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									                                    "A Temple for the Ages"
                                     A gift for you from a member.

                                    At our Annual Meeting on May 31st, we will be distributing to you a wonderful book about our great Temple. It
                                    contains the history of the building intermingled with magnificent photographs of our beautiful Sanctuary.

                                                         “You have said in an eloquent way that you want a House of Worship of
                                                      such beauty and dignity as to honor not only yourself, but your city and state.”

                                    So wrote Max Hirsch, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Julius Meier, Chairman of the Building
             Rabbi Rose
                                    Committee, on May 13, 1924, to the members of Beth Israel. Four years later, their words became reality when
                                    our Temple was dedicated.The rest is history.Whoever enters our Temple is awestruck by its grandeur. People
from across America or from across the seas have rarely seen a Synagogue of such beauty.There are many great Synagogues in the world but
there is something unique about ours which somehow evokes unusually laudatory reactions. It is the mystique of Beth Israel which is ours all the

On the eve of his assuming his new pulpit, Rabbi Henry Berkowitz stated: "There is no Synagogue of my experience that is as exquisite as this
one…in all respects it is like a lyric poem in brick and stone and I have never seen anything to equal it , either in this country, or in Europe. It will
win lasting fame for its architects and builders."

The development of this book has been underway for several years, and was made possible only through the generosity of one of our members,
Bill Lazar and his sister Jeanne, in memory of their parents. Desirous of doing something special for the Temple, they selected this won-
derful project. We shall forever be indebted to them for their great generosity.

The goal of the publication is not only to provide our members with a beautiful book, but also to preserve in printed form the history of our
Temple structure as recorded by those, who with such great vision, planned for the children of tomorrow.

You will not want to miss our Annual Meeting this year!

                           Those who made the book possible
              Richard Cohn and ‘Beyond Words Publishing Company’, his artists and production team;
                    Rabbi Kim Stoloff, Myra Gevurtz, Dr. John Gevurtz, Rabbi Rayna Gevurtz,
                         Alan Green, Gerel Blauer, Judy Uppinghouse, C. Bryce Anderson,
           Peter and Marie Sukalac, Cantor Judith Schiff, Sydney Baer, Roma Peyser and Lorraine J. Rose.
                          The Officers and Board of Trustees
    of Congregation Beth Israel cordially invite you to attend the

                    144th Annual Meeting
                                       Lazar Family Foundation
                                          Bill & Ann Lazar
                                          Jeanne Morency

                                       Friday, May 31st, 2002
                                    7:00 p.m. in Goodman Hall
                                    A light supper will be served

                 John Rosenthal, President, will deliver the "State of the Congregation."
           After his address and the honoring of the Lazar family, the congregation will honor
   our retiring Board Members, Deborah Novack, Irving Levin, Richard Lowensohn and Cathy Thaler.

      The Congregation will then have the opportunity to re-elect the following returning trustees:
     Jill Ginsberg, Richard Glassman, Jack Heims, Rhonda Kennedy, Steve Kerman and Dan Oseran.
                New nominees to the Board of T rustees are Cindy Bambam, Neil Benaroya,
                            Roger Cone, Sarah Epstein and Tiffany Rosenfeld.

                          Please see the Annual Meeting notice with bylaw revisions
                                   to be voted on at the Annual Meeting.

                            We encourage you to attend this important meeting,
          both to vote in the election of trustees and to show our appreciation to our honorees.
            Please reserve __________ copy(s) of A Temple for the Ages at $36.00 each.
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Address ___________________________________________City_________________________State____________ Zip____________

Form of payment:          Check # _______________         In the amount of $___________

                           Visa / MasterCard # __________________________________

                           Exp. Date ______________       CBI Member # ____________

                     Books will be reserved for pickup at the Congregation Beth Israel Administrative Office
                      1972 NW Flanders, Portland OR 97209 ~ 503-222-1069 ~
                               Just the facts……
                               CBI has approximately 995 family units. CBI considers the following to make up a family unit: singles, single
      Calender                 head of household, married, partnered or living with a significant other.
                                  • 47% of our families are 25 – 50 years of age
      of Events                   • 40% of our families have children 0 – 17 years
                                  • Our Preschool is enrolled to capacity with 38 children in the 2 – 4 year old programs. Each year CBI
                                    has considerable waiting lists for preschool, which is a tribute to the wonderful programming we offer.
Friday, May 3rd                   • 460 students are enrolled in our Religious School, K – 12, which includes our accredited Ivriyah
Adult B’Nei Mitzvah,                Hebrew Program.
7:00 pm,Temple
                               Congregation Beth Israel is 144 years old
Sunday, May 12th                 • CBI affiliated with the Union of American Hebrew Congregations in 1879.
Rosh Chodesh, 5:00 pm,           • CBI has had 17 senior Rabbis
Pollin Chapel                    • CBI has had 1 Cantor
                                 • CBI has had 45 presidents
Friday, May 17th                 • CBI has occupied 4 buildings; has been in its current location since 1928
Confirmation, 7:00 pm,
Temple                         CBI has 21 voting trustees on its Board of Directors.
                               CBI has 20 committees with over 250 active volunteers.
Friday, May 24th
                               CBI’s historic sanctuary has 800 seats on the main floor and seating in the balcony for another 200.
High School Graduation,
                               CBI’s Reuter’s organ has 4,500 pipes. Unfortunately, only approximately 60% are currently operable.
7:00 pm,Temple
                               In the past year, CBI has had:
Friday, May 31st                   • 11 Tot Shabbat Celebrations
Annual Meeting,                    • 15 Tot family programs and holiday celebrations
7:00 pm, Goodman Hall              • 37 Mispacha Minyans, Shabbat L’Noar and Junior Congregation Services
                                   • 6 Congregational Shabbat and Holiday Dinners
                                   • 10 Congregational holiday observances and family celebrations
                                   • Preschool graduation, Consecration, Haggigat Hasiddur, Confirmation, Graduation,
                                     Adult B’Nei Mitzvah
                                   • 12 Shabbat Speakers
                                   • 5 Cultural Arts Programs
     High Holy                     • 7 Guest Lecturers, Scholar in Residence: Social Action, Bio-Ethics & Adult Education programs
                                   • 128 Adult Education sessions
     Days 5763                     • 25 WRJ/BI Sisterhood programs for and benefiting the Congregation, Preschool, Religious School,
                                     New Members and Social Action Council
Erev Rosh Hashanah
Friday, September 6            Approximately two years ago, CBI conducted a survey and we are thrilled to report we had a response rate
                               of 65%. Very briefly, we learned the following from those that responded:
Rosh Hashanah                  Demographics:
Saturday, September 7             • 78% are Jewish by birth
Rosh Hashanah Reception           • 50% are married to Jews
Saturday, September 7
                                  • 46% were raised in Reform households
                                  • 35% have been members for 30+ years, 29 % for 11 – 30 years and 24% for 1 – 5 years
1:00 pm Goodman Hall
Schnitzer Family Center
                               Religious Observance:
Kever Avot v’Imahot               • 87% attend High Holy Day services
Sunday, September 8               • 86% celebrate and light Chanukah candles
1:00 pm Beth Israel Cemetary      • 75% have a Mezuzah on their doorpost
                                  • 32% observe Shabbat in their homes and light Shabbat candles
Kol Nidre
                                  • 29% consider themselves religious Jews
Sunday, September 14
Yom Kippur                     We asked our congregants to select the two most important resources that CBI has to offer their family:
Monday, September 15             • 51% Religious worship
                                 • 37% youth education and activities
                                 • 26% Family services

                                                                                       Sydney A. Baer
                                                                                       Executive Director
                                                                                                                        A House of Assembly
                              C O N G R E G AT I O N B E T H I S R A E L
                                                                                                                        A House of Prayer

                              T HE B ULLETIN                                                                            A House of Study

May 2002                                                      Iyar-Sivan 5762                                                          Vol. 51, No. 9

                                                                  Was it a Religious Experience?
     Board of Trustees                                            Two years ago, when I began my term as President, a former president
                                                                  of another congregation said, “John, you know being president of a syna-
    Executive Committee                                           gogue is not going to be a religious experience.” He was correct. On
                                                                  the other hand, serving you as President has provided me with the
       John Rosenthal
                                                                  opportunity to observe how a religious institution can impact the lives
                                                                  of its members.
      Rhonda Kennedy
       Vice President                                             I would like to share some observations that are probably characteristic
                                                                  of most religious institutions. Some may be more specific to a syna-
       Debby Novack                                               gogue with others unique to Congregation Beth Israel.
           Jack Heims                 John Rosenthal                Congregation Beth Israel is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to
                                                                    serve our members. Often our clergy and professional staff receive
                               calls with the intensity of a 911 call from families and individuals in crisis, and I am awed by the set of
        Jill Ginsberg          skills, professional and emotional, that they bring to bear in dealing with these situations. They must evalu-
       Member-at-Large         ate the needs of an individual or family with the same dexterity and skill of an emergency room physician,
                               and then take action, no matter what the day or hour. This must often be accomplished while attending
           Trustees            to the on-going operations of the congregation and is only enhanced by the fine working relationship
                               between our clergy and staff.
   Nancy (Ned) Duhnkrack
     Richard Glassman
                               One of the goals at CBI is to provide life-long learning, tailored to meet the needs of learners of all ages
      Craig Hartzman           and backgrounds, beginning with our preschoolers and continuing through adult education. Most congre-
       Steve Kerman            gants make a life-long commitment to a synagogue, and we strive to meet our members’ needs at all
      Richard Kramer           stages of their lives.
      Henry Kunowski
         Irving Levin          As the oldest and largest Jewish congregation in the state of Oregon, Congregation Beth Israel and its
         Carol Lewis           leadership has had an impact on social and political issues on both the state and national level. I will never
    Richard Lowensohn          forget the afternoon of September 11th when my office staff listened to both the television and radio and
          Alan Miller          yelled that “your Rabbi is on TV.” Then I heard the interview with Rabbi Rose about the events of the
         Dan Oseran            morning. I also had others during the next 24 hours recall how they listened to Rabbi Rose. Our congre-
                               gation, its members and clergy, have always been a responsible voice on issues important to our communi-
       Laura Rackner
                               ty – a tradition that continues in the life of our members under the leadership of Rabbi Emanuel Rose.
      Ellen Rosenblum
        Cathy Thaler           There is Pacific Standard Time and then there is synagogue time – it takes more time to get things dis-
       Stanley Loeb            cussed, a plan of action approved and then implemented as part of a religious institution. It comes with
     UAHC Representative       the territory and also provides some benefits.

