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									                         ST. THOMAS
Mass Schedule
                        AQUINAS                                                        church

                              University Parish Ministering to the University of Virginia
     Sunday Vigil
 7:30AM, 9:00AM,
                                          Church & Office: 401 Alderman Rd.
 11:30AM, 5:15PM                            Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
    (9:00PM in the               Phone: 434-293-8081 • Fax: 434-296-1941 • Website: www.stauva.org
UVA Chapel during
   the school year)     Pastor: Fr. Luke Clark, O.P.
       Weekday          Parochial Vicars: Fr. Joseph Scordo, O.P., Fr. Stephen Alcott, O.P.
  Monday–Friday         High School & Youth Ministry: Chris Gilbert
 8:00AM, 5:15PM         Middle School: Julie Balik
(with Evening Prayer)
   Rosary 4:55PM        Elementary Education: Eleanor Nicholson
       Saturday         Worship: Marta Brannon, T.O.P.
        8:30AM          Music Director: Brian Sousa
 Candlelight Mass       Business Administrator: Susan M. Phillips
  Wed 8:45PM (in        Receptionist: Melanie Bninski
Our Lady of Perpet-     Catholic Student Ministry: Nick Rosa - Chair
  ual Help Chapel       Assistant Campus Minister/Music Minister: John Hopke
  during the school     Parish Council: Julie Zackrisson - julieanne333@gmail.com
          year)         Finance Council: Bill Lee - Chair
   Holy Hours           Building Maintenance: John Michie
Mon & Fri 4 - 5 PM
  Confessions           Office Hours: M-Th 9a-4:30p; F 9a-3p          Knights of Columbus: Joseph Chelak,
     Thursday           Registration: If you regularly attend St.     GK11324@vakofc.org
   7:30–8:30 PM         Thomas, we would be happy to have you         Natural Family Planning:
     Saturday           register. Forms can be found in the lobby     http://www.stauva.org/nfp
  9:15–10:15 AM         of the church or at the parish office.
    any time, by                                                      Home Visitation Guild: Communion
    appointment         Baptisms: Parents wanting to baptize          visits to the shut-in and/or elderly.
                        their children must be registered in the      Violette Lang, 293-4673
                        parish at least 2 months. 2011 Baptism        Meals for New Moms and Special Needs:
                        Preparation Classes for 1st time parents      Carmen Garcia, 972-9636 or clgarciap@
                        are at 1PM on Aug 28, Oct 23 & Dec 4.         comcast.net
                        Baptisms take place after the Sun 11:30       Charlottesville Catholic School: PK-8.
                        Mass.                                         For information call 964-0400
                        Weddings: Couples must contact one            Virginians Against Domestic Violence:
                        of the parish priests at least 6 mos          In an abusive relationship? Please call
                        before their wedding date, and C’ville        1-800-838-8238. (This number will not
                        residents must be registered in the           appear on your phone bill.) Or contact one
                        parish at least 2 mos. Arrangements           of the priests. Complete confidentiality.
