southeast Region hon-
                                                                       The luncheon was held at Cipriani in New York and attracted
     ored Thomas O. Katz with its prestigious Torch of Learning
                                                                       more than 500 legal professionals and colleagues and friends
     Award. Thomas O Katz has been selected regularly as one
                                                                       of the Emmerich family. The tribute included remarks by
     of the Outstanding Lawyers in Florida, and by his peers as a
                                                                       Aharon Barak, President (retired) of the Supreme Court of
     Leading American Attorney in Florida in tax law. He is the co-
                                                                       Israel. Proceeds from the luncheon totaled a record-breaking
     founder of the law firm of Katz Baskies LLC, where he spe-
                                                                       $1.3 million and benefited the Aharon Barak Research Center
     cializes in estate and tax planning and the transactional legal
                                                                       at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Faculty of Law.
     needs of investors and entrepreneurs. At the Torch of Learning
     gala, he was praised for his professional achievements and        Adam O. Emmerich, a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen &
     commitment to legal education at The Hebrew University’s ac-      Katz, is recognized as one of the world’s leading lawyers in
     claimed Faculty of Law and its Aharon Barak Center for Legal      the field of mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance
     and Multidisciplinary Research. Proceeds from the dinner ben-     and real estate. His distinguished career is defined by his
     efited the Endowment for the Center for Strategic and Policy      broad and varied representation of public and private firms in a
     Studies in the School of Public Policy and the Endowment for      variety of industries throughout the United States and around
     the Barak Center for Legal and Multidisciplinary Research.        the world, including in Israel. Adam Emmerich attended The
                                                                       Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School. Prior to
                                                                       beginning his legal studies, he worked for the government of
                                                                       Israel as a staff member in the Project Renewal Inter-Ministerial
                                                                       Professional Committee.

18   AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy               AnnuAl RepoRT
     Justice Aharon barak, Keynote
            Speaker, and Tom Katz,
          Torch of learning honoree

                                          (l-r), Justice Aharon barak; ira lee Sorkin, Chairman of the board, AFhu;
                                          Martin lipton, Tribute Committee Co-Chair; Adam o. emmerich, honoree;
                                          bernard w. nussbaum, Tribute Committee Co-Chair; barry h. Garfinkel, 1983
                                          Tol honoree; George A. Shieren, president AFhu

(l-r) Michael bidart, western Region Torch of learning event Chair;
patricia Glaser, event Chair and and AFhu western Region president;
william Shernoff, honoree; and Stanley Zax, event Chair
     Martin e. Karlinsky, president emeritus, AFhu Greater ny Region; Morton Charlestein, prof. Sari nusseibeh, president of Al-Quds university
     and keynote speaker, professor Adam Stabholz, dr. d. walter Cohen, dr. bruce donoff, dr. Allen Finkelstein, dr. Musa bajali

     bridges To peace:
     etz Shalom Award
     honoring dr. Clement Alpert,
     Stanley M. bergman, Morton
     Charlestein, dr. d. walter
     Cohen, dr. bruce donoff, dr.
     Allen Finkelstein
     On October 17, 2007 AFHU’s Greater NY Region paid tribute
     to six American leaders in the field of dental medicine at the
                                                                                      Ambassador Carmi Gillon, Region vice Chairman
     “Bridges to Peace” gala. Proceedings benefited The Hebrew                  patricia Glaser, Region board Member & “A Chocolate
     University-Hadassah School of Medicine founded by the                         Affaire” event host James Robinson, Region board
                                                                                     Member & event Co-Chair Renae Jacobs-Anson
     Alpha Omega Fraternity and its D. Walter Cohen Middle East
     Center for Dental Education.
                                                                            honorees. The Tree of Peace sculpture was commissioned
     Etz Shalom (Tree of Peace) Award recipients were Dr.                   and donated by Dr. Allen Finkelstein in memory of his parents.
     Clement Alpert, doctor of dental medicine and community                A large-scale Tree of Peace was installed in the courtyard of
     leader; Stanley M. Bergman, chairman & CEO of Henry                    Hebrew University’s Faculty of Dental Medicine during the
     Schein, Inc.; Morton Charlestein, Chairman of the Board                100th anniversary celebration of the Alpha Omega Fraternity.

                                                                            Scholarship events
     Emeritus of Premier Dental Products Company; Dr. D. Walter
     Cohen, Chancellor Emeritus of Drexel University College of
     Medicine and Dean Emeritus of the University of Pennsylvania
     School of Dental Medicine; Dr. Bruce Donoff, Dean of                   Southeast Region
     Harvard School of Dental Medicine; and Dr. Allen Finkelstein,          Fifth Annual Scholarship Luncheon at Mar-a-Lago
     Chief Dental Officer for AmeriChoice/United Health Group.              AFHU’s Southeast Region hosted its Fifth Annual Scholarship

     The Tree of Peace Awards were presented by Professor                   Luncheon on November 28, 2008 at the Mar-a-Lago Club

     Adam Stabholz, dean of the dental school. Under the                    in Palm Beach. The featured keynote speaker was Mariane

     auspices of the D. Walter Cohen Center, a pioneering                   Pearl, award-winning international journalist and wife of the late

