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									NetSupport DNA (Dynamic Network Administration) facilitates central management of your
enterprise PCs in a secure, coordinated and efficient manner.

Combining powerful Hardware and Software Inventory with Software Distribution, Application
and Internet Metering, Web based Helpdesk, PC Remote Control and more, NetSupport DNA
ensures compliance with corporate configuration standards whilst simultaneously reducing the
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
IT assets account for the largest proportion of the overall IT
spend, therefore, ensuring they are properly managed and
maintained becomes one of the highest priority corporate
goals for any organization where TCO (Total Cost of
Ownership) is high on the agenda.
                                                                    What the Press are Saying
Without a comprehensive management program in place, IT
assets can cost far more than necessary through waste and
redundancy (direct costs) and overly complex management
and maintenance (indirect costs). By implementing an
effective IT asset management program, companies can                       "NetSupport DNA2 is an excellent system
                                                                        management tool whose manufacturers are
view every asset in their enterprise, allowing them to control         clearly listening to their users, since the new
and manage IT assets, eliminate waste and redundancy, and                   additions in version 2 all strike us as the
                                                                           typical kind of feedback you get from real
comply with ever-tightening government compliance                           world users. It's simple to use, the client
regulations.                                                              agent doesn't seem to unduly hammer the
                                                                       host PC, and for a multi-faceted package the
                                                                                            price tag is attractive too."
The annual cost of supporting this IT infrastructure can
often result in costs spiraling out of control, where the initial
purchase price of IT assets pales into insignificance.
Understanding leasing arrangements and undertaking                            "does a great job of making a system
proactive asset management ensures compliance with                    administrator's job easier............ DNA shines
                                                                                        when it comes to inventory"
software license agreements and makes budget forecasting
more accurate.
Knowing how many of your users are using a specific
application at any given time will allow for both effective
trimming of software budgets and a realistic prediction of
future software investment.
Award winning technology
NetSupport DNA customers
Complete Enterprise-wide systems management
Key features : User Management

NetSupport DNA provides a range of features to
locate and Manage PCs and Users within a
networked environment. Not only does DNA store
key user data (Name, Telephone etc.) but it also
provides detailed storage of supporting Asset,
Lease and Maintenance data.

In addition DNA provides the customer with the
ability to customize the data to be gathered and
collated from each user.

DNA also provides the mechanism to create
Dynamic groups, these are added to the main
Company Tree view and can contain PCs from any
number of departments. A typical group might be
"all PCs with Windows XP and more than 256Mb
of Ram".

Other supporting Tools include Connection
Statistics, Find User, Chat, Message and a
powerful Data Query Tool.
Key features : Hardware Inventory

If decisions on upgrades and the roll out of new
technology are to be taken from an informed position,
then information is key.

With this in mind, NetSupport DNA provides one of the
most comprehensive and detailed Hardware Inventory
modules available on the market today.

A wealth of information for specific PCs is provided
ranging from CPU types and BIOS to memory and
memory slots used including those available for future

Information is presented summarized by category, such
as PCs by Operating System, CPU type or Memory.

Hardware Inventory frequency can be configured to run
at different time intervals. Specific settings can be set
for the overall Company or for separate departments.
Furthermore, the DNA Operator is able to run a quick
Inventory outside of the pre-selected settings whereby
all current hardware information from an individual
Client, Department or the Company can be collected.
Key features : Hardware Inventory (cont.)

Whilst NetSupport DNA will dynamically retrieve
inventory information from those PCs with a DNA Client
installed, there will be instances where peripheral
equipment, such as routers, will not be identified or
even in the case of remote PCs unconnected to the

Ensuring the most accurate information is always
available, DNA provides the option to add details of
"non-scanned" items manually.

NetSupport DNA offers multi-platform support. With the
latest version, together with full support for Windows 98
and above, Red Hat 9, Red Hat Enterprise, SuSE 9 and
Fedora Core 6 Linux distributions are supported.
Key features : Software Inventory

Without effective asset management, the costs for
supporting the IT infrastructure can often spiral out
of control especially when factoring in the cost of

With NetSupport DNA, organizations can reduce the
legal risks by maintaining compliance with software
licence agreements, improve the accuracy of budget
forecasting by removing over spend on software
assets and ensure the IT function is supporting the
overall organizational objectives.