                        are made in person, and guidelines for
                        marriage in the Church and/or UVA             Commonwealth Catholic Charities
                        Chapel must be obtained before planning       Counseling Service: 1-800-974-4494
                        the wedding.                                  Worldwide Marriage Encounter:
                        Hospital Visits: Call the Parish Office       www.wwmeva.org
                        if you or someone you know is in the          Men’s Vocation Discernment Group:
                        hospital and in need of the sacraments.       Stephen Vaccareo, smv4h@virginia.edu
                        Peace & Justice:                              Bulletin Deadline: Tues, 12 noon. Contact:
                        Bridget Davis, slainte@embarqmail.com         Melanie Bninski (reception@stauva.org)
ST. THOMAS AQUINAS CHURCH                                                                         CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA
                                                                   MASS INTENTIONS
                                                                   Saturday, July 30
Dear Parishioners and Friends,                                          8:30am    Ellen MacCall †
                                                                        5:15pm    Nick Mercurio †
Brothers Jordan and Albert have completed their                    Sunday, July 31
internship today will be returning to Washington DC. I                  7:30am    Ken Pedersen
want to take this opportunity to thank them for all their               9:00am    For the People
hard work this summer! Please keep them in your                        11:30am    Domingo Alday †
prayers. Bro. Albert will be going on retreat to prepare for            5:15pm    Carmen F DiTolve †
his solemn profession which is in August. Bro. Jordan will         Monday, August 1
complete his last year of studies and he will be ordained               8:00am    Tom Clark
in May. I thank God for the caliber of men He is calling to             5:15pm    Ken Moan †
our province. We now also have two men from our parish             Tuesday, August 2
who are in formation for the Order, Bro. John Baptist                   8:00am    Bonnie Shayne
(Huy) Hoang and Bro. Chris Beale. Bro. Chris arrived in                 5:15pm    Myra Ross
Cincinnati this week to begin his preparations for                 Wednesday, August 3
Novitiate. He will be receiving the habit on August 8th.                8:00am    Jeffrey Sauers
Our prayerful best wishes and support go out to all of our              5:15pm    Ashley Cramer
brothers in formation.                                             Thursday, August 4
                                                                        8:00am    Marie & Jerry Brannigan
God bless,
                                                                        5:15pm    Douglas Nichols †
Fr Luke, OP
                                                                   Friday, August 5
                                                                        8:00am    Nicholas Short †
                                                                        5:15pm    Michael Tobin †
Thank You
                                                                   Saturday, August 6
As we prepare to depart for World Youth Day, we would
                                                                        8:30am    Respect Life
like to sincerely thank the generous parishioners of St
                                                                        5:15pm    Cayetano A Canares †
Thomas Aquinas for your financial support and for your
continued prayers. Without your support our pilgrimage to          Please Keep the Following in Your Prayers
Madrid would not be possible. We look forward to sharing           Margaret Cristobal, Sarah Cristobal, Lew Mason, Dottie
our experience with you when we return on August 23rd.             Shasby, Chris Schap, Eileen Michaels, Ladd Flock,
Sincere thanks,                                                    Victoria Amparo Villar, Carmelita Prudencio, Judith
Marc Barnes            Daniel Beiter                               Underhill, Margaret Whitlock, Penny Keesecker, Carly
Chris Lemieux          Joel Olazagasti   Nick Redmond              Holder, Anna Rose Leavoy, Bob Quinn, “My three
                                                                   sisters,” Kevin Michael Maley, Silvana Verdacchi, Karen
                                                                   Lawin, Linda Seifert, Sterling Minsky, Mary Strunck,
Baptism                                                            Diane Moyles, Paul Thoms, Owen Hollinger, Tabitha M
We welcome Simon Eli Daniel Graf and Lyla Kristine                 Warner, Matthew Grimes, Patrick Howell — If you or
Thiede who through Baptism were received into our faith            someone you know is ill and would like the prayers of our
community.                                                         parish family please call the office. To keep the list
                                                                   current, names will be removed periodically.
