The Robo Signer Epidemic

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					 The Robo Signer Epidemic
We have heard a lot about mortgage fraud being committed by huge lenders such as Bank
of America, Wells Fargo, GMAC and JP Morgan Chase at an institutional level. Because
of their greed and unethical, illegal behavior, millions of Americans have been foreclosed
upon, and in many cases those foreclosures were illegal foreclosures due to the use of
what is known as “Robo signing,.”

For the unfamiliar, robo signing or robo signers are not actually robots built by the banks
to process foreclosure documents, but rather a technique that predatory lenders such as
GMAC and Bank of America have widely deployed in order to push foreclosure
documents through faster. Robo signers will falsely represent themselves as being a loan
officer for the bank when they are not, and they will sign off on legal documents without
a notary being present and without any examination of the legal documents. In many
cases, they are also forging the signature of other people – even homeowners! This
technique, sadly, is not new but it has become incredibly widespread as banks struggled
to process large amounts of foreclosures they were dealing with.

Just to give you an idea of how widespread the problem of robo signing has been, one
GMAC employee who admitted to being a robo signer confessed that he had signed off
on documents for over 10,000 foreclosures a month without even looking at them. With
that many being processed by simply one person, the amount of illegal foreclosures that
went through using this technique is staggering.

The best way to determine if you have been the victim of a robo signer, and if you are
facing the illegal foreclosure of your home is by having a securitization audit performed
on your home loan documents you can learn if you were a victim of this practice and then
take legal action against the bank. Once they are threatened with legal action, many
banks will stop foreclosure proceedings in order to review their procedures. This is much
more preferable to a bank than to be sued especially if you have evidence from a
securitization audit to back up your claims. A securitization audit will be able to
determine if your home loan was properly securitized, who actually possesses the title (in
many of these illegal foreclosure cases the lenders that are trying to foreclose actually
have no legal right to foreclose on a home), and if any of these illegal robo signing
techniques have been used on your home loan documents.

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Description: Banks have used robo signers to increase the amount of mortgage fraud they can get away with