Featuring a detailed summary of all applications
detected on a target PC, NetSupport DNA displays
this information (with supporting application icon)
either on a PC by PC basis or as a group where
overall totals (with drill down functionality) for each
application are shown.

Recognizing that often, there are many different
versions of a common application in use, DNA
provides the ability to create customized Application
Groups, where all such versions are grouped together
for more effective reporting.
Key features : Alerting
NetSupport DNA offers two types of Alerts –

1) System Alerts and 2) PC Alerts.

All alerts are managed from a single intuitive
Alerting interface within the DNA console and are
included as standard within all DNA retail

All alerts can be assigned on either an enterprise
or departmental basis with variable priority
levels. Alert notifications can be directed to
specified email recipients and/or active console
users ( on a per alert basis, so the nature of the
alert may dictate which operators are notified). In
addition outstanding alerts are identified against
matching PCs on the main company hierarchy
tree view.

Once Alerts have been identified, suitable action
notes are added by the Console Operator and the
Alert is subsequently closed and a full history of
all PC alerts is then accessible from the History
Key features : Alerting (cont.)
Systems Alerts - (Win 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003 and XP Clients)   PC Alerts - (Win 2000, 2003 and XP Clients)

Identify any changes within the data gathered by               Identify real-time changes or conditions that occur on a
NetSupport DNA across the overall enterprise, including        specific PC, including alerts for:
alerts for:
                                                               CPU or Network utilization alerts (i.e. CPU utilization
New PCs Added.                                                 exceeds 90% for X mins).

Changes in key Hardware Inventory (i.e. Memory / CPU           Process alerts.
changed on a PC, New Monitor installed).
                                                               Disk space alerts (i.e. Free Disk space below X Gb or Y %).
Application installation or removal.
                                                               Application and Services Start / Stop alerts (i.e. Alert if
Application licensing warnings (i.e. total copies of Acrobat   AntiVirus service is stopped).
installed now exceeds company license limit).
                                                               File size change alerts.
Changes to user details.
                                                               Print spooler alerts (number of outstanding jobs).
Internet and Application Metering behavior (access to
restricted sites or applications attempted).                   Security alerts - USB device activation alerts (i.e. a
                                                               memory stick is installed).
Software Distribution delivery alerts (delivery fail, or
advertised package used).                                      Security alerts - New drive mappings alert.

System Alerts also includes an additional category for         Security alerts - CD / DVD disk insertion alert.
"Console Alerts" which refer to any changes in conditions
not related to a specific PC, for example when a PC is         Windows systems event logs -Alert based on new entries
removed / deleted or a change is made to an operators          posted in the windows event log for either application,
rights or configuration                                        security or system categories.

                                                               Alerts can be configured to trigger based on a their
                                                               recorded status of "Error, Warning, Information, Audit
                                                               Success, Audit Failure or All.
Key features : History
Effective Asset Management not only relates to knowing what
assets are currently located on the network but also to being able
to identify historical changes.

The History option enables you to track changes to a Clients
Hardware and Software. Each time DNA gathers Inventory data it
compares the current details against information already held on
the server and if there are any differences they are recorded in
the History.

The History component provides a full chronological summary of
all activities recorded by NetSupport DNA for all of the primary
inventory based components. These include :-

Hardware History - full summary by PC and Hardware item
detailing previous and current inventory data and all changes
detected for a given period.

Software History - a full summary for all PCs of applications
installed, removed and updated for a given period.

User History - a full summary of all changes made to both
standard and custom user details within DNA.

Alert History - a full summary of all Alerts triggered for a given
Key features : Internet Metering

Similar to Application Metering, NetSupport
DNA provides a detailed summary of Internet
(or Intranet) activity on a users PC, allowing
for effective monitoring and control of current
URL viewing levels across the enterprise.

For all activity information is provided as
follows :

Start and Finish time of each URL visited.

Active time spent viewing each website.

Page analysis within a specific URL.