Readings for the Week of July 31, 2011
Sunday:         Is 55:1-3/Rom 8:35, 37-39/Mt 14:13-21
Monday:         St Alphonsus Liguori
                Nm 11:4b-15/Mt 14:22-36
Tuesday:        Nm 12:1-13/Mt 14:22-36 or 15:1-2, 10-14
Wednesday:      Nm 13:1-2, 25---14:1, 26-29a, 34-35/Mt
Thursday:       St John Mary Vianney
                Nm 20:1-13/Mt 16:13-23
                Dt 4:32-40/Mt 16:24-28
                The Transfiguration of the Lord
                                                                   PARISH FINANCES
                Dn 7:9-10, 13-14/2 Pt 1:16-19/Mt 17:1-9
                                                                   July 24, 2011
Next Sunday:    1 Kgs 19:9a, 11-13a/Rom 9:1-5/Mt 14:22-
                                                                   Budgeted Weekly Expenses .............................. .$18,534.25
                                                                   Offertory ............................................................... .13,518.56
                                                                   Other Income ......................................................... .1,997.83
                                                                   Parish Charities ................................................... .10,294.00
                                                                   Eagle Scout Project................................................ .2,039.82
18TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                                                                JULY 31, 2011
PEACE AND JUSTICE                                                 WORSHIP AND MUSIC
                                                                  Marta Brannon ● 293-8081 x18 ● marta@stauva.org
                                                                  Brian Sousa ● 293 8081 x19 ● music@stauva.org
The Haitian Station
St Thomas Aquinas Parish twinned with                             The Music Ministry Is Seeking Donations
St Michel Parish, Saltadère                                       To hire a trumpet player for the following days: The Feast of St
Welcome Fr Blot: The pastor of St Michel                          Dominic, Mon Aug 8, 5:15pm Mass & first Sunday of the new
in Saltadère is visiting with us this                             UVA semester, Sun, Aug 28, 9am Mass. The cost is $200/Mass
weekend and will be celebrating Masses                            for one professional trumpet player. If you would like to sponsor
at Holy Comforter and St Thomas                                   a trumpet player for one celebration or to donate money in
Aquinas. Be sure to meet Fr Blot after the                        memory of someone, on your check please indicate for which
Masses at which he is present. There will be a reception          celebration you are donating the money, and who, if anyone,
                                                                  you would like to memorialize with your donation. The
for Fr Blot after the 11:30 Mass at St Thomas Aquinas.
                                                                  memorialized person's name will appear in the bulletin that week
Mobile Prenatal Clinic to Visit Saltadère: A new                  and will look like this: "The trumpet music at the 5:15pm Mass
project for our committee is funding a monthly visit by           for the Feast of Saint Dominic is donated in honor of .... (has
midwives from Hinche to provide needed prenatal care.             been donated by....)." Those who would like to sponsor a
The first visit of the midwives occurred July 5. Midwives         trumpet player with another amount may also request that their
for Haiti, the group providing the midwifery visits, is a         name be listed in the bulletin as a sponsor of the trumpet music
Richmond-based group. They are sponsoring an exhibit              for a particular day. If you would like a complete list of days
of Haitian art, “The Colors of Haiti,” until Sept 11 at the       when we will be hiring a trumpet player please contact me at
Cultural Arts Ctr of Glen Allen (804-261-2787 for details).       music@stauva.org. Thank you for your generosity. Sincerely,
                                                                  Brian Dean Sousa
Richard Joseph to Visit: Richard Joseph is the director
of education for the Diocese of Hinche in Haiti. He will be       Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
visiting in the middle of August, bringing news of how our        Is available in the Chapel on Wed 9am until Thurs 5pm with the
sponsored school of St Michel is doing. Thanks to the             exception of 5-6pm Wed & 8-9am Thurs, the hours when Mass
many friends and parishioners who are supporting the              is taking place in the church. To schedule a time on Wed,
                                                                  contact Janet Diller at 589-7943, email jandil@embarqmail.com,
school and its students.
                                                                  and for Thurs, Charlotte Burns at 975-1132, email
SOS Cards: The Sketches of Saltadère note cards                   charliefburns@hotmail.com. For the remainder of the summer
(drawn by students of St Michel School) are available for         there is also a sign-up chart available on the wall behind the
purchase at the Haiti table (lower level). The cards are          steps in the Link.
perfect for all occasions: birthdays, thank yous,
                                                                  Charismatic Prayer Meeting
weddings, etc. Funds raised go to support the school.
