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   Brides Name Change                                                 Wedding Party Responsibilities
        Checklist                                               Who Pays for What?              ~ Pre-wedding parties and       ~ Own attire and travel ex-
It is important to make             ~ Dental Insurance                                          bridesmaids' luncheon           penses
your name changes as soon           ~ Investments                      BRIDE                    ~ Photography and videog-
as possible after your wed-         ~ Pension Plans                   AND/OR                    raphy                                 GROOM
ding.                               ~ Social Security Card         BRIDE'S FAMILY               ~ Bride's medical exam and            AND/OR
                                    ~ Voter's Registration                                      blood test                         GROOM'S FAMILY
Just a Reminder:                    ~ Passport/Visas           ~ Engagement party               ~ Wedding guests book and
~ Credit Cards                      ~ Employer or              ~ Wedding consultant's fee       other accessories               ~ Own travel expenses and
~ Bank Accounts                       School Records                                            ~ Total cost of the cere-       attire
                                                               ~ Bridal gown, veil and ac-
~ Safe Deposit Box                  ~ Doctors                                                   mony, including location,       ~ Rehearsal dinner
~ Mortgage Company                  ~ Dentists                                                  flowers, music, rental items    ~ Wedding gift for bridal
~ Property Titles                   ~ Post Office - name and   ~ Wedding stationery, cal-
                                                               ligraphy and postage             and accessories                 couple
~ Driver's License                    new address                                               ~ Total cost of the recep-      ~ Bride's wedding ring
~ Auto Registration                 ~ Utility Companies        ~ Wedding gift for bridal
                                                                                                tion, including location,       ~ Gifts for groom's atten-
~ Homeowner's Insurance             ~ Garbage Company          couple
                                                                                                flowers, music, rental          dants
~ Property Insurance                ~ Subscriptions            ~ Groom's wedding ring           items, accessories, food,       ~ Medical exam for groom
~ Renter's Insurance                ~ Will/trust               ~ Gifts for bridesmaids          beverages, cake, decora-        including blood test
~ Health Insurance                  ~ Club Memberships         ~ Bridesmaids' bouquets          tions, favors, etc.             ~ Bride's bouquet and
                                                                                                                                going away corsage
                       FOR ALL YOUR                                                                                             ~ Mothers' and grandmoth-
                    TUXEDO RENTAL AND                                                                                           ers' corsages
                     ALTERATION NEEDS                                                                                           ~ All boutonnieres
                                                                                                                                ~ Officiant's fee
                                                                                                                                ~ Marriage license
                                                                       2 miles north of Salem on S.R. 45, Salem, Ohio           ~ Honeymoon expenses
                                                                       Call Now to Reserve Space for your Bridal Shower
   330-332-4463              330-337-6372                                  Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding Reception                     ATTENDANTS
                               N  G  E
                                 EXT TO   IANT   AGLE

 THINK OF US FOR PROM AND WEDDING SEASON                                                                                        ~ Own attire except flowers
                                                                                                                                ~ Travel expenses
                                                                                                                                ~ Bridal shower paid for by
                                                                 And For The Main Event…                                        maid of honor and brides-
                            A Treasure Today...                                                                                 maids
                             ...an Heriloom for                                                                                 ~ Bachelor party paid for by
                                                                                                                                best man and ushers
     16403 Nauvoo Rd. • Middlefield, OH                                                                                           RENT the
     Handcrafted, Cherry & Oak
                                                                                                                                  for unique transportation
      Furniture! One-of-a-Kind,                                                                                                    on your Wedding Day!
         Handcrafted Items!
    Dining Rooms • Hickory Rockers • Rockers
     & Love Seats Sofas • Curios • Bedrooms
                                                                                              Troll’s Jewelry
                                                                                              581 E. State St. • Salem, OH
    Bookcases • Living Rooms • Entertainment
         Centers and much, much more!                                                          330-337-3593                      For more information on the
                                                                                                                                  trolley call the Salem Area
                                                                                                Friday 9:30-8:00                  Chamber of Commerce at
        Hours: Mon-Sat: 8-5; Friday 8-6                                                       Saturday 9:30-5:00                 330-337-3473

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