     Israeli-Palestinian partnership was launched between the               Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Maria Spinak, M.D.,

     Israeli dental school and the newly established Faculty of             and Dini Katz served as co-chairs for the luncheon, which

     Dental Medicine at Al-Quds University. Attending the awards            raised more than $400,000 for Hebrew University students on

     dinner were Professor Musa Bajali, Dean of Al-Quds dental              scholarship.

     school, and Professor Sari Nusseibeh, President of Al-Quds             Shelly Hechtman and Ellen Klersfeld of the Klersfeld-Hechtman
     University and the evening’s keynote speaker.                          Wealth Management Group of UBS Financial Boca Raton were

     Stanley Bergman, accepted the award on behalf of all six               thanked for their corporate sponsorship of the scholarship

20   AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy                 AnnuAl RepoRT
event. Warren Orlando, Chairman of 1st United Bank, served
as master of ceremonies. Michal Gomel, a student ambas-
sador from The Hebrew University, expressed her gratitude for
American Friends’ support for deserving students.

western Region
Bash in Bel Air
LA’s annual “Bash in Bel Air” was held on August 2, 2008.
The elegant cocktail reception and dinner was hosted by Re-
gional Board Member, Brindell Gottlieb, and raised vital fund-
ing for student scholarships at The Hebrew University of Je-
rusalem. One hundred guests were treated to a four-course
gourmet meal and an aerial and acrobatic performance by
artists from Cirque de Soleil. The event was a prelude to
the fifth annual “A Chocolate Affair” and the kick-off for the
region’s student scholarship fundraising campaign.

5th Annual “A Chocolate Affaire” Fund Raiser
Western Regional Board Member James G. Robinson hosted
“A Chocolate Affaire,” on September 13, 2008 at his pri-
vate residence in Bel Air. The event, which raised more than
$325,000 for student scholarships—at the university—was
attended by hundreds of supporters who enjoyed an evening
of gourmet desserts and chocolate-tasting. Among the eve-
ning’s highlights were live music, dancing and a silent auction.

Daphna & Richard S. Ziman were the honorary co-chairs;
Joan Dangerfield, Patricia L. Glaser, Sam Mudie, and Renae
Jacobs-Anson and David Anson served as event co-chairs.
Joan Dangerfield introduced the evening’s entertainment,
actor and comedian Louie Anderson. Special guest Ambas-
sador Carmi Gillon attended on behalf of Hebrew University

Greater new york Region
Donor Recognition Reception
On June 11, 2008, the Greater New York Region held a
Donor Recognition Reception to pay tribute to AFHU Bene-
factors, Guardians, Trustees and Founders at the Center for
Jewish History in New York City. Former director of Israel’s
Mossad and director of the Center for the Strategic and Policy
Studies at The Hebrew University’s School for Public Policy,
Ambassador Efraim Halevy was the guest speaker.
                                                                    western Region board Member
                                                                   brindell Gottlieb, and a Cirque de
                                                                    Soleil performer at the western
                                                                     Region’s annual bash in bel-Air
                                                                                dr Maria Spinak and
                                                                        dini Katz at the Mar-a-lago
                                                                             Scholarship luncheon
 Students at the edmond J. Safra (Givat Ram) Campus
22   AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy   AnnuAl RepoRT
            AFhu Missions
                and AleF

                          president’s Mission to
                           berlin and Jerusalem
                                     June 2008

                           Greater ny Mission
                     to The hebrew university
                               February 2008

                               Annual leadership
                               educational Forum
                                   January 2008

AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy   AnnuAl RepoRT   23
   president’s Mission to                                             of the German government and German friends of The
                                                                      Hebrew University. Participants viewed German memorials to

   berlin and Jerusalem                                               the Holocaust and the Jewish People.

                                                                      In Jerusalem, American Friends rejoiced in a milestone
   May 26, 2008 - June 5, 2008                                        year for Israel and the Jewish people. They enjoyed the
                                                                      festivities surrounding The Hebrew University’s International
   Mission Chair:                                                     71st Board of Governors Meeting. A unique celebration and
   George A. Schieren                                                 gala commemorated the 60th anniversary of the State of
   AFHU President                                                     Israel, and a special program was devoted to The Truman
                                                                      Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace, which
                                                                      celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2009. Mission participants
   Martin e. Karlinsky
                                                                      discussed globally important issues with Hebrew University
   Todd and Morissa lundy                                             experts in fields ranging from biomedicine to agriculture.
   daniel and Marcy Schlessinger                                      They experienced guided tours of historic sites, met Friends
   Samuel h. Solomon                                                  of Hebrew University from Israel and around the world and
                                                                      exchanged ideas with leading faculty and students on Hebrew
   AFHU’s June 2008 President’s Mission had many notable
                                                                      University’s four thriving campuses.
   highlights as participants traveled to Berlin and Jerusalem
   for a unique journey in time.

