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					  Philadelphia University               Spring 2002


FA S H I ON                             SHOW

The Academy of Music
Wednesda y, April 24
8 p.m.
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 
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     From the Editor
                      University is
                      buzzing now
                      with so many
                      events quickly
Stephanie Reynolds From the
                      “Business of
    Fashion” Forum in March to
    the Annual FIA Fashion Show
    in April, fashion students have
    a booked schedule with amaz-
    ing opportunities to showcase
                                        Design X 2002 ...
                                        “Freedom Lends Creativity"
                                        by Emily Scott
                                             Reinterpretation is the
                                        name of the game when it
                                        comes to the annual Design X
                                                                               ocus on. . . Events

    their talents. As most of you       show held in Downs
    know, the FIA Fashion Show          Auditorium. This year the
    has taken a tremendous step         show took place on January
    by moving the event to the          31, 2002, and it was the per-
    Academy of Music and will be        fect way to usher in the new
    celebrating the student’s work      spring semester. Fashion
    with our honored guest,             Industries Association (FIA)
    Geoffrey Beene. I truly look        produced the show that fea-
    forward to experiencing this        tured student work created
    ground-breaking event and           during the Fashion Design
    wish all the fashion design         Problem Solving class. This           On the Design X runway were designs by: Kristy Hill '02;
    students and everyone               class enables fashion design          "Sexy Stewardess," fashioned from a vintage suitcase. Right:
    involved tremendous success.        students to reuse, reinvent           John Fitch '02; stretch vinyl and fabric paint. Inspired by
                                        and reconstruct recycled gar-         M.C. Escher's photograph "Night and Day."
                                        ments, as well as various fab-
                                        rics, with a specific theme in     appear as if they had been        equally close attention, creat-
                                        mind. This year’s themes           crying for days. The set was      ing unity throughout the
                        Spring 2002     ranged from architect Frank
                                        Lloyd Wright to penguins;
                                                                           constructed from a mix of
                                                                           recycled objects ranging from
                                                                                                             entire production. When
                                                                                                             asked why this is such an
                                        basically, if you can think it     hoola hoops to actual back        important class for design stu-
   A publication written by             up, you're free to make it. The    doors. Everything was spray-      dents to take, Eva Kang
   Philadelphia University fashion      only prerequisite for this class   painted gold. And, the runway     explained, "It's a fun experi-
   design, fashion merchandising        is extreme creativity.             was lined with generously         ence that allows the designer
   and fashion apparel management            The theme in makeup was       donated shoes that were then      to take the concept of "fash-
   students for fellow students, fac-   a bit of a pre-makeover            also spray painted — 150          ion" a step further." I do
   ulty, staff, alumni and friends of   Courtney Love and broken           pairs in all.                     think most designers wish
   the University.                      doll’s look, skillfully achieved       Every aspect of Design X      they could design in this fash-
   E D I TO R                           by smearing the models’ lips       from the garments, to the         ion all the time; the only
   Stephanie Reynolds                   with red lipstick and applying     runway, to the recycled-look-     trouble is finding a target cus-
   Fashion Merchandising major          eyeliner that made them            ing invitations — was given       tomer! y
   Catherine Casano
   Renee Gonzales                       The Fashion Industry: A            operations of their particular
                                                                           fields on a daily basis. Jenny
                                                                                                             office of Tommy Hilfiger
                                                                                                             Jeans, and the showroom of
   Amber Hasulak
   Michelle Pino
                                        Day in the Life                    Peters, a Philadelphia
                                                                           University graduate now work-
                                                                                                             Susan Dell’s eveningwear col-
                                                                                                             lection. For the rest of the
   Stephanie Reynolds                   By Stephanie Reynolds              ing for Federated, walked stu-    day, students explored New
   Briana Ulrich                                                           dents through the product-        York City from the amazing
   Emily Scott                              On Feb. 15, FIA sponsored      development process and           shopping districts and
   A DV I S O R S
                                        its Annual Trip to New York        offered valuable advice about     museums to the unique
   Doreen Burdalski
                                        City, giving students the          interviewing, the importance      restaurants. Overall, they were
   Asst. professor; coordinator,
                                        opportunity to experience the      of internship experience, and     able to take the lessons
   Fashion Merchandising Program
                                        fashion industry firsthand.        professionalism. For lunch,       learned in the classroom and
                                        Through a variety of presenta-     students divided into small       understand how they are
   Clara Prezio-Henry                   tions from alumni and indus-       groups and visited the design     applied in the industry. y
   Asst. professor; director,           try hosts, fashion students        studios of Phillips Van-
   Fashion Design Program               discovered the functions and       Heusen, the merchandising