Quick URL link provided for reviewing specific URL's.

Internet Metering information detailed by per Client,
Department, Dynamic Group or overall Company.

Analysis and Reporting by PC or Logged On User.
Key features : Internet Metering (cont.)


To ensure that Internet usage complies with corporate
standards, lists of Approved and Restricted URL's
together with "apply" time frames for when restrictions
apply, can be created and enforced by the Operator.

Use the "Filter" option and enter a keyword used to identify a
website or a generic theme of sites to be Approved or Restricted.

Internet usage restrictions by time of day, available for complete
enterprise or on a per user basis.

Internet activity information can be ignored if active for less than a
preset configurable time period.

Metering records are print optimized and available in
multiple pre-defined report formats.
Key features : Application Metering

 Knowing how frequently a specific application
 is being used, will allow for both effective
 trimming of software budgets and a realistic
 predication of future software investments.

 NetSupport DNA offers an Application
 Metering component which reports back all
 applications used on a target PC, detailing the
 time the application was both started and
 finished and the actual time in use.
 Additionally, when the data is viewed at
 "department" level, summaries by frequency
 of use or by duration are shown.

 Application usage can be restricted on target
 PCs by time of day, for all users or usage can
 be limited to specific nominated PCs.

 This information can be shown for any
 preferred time-scale and also allows for
 further customization whereby the collection
 frequency of activity information can be
Key features : Software Distribution

NetSupport DNA provides a multi-delivery option for
Software Distribution.

Firstly, an Operator will define a software package to be
deployed, either a collection of Files and Folders specified
with appropriate action parameters once successfully
delivered to a target system or by recording and scripting
any user prompts required during an application install so
that the package can be deployed onto a users' system
without the need for intervention.

Once created, the application package can be
automatically "Pushed" to the target PCs for deployment
or alternatively "Published" centrally on the DNA server.
Once published, a user can check to see which
applications are available for their PC and install these on

However, when initiating large scale deployments, the
need to minimize network traffic congestion becomes a
priority. In this case, NetSupport DNA allows a Client PC,
ideally local to the target machines, to be nominated as a
"Distribution Warehouse". When the package is deployed,
rather than distributing the package individually, it is
installs at the "Warehouse" Client which then distributes
it to the remaining target PCs.
Key features : Software Distribution (cont.)

When operating across a range of locations and
networks, the timing of any major package
deployment is critical as this may result in a
detrimental effect on other critical applications
and services, in terms of performance
degradation. To reduce this threat, NetSupport
DNA offers a "Scheduling" facility, whereby a
specific date and time can be scheduled by an
Operator for initiating the package deployment
- usually out of core office hours when network
traffic is at its lowest.

To further simplify the package deployment
process, NetSupport DNA includes an
"Application Packager", designed for situations
where the application to be rolled out does not
include its own silent install routine. The
Packager enables the operator to record and
playback a 3rd party installer, including all the
necessary keystrokes and movements. These
are stored in a script which is then replayed
back at the Client PC without the need for user
Key features : Reporting

One of the main principles of NetSupport DNA, is to offer
the means for capturing comprehensive enterprise
information, ensuring administrators are fully informed in
order to make effective decisions.

However, the data gathered must be made available in an
intuitive and user friendly format or else the efficiency
benefits gained from implementing NetSupport DNA will
be cancelled out by the time spent filtering this
information and manipulating it into a useable format.

With this in mind, NetSupport DNA offers two "Styles" of

1) On Screen reports which are provided with supporting
Bar and Pie charts and drill down capabilities on all key
summary data.

2) Print Optimized reports which are powered by a
Crystal Report engine that
provides the Administrator with additional pre-defined
management reports.

All reports include the option to print or export to PDF,
DOC and XLS.
Key features : Query Tool

 The DNA Query Tool for those users who would
 rather view information from NetSupport DNA
 in their own reports, then the NetSupport DNA
 Query tool provides an easy interface for
 defining limitless reports covering all of the
 available data within the DNA database.

