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					 WPW MINUTES 5/2005-4/2006


MAY 18, 2006 (Annual Owners’ Meeting):
 <This was the “Annual Homeowners’ Meeting”> …
    See separate “05/18/06 Annual Homeowners’ Meeting” file.


APRIL 27, 2006:
                    APRIL 27, 2006 (7 P.M.)
                      WPW CLUBHOUSE
1. CALL TO ORDER: President George Bock calls the meeting to order at 1908.
Board members present are George Bock (GB), President and Treasurer; Mike
Stocking (MS), Vice President; plus Michael Bates (MB) & Carolyn Bennett (CB),
        ABSENT: Member Bob Lane (BL) is absent.
        OTHERS PRESENT: Joe Bolton (JB), Property Manager; and several
owners and guests.

2. PROOF OF NOTICE: This is the regularly scheduled monthly Board meeting

3. HOMEOWNERS' FORUM: Several owners give input to the Board. There is
concern that the manager turned off the heat (boilers) in the condos too early.
Discussion ensues. The manager, JB, takes total responsibility for this error, which
was done without Board knowledge or approval. GB notified the three Board
members who live in and/or own a condominium the day he learned of the
premature changeover. Later in the meeting, the Board will discuss turning the heat
back on.
       There is one question about how association dues are set. This is done at the
Annual Budget meeting in November. Last November, WPW owners did not
disapprove the budgets proposed by the Board. The current dues came from those
budgets, after the Board cut another $30,000. Any change from here would come
during this November’s budget meeting. Those concerned should come to the
October Board meeting. A visitor said that the Clubhouse renovations looked nice,
and he was trying to buy a unit at WPW. He mentioned the Fire Hydrant Project as
being one of the reasons for the present dues assessments (true). Perhaps dues could
go down in a year or two? This is not likely given the Capital Replacement
requirements coming up. As of now, cost overruns on three current line items will
more than take up next year’s amount to be collected from the dues increase made
this year for the boiler payoff. [Reassuringly, a dues increase is very unlikely.]
This Forum ends late, at 1955.
        No owner or tenant submitted anything in writing for the Board's
consideration tonight.

4. APPROVAL OF PAST MINUTES: The minutes of the Board meeting of
March 23, 2006 (8 pages), as already circulated, are approved unanimously, upon
motion by MB, second by CB.

5.1 PRESIDENT'S--GB presents a revised “PEPR” (Periodic Employee
Performance Review) Form, which the employees and he prefer over the old one.
The old evaluation (annual review) form, used for years, is outdated and has some
redundancy to it. Most of the old items remain, but some are reworded; and we
added newer questions adapted from other evaluation forms reviewed. Motion by
MS, second by CB, to approve the form as presented. Board vote 3-0 in favor of
adopting this form.
        May Meeting--The Annual Homeowners’ Meeting is held in May each
year. We now set the date to be 5/18/06, to avoid the holiday weekend and so that
all Board members can attend. The Board unanimously approves both the proposed
announcement letter (Notice) and the Board letter for this meeting (after two
changes); motion by MS, second CB.
        Our attorney offers education sessions for Board members. Past Boards
authorized the payment of tuition for Directors to attend such sessions. JB says that
SB-100 lists payment not only for tuition, but also for mileage, parking, and meals.
The Board authorizes payments for all these items for such educational events, but
only after prior approval--motion by CB, second by MB; all in favor.
        BL again is not present to report on laddering of CDs, to gain us greater
interest income. With our current analysis of our “Reserve” funds, we need to wait
a bit before acting. No motion occurs.
        JB reports that the sprinkler tester control authorized is no longer made, and
is unavailable.

5.2 VICE PRESIDENT'S--MS asks about contractors coming onto WPW
property. JB reports that technicians for ACA, and a pest control company, and a
fire extinguisher company were all stopped recently by WPW employees when they
started to work on WPW property. This should continue, and JB will determine
whether such people are authorized to do the work they claim (one of these was
5.3 TREASURER'S/FINANCIAL--GB presents the Financials for March. The
"Balance Sheet" shows our total bank balance ("cash," uncorrected)--$350K. JB
has no statement from the banks about the exact FDIC balance restrictions on
federal insurance--he will have this next month.
        Administrative expenses are far above budget because of unanticipated
charges from RMPA, and the costs of mailings and meeting attendance (Board and
RRC). JB’s attendance fees for RRC meetings, as a “witness” (as required by
association documents), should be covered by the fines collected.
        Legal fees continue well above our projections. Wages are above budget,
but this appears to be a timing issue (an “extra” pay period because calendar months
are longer than 4 weeks--over 28 days). We need to add a line for “Carports” under
“Capital Expenses.”
        Aging analysis shows that owners owe us a total of $56,895 in dues and fees
as of 3/31/06!
        JB does not have an answer about the “credit memos” listed under Late
Fees. What are they?
        We discuss the Capital Replacement ("Reserve") Studies again. GB presents
a comprehensive spreadsheet statement of what our available funds are, and what
they are for, showing that most of our funds are already allocated to specific
projects. He recommends that this new sheet titled “WPW ‘Reserve’ Fund
Balances” go out to all owners with the Annual Mailing next month. We are
required to keep owners informed of our financial and budget status. Discussion.
Motion by MS, second by CB, to formally accept this spreadsheet (with the further
modifications discussed tonight), and to distribute this with the mailed
announcement of the Annual Meeting. This motion passes unanimously.
        JB reports that our accountant feels that we can write “Capital” expense
checks from our operating fund, and then “reimburse” the operating fund account
from a “Capital” account once per month--so that we can continue to get better
interest on our larger bank accounts. [We have been writing too many checks per
federal regulations.] GB will seek advice and report back to the Board next month.
        Insurances--It is time to start looking at insurance policies and costs for the
September 25 term date. JB will discuss our options with an agent he uses for
another property, and report back in May.

        RRC--No meeting was needed since March. One additional owner
volunteered for the RRC. JB has received no feedback from the Rules and Regs
        We will discuss some RRC cases later, in the Executive Session (¶7.4).
        ARCHITECTURAL--No applications.
        LANDSCAPE--Despite the invitations, no suggestions received from any
        CLUBHOUSE--The painting and floors are almost done. We should be
ready to select carpet color and decide on furniture and window coverings at the
Annual Meeting in May. Joe will send an e-mail detailing our choices on carpet and
window coverings.
      POOL--Joe says that the preparations for opening the pool are on the May
Calendar. The building exterior over the pool must be painted before the pool cover
comes off. No calendar presented.

5.5 MANAGER'S REPORT--Joe gives his report verbally.
     CALENDAR--No Calendar.
     POSTAGE MACHINE--MB recommends trying

5.6 OTHER No report on why are we buying ice melt at higher cost at ACE? JB
will check.
        LEGAL--Motion by CB, second by MB, to send the proposed letter to our
attorneys, questioning many of the charges made last year. About $2,000 is in
question. Discussion. Motion passes 3 to 0.
        STAFFING--There was no response to an ad for seasonal help. A visitor
now gives one name.
        EQUIPMENT--No information yet on the costs of a used golf cart and a
used bucket truck.
        COMCAST--Nothing new. GB will find the old (~2002) agreement.
        HOT WATER HEATERS--The prices have changed. There is no
explanation. JB presents a spreadsheet on six current bids, three of which are for
just the equipment. The cost of installation is lower if the installer provides the
boiler and tank. Discussion. Motion to reconsider the prior (successful) motion for
tank and RayPak installation (see ¶5.1 of minutes of the 3/23/06 Board meeting),
made by MS, second by CB. Discussion. All 3 votes in favor. The prior motion is
considered again (to accept the $2,300 bid from BTS to install the currently needed
tank and Raypak)--resulting in no votes in favor, but three against. JB feels that the
RayPak boiler is better than the other brands available (no specific names
mentioned), though those others could save us about $800. The new motion by
MB, second by MS, is--to stick with the RayPak brand for this one immediate
400,000 BTU boiler purchase, and to install the larger 120 gallon storage tank this
one time, and to award the project including a new circulating pump to the lowest
bidder, Horizon Mechanical. Discussion. This motion passes 3 to zero. Joe will
get data from Johnston Supply on the manufacturer and reliability of the non-
RayPak boiler they proposed. The Board will consider this next month.

6.1 CARPORTS--We have not heard back from PSM on our recommendation of
an engineer to do the third opinion on the carport deck damage. JB chose Mr. Glen
McKie to represent us in this case, and to dismiss Mr. Finger. No further word.
        CARPORT MANSARD REPLACEMENT--On hold, pending resolution
of the above issue.

6.2 ROOFS--Will and GB did inspect all our roofs in mid-April. GB gives the
report. Happily, no roof is failing, but there is plenty of work to do, as already
budgeted. Motion by CB, second by MB, to proceed with the planned Roofing
Capital Expenditures this summer. This motion passes 3 to 0.
        Western--With further loss of their 2005 repairs apparent, on all 3 condos
and the one townhouse they did, the Board chooses to ask them to “walk away”
from the project. This is covered by Article 20 of our standard WPW contract, in
section 20.2. [They signed that contract on 7/28/05.] Motion by MB, second by
CB, to terminate that contract immediately, as per contract section 20.2. The
motion passes 3 to zero. Joe will notify “Al” immediately by phone, and provide
written notification to the owner (Sandy) next week when he returns to work. We
withhold almost $9,000 on this contract.
        WeatherSure--We still hold $2,000 pending completion of their punch list.
Board unanimous consensus is to adopt their enlarged scupper box size (that one
can actually stand in!), and the ½ inch per foot pitch as our WPW standards for all
new WPW roofs. No objection.

6.3 BOARD RECRUITMENT--Discussion. Joe will put a letter into the May
mailing asking for new Board members. He relates his experiences with other
Boards, including his own....

6.4 CLUBHOUSE REFURBISHMENT--See above (¶5.4).

6.5 MAILING IN MAY--Discussion. The mailing will need to go out next week
for the 5/18/06 meeting. We will include the Notice, the Board Letter approved
tonight (¶5.1), Joe’s letter, a proxy, the “Reserve” spreadsheet per ¶5.3 above, a
2004 audit summary page, the Pool Tag Policy (to remind everyone before the pool
opens), and copies of 2 recent Newsletters with details on Policies.

in the packet--it is for $139K, with only part of the site restoration included. We are
waiting for them to review our standard WPW contract. What part of the asphalt
and concrete repairs will we have them do?

6.7 LANDSCAPING/ROCK AREAS--See above (¶5.4). Nothing back from the
Committee members.

6.8 LAUNDRY ROOM LOCKS--We need to inspect the doors again--what has
been done?

6.9 HVAC PUMP REPLACEMENT--The WPW contract was not used. The
company’s bid did not exclude changing the casing (housing). Why didn’t they
install it? JB will find out. Discussion. Motion by MB, second by CB, (again)
requiring that all work done for WPW be done under the standard WPW Contract,
which offers extra protection to the Association. This motion passes unanimously.
Joe agrees to follow this Board policy.

6.10 OTHER--No other issue.
7. EXECUTIVE SESSION: At 2140, motion by MS, second by CB, to go into
Executive Session; this motion passes unanimously.
owner in violation of standards has been served with our suit to force clean up. This
case appears in many prior minutes.
        OTHER VIOLATIONS--Joe is getting the details together. He has to tag 4
cars and trailers violating rules. The Board confirms that storage and lack of current
plates are indeed violations. There is one case of a washer and dryer used within a
Quincy Avenue condominium unit. The owner requests “the grandfather clause that
allows owners....” The Board consensus is that there is no such “grandfather
clause.” This is a usage issue, with a usage restriction. Motion by CB, second by
MS to send a demand letter to this owner for removal of said washer and dryer
within 2 weeks. Discussion. This is consistent with ¶7.4 in March. This motion
passes unanimously. Joe will send the letter next week.

7.2 EMPLOYEE ISSUES--The one employee up for review tonight wants to use
the new form (the “PEPR”). So, this review will occur next month. JB reports
excess absenteeism this winter. The Board authorizes him to “clamp down” as
allowed by our Employee Manual. We cannot allow an unlimited number of sick
days for which employees don’t take vacation time, nor can we allow a large
number of so-called “vacation days” taken unscheduled. Nobody with a small staff
can function that way!

7.3 AGING/DELINQUENCY REPORT--We review this. The RMPA staff will
continue to do collections.

HEARINGS--See ¶7.1 above. We now have the 3/13/06 RRC minutes. There
were no cases for hearings in April. Michael Bates will get dates for the next 2
RRC hearings to Joe before the Annual Meeting (5/18/06).

discuss the condo heating (boilers) issue. Reports are that it had been said that the
boilers could not be turned back on. We don’t see why not. Assuming that the
(prematurely) circulating water running through the chillers has not been opened
into the buildings, one boiler unit should be turned on in each area, and would give
heat within about an hour. There is unanimous Board consensus to do so, pending
approval by ACA (the boiler installer); and to issue a warning to residents that we
are doing so, to include an apology for the unauthorized turn off. GB reports that he
has come to some additional agreements with JB concerning changes to the working
relationships and reviews. The new Board will have to consider these.
        One renter still owes us money. JB reports that they again promised to pay
us. This has been going on too long. Board consensus is to require the promise of
payment to be in writing, and to evict the party in the absence of immediate
A motion to leave Executive Session at 2212 (10:12 PM), by MS, second CB,
passes unanimously.


discussion in the Executive Session just ended, motion by CB, second by MS, to
send a letter demanding removal of a washer and dryer from a Quincy Avenue
condominium residential unit. This motion passes 3 to zero.
         Motion by MS, second by MB, to take the Personnel actions decided upon
during Executive Session. This motion passes 3 to 0.
         Motion by CB, second by MS, to restart the condo heating boilers ASAP,
and to post written warnings that we are doing so, accompanied by an apology for
any problems caused by the recent turn off. Discussion. This motion passes 3 to
         Motion by CB, second by MB, to take the actions with one delinquent WPW
renter, as decided in ¶7.5 above, to include eviction should payment not occur. This
motion passes 3 to zero.
         Unanimous Board consensus is that we review the WPW contracts in detail,
and pursue apparent violations and inadequacies of performance with the
responsible parties. This may require legal review, and should involve corporate
         There is an unsolicited bid in the Board packet for $11,500 to deck the roof
area over the pool. There is nothing budgeted for this, and replacement of railings
and other safety upgrades would be required. Board consensus is not to pursue this
at this time because of the excessive cost.

10. AGENDA REQUESTS FOR NEXT MONTH--The Board wants only one
meeting date in May, to be the night of the Annual Homeowners’ Meeting, after that
meeting. JB doesn’t anticipate much business, but GB thinks otherwise.

11. ADJOURNMENT--10:37 PM upon motion by MS, second by MB, passing 3-

Minutes prepared by George Bock, President.

THESE MINUTES APPROVED ON:                   05/18/2006

George W. Bock                               Mike Stocking
George Bock, President                       Mike Stocking, Vice President


MARCH 23, 2006:

                 MARCH 23, 2006 (7 P.M.)
                   WPW CLUBHOUSE
1. CALL TO ORDER: President George Bock calls the meeting to order at 1918.
Board members present are George Bock (GB), President and Treasurer; Mike
Stocking (MS), Vice President; and Carolyn Bennett (CB), director.
       ABSENT: Members Michael Bates (MB) and Bob Lane (BL) are absent.
       OTHERS PRESENT: Joe Bolton (JB), Property Manager;
                              and 3 guests (3 owners).

2. PROOF OF NOTICE: This is the regularly scheduled monthly Board meeting

3. HOMEOWNERS' FORUM: Two owners give feedback to the Board. No
owner or tenant submitted anything in writing for the Board's consideration tonight.
       One owner states that the condo buildings are cleaner.

4. APPROVAL OF PAST MINUTES: The minutes of the Board meetings of
June 23, 2005, and July 7, 21, & 28, 2005; plus February 23, 2006, all as George
circulated to the Board already (on 3/8 and 3/22) are up for approval. These total 18
pages. GB sent these out by e-mail 3/8/06. He made corrections to these three sets
of minutes, and reviews those in each set in detail. No questions. Motions by MS,
second by CB, to approve the minutes of 6/23/05 and 7/28/05 both as revised,
without other addition or correction. This motion passes unanimously. Motion by
CB, second by MS, to approve the revised minutes of 2/23/06 as presented; this
motion passes unanimously. [We are now all caught up!]

5.1 PRESIDENT'S--Currently accepted association accounting practices require
the separation of our Capital Funds from the Operating Funds. These WPW funds
are each in a number of separate accounts, at four different locations. All dues
checks go into one account. Our approved budget has $300,000 a year ($25,000 per
month) of these dues set for Capital Expense Funding. Although done by
management, such a transfer is best done only upon specific Board motion.
Discussion. Motion by MS, second by CB, to transfer $25,000 per month of dues
(uncorrected for actual collection percentage) to one of our bank accounts for the
Capital Replacement Account. This motion passes unanimously.
        We have another leaking condo hot water tank. Upon measurement, yes, our
2-unit replacement pair will fit into that boiler room. Joe has capital bids that are
slightly below prior costs, with an additional marked savings in the costs of
installation compared with recent Raypak and tank units. However, for better
supplies of hot water and better recovery, the low bid installer (BTS) recommends
120 gallon rather than 100 gallon tanks. Unfortunately, these are quite a bit more
expensive (double the price). Discussion. Joe would like us to change our policy
henceforth to 120 gallon tanks. However, the motion by CB, second by MS, is to
buy only two such tanks now (one for the condo which needs it now, and one more
to stock in the shop), and to decide later what to do in the future. This motion
passes unanimously. For installation, motion by MS, second by CB, to accept the
$2,300 bid from BTS to install the currently needed tank and Raypak. The motion
passes 2 to 0. A separate motion by MS, second by CB, to replace the single
circulating pump in this one instance only, at a supply cost of about $650 as
recommended by Joe. Discussion. This motion passes 2 to 0.
        Joe confirms that RMPA has in its WPW personnel files, written signatures
from all employees that they have received and understood the WPW Employee
Manual. He will obtain these annually, at the time of each annual review.
        Inspection of boilers--no report yet.
        BL is not present to report on laddering of CDs, to gain us greater interest
income. With interest rates rising, we should wait a bit before deciding. The Board
takes no action on this.

5.2 VICE PRESIDENT'S--MS states that it is very quiet in his building now that
we have replaced the main HVAC circulating pump. He wants to have the old
pump to see if there is any way to rebuild it (replace the bearings). Both other
Board members agree to have him do so. GB is concerned about what the contract
for this replacement said. Did we use our standard contract? Was there a formal,
signed, written change order? GB noticed that they replaced only the shaft and
impeller assembly, and did not replace the housing with the new unit. Why? What
happens if it rusts out? It looks as if they tried to loosen one bolt (only one bolt)
and decided not to proceed to do the complete replacement. Although it seems to be
working fine, this should not have happened this way. Joe does not know about
this, and will bring the contract or bid to the April meeting.

5.3 TREASURER'S/FINANCIAL--GB presents the Financials for February. The
"Balance Sheet" shows our total bank balance ("cash," uncorrected)--$351K. Per a
concern voiced by our auditor, we should keep bank accounts below the $100,000
insurance limit. Would this require going to additional banks? JB claims not, and
he will bring the exact FDIC restrictions to the April meeting. For now, we will
transfer $11,000 from the Guaranty Bank "Capital" account (#942) with a balance
of $109K, to the equivalent account at Citywide (#585). Motion to do so by MS,
second by CB, passes unanimously.
        Laundry income is $1K above budget, which is reassuring. However, a
change of couriers requires that we count our coins before they go to the bank; JB is
looking for a used coin counter, which is reportedly not very expensive. Late
charges and legal reimbursement to WPW are way ahead of budget, but these are
accrual amounts, not cash, and much will never be received.
        On the expense side, we are overall under budget. However, we have not
received the "February" Excel bills, and two months is still early in the year. The
only lines way above budget are the "Administrative" and
"Postage/Copying/Printing" line items. They will probably remain so given the
extra time and effort going into collections, and the RRC and other meetings, and
increased mailings. Personnel expense is right on budget.
        Joe reports that the back dues amounts owed to WPW are decreasing, though
the financials show an increase from January. GB discusses the "percentage"
columns shown in the "Profit & Loss" statement, and how we can use these values.
Now that the monthly financials' format is set, GB needs to add a table showing our
"Reserve" accounts (Operating and Capital Reserves) and their allocations.
        We discuss the Capital Replacement ("Reserve") Studies again. A couple of
line items have changed, based upon more recent data, and so as to create full
consistency between the two sheets (the remaining useful lives table, and the 7 year
Capital Expense projection). We will need about $4.8 million over the next 15-20
years, averaging just over our currently collected amount of $300,000 per year.
WPW will send these spreadsheets out to all owners and they will be available on
the Web site once complete. There is a motion by CB, second by MS, to formally
accept and distribute these two PROJECTION reports. Discussion. The motion
passes 2 to 0.
        The Auditors still have to revise their narrative report for 2004. This is their
busy time of year.
        At its 7/28/05 meeting, this Board authorized the purchase of a one-button
sequencing control so that we can test our sprinkler zones more easily and more
quickly (cost ~$125). Nobody on staff ever saw this. JB will check with Bob
Boucher (who was supposed to order that last year), and if never obtained, order this
(with an additional "extended range antenna") as authorized by the Board.
        Consensus is for JB to proceed, once we verify that this will indeed work
with our sprinkler clocks.

         RRC--Joe confirms that he keeps in each unit's file a photocopy of each
Rules letter envelope with metered postage date. A copy of the hearing notification
letter also goes to the RRC Chairman.
         Joe reports that the RRC met on 3/13/06. They approved unanimously the
proposed updated Rules and Regulations Document, including language corrections
to comply with SB-100 requirements.
         They unanimously approved the full, proposed Tenant Screening and Rental
Policy recommended by the Board. The Board discusses these recommendations,
and their implications. The "second reading" of this Policy comes up later tonight
         Joe reports that there are 188 units for which Smoke Detector Forms were
not received last fall (October). Only fifteen were scheduled for the 3/13 hearing.
Nobody appeared at that hearing. One written response came in by fax. Neither
Joe nor the RRC sees how they can deal with this volume of letters and hearings.
Unfortunately, we are put in the position of enforcing a city law, without financial
or other support. These RRC cases will be discussed later, in the Executive Session
         ARCHITECTURAL--There was one application for painting a door, which
was approved on 3/22/06. The Board unanimously concurs with that Committee
         LANDSCAPE--Per GB, only a few suggestions came in on the rocked areas
at WPW. This could be topic for feedback at the Annual Meeting. We will need
community volunteers to help with planting flowers in 6-8 weeks. GB reminds the
Board and JB that our attorneys feel that we must have signatures on a Volunteer
Waiver Form (available from our Web site) before anyone helps us. The threat is
real, as evidenced by an injury to a Whispering Pines of Denver volunteer last
spring (5/05). Colorado Workers' Comp law is very broad; volunteers could
potentially be covered, raising our costs.
         CLUBHOUSE--The refurbishment is in process. The upstairs is almost
done. The women's rest room requires extra work. Motion by CB, second by MS,
to remove the kitchenette counter and build a short island at the side; to remove the
ceiling fan and add three ceiling lights to give adequate lighting to the clubhouse;
and to paint the ceiling and walls an off white, with the beams a slightly different
white. Discussion. This motion passes unanimously.
         For painting, Joes says that scaffolding would be safer than using ladders.
We could also use it for working on stucco, balconies, carport mansards, and
exterior painting. The low bid so far is $864 (plus tax). JB needs to get 2 other bids
or estimates. Motion by CB, second by MS, to purchase these for this amount as a
maximum; this motion passes unanimously.
         POOL--Joe says that the preparations for opening the pool are on the May
Calendar. The building exterior over the pool must be painted before the pool cover
comes off.

5.5 MANAGER'S REPORT--Joe gives his report verbally. The work orders this
month are either completed or scheduled.
        CALENDAR--We (WPW & RMPA) will publish several months of this in
list form, to go out with the mailing in April. JB presents seven pages of David's
typed lists of projects, many of which are complete at this time; but there is no
Calendar as we have requested. He needs "software."
        POSTAGE MACHINE--JB will see if there is any way to sell this.

5.6 OTHER Why are we buying ice melt at higher cost at ACE? JB will check.
        LEGAL--On 1/17/06, there was a new bill introduced in Colorado to "clean
up" SB-100. There is a requirement that WPW's annual letter to owners state our
insurance and maintenance responsibilities; but the remainder of the proposed
changes, we are already doing, or they do not pertain to us (e.g., having "delegates"
elect the Board). Even if this new bill passes, we still have to make the changes to
our Policies and to our Rules and Regulations that we have been making!
        STAFFING--The Board agrees with JB's plan to start lawn and landscaping
work soon. We authorize planning on 2 temporary/seasonal employees to do lawns
and rock work, one starting in April. The motion authorizing this, by CB, second
by MS, passes unanimously.
        EQUIPMENT--As budgeted for 2006, we need to buy lawn equipment. A
suggestion is to buy a mulching mower, so that we can rebuild the clay soil that we
have here everywhere. Discussion. Motion by CB, second by MS, to buy such a
mower; this passes unanimously. Joe will get prices. JB is to get information (only)
on the costs of a used golf cart and a used bucket truck, as potential money savers--
this motion by MS, second by CB, passes unanimously.
        COMCAST--Nothing new.

6.1 CARPORTS--Mr. Finger has not responded. H&S will not represent us in
this, since they do some work for PSM, the insurance company. There is a motion
to use an attorney JB uses for his other property, to take over our interests (MS, CB;
passes unanimously). Consensus confirms that JB is to notify PSM of our
recommendation of an engineer do the third opinion on the carport deck damage.
         CARPORT MANSARD REPLACEMENT--On hold, pending resolution
of the above.