   While in Berlin, Germany, American Friends toured aspects of       Greater ny Mission
   the modern and also the historic city with Hebrew University
   Scholar-in-Residence, Professor Shlomo Avineri, a renowned         A February 2008 Mission to The Hebrew University was led

   historian and political scientist. They were briefed by the U.S.   by AFHU’s Greater NY Region and mission Chair Martin

   Ambassador to Germany, William R. Timken, Jr., and toured          E. Karlinsky. Among the many highlights were: a panel

   Berlin’s Jewish Museum designed by Daniel Libeskind. The           discussion at the Faculty of Law and lunch at the Knesset

   group met the Director of the Centrum Judaica and the New          with MK Professor Menahem Ben-Sasson; a discussion on

   Synagogue; toured the home of the artist Max Liebermann,           Iran at the Truman Research Institute for the Advancement

   and visited Wannsee, site of the “Final Solution” conference.      of Peace; an overview of the Institute for Medical Research;

   Receptions were hosted by diplomats, ambassadors, officials        a presentation by famed archeology professor Ehud Netzer,
                                                                      who discussed his newest discovery at Herodium; a tour

                                                                                                                                      photo Credit: Jonathan Alpert

president’s Mission
of the Robert H. Smith Faculty of
Agriculture, Food and Environment;
and a dinner devoted to “bridges
to peace” academic and research
activities involving Al-Quds University
and The Hebrew University.

educational                                                                              AFhu president, George Schieren,
Forum                                                                  barbara Mandel, and israeli Ambassador Sallai Meridor

American Friends of The Hebrew
University and its Southeast Region
hosted the Sixth Annual Leadership
Educational Forum (ALEF) on January
20, 2008. The lively educational forum
was co-chaired by David and Dr. Ellen
Gendal, Ellen Klersfeld and Sheldon
Hechtman. Diverse presentations and
panels focused on foreign affairs and
national security, showcased Hebrew
University’s medical achievements
and examined the scientific and
humanitarian legacy of Albert Einstein,
a founder of The Hebrew University of

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist
Ron Suskind spoke on the topic of:                                                                               Greater ny Mission
“The Role of the U.S. in an Angry
World. Are We on the Right Path?”         Hebrew University Professor Dan Gazit, director of the Center for Converging Sciences
A panel on Middle East affairs            and a member of The Faculty of Dental Medicine, discussed the ways in which stem
and the war on terrorism included         cell research is being used to heal bone fractures and their potential to repair different
Ambassador Carmi Gillon, Vice             types of tissues and organs in the human body.
President of Hebrew University and
                                          At a presentation entitled “In the Footsteps of Hebrew University Founders:” Albert
former head of Israel’s Shin Bet;
                                          Einstein’s Multidimensional Vision,” ALEF participations heard from two experts:
Ambassador Efraim Halevy, head
                                          Professor Hanoch Gutfreund, chairman of Hebrew University’s worldwide exhibitions
of Hebrew University’s Center for
                                          on Albert Einstein and Walter Isaacson, CEO of the Aspen Institute and author of the
Strategic and Policy Studies at
                                          biography, Albert Einstein: His Life and Universe.
the School for Public Policy and
former head of Israel’s Mossad;           The Honorable Sallai Meridor, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, discussed
Ambassador Cofer Black, chairman          Iran’s capabilities for nuclear weapons. Noting that 2008 was Israel’s 60th anniversary,
of Total Intel, and Ambassador Bill       Ambassador Meridor cited the nation’s extraordinary record of accomplishments. Stated
Brown, chairman of the Harry S.           Ambassador Meridor: “The Hebrew University is mother of all universities in Israel, and
Truman Research Institute for the         educates the young people who are vital to the nation’s economy and security.”
Advancement of Peace.

                                                          AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy               AnnuAl RepoRT        25
26   AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy   AnnuAl RepoRT
       planned Giving through
       American Friends of
       The hebrew university
       Einstein Visionaries is an honorary society established
       to recognize the generosity and foresight of thoughtful
       supporters who have provided for the future strength of
       The Hebrew University of Jerusalem by making a planned
       gift through American Friends of The Hebrew University.
       AFHU is pleased to thank our Einstein Visionaries for their
       leadership, philanthropy and commitment to Israel’s well
       being and the cause of higher education.

       Members of the Einstein Visionaries Society are provided
       with information and advice regarding their planned
       gifts and are furnished with updates about The Hebrew
       University. Members are invited to AFHU events and
       programs locally and nationally. These highly esteemed
       donors have opportunities to be commemorated, or to
       commemorate loved ones, on recognition walls located on
       the Mount Scopus campus of Hebrew University.