 Once created, these reports (Queries) can be
 assigned to specific components within the
 DNA console, such as the Hardware Inventory
 or User details components and are then
 available to all operators in a single click from
 within the main console view.
Key features : Remote Control

 As networks continue to evolve, organizations
 are faced with the continuous challenge of
 providing support to a diverse range of
 platforms, protocols and physical assets.

 To ensure that critical IT infrastructure is
 available when needed most, NetSupport DNA
 offers 2 types of PC Remote Control providing
 differing levels of remote user support.

 1) DNA Remote Control - For effective
 management of remote workstations,
 providing Watch / Share and Control
 functionality combined with full message / text
 chat, comprehensive security, multi-platform
 support and desktop integration.

 2) NetSupport Manager (NSM) - the leading
 PC Remote control software solution, offering
 complete PC Management and Support.
 Adding to the functionality of DNA Remote
 Control, NSM also provides full Delta File
 Transfer & Distribution, Hardware & Software
 Inventory, Scripting & Scheduling, Record and
 Replay, Remote Deployment and much more.
System requirements
NetSupport DNA Server

Recommended Hardware:
Pentium III 500Mhz or higher, with 256Mb Ram.

Free Space required:
100 Mb+ (dependant on number of clients supported)

OS Supported:
Windows NT, 2000, XP or 2003 Server.

Databases supported:
Microsoft MSDE, SQL7 or SQL2000. TCP/IP network


Free Space required:
35 MB

OS Supported:
Windows 2000, XP and 2003 Server.

Internet Explorer 6 or higher. TCP/IP network


Free Space required:
5 MB

OS Supported:
Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and 2003 Server TCP/IP
NetSupport DNA Helpdesk
Every organization depends in part on its IT
infrastructure to remain competitive and efficient.
Minimizing the amount of system downtime is essential
together with ensuring an effective solution is in place to
assist and support users of IT assets.

Reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by decreasing
the number of vendors you are managing, improving
help desk support, enforcing configuration standards
and effectively migrating to new technologies.

Track and manage licenses using the inventory and
application metering functionality. Identify illegal and
unused software, providing the necessary knowledge to
purchase the optimum number of licenses for your

Ensure compliance with corporate configuration
standards using the software metering capability to
identify and maintain standard desktop configurations
and those that fall out of compliance even during server

Assisting with Disaster Recovery by transferring the IT
information collected by DNA to your contingency plans,
identifying where critical users and revenue related PCs
are located.
NetSupport DNA Helpdesk (cont.)
Ticket Management
Automatic assignment of tickets to operators based on pre-defined customer rules based on either
Problem Type or User Type.

Automatic escalation of ticket status based on customer specific rules.
Structured notes history for a ticket with source identifiers (telephone, email and more) for each
additional entry within the ticket lifecycle.
Full Hardware and Software Inventory information for each user's system.
Attach, store and associate files to a Ticket Automatic priority assignment for new tickets.
Record time spent when updating tickets, and view total time usage in the main ticket record.
Prioritized Help Requests for users and ticket types together with easy operator allocation.
Structured notes history for a ticket with source identifiers (telephone, email and more) for each
additional entry within the ticket lifecycle.

Help Request Logging with customisable categories for easy input.
End users can raise help requests on-line and review current status in real time.

User Management
Active Directory integration.
Import users / Microsoft Active Directory into the Helpdesk database.
Allow end users to generate Helpdesk logon Accounts or restrict generation
of end user accounts to Administrators and Helpdesk operators.
Importing user departments and companies from other systems
into the NetSupport Helpdesk.

Direct integration with DNA Suite Inventory and departmental information.
Direct Integration with Remote control
NetSupport DNA Helpdesk (cont.)
 Custom Data Designer allowing for customized data fields.
 Profiled Operator access and customized functionality.
 Streamlined creation of a solutions database to aid future help requests.
 Use the intuitive design tool available to administrators to add custom data items to trouble ticket
 Multilingual user interface

 Real Time Corporate Status reports - Total Calls in, Status of Calls, Average resolution time and more.
 Ongoing history by user for all previous support requests.
 Real Time Dashboard showing a rolling display of current ticket statistics.

Escalations & Notifications
 Send Email Notifications using fully customisable email templates.
 Automatic escalation of ticket based on customer specific rules.
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