6.2 ROOFS--Discussions ongoing for the three issues. WeatherSure has agreed to
complete the punch list on the two TPO roofs. Will and GB are to inspect all roofs
in mid-April (Calendar item).

involves several lengthy discussions, referring to the multiple policies put into the
Rules and Regulations as required by SB-100. We start with the "second reading"
of our "Tenant Screening and Rental Policy." Both the RRC and the Board have
approved this. To be contained within the Rules and Regs document, to make it
totally clear what the Policy requires, the further proposal now is to add a specific
reference to our Declarations ¶6.2 (that already mentions a number of these
requirements, but that owners may not be familiar with); and, secondly, to add a
final paragraph "(e)" requiring that owners provide to the Association the required
written Leases and signed proofs that all tenants (renters) have received a copy of
the Rules and Regulations document. This also reflects the stipulations set forth in
the original WPW Declarations. Discussion. There is no alternative. Motion by
MS, second by CB, to make these changes, now incorporating them into both the
freestanding Policy, as well as into the Rules Annex "J." Further discussion. This
motion then passes unanimously, without change. Motion by MS, second by CB, to
adopt this amended POLICY on this, its second reading; this motion passes
unanimously as well.
        We turn our attention to the Rules document itself. GB did send out to all
Board members, in context, all of the recent changes made in the wording of the
Rules. He received no objection or request for other changes. Tonight, we review
the changed sections, painstakingly, paragraph by paragraph. We discuss the
implications and effects of each addition and change. In each case, the President
asks if the Board and manager understand the change, and if they also understand
that each will now require enforcement by the Board and RRC; yes, in all cases.
Consensus is to approve each of these changes. The unanimously approved motions
are as follows:
         B 6.2. Add locations where we have the Architectural Application:
"…WPW Web site (WWW.WPWHOA.NET), Clubhouse, or page 25 below." And
specify, "See Annex 'I' below." {MS, CB--motion by MS, second by CB; this
motion passes unanimously.}
         B 14. Within square brackets, remove the word "application" and state,
"…above for details, and see Annex 'I' page 25 for the Architectural Application
Form." {MS, CB; passes unanimously.}
         J 6. Motion by MS, second by CB, to specify how Rules letters are
delivered. "All letters referred to in these Rules and Regulations shall be considered
as having been served on the date mailed by regular U.S. mail." JB states that this is
consistent with the SB-100 designation of "first class US mail" for all notices.
{This motion passes unanimously without further change.}
         Section K of the existing Rules ("RESOLUTIONS") will remain, as
paragraphs K.1 and K.2, but the adoption paragraph will become a new Section Q
("ADOPTION") at the end of the Rules and Regs. The title of K becomes
"ADDITIONAL RESOLUTIONS [as signed by the WPW Board 11/11/93]" to
preserve the specific reference to a prior Board's work. {Motions CB, MS; these
pass unanimously.}
         Annex G. Add in the Rules only, the reference "(shown on page 25, four
pages below this sheet)". Add to both Rules and the freestanding Policy, under
section 1, "…structure or stucco of the building, including any holes for nails,
screws, wires, cables, or furnace or other ventilation." Also on page 1, add
"…wood or metal frame." And, as a footnote on page 2, add a reference to Rules
section Q that authorizes the Board to take such action. {MS, CB; this complex
motion passes 2-0, unchanged.}
         Annex I. In the second paragraph, change the availability of the
(unchanged) Architectural Application to "(page 25, immediately below)" and "next
page." {CB, MS; passes unanimously.}
         Annex J. See above, re. two changes to the Tenant Screening Policy.
         Three new issues have come up in the last 2 months. SB-100 requires that
the Association have policies that spell out exactly how the Association and Board
will act, and exactly how decisions will be made. They should not have ambiguity.
Three existing Rules seem ambiguous. We discuss these. We agree on minor
changes in wording, which do not change the intended meanings of two "old" Rules
(¶B.7 and ¶D.5). B.7 has what appears to be a typo--we add "…patio door and
balcony door coverings regardless…." And in D.5, the definition of the carport
space is still unclear (definition of 7/17/03). MS also moves to change this to
"…cannot extend outside the size of the parking space (painted lines at the sides and
only the paved area under the carport roof, not beyond the curb); and they cannot be
a traffic hazard." Second by CB. Further discussion; discussion of alternatives in
both cases. The dual motions pass unanimously, both unchanged.
         Thirdly, Annex "K" needs to better define the term "condo." The Rules'
section on "Definitions" states that Condominiums and Townhouses are equivalent,
and are covered by the term "Condominium." The RRC agrees that the "Washers
and Dryers" Policy needs slight rewording to clarify that it pertains only to
"condominium residential units with a Quincy Avenue address." The Board vote is
2-0 tonight {motion by MS, second by CB} to accept the two such similar changes
to this policy, in both the freestanding policy and where it is included as Annex "K"
in the Rules document.
         In a separate issue, several RRC incidents over the past 2 years involving
noise, odor, and hoarding nuisances occasioned a look at the Declarations. Its ¶6.6
gives the Board specific authority to enforce restrictions, and specifically directs the
Board to define such nuisances. SB-100 requires specificity, and our attorney has
written recommendations to associations in general on writing specific rules in this
regard. We discuss their 2/27/06 article, and agree to create a new Rule "B.18"
derived from the Declarations, the details of which most owners are unaware. We
formulate the wording of such, and agree on a list of examples of "nuisances."
Again, SB-100 requires that Policies and Rules make it clear how decisions will be
made. Motion by MS, second by CB, to add this new section as "B.18" into our
Rules and Regulations. Discussion. This motion now passes unanimously without
         GB asks again if the Board members and manager understand what they
have approved; yes they do. Are there any other questions or comments; no. Is
anything in the Rules unclear; no, nothing.
         Motion by CB, second by MS, to accept the wording of a proposed Rules
section Q, a Board Resolution tonight to Adopt these updated and amended Rules.
This motion passes unanimously.
         MS moves to ADOPT this amended Rules and Regulations document in its
entirety, with the additional changes authorized tonight, to be the official Rules and
Regulations of WPW, effective immediately; second by CB. No questions. This
Adoption resolution (Q) passes unanimously.
         George will reformat the formal Rules document, to include these changes
and the Annexes added last month, with the Adoption Q, and Summary R; then give
it to Joe for printing and distribution soon. JB presents a sample letter for this
distribution--we make a couple of suggestions for that letter.

6.4 CLUBHOUSE REFURBISHMENT--See above (¶5.4).

6.5 MAILINGS IN APRIL AND MAY--Discussion. The Board agrees with the
proposal to distribute the written Rules document one more time*, with a cover
letter from Joe, and with copies of the 7-year Capital projections, and a summary of
the WPW maintenance Calendar for the next several months. The Smoke Detector
Certificate will go out, with a special letter from Joe to those people who did not
turn in forms last October. *[SB-100 does not actually require that we distribute or
mail these.]
         Next month, in May, the Annual Meeting notices go out. Per Board
consensus, we will mail a copy of the first three months' budget (financials), and the
corrected audit commentary if it is back.

6.6 BOARD RECRUITMENT--Discussed. GB references last spring's list of
tasks and what we need to find Board members to help with--JB will look this over
and make recommendations.

6.7 LANDSCAPING--See above (¶5.4). Per successful motion by MS, second by
CB, JB should bring suggestions to the Board on different colors of rocks for the
borders, and possibly some different materials for areas around some of the

6.8 TENANT SCREENING--The formal policy is already approved under ¶6.3
above. JB says that their procedure is already in place at RMPA for when owners
call re. rentals. Which company will we use for screenings? This and the exact cost
per background check are still to be determined by Joe.

6.9 LAUNDRY ROOM LOCKS--No report.

Water Board wants new drawings of the project. The engineer is doing these. GB
asks that JB contact the chosen contractor, to find out in exactly what order he
would like to attack this, and if he could get more information relative to the price
of the entire project (and risk sharing) by replacing an existing hydrant.

6.11 OTHER--JB now wants us to choose a paving contractor, so that he can
inform them (but their scheduling awaits completion of our fire hydrants project).
GB reads spreadsheet of the choices and prices. Discussion re. reliability of
companies. Joe feels that any of these companies will do a good job. We have 3
full bids, and another partial bid. Motion by MS, second by CB, to choose Rocky
Mountain Pavement, which gave us the lowest overall bid; the vote is unanimous.

7. EXECUTIVE SESSION: At 2257, motion by MS, second by CB, to go into
Executive Session; this motion passes unanimously.
REPORT--There is one repeat, persistent, and ongoing violation to the "nuisance"
provisions of the WPW Declarations. The owner did not show up to the RRC
hearing, again. No letter to this owner has been returned. Joe and the RRC feel that
we should just let the attorneys handle it, as we are suing the owner for the cleanup.
        However, per SB-100, the Board feels that we should follow our Rules, and
should be consistent in doing so. Discussion and examples. Rule "J.6" applies
(stating "Failure by the accused... to respond... will be construed as an admission of
the violation"). So, despite the involvement of the Fire Department, Health
Department, and attorney; the Board feels unanimously that this owner should
receive a $300 Rules assessment, and immediately be subject to a $10 per day "fine"
until the unit is restored. [This was also our feeling last month according to the
minutes just approved earlier tonight.] Motion by MS, second by CB to take these
actions; the vote is 2 to 0 in favor of this motion.
        OTHER VIOLATIONS--Joe is awaiting the approval of the amended
Rules before sending out more letters. He needs to get an updated "satellite dish
inventory" and send 3rd violation letters to those owners--these will now carry
minimum $300, plus $10 per day, assessments ("fines").
        THREE CLAIMS--Two residents sent letters requesting payment for
alleged damage to their cars while parked on WPW property. The first, which was
reviewed back when Bob was here, was never validated as legitimate; indeed WPW
employees testified that there never was damage by branches. Discussion and
review of claim. The Board denies this claim. The second claim is more recent and
involved an unusually strong wind blowing a single section of WPW fence down.
We were unaware of any problem with that fence. There is no evidence of
negligence on the part of WPW. The owner should file a claim under their
"Comprehensive" auto insurance policy. The Board does not feel that this is a valid
claim against the Association. A third case is presented, as requested through Joe,
with documentation revealing alleged negligence of the maintenance department of
WPW, resulting in destruction of a unit's carpet. The Association had known a full
year earlier of several problems with that roof, yet failed to keep scuppers clean.
The Board reviewed the documents and paid bill presented, as well as three other
instances where the Board had paid for similar losses of other owners. With the
petitioner absent, the Board discusses this issue and votes 2 to 0 to reimburse this
owner for this loss.

7.2 EMPLOYEE ISSUES--Two reviews. Considerable discussion on each, one
being a new review, and the other a re-review after a reprimand stemming from last
month's discussion in Executive Session. We review the standard WPW forms for
such, and discuss Joe's and the Board's perceptions of each employee's productivity,
behavior, and responsiveness. The Board reaches a plan for each, and Joe will
institute a "Growth Plan" ("Improvement Plan") for each employee.

7.3 AGING/DELINQUENCY REPORT--We review this. JB has no specific
recommendation, as the RMPA staff continues to collect a fair amount of money.
There are a couple of large accounts that should be written off soon.

HEARINGS--See ¶7.1 above. The RRC, according to Joe, wants the Smoke
Detector Certificates issue looked at further. There are 188 violating owners, above
what we had last spring. We review the violations and city code. Lengthy
discussion ensues. Motion on our consensus to send a personal letter to these 188
owners reminding them of their "one" instance of violation, last October, and
warning them that any recurrence in the future will subject them to a $200 Rules
Assessment ("fine")--motion by MS, second by CB. Discussion, and discussion
with Joe. This motion passes unanimously without amendment.
       OLDER CASES--The satellite dish of concern at the RRC (and here) last
month has been removed. There is one condo unit known to have a washer and
dryer. Letters from both sides were exchanged last August (8/11 & 8/16/05). The
owner's response was to file an architectural change request. However, we have our
attorney's opinion (from Trish Harris, 11/9/05) that this is a "usage issue" ("use
restriction"), and is therefore not subject to any statute of limitations, any "knew or
should have known" argument, nor any time limit on enforcement of compliance.
Board consensus is to send a violation letter at this time, again requiring that the
units be removed. This being an ongoing violation within one year's time, it now
requires an RRC hearing.


Motion to leave Executive Session at 0020 (Friday 12:20 AM), by MS, second CB,
passes unanimously.


discussion in the Executive Session just ended, motion by MS, second by CB, to
proceed with the $300 Rules Assessment ("fine") for one unit with a continued
nuisance; and to send notice to that owner that we are assessing $10 per day for
accumulated damages as long as the odor and substance violations continue. This
motion passes 2 to 0. Joe will send the letter to the two addresses we have on
        Motion by MS, second by CB, to take the actions decided upon during
Executive Session for the three claims submitted to the Board, with one payment
approved ($1,584). This motion passes 2 to 0.
        Motion to send a second violation letter and demand for the removal of the
condo washer and dryer referred to in Executive Session, made by MS, second by
CB; this motion passes 2 to 0.
        Motion by MS, second by CB, to take the personnel actions decided on
during the Executive Session tonight--this passes unanimously.
        Concerning the delinquent Smoke Detector Certificates from last fall,
motion by MS, second by CB, to take the actions described above--no fines at this
time, but issuing a warning to all 188 units that, as the Rules document provides,
any further non-filing will subject them to a $200 fine. This motion passes
unanimously. Joe will send a special letter to all 188 owners who failed to send in a
form last October. This will state that the lacking October form represents the first
violation of the Rule on Smoke Detector Certificates, and that any recurrence of
non-filing will subject the owner to a $200 Rules Assessment ("fine"). This will be
like a conditional "suspended sentence." All other units will get a blank Smoke
Detector Certificate Form, and a note reminding them of a $200 fine if they fail to
        Joe reports that there are RRC meetings scheduled for 4/4 and 4/11/06. GB
feels that these must be scheduled ahead at least 4-6 weeks to give Joe enough time
to get the hearing letters out, and to give alleged violators time to reply.
10. AGENDA REQUESTS FOR NEXT MONTH--Details of the Annual
Meeting! There will also be one employee annual review.

11. ADJOURNMENT--12:29 AM (0029 Friday) upon motion by MS, second by
CB, passing 2-0.

Minutes prepared by George Bock, President.

THESE MINUTES APPROVED ON:                  04/27/2006

George W. Bock                              Mike Stocking
George Bock, President                      Mike Stocking, Vice President


FEBRUARY 23, 2006:

               FEBRUARY 23, 2006 (7 P.M.)
                   WPW CLUBHOUSE
1. CALL TO ORDER: President George Bock (GB) calls the meeting to order at
1910. Board members present are George Bock, President and Treasurer; Mike
Stocking (MS), Vice President; Michael Bates (MB), and Carolyn Bennett (CB).
       ABSENT: Member Bob Lane (BL) is absent.
       OTHERS PRESENT: Joe Bolton (JB), Property Manager; and 1 guest
(one owner).

2. PROOF OF NOTICE: This is the regularly scheduled monthly Board meeting

3. HOMEOWNERS' FORUM: One owner gives feedback to the Board and
presents a number of her issues. Joe will look into these, one of which is the hot
water in building 7375. She wonders if WPW could get a bid for washing of
condominium unit windows, at a "group rate" for owners who wanted this done.
Joe will check into this. No owner submitted anything in writing for the Board
        Joe Bolton did contact Kim Black, owner of Clean Berets. She will have an
additional employee working at times to help David. They developed a list of
things to focus on in cleaning the condo buildings.

4. APPROVAL OF PAST MINUTES: The minutes of the Board meetings of
May 26, 2005 (Board Organizational Meeting), June 2 (Special Meeting on
projects),and August 25, 2005; plus January 26, 2006, all as George circulated to the
Board already; are up for approval. These total 17 pages. Motion to approve these
four sets of minutes as presented, without change, made by MB, second by CB.
This motion passes unanimously.

5.1 PRESIDENT'S--We discuss the Reserve Studies again. A couple of line items
change. They will be available on the Web site once complete. We need to make
sure that RMPA has in its file written signatures from all employees that they have
received and understood the WPW Employee Manual. This should be done
annually, at the time of their annual review.
         The Web site continues to get 5-15 unique visitors per day. On 2/20, an
electrician for Piper Electric contacted Joe and George. He was here on a service
call to a private unit and did not know the details of the Piper Electrical Retrofit.
What he found was that there was some arcing inside the switch if it was flipped
slowly, and he said that this was operator error. He found no problem with the
connections in that box.
         GB has asked that ACA inspect the boilers--there is mineral deposition on
the seams of the flue vent in 7625--make sure that the boiler is not affected. No
report yet.
         BL is not present to report on laddering of CDs, to gain us greater interest

5.2 VICE PRESIDENT'S--MS states that the laundry rooms are cleaner.

5.3 TREASURER'S/FINANCIAL--GB presents the Financials for January. The
Profit/Loss statement is in accrual terms and includes assets. To be consistent with
the requests of past Boards, we need a statement monthly of total bank balances
(cash, uncorrected)--as appears at the end of the top section of the financials as now
printed. GB discusses the new format for the financials and notes that there will be
a few minor adjustments in the format. The Board will see the 2-paged summary,
plus a table on "Reserve" accounts, without the additional details (day by day
transactions, etc.).   We paid off the boilers on 1/23/06, $13,881. RMPA
mistakenly shows this under "Roof Reserve." Joe will get this corrected.
        We bring in $26,000 per year from our three rental units--this is why we
don't sell them (10 year anticipated income is over one-quarter of a million dollars,
versus a one-time fully taxable sale amount if we sold them!).
        The Auditors still have to revise their report for 2004.

      RRC--MB, as Chairman, reports that the RRC met on 2/13/06. They
tackled a number of issues brought up by the requirements of SB-100, which we
must follow. There was unanimous RRC (committee) approval of the existing
Policies on Architectural Changes, Pool Tags, Satellite Dishes, and Washers and
Dryers in Condominium Units (Prohibited). Then there was unanimous RRC
approval for the Board to include all of these policies in the formal Rules and
Regulations Document of WPW, as required by SB-100.
         There was unanimous approval of the concept of Tenant Screening, with
approval of proposed sentences added to section B.2 in the Rules pertaining to this
screening requirement. There is a unanimous RRC recommendation to add a new
section "B.17" to the Rules, detailing the required twice annual Smoke Detector
Certificate filing (per Denver Building Code), and confirming the existing $200-300
fines for each unit failing to file such a certificate each April and each October.
         To update the Rules Document otherwise, the RRC recommends placing the
existing $200 minimum fine into section J.8, with a $300 minimum for repeat
offenses, and adding accumulated damages of $10 per day for uncorrected/ongoing
violations as decided 2 years ago (8/26/04 Minutes, ¶7.3). Additional wording is
recommended unanimously for J.6 and J.11, specifying the contents of letters to
owners violating Rules. The Board presented these provisions to the RRC, which
passed each unanimously. The RRC confirmed a maximum of one rescheduling for
a hearing (1/27/05 Minutes, ¶5.4).
         The Board discusses these recommendations, and their implications. Motion
by CB, second by MS to approve ALL the mentioned additions and changes to the
WPW "Rules and Regulations," including the inclusion of all our Policies as
"Annexes" to the Rules and Regulations. Discussion. This motion passes
unanimously. This constitutes the required SECOND READING for these Rules
decisions, as the Board decided to make the changes at its 1/26/06 meeting (see
1/26/06 Minutes, ¶5.4).
         As in November, Joe has dozens of owners needing RRC hearings
concerning the Smoke Detector Certificates, which had to be turned in last October.
The next RRC meeting was set for 3/13/06. Joe will send out the letters on these
cases next week. [Per our just re-approved policies, we will allow a maximum of
only one hearing rescheduling on these cases too.]
         LANDSCAPE--Per GB, despite last month's report, several Doggie Parks
don't have their new pea gravel.
         CLUBHOUSE--The upper floor plus the rest rooms of the Clubhouse need
floor tile. Joe recommends 12" by 12" vinyl tile, color "Camel," with the lowest
price being about $800. WPW personnel will put this down, right over the current
tile, without disturbing the current tiles. Questions. Discussion. Motion by MB,
second by CB, to authorize this purchase and installation of the floor tile. This
motion passes unanimously.
         POOL--The wintertime algae treatment is done.

5.5 MANAGER'S REPORT--Joe gives his report verbally. The work orders this
month are either completed or scheduled. GB mentions two requests that have not
yet been completed. Joe will pass these on as he thought they had been done. Joe
reports that the energy saving fluorescent bulbs that we use in the condominium
buildings are stolen as fast as they are replaced. So we will therefore have to go
back to regular light bulbs to save money!
       There is one condo building with a leaking hot water tank. Joe feels that the
room is too small for a RayPak unit. GB does not believe that this is so, and we
should continue with our plans to use the two-unit replacements (in all but 7355 and
7625, the main heater boiler rooms, which are filled by the HVAC heating boilers,
and will hold a hot water tank only). They will inspect these other rooms.
       CALENDAR--presented in preliminary form. We offer several additions.
We (WPW & RMPA) will publish this once it is refined.

5.6 OTHER XCEL Energy completed repairs to two townhouse electrical
entrances. Thank you for getting this done, Joe!
       COMCAST--Nothing new.

6.1 CARPORTS--Mr. Finger has not responded. H&S will investigate this and
make recommendations for next month's Board meeting. Board consensus is that
we NOT drop our lawsuit. CB recommends an engineering company to give a third
opinion on the cause of the damages to the carport decks. Motion by MB, second
by MS, to offer this company as our proposal for the third opinion, rather than
accept PSM's recommendation, the fairness of which we cannot judge. Discussion.
This engineering company comes with recommendations. This motion passes
unanimously. Joe will inform our PSM representative of our choice.
        CARPORT MANSARD REPLACEMENT--On hold, pending resolution
of the above.

6.2 ROOFS--No new leaks. Inspections scheduled for the three issues.

         Upon motion by MB, second by MS, we vote to approve on this second
reading the seven policies made mandatory by SB-100, as approved last month.
This motion tonight passes unanimously, on a 3 to 0 vote.
         Earlier, the Board approved all of the changes recommended by the Rules
and Regulations Committee (under ¶5.4). The only new policy now is the
this for many months. The final proposal went out to the Board by e-mail, and we
review it tonight. A former attorney recommended the multiple specifications and
protections seen in this document. Discussion. No recommendation for any
changes to this document. Motion by CB, second by MS, that this proposed Policy
be adopted by WPW, and become "Annex J" of the Rules and Regulations
Document. The motion passes without amendment, 3 to 0. GB says that this should
go to the RRC for its approval, and then back to the Board next month for its
"second reading" (to be consistent with our "SB-100" Policy on Policy Adoption).
George will format the formal Rules document, and bring it back to the RRC and
Board for final approval next month. We should be able to print it and distribute it
6.4 CLUBHOUSE REFURBISHMENT--See above (¶5.4).
6.5 ASPHALT BIDS--A fourth bid is in. We now have only to get the hydrants
project done, and then choose what components of asphalt and concrete repair we
want to do. The bids will determine who gets to do what. They meet budgetary
projections. Remove topic from agenda; place it on our "Calendar."

6.6 CALENDAR--Discussed. We need to add TH tree inventory for sending
letters, getting Superior Roofing to check for Warranty work needed on their 4 roofs
done 2001-2002, and get their bids for "aluminum" and for elastomeric recoating of
those roofs. We project late 3/06 or early 4/06 mailings to offsite owners, with
hand-delivery onsite (R&R, recent pertinent Newsletters, and SD forms).

6.7 LANDSCAPING--See above (¶5.4 & ¶6.5).

6.8 TENANT SCREENING--Formal policy approved under ¶6.3. Which
company we will use for screenings will depend upon what they have to offer at
what price. GB gives Joe the details on the company we were going to use under
ACCU--they were going to do it for just under $30 per request.

6.9 SATELLITE DISH REMOVAL--Fourteen letters went out. Only one owner
showed for their RRC hearing. Remove this topic from the agenda, as this is now
an issue of the RRC (and the monthly financials).

6.10 LAUNDRY ROOM LOCKS--Despite the reports at the past two meetings,
GB's inspection reveals that 4 L.R. doors do not close properly, and one boiler room
door deadbolt catches by only a fraction of an inch. Joe will get these fixed. Do we
need a written work order system & written report?

6.11 FIRE HYDRANTS--The plans were approved by the Denver Fire
Department, and now are "pending" with the Denver Water Board. Upon this
second approval, we will need to decide what part of the project to do, on what
schedule, as limited by the funds available.

6.12 OTHER--Nothing brought up.

7. EXECUTIVE SESSION: At 2135, motion by MS, second by CB, to go into
Executive Session; this motion passes unanimously.
issues with specific residents to discuss. The unit that has been posted by the Fire
Department and Health Department shows slow progress at cleanup. Our attorney
recommends that we file suit to force professional cleanup immediately. Motion by
MS, second by CB to do so. The vote is 3 yes, 0 no.
        This owner also remains in violation of our Rules, as determined by the
RRC and then the Board last month. Our deadline passes, so that Joe needs to send
a further letter to that owner, indicating a $300 fine plus $10/day for damages to the
Association from this problem--it is affecting that entire building. These Rules
Assessments will be the subject of this owner's next (second) hearing, at the 3/13/06
RRC meeting.
         OTHER VIOLATIONS--The owners with delinquent Smoke Detector
Certificates from last October will have a group hearing on 3/13/06. Joe will send
out the letters next week, retaining copies of the dated envelopes. Joe has sent out
"first" letters on a few other violations.

7.2 EMPLOYEE ISSUES--Two reviews. Considerable discussion on each. We
review the standard WPW forms for such, as prepared by various staff. All staff
members were invited to give feedback. This was "mixed." Discussion occurs on
employee feedback. The Board makes decisions in both cases, one of which will
come back to the Board for decision and feedback from that employee next month.
The other employee completes the "Probationary Period" and is now eligible for
benefits. The pay is a salary, not hourly wage. We agree on the hourly equivalent,
without overtime or "comp time" provided.
        INSURANCE ISSUES--Joe reports that provision of dental insurance is
consistent with our Employee Manual. Formal insurance has more to offer than just
"a dental plan." Motion by CB, second by MS, to start dental insurance for full time
employees, on an 85%-15% split; unanimous vote in favor.

7.3 AGING/DELINQUENCY REPORT--We review this. We will follow the
aging analysis for a couple of months before taking further action.

HEARINGS--See ¶7.1 above. The RRC report for 2/13/06, received in writing, is
that there were 10 cases. Nine had at least two or more letters concerning violating
the Rule on Satellite Dishes adopted in 2004.
        Two owners showed up, one having received only a first letter, but they
wanted to see the RRC in action. There is no Rules Assessment ("fine") for that
owner. One owner with a residual satellite dish, attached to their air conditioner
unit, has been trying to find alternative locations. The RRC unanimously
recommended no fine, pending their planned removal of the dish. Discussion.
Discussion on appearances in decision making. The remainder of the violating
owners (8) did not appear, despite proper notification. Per Rule "J.6" (stating
"Failure by the accused... to respond... will be construed as an admission of the
violation."), the RRC found them guilty of ongoing violation of WPW Rules and
Policies, and recommended a $200 fine to each. Per motion by MS, second by CB,
these decisions are confirmed by a Board vote of 2 to 0. [MB sits on the RRC and
cannot vote on this now.] The other 5 or so dishes in the most recent inventory
were determined to be abandoned, and not connected to the units they appeared to
be going to. WPW staff removed those. There can be no hearing in these cases.
        The next RRC meeting is 3/13/06. JB will do a violations property
inspection in mid-March.
7.5 MANAGER'S CLOSING WORDS--Joe thanks us for our support.

Motion to leave Executive Session at 10:35 PM, by MS, second by CB; this passes

8. NEW BUSINESS--Motion to provide actual Dental Insurance to employees, at a
total cost of about $14/month each, for employees only, made by CB, second by
MS. WPW will pay 85% of the cost. This motion passes 3 to 0, to confirm the
discussion in Executive Session.

discussion in the Executive Session just ended, motion by MS, second by MB, to
proceed with the eight $200 Rules Assessments ("fines") recommended by the
RRC. [These are explained above.] This motion passes 3 to 0. Motion by MS,
second by CB, to file suit against the one owner with City involvement (as
described in ¶7.1 above), and to refer this owner as discussed in ¶7.1 above, to the
RRC for a $300 fine plus $10 per day in damages for ongoing violations of our
Rules and Declarations. Discussion. This motion passes unanimously. Joe will
send the letters to the two addresses of record. He notes that neither of the two
letters sent before ever came back from the USPS.
         Motion by MS, second by MB, to take the personnel actions decided on
during the Executive Session tonight--this passes on a 3 to 0 vote.