           Ellen Bick          The perception of a president is that your week is filled with complaints. The perception is not correct.
       Women of Reform         Yes, we all hear complaints and as a congregation, we try to be responsive and correct our mistakes.
      Judaism/Beth Israel
    Sisterhood Co-President    Every synagogue that desires to maintain and strengthen its role as the gateway to Judaism must be
                               responsive to change and have a long-term financial plan to sustain economic stability and to continue to
        Bonnie Nusser          serve members, independent of their ability to pay for the cost of services provided. Each year our cler-
       Women of Reform         gy, educators and professional staff discuss, debate and make changes with counsel from our members to
      Judaism/Beth Israel      serve the needs of and enrich our Judaism. Providing for the needs of future generations is a priority as
    Sisterhood Co-President    well. With this in mind, the Board has endorsed a capital and endowment campaign which you will learn
                               about in more detail during the coming months. In addition, a planned giving program has been designed
        Jamie Schiff
                               to assist our members to make estate plans to ensure the long-term viability of CBI. Financial stability
      TBI Youth Group
                               must be based upon full participation whether it be self-directed, dues enhancement, gifts for a capital or
          President            endowment program, or the designation of a planned gift. There is and will continue to be competition
                               for everyone’s gift of support from within and outside the Jewish community and the benefits to syna-
                               gogue affiliation must not be forgotten.
                                                                                                                 continued on page 2
    John’s article continued from page one

    Serving you as President has been an honor and a priority for me and my family and could not have been undertaken without their sup-
    port, especially that of my wife, Marti.

    When I relocated to Portland 22 years ago, I was introduced through a family association to Marge and Ed Cohn and their daughter, Marti,
    who invited me to attend Rosh Hashanah services. Seven months later Rabbi Rose and Cantor Schiff performed our marriage. As I recall
    saying “I Do” – I did not know that in addition to finding my partner for life that I would be signing up for a two year term as President –
    19 years later! The life-long commitment to the synagogue can begin for all of us at different times and at different places and does not
    require serving in an official role. My goal the last two years has been to work with the Board, the clergy and professional staff to
    improve and strengthen the role of the synagogue in a fiscally responsible and caring manner.

    I have been very fortunate to work with a professional staff that possesses skills which are the envy of many congregations, and Rabbi
    Rose, Rabbi Stoloff and Cantor Schiff, who are always accessible for advice, counsel and leadership. Our new President, Rhonda Kennedy,
    also has a strong commitment to strengthening the roles of the synagogue as our gateway to Judaism and I look forward to assisting
    Rhonda and the Board.

    Each Shabbat we read the following prayer, which is more meaningful to me after serving as President:

    “The synagogue is the sanctuary of Israel. Born of our longings for the living God, it has been to Israel, throughout our wanderings, a visible token of
    the presence of God in our people’s midst. Its beauty is the beauty of holiness; steadfast it has stood as the champion of justice, mercy and peace.”

    Thank you for your support.

                                        Since my return from Israel, the volatile situation in the Middle East has escalated, and we in the USA are
                                        becoming more and more cognizant that we are living in a polluted atmosphere—filled with words of double
                                        talk, of confusion, distortion and denial.

                                        Until the tragedy of September 11th, none of us imagined that there could exist such diabolical language pro-
                                        pelling young men to sacrifice themselves in delivering a message of raw hatred. Who could have fathomed
                                        words so powerfully enticing that young people would fire themselves as living bullets, into civilian populations?

                                        And now just as Israel celebrates her Independence, those there are constantly living in fear of suicide bomber
                                        after suicide bomber after suicide bomber. As we follow the news, see images of the carnage in Israel, and listen
                                        to Arafat’s words, it is no longer surprising that young Palestinians turn themselves into human bombs.
                                        Arafat – a perfect manipulator of the truth – claims that he seeks peace to the English speaking world and with
                                        his double talk in Arabic encourages these suicide bombers to become martyrs.

                Rabbi Stoloff          We have learned that Israeli intelligence information enables security forces to subdue suicide bombers and foil
                                       their attempts, often on a daily basis. These occurrences are rarely reported in the American press. And while
    many suicide bombers are stopped, Israel is still suffering from those who elude security. How many more times do we have to witness the tran-
    quility, comfort and beauty of Shabbat trammeled along with the lives of so many people? As we watch funeral after funeral after funeral, it
    becomes painfully obvious how the distortion of truth can kill and only too evident how Arafat’s words of manipulation lead to this bloodshed.

                                         During the month of May we shall celebrate the graduation of 17 seniors from our Religious High School, our
                                         own daughter, Jamie, among them; and in only a few short months we will be sending them off to their new lives
                                         as college students. What advice can we give them? What wonderful words will keep them from harm and
                                         allow them to fulfill their potential?

                                         As is often the case, we find the answer in Torah. Moses will not be permitted to accompany Israel to the
                                         Promised Land, as we will not be permitted to accompany our children on their journey to adulthood. Moses
                                         has nurtured Israel from the infancy of its peoplehood, has taught them the Ten Commandments, and must now
                                         let go. He reminds Israel of all that God has given them.They are free to choose their own path and they have
                                         the ability to make the right choices based upon all that they have been taught. He knows, as we do, that there
                                         will be missteps along the way.The Israelites will often succumb to the easy choice of the moment; but Moses
                                         has faith that the lessons learned will take root and flourish.We can do no less.
                                         "Baruch Atah Adonai Elohaynu Melech Ha-Olam, Shechechiyanu v'ki-manu, v'higiyanu lazman hazeh." "Blessed are you
                                         O God, Ruler of the Universe,Who has granted us life, sustained us, and enabled us to celebrate this most
              Cantor Schiff
                                          joyous occasion."
2                                                                                                                                                May 2002
                                                                                                                                     B’NEI MITZVAH

                            May 4                                            Chaya is a 7th grade honor roll student at Highland Park Middle
                            Kayla Anchell                                    School. She enjoys drawing, basketball, animals and soccer.

                            Kayla Anchell will become a Bat Mitzvah on       Chaya and her family would like to thank Rachel Halupowski for help-
                            May 4, 2002. She is the daughter of Dr.          ing to prepare her for this day, as well as Joyce Shields, Cantor Schiff,
                            James and Kimberly Anchell and the older         Rabbi Rose and Rabbi Stoloff. She would also like to thank family and
                            sister of Jonathon Anchell. Her grandpar-        friends for joining in the celebration.
                            ents are Dr. Melvin and Janice Anchell of
                            Mission Viejo, California, and Stanley and                                    May 25
                            Joyce Sisson of Edgewater, Florida.                                           Cole Wekselblatt

                               Kayla is a seventh grade honor roll student                             Cole is a 7th grade student at Robert Gray
at Evergreen Middle School. In her spare time she enjoys writing sto-                                  Middle School where he plays on the bas-
ries, playing soccer, skiing, horseback riding, and socializing with her                               ketball team and in the Concert Band
friends.                                                                                               (Cole’s instrument is trumpet). Cole is
                                                                                                       interested in web page design, computer
For her mitzvah project, Kayla has chosen to volunteer her time at the                                 games, paintballing, magic cards, fencing and
Oregon Humane Society. She is also orchestrating the collection of                                     generally having a good time with his many
food and animal items to help homeless pets in the area.                                               friends. He is an avid reader and computer
                                                                             gamer. Cole considers himself a sushi gourmet.
Kayla is looking forward to sharing this wonderful event with family
and friends from all over the United States, England, and Australia. She     Cole has traveled extensively and participates in varied activities. His
would like to thank Cantor Schiff, Rabbi Rose, Rabbi Stoloff, and Rachel     favorites include white water rafting and kayaking, jet skiing, snorkeling,
Halupowski for helping her prepare for this special day.                     and, of course, eating sushi.This summer he will raft and fish in Idaho
                                                                             on the Salmon River and attend camp with friends. Cole hopes some-
                             May 11                                          day to visit Israel and Japan (where he can sample the sushi).
                             Leah Rothlein
                                                                             Cole splits his time between his home in Oregon and his other home
                             Leah Rothlein will become a Bat Mitzvah         in Los Angeles, where he can hang out with his brother, Joey, and his Dad.
                             on May 11, 2002. Leah is the daughter of
                             Joan Rothlein and James Cunningham and          Cole has worked hard to reach his Bar Mitzvah day, studying with Avrel
                             the sister of Shayna Rothlein. Her grand-       Nudelman in Oregon and his tutor Ruti in Los Angeles. This day holds
                             parents are Dr. Bernard and Rena Rothlein       a great deal of meaning to Cole, who is proud of his Jewish heritage.
                             from Sarasota, Florida and Mary
                             Cunningham from California, all originally                                   June 1
                             from New York.                                                               Alyssa Marie Adler