       To learn more about making a planned gift, please contact
       Debra Rubenstein at 800-899-AFHU (2348), or contact
       an AFHU office in your region. For further information,
       visit our web site at, or email inquiries to

AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy          AnnuAl RepoRT     27
  2008 AFhU nAtionAl oFFicerS                                         2008 honorArY PoSitionS
                     PreSiDent                                                honorArY PreSiDentS
                   George A. Schieren                                             Stanley M. bogen
                                                                            Ambassador Max M. Kampelman
             chAirMAn oF the BoArD                                               harvey M. Krueger
                   ira lee Sorkin
                                                                                     Fred S. lafer
         Vice chAirMen oF the BoArD                                          Senator Frank R. lautenberg
                lawrence e. Glick                                                barbara A. Mandel
                  louis l. Kaitz                                                    Keith l. Sachs
                 Michael S. Kurtz                                                   ira lee Sorkin
                Richard S. Ziman
                                                                      honorArY chAirMen oF the BoArD
         chAir, execUtiVe coMMittee                                            Stanley M. bogen
                 Michael S. Kurtz                                        Ambassador Max M. Kampelman
                                                                              harvey M. Krueger
      Vice chAir, execUtiVe coMMittee                                            Fred S. lafer
                Michael J. Freed
                                                                              lawrence newman
                  Vice PreSiDentS                                                Keith l. Sachs
                     ernest bogen
                                                                             honorArY Vice PreSiDentS
                    william A. brown
                                                                                     harold berry
                   Susan A. Gitelson
                                                                                   d. walter Cohen
                  Charles h. Goodman
                                                                                   leonie J. darwin
                  Michael G. Jesselson
                                                                                      Alex Grass
                     Todd S. lundy
                                                                                     Martin hecht
                    Kenneth l. Stein
                                                                                   Sanford F. Kuvin
                 Ronald M. Zimmerman
                                                                                    bess Myerson
                       treASUrer                                                  Theodore K. Rabb
                         Adi Raviv                                             Rabbi Stanley Rabinowitz
                                                                                   herbert l. Sachs
               ASSiStAnt treASUrer                                                  vidal Sassoon
                   daniel J. Schultz                                                david Shapell
                      SecretArY                                                    Robert h. Smith
                     Frances R. Katz                                              Charles A. Stillman
                                                                                  Jerry M. Sudarsky
              ASSiStAnt SecretArieS                                               barnett C. Tobins
                  Martin e. Karlinsky                                              dan K. wassong
                Richard d. weinberg                                                 Stanley R. Zax

President, Chairman of the Board, and Chairman of the Executive Committee may hold same office for four years maximum. All
officers and elected committee chairs are elected annually. Committee members are elected for three year terms.

Honorary Presidents and Honorary Chairmen of the Board automatically receive the “honorary” designation for life after
completion of term and are voting members of the Board. Honorary Vice President is strictly an honorary title. HVPs are listed on
AFHU letterhead and invited to attend Board activities but do not vote.
     2008 AFhU                        BUDGet AnD                          cAMPAiGn
    coMMitteeS                    FinAnce coMMittee                       coMMittee
      execUtiVe                            chAirMAn                         chAirMAn
      coMMittee                             Adi Raviv                      Clive Kabatznik