10. AGENDA REQUESTS FOR NEXT MONTH--There should be a very long
list of RRC recommendations from their hearings, covering the delinquent Smoke
Detector Certificate forms from last October. Next month, there will also be one
employee annual review, and one re-review from tonight. No request for other

11. ADJOURNMENT--10:40 PM upon a motion by MS, second by MB, which
passes unanimously.

Minutes prepared by George Bock, President.

THESE MINUTES APPROVED ON:                   03/23/2006

George W. Bock                               Mike Stocking
George Bock, President                       Mike Stocking, Vice President

JANUARY 26, 2006:

               JANUARY 26, 2006 (7 P.M.)
President George Bock (GB) calls the meeting to order at 1908. Board members
present are George Bock, President and Treasurer; Mike Stocking (MS), Vice
President; Michael Bates (MB), and Carolyn Bennett (CB). Member Bob Lane
(BL) arrives later.
       Also present are Joe Bolton, Property Manager; and about six guests
(owners and tenants, and one employee). See sign-in sheet on file.

2. PROOF OF NOTICE: This is the regularly scheduled monthly Board meeting

3. HOMEOWNERS' FORUM: A number of guests signed up to address the
Board, in accordance with the directives in Senate Bill 100 (SB-100). They relate
various aspects of the cleaning of the condominium common areas. Two are willing
to work for WPW doing supplemental cleaning "to help the contractor get caught
up." Joe Bolton will contact Kim Black, owner of Clean Berets, to let her know of
some of the details that seem to have been forgotten by her cleaner. She has
addressed prior such concerns. Among other issues are the need for better cleaning
of walls and baseboards, and for better vacuuming of the condos particularly on the
third floor levels. The presenters take over one half hour in stressing their
proposals, and they indicate that they have organized anonymous "building
monitors" to watch the progress on these cleaning issues mentioned. They will
report back to the Board. Joe requests that such reporting start now rather than at
some arbitrary time in the future. Guests note that the maintenance staff has been
working hard on improving the looks of the property, but there are a number of
other things that they want done. There is no other topic brought up before the
Board tonight.

4. APPROVAL OF PAST MINUTES: The minutes of the Board meetings of
September 7 (Special Meeting to select a new management company), September
22 (regular monthly meeting), and November 30, 2005 (the Annual Budget
Meeting), are up for approval. We add one sentence to the draft minutes for
11/30/05, at the top of page 2, to indicate that there was no move or motion to reject
the budget proposed by the Board. There is no other change requested from the
draft versions sent out in December 2005. These total 15 pages. Motion to approve
these three sets of minutes as presented, made by Michael Bates (MB), second by
Carolyn Bennett (CB). This motion passes unanimously.
        The Board meeting scheduled for December 23, 2005, did not occur because
there was no quorum. George Bock and Joe Bolton met with owners on that
evening, and then spent another 2 hours reviewing Board and Association business
and plans. [This present set of minutes therefore actually covers two months' of
Board and Association business.]

5.1 PRESIDENT'S--There is no volunteer tonight to serve as Board Secretary.
        Joe reports that our Wedbush account contains money only in a money
market fund. We paid no load on that fund. No change is needed. BL suggests
laddering of CDs, to gain greater interest income for the Association. How this
would affect current bank fees is unclear. He will make recommendations to the
Board next month.       There are bids for a new Raypak boiler and hot water storage
tank, to have in stock at WPW. [We keep these on-site, so that we do not suffer a
delay of several days to get a new water heater for a condo building when a current
one fails or leaks.] These two-part units (with the heater and storage tank being
separate) replace a single hot water tank in a condo building, to give a better hot
water supply and better recoveries. The Board authorized this purchase on 10/27/05
(¶6.14). Joe does not have the exact bid amounts. GB repeats his request for a 6-9
month calendar for the Association and for the Board for planning purposes, so that
such needs no longer get "lost" between meetings and so that we can properly
prepare for upcoming "seasonal" and other projects. He requests such calendar in
writing within two weeks. Motion by MB, second by MS, to buy the 400,000 BTU
Raypak and tank from the lowest bidder, making sure that we have a bid from Ace
Hardware (which had the lowest bid the last time we bought these). This motion
passes unanimously.
        Recent WPW minutes document prior WPW Boards' acceptances of Reserve
Studies on at least three occasions--4/17/03, 10/16/03, & 7/15/04. GB supplied
those minutes to Joe, so that the auditors can modify their recent report. Discussion
on having a formal commercial reserve study occurs. There is no motion to do so,
given the adequacy and accuracy of our own internal studies done in the past.
Motion by CB, second by MB, that for 2006, the Board adopt both the existing
"Estimated Remaining Useful Life" table and also the new spreadsheet presented by
Joe tonight that carries our Capital projections forward from 2004-2013
(understanding that we will correct certain line entries in the upcoming months as
more data become available). This motion passes unanimously.
        We vote unanimously to shift $10,456 of payroll expenses in 2005 to Roof
Capital expenses, for employee time spent. Motion by MS, second by MB. This
motion passes 4 to 0.
        GB discusses the recommendation made by O&H last year that we use a
formal Board vote to determine what happens to "excess" Capital or Reserve funds
from the prior fiscal (calendar) year. Prior to 2004, the Association has just placed
them into "Reserves" without any indication as to where they came from, or what
they were for. The result was that "Capital" funding could be used in later years for
Operating costs, which the last several boards have decided to be poor policy. To
stay on course, we must keep contributing about $300,000 per year to our Major
Capital Replacement expenses, and use those funds for that purpose only.
Additionally, a number of our "Capital" projects often lapse into the following
calendar year (e.g., roof replacement and mud jacking).
        Last year, at the 1/27/05 Board meeting, we carried forward allocated,
unused 2004 Capital ("Reserve Fund") amounts of $5,700 for asphalt, $10,000 for
HVAC, and $10,300 for roofs. Motion by MB, second by MS, to carry over the
balances remaining on these three accounts again, into 2006, also as allocated
amounts. The motion passes unanimously. Motion by CB, second by BL, to carry
forward the amounts remaining from the 2005 Capital budget for clubhouse
refurbishment, for roofs, and for asphalt, since these three projects are incomplete as
well. This motion passes 4 to 0.
        Motion by MB, second by MS, to carry over the remainder of 2005's
$95,000 fire hydrant Capital funding into 2006, as this project is still in the planning
stages. This motion passes unanimously also.
        Finally, because of the needed Condo Boiler replacements in 2005, we used
the 2005 HVAC "Operating" and "Capital" budgets differently from the way we had
planned. [We knew that we had to do "something" major in HVAC, so we set aside
an extra $30,000 under operating expenses for 2005.] Motion by MS, second by
MB, to move the $20,000 difference (the budgeted $30,000 operating line item for
2005, less our usual $10,000 per year budget for that same operations line) from
Operating into Capital Expenses. Discussion. This motion passes unanimously
without amendment.

5.2 VICE PRESIDENT'S--MS states that he thinks that things are going well
under Joe's management. He now gets rare phone calls from WPW owners,
whereas before they were incessant. GB had similar experiences.

5.3 TREASURER'S/FINANCIAL--We still have $50-60-some K in unpaid
(delinquent) dues. Joe reports that they are having success handling collections in-
house, rather than referring everything to the attorney. Board consensus is to
continue this arrangement, until we can assess the figures objectively.     RMPA
presented our December Financials just tonight, so we have not reviewed them in
detail. Our financial status remains about as it has been. However, a change of
banking arrangements occurred. Guaranty Bank was never able to coordinate data
handling with the RMPA software (which two of the other Property Management
companies interviewed last September also use). Therefore, we now use Citywide
Bank for our active check writing accounts. [We used Citywide Bank in the past,
but closed that account as part of the ACCU arrangement.] See motion under ¶5.5
        The Auditors will revise their report for 2004 (see ¶5.1 above). They are
sure that we cannot claim depreciation on our 2004 tax returns, so we have signed
and mailed in those returns.

       RRC--As in November, Joe still has a large number of owners needing RRC
hearings. These include several satellite dish owners, and way over 100 owners
with delinquent Smoke Detector Forms. The Board confirms its policies on these
two issues, and gives the go ahead for Joe and the RRC to proceed. MB has not
scheduled an RRC meeting yet. So this is scheduled for 2/13/06, to give Joe time to
notify the first of the owners needing hearings. He will also notify the four
committee members of this date--GB will give him the data.
        All delinquent Smoke Detector Forms can receive $200 fines, per policy
advertised last May and then approved at the Annual Owners' Meeting 5/26/05. Joe
will send out their hearing notice letters.
        ARCHITECTURAL--One denial based upon no details or attachments
provided (as clearly stated as being required in the WPW Architectural Policy,
which was formalized and sent out last spring and summer). This application also
lacks any proof of contractor insurance. The owners want to do the job themselves.
The Board confirms its policy of requiring professional installation, and directs Joe
to reject this application (upon any reapplication) if this aspect has not changed.
Another application includes replacement of kitchen "tile" in a condo unit; no
specification is given, and as this is a noise issue, our Policy clearly limits this
change. It was also denied, but the rest of the kitchen remodel (except for the tile) is
now felt to be allowed under the WPW Architectural Policy (consulted tonight).
        According to our attorneys, SB-100 requires that ANY rule or restriction
(such as architectural policy) must now be part of association documents, before it
is enforceable. Motion by CB, second by MS, that our existing Policies on
Architectural Changes, Pool Tags, Satellite Dishes, Tenant Screening (being
required), and Washers and Dryers (not being allowed in individual Condo units);
plus our members' decision to fine owners for overdue Smoke Detector
Certifications (required twice yearly by the city) all become part of the WPW Rules
and Regulations document. GB says that this tonight is a statement of Board policy,
but would best go to the RRC for its approval, and then come back to the Board
next month for final action. This statement and motion together pass unanimously,
4 to 0.
        LANDSCAPE--We don't yet have an alternative cover for the rock beds.
We need to come up with some alternatives. Per Joe, the Doggie Parks all have
their new pea gravel. Case closed.
        CLUBHOUSE--The Clubhouse refurbishment has started. Joe will come to
the Board next month for approval of colors, lighting, carpet, and other details
before the staff proceeds further. Given the lack of complaints, the Clubhouse will
remain closed until this task is completed.
        POOL--GB reminds Joe that the pool needs another algae treatment soon (a
Calendar item).
        NEWSLETTER--Board consensus is to follow the recommendations of
attorneys O&H (now H&S--Hindman & Sanchez) to keep owners up to date on
financial and other WPW matters, much as we have been doing. Joe had a couple
of off-site owners request that we start mailing all the Newsletters once again.
However, SB-100 clearly allows us to use our Web site for this purpose, and does
not require such mailings.      For financial and personnel reasons, the Board
consensus again is to continue to use the WPW Web site for this purpose, and
continue distribution only on-site. There are no recommendations for change in
format or timing. Carolyn & George will continue to put this out monthly.

5.5 MANAGER'S REPORT--Joe gives his report verbally. The work orders this
month were all completed. PROJECTS/CALENDAR--Discussion. Joe will
commit this to paper in the next 2 weeks.
        ROOF--Staff is to keep track of time and materials to deduct from any
further work by Western to complete their failed repairs made on three condo roofs
this past summer.
        WORKERS' COMP AUDIT--The information from Pinnacol is that their
annual audits are done after the fact, looking at contractors that we had do work for
us during the prior year. Pinnacol makes sure that they all had their own comp
coverage. There is no credit given, but when we pass (as we did in 2005 for the
2004 policy year), they do not charge us extra.
        BANKING--The Board authorizes opening an Operating account with
Citywide Bank, but does not authorize the wider approvals and contingencies
mentioned in the sample Resolution presented by the bank through Joe. [We are not
authorizing the manager to make other changes now or in the future without Board
approval. The Board is to remain the sole signatories allowed on the association's
"Reserve" (Capital) account(s).] This motion, made by MS (with second by MB),
passes unanimously.
        EQUIPMENT--We have saved a lot of money so far through our purchases
of the electrical drain snake, and a new air compressor for painting. We bought a
new part for the carpet shampooer, and the staff fixed it. We will start by using it
for clean ups, and spot cleaning.

        LEGAL OPINIONS: Clean up of one hazardous condo unit is proving
problematic, as the DA and judge ruled that we (WPW/Manager) are not legally
able to enter the unit to do anything.
        We have not heard further on the outstanding billings for 2004 and before,
and those of 2005.
        COMCAST--We have NOT authorized any further work, but notice that
some is going on in the neighborhood, reportedly by Qwest. We will watch our

6.1 CARPORTS--Mr. Finger will not return Joe's calls. We will find out from
attorneys O&H (now H&S) how we can assert ourselves with Mr. Finger.... Re. the
appointment of a third engineer to give his opinion on the cause of the creases in the
carport roof structure, the insurance company has given us the choice of two
engineers from a single company (chosen by them). How do we find out how
engineers are rated? Joe will ask Mr. Newell for an opinion, and CB will check
with a coworker who might know about ratings for this (and other) companies.
        CARPORT MANSARD REPLACEMENT--On hold, pending resolution
of the above suit. The current bid is for about $80,000, and we have only $54,000
in Capital Funding collected for this.

6.2 ROOFS--Western Roofing--see above. Joe and GB reiterate that they are
requiring the use of 2-layer Henry's 291 and 299 (or equivalent) from Western, as
all of their incomplete work is in ponded areas. On their web site, Henry lists this
combination as "Best," as opposed to "Good" for the two coats of #280 they
proposed. Western did not do even that last fall, with failure as a consequence. We
have not paid the final 50% on their bill, as is our right under the standard WPW
contract, which they signed.
         WeatherSure is replacing the roof on 7495. They were late starting. We
sign the first 50% check tonight. We will not cut the balance until all of our
requirements and "punch list" are met, and until they have done the promised
repairs on the townhouse building 7372-7386.

        Discussion on the need for the "SB-100" policies. Discussion on what
constitutes a financial conflict of interest. There is no motion to add specifics to any
proposed WPW policy. These policies are already on the WPW Web site in
"preliminary" form, and will remain on the Web site at all times.
        By unanimous vote, the Board approves the proposed seven policies
(mandatory per SB-100)… Motion by MB, second by MS: "I move to approve
these seven policy statements, as presented to Board members on December 26,
2005 and January 24, 2006; encompassing the mandates of SB-100. These policy
statements, as typed and submitted, shall remain on file with the Management for
owners to review upon their request; and they shall also remain available on the
WPW Web site." This motion passes unanimously without further revision. [This
action just codifies Association and Board behavior so that the Board and owners
know what to expect in certain situations.]
        Joe is working on the required annual announcement to all owners, to
include an annual restatement that the WPW Web site, WWW.WPWHOA.NET, is
our source of record to publicize these and other documents as required by SB-100.
We note that WPW does not have an e-mail address, nor does our Web site include
the ability to send out e-mail notifications or send out newsletters by e-mail. WPW
is therefore unable to send out our monthly newsletters or any announcements by e-
mail. This statement will need to go out to owners annually as well. This
announcement is consistent with the specifications in Colorado SB-100.

6.4 CLUBHOUSE REFURBISHMENT--See above (¶5.4).

6.5 FENCE--Staff will work on this (and on painting the fire lane curbs RED as
required by the City) all winter long, when the weather allows. Remove from the
agenda, but put "fence painting" on the Calendar for the summer because we have to
come up with a plan for coating the townhouse fencing then!

6.6 ASPHALT BIDS--Three bids are ready to go when we are (pending
completion of the hydrant project). Joe is getting a fourth bid. Remove this topic
from agenda, and place on our Calendar.

6.7 LANDSCAPING--See above (¶5.4 & ¶6.5).

6.8 TENANT SCREENING--Next month. Joe will confirm what requirements
we should have, and check on the cost of background/credit/criminal checks. Board
consensus is still to enact this, per the vote (approval) at the Annual Owners'
meeting in May. We will individualize the proposed policy.

6.9 SATELLITE DISH REMOVAL--There are at least 3 dishes remaining in
violation. Joe will get an exact inventory. These owners will need a hearing before
the RRC next month!

6.10 LAUNDRY ROOM LOCKS--Joe reports that repairs to the doors and to the
locks are all done. All doors should now close properly and the locks not be able to
be "slipped." There have been no recent break-ins as far as we know. We need to
inspect this job.

6.11 BOILERS--Repairs completed, job accepted, and pay off made tonight. GB
feels that to reduce wear and tear, we should shut off each #2 boiler next month, as
only their pumps are running now (their extra heating stages have not been
required). Joe should determine from ACA how to do this; GB will meet with ACA
if necessary. GB found the upper condos' circulating pump off 12/31/05; Joe says
that there is no report of any malfunction. [Remove the Boiler project from further

6.12 HYDRANTS--We are well into the permit stage. Engineering fees total over
$15,000 at this point. We have also applied for the minimum project as well
(changing out our two existing private hydrants). No formal approvals on any of
this yet.

7. EXECUTIVE SESSION: At 2137, motion by CB, second by MS, to go into
Executive Session; this passes unanimously.

four issues with specific residents to discuss. One unit has been posted by the Fire
Department. The Health Department is also involved. However, as such condo
units are private property, the Association is unable to do anything further at this
time. We discuss multiple alternatives, and their risks and benefits. Unfortunately,
with this being private property, and the judge indicating that the Association
cannot do anything, then WPW can go no further at this time. Nevertheless, the
condition of the unit (as shown on evidence photographs given to the Board and
reviewed by it) is felt to constitute an emergency situation, and this is therefore
violating the WPW Declarations document (Section 6.6, "No nuisance shall be
allowed…" and "All parts… shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition….").
Section 6.7 also applies, and is also being violated as evidenced by the involvement
of the Denver Fire and Health Departments. RMPA has sent this unit two violation
letters, both of which went to both the condo address and another address that is on
file for this unit, without any response. The Rules and Regulations Committee
(RRC) had a hearing on this earlier tonight, and recommended two fines going to
the owner of this unit. The Board, which by the Rules and Regulations document
must review RRC decisions, agrees fully with the RRC recommendations. The
owner is not present, so there is no further presentation to the Board on this. The
vote is unanimous, as confirmed in open session (see ¶9 below).
         There are two Architectural Applications of concern. We dealt with these
earlier, without mentioning the names or unit numbers. The Board now confirms
that there will be NO exception to the rule requiring professional installation on
architectural changes, and NO exceptions to requiring proof of both liability
insurance and workers' compensation coverage as well. These requirements are
clearly spelled out in the WPW Architectural Policy as published, distributed, and
available on the Web site for over 6 months now. Finally, we have one written
response on the Satellite Dish Policy. Reviewed and discussed. We consult the
FCC "Rule" and the FCC "Q&A" document (a copy of which is kept on our Web
site). The Board confirms that there can be NO exceptions to removal of all satellite
dishes from common property (roofs). Dishes cannot be mounted on or tethered to
buildings or building components, as these constitute common property. This
feeling is unanimous. The Board directs Joe to schedule this owner for a hearing at
the next RRC meeting (2/13/06).
         VIOLATIONS--Joe receives notification of two more violations.

7.2 EMPLOYEE ISSUES--One or two reviews are due. There are no prepared
forms for the Board to review, so no review occurs. Discussion occurs on employee
feedback and requests to talk with a Board member. We will see what the written
feedback shows. INSURANCE ISSUES--Staff members want dental insurance.
The current goal is to provide this as a preventative plan, instead of giving any end
of the year bonuses. Joe is to proceed with initiating this, through Kaiser, and
explain this to the staff.
        YEAR END and CLUBHOUSE--Discussions occur. We make no changes.

7.3 AGING/DELINQUENCY REPORT--We review this, produced by RMPA.
There are 8 older cases, & 10 cases recently added. Note that the "recent" cases are
over 90 days past due. GB and Joe will format a final aging spreadsheet for these.
RMPA is to proceed to collect the dues owed, consistent with our newly approved
written Policy (see ¶6.3 above).

¶7.1 above. No other report. The anticipated December meeting did not occur. GB
will research the 2005 cases to see if there are any other salvageable decisions.
7.5 MANAGER’S CLOSING WORDS--Already done in open session.
Motion to leave Executive Session at 10:40 PM, by MB, second by MS; passes


discussion in the Executive Session just ended, motion by CB, second by MS, to
proceed with the $200 fine recommended by the RRC, which met earlier tonight, on
the condo unit "posted" by the Fire Department; and secondly to impose the
recommended additional $10 per day fine against that owner if the unit is not
cleaned up by 2/15/06. This motion passes unanimously. RMPA is to send out the
two letters, again to both of the addresses we have on file.
        Motion by MS, second by CB, to confirm the Architectural decisions made
in two cases, and to confirm our requirement of needing on file, copies (proofs) of
both types of insurance before any project approval can occur. This motion passes 4
to 0.
        Motion to take the personnel actions decided upon during Executive
Session, including provision of Dental Insurance to regular full time employees--
motion by MS, second by CB. Discussion. This motion passes 4 to 0.
        PLANNING--Next month, we should discuss, and agree on, our WPW
planning CALENDAR through the fall, and revise both the Reserve Study and
“Remaining Useful Life” table as needed.

10. AGENDA REQUESTS FOR NEXT MONTH--There should be a long list of
RRC recommendations from their hearings, which the RRC should submit to the
Board ahead of time via Committee minutes.
       There will be one employee 90-day review next month. No request for other

11. ADJOURNMENT--10:44 PM upon motion by MS, second by CB, which
passes unanimously.

Minutes prepared by George Bock, President.
[This set of minutes covers two months’ of Board & Association business.]

THESE MINUTES APPROVED ON:                          02/23/2006

George W. Bock                              Mike Stocking
George Bock, President                      Mike Stocking, Vice President


DECEMBER 22, 2005:
<Regularly scheduled meeting. No quorum achieved—no Board meeting
       Although there was no quorum, George Bock, Board President, and Joe
Bolton, Property Manager, held an informal Homeowners’ Forum with those guests
present. After that, they met for about 2 hours to discuss the agenda items,
Association business, calendars, the budget, and progress on various WPW projects.
They made plans for the upcoming month.


NOVEMBER 30, 2005:
      WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2005 (7:00 PM)
                 WPW CLUBHOUSE
President George Bock (GB) calls the meeting to order at 1912. Board members
present are George Bock, President and Treasurer; Carolyn Bennett, Michael Bates,
and Bob Lane.
ALSO: Joe Bolton, Property Manager. [Mike Stocking is excused.]
GUESTS: Approximately 20 owners are present. See sign-in sheets.

2. PROOF OF NOTICE: As required, WPW mailed the formal announcement
for this Annual Budget Meeting on 11/11/05, 19 days ago, well ahead of the
required 15 days notice (per WPW Bylaws ¶3.5). Two Newsletters (11/18 &11/29)
plus the WPW Website reminded everyone of this date, and stressed that it was on
Wednesday not a Thursday. The entire Board knew of this date from its 10/27

        GB hands out the latest version of the Budget sheet to those present. This
differs from that mailed out only in that it incorporates some of the 2004 numbers
given by our accountant just this week. The 2005 & 2006 numbers did not change.
He explains how the budget came about, and the current status of the Boiler Loan
Authorization Campaign (only 186 signatures back but we need 250), and the
increasingly expensive fire hydrant project (now up to $152,000 plus engineering
fees of about $17,000). Answering a question, he and Joe explain how the
Association is handling this issue.
        Owners asked a number of questions, of which Joe made note. George
answers several other questions pertinent to Budget issues. Nobody presented any
written response to the Board. The only specifics suggested were two. To pay for
the boilers, use the money from the carport mansard Special Assessment. [Answer--
we cannot change the purpose of any money already collected for a stated purpose--
it is in a special bank account]. Get cheaper landscaping services. [Answer--WPW
employees do, and will do, all of the landscape and property fix up planned for
2006, so this is already the least expensive way].
          Orin and several other owners thanked the WPW staff, the manager, and the
Board for their recent hard work in many fields. One owner wanted WPW to put a
new furnace into her townhome [Answer--only the condo HVAC is common
property and supported by ALL owners; townhouses are responsible for their own
equipment. Any change to this unequal or perceived unequal treatment would
require a change to the Declarations of WPW. It is VERY unlikely that we could
ever get the required 75% (or per CCIOA even 2/3rds) of owners to do this. This
change would entail increases in dues to the 253 condo owners… but we could not
get the needed 250 signatures even for the Boiler Loan to SAVE everyone money!]
          We hope to save money in the future on gas bills, because of the more
efficient boilers, but the recent steep rise in natural gas prices may erase most of that
savings. GB asked for conservation of energy (use less hot water, keep thermostats
down in winter, and higher in the summer). Board members responded to several
other questions and comments.
          On the Boiler Loan issue, owners could see the print out of the unit numbers
that have NOT turned in their signatures yet. Several Board members have gone
door-to-door trying to collect signatures, and we suggest that owners do the same.
There is no organized effort at this point, nor formal plans offered by any owners.
        George points out to all guests that owners have the option of rejecting the
Budget, as spelled out in CCIOA section 38-33.3-303(4). The Association sent out
the specifics on this in the Budget letter, and has had the details on the Web site for
over a year now.
        There is no move or motion to reject the budget presented. At 2030, still in
public session, the Board turns to the remainder of its agenda, after assuring that
there are no other questions on the Budget.

-The minutes of the Board meetings of October 27 (regular monthly meeting) and
November 3 (Special Meeting to finalize the proposed Budget for 2006) were sent
to the Board earlier. Motion to approve the minutes as presented, made by Carolyn
Bennett (CB), second by Michael Bates (MB). This passes unanimously. There is
no volunteer to serve as Board Secretary. There is no objection to the $20 charge
per page for past and present Board minutes.

5.1 PRESIDENT’S--See sections 4 above and 5.6 below.

5.2 VICE PRESIDENT’S--absent.

5.3 TREASURER’S/FINANCIAL--In the initial part of the meeting, George
mentioned the ~$68K in unpaid (delinquent) dues. Financials are not out yet from
RMPA, but will be tomorrow per Joe. We have questions and concerns about
various parts of the Auditor’s report for 2004, and Joe will respond, based upon
George’s written analysis (sent by e-mail). No, we have not yet paid their bill based
upon the preliminary state of their report and the tax returns too.

-RRC--Yes, MB confirms that he will chair this for 2005-06. GB suggests that they
schedule a meeting for December, to deal with the delinquent Smoke Detector
Forms (we have only ~186 back!). These people will, per policy advertised last
May, and approved at the Annual Owners’ Meeting then, receive $200 fines. Joe
will get the list and send out the violation letters when Michael gives him the
meeting date.
-ARCHITECTURAL--One denial as no details or attachments provided (as
required by the Association Policy, formalized and sent out this spring and
-LANDSCAPE--We don’t yet have an alternative cover for the rock beds. Doggie
Parks will get their new pea gravel soon.
-CLUBHOUSE--The weight machine has been fixed. Consensus authorizes Joe to
start with planning the Clubhouse refurbishment, much of which will be done by
our staff.
-NEWSLETTER--No recommendations for change in format or timing. Carolyn
and George will continue putting this out monthly. The Board unanimously
confirms its prior decisions to put this on the Web site, with copies in the
Clubhouse, and NOT mail them to offsite owners.