Leah is a seventh grade student at Da Vinci Arts Middle School. Leah                                      Alyssa Marie Adler will become a Bat
enjoys skiing, art, baking delicious sweets and traveling, but she is most                                Mitzvah on June 1, 2002. Alyssa is the
passionate about dance. She is a talented ballet student at the Pacific                                   daughter of David Adler and Marcy
Artist Dance Academy. For her mitzvah project, Leah is participating in                                   Edwards, and the sister of Ian and Eric.
a program to help the Ethiopian Jewish community.                                                         Alyssa’s grandparents are Irving and Shirley
                                                                                                          Adler, of Boyton Beach, Florida, and Yvonne
Leah would like to thank Jay Weiner for helping her prepare for this                                      Edwards of West Linn, Oregon.
important day, as well as Rabbi Rose, Rabbi Stoloff, Cantor Schiff, Alex
Shuval-Weiner and Joyce Shields. She would also like to thank all of         Alyssa is in the seventh grade at Athey Creek Middle School. Alyssa’s
her relatives and friends for joining her in this special celebration.       interests include horses, acting, horses, volleyball, horses, friends, and
                                                                             horses. For her mitzvah project, Alyssa has been working as a volun-
                             May 18                                          teer since September 2001, at the Oregon Riders Unlimited (ORU)
                             Chaya Bogorad                                   where she assists disabled children in riding horseback. Alyssa plans to
                                                                             continue volunteering at ORU after her Bat Mitzvah.
                             Chaya Bogorad, daughter of Jerry and
                             Rebecca Bogorad, will become a Bat              Alyssa would like to thank Joyce Shields for the invaluable help and
                             Mitzvah on May 18, 2002. Chaya’s grand-         friendship she provided in preparation for this special day. Alyssa
                             parents are Leonard and Evelyn Kimbrell,        would also like to thank Rabbi Rose, Rabbi Stoloff, Cantor Schiff, and
                             and the late Leonard and Anita Bogorad.         her family for their help, support and guidance. Lastly, Alyssa would like
                                                                             to thank all of her many relatives, from near and far, for their love and
                             Chaya’s mitzvah project has been an ongo-       support and for all her friends for joining in this celebration.
                             ing commitment to participate in Oregon’s
                             SOLV projects.

May 2002                                                                                                                                                   3

    CBI’s Expanded Catering Panel
    Congregation Beth Israel has expanded the catering panel to offer our congregants even more options. After much deliberation, Gala Events &
    World Catering and Century Catering have been selected to join CBI’s exclusive catering panel. Each of the caterers on the CBI Catering Panel
    has been chosen based upon their professionalism, experiences with Jewish events and holidays, quality and presentation of food, and their reputa-
    tion in the community-at-large. Their execution of events is always seamless and thus gives you the opportunity to enjoy your special occasion
    with family and friends. These caterers are full-service; providing your event with restaurant quality food and service, and helping with your floral
    needs, lighting, entertainment, props, special effects, linens, valet parking, and more!

    Please call Jemi Kostiner Mansfield, Education Administrator, at 503-222-2037 for any questions concerning your upcoming Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
    and Roma Peyser, Program Director, at 503-222-1069 for help with any other upcoming life-cycle or programming events. Both are very familiar
    with our catering panel and can help with all of your logistical and facility questions.

    Gala Events & World Party Catering 503-297-9635
    Rick Sadle and Kurt Beadell, co-owners of Gala Events and World Party Catering "a world away from everyday" are best known for their unique
    and creative flair. Their classically trained chefs explore cuisines from around the world to create new ideas and tastes and combine these with
    the freshest ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. Rick Sadle has been in the restaurant and catering business for the past ten years and is also
    the owner of Salvador Molly’s. Kurt Beadell joined Rick last year after managing Papa Haydn’s Catering Department for the past 15 years.
    Distinctive and fun menus and presentations are their specialty. World Party Catering brings you the best and a little bit more.

    Century Catering 503-293-7335 or 503-849-2605 cell
    Best known in Portland for Garbonzo’s, his wildly successful chain of falafel bars, Allen Levin is no stranger to the Jewish community. A kosher
    caterer, Allen also serves the other large congregations for their event needs. Allen's restaurant and catering business experience began in
    Johannesburg, South Africa. After his arrival in Portland, by way of Los Angeles, seventeen years ago, he has had the opportunity to cater for many
    events, great and small. From intimate at–home parties to the largest Intel and Tektronix Anniversary events, Allen and his crew have been able to
    do it all with flair. Whether you crave traditional Middle Eastern fare, or wish to branch out into other areas of culinary exploration, Allen and his
    highly trained staff can help guide you through the decision-making process from start to finish. Century Catering looks forward to working with
    the members of Congregation Beth Israel.

    Art of Catering 503-231-8185
    Art of Catering formally stepped on the scene in 1998 and the name says it all; the food and presentation from this group is always a work of art.
    Owner, Larry Grimes, and executive chef and business partner, Andrew Biggs, have fashioned a niche in the middle of the local catering industry.
    Biggs’ dishes taste great, but the presentation is even more noteworthy. Their cuisine balances flavor and beauty and usually contains some ele-
    ment of whimsy. Art of Catering’s staff is top-notch and always focused on details.

    Culinary Artistry 503-232-4675
    Jenn Louis, owner of Culinary Artistry, has a BA from Pitzer College, a Culinary Degree from Western Culinary Institute and has cooked at local
    favorites such as Wildwood Restaurant and Bar. She has also taught Hebrew and Religious school classes at Neveh Shalom, as well as Jewish
    cooking classes. Culinary Artistry specializes in intimate dining and creating events for special occasions – using the freshest ingredients from local
    purveyors and working directly with local farms. Every event is unique to suit the client’s needs and tastes. From a simple garden party to a for-
    mal coursed dinner, Culinary Artistry will help plan everything.

    Food in Bloom 503-223-6819
    For nearly twenty years, Food in Bloom has brought a beautifully creative Northwest spirit to gatherings of virtually every description. With
    exceptional cuisine, an exacting caliber of service and an innate sense of what is appropriate for the occasion, Food in Bloom takes great pride in
    doing what is most important: bringing their clients’ concepts to life. Living in the Northwest gives them the enviable access to many of the
    essential elements used in world class cuisine. Food in Bloom showcases Oregon’s bounty with abundance and in doing so provides a fresh, con-
    temporary approach to its presentation. Please call Catherine Hernandez with all of your catering needs.

    Catering Committee: Tracy Oseran, Lorraine Rose, Harold Pollin, Phyllis Hirsh, Patricia Nemer, and OB O’Brien.

4                                                                                                                                             May 2002

                                                     Religious School
                                                  Registration Has Begun!
                                                 Registration packets for currently enrolled
                                                 families were distributed to the youngest in
                                                 the family on Sunday, April 14th. The registra-
                                                 tion forms are good for up to four children
                                                 per family. Packets not distributed were
                                                 mailed the following week. Registration mate-
                                                 rials are for all Religious School classes
                                                 (grades K-12), the 2-day Hebrew Program and
                  Alex Shuval-Weiner             Bar/Bat Mitzvah classes, levels I & II.                Jemi Kostiner Mansfield

Please take note:
      charged to your Temple account. A VISA or MasterCard number may ONLY be submitted with registration materials if the entire tuition
      amount is being paid.
   ✓ The Early Bird deadline is Sunday, May 19, 2002. This is the final session of Sunday School (K-5).
   ✓ August 15, 2002 is the Registration Deadline. A $50 late fee per student will be added to tuition following this date.
   ✓ Members must be in good standing in accordance with Temple bylaws and policies. All prior year tuition and fees must be paid in full before
      2002-03 registration materials will be processed.
Many pieces of the registration packet are mandatory submissions. The omission of any one piece will delay the registration process. Please be
sure to read all materials carefully. The Education Department will be closed for the last two weeks of June. If your family did not receive a pack-
et through school, please contact the Education Office immediately, 503-222-2037, or

    The ABCs of Our Jewish Glossary
    The third in a series of definitions to remind us of the richness of our language.

    Haftarah - portion from one of the books of the prophets read each Shabbat to compliment the Torah portion
    Hagbahah - the honor of lifting the Torah after it is read to the congregation
    Haggadah (pl. haggadot) - book containing the liturgy for the Passover Seder
    Hiddur Mitzvah - value is placed on making the fulfillment of a commandment beautiful, hence producing beautiful and
                       artistic ritual objects is valued
    High Holy Days - Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and frequently used to refer to the 10-day period between them, as well
    Kaddish - Aramaic prayer praising God and praying for the coming of God's kingdom on earth; used to separate sections of
              the service and also recited by mourners in memory of those who have died
    Kippah - head covering worn out of respect for God

                                                             Rosh Chodesh
                                         Join us for a stimulating and spiritual evening
                                     with WOMEN Connecting, learning and Celebrating!

                                      Share stories about your mother in honor of Mother’s day!
                                        Please RSVP (503) 222-1069 by Thursday, May 9, 2002

      Rosh Chodesh celebrates the beginning of each Hebrew Month and each new moon.This is traditionally a day of celebration, renewal,
        and remembrance. Joining a Rosh Chodesh gathering allows us to pause from our lives and connect with the lunar cycle with our
                                Jewish spirituality. The Rosh Chodesh group invites women of all generations.