       chAirMAn                          coMMittee                          coMMittee
      Michael S. Kurtz                 Stanley M. bogen                       Rita bogen
                                        Mark R. Gordon                    Robert A. densen
     Vice chAirMAn
                                        Michael S. Kurtz                 pamela emmerich
      Michael J. Freed
                                       barry h. lippman                    Michael J. Foley
        coMMittee                       Michael A. lobel                   Michael J. Freed
       ernest bogen                      Todd S. lundy                    lawrence e. Glick
     Stanley M. bogen                  barbara A. Mandel                 nancy hamburger
     lawrence e. Glick                 James e. Matanky                  Sheldon hechtman
      Mark R. Gordon                     david M. Rubin                Renae Jacobs-Anson
      Clive Kabatznik                   daniel J. Schultz                Martin e. Karlinsky
        louis l. Kaitz                   ira lee Sorkin                   barry h. lippman
    Martin e. Karlinsky           George A. Schieren – ex officio           Todd S. lundy
      Frances R. Katz                                               barbara A. Mandel – ex officio
    harvey M. Krueger                  MAnAGeMent                        James e. Matanky
       Michael lobel                    coMMittee                              Adi Raviv
                                       Special Appointment
       Todd S. lundy                                                    daniel i. Schlessinger
    barbara A. Mandel                     chAirMAn                         daniel J. Schultz
    James e. Matanky                   George A. Schieren                   ira lee Sorkin
          Adi Raviv                                                       Richard S. Ziman
       Keith l. Sachs                                               George A. Schieren – ex officio
                                        Stanley M. bogen
       ira lee Sorkin
                                         Michael J. Freed
      Kenneth l. Stein                                                    inVeStMent
                                         Mark R. Gordon                    coMMittee
     Richard S. Ziman
                                         Clive Kabatznik
  Ronald M. Zimmerman                                                       chAirMAn
                                         Frances R. Katz
George A. Schieren – ex officio                                            Michael S. Kurtz
                                        harvey M. Krueger
      inViteD GUeStS                     Michael S. Kurtz                  coMMittee
    All regional presidents               Michael lobel                 Richard Abramson
  Chicago – Michael J. Freed              Todd S. lundy                  Stanley M. bogen
   (see above: vice Chair)              barbara A. Mandel                 Mark R. Gordon
      Florida – Alan Fiske                   Adi Raviv                    Clive Kabatznik
los Angeles – barry h. lippman            Keith l. Sachs                   ellen Klersfeld
new york – Martin e. Karlinsky            ira lee Sorkin                      Adi Raviv
(see above: elected member)
                                         Kenneth l. Stein                 daniel J. Schultz
       ohio – Scott burg
                                                                           ira lee Sorkin
       washington dC –
      nancy hamburger                                                    Kenneth l. Stein
                                                                      Ronald M. Zimmerman
                                                                    George A. Schieren - ex officio
 AUDit coMMittee                       2008 AFhU BoArD                      Mark A. Ratner - il
                                         oF DirectorS                           Adi Raviv - ny
                                                                         leona Z. Rosenberg - il
        Michael lobel                     John h. bauman - ny
                                            diane b. belfer - Fl            david M. Rubin - il
       coMMittee                          ernest bogen - Fl/ny              Keith l. Sachs - pA
      Mark R. Gordon                           Rita bogen - Fl           George A. Schieren - ny
 Michael S. Kurtz – ex officio         Stanley M. bogen - ny/Fl            daniel J. Schultz - ny
    Adi Raviv– ex officio          Ambassador william A. brown - vA       david bruce Smith - Md
         Keith Sachs                          *Scott burg - oh           Samuel h. Solomon - ny
      daniel J. Schultz                     Stanley Chais - CA               ira lee Sorkin - ny
       ira lee Sorkin                       victor J. Cohn - oh            Kenneth l. Stein - ny
George A. Schieren - ex officio         leonard d. Cordes - Fl                Mary Ann Tuft - il
                                         Robert A. densen - nJ           Richard d. weinberg - ny
     noMinAtionS                                                          Martin Zelman - ny/Fl
      coMMittee                          pamela emmerich - ny
                                               *Alan Fiske - Fl            Richard S. Ziman - CA
         chAirMAn                          Michael J. Foley - ny        Ronald M. Zimmerman - ny
        Keith l. Sachs
                                          *Michael J. Freed - il        *Indicates Regional President
       coMMittee                         Susan A. Gitelson - ny
     Stanley M. bogen                     patricia l. Glaser - CA       2008 AFhU BoArD
     lawrence e. Glick                    lawrence e. Glick - il          oF DirectorS
   Renae Jacobs-Anson                       John A. Golieb - ny             class lists
      Michael S. Kurtz                 Charles h. Goodman - il            clASS i: 2008-2011
       Todd S. lundy                       Mark R. Gordon - ny
                                       *nancy hamburger - Md             John h. Bauman - nY
    barbara A. Mandel
                                                                          pamela emmerich - ny
       ira lee Sorkin                     william h. isacoff - CA
                                                                           Michael J. Foley - ny
      Kenneth l. Stein                Renae Jacobs-Anson - CA
                                                                            John A. Golieb - ny
George A. Schieren – ex officio        Michael G. Jesselson - ny
                                                                           Mark R. Gordon - ny
                                            emma J. Joels - Fl
GrAntS coMMittee                                                            emma J. Joels - Fl
                                           Clive Kabatznik - Fl
                                                                           Clive Kabatznik - Fl
        chAirMAn                            louis l. Kaitz - MA
                                                                             brad S. Karp - ny
       emma J. Joels              Ambassador Max M. Kampelman - dC
                                                                             A. Sidney Katz - il
                                        *Martin e. Karlinsky - ny
       coMMittee                                                             Todd S. lundy - il
                                             brad S. Karp - ny
       ernest bogen                                                          harold Magid - ny
                                             A. Sidney Katz - il
      ellen S. Gendal                                                          Adi Raviv - ny
                                           Frances R. Katz - ny
     Susan A. Gitelson                                                     daniel J. Schultz - ny
                                        harvey M. Krueger - ny
      John A. Golieb                                                     david bruce Smith - Md
                                           Michael S. Kurtz - nJ
     nancy hamburger                                                     Samuel h. Solomon - ny
                                             Fred S. lafer - nJ
    helen Jacobs-lepor                                                    Martin Zelman - ny/Fl
                                  uS Senator Frank R. lautenberg - nJ
     Joshua M. olshin
                                     Marla lerner Tanenbaum - Md          clASS ii: 2006-2009
   daniel i. Schlessinger
                                         *barry h. lippman - CA
George A. Schieren - ex officio                                          William A. Brown - VA
                                            Michael lobel - ny
                                                                           Stanley Chais - ny
                                             Todd S. lundy - il
                                                                         leonard d. Cordes - Fl
                                             harold Magid - ny
                                                                          lawrence e. Glick - il
                                      barbara A. Mandel - Fl/ny
                                                                         Charles h. Goodman - il
                                          James e. Matanky - il
                                                                        Renae Jacobs-Anson - CA
                                       lawrence newman - ny
                                                                           louis l. Kaitz - MA
                                          Joshua M. olshin - ny
                                                                          Frances R. Katz - ny
    Michael S. Kurtz - nJ                      Sol berg - Fl              i.e. Millstone - Mo
     david M. Rubin - il                  Robert M. berger - il           Sidney Moray - CA
  George A. Schieren - ny                     Alan bloch - CA        bernice Mossafer-Rind - wA
   Kenneth l. Stein - ny                 Roberta bogen - ny/Fl           Murray neidorf - CA