                                                                  Light the Fire Within Prayer Group will not meet for the summer
Bi-Parish Haiti Committee: The next meeting of the                due to so many people being out of town. The Prayer Group will
committee is Aug 14. All are welcome. To learn about              resume right after Labor Day on 9/6.
the Bi-parish committee, e-mail Anne Knasel at
anne@stagebridge.net.                                              5:15PM SAT & 9AM SUN 18TH SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME
                                                                  Proper Introit: God, come to my help. Lord, quickly give me
                                                                  assistance. You are the one who helps me and sets me free:
Food Collection                                                   Lord, do not be long in coming. (Psalm 70:2,6)
Thank you for the continued contributions to the pantry at        Processional Hymn: #614 in Green Hymnal
Holy Comforter this summer. Items are given out on Tues,          Kyrie: page # 28 in White Hymnal
Wed and Fri mornings. Suggested items to donate:                  Gloria: # 176 in Green Hymnal
canned vegetables, fruits, fish/meats, soups, and beans,          Proper Offertory Antiphon: But Moses implored the Lord, his
peanut butter, and toiletries (soap, shampoo, deodorant,          God, saying, "Why are you angry with your people, Lord? Let
toilet paper, etc). Thank you!                                    your wrath die down. Remember your servants Abraham, Isaac
                                                                  and Jacob, whom you promised to give a land flowing with milk
IMPACT                                                            and honey." So the Lord relented in the punishment he had
Thank you to all who contributed to the individual                threatened to inflict on his people. (Exodus
investment drive this year!                                       32:11a,12d,13a,13c,14)
                                                                  Offertory: page # 48 in White Hymnal
Respect Life                                                      Sanctus: # 180 in Green Hymnal
Prayer for the unborn and for an end to abortion at the           Memorial Acclamation: page 112 in White Hymnal
Planned Parenthood in Charlottesville each Friday from            Agnus Dei: page # 31 in White Hymnal
9am-12pm and each Wednesday evening from 5pm-8pm                  Proper Communion Antiphon: You gave us bread from
at the Medical Center for Women in Charlottesville. There         heaven, Lord: a sweet-tasting bread that was very good to eat.
were over 1,000 abortions performed last year in                  (Wisdom 16:20)
Charlottesville so please come out to pray for those in           Communion Chant: Salve Regina # 779 in Green Hymnal
crisis pregnancies, the innocent babies and for all the           Communion Hymn: # 557 in Green Hymnal
women and men who have been hurt by abortion. For                 Communion Meditation: page # 40 in White Hymnal
more information please contact Pam at                            Recessional: # 606 in Green Hymnal
pamelangs@yahoo.com or (434) 825-6013.
ST. THOMAS AQUINAS CHURCH                                                                   CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA
RELIGIOUS ED / YOUTH MINISTRY                                        ADULT EDUCATION
PreK-5 ● Eleanor Nicholson ● 293-8081 x18 ● eec@stauva.org           Fr Jacek Buda ● 293-8081 x17 ● frjacek@stauva.org
Gr 6-12 ● Chris Gilbert ● 293 8081x16 ● youth@stauva.org

Middle School News                                                   Catholicism 101
Please keep our middle school youth and high school                  Scott Hahn’s Adult Religious Education Series – meets
counselors in your prayers as we start our camp, You                 selected Saturdays at 10am in the Community
Never Let Go. The parables of the Good Shepherd, Lost                Room. The next session will be “The Meaning of
Coin and Prodigal Son will be broken open and related to             Sacraments” on Aug 6. Each session is a standalone
their daily lives through prayer, reflections, games,                presentation.   Contact sackandpam@comcast.net for
sacraments, community service and a lot of fun.                      more information.
Vacation Bible School, August 1-5.                                   Infertility?
Please keep all of our VBS children and catechist/helpers            The Creighton Model System and NaProTechnology have
in your prayers as we spend a week studying the saints               proven to be 2.8 times more effective than today's
and the virtues of faith, hope, and charity!                         artificial reproductive technologies, offering a moral
                                                                     alternative for couples struggling with infertility. For more
                                                                     information contact LaDean Barnes, MEd, FCP at
CAMPUS MINISTRY (CSM)                                                ladeancrms@gmail.com, or see www.fertilitycare.org/
Nick Rosa ● nmr9p@virginia.edu                                       It Is More Than Natural Family Planning!