May 2002                                                                                                                                               5

       Tot Shabbat and Oneg to Honor Four & Five Year Olds
       Friday, May 10, 6:00 pm, in Pollin Chapel

       We will be honoring Beth Israel Preschool’s class of 4 and 5 year olds and their teachers, Robin Furman and Lisa McConnell.They will be special
       guests at the Tot Oneg following the worship service. All young children and their families are invited to share in this celebration.

       During my time at Beth Israel, both as a teacher and as Director, what has continued to be of primary importance to me is to recognize the value
       of a Jewish Early Childhood Education, and instill like values in our families.The development of a strong Jewish identity begins to take place early
       and helps secure and strengthen the connection to synagogue life as well as the
       Jewish Community. Our Early Childhood programs offer our young children two
       important opportunities for early worship within the educational structure:
       Tot Shabbat services the 2nd Friday of each month (open to all) and our weekly
       Kabbalat Shabbat held every Friday in the small chapel with our clergy. Many of you
       know from personal experience how special our Preschool is. You have chosen to
       share your children with us, allowing us to nurture their social, academic and spiritual
       growth. For this and more we say Todah. Our program has experienced growth and
       change in the last year.We have expanded our programming and greatly enhanced
       our curriculum. All of this is made possible by your generous support to our
       Preschool General Fund and Preschool Endowment Fund.

       Early Jewish Education is not a luxury. It is a necessity for our children, and at Temple
       Beth Preschool we want all children and families to have equal access to our pro-
                                                                                                                       Top Row:
       grams. I am thrilled to realize a long time dream and tell you we have been able to
       establish a Preschool Scholarship Fund. Due to the generous donations of our fami-           Teacher Robin Furman, Jacob Wilk, Adrian Don,
       lies who helped lay the foundation, and to the Snell Family who gave so generously, we           Cameron McKeown, Samson Criscuolo,
       have established the Sanny Snell Preschool Alumni Scholarship Fund.                                     Teacher Lisa McConnell
                                                                                                                     Middle Row:
       I hope that when you are making tributes in honor or in memory of loved ones you                  Natalie Swire, Jill Low, Sydney Sidell,
       will consider the Scholarship Fund as well as the regular Preschool Fund. The growth                   Mia Klonsky, Ben Arqueros
       of these funds is a benefit to us all.                                                                           Sitting:
                                                                   -- Shelley Leinheiser
                                                                                                   Sophia Feinstein, Sean Bailey, Kimberly Waldman
                                                                                                         Not present in picture: Josua Slocum
                    "Our experience as a Beth Israel Preschool family has been so fulfilling
                    over the last two years. We’ve seen our son grow in so many ways and
                    learn so much about being Jewish. We really feel Beth Israel Preschool
                                 has laid down the foundation for Jake’s future.                            Dates To Remember
                                    Thank you Shelley and all the teachers."
                                              - The Wilk Family                                                    Temple Tots
                                                                                                          Tuesday, May 7, 9:30 – 11:00 am

                                                                                                                     Tot Shabbat
    "Sophia and Camille have been in loving hands with teachers Dina, Amanda,
            Lisa and Robin. Our years here have been a true blessing."                                          Friday, May 10, 6:00 pm
                          - Michael and Darcy Feinstein

                            "Thank you for this wonderful preschool experience for Natalie.
                            I am amazed at the depth and breadth of subjects that have been
                                                                                                     Q SUMMER TOT PICNIC
                             covered. We have both made friendships with families and staff               Mark Your Calendar for Summer Fun!!
                                            that I know will last for years."                            Family Picnic in the Park for Preschoolers
                                                     - Sally Swire
                                                                                                             Wednesday, August 28, 2002
                                                                                                                      4:30 – 7:00 pm
      “The memories of Temple Beth Israel Preschool will always be                                   Wallace Park Playground, NW 26th & Raleigh St.
     part of Mia’s fond memories. She has learned amazing things and
                                                                                                       Watch future Bulletins for more information
                   developed a very strong Jewish identity.
                           - The Klonsky Family

6                                                                                                                                            May 2002
Women of Reform Judaism/Beth Israel Sisterhood Slate of Officers and Board of Directors 2002-2004
Board of Directors                                                                        Officers
• Immediate Past Co-President           Bonnie Nusser                                     • President                                Ellen Bick
• Membership Co-Chairs                                                                    • Treasurer                                Karen Kranz
         Mailings                       Lynn Bonner                                       • Recording Secretary                      Keren Hoover
         Coffees                        Robin Beinhorn & Connie Cambreleng                • Corresponding Secretary                  Margaret Hasson
         Events                         Denie Picoult                                     • Funds Chair                              Meies Matz

• Annual Fundraiser (Co-Chairs)         Karen McAllister & Phyllis Hirsh                  Directors
• Program                               Harriet Richard                                   • Director                                 Arline Hasman
• Critical Issues                       Rachel Halupowski                                 • Director                                 Eve Rosenfeld
• Judaica Shop                          Michael Wood                                      • Director                                 "Rusty" Sautter
• Judaica Shop Treasurer                Constance Dorreman                                • Director                                 Lois Urman
• Judaica Shop Scheduling               Diane Rosencrantz
• Service to the Blind                  Harriet Bing                                      Event Chairs
• Education & Youth                     Sharon Morell                                     • Rosh Hashanah Reception                  Sally Karlin & Andrea Karlin
• Bulletin/Publicity                    Carole Barkley                                    • Sisterhood Shabbat                       Debbi Bodie & Debbie Braymer
• College Outreach                      Michael Wood                                      • Special Seder                            Carol Tannenbaum
• Shabbat Candle Lighting               Debbie Braymer

                            Congratulations to the newly approved slate of officers for the upcoming Sisterhood term, beginning in July.

   Special Needs Seder
   The Special Needs Seder has been a part of Temple Beth Israel’s Passover week for "at least twenty years," according to Cantor Judy Schiff.
   Sponsored by TBI’s Sisterhood, in conjunction with Jewish Family and Child Services, this very special Seder provides a Passover experience to
   many in our community who would otherwise be without an opportunity to celebrate our passage out of slavery. Led by Cantor Schiff, it is an
   evening of song and food and, of course, the retelling of an ancient tale.We use a Haggadah compiled by Alex Shuval-Weiner and her husband, Jay,
   to help us with the story. The majority of attendees are clients of JFCS. Sisterhood members are busy behind the scenes, preparing the tables
   and serving the meal.

   But that is only part of the story. The real joy comes in participating – in sitting beside a participant, sharing a Haggadah, as the service begins, in
   seeing recognition cross the face of a guest, otherwise silent, when Cantor begins Dayeinu. It comes in listening to the stories of Seder’s past, in
   seeing the same faces year after year, and coming to know these special guests as individuals.

   I have appreciated the opportunity to chair this event for the past four years. I would also like to thank the following women who not only share
   my passion for this very special mitzvah, but whose help made this year’s Special Seder possible: Lynne Bartenstein, Marsha Goldwasser, Margaret
   Hasson, Judy Martin, Rudette Muzzana, Shirley Renner, and Rusty Sautter.
                                                                                                                                         -Michael Wood
                                                                                                                             Chair, Special Needs Seder

   Committee Members Needed
   We are now forming a committee to begin planning our annual Membership event, to be held September 22. If you are interested, please give
   Denie Picoult a call at 503-655-1815 or by email at

   Breast Center Donation
   The Sisterhood Board, at its April 8th meeting, voted to donate $1000 from the Bikkur Holim Fund to the Ruth J. Spear Breast Center at
   Providence St.Vincent Medical Center.The purpose of the fund, Hope in Life, is exemplified in this new comprehensive interdisciplinary clinic.We
   sincerely thank those of you who have donated to this fund.You may find out more information about the Breast Center by calling 503-216-2227.

 May 2002                                                                                                                                                     7
    Watch Your Mail
    Invitations to WRJ/BIS Unevent Fundraiser will be coming soon!

                           Upcoming Events
                                                                                                   J daica Sho p
     •May 3:     Adult B’Nei Mitzvah, 7:00 pm,Temple

     •May 12:    Rosh Chodesh, 5:00 pm, Pollin Chapel
                                                                                      Wednesday - Friday :             10:30 am - 1:30 pm
     •May 17:    Confirmation, 7:00 pm,Temple
                                                                                            And when Religious School is in session:
     •May 24:    High School Graduation, 7:00 pm,Temple                               Sunday Mornings:                 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
                                                                                      Wednesday Evenings:              6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
     •May 31:    Annual Meeting, 7:00 pm, Goodman Hall                                        For an appointment when shop is closed call
                                                                                             503-223-3063, or Michael Wood, 503-281-5406

                                    Song of Miriam Awards Brunch
                                    Please plan to attend the 10th Annual Song of Miriam Awards Brunch on June 2nd, from 10:00 am-12:15 pm. The
                                    event, sponsored by the Jewish Women’s Round Table, will be held at Congregation Neveh Shalom. Stephanie
                                    Schneiderman will be featured as the entertainer.