5.5 MANAGER’S REPORT--Joe gives his report verbally. There were 11 work
orders this month, all completed. The staff is doing well. There is NO voiced need
for a specific work order system or specific reports to the Board... just so long as
we don’t receive complaints from owners or tenants that reported problems are not
-PROJECTS/CALENDAR--Discussion. Joe will send out the final “snow”
-WORKERS’ COMP AUDIT--Joe was not aware of the specifics of the
compliance audit relative to having insurance certificates on all outside contractors
working on the property. We did get money back, but we think that this was on the
basis of a good loss record, and not that audit. He will check with Pinacol and
determine the status of that audit.
-EQUIPMENT--Joe presents 3 competing proposals for outside bulletin boards.
WPW would post its notices and schedules and meeting notices, etc. in these. Joe
proposes to have 2, one by the mailboxes and one outside the clubhouse.
Discussion. We probably need three. Motion by MB, second by CB, to purchase 2
bulletin boards per the least expensive price. This motion passes unanimously.
        We have 3 bids for the electrical snakes (large and small, approved parts of
the 2006 budget). Discussion on who would run these, and specific restrictions
advised. Joe is agreeable. These should save us large amounts in sewer repair
service fees. Motion by MB, second by CB, to purchase these this year at the
lowest bid, as they are needed now. Motion passes unanimously.
5.6 OTHER--LEGAL OPINIONS: Window well enclosures are the
responsibility of the Association, according to our attorney. CB just bought one, the
exact size needed here, for about $16. We agree to reimburse her purchase cost. Ex
post facto, yes, the Association can charge for and collect fees ahead of time (only
ahead of time) for work such as shutting off water after hours or on weekends upon
request of a specific owner.
        Joe has notified the attorneys that RMPA will work the overdue accounts, so
O&H will work on them ONLY when specifically referred from RMPA or the
        COMCAST--no new data.

6.1 CARPORTS--Mr. Finger will not return Joe’s calls. We have filed suit against
the insurance company. The Board authorizes Joe to “play hardball,” ask them for
all records to date on this issue, and to approach the insurance company directly to
see if we can get this settled. [Sami had tried to do this, and Mr. Finger refused,
stating that he needed to be involved in everything.] Contrary to the uncontested,
Court approved motion of 10/27/05; WPW has not approved the appointment of a
third engineer to give his opinion on the cause of the creases in the carport roof
structure. Who will pay for this? What is the exact arrangement?
        CARPORT MANSARD REPLACEMENT--We do have a current bid
from Mr. Newell. It is close to the prior bid, upon which we based our 2005 budget;
but this could change as steel prices change in the upcoming months. This project
awaits resolution of the above mentioned suit.

6.2 ROOFS--Western Roofing repairs are still not satisfactory, per inspection by
GB and David (maintenance lead) recently. They will come tomorrow.
WeatherSure will replace the roof on 7495 starting 12/12 or 12/19. GB will check
with Mr. Owens on this, and schedule an inspection of this roof and their last job
here, next week before he leaves town. We need to agree on the exact configuration
of the enlarged scuppers for 7495.

6.3 MEETING SB-100 REQUIREMENTS--Joe says that we meet most of the
requirements for January 1. GB says that there are still some written policies that
we must adopt. Joe says that RMPA is working on this, and will have
recommendations/samples next month. We will not have to contract with our
attorney to get these. The Board confirms that we will use our Web site,
WWW.WPWHOA.NET, to publicize these and to make them available to our
owners, as required by Senate Bill 100 (SB-100). Joe says that this will meet the
requirements of SB-100, even for those without access to the Web.

6.4 CLUBHOUSE REFURBISHMENT--Charise and Joe and David will come
up with plans for the Board’s consideration.

6.5 PERIMETER FENCE--Staff will work on this (and on painting the fire lane
curbs RED as required by the City) all winter long, when the weather allows.

6.6 ASPHALT BIDS--Three bids are back, not fully complete. They are within
budget expectations. Joe will get their bids for full correction of drain pan
problems. We may have to shift part of our paving expenses (e.g., those needed for
the city street) from “hydrants” to this budget line.

6.7 LETTERS--Smoke Detector reminders (with invitations to the RRC) go out
next week. The Board considers that we have given enough notifications and
enough warnings on these forms already, by mail to all owners of record, and in
Newsletters & on the Web site in no uncertain terms. NEWSLETTERS--See 5.4

confirm what requirements we should have, and check on the cost of
background/credit/criminal checks. Board consensus is to enact this, per the vote
(approval) at the Annual Owners’ meeting in May.

6.9 INSURANCE COVERAGE--Discussion. Yes, this covers ALL exposures for
which we are covered under our other policies, not just visitor liability.
Consideration of alternative coverages and prices. We select Zurich company
(whose umbrella we have carried) at a $25 million umbrella amount; motion by Bob
Lane (BL) and second by MB. This passes unanimously.
        For the D&O, our agent states that our current policy will meet the
requirements recommended by O&H (attorneys) if we pay another $230 to cover
$1,000,000 limits. Moved by BL, second by CB; passes unanimously. This should
finally close this topic for the year.

6.10 LAUNDRY ROOM LOCKS--in process again. We make recommendations
about what we have seen wrong.

6.11 BOILERS—We have not accepted them yet. The contractor still has several
items to complete on the “punch list” that GB gave them in September.

review the three bids to date. We reject the most expensive. Per Joe, we should
approve the whole project (despite the price limitations). Motion by CB, second by
BL; to do a hydrant project. Passes unanimously. We select AISA as the
contractor, to start negotiations; motion by MB, second by CB; it passes
unanimously. GB suggests, given the time & cost considerations, that we have
Murray McBride, our engineer on this project, put in any needed applications to test
& change the 2 existing hydrants only, which has been recommended several times.
This is the minimum we can do on this project. Consensus, unanimous.

6.13 OTHER--BUDGET DECISION: Long discussion on alternatives. We
review the Budget again. There is nothing more that we can cut. GB suggests that
we could give up EVERY “cushion” and add in only $50,000 under Major Capital
Expenses, for the Boiler pay off, rather than the full $80,000 due. The Budget’s
“top line” (dues) would then be $1,023,502. This would make us very tight for the
next 12 months, and could result in delaying certain landscape and other
improvements. The Board would like to see the absolute minimum dues increase,
and this would do it. GB estimates the resulting “savings” to owners--adding ~$10-
15/month for the boilers, rather than the $17-26/month planned. Motion by CB,
second by MB, to set this as the final 2006 Budget, and to send out coupons for
these rates. Further discussion.
        We now agree to have an Emergency Board Meeting if the required 250
Loan Authorizations appear. We would then send out corrected coupons in January,
allowing late deposits for January only. This is our plan. No amendment to the
motion. The motion passes unanimously. GB and Joe will work out the exact final
amounts, and get the coupons ordered.

7.1 RULES VIOLATION PROCESS--This will follow the WPW documents. So
far RMPA has not started the Rules enforcement and inspection processes. They
need to. We don’t know where the data from ACCU is, or if it is recoverable. Joe
is to check the ACCU files and boxes of records to see if the pending cases can be
found. Discussion of alternatives.

Discussion. There have been innumerable notices and warnings about removal of
all satellite dishes for over a year now. The two on 7495 must be removed
immediately, to get them out of the way of the roofers. Joe set the absolute last day
for any dishes to be 12/4/05. RRC hearings, fines, and “self help notices” are

We have used all downspout sections in stock. GB will get Joe the name of the
wholesaler we had been using to start the price check process again.

7.4 JOE’S TOPICS--Already discussed.
-Discussion on WPW investing, hedging, and natural gas prices. No motion.
-Re. Insurance for employees, we ask Joe to get the current options through Kaiser,
and some other quotes, so that we can decide what to do before year-end. This will
be an agenda item for December’s meeting.

-Motion by MB, second by CB, to go into Executive Session; at 2310. Unanimous.

one Rules violation needing a hearing, and over 140 Smoke Detector deficiencies at
this point. Discussion of cases. They all need to go to the RRC, so Michael and Joe
will set up the meetings.

Discussions. Automatic deposits of employee pay get delayed on and around
holidays. RMPA will watch this, and get data over to our payroll service earlier on
such occasions. CLUBHOUSE--Discussion on hours. The public session on the
budget recommended cutting back on Clubhouse hours to save money. Board
members point out that this is an amenity, and should stay open as the savings
would be minimal. On a personnel matter, the Clubhouse’s door must be unlocked
when the Clubhouse is open. Joe will notify the monitors.

8.3 AGING/DELINQUENCY REPORTS--We review the report, now produced
by RMPA. “Inactive” accounts are not on this list, so we don’t know if the planned
write-offs occurred. GB will try to research these and get the list of known write-
offs to Joe.


8.5 MANAGER’S DEPARTING WORDS--Done in open session.

        Motion to leave Executive Session at 2326, by MB, second by CB; this
passes unanimously. Motion by CB, second by MB, to take the personnel actions
decided upon during Executive Session. The motion passes 3 to 0.
        An additional item is the replacement of one HVAC pump. Purchasing the
pump directly from a supplier will cost more than our lowest bid for both parts and
labor ($4600). Another bid was $6800, and our usual HVAC contractor declined to
submit a bid. A rebuild kit runs $3900. We could do that too. Motion by MB,
second by CB to approve the lower replacement bid, CONTINGENT upon our
determining that we cannot possibly do it less expensively in another way. The
motion passes unanimously. Joe and Dave will get this work done soon.

10. AGENDA REQUESTS FOR NEXT MONTH--The next meeting is 12/22/05.
No request to reschedule. Everyone says that they can be here on that date. Add
agenda items as per 7.4, 8.1, 8.2, & 8.3 above. Remove items 6.7, 6.9, & 7.1.

11. ADJOURNMENT: 2326 upon unanimous vote for motion by CB, second by

Minutes prepared by George Bock, President &Treasurer.

THESE MINUTES APPROVED ON:                  01/26/2006
George W. Bock                               Mike Stocking
George Bock, President                       Mike Stocking, Vice President


NOVEMBER 03, 2005:

                FINALIZING 2006 BUDGET
                   NOVEMBER 3, 2005
PRESENT: George Bock, President and Treasurer; Mike Stocking, Vice President;
plus Directors Michael Bates & Carolyn Bennett. [With a five member Board, 3
makes a quorum; we have 4 here.]
ALSO: Joe Bolton, Property Manager.
ABSENT: Bob Lane (excused).
GUESTS: Candace.

1. CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL: The meeting comes to order at 7:08 PM.

2. PROOF OF NOTICE: This meeting was set at the regular Board meeting of
10/27/05. Also, George notified everyone by phone on October 31, and also then
sent an e-mail with the agenda for tonight. Regardless, given the importance of this
agenda, we sign a “Waiver of Notice” form for tonight.

INTRODUCTION: George explains the purpose of the meeting, and reads the
relevant portions of the Declarations and Bylaws that give the Board the authority to
create a budget and to set dues assessments therefrom. [Declarations ¶14.1 & 14.2
direct the Board to set assessments both to cover our “total cash
provide for all estimated expenses....” and to cover the “payment of any deficiency
remaining from a previous period.” (This last statement, from ¶14.2, will pertain to
paying for the boilers “after the fact” if we are unable to obtain enough signed Loan
Authorization Forms to allow us to finance them.) Bylaws ¶4.3.3 directs the Board
to keep the common elements “in good order, condition, and repair....” ¶4.3.5
directs the Board “To fix, determine, levy and collect the monthly prorated
assessments....” ¶4.3.10 has us establishing appropriate bank accounts. The budget
and the prior year’s summary (as we send out with each budget proposal) are
discussed in Bylaws ¶4.3.12.]
        Our fiscal year, and dues assessment year, are both the calendar year.
Tonight, we review the 2004 actual financials, as of both 9/30/04 & 12/31/04
(uncorrected), and discuss how these pertain to the current budget process of taking
9/30/05 numbers and projecting to year-end. The immediate problem seen is natural
gas expenses. We are now almost $4,000 over our total budget set for the entire
calendar year 2005 ($77,000). We project a year-end figure of $92-94,000 total!
We carry forward only a $6,000 credit from last year in the utilities line (when we
over-budgeted). With a minimum anticipated 16% increase in gas rates this winter,
our projection is $109,000 for 2006. How much of the ~$55,000 in gas that went to
the boilers YTD (year to date) 2005 will be saved by the new boilers is totally
unknown. But, we’ve already allocated these savings to paying the interest on our
loan for the boilers (with a principal of $80,000). Sadly, we can’t count on the
savings to fund other line items in the 2006 budget.

3. Presentation of recommendations for 2006; agreement on continuing to
commit $300,000 annually to Major Capital Replacement Expenses (previously
called "Reserves"). Given this scenario, Joe and George present the proposed
budget for 2006. The first issue to discuss is our “Major Capital Replacement
Expenses.” We review the 2003 Reserve Studies, with certain line items updated to
recently obtained figures. These still show the need for $3,880,000 over the next
15-20 years, with $3 million needed in the next 10 years because of the aging of the
property. Hence, unanimous Board consensus is to set the dues contribution to
Capital Replacement at $300,000 per year. [Including the boiler down payment of
$30,000 this year, we had $287,000-297,000 so allocated.] We review the specific
Capital recommendations. Newly funded lines are Equipment, Landscaping, and
        Moving on to the proposed “operating” budget, only a few lines of the entire
budget represent increases. Specifically, we show a total negative impact of
$51,000 ($30,000 in natural gas increases, $10,000 in delinquent dues and legal and
interest fees that we won’t collect, and the $11,000 rent from one un-rented WPW
unit). It is this $51,000 alone that will lead to the increase in Association Dues....
-ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS--These should be close to what we saw last year.
-MANAGEMENT FEES--These will be slightly higher now, but RMPA does not
add on as much to other line items, so we will save on those other line items (such
as copying and telephone expenses).
-INSURANCE--We based the 2005 amount on the initial insurance company
proposal last fall. Unfortunately, the company recalculated the sizes of our
buildings, and increased the price part way through the year. So we will be “over
budget” for 2005. This explains an apparent increase in this line.
-BAD DEBT--We carry $50,000-60,000 in dues not paid by various owners. There
have been a number of foreclosures and forced sales. The Association generally
collects only about 6 months worth of dues when this happens; and we often lose
the majority of what we spent in legal fees on these accounts (the various cases can
add up to thousands of dollars per month), plus we lose most of the money shown as
late fees and interest. We are therefore doubling the bad debt line, as many
accounts need to be written off since we have collected all that we legally can. And
a number of former owners cannot be found.
-UTILITIES--This is discussed on the prior page under “INTRODUCTION.”
There were slight increases in water, sewer, and storm drainage rates. But the huge
jump was in NATURAL GAS. The new boilers will help some, but energy
conservation in the condos will be most important. [Some estimates expect a 30-
40% increase in gas prices; if these occur, they will affect us greatly.]
-POOL/CLUBHOUSE--No major change. See “CLUBHOUSE” below about its
-SITE--A number of lines show reductions, as we have determined that these tasks
include work that is best considered to be part of “Capital Replacement,” so we are
moving some time and materials down to the lower half of the budget (see below).
See the LANDSCAPING and PAINTING sections particularly.
-PERSONNEL & PAYROLL--There has been over a $1 per hour increase in the
labor market in the last year or so. But, we will have our staff do work on a number
of our Replacement projects that would otherwise be contracted out at greater cost.
Our hourly labor costs for such projects will be shown under the appropriate
“Replacement” category in 2006, so this will lower our routine maintenance
(payroll) costs. Our good accident record has earned us a cut in workers comp
-MAINTENANCE--This is the non-labor costs of the repairs and upkeep and
cleaning that we do. Based upon this year’s experience year to date, we have
shifted money among some of the lines, but overall we do not change this by much.
With our current excellent staff, we expect to be able to hold the line on almost
everything here.
-CONTRACT SERVICES--This remains about the same.
item #3, on page 1.
-ASPHALT/CONCRETE--See agenda item #6 below. This year’s $35,000 will
go toward asphalt patching, mainly, including about $15,000 deferred until next
year for seal coating the entire property. As previously discussed, this entire project
was delayed by the slow progress in getting the fire hydrant project planned and
approved (the DWD & DFD now support our plans!). The $26,000 in the 2006
budget will be mainly for concrete replacement, the drain pans costing more than
the sidewalks.
-CARPORTS--See agenda items #4 and #5 below.
-CLUBHOUSE--We budgeted $7,500 for clubhouse refurbishment in 2005, but
discovered a terribly deteriorated roof above it. So, we replaced the roof first, and
will start the inside work this winter, followed by outside painting. Full
refurbishment, including new carpet, will cost about $10,000, so we put another
$2,500 for this into the 2006 budget to get this all done properly.
-HOT WATER HEATERS--The hot water heating in the condos have two major
options, one being the equivalent of a large domestic water heater, the other being a
400,000 BTU boiler with a separate storage tank. The second option offers better
hot water supply, with better recovery times, but it is much more expensive. Years
ago, we opted for the second, preferable choice. We keep one of each (boiler &
storage tank) in the shop, but our last replacement’s labor cost was about $4,000 for
the installation. The total cost was about $11,000, not the $3,500 listed in last
year’s budget. We have to buy the two again now, as we just used the ones we had
in stock. Hence, the jump seen in that line item.
-HVAC--The $30,000 listed for 2006 is the annual contribution to paying off the
principal on the potential loan for the boilers. We put aside $30,000 for this in
2005, but it appeared in the Operating Budget because, a year ago, we thought that
we would have to make major repairs to the boiler units. It turned out that the
wisest thing to do was to replace the boilers with more efficient, staged units, and
that is what we did. The $10,000 entry seen on this line for 2005 was moved up
into the operating budget where it belongs. [See agenda item #7 below for what
the impact of obtaining a loan could be on keeping monthly association dues
down. It would save each of us $17-26 per unit per month!]
-FIRE HYDRANTS--The price has increased significantly! See item #6 below.
Engineering fees will be four times the original estimate, and materials costs will be
over $10,000 greater. This adds up to over $27,000 more. We have therefore
budgeted $30,000 for this in 2006, so that we are sure to get this done! We have the
$95,000 collected for this in 2005 in the bank, ready to go.
-ROOFS--With the recoating work done this fall (over 38,000 square feet recoated),
and three complete roof replacements (the Clubhouse, the pool heater room roof,
and condo building 7495 to be done in December), we are now “ahead” of this
problem. We anticipate recoating the 4 Superior roofs (whose original aluminum
coatings have worn off already), and working to keeping up our foam roof surfaces.
This will cost about $20,000. One roof may need replacement, so there is $40,000
in the 2006 budget for one new roof. [We are carrying over a $10,300 reserve for
roofs from 2004, and will carry over about $20,000 from this year, so we may
actually be able to take a rest from roof replacements for several years starting in
2007! But only if we commit to keeping up the roofs & scuppers we have....]
-PAINTING--This has a major commitment to sprucing up the entire property.
This will include staining the rest of the fences on the property. [This money
effectively will come from the (2nd) roof that we no longer think that we’ll need to
replace next year.]
-LANDSCAPING--Also paid for in large part by funds that we previously used
annually for roof replacements, our recoating work should give us the money to
rework the rocked areas around the buildings, and do more tree and shrub work.
-SEWER LINES--Note that sewer maintenance is over $26,449 YTD! Based on
past experience, we had budgeted for only $7,500 for the entire year this year. As
noted in many of the Newsletters this year, we had a series of sewer collapses when
lines and elbows rusted out. They are over 30 years old now. All such occurrences
to date have been in the “lower” condos (7455-7695 area). There, the lines run
under a concrete slab and are not very accessible. These cost us $1,700-5,000+ per
repair. We found a contractor who does this work very cost effectively, and we will
use him from now on. An assumption of needing 1 replacement per month, at about
$3,000 each, gave us the $40,000 number for 2006. This assumes that the problem
does not escalate or start appearing in the “upper” buildings. There are 16 sewer
“stacks” per condo building that could potentially rust out, so we will need to
accumulate money for this in the reserve account over the next few years. [We did
not previously have a line for this item, so this is all NEW. We are looking into any
possible preventive measures, but have found none so far.]
-EQUIPMENT--This item is NEW also. We have to buy equipment so that our
staff can start taking care of some of the problems that cost us the most--sewer
maintenance, emergency sewer calls, site improvements, cleaning up the property,
painting, etc. Specific purchases would include an electric drain snake, a “billy
goat” vacuum, a large mulching mower, a large snow blower, a new paint sprayer,
and a motorized cart. [We also need tools regularly, but most of these appear in the
Operating budget since they are not “major” and tend to have a short life span.]

4. Decision on option to include full Carport mansard project. We are
reactivating an old bid, from Mr. Dennis Newell, for replacing all wooden carport
mansards. As the deck damage from the March 2003 snowstorm is the subject of a
suit by us, we cannot proceed with the mansard project until the deck issue is
settled. We have been at this process since the spring of 2004. We need to respond
to a recent request by the insurance company. Unanimous consensus is to have Joe
get Mr. Newell to update his bid, now that steel prices have fallen back. We do not
include an additional line item in the budget for this, as we already have $54,000
held in a separate bank account for this (that came from part of the 2004 special
assessment). We will certainly need to cover some increases caused by inflation,
but could use funds we are budgeting tonight to buildings and grounds projects
(under Landscaping and Painting), if we are actually able to proceed with this
project in 2006 as we hope to be able to do.

5. Decision on option to include full Carport deck project. We have no reliable
data on this, no data on what may need to be replaced, so we are unable to include it
in the 2006 budget. We would need ~$1.4 million to replace the carports totally,
but Lloyd has some recommendations for welding and repair of the current
structures. This therefore will await some resolution to the carport deck lawsuit.

6. Confirmation of budgets/plans for asphalt, concrete, and hydrants.
Discussed. As currently budgeted, the numbers seem reliable, except that the
hydrant project grew another $10,000. It may need to be bid, as the Board had
directed Sami to do last summer, but we do not know the status of that directive.
These three projects are now all 2-year projects at this time, spanning from 2005
into next year. The 2006 budget therefore has additional moneys for each of these,
set according to our currently available data. Tonight, we add that $10,000 to the
hydrants project, already having to cover an unexpected $17,000 in engineering fees
for this. We remove money from the equipment line in the budget proposal to cover
this. Unanimous decision. [We decline to propose a special assessment, and do not
feel that spreading these payments out over several years would be appropriate. We
will certainly encounter new unanticipated “situations” in the upcoming years that
will require immediate funding.]
7. Agreement on final budget figures, and assessments. This took over an hour
to discuss and finalize. There will NOT be a special assessment. But we do need to
cover the anticipated $51,000 shortfall. Our final unanimous decision tonight is to
cover the rental portion of the deficit ($11,000) by using money in the Operating
Reserve Fund, and increase association dues to raise the remaining $40,000. This
unanimous decision results in the following approximate increases in association
   1 Bed room condo= $102/year ($9/month).
   2 Bed room condo= $125/year ($11/month).
   2 Bed room TH= $114/year ($10/month).
   3 Bed room TH= $155/year ($13/month).

       HOWEVER, if we don’t receive the required number of Loan Authorization
Forms signed by unit owners (75%, which is 250 units), each unit will pay
ANOTHER additional amount as follows:
  1 Bed room condo= $202/year ($17/month).
  2 Bed room condo= $250/year ($21/month).
  2 Bed room TH= $228/year ($19/month).
  3 Bed room TH= $310/year ($26/month).

      ADDING these together, the increases will total up to about these amounts:
  1 Bed room condo= $304/year ($25/month).
  2 Bed room condo= $375/year ($31/month).
  2 Bed room TH= $342/year ($29/month).
  3 Bed room TH= $465/year ($39/month).

        Stated another way, the 2006 monthly dues (rounded off) will need to be
as follows:
  1 Bed room condo= $205 ($222 if no loan).
  2 Bed room condo= $253 ($274 if no loan).
  2 Bed room TH= $231 ($250 if no loan).
  3 Bed room TH= $314 ($340 if no loan).

8. List of documents to be mailed out with the Budget, if any: Mail a cover
letter from the Board and Manager (Joe and George to compose); plus the Board
explanation concerning washers and dryers in the condominiums (never
allowed)--this sheet is approved unanimously. But we will not re-send a Smoke
Detector Certificate (past due, in the “fine” stage), nor the Loan Authorization Form
(which has gone out 3 times already, once by mail to everyone, and will be on the
back of the next 1-2 Newsletters).
        We set the Annual WPW Budget Meeting to be November 30, 2005, at 7
PM in the Clubhouse. The regular Board agenda will run after the owners’ session
on the budget. But in case there are contract issues to be dealt with prior to that
time, we schedule a Special Board Meeting for Thursday 11/17/05, at 7 PM in the
Clubhouse. This will be cancelled if no formal Board decisions are needed before
this year’s Annual Budget meeting. [11/30/05 note--that meeting was indeed not

9. Planning “BREEZE” Newsletters to summarize and support 2006 Budget
proposal. We decide to send out two Newsletters this month, one to have the
“Loan” form on the back. Carolyn and George will do these, in hopes that more
owner’s budget questions can be answered ahead of time.

10. Requested reimbursement for interim personnel management by Joe
(October, 2005)--under current year’s budget. Under a unanimous motion, the
Board goes into Executive Session at 9:13 PM, to discuss this request, after we have
finished our discussions with the manager. [The manager is not present for this
discussion, but has presented us with an unsigned check from us to RMPA to cover
said management (prior to the hiring a of maintenance lead employee).]
         The final signed contract with RMPA does allow for this, in section “F.
FEES” under “Additional Services,” in the following line item:
“Employee Management/Supervision                           Mutually agreed upon”
         (The term “Mutually agreed upon” appears in the dollar cost column of that
         This line is the wording of RMPA, given in response to a request by us to
address the possible need for such services (a need recognized by both parties),
since the rest of their contract is silent in this regard. The Board was not
approached previously about a specific fee or dollar amount, so there was no
proposal ever considered. We note that ACCU faced a similar situation when they
first started management of WPW, and Kevin directly supervised our crew of three
people for 2 months prior to Rex’s hiring. There was no additional fee for that daily
and sometimes hourly supervision. The Board does not want to jeopardize the
current excellent working relationship with RMPA, but Board consensus tonight is
to stick with the wording & intent of the contract with RMPA, wait, and discuss this
issue in an Executive Session at the next Board meeting (? 11/17/05). As well, all
unexpected or last minute expenditures, and all those exceeding $500, need to
follow the wording of the contract. George to notify Joe of these plans. [Decisions
confirmed unanimously in open session after leaving Executive Session.]

11. ADJOURNMENT. Meeting adjourned at 9:32 PM. Next meeting dates set
are 11/17/05, a Special Board meeting, and then the Annual Owners’ Budget
Meeting on Wednesday, 11/30/05. This gives us all next week to finalize the cover
letter and budget spreadsheet (which is to include a data column for year-end 2004,
and one for 9/30/05 YTD as we analyzed tonight).

Minutes prepared by George Bock, President and Treasurer.

THESE MINUTES APPROVED ON:                 11/30/2005
George W. Bock
George W. Bock, President


OCTOBER 27, 2005:

                  OCTOBER 27, 2005
PRESENT: Mike Stocking, President; George Bock, Treasurer and acting
Secretary; plus Directors Michael Bates & Carolyn Bennett. A 5 member Board has
a quorum of 3 members.
ALSO: Joe Bolton, Property Manager; and Will Dowdy, maintenance tech.
ABSENT: Bob Lane.
GUESTS: Several WPW residents and owners (see sign in sheet).

1. CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL: The meeting comes to order at 7:09 PM
with four Board members present.

2. PROOF OF NOTICE: This is the 4th Thursday of the month, the Board’s set
regular meeting date.

3. HOMEOWNERS’ FORUM: The meeting is called to order by George Bock.
George reports that Mike Stocking wants to step down from the presidency. Mike
states that he will stay on the board, serving as the vice president. George
volunteers to reassume the presidency if that is what the Board wishes. The
consensus of the Board is to accept these changes. The first item on the agenda is
the introduction of Joe Bolton, our new Property Manager. Joe briefly introduces
himself, and indicates the challenges he has had since taking over the property on
October 1st. A lot of progress has been made already. There have been very few
complaints and calls. He summarizes some of his plans for the property. Joe
indicates that we will be hiring a maintenance lead person tonight. That is a topic in
the Executive Session tonight. George expresses confidence in Joe, and thanks him
for working so hard so far for our property. He relates to the owners present that the
biggest factor in our selection of Rocky Mountain Property Association was that we
were selecting a manager, Joe. The guests’ reviews of management so far are very
         A number of owners discuss their issues. One owner gives a very a detailed
account of her problems with her (aluminum) wiring, and consultations with
electricians on her unit. She has had flickering and arcing in her receptacles. In
summary, our Association documents make it the owner’s responsibility to maintain
electrical wiring. Although there was an electrical retrofit done by Piper electric,
several years ago (finishing in 2003), this job is now beyond its warranty. Because
aluminum wiring is soft, it tends to flow. Screw connections for aluminum wire
need to be tightened up periodically, and this is the standard care for aluminum.
She asks for a copy of the contract with Piper. We refer her to the WPW web site,
where this contract has been available for a year now. She will see if owners have
any recourse with Piper. The Board advises all present to hire an electrician to re-
do all connectors and screw connections too.
         A number work orders were received, all of which have been completed.
Hot water is reported as being too hot in building #7495. Several owners offer other
suggestions. Several request installation of speed bumps around the property.
         George requests that any owners who have not done so, please sign the Loan
Authorization Form. He explains the importance of this document, and how the
dues will be higher this next year if we do not get an adequate number of signatures
(250). It will cost each unit $17 to $26 per month extra, above the increase
necessitated by sharply increasing utility rates, general inflation, etc.
         All WPW forms and documents are available on our web site, at
WWW.WPWHOA.NET. We suggest that owners and tenants refer to this web
site, or look in the thick “web” notebook kept in the Clubhouse to keep owners

4. APPROVAL OF PAST MEETING MINUTES: No minutes presented to date
since June. The Board does not currently have a Secretary and there is no volunteer.
George asks one of the board members to volunteer to be the Board Secretary;
there’s no volunteer. We ask the audience if anybody wishes to serve as Board
secretary, or join the Board to serve as such. One person may be interested, but she
declines to volunteer at this time. George will look at alternatives.

5.1 PRESIDENT’S--Transition--George states that the transition has gone very
well. He thanks the many owners who have been supportive, and thanks of the
maintenance staff, especially those who have works or art on our recording project,
and have worked many hours of overtime to get our fall projects done before winter.

5.2 VICE PRESIDENT’S--See Mike’s comments above (at the top of section 3).

5.3 TREASURER’S/FINANCIAL--George, who is the Treasurer, gives this
report. September’s budget statement just arrived, and this is ACCU’s last
statement. Our financial situation is stable, though we have spent many thousands
of dollars recently trying to collect overdue accounts, in many cases unsuccessfully.
Joe has some ideas on this, as his company works hard on accounts. By Board a
consensus, our attorneys, Orten and Hindman, will receive cases only by referral
from now on. We will no longer have the attorneys work cases automatically, at
great expense to us. The Board “wrote off” a number of cases over the past six
months, but that is not reflected in the current financials. George will look up these
meeting notes, and get the information to Joe before the end of the year.
         We need to have a special board meeting to finalize the budget, as we have
only very preliminary figures at this point in time. The Board decides to meet next
Thursday evening, at 7:00 P.M. in the Clubhouse. George and Joe will meet
Monday at 1:00 P.M. to work out further details so that they can present a
recommended budget for 2006.
         The 9/30/05 financials that just arrived show a balance of $368,540. This is
down from $425,000 last month, because we paid the first half of the boiler project
costs. An additional $232,000 is already allocated (for roofs, asphalt repairs, fire
hydrants, and carport mansards). This leaves about $136K in “reserves.”
         Over the final three months of 2005, we should collect another $66K into the
Major Capital Replacement Fund (at $22K per month). This gives us an ending
total of $202K--before settling the boiler purchase account. IF we get authorization
for the loan, then we will get about $25,000 back; if not, then we will owe another
$56,000, and then we’d end the year at around $126,000 in the bank. This
inadequate amount would require the stated additional $17-$26 per unit per month
increase in dues for Capital funding to get us above $200K in reserves next year.
Inflation and the continuing increases in utility expenses already require our
Operating dues to rise a similar amount.
         George then reviews several problematic line items in the financials. Sewer
maintenance ran $22K, YTD, which is $17K above our total year’s appropriation.
This will need a separate entry under major capital purchases for next year, of about
$40,000. Unpaid (delinquent) HOA dues amount to $68K, some of which we have
written off this spring and summer. We still do not have anything back from the
auditors on this. Joe will find out where the auditors are with the 2004 audit, and
with our tax return. Reportedly, we will not be owing anything in taxes this year.
These are done again late in the year because we save a lot of money in audit fees,
by not doing this in the spring rush.

        RRC--No recent meeting. Carrie S. volunteered for this committee last
month, and Cathy N. volunteers tonight. Ginny, who is also here tonight, agrees to
continue to serve on this committee. Michael B. confirms that he will serve as
chairman of this committee. It will need to meet soon, but Joe has to get the cases
ready. Apparently there was no organized folder on the RRC, received from
        ARCHITECTURAL--One application--approved between meetings.
George says that this is the first-ever application received that was fully complete at
the time of its receipt. He describes the process of the architectural committee,
which he chairs. He asks for another board member to serve with him. Carolyn
Bennett will serve on the architectural committee. George describes the usual
operating procedure of this committee. Joe should make sure that any architectural
applications are complete before forwarding them to the Board’s committee. In the
past, incomplete applications were submitted, which made the process rather
complicated. Our architectural policy is formalized, and is available both on the
Web site and it in the clubhouse. If all of the required documents, including proof
of insurance for two different types of insurance, are present, then the application
should be forwarded to the two board members and owner volunteer. If they agree
on the disposition, then this will be the determination of the Board. If there’s any
disagreement, then an application will have to go before the full board at the next
meeting. Joe must respond to each Architectural application within 10 days; if it is
incomplete or there’s no response, then a “No” response should be given in writing.
        LANDSCAPE ROCKS--This will be one more project for this winter.
There’s a possibility of using some other alternative covers; we just need to figure
out what we can do, and where. For the area between the upper condominiums,
river rock will be way too heavy for the condo building walls, so we’ll have to come
up with something else.
        DOGGIE PARKS--The pea gravel has worked out well. All but one still
await their replacement pea gravel....
        CLUBHOUSE--See item 6.4.
        The pool closed successfully. We did not have to shock the pool the entire
summer. But we did replace the heater heat exchanger.
        NEWSLETTER--Carolyn and George continue to put this out on a monthly
basis. We discuss several possible topics for inclusion. Certainly a warning about
the aluminum wiring would be appropriate at this time. We note that the official
source for Newsletters and WPW forms & documents is our Web site,

-WORK ORDERS--There have been 17 work orders, 16 of which are completed at
this time.
-WORK ORDER SYSTEM--Joe is working on this. We would like to avoid a
complicated, computerized system, which in the past has taken up an inordinate
amount of staff time. The Board wants all work to be done efficiently and without
-CURRENT PROJECTS--Already discussed by George.
-CALENDAR--Joe has sent several documents to the Board by E-mail,
summarizing current duties of various people on the staff. He’s also outlined a
number of tasks to be completed during this quarter. He will put these out and post
them periodically.
-WORKERS COMP AUDIT (money back?)--We currently do still have workers’
comp insurance (it did not lapse). Joe will investigate the question of whether we
are due a refund from our compliance audit or not.

5.6 OTHER: LEGAL OPINIONS & 2005 BILL--George relates our recent legal
advice from Orten and Hindman (“O & H”). He attended a workshop put on by
Orten and Hindman, and got specific advice about the Directors and Officers
(“D&O”) policy. The Board agrees to have the Mr. Goldie assess our prospective
policy from Continental Casualty Co. relative to the attorneys’ checklist. At the
same session, he spoke with Mr. Hindman. He is the managing partner of “O & H.”
He advised us to look over our bills for opinions, and not pay anything that seems
excessive or not directly useful. He did discuss specifics with Mr. Hindman.
George notes a couple of duplicate billings, and huge billings for two formal
opinion letters that we had requested when we thought they were needed. These
billings are recent, and occurred many months after the formal opinion letters had
been issued. It is George’s recommendation that we pay the $800 currently due on
collection accounts, but negotiate the opinion fees. The Board agrees to this by
unanimous consensus. He also requests that Tricia Harris be our designated
attorney. The Board agrees with this, and he will notify her. She will therefore
serve as our attorney, under our retainer with Orten and Hindman. The retainer
pays for a brief phone consult with an attorney about any “new” issue. Formal
advice costs extra.
         2004 BILL--There is another billing, this one from Mr. Braden. It is an old
bill. George has researched this on two occasions, and come up with the same
answer. They charged us for a $1,000 check returned for insufficient funds, for
which neither he nor Sammy could find a credit entry. We therefore feel that this
should not be charged. We feel that our balance due is a thousand dollars less than
what is stated. The Board agrees to sign the check for $3,001 and state that this is
“payment in full.” Motion by Mike Stocking, second by Michael Bates; passes
unanimously. We sign the check tonight.
         LEGAL INVOLVEMENT IN COLLECTIONS--This has created another
huge ongoing expenditure. We discussed this issue earlier. Joe gives us an opinion,
but for now, we should minimize our use of the attorneys in case management.
         There is nothing active relative to Comcast. Joe was unaware of this issue.
He will search the files from ACCU. The “old” agreement stands. George feels
that the “new” agreement offers no protection to the Association and we should not
sign it.

6.1 CARPORTS--George summarizes the status of the insurance claim for the
carport decks. Here is another attorney who bills us periodically, and we’ve seen
little progress. We do have a suit filed in Court against the insurance company, so
they are “talking” to us. We have received nothing from Mr. Finger recently. Joe
will contact him.

6.2 ROOFS--Discussed. The current roof resurfacing program is nearly complete
for this year. We have still NOT accepted the completion of the Western job.
George has met with a succession of people at Western Roofing. This included Gil,
& Mr. Cope, who passed him on to Mr. Peters. They made some cosmetic repairs
and asked for their money. We declined, as much of their coating was coming up.
When the president of the company returned from vacation, he contacted George.
His name is Mr. Sanderson. George walked all the roofs with him. There is a list of
needed corrections, much of which will take several coatings. They are trying to
locate more EpoxyFlex. As for the clubhouse, also their work, the Clubhouse
flashing change order not put in writing and signed prior to completion. Our
contract requires this. Unfortunately, the supplied cap metal is too narrow and does
not cover the shingles’ nails. Mr. Sanderson made an offer, to put wider brown
metal over that area. Joe recommends this, for cosmetics and to assure that we will
not get water leakage into the top of the mansards. Motion by Michael Bates,
second by Mike Stocking to accept this proposal. The motion passes unanimously.
        Mr. Sanderson said they will also put new flashing around the pool pump
room roof as it is separating in areas again. Gil previously did apply some patching
material, so that he could get paid. However, these areas separated again. The
actual warranty on this roof was one month, but Mr. Sanderson agreed to fix this at
no charge.
        NEW ROOF FOR BUILDING 7495. The contract with WeatherSure, for
TPO with a 15-and-15 year warranty, is pending. They wanted one paragraph plus
one sentence of our standard contract removed. We agree on one (re. costs of water
and utilities used, which should be minimal if any). George and Joe will pursue the
other issue (¶ 9.11, re. patents and royalties).

6.3 CONDO SEWERS--Discussed. This item will be a $40,000 line item in the
2006 budget. Board Directive--On all outside work orders, including those for
sewer repairs, only the maintenance lead person should be signing the invoices
(authorizing the work and verifying their adequate completion).

6.4 CLUBHOUSE REFURBISHMENT--Given that we’re trying to complete
outside jobs, before winter, this will have to wait. Michael Bates recommends an
owner who does interior decorating. Joe will follow up.

6.5 PERIMETER FENCE--It now appears that the fire hydrant project will not
disturb the fence. Joe is to get Lloyd to get more painting done this fall, at least the
rest of the fence on Quincy Ave....

6.6 ASPHALT BIDS--The additional 2 bids never came. Joe will need to get us
three complete, comparable bids, so that we can do at least part of this project this
year, once we figure out how to work around the heavy equipment on site for the
hydrant project.

6.7 LETTERS TO OWNERS--Rocky Mountain Property Association sent their
introductory letter. The Loan Authorization form (1 page), the Smoke Detector
Certificate form (1 page, due October, 2005), and the last Newsletter (1 sheet, both
sides) all went out to all owners. If needed, the Loan Authorization Form will go
out again with the budget proposal.

6.8 TENANT SCREENING & REGISTRATION--Sami never supplied these in
electronic form. We need these to proceed. It will be RMPA to do so. George will
try to convert these by OCR and send them to Joe. Motion by Mike Stocking,
seconded by Michael Bates, to proceed with tenant screening as previously decided.
The vote is unanimous.

6.9 ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE--See item 5.4 above.
6.10 LAUNDRY ROOM LOCKS--These still need some work and adjustment.
However, we have received no reports of any recent break-ins.
       SERVICING MAILBOX LOCKS--This has been done by the staff
(replacing locks for occupants). This takes up considerable time, probably at a loss
to WPW--but it is done cheaply by the USPS itself. By consensus, the Board does
not feel that we need to duplicate a service that the USPS already provides. Joe and
the staff will refer all further enquiries on this to the USPS. George will mention
this in a Newsletter.

We have only 120-some signed forms back. RMPA mailed them to all off-site
owners the beginning of the month. The deadline for payment is a little later now,
because we have not yet accepted the boilers. There is a punch list that has not been
acted on yet.

6.12 FIRE HYDRANTS--George and Joe gave the go-ahead for this project. Joe
will update us next Thursday, when he hopes to have some firm cost numbers.

6.13 INSURANCE COVERAGE--American Family Insurance declined to insure
WPW due to its aluminum wiring and the state of the carports (with an unclear
possible legal claim against the current insurance carrier). So, we are now staying
with the prior carrier, Pacific Service Mutual, at a premium lower than we had last
year. All coverages are in place, except for the umbrella. We need about $10-15
million in today’s environment, to adequately protect the Association.
        Motion by Michael Bates, second by Carolyn Bennett, passed unanimously,
to have Mr. Goldie fill in the check list from Orten and Hindman relative to what
our and D&O policy does and doesn’t cover. And it is likely that we will need a
policy from one of the four companies recommended by our attorneys. We also
request an exact explanation of what our Zurich umbrella includes. The A.F.I.
representative suggested that it provided very limited coverage. If it is not narrowly
limited, then we need to renew the prior $15 million policy to protect the
Association adequately. The need to do this is spelled out in our association

STORAGE TANK--Motion by Mike Stocking, second by Michael Bates, to
restock these units to have them on hand. We agree to follow the last 2 Boards, and
replace (less expensive) water heaters with this costlier arrangement, so as to
provide better capacities for hot water under load. There should be 3 bids coming
from three separate sources, for a four hundred thousand BTU boiler, with a large
storage tank included too. George will try to find the bids we used last time, which
was when Larry was here.

7.1 LANIER COPIER PROPOSAL--We will have to change photocopiers soon,
because ours is getting old and we will soon not be able to get parts for it. George
sent out data on a possible replacement from Lanier, and although it would save us a
couple hundred dollars a year in maintenance, we would have to pay $3,000 to
$4,000 up front. The Board asks Joe to get us comparable proposals from other
companies, to include a collator on the output.

number of dishes remain. We still need an accurate inventory (which we previously
requested several times but never obtained). The Board agrees that we should
proceed to get all satellite dishes removed as soon as possible. Our prior decision
stands, to start fines as of November 1, 2005. Anyone with a dish remaining after
that will have to go to the RRC, and would probably get a $200 fine, with $10 per
day added if the dish remains beyond some further date, say 5-10 days.
        According to our attorney, the self-help statute allows us, after specific
formal written notification, to take care of hazardous situations for owners, just so
long as we preserve their property. We have not yet taken that step.

to proceed with these projects. We will have to plan this all out well ahead of time.
The Board will need specific options and recommendations for ground cover, etc.

7.4 CONCRETE AND PAVING/DRAIN PANS FOR 2006--This will be put into
the budget again next year, to complete what was to be a two-year project.

use; Snow clearing protocol; Off-property time.) Joe has addressed some of these
issues. He will make a proposal for a policy on employees’ being offsite on
company hours.

GUARANTY?--The Board agrees to use Guaranty Bank per their proposal, which
should never result in a loss or net fee. Dave Cook volunteers to see if we can get
these bank services less expensively. George will check with the bank contact on

7.7 MEETING SENATE BILL 100 REQUIREMENTS--Joe believes that we
meet many of these requirements already. Rocky Mountain Property Association is
working on this issue, and will have documents ready for us in plenty of time to
meet the legal requirements of this bill.

LADDER, ETC. Discussed. We hope for competitive pricing. The stepladder to
allow access to the various condominium roofs should be fiberglass. Motion by
Michael Bates, second by Mike Stocking, to make these purchases. This passes
       A motion to go into Executive Session is made by Mike Stocking, seconded
by Carolyn Bennett. This passes unanimously at 9:20 p.m.

After extended discussion, the Board votes 2-to-1 to reimburse one owner for a
recent loss. George cautions that there may be other unrelated claims waiting. In a
related issue, being aware of several “occurrences,” the Board votes to discontinue
UPS services through our clubhouse. The exposure that the Association is
assuming is too great. Our attorney has already recommended that we discontinue
accepting UPS packages.

8.2 EMPLOYEE ISSUES--Discussed. One employee is given an appropriate
raise, at the end of their probationary period. Unanimous. Another employee
receives a small raise in recognition of fine work done on a consistent basis.
     SELECTION OF MAINTENANCE LEAD--There were 18 appropriate
resumes. We looked for the required experience, full HVAC licensing, and ability
to meet our planned price range. Joe presents the details on his two leading
candidates. George discusses the interview process, and his feelings. We make our
decision, and set a rate of pay. As in the past, this person will be salaried. Motion
by Carolyn Bennett, second by Mike Stocking. Motion passes unanimously. He
will start tomorrow.
     STAFFING--Discussed. Joe believes that we can make it with our current
staffing levels.
     ONE REVIEW--See above.

8.3 AGING/DELINQUENCY REPORT--Current cases discussed. We need to
figure out which cases we have already written off. The prior manager took the
Board’s notes from the July meeting, and never returned them. Also, there were
write offs in February and June. Joe and George will research this issue.

(April & May) No report available yet. Where are the “Covenant Enforcement”
records from ACCU?

8.5 MANAGER’S CLOSING WORDS--A brief two-way conversation occurs.
The Board later discusses the recent transition, and the performance of RMPA so
far. Specific issues discussed. We will monitor. No action taken.

CLOSING MOTIONS--By unanimous motion, we go out of Executive Session at
10:39 PM. Motion to take the three personnel actions discussed during Executive
Session, is made by Carolyn Bennett and seconded by Michael Bates. This passes
unanimously. Motion to respond to a specific resident’s request for reimbursement,
is made by Carolyn Bennett and seconded by Michael Bates. This passes
unanimously after another caution from the President. Motion by Carolyn Bennett
and second by Michael Bates that WPW publish that we will not be responsible for
packages delivered by UPS; and that we stop receiving UPS packages at the
Clubhouse soon. Discussion on alternatives. The motion passes unanimously,
unchanged. Motion by Mike Stocking to buy “turkey” coupons for each staff
member for Thanksgiving, seconded by Carolyn Bennett; this passes unanimously.
WPW will reimburse Mike, who will pick these up. Finally, Michael Bates
confirms that he will serve as chairman of the Rules and Regulations Committee.

10. AGENDA REQUESTS FOR NEXT MONTH--None. But the Budget will be
the primary topic for the Owners’ Forum in November! We discuss options for
dates for that meeting. We will decide that date at our Special Budget Meeting,
which we now confirm to be Thursday, 11/3/2005, again at 7 PM in the Clubhouse.
George will notify Bob Lane. The Board will finalize the Budget at that time, so
that it can be printed and sent out with the announcement letter, which has to go out
at least 15 days before the meeting (per Bylaws ¶ 3.5). George will draft the
announcement letter, and will write a detailed explanation of our budget decisions.

11. ADJOURNMENT--The meeting adjourns at 10:42 PM upon motion by
Michael Bates and second by Carolyn Bennett. Unanimous.

Minutes prepared by George Bock, President and Treasurer.

THESE MINUTES APPROVED ON:                 11/30/2005

George W. Bock
George W. Bock, President


SEPTEMBER 22, 2005:

           SEPTEMBER 22, 2005—CLUBHOUSE
PRESENT: Mike Stocking, President; George Bock, Treasurer; and Directors
Michael Bates, Carolyn Bennett, and Bob Lane. ALSO Sami McKenna, Property
Manager, Bob Boucher maintenance lead, and several WPW employees.
GUESTS: Twenty-some residents; plus one insurance agent (Patricia Upwood) for
item “6.13.”

1. CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL: The meeting comes to order at 7:06 PM
with a quorum of Board members present (3). [Mr. Fuhrman and Mr. Brew both
quit during the last Special Meeting.]

2. PROOF OF NOTICE: This fourth Thursday is the regular Board meeting date.
All members here.

3. HOMEOWNERS’ FORUM: Numerous residents attended this meeting, and
wanted to address the Board. There was concern about the rumored resignation of
Bob Boucher, maintenance lead. He was present but declined to give specifics
about the reasons for his resignation. One owner read a prepared statement, which
was not presented to the Board. There were a number of presentations that
misrepresented Board actions and plans, and clearly came about due to lack of
understanding or appreciation of Board activities. There was a call for community
involvement in WPW activities, and more input from owners. We pointed out that
the Board had coordinated the “Community Action Team” last winter for just these
purposes, including communication, for several meetings, but attendance dropped
off quickly (from 17 to 8 to 1 owner at the third meeting). It never met the
expectations that we all had. We never had anyone volunteer to coordinate these
meetings ever, nor coordinate community social gatherings or picnics, despite
requests for such on the WPW Web site and in WPW Newsletters.
        President Mike Stocking addressed these and other issues, and presented a
summary of the Board’s stance on recent projects on the property. He gave
examples of various Board members’ involvement at WPW, and examples of our
support of several specific staff members. We have been careful to check the results
of all outside contractor’s jobs, and to reject work that we did not consider proper.
He gave several examples (on three of which, we are still withholding final
payments). He also indicated rejection of bids on a number of projects that did not
ultimately seem to be cost effective to the property. Treasurer George Bock
answered a number of pointed questions. Specifically, per directive of Mr. Phifer,
he “got out of the way” so that new management could direct day-to-day
maintenance. However, for example, despite two Boards’ having directed that we
do preventative maintenance on the remaining 8 old foam roofs, three managers and
two maintenance leads had never initiated the process. We were coming up on
another winter, and the weather demanded that we get this project started ASAP,
following the advice given by multiple roofing contractors. It has started. We have
a contractor doing scupper area work on the foam roofs, with over-coating to
        After an incident with one guest, the meeting recessed and then reconvened.
There were questions about the high cost of sewer repairs. George explained that
this had to do with rusting elbows at the bases of sewer “stacks” (so far, only in the
lower condos). The last Board directed management to use O’Connor Plumbing for
these repairs, but for unknown reasons, this rarely happens. He gave examples of
misuse of sewers, resulting in cleaning and repair calls for which we all pay. The
issue with satellite dishes came up. The WPW policy, set by the Board, follows the
current, court-tested FCC guidelines. WPW decisions 3-5 years ago were slightly
different, since the Rule was still being tested in court, and required a few changes.
There have been no changes in this FCC Rule for several years.
         This Policy, plus the FCC “Q&A” document, and a multitude of other WPW
documents are available on our web site, WWW.WPWHOA.NET. We suggest
that owners and tenants refer to that web site, or look in the thick “Web” notebook
kept in the Clubhouse to keep owners informed. The prior Board initiated both of
these over a year ago.
         At 8:30, well beyond the 7:30 PM scheduled, the Forum ended when the
Board went into Executive Session upon motion by George, to meet with Bob
Boucher to resolve the issues brought up.
         <Executive Session #1, 8:30-9:00 PM>
         The Board states that we will work with Bob however we can. For personal
reasons, he makes no promises to us. He misunderstood who his employer was. He
will let us know next week.
         Returning to open session: The Board votes unanimously to use O’Connor
Plumbing for repair of future sewer collapses. The past Board made that decision,
but Bob was not aware of this protocol.

4. APPROVAL OF PAST MEETING MINUTES: No minutes presented to date
since June. The Board does not currently have a Secretary, and there is no

5.1 PRESIDENT’S--Given during the Homeowners’ Forum.

5.2 VICE PRESIDENT’S--The Board does not have a Vice President.

5.3 TREASURER’S/FINANCIAL--George, who is the Treasurer, gave this
report. The financials just arrived, and show a cash balance of $425 thousand.
However, $280 thousand are already allocated (for roofs, asphalt repairs, the boiler
down payment, fire hydrants, and carport mansards). This leaves about $145K, plus
$22K collectable per month (over the next three months of 2005), to get us to close
to the budgeted $210K in reserves at year end. Technically, about $26K of that is
allocated to future HVAC, asphalt, and roof major capital maintenance/replacement
        George then reviewed the line items in the financials. Sewer maintenance
ran $22K, YTD, which is $17K above our total year’s budgeted appropriation. This
is because of the expensive sewer collapses, which are now occurring at about one
per month. This could ultimately cost us $250-400K, a major hit to our carefully
planned Reserve Analysis. We will adjust it accordingly at the end of the year.
        Water costs are ahead of schedule, mainly due to increased watering this
year. Personnel expenditures are slightly below the planned level, though the
recently hired temporary workers will escalate that line item by year-end. There
will have to be an increase in this line next year. Part of this will be to cover some
of the projects that we would otherwise contract out. George indicates that Joe
Bolton, our new property manager as of October 1, 2005, has helped other
associations do their own major projects, so this should benefit us. All this could
save us ~$80K per year for the next several years!
        Unpaid HOA dues amount to $68K, some of which we have written off this
year. We still do not have anything back from the auditors on this.