John Hopke ● johnhopke@stauva.org                                    Tired of being offered the birth control pill for
                                                                     your gynecological problems? NaProTechnology finds
                Have a blessed summer!                               the underlying cause of your problem and corrects it,
                                                                     even PMS/PMDD, while never prescribing a birth control
                                                                     pill. For more info contact LaDean Barnes, MEd, FCP at
                                                                     ladeancrms@gmail.com, or see www.fertilitycare.org/

                                                                     YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY (YAM)
VOCATIONS                                                            For parishioners aged 21-35
                                                                     Karen Dottore ● st.thomas.yam@gmail.com

Poor Clare Vocation Day
                                                                     YAM’s goal is to offer a community of faith and friendship
Sat, Aug 20, 2:30pm until Sun, Aug 21, 10am for young
                                                                     devoted to spirituality, society, service, and
women who may be discerning a vocation to the
                                                                     study. Contact: Christina Hampton (ladycyg@gmail.com).
cloistered contemplative life or who just desire to learn
                                                                     For weekly listserv announcements, contact Karen
more. Holy Mass will be offered at 8am Sunday. There
                                                                     Dottore (st.thomas.yam@gmail.com).
will be the opportunity to speak, pray and recreate with
some of the nuns. Limited accommodation is available for             Weekly Events
those who wish to stay overnight and attend the prayer               Fridays with YAM: See the listserv for more details.
traditionally offered around midnight. RSVP: Monastery of
Poor Clares, 5500 Holly Fork Rd, Barhamsville, VA or                 Monthly Events
mtstfrancis@gmail.com or 757-566-1684.                               Join us at the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen every 3rd
                                                                     Wednesday (Info:email Joe at jbasconi@gmail.com); and
Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time -- July 31                        after the 9am Mass in the Link every 3rd Sunday for
“All those present ate their fill.” Are you called to help the       brunch.
Lord feed His people with the truth of His gospel as a
priest, deacon or in the consecrated life? If you think God
may be calling you to serve Him more closely, call Father
Michael Boehling (804) 359-5661, or write:
18TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                                                                JULY 31, 2011
PARISH ACTIVITIES                                                    COMMUNITY EVENTS
Parish Picnic                                                        The Notre Dame Club of Charlottesville
Mark your calendar for                                               Invites all members of the ND family to join the Club for its
Sunday, August 28, for the                                           annual student send-off picnic on Sun, Aug 7. This year
Annual Parish Picnic.                                                the Club will welcome St Thomas' Harrison Yates, Will
There will be lunch catered                                          Murray, and Connor McCollough to the University of Notre
by Big Jim’s, games and a                                            Dame's freshman class. Please contact Matt Freeman at
“Big Wave Waterslide”.                                               mfndcva@centurylink.net or 434-825-9661 for more
Sign-up in the link from                                             information.
August 7 to August 21.
                                                                     Charlottesville Catholic Worker/Casa Alma
Natural Family Planning (NFP) Awareness Week                         Sunday Open House: Aug 7, 2-5pm. Drop in anytime for
Stop by our table in the Link 7/23-7/24 or 7/30-7/31 after           casual conversation, tours and Q&A about the Catholic
Mass to chat with one of our NFP instructors and learn               Worker movement. Solar Cooking Demonstration: Sat,
more about natural family planning. Also, join us on July            Aug 13, 10am-noon. Come learn about solar cooking,
30 after the 5:15pm Mass in the courtyard for an ice                 view different oven designs, and taste some solar-cooked
cream social to wrap up NFP Awareness Week. All are                  foods. Co-sponsored by Transition Charlottesville/
invited for some fun, frosty treats and socializing with our         Albemarle, a group working toward local resilience and
NFP families. Check out our facebook page under                      sustainable practices. Email us or call Joanie at 987-1026
Charlottesville NFP for more information or email                    to register. Our First Liturgy: Thurs, Aug 18. Celebrate
chvillenfp@yahoo.com to RSVP.                                        Mass with the Casa Alma community at 6:30pm, followed
Medjugorje Pilgrimage                                                by a pot-luck supper. Please RSVP by Aug 16, via email
Please join Fr Luke Clark (Oct 5-16, 2011) on a                      or call 409-0804. Saturday Service Day: Aug 20, 2-5pm.