                                    Each year, area Jewish women’s organizations choose one woman to honor for her exemplary volunteer service.
                                    This year,Women of Reform Judaism/Beth Israel Sisterhood has chosen Eve Rosenfeld as our honoree. Many of
                                    you know Eve, as she has been a member of Temple and a busy volunteer for many years. Eve has been active in
                                    Sisterhood, Cedar Sinai Park, Jewish Family & Child Services, Jewish Federation, and many other organizations.We
                                    thank Eve for her many hours as a volunteer, her enthusiasm, her words of encouragement, and her wonderful

                                    The cost to attend the Awards Brunch is $18 in advance; $25 at the door; and $36 for patrons. This includes 3%
                                    to Mazon. Please RSVP by filling out the form below and sending it along with your check, payable to Jewish
           Eve Rosenfeld
                                    Women’s Round Table, to: Jerrie Roth, 1231 SW Texas St., Portland, OR 97219.
                                    Please respond no later than May 24th.

                                    For further information please call Sharon Mathers at 503-642-9148.

          I (we) plan to attend the Song of Miriam Awards Brunch on June 2nd. Please reserve _______ seats.
          Enclosed is my check for $___________ made payable to: Jewish Women’s Round Table.

          Name(s): _____________________________________________    Phone: __________________

          Name(s) of Guests: _________________________________________________________________
                                    Mail to: Jerrie Roth, 1231 SW Texas St., Portland, OR 97219

8                                                                                                                                       May 2002
                                                                                                 SOCIAL ACTION

Let's Do Something Jewish for the Oregon Food Bank
MYTH:         Hunger isn't a major problem here
REALITY:      Oregon is ranked WORST in the nation for outright hunger by the USDA

MYTH:         Only adults need emergency food
REALITY:      41% of hungry people are children

MYTH:         Hungry = homeless
REALITY:      81% of the people served by the Oregon Food Bank Network own or rent their own homes.

MYTH:         Working people have enough money for food
REALITY:      Of households receiving food boxes, 43% have at least one working adult; 25% of households
              have at least one adult working full time.

                                         You can help!
     Join Beth Israel's Social Action Council at the 15th Annual Waterfront Blues Festival. Last year the
    Festival raised $380,000 for the Oregon Food Bank and collected over 100,000 pounds of food.We
    need volunteers to collect cans and donations at the gates on Sunday, July 7, from 11:00 am-3:00 pm
   (meet at CBI at 10:30). Children 11 and up are welcome with an adult. To sign up, or for more infor-
    mation, call Roger at the Temple Office at 503-222-1069. To find out more about the Oregon Food
                          Bank, check out their website:

           You Can Still Be Part of Beth Israel's Response to Global Warming!!

May 2002                                                                                                     9

                                       Thank Yous & Reminders
                                       The school year here at Temple is nearing the close. This would be a perfect time to ask that any overdue
                                       material be returned. The library will remain open throughout the summer break. The hours will change and
                                       will be posted in the next Bulletin column.

                                       The Committee and library staff wish to thank all our patrons for their generosity. If not for you, there
                                       would only be bare shelves in our beautiful quarters.

                                       Here are a few titles and videos to tempt you…

                                       There Once Was a World: A 900-Year Chronicle of The Shtetl of Eshyshok

                                        In My Brother’s Image: Twin Brothers Separated By Faith After The Holocaust
          Marvin Diamond
                                                              Pogany, Eugene

  Rashi: A Light After the Dark Ages. Color Video, 57 minutes

  They Came For Good: A History of the Jews in the United States. Color, 120 minutes

  The Road to New York from Eastern Europe. Black and White, 17 minutes

  Visions: Jewish American Hall of Fame. Color, 30 minutes

  Texas: West of Hester Street. Color, 58 minutes

  Sepharad: Sephardic Jews - Ladino tunes of the Middle Ages. Color, 27 minutes

  Ashkenaz: Eastern Europe - Yiddish folksongs, Klezmer and Yiddish theater tunes. Color, 28 minutes

                                                    Book Group Schedule
                                         The Book Group meets on the following Sunday at 9:30 am.
                                      Please call Ellen Rosenblum at 503-241-9040 for more information.
                                                     May 19               Herzog by Saul Bellow

                                       The summer is just a couple months away, and there are many leadership options available to high
                                       school students.
                                       For the past five summers I have had the privilege of attending the Union of American Hebrew
                                       Congregations (UAHC) Camps Swig and Newman in Northern California. Not only was I able to make
                                       new ties with Jewish teenagers from all over the west coast, but I was also able to live in a Jewish envi-
                                       ronment that was unlike anything I had experienced before. Within the two leadership programs that
                                       are offered at Camp Newman for incoming juniors and seniors, I was able to participate in the San
                                       Francisco AIDS Walk, work with campers of all ages, learn how to write and lead programs, and I was
                                       able to take all of these skills into other areas of work.
                                       There are many UAHC camps across the country that allow Reform Youth who are in any way involved
                                       with the North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY) to continue their studies in the field of
            Jamie Schiff               leadership beyond the school year. I urge all of the Beth Israel high school youth to visit the websites of
                                       the camps or to get information from the Temple Office, and experience these programs for themselves.
     Camp Swig/Newman website:
     UAHC Youth Information:

                                   PORTLAND AREA REFORM TEMPLE YOUTH
                                                          Upcoming Events Calendar
                                                               Sunday, May 26th
                                                            New Member Event
10                                                  (Information available in Temple Office)                                               May 2002 10
    Social Action
Temple Funds                           Jerome & Zelda Zeidman
                                    In Honor Of
                                                                               Leah Feinstein
                                                                               Melvin & Judith Feinstein
                                                                                                                  Gertrude Semler
                                                                                                                  Herbert & Shirley Semler
                                       Confirmation Class                   In Honor Of                        In Honor Of
AMY R. GOLDSMITH LIBRARY               Graduation Class                        Janis Rosenfeld &                  Beverly Galen
In Memory Of                           Bill, Sydney, Allison & Louis Baer      Bruce Barbash (Marriage)           (Special Birthday)
   Leonard Stein                                                               Paul & Alice Meyer                 Robert & Roberta Hazen
   Daffodil & Martin Stein          HAL RUTHIZER CULTURAL                      Samantha Abrams (Birth)            Joshua Rose & Christiana King
   Zanley F. Galton                 ARTS                                       Sol Benjamin Ramirez (Birth)       (Engagement)
   Claire & Zanley Galton           In Honor Of                                Rosemarie Rosenfeld                Gerel & Henry Blauer
   Hyman Kaplan                        Deanne Rubinstein                       Sandy Kennedy                      Lisa France
   Sylvia & Arthur Kaplan              (Special Birthday)                      Phil Blank (Special Birthday)      (Bat Mitzvah Appreciation)
   Julius S. Zell                      Elizabeth & Ruben J. Menashe            Patricia Layton Nemer              Ellen & Michael France
   Alan & Janet Zell                                                                                              Jerry & Helen Stern
   Amy R. Goldsmith                 HEIMS FAMILY YOUTH ACTIVI-              PRESCHOOL ALUMNI SCHOL-               (Stampfer Award Winners)
   Susie Goldsmith                  TIES ENDOWMENT                          ARSHIP                                Roberta & Bob Hazen
In Honor Of                         In Memory Of                            In Memory Of
   Deanne Rubinstein                   Jake Peizner                            "Maggie"                        RABBI STOLOFF
   (Special Birthday)                  Merle & Susan Pasternack                Robin Duboff-Furman &           DISCRETIONARY
   Janet Zell                                                                  Abraham Furman                  In Memory Of
   Don Spiegel (Special Birthday)   HELEN & SIMON DIRECTOR                     Morris Kunowski                    Wilma Jane Perlman
   Milton & Lynn Marks              In Memory Of                               Henry Kunowski                     Claire Grossman
   Alan & Eve Rosenfeld                Helen Director                          Alex E. Miller                     Marti & John Rosenthal
   (Daughter’s Wedding)                Harold & Arlene Schnitzer               Alan E. Miller                     Sidney A. Newman
   Suzanne Friedman                    Care Foundation                      In Honor Of                           Harvey Newman
General Contribution                   June Nagel                              Fiona Hoffman-Harland (Sister   In Honor Of
Given By                               Ruth & Harold Heldfond                  of Evelyn Hoffman-Harland)         Gertrude Jean Smith
   Tracy Vorster                                                               Janet Hoffman & John Harland       (Naming)
                                    LANDAU CHAPEL                              Matt,Whitney &                     David Smith &
CEMETERY BEAUTIFICATION             In Memory Of                               Stephen Goodman                    Elizabeth Schwartz
In Memory Of                           Henry Braunsten                         The Greg Goodman Family            Rabbi Stoloff
   Anna Meyer                          Mary K. Braunsten                       Lilly M. Zoller                    Elizabeth & Ruben J. Menashe
   Marian M. Meyer                     Samuel Saltzman                         (Special Birthday)                 Lisa France
   Stanley Steinberg                   Ruth & Harold Saltzman                  Glenn & Cindy Zoller               (Bat Mitzvah Appreciation)
   Maurice & Ilene Goldberg            Anne Jacobsen                           Josua & Quinn Slocum               Ellen & Michael France
   Fannie Baron                        Lynn Jacobsen-Katzumoto                 Loren & Shore Slocum
   Rena & Cheryl Tonkin                                                        Sanny Snell                     CANTOR SCHIFF
   Alan Tonkin                      MAY GEORGES STUDY IN                       MacGregor & Lisa Hall           DISCRETIONARY
   Marvin Tonkin                    ISRAEL SCHOLARSHIP                      General Contribution               In Memory Of
   Rena & Cheryl Tonkin             In Memory Of                            Given By                              Helen Blumenthal
   Ron & Marcy Tonkin                  Anna Friedman                           Michael Adler &                    Edgar Blumenthal
   Albert L. Green                     H. Myer &                               Molly Newcomer                     Richard T.C. Peard
   Alan & Nancy Green                  Jeannette Turteltaub                    Don & Debbie Spiegel               Hillary Barbour
   Anselm Boskowitz                    Albert L. Green                         Dara & Andrew Wilk              In Honor Of
   Alfred Wolfe                        Aaron Blauer                            Bill, Sydney, Allison &            Lisa France
   Howard & Frances Wolfe              Gerel & Henry Blauer                    Louis Baer                         (Bat Mitzvah Appreciation)
   Oscar Berman                     In Honor Of                                Donna & David Lieberman            Ellen & Michael France
   Richard Berman                      Mitzi & Bob Tobias                      Whitney & Andrew and Jake,
                                       (Anniversary)                           Elena, & Mia Klonsky            RUTH SEMLER
ENDOWMENT FUND                         Phil Blank (Special Birthday)           Pam & Scott Sidell              YOUTH ACTIVITIES
In Memory Of                           Dorothy Reiter                          Mary & Ken Rait                 In Memory Of
   Stanley Kramer                      (Special Birthday)                                                         Burt Berman
   Richard Kramer                      William & Beverly Galen              RABBI ROSE DISCRETIONARY              Pearl & Irv Trachtenberg
                                                                            In Memory Of                          Larry Semler
ESTELLE DIRECTOR                    NETTIE DIRECTOR LIBRARY                    Burton H. Berman                   Wilma Jane Perlman
SHOLKOFF SCHOLARSHIP                BOOK ENDOWMENT                             Muriel Berman                      Irwin Blumenfeld
FUND FOR JEWISH                     In Memory Of                               Arlene Kaplan                      Stuart & Carol Lang
EDUCATORS                              Melvin Shevach                          Mel & Bernice Shulevitz            Augusta Jaffe
In Memory Of                           Jack & Rose Rosen                       Wilma Jane Perlman                 Elaine & Norm Savinar
   Wilma Jane Perlman                  Herman Margolis                         Claire Grossman                    David Leveton
   Bill, Sydney, Allison &             Stuart & Nikki Director                 Marti & John Rosenthal             Richard Garber
   Louis Baer                       In Honor Of                                Leonard Levinson                   Gertrude Semler
   Melvin Shevach                      Esther Wayne                            Sharon & Rick Maloney              Henry & Helen Spivak &
   Abe & Claire Puziss                 (Special Birthday)                      Jacob J. Enkelis                   Family
   Sidney Chucker                      Kenneth & Delores Kimmel                Myra Enkelis                       Larry Semler
   David & Irene Frisch                                                        Rose M. Golby
   Aaron Michaelson                 PRESCHOOL                                  Jerome & Carmen Golby
   Abe & Claire Puziss              In Memory Of                               Evelyn Nagel                    SALLY VIDGOFF CAMP SWIG
   June Nagel                          Clara Hochfeld                          Rose Davis                      SCHOLARSHIP
   Susanne Lewis                       Rick & Marilyn Gilbert                  Stanley Nagel                   In Memory Of
   Sandra Lewis &                      Lillian Zidell                          Helen Blumenthal                   Maurice Kramer
   James Rosenbaum                     Patricia Layton Nemer                   Edgar Blumenthal                   Ceil Levy
   Samuel Zeidman                                                                                                 Don & Judy Kramer
  May 2002                                                                                                                                        11