-RRC--No recent meeting. Carrie S. has volunteered for this committee. It will
need to meet soon, as Sami has a number of cases.
-ARCHITECTURAL--There are a couple of pending applications, but none has all
documents in. We are awaiting copies of general/liability insurance and proof of
workers’ comp coverage.
-LANDSCAPE ROCKS--We need to find a lightweight alternative. River rock,
which we now have everywhere, will be too heavy between 7335-7395 and 7355-
7375. Lava rock floats and then holds the water, which we don’t want either. Two
sump pumps need installation prior to completing the area.
-DOGGIE PARKS--All but one still await their replacement pea gravel....
-CLUBHOUSE--George reminds everyone that refurbishment is due soon. Mike
Bates will ask Carrie to come up with some type of recommendations on this project
(budget of about $7,500).
-POOL--The pool is now closed and covered up.
-NEWSLETTER--Carolyn and George will get one more out this month, to
announce the change in management company and to address some of the issues
mentioned in the Homeowners’ Forum.

5.5 MANAGER’S REPORT: Sami gives this. We are still awaiting the reduction
in Comp insurance fees. The report on Current Projects was given during the
Forum. There are a number of incomplete work orders.

5.6 OTHER: There is nothing active relative to Comcast. We have NOT updated
our contract, as the new one does not have enough protections for the Association.

6.1 CARPORTS: Mr. Finger did visit the property, and there are several things he
needs. We have not yet collected the folders that the insurance company says it
needs. He needs more photos. Sami will work on these issues.

6.2 ROOFS: Discussed. We unanimously vote to continue pushing the current
roof resurfacing--but we do NOT think that the Western Roofing jobs to date are up
to good standards. We have evidence that they aren’t. George is directed to e-mail
Mr. Mike Cope, who is working on resolving these issues (Clubhouse tenting, and
change order not put in writing/signed prior to completion; cap metal too narrow &
doesn’t cover the shingles’ nails; plus foam’s Epoxy-Flex is too thin, coming up;
not much of the mesh we bought was used; areas have water under them; & multiple
scuppers are not sealed the way they promised to do).
        New roof for building 7495. Three proposals--Duro-Last, $40-some K, not
yet formalized; TPO, $38K including full 15 year warranties, hard to compete with;
and tar and gravel roofs are $48-50K. The Board votes unanimously to accept the
proposal by WeatherSure, for TPO with 15 and 15 year (materials and
workmanship) warranties, contingent upon their acceptance of our standard contract
as it applies to roof work, including its special protections to the Association.
        To get our seasonal projects done, we’ll need some part time or day contract
workers--OK given.

6.3 CONDO, CLUBHOUSE CLEANING--Discussed. Pending formal review,
the Board does NOT accept an offer from one renter, to do this. We still need more
cleaning of windows and laundry rooms.

6.4 CLUBHOUSE REFURBISHMENT--See notation above in section “5.4.”

6.5 PERIMETER FENCE--No report. We will ask Joe to get this done this fall....

6.6 ASPHALT BIDS--It seems to be Adam’s versus PLM. Sami is expecting 2
more bids, so we will wait on this decision. Does PLM put primer on oily spots in
parking spaces? Can they do a similar concrete repair project, as per Adam’s bid?
Sami will let us know. The spreadsheet is still incomplete....

6.7 LETTERS TO OWNERS--To be sent with the announcement letter from
Rocky Mountain Property Association, are: The Loan Authorization form (1 page),
the Smoke Detector Certificate form (1 page, due October, 2005), and the last WPW
Newsletter (1 sheet, both sides). George will provide the originals to RMPA. The
Board does not authorize any other forms to go out, as the packet will be fairly big
and owners might be less inclined to read through it all.

6.8 TENANT SCREENING & REGISTRATION--Sami has not yet supplied
these in electronic form. We need these to proceed. It will be RMPA to do so.

this out again, as everyone should have seen it. But we still get many incomplete
applications, usually without the required drawings and proof of contractor
insurance policies (both Workers’ Comp & General Liability required).

6.10 LAUNDRY ROOM LOCKS--These need more work, particularly the strike
plates. We know of no major losses recently. Joe will need to check these out and
make a recommendation.

week. We have 80-some signed forms back. They will be mailed to all off-site
owners next week (by RMPA). We need 250 in all. The Board will need to have a
door to door campaign to get those in. The deadline is in about 3 weeks.
6.12 FIRE HYDRANTS--George has talked again with the Engineer. We
authorize another $1500 in design fees, so that Mr. McBride can take his plans to
the city for analysis, and then try to negotiate with them to let us do a $95K project,
to upgrade just some of the hydrants and water mains. We are not sure whether they
might let us do a “partial” project or not.

6.13 INSURANCE COVERAGE--Our current agent is switching offices, and
presents the highest bid. This is $89K (for PSM + 3 carriers for crime, D&O, auto,
and comp). Lowest is American Family Insurance ($62K). Patricia Upwood
presents their offer, and its thick packet. Their workers’ comp fee (by Pinachol) is
understated. And the AFI umbrella is way too low--we need about $10-15 million
in today’s environment. They cannot provide the Zurich umbrella we now have.
Pat says that the company DOES know about the electrical wiring and the open
carport roof deck claim. The third bid is from Community Association Insurance,
Van Gilder agency (88K). Nobody presents this bid, and a number of coverages are
low here too. They have not insured us before. We are not familiar with them.
        Motion by George, second by Michael Bates, to accept the AFI bid
assuming that PSM (our current carrier) will not offer a month or two extension
until we can see the formal underwriting report from AFI. But, if PSM will do so,
then we can wait a few weeks before deciding and closing this. [If an extension is
possible, then we will take it (before changing).] The Board votes unanimously for

7.1 WATER HEATERS--Bob will get additional bids on installing comparable
units. The Board wants to use the RayPak boiler and storage tank that we have in
stock, though installation may be costlier than for just a plain water heater.
[Surprisingly, the required BTU sizes demand a boiler permit either way!] The bids
from Haynes and ACA seem inordinately high.

consensus to proceed, as we had decided previously. Sami will send out warning
letters, to units identified by staff as having a satellite dish, or at least a cable
connected to one of the dishes on our roofs.

idea. The project passes to the new manager.

should soon have all known concrete walk issues addressed, well before winter. For
the drain pans--see section 6.6 above.

new manager.

7.6 MANAGEMENT CONTRACT--This has gone through several revisions, to
address the restrictions in our Decs, and the issues raised with ACCU while
negotiating their contract with us. We have added a few items based upon our
experience with ACCU. George and Joe have worked on this for some time. We
discuss a number of paragraphs, and how the wording came about. A number of
charges will be far below those of ACCU. George then answers questions from
other Board members. Nobody voices reservations. Motion by George Bock,
second by Michael Bates, to accept the proposed contract with Rocky Mountain
Property Association, including a nonspecific line on “Employee Management/
Supervision” (which RMPA does not do for their other properties). This motion
passes unanimously.

7.7 OTHER--Nothing further.

        At 11 PM, the Board votes unanimously to go into Executive Session for the
listed matters.
We discuss several issues. We do not make any exceptions on the satellite dish
issue (2 special requests).

8.2 EMPLOYEE ISSUES; STAFFING; REVIEWS--Sami confirms that a case
settled in our favor.

8.3 AGING/DELINQUENCY REPORT--Reviewed. We defer action, pending a
review of data and recommendations by the new management company.

(April & May)--No data.

8.5 OTHER ISSUES--Transition. We discuss this at length. No motion, just a
consensus that George should continue to work with Joe in this new relationship.
We will all work things out as we go.

9. CLOSING MOTIONS--By unanimous motion, we move out of Executive
Session at 11:55 PM. Board consensus confirmed unanimously on items 8.1 and
8.5, without specific further action.

10. AGENDA REQUESTS FOR NEXT MONTH--Management transition;
Insurance; Budget 2006.

11. ADJOURNMENT--We adjourn by unanimous consensus, at 11:58 PM.

Minutes prepared by George Bock, Treasurer (President 1/2006).
THESE MINUTES APPROVED ON:                   01/26/2006

George W. Bock                               Mike Stocking
George Bock, Treasurer                       Mike Stocking, Vice President


SEPTEMBER 7, 2005:

     The meeting comes to order at 1906. Present are: George Bock, Treasurer,
who set up these interviews; Mike Stocking, President; plus Michael Bates and Neil
     ALSO Joe Bolton, Property Manager.
     [Carolyn Bennett is excused.] James Brew, Secretary, visited part way
through this meeting, and resigned from the Board, leaving a pile of tape recordings
from prior Board meetings but no prior minutes or notes.

GUESTS: Representatives of two of the 5 managers/companies appeared for this
interview. [The Board previously rejected one of those considered, our prior
manager, whom ACCU had released from the non-compete clause in our contract
with them. We continue to feel that the recent history here would prevent that from
working out at all. The four other proposals were from management companies,
two of whom could not send representatives at this time.]

2. PROOF OF NOTICE: Tonight’s time, the Board agreed upon earlier. Notice
and reminders sent via e-mail by George. Mike phoned everyone earlier today.


     Denise and David Kinney constitute the company. He is an accountant, and
does the accounting and legal matters. He handles bidding. She does the PR and
handles vendors, rules, etc. They have a total of 6 properties, and have lost none.
We last interviewed them in the fall of 2003, but rejected them, as we would have
been their first property then! They have two other “potential” associations now. If
we hire them, we would be their biggest property, and they would be able to hire a
      They have no employees, and no part-time employees. In case of emergency
(such as occurred last week), they have arrangements with 2 property managers who
will fill in for them. All properties use contractors. They charge $60/hour for
meetings over 2 hours. He’s not charged anyone yet. They present themselves are
being kind and comprehensive, and well prepared for meetings and for decision-
      Their Web site is www.CCPTA.ORG. Work orders are done on the web.
They use e-mail “a lot.” Board packets are presented on the web site, for
$20/month. Half of their associations do their own packets. Banks are Citywide
and Key. They use “Quick Books” for accounting. R&R cases are handled
manually. Data backup is only “a second computer.” Attorneys are Braden, and
      Weaknesses they see--“We’re getting smarter.” We see weakness in numbers
and experience; a tiny staff; also the contract price, at $12/door/month, the
HIGHEST that we encountered. Without an office staff, contacting them is strictly
by “voice mail or pager.”
      Strengths--small size, and “a personal touch.”
      Summary--a very small size company with a high cost proposal.
      Joe Bolton, who would be our manager, has put the package together after
consultations with George. He is here tonight (interviewed at 1938) with the
company owner, Ms. Sandra Adams (an MBA). She came from a large
management company, where she was concerned about “assembly line
management.” [So are we.] Her goal is to manage a maximum of ~20 properties.
They now have fewer than that, with 4 managers. Joe will work part-time, and is
proposing to have WPW as his ONLY property! He considers this to be a challenge
for him.
      Their company’s largest properties are 323-555 units (homes). Their
accounting department is a Bachelor of Accounting and one “helper.” They
presented their proposal by e-mail, and all Board members have reviewed it. They
do NOT manage employees elsewhere, but would do so for us for the stated price
($10.50/door/month). George has discussed some of the changes that would be
needed in their standard contract, and Sandra sees no problems with these. They
answer questions asked by the Board.
      They have an office near us, and an actual human answers the phone during
normal business hours. George has verified this to be true, always getting a
response. For messages for Joe, they would go to (voice mail on) his cell phone.
After-hours calls go to the manager on call if Joe isn’t available. Their contract is
the simplest and most straightforward we have seen. They do NOT include a lot of
add on fees.
      There is good interaction with the Board. They have seen us in action, and
witnessed the resignation of one Board member. They have no reservation about
their offer. Joe still feels that this property will offer him the “challenge” he desires.
      This company presented a written proposal. George sent in their 2-page
questionnaire, plus the 2005 budget, as requested. Just today, he received an
estimated cost of $8.50/door/month. Management of our employees is unclear.
They manage only one property in this part of town, Cambridge Square. They have
80 properties, and 11 managers. Association sizes are 100-300s of units. Their
office is near C-470 and Broadway. George called them many times. They have a
long menu to go through. On several occasions, he got no answer.
      All telephone calls would go to the manager’s voice mail. After hours, you can
leave a message, or push 1# to get their answering service. They call YOUR
manager Monday to Friday, but they call the manager on call on weekends.
      Neil Fuhrman made the original contact with them, but could not follow up on
the proposal dated 6/30/05 (without a price). The Board just received this packet, at
the August meeting.
      George talked to the CEO, who returned calls to him. Two men own the
company. Their corporate office also houses a Real Estate office, which some
Board members considered to present a conflict of interest. Their contract is pretty
standard. They charge $75/hour for extra meeting time. There is a charge to store
old records. There are a number of other fees. They do not do meeting minutes.
They offer a “Master Insurance Program,” but we do not know whether that could
cover us or not. Banking is only with First Capital Bank (SmartStreet), nobody
      They said that they would supply references, but we do not know who they
might be.
      The CEO was way up North of Denver tonight and unable to attend to answer

      Their office is in Golden, and Mike Stocking had talked with them. George
corresponded with them, and they eventually presented a written proposal in folders,
but never followed up. They also have a Real Estate component in their office,
which actually is their parent company! Their proposal “for full service
management of your exciting H.O.A.” was at $3,300/month, $10/door/month for
non-association-owned units. The contract refers to “Schedule A,” for their extra
fees, but they did not include that. The contract includes an automatic escalator for
inflation each January.
      Mike and George talked with Cici, who lists herself as a broker in her letter to
us. They have been in business for 23 years, and manage 40 associations. With 6
managers, this is 6-7 associations per manager. They recently added new
developments at Lowry, their closest to us physically. Their sample contract is
rather lengthy. Their proposal included sample Newsletters with many typos. Their
services and reports seem standard. They stress communications with owners.
They prepare the Board packets (included). They gave us 8 references (in a packet
received after this meeting). They try to respond to all phone calls the same day
they are received. They are “growing.” They want strong leadership and owner
involvement in their associations.

      (E) ACCU.
      The fifth proposal is to have ACCU do the accounting at least through the end
of this year, and retain the current manager as a direct employee. That proposal is
dated 8/26/05, and includes financials, banking, the “fee-free” banking arrangement
we now have, interaction with our attorneys, and web site upkeep (after an initial set
up fee). We’d pay extra for supplies, monthly tracking fees (on delinquent
accounts), and other expenses. This would basically duplicate the services that we
previously bought from LCM. The ACCU part, for accounting, was offered at a
competitive rate, $1500/month. See above for why the Board did not choose this

      The Board discusses the 5 options, and their strengths and weaknesses. In
general, from the past year, we are reluctant to hire a large company, despite their
promises (which we have heard before). George made it clear that the RMPA
proposal was from a smaller company, but that its main strength was in the manager
proposed. That is, we’d be choosing a manager with known attributes and skills,
more than choosing a company itself. Cherry Creek is the smallest company, but
seems to be too small to offer adequate services when really needed. Their price
was the highest. As a possible “second-runner,” we will keep them in mind for the
future as they (and we) grow. The companies other than these two did not know
exactly who would be our manager, or if there would be a choice. We want to
assure a good “fit.” Only the RMPA proposal offers that at this time.
      Two members continue to feel strongly that having a Real Estate component to
a management company could compromise their performance and even present a
conflict of interest. We are reluctant to choose a “cheap” price, given what our
recent “competitive” $9/door/month brought us. Several of these companies
presented a user-unfriendly phone system.
      Further discussion, and consideration of the option of “E” to buy us some time
for further interviews. Board consensus is to hire RMPA tonight. Motion by
Michael Bates, second by Neil Fuhrman, to hire RMPA for their stated fee for a
one-year contract. They still need to address our concerns relative to certain parts of
their proposed contract. All vote in favor of this motion.

     As per the meeting notices, we consider 2 forms proposed--one for “Pool”
Tags (Recreation Tags), dated 9/2/05; plus an “Authorization” Form allowing
the Association to borrow funds, specifically for the Boiler Replacement (this form
dated 9/6), payment for which will be due soon. This second form followed our
attorney’s recommendations, and the guidelines of the bank, to meet the
requirements set by the WPW Bylaws, section 4.3.8. The Board agrees with the
wording of that form. The Board approves both forms unanimously, without
      The first form is necessary to standardize a process that involves money and
Association security. We will publish it and give it to the Clubhouse monitors. The
second form fulfills the wishes of the owners’ vote at the Annual Owners’ Meeting
in May, 2005.
      The issue of washers and dryers in Condo units has come up several times
recently. The Board agrees that the Condos were not designed to take such
equipment, and the Board thereby confirms the findings of past Boards. Reasons
for this decision include safety, risks, noise, generation of heat and moisture,
potential “hot spots” created in the aluminum wiring, and potential deterioration of
common building structures. Per Senate Bill 100, we will consider a formal written
policy on this at the regular September Board meeting later this month. No Board
member feels that allowing washers or dryers in Condo units is appropriate. The
risks are excessively high.
      Discussion re. Clubhouse staffing. We decline to take any action on the
written proposal received. There does not seem to be reason to act. We will refer
this issue to the new manager.


6. ADJOURNMENT--At 2130, by consensus of all present, after completion of
the agenda.
     At this point, Mr. Fuhrman resigns from the Board, effective immediately.

Minutes prepared by George Bock, Treasurer (President 1/2006).

THESE MINUTES APPROVED ON:                  01/26/2006

George W. Bock                              Mike Stocking
George W. Bock, Treasurer                   Mike Stocking, Vice President


AUGUST 25, 2005:

           AUGUST 25, 2005—WPW CLUBHOUSE
PRESENT: Mike Stocking, President; Neil Fuhrman, Vice President; George
Bock, Treasurer; and Directors Michael Bates and Bob Lane. ALSO, Sami
McKenna, Property Manager, and Bob Boucher maintenance lead.
       Absent: Carolyn Bennett and Jim Brew.
GUESTS: Two residents just observing. One owner arrives much later and gives
suggestions to us.

1. CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL: The meeting comes to order at 7 PM with
a quorum of Board members present (5).

2. PROOF OF NOTICE: This fourth Thursday is the regularly scheduled Board
meeting date.

3. HOMEOWNERS’ FORUM: No issues.

4. APPROVAL OF PAST MEETING MINUTES: No minutes presented to date
since May. The Secretary is not here tonight. GB stresses the importance of
keeping good records, and having an agenda (there is none for tonight’s meeting).
There is no volunteer to keep minutes for tonight.

5.1 PRESIDENT’S--Given.

5.2 VICE PRESIDENT’S--Nothing.

5.3 TREASURER’S/FINANCIAL--George, who is the Treasurer, gives this
report. We are gaining a bit on the balance sheet, with bank balances totaling
$392,241; and this is good because we will have some major expenses come due
this fall (for the boiler replacement, a new RayPak water heater, roofing work, and
seasonal purchases). There are 21 big-balance overdue owner’s accounts, and 35
units getting 30-day letters. Laundry income is low, consistent with the number of
empty units seen. One recent week’s collection was the lowest that we have seen.
Some of the HVAC expenditures do not show up where they should. Sami will
look into this and report back next month. We have now spent almost the entire
year’s budget for heat and natural gas, so we will be way over budget by year end.
[We will have to increase this line item substantially for 2006.] Fuel for the trucks
now totals $460, far below the excessive use seen last year; many thanks to the
staff! Line 61600, legal fees, is a major problem. Although our attorney has
vigorously pursued our overdue accounts, we have seen very little income back
from our huge expenditures for this program every month. We will continue to
monitor this. As we had planned, our allocated and unallocated Capital
Replacement (“Reserve”) funds are building up.

-RRC--No recent meeting. It will need to meet soon, as Sami has cases ready.
-ARCHITECTURAL--Two applications received. One of these was rejected since
the last meeting, because the owner did not present all of the documentation
required; and because white front doors are not allowed. They must be the standard
WPW “cream” color. Additionally, they want to do the door change themselves,
which was never the intent of the Board to allow. Discussion occurs. The Board
agrees with the decision already made by two Board members, and will await a
complete application from this owner before taking further action.
-LANDSCAPE ROCKS--Sami is still working on getting City approval for the
drainage work done. Once that occurs, we can work on the rocks. The preliminary
inspection of the area for rocks indicates that we will need many tons of rocks and
so maybe we should cover this another way.
-DOGGIE PARKS--Nothing done.
-CLUBHOUSE--Refurbishment is coming soon.
-POOL--There are some issues with the “Pool (Recreation) Tag Policy.” The
Board feels that the Policy is the Policy, and as it was carefully drafted, it should be
followed. Sami will pass this decision on, and monitor payments for the tags.
-NEWSLETTER--Discussed. No recommendation for any changes.

5.5 MANAGER’S REPORT: Sami gives this. There are a number of incomplete
work orders. Discussion occurs. There is still no Calendar nor projects calendar.
For example, the monthly laundry room drain checks, and the monthly scupper
cleanings, must be done, and the calendar is a way we have of making sure that
these ongoing issues are not forgotten the way they have been in the past!
        LEGAL--Under legal, we have a form recommended by our attorney if we
use “volunteers” (owners or tenants) for clean up and such activities. We review
this “waiver” and the fact that it is needed because incidents do happen and the
Colorado Workers’ Comp law is “very broad” so that the Association could easily
become liable for injuries occurring to owners and to volunteers on our grounds.
Motion by Michael Bates, second by Bob Lane, to adopt this form and require it for
community volunteer days and other volunteer projects. This motion passes
        We review recent opinion letters addressing the Association’s
responsibilities in sewer repairs and in electrical entrance repairs. The Board takes
no action. Our attorney also recommends that our staff not help owners with their
removal of satellite dishes from the roofs. This is to reduce the legal exposure of
the Association. Sami will pass this on to Bob and the rest of the staff in writing.

5.6 OTHER: Sami is still responding to the City on our drainage project. They
are asking for more information, including alternative plans that we considered.
George and Sami responded to that. There are pages of e-mail correspondence and
submissions on this subject. Sami says that the City will approve this once
everything is in, but they just need a complete file on this.
        The Tool Inventory is done, but the items will need to be marked properly.
        A proposed new contract with Comcast is in the packet. GB says that we do
have a more recent agreement with them, that they have not found. We will not
sign this new one because it affords no protections to the Association; it is all in
favor of the provider. There is no motion to sign this.
6.1 CARPORTS: Mr. Finger has not recently reported to us.

6.2 ROOFS: Discussion occurs on correspondence from Gil at Western Roofing,
wanting the balance of their bill. But they have failed to meet several conditions of
our standard contract, which they ultimately did sign. Although we have the Denver
Roofing Inspector’s card, we don’t have the Duro-Last company’s final inspection
report. We require it before paying, and they won’t supply it until after we pay.
Also, there are several irregular areas in the roof that they won’t address, and they
have not repaired the ceiling damage they caused. We are still waiting for their lien
waivers. The flashing is not what we thought it would be, after an unapproved
change order. Board consensus is to withhold payment until they perform. Sami
will contact Gil. We unanimously vote to continue pushing the current roof
resurfacing, a separate project. The ongoing materials purchases are included in this
        New roof for building 7495--Sami--Get formal proposals please.

6.3 CONDO & CLUBHOUSE CLEANING--Discussed. We will repair the
carpet shampooer. Earlier this month, Sami signed the agreement with Clean Berets
for another year (at no price increase).

6.4 CLUBHOUSE REFURBISHMENT--Now that the roof is done, we can
proceed. Sami will get recommendations from Bob and Lloyd.

6.5 PERIMETER FENCE--No report.

6.6 ASPHALT BIDS--Sami and GB have a spreadsheet in the board packet. Costs
are coming in below predictions, so our budgeting was good. This project is still
waiting on the hydrant project. Sami will find out how late in the fall they can
repair asphalt. We will then decide whether to proceed even if we have not done the
hydrant project yet, or if we should work around it, etc.

6.7 LETTERS TO OWNERS--Sami reports that the “ultimatum” letter has gone
out to the owners with a satellite dish still remaining on the roof. The Board
confirms prior decisions that violating owners should be assessed $200 plus $10/day
after 30 days from mailing of this letter. It has been a year since the Board decided
to ban all satellite dishes from the roofs (which are common property, not areas of
exclusive use according to the FCC).

6.8 TENANT SCREENING & REGISTRATION--Sami has not yet supplied
these in electronic form. Her August 1 draft letter to owners is in the packet. The
Board approves this. All we need now is to have the three-page resolution in
electronic form so that we can individualize it to WPW, and put it into the Rules
booklet. Sami will bring this back for final action next month. We will use the
current company that does our background checks now, so we don’t need the other
draft agreements presented.

6.9 ARCHITECTURAL REQUESTS--There was an informal question about
installing a washer and dryer in a condo unit. The Board member explained to the
owner why such is not possible. There was also a recent Rules Complaint on noise
from a washer and dryer. This will be referred to the RRC for its next meeting.
Although we have not received any such Architectural request, the Board consensus
is that we should draft a formal Policy ASAP as this is of general interest to all
condo owners. Consensus is that there should not be any washer or dryer in condo
buildings except those in the common laundry in the lower level. Reasons
mentioned include noise, heat and humidity stressing our chillers in the summer,
and the potential damage caused by not only humidity but also water should a hose
break or machine overflow. The risks are too great. This is an example of one thing
that we give up to live in such a common interest community. GB will draft such a
Policy and bring it to the Board in September.

6.10 LAUNDRY ROOM LOCKS--Bob is working on these. Lock Cover Plates
have arrived, and he will put them on with one-way screws.

6.11 BOILERS--The contract is indeed finalized, and was signed on 8/22/05. A
copy is in the packet. Work will start by 8/30/05, so the Boilers should be running
before the cold weather hits. GB reminds Sami to have the staff shut the chillers off
when cool days are forecast, so that the condo buildings do not cool off too much at
night. This should get us through to the end of September okay.

6.12 FIRE HYDRANTS--The design fees are adding up. The engineer has used
up every penny that we have authorized, and wants more money. He still has not
signed our contract, but has a counter proposal in the board packet. There is no cap
or commitment on his part. The Board does not authorize or approve this proposal.
Any way we do this, we are stuck with the professional costs and the extensive
hourly and materials costs outlined. He continues to work without an agreement.
        Given these costs, there is a suggestion that we do the minimum necessary
project--testing and perhaps replacing the two private hydrants we now have on the
property. Sami will call Lt. Randolph to find out exactly what he wants us to do.
Motion by NF to buy one fire hydrant to have on the property, and to get ours
tested. If we can’t shut a hydrant off, then there should be a contractor standing by,
ready to dig up and replace the hydrant. This motion gets a second by Bob Lane.
Discussion, with mixed opinions. But the vote is unanimous in favor of starting
with one hydrant at a time. Sami will check to see whether we really do need a
permit to test and replace a private fire hydrant.

6.13 INSURANCE COVERAGE--GB says that we need to formalize the bids on
this, as the insurance year ends in 4 weeks (9/25/05). ACCU--We cannot wait until
the last minute on this again. Sami will contact the association agent for final
numbers and alternatives. She has four outside contacts, but firm figures only from
PSM. The other proposals are in the works, one awaiting our “loss run” which is
copied in the board packet.
6.14 OTHER--POOL TAGS--By unanimous vote, the details of the proposed
draft POLICY on Pool (Recreation) Tags passes. There will be a $15 fee, for
everyone regardless of circumstance, and they will have to give us a proof of ID,
their driver’s license and license number (being recorded at the time of “sale”).
Because of problems in the past, we will require their full name, full home address,
and telephone numbers. ONLY owners can pick up tags, NOT any renters
(tenants). The Policy will be reworded and reformatted, and brought to the Special
Meeting on September 7 for final approval.