pilgrimage to this “School of Prayer.” It is a life changing         We'll be moving wood, clearing debris, spreading mulch,
experience in this town where Heaven touches the Earth!              and preparing the back area for the mini-orchard and
The pilgrimage includes a week in Medjugorje, a day and              gardens.
a half in the beautiful walled Old Town of Dubrovnik, and            Items Needed for The Haven
an overnight in Frankfurt. The cost is $1948 (plus $145 in           Charlottesville's homeless day shelter located at First and
airport taxes). Deposits of $400 are now due. For more               Market St. needs the following items: shampoo (they have
info, pick up a flyer in the Link or email Julie Zackrisson at       enough conditioner), toothbrushes, men's and women's
julieanne333@gmail.com.                                              deodorant, tampons and feminine pads, laundry
                                                                     detergent, facial tissues, paper towels, hand sanitizer,
 Thank You                                                           Lysol spray, febreeze air freshener, cleaning supplies
                                                                     (Simple Green, Bona Vinyl floor cleaner, latex gloves),
 Dear Fr. Clark:                                                     Printer ink cartridges (HP 78 tricolor, HP 15 black, HP 57
 This acknowledges receipt of two boxes of eyeglasses                tricolor, HP 56 black, HP 36A black, Lexmark 33 color,
 for my son to take to the Philippines in January. On                Lexmark 32 black), ball-point pens and sharpies, masking
 behalf of the indigent recipients I want to thank your              tape, postage stamps, Legal-size envelopes, clean socks
 parishioners.                                                       and underwear (men's and women's), soap, sunscreen,
                                                                     insect repellent, reading glasses and sunglasses,
 I talked with my son yesterday and he said he hopes to
                                                                     washcloths and hand towels. Kay's Kitchen needs: whole
 have enough glasses to take on another medical
                                                                     grains such as cornmeal and oats, spices, dried fruit, nuts,
 mission to Chile in November. Those you brought today
                                                                     herbal teas and ground coffee, fresh fruits and vegetables,
 will help.
                                                                     canning jars and equipment, sugar (white, light brown, or
 Thank you for your kindness.                                        raw), unopened meats and cheeses, and disposable
 Your Servant in Christ,                                             paper cups. Items can be dropped off at The Haven.
 Rev. Mr. John H. Thomas, J.D.                                       Latin Mass
 Chancellor Diocese of Richmond                                      Aug 7, 3pm, at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church in
                                                                     Appomattox. For info call Isabel Perry at 434-352-7976.
                                                                     New Diocesan Job Listings
Donate Unneeded Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids                          Peninsula Catholic, Newport News: Library Media
We will continue to collect for the various medical                  Specialist; School Bus Driver; German/Latin Instructor(s)
missions abroad. Please deposit items in the box outside             Christ the King, Norfolk: Resource Teacher (Part-Time)
the office (lower level). Thank you!                                 Blessed Sacrament Huguenot, Powhatan: Girls Varsity
                                                                     Basketball Coach; Elementary Teacher
                                                                     For details visit www.richmonddiocese.org/human. Click
                                                                     on “subscribe for job updates” to receive new notices.
                                                                T U G
                                                                      OF W
        ID E
    ERSL                                                                   AR

               St. Thomas Aquinas                                               A

                Sunday, August 28th
                          12:30-4:00 pm
                         The Park at UVA
                     (go straight past the Law School)

        An afternoon of food, games and fellowship.
     Lunch will be catered by Big Jim’s from 12:30-2pm.
    Donations of $5/person or $10/family will be accepted.

                      Sign up in the link
                    beginning August 7th.
                  Directions to The Park are on the sign-up table.

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