     General Contribution                    Howard Overback                  Don Spiegel (Special Birthday)        Morris Orenstein
     Given By                                Sue Overback                     Barbara Durkheimer Cohen &            Samuel Goldheir
       Paul J. Schmidt                       Eve & Alan Rosenfeld             Gary Larsen                           Bertha Goldheir
                                             Sidney Kaufman                   Emilie Lavin (B’Nei Mitzvah)          Leonore Orenstein
     SHABBAT CHILDCARE                       Corky & Bob Zelinka              Muffie Meier                       In Honor Of
     In Memory Of                            Rose Rebecca Benton            General Contribution                    William Packouz
        Meier Rosencrantz                    Julia Siegel                   Given By                                Philip & Fay Blank
        Louis Rosencrantz                 In Honor Of                         Terry JR Bryant                    General Contribution
        William & Blanche Cohen              Rachel Rubin                                                        Given By
        Jeannette Rubinstein                 Harry Rubin                    TEMPLE RESTORATION                      Adrienne Arnsberg
     In Honor Of                             Mel & Jan Swire                In Memory Of
        Sandy Kennedy (Naming)                                                 Milton Zell                       SERVICE TO THE BLIND
        Rob & Carol Unitan                I HAVE A DREAM                       Jean Zell                         In Memory Of
                                          In Memory Of                                                              Anna Metz
     SOCIAL ACTION                           Kathryn Benaroya
     In Memory Of                            Sarah Horenstein               Sisterhood Funds                        Paul & Lorraine Metz
                                                                                                                    Nate Hasman
        Wynne Spiegel                        Joyce & Stan Loeb                                                      Arline Hasman
        Harriet & George Bodner              Sylvia Shlim                   ALTAR FLOWERS AND ONEG                  Morris Wolf
        Marcel Flaxman                       Harriet & Jerrold Richard      SHABBAT                                 Ervin & Maureen Horenstein
        Jane Flaxman                         William Katz                   In Memory Of
        Morris Schnitzer                     Pearl & Irv Trachtenberg          Sylvia Adler                      BIKKUR HOLIM -
        Stanley Steinberg                    Joseph Lewis                      Elizabeth & Ruben J. Menashe      HOPE IN LIFE
        Gilbert & Thelma Schnitzer           Sanford & Elaine Weinstein        Jacob Lauterstein                 In Memory Of
        Bess Rittmaster                   In Honor Of                          Felice Driesen                       Nancy Caplan
        Joe Lieppman                         Josh Rose & Christiana King       Anna Tobias                          Elizabeth & Ruben J. Menashe
        Harry Rubenstein                     (Engagement)                      Mitzi & Bob Tobias
        Lois & Gerry Poplack                 Joyce & Stan Loeb                 Alfred S.Wolfe
        Louis Romoff                                                           Nadine Wolfe
        Marian Creamer
        Louis Zacks
                                          TEMPLE IMPROVEMENT
                                          In Memory Of
                                                                               Pearl Adams                                 Funds of the
                                                                               Ricard & Harriet Maizels
        Rita Krinel
        Abe & Claire Puziss
                                             Velma Horenstein
                                             Barrie Itkin
                                                                            In Honor Of                                      Month
                                                                               Mitzi Tobias (Special Birthday)
        Sidney J.Weiner                      Kathryn Benaroya                  Ron & Marcy Tonkin
        Abe Weiner Family                    Stanley Geffen &                                                         Altar Flower & Oneg Shabbat Fund
                                                                               Helen & Norman Stamm
        Robert Gilbert                        Adrienne Souther Geffen                                                     Programming, Leadership &
                                                                               (Grandson’s Graduation)                         Enrichment Fund.
        Rick & Marilyn Gilbert               Julius Basinski                   Doreen & Phillip Margolin
        Diana Harrison Rosenfield            Alison Senders Lang               (Son’s Graduation)                     Please consider one of these funds
        Joe & Dodie Harrison                 Stuart & Carol Lang               Sylvia & Arthur Kaplan                when making tributes.WRJ/BIS thanks
        Alfred Goodwin                       Mary Rebecca Kinspel              Congregation Beth Israel                you for your continued support.
        Lottie & Helen Goodwin               Stuart Durkheimer                 (In Appreciation)
     In Honor Of                             Phyllis Rosenthal                 Jenn Louis
        Davia Rubenstein                     Frank Rosenthal                   Lisa France (Bat Mitzvah)
        (Special Birthday)                   Saul C. Robinson                  Her Family
        Elizabeth & Ruben J. Menashe         Gerald H. Robinson                Zachary Borchardt
        Don Spiegel (Special Birthday)       Harry Rubenstein                  (Bar Mitzvah)                                  When you make
        Louise Clark & Jill Ginsberg         Mary G. Weinsoft                  His Family                                    a Planned Gift to
        Jim & Rita Durkheimer                Lori Ann Schwab                   Annie Wolfstone (Bat Mitzvah)
        Mark Dohrmann &                      Herbert & Barbara Schwab                                                    Congregation Beth Israel
                                                                               Her Family                            you are endowing the future of
        Julie Durkheimer                     Alan Ruben                        Whitney Marcus Goodman
        Bob & Mitzi Tobias                   Louise Ruben                                                                Reform Judaism for our
                                                                               (Bat Mitzvah)
        (Anniversary)                        Gertrude Semler                                                                   Congregation.
                                                                               Her Family
        Ron & Marcy Tonkin                   Diane & Semler Nudelman                                               It is a right decision for our time,
        Jill Ginsberg (In Appreciation)      Joseph Haas                    PRAYER BOOK
                                                                                                                          and for time to come.
        Karen Kranz                          Jean G. Pierce                 In Memory Of
                                             Marvin Tonkin                                                                THE JEWISH NATION
                                                                               Milton Zell
     FOOD FUND                               Ed, Adam & Nancy Tonkin                                                        IS DISTINGUISHED
                                                                               Beverly & Marty Zell & Family
     In Memory Of                            Norman Berenson                                                         BY THREE CHARACTERISTICS;
                                                                               Burt Berman                               THEY ARE MERCIFUL,
        Herb Bodner                          May & Thomas T. Georges, Jr.      Eve & Alan Rosenfeld                    THEY ARE MODEST, AND
        Maurice & Ilene Goldberg             Gerald Lowen                      Sybil Samuels                           THEY PERFORM ACTS OF
        Father of Jeff Eaton                 Robert & Evelyn Apte              Hy Samuels                                  LOVING KINDNESS.
        David & Sally Swire & Family         Kurt Hamburger                    Edwin & Ilaine Cohen                      BABYLONIAN TALMUD
        Gertrude Chucker                     Howard Freedman                   Gertrude Mills                                 - YEBAMOT 79A
        David & Irene Frisch                 (Freedman Family Trust)           Joe Lieppman
        Harry Maizels                        Rose Rosencrantz                  Philip & Fay Blank
        Arnold & Roslyn Maizels              David & Diane Rosencrantz         Grace Levitt                           Please contact the Development
        Claire Greenfield                    Ardyth & Herb Shapiro             Miriam Levitt                                  Department at
        Rob & Audrey Greenfield           In Honor Of                          Stanley Foster                          503-222-1069 for information.
        Justin Landauer                      Jack Shimshak (Recovery)          Gerald & Lois Poplack
        Robert & Sally Landauer              Obie Puziss (Recovery)
        Henry Braunsten                      Jerry & Harriet Shank
        Bernie Caplan
12                                                                                                                                      May 2002 11
Memorial                 Samuel R. Planer
                         Mrs. Manfred Rosenthal
                                                   Sadie Kowadlo
                                                   Bernard M. Leeb
                                                                               David H. Greenberg
                                                                               Hilda L. Guthman
                                                                                                       Joseph M. Constantine
                                                                                                       Elsie S. Davidson
                                                                                                                                 Sally De Leon
                                                                                                                                 Pauline Eisenman
Anniversaries            Alan Ruben
                         Anna M. Rubenstein
                                                   Rose Mirviss Lenske
                                                   Isaac Leveton
                                                                               Jeanette Jackson
                                                                               Sidney Kaufman
                                                                                                       S. Mason Ehrman
                                                                                                       Marianne Feldman
                                                                                                                                 Phillip Epstein
                                                                                                                                 Leah Feinstein
                         Lori Ann Schwab           Stuart Lomsky               Regina Kerr             Anna Friedman             Howard Fishel
May 3 & 4                Dora Sherman              Sam A. Mesher               Sally Sophia Kirshner   Amy R. Goldsmith          Arthur W. Frisch
                         Michael Siegel            Frances Nemser              Mendel Leveton          Albert L. Green           Herman Gadye
Karlina Bergman          Marvin Tonkin             Edward P. Nudelman          Gerald Lowen            Charlotte Haimsohn        Florence Golub
Goodman Bettman          Julius Zell               Jennie Nudelman             Bernice Lubetkin        Edward Hupert             Alfred Goodwin
Samuel Bissinger         Cecelia Zlot              Richard T.C. Peard          Gertrude Mills          Sue Hupert                Charles L. Greenblatt
Rose Davis                                         Solomon Plushnick           Morris Mizrahi          Samuel Irwin              Frank Keslin
Abe Freedman                                       Belle Ranik                 Milton Elias Potter     Maurice Kramer            Mary Rebecca Kinspel
Harry I. Gevurtz         May 10 & 11               Sam Rosenbaum               Dorothy Prigohzy        Ceil Levy                 Janice Kohler
Robert Gilbert                                     Meier Rosencrantz           Saul C. Robinson        Sol Levy                  Birdye Kopf
Claire Greenfield        Harry Arnsberg            Diana Harrison Rosenfield   Louis Romoff            Suzanne Lewis             Gladys Kushner
Kurt Hamburger           Selma Asher               Charles H. Sampson          Louis M. Rosencrantz    Elise Rosenblum Light     Paul Lamfrom
Nate Hasman              Henry Braunsten           Helen Schnitzer             Adolph J. Schneider     Miriam Lipman             Justin Landauer
Kevin Horenstein         Sidney Chucker            Rudy Spring                 Eva Schneider           Gilbert Milford           Leonard Levinson
Maurie Jacobs            Jean V. Cohen             Leonard Stein               Johanna Slotowsky       Evelyn Nagel              Joseph Lewis
Edith Josephson          Andrew Abe Crystal        Stanley I. Steinberg        Israel Wald             Edwin I. Neustadter       Robert MacDougall
William Katz             Helen H. Director         Milton D.Tarlow             Hiram Whiteley          Jacob Platt               Morris Orenstein
Philip Kleinman          Betty Miriam Edelman      Martha Whiteley             Morris Wolf             David Rubin               Jake Peizner
Stanley Kramer           Leah Estrin                                           Alfred S.Wolfe          Nettie Rucka              Solomon Picoult
Samuel Labow             Dorothy Friedlander                                   Bertha Woolach          Samuel Saltzman           Arlene Recht
Jacob Lauterstein        Zanley F. Galton          May 17 & 18                                         Jacob Trachtenberg        Rose L. Rosencrantz
Julius Levenson          Amy Gerver                                                                    Geraldine Warenback       Hy Samuels
Charles Levine           Rose M. Golby             Norma Beinhorn              May 24 & 25             Sidney J.Weiner           Ida Saperstein
Grace Levitt             Alfred Goldfaden          Ralph Albert Benaroya                               Rose Weintraub            Gertrude Semler
Herman Margolis          Samuel Goldheir           Joseph Bergman              Donald Allon Bagley                               Sylvia Shlim
Babbette Mayer           Joseph Haas               Lois Berlin                 Max Arnsberg                                      Ethel Heller Spielberg
Janet Lee Maylie         Isador Hoffman            Seymour Berns               Pauline Barkley         May 31 & June 1           Anna R.Tobias
Anna Metz                Millie Holzman            Anselm Boskowitz            Fannie Baron                                      Alan Baron Tonkin
Sidney H. Newman         Annie Jacobsen            Fannie Braunsten            Bertha Beck             Adrienne Levin Arnsberg   Joseph Werlin
Flora Novelli            Albert George Kantor      Lou Egart                   Victor Bercovitz        Rose R. Benton            Ethel Williams
Howard Overback          Hyman Kaplan              Isidor Finkelman            Bert Berliner           Aaron Blauer              Louis Zacks
Lucy Sue Overback        Rachel Kohen              Frances Freedman            Oscar Berman            Gretchen Brown            Samuel Zeidman
Max Planer               Sophie Kohen              Bertha Goldheir             Gertrude Chucker        Dorothy Sadick Cobb