Focus on . . . Study Abroad          nique and content, and spent
                                     her free time taking us to par-
                                     ties and exhibits.
                                                                       Focus on. . . Alumni
                                          Outside of school, living
                                                                       Diana Boric
                                                                                                           Focus on. . .
                                     in Rome allowed us all
                                     chances to explore Europe
by Catherine Casano                  with ease, and for little         By Brianna Ulrich
                                     money. Rome’s location in
    As a junior, I opted to          the center of Italy meant that        This issue’s focus is Diana
study abroad in Rome, and it
was easily the best decision
                                     Northern Europe, North Africa,
                                     and other Mediterranean
                                                                       Boric (formerly Kostrevski), a
                                                                       senior promotions manager for
I’ve ever made. No matter            countries, as well as the many    Details Magazine. Her position,
your major (mine’s fashion
design), there is something
                                     beautiful places in Italy, were
                                     all easy to reach and explore.
                                                                       in the Creative Services
                                                                       Department is heavily involved      Menswear from London
                                     For those of us on a tighter
about Rome that appeals to
                                     budget, and the people who
                                                                       with advertising promotions         Amber Lynn Hasulak
everyone.                                                              and special events. When I
    We arrived in Rome during        spent a little too much buying    spoke with Diana, she shared             Let’s face it guys. The
a record-breaking heat wave,         Roman fashions and leather,       the fact that she had just met      words “spring and summer
and it was quite an experience       there were many amazing           with Armani to work on events       menswear collections” probably
lugging our baggage up the           places very close to Rome that    for the company for 2002. So,       don’t make you jump away from
famous hills of Rome to our          could be reached by train for     you are probably wondering          the baseball game and run to
unairconditioned apartment.          under 10 dollars. The city has    where Diana gets all of her         the stores. But the truth of the
Our rooms were beautiful, and        a very accessible and easy-to-    ideas for these events.             matter is, your wardrobe could
the school provided maid ser-        use transit system and most of    According to her, just about        use a little “sprucing” up. Now
vice, which I still miss to this     the people in Rome were only      anywhere. Inspiration can be        is the perfect time and it does-
day! Our classes, at the             too happy to help American        found at local art exhibits, in     n’t take much. Follow these key
American University of Rome,         tourists and students.            upcoming films and even in the      pieces of advice, fresh from
were designed to fit into our             I learned so much about      very magazine she writes for.       London, and the results will
schedule for the most part, so       relying on myself and being       For instance, if Details is doing   work to your advantage:
they all transferred once I          open to new ways in Rome,         an article on Usher (the R&B        1. Color: Make sure you have
returned here. The courses           and that experience has trans-    sensation), they may ask him           powder blue, yellow, red, mix-
pertaining to my major, fash-        lated to the way I live here.     to participate in one of their         tures of black/white, and
ion design and fashion-figure        I would suggest to anyone         promotions. A former president         pink. Yes, pink. Trust me.
drawing, were taught by Nora         considering study abroad in       of F.I.A. at Philadelphia           2. Denim: Sounds easy, right?
Aponte, a prominent local fig-       Rome to do it; your time there    University, Boric believes that        Well, it is. Go for ripped,
ure in Roman fashion. Nora           will be the best four months      there is more to college than          patched or bleached.
taught us much about tech-           of your life! y                   just the courses that you are          Basically, anything that looks
                                                                       required to take. To students in       like it’s been run over by a
                                                                       the fashion field, she advises         truck. Seriously. Also, denim
                                                                       them to extend themselves              jackets are a big deal in more
                                                                       outside the classroom and get          formal styles and surprisingly
                                                                       involved in extracurricular            in suiting.
                                                                       activities; and to freelance and       (Side note: If you want to get
                                                                       volunteer, which leads to meet-        away from denim, try on some
                                                                       ing people, to build your net-         leather and suede.)
                                                                       work on the road to success.        3. Keep military look.
                                                                                      y                    4. Headwear: I haven’t seen one
                                                                                                              person in London with a
                                                                                                              baseball cap on. Honest. Give
Rome is a city of striking architecture.                                                                      sunvisors a try and “flat”
                                                                                                           5. Footwear: This might sound
                                     Warm neutrals and skin tones      blue to your wardrobe, you             scary. Pointed-toe shoes are
Focus on . . . Color                 bring to a sense of nostalgia
                                     and romantic reminiscence the
                                                                       can create your own feeling of
                                                                       a calm escape. All forms of
                                                                                                              everywhere. Invest in a pair.
                                                                                                              They aren’t so bad. Going

