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									                                                    MEDI-CAL PERSONAL INJURY PROGRAM
WEB QUICK LINK                                                               CASE WORKER LIST                                                                   FAX NUMBER
Go to Medi-Cal PI Program                                        Last updated:   January 5th, 2012                                                                916-440-5668

This program handles only Medi-Cal beneficiaries involved in personal injury claims or actions. Please do not call us for information about Medicare, Healthy
Families, or other government programs, or for billing questions, estate recovery claims, or other kinds of issues. We can't help you.

If you have a new case, want to request an updated lien amount, need to provide settlement details, or need to let us know that you no longer represent a client,
please use the Online Forms on the program web pages. Use the Web Quick Link above to get there.

To contact the program representative handling your case, please select the category that your case falls under and then look up the number of the staff handling
cases with the first letter(s) of a Medi-Cal beneficiary's last name. Unless noted, all phone numbers use area code 916.
This list can change monthly as staff availability changes, so check the program web site regularly for updates.

            Workers Compensation Cases                                                          For any other kind of Personal Injury
                                                                   Call                                                                                 Call
              Last Name Begins With                                                                 Last Name Begins With
                      A-Z                                       760-5100                              AAAAA – ATIZZ                                  650-0539
                                                                                                      ATJAA – BROUZ                                  650-0543
                 Class Action Lawsuits                                                                 BROVA – CAZZZ                                 650-6494
                                                                                                       CBAAA – DAMZZ                                 650-6936
               The Garretson Law Firm                           341-7020                               DANAA – ESTZZ                                 650-0580
                 All Other Inquiries                            341-7020                               ESUAA – GERZZ                                 650-0528
                                                                                                       GESAA – HAQZZ                                 650-0584
              Medical Malpractice Cases                                                                HARAA – HUZZZ                                 440-7886
               Last Name Begins With                                                                   HVAAA – KRUZZ                                 650-6571
                       A-H                                      650-6566                               KRVAA - MACZZ                                 445-0743
                       I-Z                                      650-0516                               MADAA - MARTJ                                 650-6555
                                                                                                       MARTK-MENCZ                                   650-0563
              Special Needs Trust Cases                                                                 MENDA-MOKZZ                                  650-0578
               Last Name Begins With                                                                    NPAAA - PIKZZ                                650-0569
                        A-G                                     650-6568                                 PILAA - RIVAZ                               341-7348
                        H-O                                     650-6568                                RIVBA - SANDZ                                341-7019
                        P-Z                                     324-0836                                SANEA - STRZZ                                341-7037
                                                                                                        STSAA - THOZZ                                319-9716
                AGPA's and Specialists                            Call                                  THPAA - VALDZ                                650-0529
                 AAAAA - ESTZZ                                  650-6473                                VALEA - VILZZ                                650-0564
                 ESUAA - KRUZZ                                  650-0554                                VIMAA - ZZZZZ                                650-0599
                  KRVAA - PIKZZ                                 341-7356
                  PILAA - THOZZ                                 341-6540
                  THPAA - ZZZZZ                                 324-0836

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