 Condolences to…
 Judith Epstein on the death of her mother, Lena Rosenblatt Bromberg, who passed away on April 6, 2002.

 The family of Mildred Mesher Friendly, who passed away on April 8, 2002.

 Edith Goodman,Tom and Alix Goodman, and family on the death of their husband, father and grandfather, Dr. Morton J. Goodman, who passed
 away on April 3, 2002.

 Sue Friedman, Jewely Sandoz and the family on the death of their mother and grandmother, Nettie Margulis, on April 3, 2002.

 Mel and Judy Feinstein, Michael and Darcy Feinstein and families on the death of their niece and cousin, Deborah Arron Jaraslov, who passed away
 April 13, 2002, in Seattle,Washington.

 The family of Carolyn G. Rosenblatt, who passed away on April 19, 2002.

 Margery Cohn, John and Marti Rosenthal and family on the death of their husband, father and grandfather, Edward Cohn, who passed away on
 April 22, 2002.

 Shirley Gittelsohn, Maurice and Evelyn Georges,Thomas and May Georges, Jr., Pamela Georges, and Thomas and Linda Georges III on the death of
 their brother and uncle, Paul Georges, who passed away April 17, 2002, in France.

 Irene and David Frisch and family on the death of their daughter, Conny G. Frisch, who passed away on April 17, 2002, in Arizona.

 May 2002                                                                                                                                             13