7.1 WATER HEATER--We will use the RayPak boiler and storage tank that we
have in stock.

notice and warning letter (a two-paged letter) went out with the mailing for the
Annual Owners’ Meeting in May 2005, so all owners received it. Why is this
taking so long? The Board decided a year ago to ban dishes on the roofs because of
safety and damage concerns. See ¶6.7 above. Neil volunteers to help with this and
to look into the self-help issue if needed.

7.3 LANDSCAPING--We unanimously approve the $1,700 low bid from J&J to
remove one tree in the upper condo area that is getting into the sewer and causing
problems there, and remove one tree in the lower condo area that is overgrown,
tilting, and destroying asphalt as the roots grow. They will grind the stumps
afterward. Bob suggests that the roots will keep growing after that. We will watch
both areas.

7.4 CONCRETE MUD-JACKING--The Board approves the third stage of the
concrete jacking for this summer. GB reports that this final work will complete our
list of known problems at this time.

We are still waiting on the Calendar from Bob so that we can plan the fall and
winter, and schedule our major projects. Sami will ask him for this again.

7.6 OTHER--Nothing else.

        At 2330, the Board votes unanimously to go into Executive Session for the
listed matters.
8.1 ISSUES OF SPECIFIC RESIDENTS--We discuss the units involved in the
satellite dish and washer and dryer issues mentioned above. We make no additional
8.2 EMPLOYEE ISSUES; STAFFING; REVIEWS--One Court case is pending,
though a notice said that the determination was in our favor. Sami will confirm.

8.3 AGING/DELINQUENCY REPORT--We review the owners involved. See
notes under ¶5.3 above. Current numbers suggest we will have to increase the
budget allowance for bad debt in 2006.

(April & May)--No data. However, there is one Architectural Form in response to a
complaint about a washer and dryer in a condominium unit. This case needs to go
to the Rules and Regs Committee, as a continuing violation.

8.5 OTHER ISSUES--The Board must have a meeting to decide who will be the
new manager, and what management company we will use if any. We discuss
advantages and disadvantages. Mr. Phifer finally presented us with an offer in
writing to do just the financials for us, plus minimal services such as helping us find
proper insurance for WPW (why haven’t they yet done so, under the present
contract?). The special meeting will be 9/7/05 at 7 PM. GB will set up interviews
with as many companies as he can. We will have to make our decision on that date!

9. CLOSING MOTIONS--By unanimous motion, we move out of Executive
Session at 0014. The Board votes unanimously to take the Architectural and Rules
actions agreed to during Executive Session. We all agree to attend the meeting on
9/7 to interview prospective management companies. Only Mike and George
commit to contacting any of them in the interim, so the Board authorizes them to do
so, on its behalf.

10. AGENDA REQUESTS FOR NEXT MONTH--Special meeting for
Management selection and maybe insurance issues if Sami can get data for us--
September 7 at 7 PM in the Clubhouse.

11. ADJOURNMENT--We adjourn by unanimous consensus, at 0021 (12:21AM).

Minutes prepared by George Bock, President 2/2006.

THESE MINUTES APPROVED ON:                            02/23/2006

George W. Bock                                Mike Stocking
George Bock, President                        Mike Stocking, Vice President

JULY 7, 21, & 28, 2005:

                 JULY 28, 2005 (7 P.M.)
                  WPW CLUBHOUSE
1. CALL TO ORDER: In the absence of both the President and VP, Treasurer
George Bock (GB) calls the 7/28/05 Board meeting to order at 1906. Board
members present are Michael Bates (MB), Carolyn Bennett (CB), George Bock,
Treasurer; and James Brew (JB), Secretary.
         MEMBERS ABSENT: Neil Fuhrman, Bob Lane, and Mike Stocking.
         ALSO PRESENT: Sami McKenna, Property Manager; Bob Boucher,
maintenance lead, and Will Dowdy, maintenance technician; several owners for the
first part of the meeting only, with one (DC) staying until the end; and for his third
meeting this month, Gil Herrera of Western Roofing.

2. PROOF OF NOTICE: This is the regularly scheduled monthly Board meeting.

3. HOMEOWNERS' FORUM: Several owners give their opinions about several
issues and several projects under way at WPW. Owners still complain that their
phone calls to ACCU are never answered in person. Sami suggests that if there is
something urgent, please have her paged rather than just leaving a message. Two
owners state that they tried that, and she never answered.
        Mr. Gil Herrera of Western Roofing is here for a definite answer about the
repair proposals he submitted for 4 foam roofs. He made proposals to the Board at
both the 7/7 and 7/21 Special Board Meetings. The Board has deferred decisions on
accepting his "miracle product that works for all types of roofs" until we see how
his work on 7455 holds up after rain storms. Gil again states that he has waited
more than long enough. GB indicates that it hasn’t rained recently, so the work on
7455 has not yet had an adequate test. And as of last week's meeting, the Board
therefore has not yet decided whether to accept his written bid. [We have, however,
already paid for the EpoxyFlex materials that he said we needed. They are in the
WPW shop.] The questions now are which roofs to fix, what parts of each roof (just
holes and defects, or the entire side edges of the 4 roofs as was proposed), and when
to do all this.] The discussion stops, because this topic will be taken up by the
Board in a later agenda item tonight (¶6.2). Mr. Herrera elects to stay and attend
that discussion.

4. APPROVAL OF PAST MINUTES--5/27, 6/2, 6/23, 7/7, and 7/21. Jim sent
the preliminary minutes for 5/27 and 6/2 to Sami; she does not have them here.
There are no minutes yet for the rest of these meetings. Jim will do the minutes for
tonight first.
        ANNUAL MEETING--The Board unanimously approves the proposed
minutes presented for the Annual Homeowners' Meeting on 5/27/05. Mandy and
GB did these minutes, but they will require formal approval at the Annual Meeting
next May. There is no request for any addition or correction, so this version will go
to the owners next spring. The Board directs GB to put these tentatively approved
minutes onto the WPW Web site now, so that owners who did not attend will know
what went on at that important meeting.
        JULY--We document here the Special Meetings of 7/7 and 7/21/05 that were
educational and investigational. We got presentations on boiler configurations and
installation options; and on roofing techniques and alternative materials, each from
several different companies.
        It appears that, as best anyone can tell us, the underground HVAC piping
between the buildings is copper, and it should hold up for a good number of years
more. We could install heating boilers in the 11 individual condo buildings, but the
turnovers every spring and fall would become very difficult. Every contractor
recommended manual (not automatic) valving for the pipes involved in the seasonal
turnovers. Nobody recommended adding antifreeze to the circulating water, nor
changing the water in the pipes--we should exclude all possible sources of oxygen
that can lead to corrosion. As for the roofs, most repair options have limited
warranties, are expensive, and all rely on very frequent follow-up maintenance
inspections and repair if they are to benefit us. And the ongoing maintenance and
repair are the most important steps for any roof, new or old. Several companies
gave us specific recommendations. The Board made no formal decisions at these
two earlier meetings, other than to continue planning the Boiler and Roofing
projects, to attempt completion of both this year. It is our intention to REQUIRE
the use of OUR standard contract for each of these projects. GB has preliminary
copies ready at the WPW office. Although Western Roofing referred numerous
paragraphs of that contract to their attorney, they now accept our standard contract
according to Gil.

5.1 PRESIDENT'S--No report.

5.2 VICE PRESIDENT'S--No report.

5.3 TREASURER'S/FINANCIAL--GB presents the June 30th Financials. We
have $378K on deposit. Fines levied do not show up under Income. Legal Income
(line #43900, $4,146) is accrued only, and most is offset by our legal expenses, and
much will never be collected (from foreclosed units). Pool Repairs (#53310) were
zero, but we are now buying a new pool heater heat exchanger, so most of that line
will indeed be spent by the end of the summer. Power/electric looks low, but this is
seasonal, because we are just now starting to see the charges for the chiller
electricity (line #54200). Storm Drains (#54500) will be about $8K, payable in
December (an annual charge). We ended up way over budget for snow removal
(#57300), because of large bills for snowmelt early this year. Of the remaining
lines, only legal (#61600) is out of balance, and that because of the huge fees taken
to try to collect overdue amounts from certain owners. For projects, as anticipated,
we are just starting to spend moneys in the Capital Expense Fund (under Painting,
Roofing, and HVAC).
         We still have carry over credits of $5,700 for asphalt, $10,000 for HVAC,
and $10,300 for Roofs. These amounts still need to be reflected somewhere in the
         Looking at possible bids for outside accounting, GB says that we cut an
average of about 35 checks per month. An owner wants to refer this info to some
CPAs he knows, to get a bid from them.

        RRC--We review the 1/24/05 RRC minutes. The prior Board was never in
total agreement with the RRC recommendations. This Board now confirms the
decision made by the RRC for one $25 fine. Sami will initiate this. Another owner
has moved and sold--case closed. Two cases had discrepant testimony re.
condominium units; no fines recommended. The prior Board wanted to discuss
these two cases. The principals are not present tonight. Board consensus tonight is
for Sami to send letters to both these owners stating that although there is no fine at
this time, any repeat Rules violation will by Policy be subject to a minimum $300
fine, as they would represent recurrences (as defined by the Rules and Regs
        ARCHITECTURAL--No application received.

5.5 MANAGER'S REPORT--Sami gives her report. There are questions about
several work orders, and statements that numerous things need to be given back to
individual unit owners as their own responsibility (and not done by Bob).
Discussion ensues with Bob. We must be consistent and follow the provisions of
the association documents.
        We have not yet logged and settled the issues with the tar and gravel roofs.
Will is to log these.
        Sami presents the two preliminary Calendars handed out by GB last month.
One lists by month some of the tasks we do seasonally each year, on an ongoing
basis. The other is a list of monthly tasks needed regardless of season. The list of
incomplete projects that need to be finished requires a plan. Sami and Bob will get
together on these, and come up with a plan.
        Sami is not sure where we are with the long list of accounts showing
delinquent dues. The Board takes no action on the attorney's list, since we believe
that we have made decisions on a number of these cases recently. Sami will check
with accounting and report back to us next month.
        LEGAL--GB summarizes recent legal opinions from O&H. Does our D&O
policy have Defense and Indemnity coverage, which they recommend? They will
check with our insurance agent, and get back to us. Bob wanted to use people who
are required to do court-ordered public service, to work on our property. Per Mr.
Orten, "I have no problem with that," despite our two profit centers. However, he
feels that there must be a completed, and signed release form from these workers
relative to insurance, liability, and injury coverage. He thought that we should use
the same form as they revised for us to use with WPW volunteers, for clean-up
days. For all such workers, the Colorado State Comp laws are very broad, and
could still hold us responsible. Bob will pursue this and get back to us.
         For the "Self Help Remedies" available to the Association, yes, we may
remove discarded or forgotten tools, signs, bikes, ladders, etc., so long as we first
send warning letters to the parties (when known), and we hold such property safe
once confiscated. We should publish a policy if we wish to do this as a routine.
They will prepare such a policy for a fee.... [The Board does NOT authorize this
         For repairs, Condominium unit heat exchangers are the unit's (owner's)
responsibility to maintain, even if there is sediment in the lines. The Association
has responsibility only to get the water up to the unit wall. Outside light fixtures are
the responsibility of the Association unless there is apparent damage, in which case
the owner can be billed back for repair costs.
         The Association should "see to it" that electrical meter boxes and services
are repaired and safe--even if we have "to cause the repair to be made," then bill
back the expense to the single unit benefiting.
         Relative to the Architectural Change Form, up for approval tonight, O&H
have approved the wording, and state that the requirements for BOTH general
liability and workers' comp coverage certificates "are legitimate requirements." [If
a self-employed contractor appears, they say we could accept a standard Colorado
state form that says that they are "exempt from Workers' Comp," and then should
require a proof of personal health/injury insurance instead.]
         Why should WPW foreclose a unit owing $1300 when the owner is still
paying monthly? That was one recommendation O&H made a couple months back.
Mr. Orten says that we should not foreclose--"this is why we send these back to you
for your opinion before doing that."

       COMCAST--No further data. We will need to check the Board packets
during Bob Bray's time here, for the latest contract with them.
       TOOL INVENTORY--Bob will start work on this.

6.1 CARPORTS--Sami presents a copy of a letter from Mr. Finger dated 6/3/05.
He says that he and the insurance company "will have a constructive, meaningful
and appropriate dialogue and will be able to settle the claim fully within a short
period of time with little expenditure of resources." We have heard nothing since.
Board consensus is that Sami contact Mr. Finger to find out what we need to do to
get this process to completion (re. damage to the carport decking/roof panels from
the March 2003 snowstorm).

6.2 ROOFS--Preventative fix-up of 7-8 foam roofs: Gil Herrera again pushes us
on his recent proposals. He says that he has "done everything you asked me to do
on 7455." He questions who gets to make the decision, and why this is taking so
long. GB confirms that Gil has been back several times for problems with the trial
coatings they did on 7455, but as it was at the meeting last week, he is unsure that
these will hold up. Why does Gil have to keep working on the same areas that his
crew just fixed? We had told Gil that we would watch the 7455 work through the
end of July before making a final decision. Gil says that tonight is the last date he
can hold the price guarantee stated in his bid for this work. But Gil is blaming the
uphill part of the 7455 roof for two bubbles under their work. GB and Will do not
agree with Gil. A 46 minute discussion and negotiation follow. Gil's proposed
contract (bid) leaves out a number of things that he is promising the Board his
company will do--including thorough washing of the roofs with Safe-Green before
any coating is done, and complete repair inside the scupper boxes, with EpoxyFlex
membrane and coating going right into the scupper down pipes. He is also stating
that he'll open the bubbles on the foam roofs, and dry them out completely, using a
drying agent as necessary.
         There are no exactly comparable competitive bids for such roof recoating, as
other companies do not have access to EpoxyFlex, or have bid only to re-foam areas
of each roof, or to re-roof fully--at costs of $10,000-16,000 per roof (for repair), or
$36,000-$48,000 for full replacement of each roof. [At this time, Gil & GB go to
the WPW office, to update the proposed WPW contract and add such language as
required to the standard WPW contract, to codify Gil's repeated promises and his
representations of what Western Roofing will do. Without a quorum, the Board is
unable to transact business during this time.] Upon their (Gil's and GB's) return to
the Clubhouse, explanation and discussion of the contract additions occur. The
Board unanimously approves the renegotiated $19,000 contract (now for 7355,
7615, 7665, and T7454-7468), and we both sign it. Sami keeps the copies signed in
duplicate by GB & Gil.
         POOL PUMP ROOM ROOF--Completed, but two areas are separating
already. Gil put some asphalt repair on those areas. He changed his mind about the
gutter on the side of that roof--there‘s no space for one. Board consensus is to leave
the price for this job the same, but use the credit for the absent gutters (about $200
credit) to cover the cost of placing EpoxyFlex around one more scupper and also on
the suspicious "higher" areas of the West side of 7455, as GB proposes. We notify

6.3 CONDO CARPET SHAMPOOING--Done. Sami and Mike say that they did
a "fine job." Remove this topic from the agenda. Bob is getting our own WPW
shampooer fixed, so that we can use it from now on.

6.4 CLUBHOUSE REFURBISHMENT--The re-roofing is in process.

6.5 PERIMETER FENCE--Lloyd is still working on this. It is taking 3-4 coats of
stain, with the special fence stain being used,

6.6 ASPHALT BIDS--Sami needs to get us the information requested months ago.
6.7 LETTERS TO OWNERS--We discuss the Smoke Detector Certificate (Form)
situation. Sami is to send letters to the delinquent owners, so that we can start Rules
Violations proceedings against them, as the majority of owners at the Annual
Homeowners' Meeting in May desired us to do.

6.8 TENANT SCREENING--Sami found some forms in the ACCU office, drawn
up some time ago, either for us or for another association. The other association is
using them successfully. She is to get the form for us, from the other manager, in
digital format, so that we can adapt it to our own HOA. The form presented is in the
form of a Resolution, so the Board does NOT take action on this at this time.
Unanimous consensus is that we get this initiated next month.

completed her "Architectural Changes" form. These recommendations were
reworked, and she and GB have come up with a recommended POLICY. GB e-
mailed this to the Board last week. There is a copy in the Board packet. The Board
agrees with this proposed 2-page form, and makes no changes. The Board agrees
with Mandy, wanting this called "Hints" to blunt potential reactions to it. With this
title, the Board votes unanimously to enact this statement as formal Board and
WPW POLICY. [This must now be followed by owners, tenants, and by the
Board's Architectural Committee (currently GB & CB).]

6.10 LAUNDRY ROOM LOCKS--Bob is working on them.

6.11 CONDO CLEANING CONTRACT--Signed at the same cost.

GB met here with Murray McBride. He refuses to sign our standard contract, but is
proceeding with our plans anyway. He will make a proposal to us soon. His fee
will probably not fit into the $95K cost for this project he says.

6.13 BOILERS--Since last week's meeting, GB has initiated two more companies
on this project. We should have 2 more bids next week. One prior company pulled
out, apparently for (the owner's) personal reasons. All companies come up with
about the same BTU specifications, so we seem to have made the correct decision in
June (to get 2 million BTUs and 4 million BTUs total capacity in the upper and
lower condo buildings respectively). GB feels that it is unlikely that these other
companies will under-bid the initial ACA/Denver Boiler bid. This issue and two
preliminary bids were subjects of the last two Special Board meetings (7/7 & 7/21).
Bids range from $111K (for centralized boilers only, in 7355 and 7625); to over
$200K for separate boilers in each of the 11 condo buildings. GB reports that the
contractor who is pulling out indicates that the natural gas supply line in most
buildings is too small to meet code for both a boiler and a hot water heater together.
And these lines generally run from the opposite outside wall, necessitating difficult
additional piping. Similarly, these same buildings do not have a flue pipe legally
large enough for both heaters to vent out together. This would necessitate external
flue pipes.... This is the answer to one question that the Board was asking earlier
this month.
        Therefore, there is a motion by MB, second by CB, with a unanimous vote
yes, that we go with the two central boiler pairs, and leave the individual buildings
alone. We are about on-time with the "time line" GB set last spring for this project.
We can take another week before signing the winning contract, but no longer, if we
want to assure that nobody goes cold in late September. The delivery time is 3-4
weeks for new boilers, and installation is 2-3 weeks. All companies offer "boiler
cracking" to remove the old units, and we can get this done quickly.
        After extended further discussion, motion by MB, with second by CB, to
accept the $110,245 ACA bid (with our standard WPW contract terms required) for
two 1-million BTU boilers in 7355, and two 2-million BTU boilers in 7625, unless
we get lower bids from another company within the next 7 days. Discussion and
agreement. The vote is 3 in favor, none opposed. GB and Sami will get it done.
        GB is working with our bank and getting together the data required to get a
loan commitment for this project. [They keep asking for more information.]

6.14 OTHER--There will be some hours when there will be no pool monitor
available. They want to close the pool in the AMs, as they have done. Several
people complained to Bob about this. There is no requirement that we have a pool
monitor all the time--only when the Clubhouse is open. Liability discussion. For
years, there was no AM monitor. Often, a monitor just checked periodically. Also,
the staff would check on the pool as they came and went to and from the shop. Bob
says that his staff can still do this, but one person in particular bothers him about the
delay. Board decision is to open the pool at noon when there is staffing, but earlier
only if someone tracks down Bob with a request to open it.

7.1 ANTENNAS--We got several bids--they had either no dollar amount (stating
time and materials), or were over $50K to redo the entire WPW system. The Board
consensus is that this is way too expensive. Our staff can do smaller jobs for us.
The Board directs GB to buy any further cable and connectors that the staff needs to
complete these repairs.

7.2 SATELLITE DISH REMOVAL--Sami has sent the 30-day notice letters.

7.3 LANDSCAPING, WEED MANAGEMENT--Bob has no new suggestions
tonight. GB reminds Bob that, as before, the approved WPW budget still allows for
hiring 1 or 2 part-time (or temporary / seasonal) employees at our maintenance
minimum hourly wage. Bob says that he has someone in mind. He is to get
together with Sami, so that she can put him (them) through our standard background

7.4 MUD-JACKING PADS, STEPS, & SIDEWALKS--Phase two is done (8 out
of 8 locations done, including one in the middle of a quadrangle that they were not
sure they could reach). The Board votes 3 to 0 to proceed with the final areas,
including fill between 7355 and 7375. GB will provide the map.

7.5 OTHER--See Board packet for replies made to the Denver City Engineering
Services Division (first done on 7/19/05). One chiller fan's bearings have failed.
There are 3 bids in the packet ($1250-1313-1512). The Board authorizes Bob to get
this rebuilt immediately under the lowest bidder. This motion passes unanimously.
        One owner in 7335 reported a loose balcony. Bob wants an engineering
study. This is authorized, along with the engineer's checking out a settling
townhouse doorframe caused by WPW's replacement of the front steps several years
ago. [Subsequently, the engineer consulted gave only verbal advice on what we
needed to do to check the balcony supports. An engineer from nearby then checked
this out in person, and agreed with WPW staff that it was not a problem with the
large beams that run back into the building itself, but only with a loose metal stud
hanger installed when the balcony supports were upgraded to hold the new plastic
decking. We only need to screw the hanger into its supports and into the stud they
added. The doorframe and door issue in the townhouse was never addressed.]
        Following the recommendations of the man who repaired our sprinklers this
past spring, Bob was to get bids on a portable (radio controlled) sprinkler
sequencing controller--so that the staff can test and adjust sprinkler zones without
having to walk back and forth multiple times. It is available only from the supplier,
at $125. A motion to purchase one such unit (to go with our recently replaced
sprinkler clocks) passes 3 to 0.
        Nothing else new comes to light tonight.

8. EXECUTIVE SESSION: A motion to go into Executive Session passes
unanimously at 2300.
8.1 ISSUES OF SPECIFIC RESIDENTS--Some issues already discussed without
identifying information under 5.4 above. Additionally, Sami has a long report of
various violations she is tracking. The Board reviews this. She needs an RRC
meeting scheduled soon.

8.2 EMPLOYEE ISSUES--One 90 day review is about to be done. He may be
leaving next month. Sami wants to complete the review now. She recommends he
become a full employee. Discussions and questions why. The Board ultimately
agrees with Sami, and agrees on a $1/hour raise from the minimum maintenance
wage now provided. Unanimous.
       Another 90 day employee review is due next month. However, Sami reports
that Mr. Phifer promised a raise equivalent to $2K/year, and this is already set up.
Discussed. There is no option open to the Board at this time according to Sami.
Given no major issues other than those discussed with him earlier in the meeting,
the Board decides that no further review should occur at this time.
       Sami is having difficulty with one employee. Discussion. The Board
approves a letter of Reprimand, as she requests.
       T's CASE--We now have the final determination letter (dated 7/13/05).
Colorado found in our favor--there was "no evidence" and "No Probable Cause"
found against WPW. Given the case delays, there is no time remaining for an
appeal, so this is the final determination. After 19 months, case closed!


¶5.4 above. We hear a formal report on the 5/30/05 RRC meeting, and review
minutes from January. Several Rules Assessments ("fines") are levied. See
summary of final votes under ¶9 below.

8.5 OTHER ISSUES--ACCU announces their withdrawal from WPW
management. They will do only our financials and checks, and arrange for
insurance and collection of delinquent dues starting 10/1/05. We ask what the cost
will be for these services (Sami doesn't know), and ask that the offer be given to us
in writing, not just verbally. Discussion. We will have a committee to work on new
management. Nobody volunteers. GB will refer this to Mike tomorrow.

A motion to leave Executive Session at 0009 (12:09 AM Friday) passes

9. CLOSING MOTIONS--Per discussions in the Executive Session just ended, in
separate votes now, the Board votes unanimously on each of the following: (1) To
raise one employee's pay rate $1/hour; (2) To put another employee on regular staff
(off of probation) as of 9/1/05; (3) To issue one employee reprimand; (4) To fine
one owner $100; (5) To fine a different owner $25 (from a January 2005 hearing);
and (6) To issue a $300 fine for a repeat offense per the RRC hearing on 5/30/05.
        But one additional vote is "split," that for a $100 fine from a hearing
5/30/05--this passes 2 for, and 1 against the motion. Therefore, these motions do all
pass. Sami will implement these decisions.


11. ADJOURNMENT--Friday at 0014 (12:14 AM) upon unanimous vote.

Minutes prepared by George Bock, President 3/2006.

[Note: These minutes serve to document all three of the July 2005 WPW
 Board meetings, those held 7/7, 7/21, and 7/28/2005.]

THESE MINUTES APPROVED ON:                   03/23/2006
George W. Bock                               Mike Stocking
George Bock, President                       Mike Stocking, Vice President


JUNE 23, 2005:

                  JUNE 23, 2005 (7 P.M.)
                   WPW CLUBHOUSE
1. CALL TO ORDER: Vice President Neil Fuhrman (NF) calls the meeting to
order at 1910. Board members present are Neil Fuhrman, Vice President; George
Bock (GB), Treasurer; James Brew (JB), Secretary; and directors Michael Bates
(MB) and Carolyn Bennett (CB).
        ABSENT: Board members Bob Lane and Mike Stocking are absent.
        OTHERS PRESENT: Sami McKenna, Property Manager; and many
owners and residents. Gil Herrera of Western Roofing is present by invitation, to
make recommendations on roof repairs.

2. PROOF OF NOTICE: This is the regularly scheduled monthly Board meeting,
the 4th Thursday of the month, as agreed upon at the Board's Organizational
Meeting on 5/26/05, with all members present.

3. HOMEOWNERS' FORUM: A number of owners give their opinions about
what is wrong at WPW, and what they want changed. There are numerous
complaints about management, how ACCU handles phone calls, and claims that
people are never getting called back. Sami says that she receives 30-50 calls per
day. Where work orders are required, they are filed, but the people calling will not
necessarily get called back unless she needs more information. Several owners
reply that they then do not know whether anything is happening, and they will call
back in a day or two and leave another message if their situation is not addressed.
Board members see that there is a problem at times, but in the past call backs on
work orders usually met with no answers and reportedly became a waste of time for
on-site WPW staff.
        Mr. Gil Herrera of Western Roofing presents his recommendations to the
Board and owners. A number of roofs need replacement, but his research found "a
miracle compound" called "EpoxyFlex." It costs $175 a gallon. He says that this is
good for everything, including foam. He says that it is the only thing made that is
good for "everything including flat roofs." Other companies would have you use
multiple different materials and products to do the same jobs he can do with one.
He has put together a proposal for us, for 7455. The Board will review this, and
have a Special Meeting on 7/7/05 to make decisions. Sami is to get proposals from
other companies by that date, so that we have 2 other bids.
        This part of the meeting ends at 2008.

4. APPROVAL OF PAST MINUTES: The secretary has not completed any
minutes yet. He says that he is having to reload his computer, and will have them
next month. He is recording the Board meetings. Mandy, past Board secretary, will
have the minutes for the Annual Homeowners' Meeting ready for us next month.

5.1 PRESIDENT'S--The President is not here tonight. NF does not have an
agenda, and asks GB to take over running the meeting. GB hands out a backup
agenda he brought. He now reviews a document that he put together for the new
Board members, with quotes taken from Board minutes over the past 16 months.
There are a number of lose ends, and numerous tasks delegated to ACCU and
Kevin, on which we never heard back. Sami has nothing to report on any of these.
This is the first thing she has heard about most of these issues she claims. Several
Board members object to that statement. She will take the list and try to find things
in what Kevin left behind. These will be agenda items for next month.