 Marla lerner Tanenbaum -                    nancy brizel - Fl            Sherry norris - ny
            Md                              Mike burstyn - CA           Mary oppenheim - il
     Mary Ann Tuft - il                    leonard Cohn - CA           leonard polonsky - u.K.
 Ronald M. Zimmerman - ny                  Sylvia Cohodas - Fl           Ruth w. popkin - ny
                                         willard l. Cohodas - Fl          Marlene post - ny
   clASS iii: 2007-2010
                                           Michael Cypers - CA         donald Rabinovitch - ny
    Diane B. Belfer - Fl                   Judith b. deich - ny      nancy Ratzan (nCJw) - ny
      ernest bogen - Fl                   Ralph S. dweck - Md            david Recanati - ny
        Rita bogen - Fl                     Sheryl dworkin - il        edward Redstone - CA
     victor J. Cohn - oh                 helen e. eisenberg - Fl     Margaret Richek-Goldberg - il
    Robert A. densen - nJ                       Ariel elia - Fl          Rachel Ringler - ny
    Susan A. Gitelson - ny              Adam o. emmerich - ny               elliot J. Roth - il
    william h. isacoff – CA               Sherry endelson - Fl               walter Roth - il
  Michael G. Jesselson - ny               Saerree K. Fiedler - il       Jack A. Rounick - pA
     Michael lobel - ny                    Sarita Gantz - Fl/CT          paul T. Saharack - il
    James e. Matanky - il                 Susie R. Gelman - Md             Sam Sallerson - il
    Joshua M. olshin - ny                  Andrew M. Glick - il      Sanford J. Schlesinger - ny
      Mark A. Ratner - il                 Ralph i. Goldman - ny       daniel i. Schlessinger - il
   leona Z. Rosenberg - il                Steven C. Good - CA         howard Schwimmer - CA
  Richard d. weinberg - ny                eugene M. Grant - ny           yehuda Shalon - CA
    Richard S. Ziman - CA                 hertzel harrison - CA         Martin C. Shapiro - CT
                                         Sheldon hechtman - Fl              Seth Siegel - ny
     PreSiDentS oF
   reGionAl BoArDS*                         Flora heilweil - Fl            lynne Silbert - CA
       Alan Fiske - Fl                   Jerome p. heilweil - Fl            Rita Simon - Md
   nancy hamburger - Md                  Rosalind henwood - Fl            Jack Solomon - uT
      Scott burg - oh                       harris n. hollin - Fl          Jerold Solovy - il
    Michael J. Freed - il                  benita Jacobs - CA                eric Stein - CA
   barry h. lippman - CA                helen Jacobs-lepor - CA          Alan Swerdloff - ny
   Martin e. Karlinsky - ny                  Rae Janvey - ny                henry Taub - nJ
 *Presidents of Regional Boards             Steven Kanner - il              edith Taylor - CA
                                          howard G. Kaplan - il            irving Taylor - Md
are elected locally, not by National
                                           Richard M. Karp - Fl         Andrew h. Tisch - ny
  Board, and serve on National
                                              Amy Katz - ny             Mark vidergauz - CA
  Board as voting members as
                                            ellen Klersfeld - Fl       Robert l. wechsler - ny
long as they are in office as local    Selma Klingenstein - ny/Fl    Jerome A. weinberger - oh
            president.                  Rabbi Arthur Kolatch - CA        eleanor weiner - Fl
                                         harriet lainer (wli) - nJ          paul weiner - Fl
BoArD oF reGentS                          david M. levitan - ny       Seth M. weingarten - CA
    class lists                        Stephen e. lieberman - Mn         lois Zelman - ny/Fl
    class i: 2008-2011                    Ronald i. Mandle - ny
   Richard Abramson - ny                 Jonathan l. Mann - ny          class ii: 2006-2009
                                                                        Jonathan brodie - Md
    david Albertson - Fl                 Monique Matheson - Fl
                                                                       Rabbi Robert Frazin - Fl
      Susi Annes - Fl/il                  isidore Mayrock - ny
                                                                         Myron Kaufman - Fl
   Robert A. belfer - ny/Fl                   lee i. Miller - il
                                                                         Sonia Marschak - il
  Anise Schneiderman - Fl          Charles h. Goodman - il       leona Z. Rosenberg - il
   Robert l. Shuftan - il           Mark R. Gordon - ny             david M. Rubin - il
                                    Alexander Grass - pA              david Simon - il
   class iii: 2007-2010           Renae Jacobs-Anson - CA        david bruce Smith - Md
    linda bennett - CA
                                  Michael G. Jesselson - ny        Michelle Smith - dC
   Mordecai Chertoff - nJ
                                     Clive Kabatznik - Fl           Monte Toole - CA
      henry Citron- ny
                                      louis l. Kaitz - MA             peter weil - CA
    ellen S. Gendal - Fl
                                     Frances R. Katz - ny       Jerome A. weinberger - oh
    neil Grossman - ny
                                       A. Sidney Katz - il       neil C. weinberger - oh
     Marvin Jubas - CA
                                   harvey M. Krueger - ny
      Melvin Katten - il                                        honorArY GoVernorS
                                    Michael S. Kurtz - nJ
   william K. langfan - Fl                                          Madlyn barnett - TX
                                       Fred S. lafer - nJ
        paul lewis - ny                                           Sulana Ross Chait - CA
                                      harriet lainer - CA
   Mitchell Shadowitz - Fl                                      Rabbi Armond Cohen - oh
                                  Marla lerner Tanenbaum - Md
     david e. Simon - il                                           d. walter Cohen - pA
                                       Todd S. lundy - il
     Michael Stein - Fl                                            leonie J. darwin - CA
                                  barbara A. Mandel - Fl/ny
                                                                      helen diller - CA
                                     Morton Mandel - Fl
       honorArY                                                    Mildred edelstein - Fl
    Vice PreSiDentS                   Gerald niznick - CA
                                                                    eugene Ferkauf - Fl
        *harold berry - Mi       prof. Theodore K. Rabb - nJ
                                                                Richard l. Freundlich - ny
    * d. walter Cohen - pA         prof. Mark A. Ratner - il
                                                                    Morton Funger - Md
    *leonie J. darwin - CA           heidi Rothberg - Co
                                                                   Jay n. Goldberg - ny
         *Alex Grass - pA             Keith l. Sachs - pA
                                                                     Martin hecht - CA
       *Martin hecht - CA          George A. Schieren - ny
                                                                  Rosalind henwood - Fl
     *Sanford F. Kuvin - Fl          Robert h. Smith - vA
                                                                  david b. holtzman - Mi
      *bess Myerson - Fl              ira lee Sorkin - ny
                                                                 Charlotte Jacobson - Fl
   *Theodore K. Rabb - nJ           Kenneth l. Stein - ny
                                                                  burton M. Joseph - Mn
*Rabbi Stanley Rabinowitz - dC         June walker - ny
                                                                 Max M. Kampelman - dC
    *herbert l. Sachs - pA          dan K. wassong - ny
                                                                   william b. Konar - ny
      *vidal Sassoon - CA             Gordon Zacks - oh
                                                                    Martin M. levin - nJ
      *david Shapell - CA           Richard S. Ziman - CA
                                                                    nathan lipson - GA
     *Robert h. Smith - vA
                                 ASSociAte GoVernorS                  Robert low - ny
   *Charles A. Stillman - ny
                                    Kathleen barnett - il            bess Myerson - Fl
   *Jerry M. Sudarsky - CA
                                     diane b. belfer - Fl        lawrence newman - ny
   *barnett C. Tobins - MA
                                    Robert belfer - ny/Fl             Ruth popkin - ny
    *dan K. wassong – ny
                                       harold berry - Mi        bernice Mossafer Rind - wA
     * Stanley R. Zax - CA
                                        Alan bloch - CA             Julia Robinson - ny
the hebrew University             nancy berman bloch - CA       prof. henry Rosovsky - MA
 of Jerusalem Board                     Rita bogen - Fl               Jack Rudin - ny
     of Governors                    victor J. Cohn - oh         Alice Russell-Shapiro - CA
                                   williard l. Cohodas - Fl          vidal Sassoon - CA
    ernest bogen - Fl/ny            helen eisenberg - Fl            Floyd A. Segel - Co
  Stanley M. bogen - ny/Fl               Alan Fiske - Fl        leonard i. Shankman - ny
     Stanley Chais - CA             Michael J. Freed - il        Jerome J. Shestack - pA
         Ariel elia - Fl           william h. isacoff - CA        Jerry M. Sudarsky - CA
     Susie Gelman - Md             Martin e. Karlinsky - ny      Thaddeus n. Taube - CA
   Susan A. Gitelson - ny             harold Magid - ny           barnett C. Tobins - MA
    patricia l. Glaser - CA          James Matanky - il          prof. Michael walzer - nJ
    lawrence e. Glick - il            dan Maydan - CA            prof. Julian wolpert - nJ
    the hebrew University of                      Senior Management team
   Jerusalem harry S. truman
    research institute for the                    nAtionAl execUtiVe Director
     Advancement of Peace                                 peter T. willner