Spring/Summer ’02                    spring/summer wardrobe. Pale
                                     tones of cremes and whites,
                                                                       “Americana” are important for
                                                                       apparel, as well as for furnish-
                                                                                                              casual? Give the trainers a
                                                                                                              rest. Go for flip-flops.
Color Trends                         with an extra shot of citrus
                                     hues, add a feeling of youth-
                                                                       ings this year. Nautical colors
                                                                       of red, white, navy, and black
                                                                                                                And, finally, make sure to
                                                                                                           have a few knitted polo shirts
By Renee Gonzales                    ful innocence and excitement.     add a crisp classic and tai-        in those must-have colors above
                                     This season also brings us all    lored elegance to the entire        for an authentic retro look. y
    Spring/Summer ’02 brings         the colors of the sea from        season. y
an array of expressive colors.       pale blues, greens and laven-
    The season looks to be           ders to striking Caribbean
delicate, subtle and feminine.       blues. By adding shades of

Focus on . . . Textiles             staple in this spring’s textiles.
                                    Irridescent shimmer and micro
                                                                        Focus on . . . Accessories           no white Stetsons), and
                                                                                                             “hippie looks” with floppy
Michelle Pino                       sparkle with soft metallics will    By Amber Hasulak                     brims.
     When shopping for new          be must-haves, as well as                                              • Belts: They haven’t gone
clothes this spring, take a         prints such as flowers, tropi-          For most of us, the transi-      away. Still on the must-have
second to look at the label.        cal, two-tone geometrics, and       tion into the new spring and         list; this
Certain fabrics are sure to be      lots of stripes. As for denim,      summer collections means             time
found in some of this season’s      this season brings extreme          updating our wardrobe with           around
hottest trends. Linen is very       bleaching and distressed fin-       fresh accessories. For               think wide and western with
important for Spring 2002;          ishes, glitter denim, cut and       Spring/Summer 2002, the              prairie styling. The essential
pure and blended, crisp and         worn patterns, patterns,                                  trends         is tooled and embossed
soft. When it comes to wools        patchwork, and fraying. The                               have a         leather. If you’re feeling
and suitings, tailoring is back.    words to describe the season:                             variety of     wildly fashionable, wear one
Expect to see lightweights,         discretion, spontaneity, con-                             moods to       with long fringe detailing.
stretch wools and blends, and       trol, generosity, and audacity.     suit any girl’s style — prairie,     Keep: Gem-encrusted belts.
crisp suitings such as mohair            To sum it up, Spring 2002      romantic, hippie, western and      • Hosiery: Romance. Lace.
and wool. Fine cotton and           will bring a wide range of tex-     patriotic. But, before you           Texture. You can still get
silks, both pure and blended        tiles, comprising the season’s      magically turn into a                           away with those
with synthetics will also be a      hottest trends. y                   cowgirl or Laura from                           fishnets. And
                                                                        “Little House on the                            since color is in,
                                                                        Prairie,” take a look at                        you can parade
                                                                        the key pieces that will help        around with printed tights
                             Hat's Off!                                 to freshen your own look:
                                                                        • Handbags: Soft leather. Any
                                                                                                             bearing fruits, flowers, and
                                                                                                             the like.
                                                                          shape or size will do. Look      • Sunglasses: Still wearing the
                         Congratulations to the following students
                                                                          for cutouts, stripes, toile de     same pair you wore three
                   on their achievements!
                                                                          jouy prints. If there’s one        years ago? Shades are an
                                                                          bag you must have, go for a        easy way to update your
              Nicole Vargas and Kelly Renee Sinnk: chosen as
                                                                          tasselled suede shoulder           look instantly, so try some-
      two of 24 semi-finalists from entries across the country for
                                                                          bag. Otherwise, try vintage.       thing new. If you were for-
 the DuPont Hosiery Design Contest. Three top winners to be
                                                                        • Jewelry: If you are going to       tunate enough to decide on
selected on August 7 in New York.
                                                                          purchase one piece this sea-       a pair of rimless glasses last
    Carolyn Sobkow: one of 10 semi-finalists chosen for the
                                                                          son, make it one with a reli-      season, stick with those. If
Target/CFDA Design Initiative.
                                                                          gious feel. Think rosary           you didn’t, try floating lens-
    The following students have been selected for inclusion in
                                                                          pendants, lockets, heirloom        es, cat-eyes, and teardrop
Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges;
                                                                          looks.                             shapes.
2002 edition:
                                                                        • Hats: Yes. Make sure you              So, there you have it —
Danielle Crea           M.S./Fashion Apparel Studies
                                                                          purchase at least one. Buy       the most important pieces for
Swapna Dhond            Fashion Merchandising
                                                                          small brim fedoras, buckets      your spring and summer
Laura Klich             Fashion Design
                                                                          with grosgrain ribbon, can-      clothes. What are you waiting
Jamie Meade             Fashion Merchandising
                                                                          vas cowboys (clarification:      for? Go shopping! y
Stephanie Reynolds      Fashion Merchandising
Melanie Schlouch        Fashion Merchandising
Amy Schwab              Fashion Apparel Management

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