5.2 VICE PRESIDENT'S--Nothing to report. He did not know that he would be
in charge tonight.

5.3 TREASURER'S/FINANCIAL--GB presents the Financials. We have $362K
on deposit, with about $115K of that appropriated to two current projects. It will be
a tight year financially. We already spent $3,436 on HVAC, $1900 of that for the
dampers for the Condominium boiler flues. But most of the HVAC expenses
usually come in the summer (for Chiller maintenance and service calls). That could
make this tight. GB has toured several HVAC contractors around the property, and
has spent dozens of hours on the phone with them and with various boiler
wholesalers, so that we can discuss our Boiler project. He should have final
estimates within 2 weeks, and recommends that we have a Special Meeting at that
time to decide on specifications, in order that we stick to the time line he set out last
month. Lengthy discussion ensues. We will meet on 7/7/05, at 7 PM here in the
        At the request of the Board, since there are several new members, GB
summarizes the budgetary process, and explains the many pages of the monthly
financial report provided by ACCU, and how they fit together.
        For our other (non-HVAC) expenditures, we are about at budget. Have the
Condo carpets not been cleaned yet (line # 50200)? Sami will check. Cleaning
(#50600) is the contract service that we have had for a year now. The Tools line
(#52600) seems low--has accounting made the corrections that Janece and George
had requested through several months in 2005? Sewer Maintenance (#53500) is
over $3,300 above the entire year's budget--because of one major sewer repair.
Sami will bring the details of this next month. Natural Gas (#54300) is way ahead
of projected amounts; GB feels that this is not only seasonal, but in large part due to
recent utility price increases. Both "Water" items should be together on one line--
several of the townhome meters include grounds irrigation, and should not be
separated out per prior Board decisions. By year end, we will be over-budget in the
utilities section. Salaries expenditures are slightly under budget. We received a
small refund on our Workers' Comp Insurance (#55900), so this is $2K below
budget. There are several corrections that Sami needs to get made in Exterior
Maintenance and Administration. She needs to find out why the "Telephones" line
is so high. The "Credit Checks" and "Bad Debts" lines don't make sense. Sami will
ask accounting again on these. Overall, expense-wise, we are about where we
planned to be at this point.
         WPW is owed a total of $63,218 in overdue assessments, a new high. Part
of this is because we have not recently written off accounts. Sami has not looked at
this and has no recommendations at this time. Of this amount, $47,967 is in large
balance accounts; with $15,251 in "short term" aging. GB wonders how cost
effective our new attorneys are. Sami has no answer. The Board needs an analysis
of what we have actually collected versus what we have spent on attorney and court
costs. We need an updated list on what (if any) of these accounts we have already
written off. Sami will report back next month. She also needs to pursue one of the
rental units, which seems to be behind one month--can we collect, and are we
charging interest? One owner asks if we can publicly post a list of units overdue on
dues. GB has consulted the association attorney on this--the answer is NO, we
cannot post the list, but it can be made available to owners to look at, say at our
meetings. There is no motion by the Board to do either.
         For major projects, GB reminds the manager that the Board voted at the
1/25/05 meeting to carry over the following amounts from 2004 into this year:
$5,700 asphalt, $10,000 HVAC (Capital), and $10,300 Roofs. These amounts need
to be reflected somewhere in the financials so that we do not forget them.

      RRC--No report. No minutes yet from the last two meetings (April, and
May 30, 2005). Sami has a few more cases that need hearings. MB will serve as
Chairman now. He will contact Sami on this meeting date.
      ARCHITECTURAL--No application received.

5.5 MANAGER'S REPORT--Sami gives her report verbally. There is nothing in
the Board packet to review. She is trying to get a Calendar made. GB again
presents two "Calendars" he provided previously. These should be updated and
revised, and go to the new maintenance lead. These show our usual
weekly/monthly tasks, done every month; and the other is a "seasonal" presentation
of jobs needing completion, presented as a monthly outline of things done during
specific times of the year. Additionally, he gives Sami a multiple page list of
"unfinished tasks," as taken from the Board minutes over the past two years. Sami
is to review this list with the maintenance lead, and come up with both short term
and long term plans, for Board approval. GB says that we need to take a view that
is longer ahead than just this week's work orders.
       COMCAST--Sami has talked with the local Comcast rep. He is going to
send her papers on our agreements with them.
       TOOL INVENTORY--Will be done by the new Maintenance Lead person.

6.1 CARPORTS--Nothing new.

6.2 ROOFS--Preventative fix-up of 7-8 foam roofs. We discuss Gil Herrera's
proposals. GB spent a couple of days with Gil on this issue. The proposals have
merit, but there is no guarantee on them. We need to give B&M and WeatherSure a
chance to present formal bids for their ideas on "P.M." (Preventive Maintenance)
for the foam roofs. Sami will get these before the 7/7 special meeting. GB suggests
that we start with building 7455, which has multiple bad areas and several
"bubbles." We will see how Gil's "miracle" material works, and how it weathers for
4-6 weeks, before making any decision on the other roofs that Gil wants to repair.
We have no experience with EpoxyFlex, and no other roofing company contacted
has any information about it. Gil has made recommendations for coating all of the
foam roof surfaces. The Board does not approve the larger project. Further
discussion occurs. The Board decision, by unanimous vote, is to accept Gil's
smallest proposal, to use EpoxyFlex with its special membrane, to repair and seal
the deteriorated areas around two corner scuppers on the West side of 7455 for
$1,498.86 (bid of 5/27/05). One of these areas is ponding and leaked in February
and March, requiring extensive work to investigate and seal. We had great
difficulty then getting any company interested in responding. The area now needs
to be leveled and overcoated and protected. We sign Gil's contract, hoping to avoid
further leaking. As an absolute minimal result, this price now seems to be
competitive and worth it even for just that alone!
        POOL PUMP ROOM ROOF--They have not completed this project yet.
There are no gutters put up, that we contracted extra for. There is no more leaking
though! We remind Gil that we will not pay them until the job is done....
        SHOP ROOF--GB had several companies look at this. Although it is
beyond its service life, and is badly weathered and alligatored in places, all
contractors felt that we could just overcoat it and save a $17,000-19,000 re-roofing
job. Gil pointed out how he would fix the leaking areas (along the borders of the
roof). Will and George will check out this roof and the ponded areas further.

6.3 CONDO CARPET SHAMPOOING--It has not been done. Sami is working
on this. Rex's contact is not able to do this shampooing after all, so she is looking
for alternatives. We will not use last year's company (Venturi) though we do have a
new bid from them. There were damages; they paid up.

6.4 CLUBHOUSE REFURBISHMENT--The roof material is on order, and the
re-roofing will occur soon. When that is done and accepted, we can start planning
the interior refurbishment project.
6.5 PERIMETER FENCE--Lloyd is working on this, per Sami. It is going
slowly, and requires Will's help as well. Sami and GB will see where we are cost-
wise, compared to what the outside contractors were proposing.

6.6 ASPHALT BIDS--We are still waiting for a complete tabular presentation.

6.7 LETTERS IN MAY--These went out in time (5/11/05), and included recent
Newsletters (sent to all offsite owners), and the Smoke Detector Certificate Form
(sent to all those still delinquent on this report). Sami heard from nobody on these
inclusions. She does not feel that the pre-stamped envelopes increased the Smoke
Detector Certificate return rate at all. She will give us a tally next month.
        GB reports the final results of the VOTES taken at the Annual Homeowners'
Meeting in May (5/26/05). TENANT SCREENING was supported by a wide
margin of 65 yes to 4 no votes (1 from each of the different sized units). The Board
consensus is for Sami to pursue this, and present proposed forms to us next month.
For the BOILER issue, 65 votes said to finance the cost, but 1 said to assess for
them (a 2 bedroom condo unit). Finally, for the delinquent Smoke Detector
Certificates, 40 votes were to fine delinquent owners, while 25 said notify the Fire
Department, and interestingly 3 said "both." The actual Denver City code on this
was quoted in a letter sent to all owners with the annual meeting notice, so everyone
is aware of the legal requirements for filing a Smoke Detector Certificate twice each
year. Board consensus is to proceed with notification and fining of those still
delinquent (from April).

6.8 TENANT SCREENING--See above; no forms yet presented.

GB reports that Mandy will have this for us in final form next month.

6.10 LAUNDRY ROOM LOCKS--It is on the list to fix. Rex never finished this
project. Security flanges or angle iron over the strike plate areas would prevent
people from slipping the locks. No recent break-in reported. Sami will make sure
that this project gets done this month.

6.11 CONDO CLEANING CONTRACT--Kim is proposing the same contract at
the same price. Sami can find no cost-competitive offers, and recommends that we
renew their contract (Clean Berets). Discussion. Unanimous vote to renew this
contract and continue to monitor their work.

and Sami have spent numerous hours on this again, preparing for a meeting. They
met with TST, the engineering firm that got us the previous plans. Although the
engineer working on this has left that company, TST has the prior records. Sami
and GB met with them for 2 hours. We are waiting to hear back on how to proceed.
They think that we can still get a project done this calendar year.
6.13 BOILERS--See the first part of ¶5.3 above. We need to decide on a company
to do a formal heat study on the condos, so that we can set the boiler specs next
month, and start the formal bidding process then. We were hoping tonight for 3
bids for this study, but Sami meets us with only questions of where we would get
such a study done, and where to look. Board consensus is that GB look into this,
consult his present contacts on this issue, and report to the Board at the 7/7/05
Special Board Meeting. Two contractors from whom GB has gotten evaluations
back, have used separate techniques, to give us BTU projections far below the
ratings of the current boilers. The question is, what is a safe projection, with an
adequate BTU reserve for older buildings such as ours?

7.1 ANTENNAS--No report. We will have a couple of companies look at the
antennas on all buildings, both condos and townhouses, and give us

7.2 SATELLITE REMOVAL P&P; RELEASE FORM? Sami has no form for
review. GB talked with our attorneys. They prefer that the Association not be
involved in removal of dishes, and therefore they are not recommending a release
form (releasing WPW from liability if we damage a satellite dish or window while
we help an owner move their dish off of the roof). Board consensus is that we
follow the recommendations of our attorney. WPW will still monitor dish
removals, assuring that our roofs are not damaged further, but will not help with the
removal processes. Sami will pass this on to our staff.

thoughts (of 6/2) were correct. The ACCU tabulation on landscaping bids was
incorrect. What we voted to do, was not actually available. The price quoted was
valid only if we took the entire summer's contract for lawn and grounds
maintenance. Sami reports that the maintenance lead feels that his staff can get this
job done, but it will take a while. Board consensus is that we not look further at
outside landscaping services at this time, until we see how our own staff is doing
later this month. GB reminds Sami that the budget allows for hiring two part-time
(or temporary/seasonal) employees at our maintenance minimum wage. It is time to
get going on the summer projects....
         However, optimistically, Mike's contact did get all the irrigation/sprinkler
repairs done!

7.4 MUD-JACKING PADS, STEPS, & SIDEWALKS--This is in process. Sami
and George are happy with the results so far. The Board votes 3 to 1 to proceed
with the remainder of the list of areas that need to be done.

7.5 REVIEW OF DOCUMENTS--Sami does not have them. The maintenance
lead does not want to use a Calendar. Sami will work with maintenance on this.

7.6 OTHER--No other decisions made.
8. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Motion to go into Executive Session passes
        There is a report presented on an environmental study of one condominium
unit. The owner is here, but does not make specific requests, other than that his unit
be fixed. There are several issues. There are causation and hygiene issues, and
cigarette smoke. The report is vague and a bit contradictory about actual risks. By
association documents, our attorney says that a unit owner does own and is
responsible for their wall and ceiling coverings and finishes. This legally would
include the popcorn on the ceiling. Sami will pursue this issue with her resources,
and report back to the Board.
        Re. FEES--Discussed at length. Board consensus is that there should be a
standard fee for Pool Tags, and this should apply to everyone; and all Clubhouse
monitors should always handle this the same way. Sami will hold the Pool Tags for
now, and start monitoring their sale. She has not recently received any moneys
collected for such tags, yet they are requesting more tags.

8.2 EMPLOYEE ISSUES--Discussed. Yes, Bob should come to Board meetings.
We would like to make sure that we are all on the same page, and that we can get
some formal task and project planning going at WPW.

8.3 AGING/DELINQUENCY REPORT--Reviewed by GB. The WPW attorneys
have recommended writing off some accounts. The Board votes unanimously to
write off $5,348 on two condo units as uncollectable. Sami will let the attorneys

Cases discussed from memory of the May 30th RRC meeting. There were 2 cases,
and one was fined. The Board votes unanimously (3-0; MB, an RRC member, does
not vote here) to assess ("fine") the one unit $200.

8.5 OTHER ISSUES--Discussion with manager. The Board reviews its 2/3/05
response to Mr. Phifer on Sami's appointment. Intense discussion. The Board is
concerned about lack of progress on multiple tasks and projects (see minutes
above), and the lack of a solution to the PR and phone problems that continue to
plague ACCU services. Sami says that she has more time now to devote to WPW,
and will spend more time onsite now that their office is closer to WPW. The Board
takes no action at this time, but will discuss this with her next month.

A motion to leave Executive Session at 2335 passes unanimously.

9. CLOSING MOTIONS--Per discussion in the Executive Session just ended,
motion by CB, second by NF, to: (1) Proceed with the one $200 fine as
recommended by the RRC; (2) Standardize the handling of Pool Tags; and (3) Write
off the two accounts as recommended by O&H (our attorneys). This combined
motion passes 4-0, without further discussion.

DATE--The Board confirms the Special Meeting date of 7/7/05, with the
announced topics to be setting up the heat study for the condos, PLUS reviewing
bids for roof work on the foam roofs for this summer.
        NF reminds the Board that he is still looking into whether liability concerns
will prevent him from serving on the Board. Sami still has to send him copies of
our insurance policies and of association documents (all but the Articles are now
available on our web site, WWW.WPWHOA.NET).

11. ADJOURNMENT--2350 upon unanimous vote.

Minutes prepared by George Bock, President 3/2006.

THESE MINUTES APPROVED ON:                    03/23/2006

George W. Bock                                Mike Stocking
George Bock, President                        Mike Stocking, Vice President


JUNE 2, 2005:

                JUNE 2, 2005 (7 PM)
1. CALL TO ORDER: 7 PM. PRESENT ARE: Mike Stocking, President; Neil
Fuhrman, VP; George Bock, Treasurer; and James Brew, Secretary; all as elected at
the Board’s “Organizational Meeting” (as authorized in Bylaws ¶4.8) that was held
after the Annual Homeowners’ Meeting on 5/26/05. Also present are Directors
Michael Bates, Carolyn Bennett, and Bob Lane, who arrived at approximately 8

2. PROOF OF NOTICE: This Special Meeting date was set at the Board’s
Organizational Meeting, which all current Board members attended. Also,
President Mike Stocking gave written notice of tonight’s meeting in an e-mail to
all Board members dated 5/30/05, qualifying as the 3-day advance notice
required by WPW documents.

7 PM–8:30 PM – Gil Herrera of Western Roofing met with the Board to
demonstrate a different type of roof covering for the necessary re-roofing of the
Clubhouse--7693 E. Quincy Ave. It is a membrane, a heat welded material that
is guaranteed for 15 years by a company, Duro-Last, that has been
manufacturing this product since 1978. The labor (workmanship of installation)
is also guaranteed by the manufacturer, a very unusual coverage according to
Gil. (Documentation is on record for specifics of the Warranty). Basic
advantages of the system are: better waterproofing for flat roofs, better
protection from extremes in weather, and perhaps easier maintenance, compared
to our current foam or tar roofs. Bids for similar roofing systems were
compared (TPO systems do not weather as well in the Colorado climate Gil
said). We checked the total prices for foam or tar roof installation and
maintenance. This roof is competitive, and Gil states that it is ideal for flat
        Later, after lengthy discussion, a motion to accept the bid from Western
Roofing to re-roof the Clubhouse passes (without 2 other equivalent bids,
because of the exclusivity of the roof membrane--Western is the only approved
installer in Colorado). Bids for TPO roofs were used for price comparisons
($3K cheaper), but their warranties are shorter (5 & 10 years versus 15 & 15
years for the Duro-Last) according to the information supplied by Sami
McKenna, Property Manager. [She did not attend tonight’s meeting, but just
sent along the information.] We felt that the Duro-Last membrane would be the
most cost-effective. The Board also votes unanimously to require the use of our
standard WPW contract for this job, given the protections afforded to the
Association. [This is an attorney-generated document that passed subsequent
attorney review years ago, and that we have been using for all outside major
contracts for a number of years.]

8:30–8:40 PM – Two other motions pass: Firstly, to accept Western Roofing’s
$1,279 bid for re-roofing of the Heater/Pump Room, which George says needs
to be done immediately because it is leaking badly, damaging the drywall
underneath; and secondly, for repair of the West side of the foam roof of 7455
East Quincy Ave, over units 301, 302, 303, and 304, using a new coating and
membrane system (EpoxyFlex) that our crew can hopefully in the future monitor
and repair according to Gil. Equivalent or similar bids for both of these jobs
were higher, or the companies suggested complete re-roofing of these areas.
Both these motions pass unanimously.

8:40–8:45 PM – Motion passes to inspect all roofs recently done by Adam’s
Roofing for ponding, with a request to be submitted to him for warranty work,
to bring them up to code specs (to be dry within 72 hours after rain). George
reports that we are still holding $2,000 from Mr. Adam Gondek for such work,
including fixing the rubber-covered ends of the recently done condo roofs--ends
which now drip down onto the condo steps, whereas they did not do so in the
past. He will consult the Association attorney on how to go about such requests.

8:45–8:55 PM – Extensive discussion on three outside bids submitted for
landscape work to start off the summer season. They are all higher than
anticipated, though the new ones are less than the sole bid that we had at the
5/26 meeting. Motion passes to accept only the $3,388 “one-time” TruGreen
bid to bring the grounds and landscaping up to a manageable level for the WPW
crew to maintain for the rest of the season. This would include fertilizing,
pulling weeds, applying herbicides to rock beds, and shearing all shrubs. Other
bids were higher, up to $19,125, and were felt to be excessive and not cost
effective. And we decide that the WPW crew can again maintain the grounds
for the summer, so we will not contract for mowing and trimming all summer,
the other part of the TruGreen bid too. That would cost about another $19,000
($22,047 total). [There are some questions about how Sami arrived at these
figures, but she is sure that her spreadsheet is correct.]

8:55–9:00 PM – A motion passes to get additional bids for repair of the lawn
sprinkler system, so that we can get it up and running. The two bids that we
have (attached to the landscaping bids just discussed) are hourly “add on”
proposals, and also seem excessively expensive. We have multiple broken
sprinkler heads, multiple leaking connections, and one of the main connection
boxes in the West quadrangle still leaks despite many hours of work last year by
our crew. Mike knows of a sprinkler man who might be able to do this work for

9:00–10:30 PM – Discussion of methods to repair sinking patio slabs of 7302
and 7304 E. Princeton Ave. The two methods are removal and replacement,
versus “Mud jacking” (a mixture of sand and clay materials are injected under
the concrete to level it, and slow or stop the settling). The price saving of mud
jacking, compared to replacement, and the likelihood that replacement concrete
could well just sink further as so many slabs on the property have already done,
leads the Board to choose leveling these two patios by mud jacking. If this
option is a success, other areas in the WPW complex will get this method too.
Mud jacking has been a success in the past in several locations at WPW.
Motion passes to use Concrete Repair Co. to level these patios (they did the
successful work in the past, have a 1-year guarantee, and also submitted the low
bid for this work). Additionally, an addendum is to have Excel Energy and then
a licensed electrician on hand to shut off power and later reconnect the main
power feeds, since the settling pulled the power feeds and meter boxes loose
from the stucco wall on these two properties. An additional, third motion
(authorization) passes to have George work with Concrete Repair, to mud jack
several other walks already on our list for such work, and to fill low areas
between 7355 and 7375 in preparation for re-covering this area between the
upper condo buildings with plastic moisture barrier. All three motions pass
        Total bid prices for concrete replacement were $9,200-19,654, versus
$1,750 for mud jacking (with the nearest other bid being $700 higher than the
one chosen).

10:30–11 PM – Discussion on the side tracked fire hydrant replacement project.
ACCU never followed through with this last winter after we budgeted $95,000
to do this project this year. A motion passes directing George Bock to meet
with TST Engineering (which did the initial work for ACCU) to continue plans
for fire hydrant installation throughout the complex. [George abstained from
this vote since this ruling involved him.]

11 PM – A motion passes to get a formal heat study done on all condo buildings
to keep this year’s boiler replacement project on schedule, per the past Board’s
“Calendar.” George summarizes the status of this project, and what he has
learned so far from the two contractors who have come out to WPW to tour the
property with him, in preparation to bid on this job. Consistent with the
decisions of the prior Board, neither recommended “repair” of the existing
boilers. One of the estimators used an internet-based tool to calculate the BTUs
required, and came up with a number lower than we currently have. [Part of the
reason for this is that new boilers in 2005 are much more efficient than our old
ones are, and much more efficient than they were even when they were new.]
However, neither contractor will guarantee the adequacy of their estimates in
writing, as part of their contract. The second contractor estimated the BTUs
based upon his inspection, and general estimates for Colorado, based on square
footage. He indicated that there is a special “Book” used to do the exact
calculations. Final bids for this project are due at the June Board meeting, in
just 3 weeks. Mike will see that Sami gets going on these studies, which may
require an engineer’s services. He will see if there is some contractor who
would do a formal heat study as a part of their bid.
         Later, George circulates a long list of other “tasks to be done” this year.
This is the tail end of the Calendar he used with the prior Board. He says that
(per decisions by last year’s Board) we can hire up to 4 part-time employees (2
more than we have now) to do the routine grounds and building work, so that
Lloyd and Will can work solely on their assigned tasks for the next three months
(painting/dry wall, and landscaping/scuppers/decks respectively). The budget
was designed to cover this extra help. The Board will review and consider this
list, for discussion on 6/23/05, the regular June Board meeting. George asks
members to bring a list of items to add to the current list, for the summer, fall,
and winter, so that we can keep the planning process going.
MONTH--Only as mentioned above. Mike will work with Sami to get these
preparations made and on the agenda for the regular monthly Board meeting on

11. ADJOURNMENT--11:10 PM by consensus, the topics for tonight now

Minutes prepared by James Brew, and George Bock (President 2/2006).

THESE MINUTES APPROVED ON:                            02/23/2006

George W. Bock                                Mike Stocking
George Bock, President                        Mike Stocking, Vice President


MAY 26, 2005:

            MAY 26, 2005 (10:18 P.M.)
Outgoing President George Bock (GB) calls this organizational meeting to order at
2218, following the end of the Annual Homeowners’ meeting at which these seven
members were elected to the Board: Michael Bates, Carolyn Bennett, George
Bock, James Brew, Neil Fuhrman, Bob Lane, and Mike Stocking. All of these
elected members are now present.

2. PROOF OF NOTICE: GB states that this meeting of the newly elected Board
constitutes the so-called “Organizational Meeting” referred to in the WPW Bylaws,
¶4.8. As all members are present, we meet the requirements of that section (“
notice shall be necessary to the newly elected Directors in order legally to constitute
such meeting, provided a majority of the whole Board shall be present.”).

3. ELECTION OF OFFICERS: The Board discusses the need for four officers,
and what their duties are according to the WPW Bylaws. There is initial reluctance
for some positions. There is lengthy discussion, with the following outcome--
President-Mike Stocking, Vice President-Neil Fuhrman, Treasurer-George Bock,
and Secretary-James Brew.

4. APPROVAL OF PAST MINUTES: The outgoing Board earlier approved its
final three sets of minutes for its term. There are no further minutes for us tonight,
and Mandy will do the minutes of the Annual Meeting just adjourned.

2240-2300 Given the number of new Board members, previous members introduce
new members to the history of the previous board and of the property, and discuss
current issues and business, to get the new board up to speed. We discuss the
budget and planning process, and where we are in our long-term plan. GB
summarizes the current status of WPW affairs, budget, and projects; and where we
are in the plan initiated several years ago to guide capital replacement and upgrades
on the property. Jim Brew was on the Board years ago, and gives his story and
thoughts. He feels that the last Board did a good job, and wants continuity in this
process. The Property Manager briefly gives her perspective.

2300-2330 Sami reports that the property is getting a new grounds supervisor. The
Board discusses what needs to be done to bring the condition of the property up to a
better standard and how to keep it at that level. GB presents a bid that is on the
table to have the property given a complete one-time landscaping clean up,
including spraying for weeds, and trimming to be done to help our in-house grounds
crew to get it to a manageable condition. He had requested three bids for tonight’s
meeting. GB summarizes what this bid includes. Given that the cost of this
proposal is almost $19K, the Board does not authorize the program (recommended
by ACCU). This cost exceeds by several times what was anticipated. There is also
a season-long proposal from this same contractor for lawn and landscape care at a
similar cost. We had gone with outside services in the past, but it was not cost
effective. Jim felt that we did not get our money’s worth. Both projects are “open”
until the next meeting. On Thursday 6/2/05, we will get competitive bids for this
clean up, a report from our new grounds supervisor (chosen by Mr. Phifer), and his
plans on what is to be done in the future to insure that our property is kept up.

2330-2400 Mike Stocking, as new President, takes over leadership of the meeting.
The Board discusses the management of the property, it’s past and present
managers, and what direction we want/need this responsibility to take. Discussion
of ACCU’s failure to meet the requirements of the “MANAGEMENT
CONTRACT” addendum to the special February Board minutes (2/3/05). Sami
says that she will remain our Property Manager, through ACCU. She will be more
involved. Discussion. Mike relates his frequent involvement with the maintenance
lead last fall, and what needs he sees. He has a number of goals for the property.
GB is concerned about the continued lack of a “Calendar” for the property, and how
we have a number of problems and projects that must be done this summer. He
feels that we need a Special Board meeting to deal with these issues. Landscape
care must start soon, the boiler project must be done by September so that the heat
can be turned on when needed, and several roofs need work now--these are the most
urgent tasks. Sami will get the bids for these issues, but will be unable to get them
all by the first June Board meeting.
        GB also notes that the owners passed the proposal for Tenant Screening
tonight earlier. There was also strong support for enforcing the City’s Smoke
Detector Certification statute here at WPW. This Board unanimously supports
tenant screening, and agrees to set up a $200 fine for delinquent Smoke Detector
Certificates. Because there is no formal agenda for tonight, the Board is unable to
take action on these issues. Sami is to investigate these further, and bring forms and
proposals to the next regular Board meeting (6/23/05) so that we can proceed.
[These last two issues go back to Kevin’s time here as manager, but he never got
them to completion.]


9. CLOSING MOTIONS: We agree to hold a Special Board meeting on 6/2/05 to
decide what to do relative to landscaping clean up, roof replacement, determination
of boiler BTUs needed, and the mud-jacking of concrete around the property. Sami
will collect and prepare the information.

11. ADJOURNMENT--2332 by consensus.

Minutes prepared by James Brew, and George Bock (President 2/2006).

THESE MINUTES APPROVED ON:                           02/23/2006

George W. Bock                               Mike Stocking
George Bock, President                       Mike Stocking, Vice President


MAY 26, 2005:
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