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									BASIC TERM LIFE INSURANCE PLAN                                 If you have questions about any of the benefits plans
Provided at no cost by the State of Illinois to all benefits   described, additional information can be found at the
eligible employees in an amount equal to their annual          following web site:
                                                               More comprehensive information about each benefit
Additional Life Insurance and Accidental Death &
                                                               plan can be found in the individual plan booklets and
Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance is available for
                                                               brochures that are available upon request.
purchase through either the State or University plans.
                                                               Additionally, the Human Resources Service Center                           HR|Administration
State of Illinois Plan                                         is available to review the programs with you and to
• Additional Life insurance up to eight times your             answer your specific questions.
    annual salary, and Life insurance for your spouse
    and/or children may be purchased.
•   AD&D insurance equal to five times your annual
    salary. (Spouse and child AD&D insurance is not
                                                                      HUMAN RESOURCES SERVICE CENTER
                                                                                                                               Highlights of
                                                                                Benefits Response Line
University Plan                                                            Toll-free: 1-866-669-HRSC (4772)                    Employee Benefits
• Additional term life insurance for yourself, your                             C-U Area: 217-265-5620
   spouse, and/or your children.                                            Voice mail available after hours.
•   A separate AD&D plan for yourself, your spouse,                        Customer Service Office Hours
    and/or your children.                                                        Monday – Friday
                                                                                9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
VOLUNTARY LONG TERM CARE                                                     Email:
Optional coverage is available for eligible employees                            Fax: 217-244-3135
and their spouse, parents, parents-in-law, and for

                                                               This brochure only briefly describes the employee benefits
Employees in trainee, apprentice, learner, provisional,
                                                               available at the University of Illinois. Complete information
or status appointments of 50% time or more; academic
                                                               on benefits eligibility, costs, and coverage may be obtained
employees who hold an appointment of 25% time or
                                                               from the Human Resources Service Center. If there are any
more; and retirees are eligible for tuition waiver
                                                               differences between the information contained in this
benefits. For children of current employees with at
                                                               brochure and the official plan documents, the plan
least seven years of service, a 50% tuition waiver may
                                                               documents will govern. The benefits described in this
be available for up to four years at an Illinois state
                                                               brochure may be changed, modified, or eliminated at any
institution of higher education, depending on length
                                                               time. Receipt of this brochure is not a promise or guarantee
of service and appointment status.
                                                               of employment.
Provides personal, professional, and confidential
assistance to all faculty, staff, academic professionals,
and their household members who are experiencing                        This publication will be made available in an
problems that interfere with their ability to work or                 alternative format upon request. Please contact
their well being. The assistance program is available                        the Office of Human Resources at
to help clarify issues, identify resources, and offer               or 217-333-2590.
follow-up assistance as needed.
    The University of Illinois values the health         FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTS                                   RETIREMENT PLAN – STATE UNIVERSITIES
    and financial security of every employee. A          Save tax dollars while reducing your out-of-pocket           RETIREMENT SYSTEM (SURS)
    comprehensive set of State of Illinois and           expenses - pay eligible health care and dependent care       Participation is required for eligible employees. Your
    University group benefits programs are               expenses with before-tax dollars.                            contribution - 8% of gross earnings - is automatically
    provided with enrollment options intended to         • Medical Care Assistance Plan: Contribute up to             deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis. SURS
    offer flexibility - in both plan selection and           $5,000 pre-tax dollars per year for medical, dental,     offers three retirement plan choices:
    level of coverage - to maximize the value of             vision, and other eligible expenses not covered          •    Traditional Benefit Package (Defined Benefit Plan)
    your benefits.                                           by your health care plan.                                •    Portable Benefit Package (Defined Benefit Plan)
                                                         • Dependent Care Assistance Plan: Contribute up              •    Self-Managed Plan (Defined Contribution Plan)
WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR BENEFITS?                                to $5,000 pre-tax dollars per year per household
                                                                                                                          Note: U of I employees eligible for SURS are not covered
• University employees with an appointment of                for the expenses of caring for your dependents.              by federal Social Security; consequently no Social
  50% time or more for at least nine months, and                                                                          Security taxes are withheld from earnings. However,
                                                                                                                          persons hired on or after April 1, 1986, are subject to
  eligible for participation in the State Universities                                                                    withholding of the federal Medicare tax, which amounts
  Retirement System (SURS).                                                                                               to 1.45% of gross salary.
•   When applicable, dependent children of
                                                                                                                      OPTIONAL TAX DEFERRED RETIREMENT
    employees until age 19, or until age 23 if full-
    time students.
                                                                                                                      You may elect to direct part of your pay on a pre-tax
MEDICAL PLANS                                                                                                         basis to investments intended to build a personal
A choice in plans lets you select the coverage that      PAID TIME OFF                                                retirement fund.
best meets your needs and those of your family.          The University of Illinois understands your time away        •    University’s 403(b) Tax Deferred Retirement Plan,
•    Quality Care Health Plan (QCHP): A traditional      from the job is important to you and provides the                 which includes fixed and variable annuity
     indemnity plan.                                     following paid time off benefits (eligibility for each            accounts with insurance companies and mutual
                                                         benefit will vary depending on your type of position              fund families.
•    Managed Care Plan: Depending on your location,
                                                         appointment):                                                •    State’s 457 Deferred Compensation Plan, which
     you may have a choice of Health Maintenance
     Organizations (HMO) or an Open Access Plan          •   Holidays - Generally nine paid holidays each                  includes a guaranteed interest account and several
     (OAP).                                                  fiscal year and two additional floating holidays.             individual mutual funds.
                                                         •   Vacation - Vacation time varies based on your type
DENTAL PLAN                                                                                                           DISABILITY INCOME PLAN
                                                             of position and years of service. Academic
You and your dependents enrolled in any of the                                                                        Basic disability benefits for University employees
                                                             Professional employees may earn up to 24 days
health plans are eligible for dental coverage. The                                                                    are provided through SURS.
                                                             per year. Staff employees may earn up to 28 days
Quality Care Dental Plan (QCDP) offers the flexibility       per year, depending on length of service.                VOLUNTARY SUPPLEMENTAL LONG TERM
to select any dentist.
                                                         •   Sick Leave - May be used for illness of, injury to,      DISABILITY PLAN
                                                             or need to obtain medical or dental consultation         An optional supplemental plan may be purchased
VISION CARE PLAN                                             for the employee, the employee’s spouse, children,       by benefit-eligible employees.
You and your dependents enrolled in any of the               parents, or members of the household. Amount of
health plans are automatically provided this benefit         sick leave will depend on your type of position          U.S. SAVINGS BONDS
at no cost. The Vision Care Plan includes partial            appointment.                                             Federal Series I or Series EE Savings Bonds are
coverage for eye exams, eyeglass lenses and frames,                                                                   available through the convenience of payroll
or contact lenses.                                       •   Parental Leave - Up to two weeks per academic
                                                             year, immediately following the birth, adoption,
DOMESTIC PARTNER BENEFIT                                     or foster placement of a child. This is in addition to   ADOPTION ASSISTANCE
Benefits eligible employees in same-sex domestic             any sick or vacation leave used.                         The State of Illinois Adoption Assistance program
partnerships may be eligible to receive a                •   Bereavement Leave - Up to three days for                 will reimburse eligible expenses up to $1,500.
reimbursement for part of their partner’s health             bereavement time and to attend the funeral upon
insurance premium expenses.                                  the death of a member of the employee’s family.

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