AFhu elected members, divided into three 3 year     chieF FinAnciAl oFFicer
        terms: currently serving through                James l. Rothkopf

                    2008                                 controller
             ernest bogen – Fl/ny                        Jane Kampton
              ira lee Sorkin – ny
               Todd S. lundy – il                   Director, MAnAGeMent
                                                     inForMAtion SYSteMS
                                                           Jim wilson
            Susan A. Gitelson – ny
                                                     nAtionAl Director oF
          barbara A. Mandel – Fl/ny                      DeVeloPMent
               lee i. Miller – il                         beth McCoy

                    2010:                            execUtiVe Director,
           Stanley M. bogen – ny/Fl                   heBreW UniVerSitY
                                                    relAtionS & leADerShiP
                 Alan Fiske – Fl
                                                         Susan b. Taplin
              Jerold S. Solovy – il
                                                      nAtionAl Director,
            ex-officio members:                   MArketinG & coMMUnicAtionS
                                                         Joyce Grossman
             AFhU PreSiDent
           George A. Schieren – ny                    execUtiVe Director,
                                                      MiD-AtlAntic reGion
            BoArD chAirMAn                                Jill Moskowitz
          Amb. william A. brown – vA
                                                     execUtiVe Director,
 MeMbeRS RepReSenTinG AFhu who SeRved              GreAter neW York reGion
  ThRouGh 2007 who hAd To Go oFF FoR A                Jacqueline S. Glodstein
 yeAR And will be eliGible To SeRve in 2008
              FoR 2011 TeRM:
                                                      execUtiVe Director,
           lawrence e. Glick – il                       MiDWeSt reGion
          harvey M. Krueger – ny                         Judith Shenkman
        leonard polonsky – england
                                                      execUtiVe Director,
                                                        WeStern reGion
                                                          Matthew Ross