     Schedule of Services                                                     Friday Evening, May 24
                                                                              Shabbat Service, High School Graduation, 7:00 pm,Temple
                                                                                 Daniel Epstein, Carly Heims, Cydney Heims, Rebecca Kane,
     Friday Evening, May 3                                                       Laura Kutner, Michael Lambert,Tyler Leinheiser,
     Shabbat Service, 7:00 pm,Temple                                             Cate Meeker, Aaron Menashe, Sarah Morrison-Cohen,
     Adult B’nei Mitzvah                                                         P. Adam Roberts, Andrew Rosenthal, Jamie Schiff, Zachary Stern,
     Ingrid J.Welter, Lynn E. Gelber, Emilie J. Lavin, Leslie J. Samuelis,       Adam Tannenbaum, Sara Weiner and Julia Winkler
     and David Morrison Smith, MD                                             Candles: Marti Rosenthal, Ellena Rosenthal
     Candles: Kimberly Anchell, Janice Anchell, Joyce Sisson                  Ushers:Tim Leinheiser, Michael Tannenbaum
     Ushers: Blair Sisson, Kent Sisson, Jonathan Anchell, Rick Gilbert,       Oneg on Temple lawn sponsored by families of the 5762 High School
     Alan Rosenfeld                                                           Graduating Class.
     Oneg in Lipman Foyer sponsored by Dr. & Mrs. Melvin Anchell, and
     Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Sisson in honor of the Bat Mitzvah of their           Saturday Morning, May 25
     granddaughter, Kayla Anchell.                                            Shabbat Service, 10:30 am,Temple
                                                                              Bar Mitzvah of Cole Wekselblatt
     Saturday Morning, May 4                                                  Ushers: Sandy Klein,Wolf Van Atta
     Shabbat Service, 10:30 am,Temple                                         Torah Portion: Numbers 6:1-7:89
     Bat Mitzvah of Kayla Anchell
     Ushers: Blair Sisson, Kent Sisson, Jonathan Anchell, Rick Gilbert        Friday Evening, May 31
     Junior Congregation, 10:30 am, Pollin Chapel                             Shabbat Service, 6:00 pm,Temple
     Torah Portion: Leviticus 25:1-27:34                                      Candles: Shirley Adler
                                                                              Ushers: Rich Gillman, Alan Miller, Jack Heims
     Friday Evening, May 10                                                   Kiddush in Lipman Foyer sponsored by David Adler and Marcy Edwards
     Tot Shabbat Service, 6:00 pm, Pollin Chapel                              in honor of the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter, Alyssa Marie Adler
     4 & 5 Year Class Graduation
        Ben Arqueros, Sean Bailey, Samson Criscuolo, Adrian Don,              Saturday Morning, June 1
        Sophia Feinstein, Mia Klonsky, Jill Low, Cameron McKeown,             Shabbat Service, 10:30 am,Temple
        Sydney Sidell, Josua Slocum, Natalie Swire, Kimberly Waldman          Bat Mitzvah of Alyssa Marie Adler
        and Jacob Wilk                                                        Ushers: Rich Gillman, Richard Moses
     Oneg in Lipman Foyer                                                     Torah Portion: Leviticus 21:1-24:23
     Shabbat Service, 7:30 pm, Pollin Chapel                                  Junior Congregation, 10:30 am, Pollin Chapel
     Candles: Rena Rothlein, Joan Rothlein, Shayna Rothlein
     Ushers: Shayna Rothlein, Rebecca Fleischman, Richard Weill
     Oneg in Lipman Foyer sponsored by Dr. Bernard and Rena Rothlein in
     honor of the Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter, Leah Rothlein.
                                                                              Mazel Tov to…
     Saturday Morning, May 11
     Shabbat Service, 10:30 am,Temple                                         Ilaine and Edward Cohen on the birth of their granddaughter, Caroline
     Bat Mitzvah of Leah Rothlein                                             Rose, on February 14, 2002. Stuart and Barbara Cohen are the parents.
     Ushers: Shayna Rothlein, Emily Gillman, Michael Seikirk,
     Maki Katsumoto, Lynn Katsumoto, Richard Weill                            May she grow in health and wisdom and be a source of strength to her
     Torah Portion: Numbers 1:1-4:20                                          family and all humankind.

     Friday, May 17                                                           Marla London and Jeff Eaton who were married on April 13, 2002, in
     Shavuot Service, 10:30 am, Pollin Chapel                                 Portland. Marla is the daughter of Ralph and Bobbi London.
     Confirmation, 7:00 pm,Temple
        Daniel Acee, Jaclyn Bick, Anya Bogorad, Brandon Edelman,              Julie Bonime and Fred Braden on their marriage on April 7, officiated
        Jamie France, Emily Gillman, Alia Gurtov, Rachel Haber, Alica Hunt,   by Rabbi Rose and Cantor Schiff in the Temple. Julie is the daughter of
        Jonathan Irwin, Matthew King, Michael Levy, Andrea Menashe,           Joanne Bonime and the late Mortimer Bonime.
        Katherine Millsap, Mark Robinowitz, Scott Rosenthal,
        Shayna Rothlein, Megan Sandoz, Alexander Sarasohn, Michael Selkirk
        and Jacob Shleifer
     Candles: Rebecca Bogorad, Anya Bogorad, Evelyn Kimbrell
     Ushers: Les Bick, Michael Edelman and Joe Menashe
     Oneg on Temple lawn co-sponsored by Jerry and Rebecca Bogorad in                This Month We Welcome These New Members!
     honor of the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter, Chaya Bogorad, and the
     families of the 5762 Confirmation Class.                                                   • Michael & Brenda Marks
     Saturday Morning, May 18
     Shabbat Service, 10:30 am,Temple
     Bat Mitzvah of Chaya Bogorad
     Ushers: James Anchell, Kayla Anchell, Payal Patel, Shayna Rothlein,
     Torah Portion: Numbers 4:21-5:31

14                                                                                                                                         May 2002 17
                                   C ONGREGATION B ETH I SRAEL

                                                   May 2002                                 IYAR ~ SIVAN 5762

sunday                        monday             tuesday             wednesday             thursday             friday                 saturday
                                                                     1    19 Iyar          2    20 Iyar          3    21 Iyar          4      22 Iyar

      Annual Meeting                                                 Adult B’nei Mitzvah
                                                                                           12:30pm PC
                                                                                                                Shabbat Service
                                                                                                                                    Torah Study 9:00am SBR

                                                                                                                Adult B’nei Mitzvah Shabbat Service
                                                                                           Ivriyah 6:30pm       7:00pm Temple       10:30am Temple
         May 31                                                      Midrasha 6:30pm

                                                                                           Intro to Judaism
                                                                                           7:00pm PC
                                                                                                                                       Bat Mitzvah of
                                                                                                                                       Kayla Anchell
          7:00 pm Goodman Hall                                                                                                         Jr. Congregation
                                                                                                                                       10:30am PC

5      23 Iyar                6     24 Iyar      7     25 Iyar       8    26 Iyar          9    27 Iyar         10    28 Iyar          11     29 Iyar

CJE Hebrew III 9:00am         Ivriyah 6:30pm     Temple Tots         Midrasha 6:30pm       Minyan               Deadline for           Torah Study 9:00am SBR
                                                 9:30am MR                                 12:30pm PC           June Bulletin
Challah Baking 9:00 – 12:00
                              Sisterhood Board   Social Action                                                                         Shabbat Service 10:30am PC
Religious School 9:15-12:15   7:00pm SBR         Council                                   Ivriyah 6:30pm       Tot Shabbat
                                                 11:00am SBR                                                    6:00pm PC              Bat Mitzvah of Leah Rothlein
BarM I 9:15-10:45                                                                          Board of Trustees
Library Committee 9:30am LB                      Minyan                                    7:00pm SBR           Shabbat Service        Confirmation Retreat
                                                 12:30pm PC                                                     7:30pm PC              12:30-4:00pm Temple
BarM II 10:45-12:15                              Talmud Study
                                                 1:00pm SBR

12     1 Sivan                13    2 Sivan      14    3 Sivan       15   4 Sivan          16   5 Sivan         17       6 Sivan       18    7 Sivan

CJE Hebrew III 9:00am         Ivriyah 6:30pm     Social Action       Ed & Youth            Erev Shavuot         Shavuot                Torah Study 9:00am SBR
                                                 Committee           Committee
Religious School 9:15-12:15                                                                                     Shavuot Morning
                              Critical Issues    11:00am SBR         11:45am SBR           Minyan                                      Shabbat Service
                                                                                                                Service 10:30am PC
BarM I 9:15-10:45             Board 7:00pm SBR                                             12:30pm PC                                  10:30am Temple
                                                 Minyan              Final Midrasha                             Shabbat Service
BarM II 10:45-12:15
                                                 12:30pm PC          6:30pm                Ivriyah 6:30pm       and Confirmation       Bat Mitzvah of Chaya Bogorad
Rosh Chodesh 5:00pm PC                                                                                          7:00pm Temple
                                                                                                                Temple Offices
                                                 1:00pm SBR

19     8 Sivan                20     9 Sivan     21     10 Sivan     22    11 Sivan        23     12 Sivan      24       13 Sivan      25    14 Sivan

CJE Hebrew III 9:00am         Ivriyah 6:30pm     Minyan              5:30pm - 8:30pm       Minyan 12:30pm PC Shabbat Service           Torah Study 9:00am SBR
                                                 12:30pm PC          Teacher Clean-up                        and High School
Religious School –                                                                         Ivriyah 6:30pm    Graduation                Shabbat Service
Last Day Picnic                                                                                              7:00pm Temple             10:30am Temple

BarM I 9:15-10:45                                                                                                                      Bar Mitzvah of
                                                                                                                                       Cole Wekselblatt
Book Group 9:30am

BarM II 10:45-12:15

26     15 Sivan               27     16 Sivan    28     17 Sivan     29     18 Sivan       30     19 Sivan      31       20 Sivan      June 1           21 Sivan
                                                                                                                Shabbat Service        Torah Study 9:00am SBR
                              No Ivriyah         Minyan 12:30pm PC                         Minyan 12:30pm PC
                                                                                                                6:00pm Temple

                              No Preschool       Talmud 1:00 SBR                           Intro to Judaism                            Shabbat Service
                                                                                                                CBI Annual Meeting
                                                                                           7:00pm PC            7:00pm GH
                                                                                                                                       10:30am Temple
                              Temple Offices
                              Closed                                                       Ivriyah 6:30pm       Dor Hadach             Bat Mitzvah of
                                                                                                                Shabbatini             Alyssa Marie Adler
                                                                                                                (Junior Youth Group)
                                                                                           Preschool 2’s
                                                                                           Class Picnic                                Junior Congregation
                                                                                                                Preschool 3’s & 4’s
                                                                                                                                       10:30am PC
                                                                                                                Class Picnic

 Location Key BA = Blumauer Auditorium GH = Goodman Hall LB = Library LF5 Lipman Foyer MR = Miller Room PC = Pollin Chapel SBR = Semler Board Room
                                              SC = Shemanski Chapel SEC = Sherman Education Center
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