                                                      execUtiVe Director,
                                                      northWeSt reGion
                                                          beth Kyman
                                As oF september 30,2008 And 2007
                                                  ($ in thousands)

                                                                         2008         2007

               cash and cash equivalents                               $17,321      $8,313

               miscellaneous receivables and other assets                1,871       1,885

               contributions receivable, net                           25,389       19,282

                    marketable securities                             381,030      494,078
                    state of israel bonds                               8,652        8,598
                    real estate holdings                                3,090        3,090
                    Assets of trusts and other split
                    interest agreements held by others                 12,782       18,056

               Fixed assets                                              1,154       1,289

                            Total assets                             $451,289     $554,591



               Accounts payable and accrued liabilities                $2,302       $2,797

               liability under split interest agreements                6,146        5,496

               due to hebrew university                                35,890       35,041

                            total liabilities                          44,338       43,334

             Net assets:

                   General operating                                     2,868       3,788
                   underwater endowments                                (5,509)          0

                            total unrestricted                          (2,641)      3,788

               temporarily restricted                                 124,865      230,789

               permanently restricted                                 284,727      276,680

                            total net assets                          406,951       511,257

                            Total liabilities and net assets         $451,289     $554,591

34   AmericAn Friends oF the hebrew university   AnnuAl report
        AMericAn FrienDS oF the heBreW UniVerSitY, inc
            conSoliDAteD StAteMent oF ActiVitieS
         FoR The yeARS ended SepTeMbeR 30,2008 And 2007
                                   ($ in thousands)

                                                               2008                  2007
SUPPort AnD reVenUe


 Contributions                                              $42,345                $26,680

 legacies and bequests                                         5,496                12,709

      Total support                                           47,841                39,389


 net investment income (loss)                                (92,059)               77,351

 Changes in value of split-interest agreements                 (1,515)                744

      Total support and revenue                              (45,733)              117,484


Program services:

 Grants to hebrew university
 and other educational institutions                          45,303                 41,885
 Grants to other charitable
 institutions in the united States and israel                  1,356                 1,481

      Total program services                                 46,659                 43,366

SUPPortinG SerViceS

 Management and general                                        2,899                 3,127

 Fundraising                                                   9,015                 9,255

      Total supporting services                                11,914               12,382

      Total expenses                                          58,573                55,748

      Change in net assets                                  (104,306)               61,736

net ASSetS

 beginning of year                                           511,257               449,521

 end of year                                              $406,951             $511,257

                                       AMeRiCAn FRiendS oF The hebRew univeRSiTy    AnnuAl RepoRT   35
nAtionAl oFFice

One Battery Park Plaza
25th Floor
New York, NY 10004
T: 212.607.8500
   800.567.AFHU (2348)
F: 212.809.4430
Contact: Peter T. Willner
National Executive Director

GreAter neW York reGion                       MiD-AtlAntic reGion                       SoUtheASt reGion
One Battery Park Plaza                        5335 Wisconsin Avenue NW                  7280 W. Palmetto Park Road
25th Floor                                    Suite 440                                 Suite 301
New York, NY 10004                            Washington D.C. 20015                     Boca Raton, FL 33433
T: 212.607.8510                               T: 202.478.9698                           T: 561.750.8585
   800.567.AFHU (2348)                        F: 202.478.9675                              800.899.AFHU (2348)
F: 212.809.4184                                                                         F: 561.750.8292
                                              Contact: Jill Moskowitz
Contact: Jacqueline S. Glodstein              Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Region   7777 Glades Road
Executive Director, Greater New York Region                                             Suite 321
                                                                                        Boca Raton, FL 33434
                                                                                        T: 561.488.1511
                                                                                        F: 561.488.1518
                                                                                        Contact: Beth McCoy
                                                                                        National Director of Development

MiDWeSt reGion                                WeStern reGion                            northWeSt reGion
500 N. Michigan Avenue                        9911 W. Pico Boulevard                    1515 Oakland Boulevard
Suite 1530                                    Suite 1520                                Suite 170
Chicago, IL 60611                             Los Angeles, CA 90035                     Walnut Creek, CA 94596
T: 312.329.0332                               T: 310.843.3100                           T: 925.937.AFHU (2348)
   877.642.AFHU (2348)                           800.916.AFHU (2348)                    F: 925.938.AFHU (2348)
F: 312.329.0334                               F: 310.843.3109
                                                                                        Contact: Beth Kyman
Contact: Judith Shenkman                      Contact: Matthew Ross                     Executive Director, Northwest Region
Executive Director, Midwest Region            Executive Director, Western Region

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