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KUSU Student Council Minutes 26th October 2010 Chancellors by yaoyufang


									                        KUSU Student Council Minutes
                                   26th October 2010
                                   Chancellors 0.061


Alyson Bird           (Constitutional Affairs Secretary)
Lisa Derry            (General Secretary)

Kari Rittoo          (KUSU president)
Fadi Dada            (KUSU VP Communications & Democracy)
Nikki Cooper         (KUSU VP Education & Welfare)
Rosie Weatherley     (KUSU VP Finance & Activities)
Sonia Douz           (KUSU Sports & Fitness)

Laurence Mallows      (Faculty Rep of Humanities)
Tom Walker            (AU President)
Vinnie Maningas       (Entertainments Officer)
Tiff Cole             (Non-Portfolio Officer)
Emma Hunt              (Natural Science Rep)
Sammi Nemo             (Male Gender Officer)
Dom Moore              (LGBT Officer)
Charlotte Corfield     (Female Gender Officer)
Sajith Pothupitiya     (International Students' Officer)
Mahdi Saleh            (Health Faculty Rep)
John English            (Disabled Students' Officer)
TK Olawumi              (Racial Diversity Officer)

Apologies for absence: Enric torrents, Jonathon Craig, Chris Rust,

Matters arising from the minutes
Officers' Reports
All reports from Sabbaticals were oral reports:

Kari Rittoo's [KR] report included working on national demo, going to the Clinical Education
Centre on hospital campus so they can sign up, Working with hospital campus; making
sure notice boards are done, going to educational talks and taking part in open day.

Nikki Cooper's [NC] report included learning teaching strategy as Vice Chancellor [VC]
keen on new strategy, going to Senate and induction, StARs training, said University
agreed for funding for StARs - £4000 for course representative system, Given John
English [JE] handover for disability officer, helped Dom with LGBT campaigns; Donation
not discrimination event, now focusing on Manifesto points and talking to university about
manifesto, Pro VC didn't know we didn't have wireless in halls so looking into it, Looking
for locker space, working with academic reps and making sure Faculty Representatives to
make sure lectures get online.

Rosie Weatherley [RW] talking to bank manager about terms and conditions of over draft
limit, Personal licence training, been involved with disciplinaries, talked to societies about
finance and budget, writing loan facilities proposal for University to go through
March/April, budget commentary, safety bus loan proposal, involved with National Demo,
cheques for societies are taking longer than usual due to illness, monthly management
council and on budget, planning Keele's got talent, planning society training, fancy dress
dodge ball.

Sonia Douz's [SD] report included planning the dodge ball tournaments- under brand of
Fridays at 5pm for Breast Cancer and wear it pink Friday, the power lunch; 1st had 40
students attend and 2nd had 80 students, working on sports strategy, Friday 29 th October
has first sports and leisure sub committee, Keele is 2 nd stage of sports England bid,
helping Sabbaticals, starting weekly meetings with head of sport especially about running
track, first sports forum on Monday with the head of sports, tried setting up halls council
but halls managers aren't responding except for Horwood's manger; may lead to
competition within Horwood.
Fadi Dada [FD] didn't submit a report.

Vinnie Maningas [VM] reported on having organised flirt event, creating street team for
entertainments, creating flyers and posters, chairing weekly entertainments forum,
promoting events, worked with President and Marketing on posters regarding
entertainments profit and how it's spent.

Tom Walker [TW] reported 1000 AU members and Keele is now in the 3 rd week of BUCS.

Tiffany Cole [TC] helped entertainments with the first flirt, went to talk to the IT department
on Sunday about server crash, talking about increasing download limit and given info and
writing email; Help from RW.

Laurence Mallows [LM] presentation on STARS and talks with one of the school

TK helped ACS with culture not colour event, talking with students from different ethnic
minorities and looked over the national students survey- asking how some can get more
from the uni, working on the survey, wants to write an equality statement with other
liberation officers.

Sammi Nemo reported contacting male health forum but they didn't get in touch so
emailed project manager, asked Female Gender Officer to meet up.

Sajith Pothupitiya [SP] said to email him or Emma Dawson if any questions for
    international officer, trying to make international festive month, IAU should have
    meeting with them, asked NC if there is an international students mailing list.

NC there should be one but might not get access as depends on head of mailing support.

Emma Hunt [EH] still needs to find out about her role, attended stars training.
John English [JE] said he's met with NC to gather ideas, trying to get KUDOS back up and
running, plans to start weekly office hour tomorrow (Wednesday 27 th), running a campaign
but hasn't been confirmed, create disability information website so that students can go
straight to it, needs access to face book group and going to re-do the group so students
can post comments on it.

Dom Moore [DM] said he has liaised with LGBT society and going to network meeting
tomorrow (Weds 27th) Campaign for the blood drive, donate don't discriminate, wrote
article for World Aids Day trying to get in December edition of Concourse, trying to contact
stone wall about website, Going on LGBT NUS Activist training day with LGBT President,
planning events for gay history month in February.

Mahdi Saleh [MS] attended stars meeting and got everyone's contacts in health faculty,
wants informal meeting for Inter Professional education meetings and how to give better
IP's for all years within health faculty.

Charlotte Corfield [CC] contacted women's society about street team with support from
security, attended feminism in London conference and gained useful contacts for domestic
violence, rape.

Question time
Mark Holland [MH] asked if no candidates have run for a position that has been available
twice can students go for it without an election. Alyson Bird [AB] confirmed this.

JE added to his report that he was looking into academic student support across
departments as some departments are better than others.

SP asked if it was possible to be invited into the meeting with international officers. KR
said meeting was on the 4th November. NC said student focus groups will be held targeting
internationalisation, invited to that.

Adam Mason [AM] asked when the new wall planner is out.
VM said Monday.

Items for discussion
Sabbatical role change
NC said roles uneven, goes to 10 two hour meetings a week on a 30 hour-week contract.
When faced with education and welfare has to focus on one.
KR said Keele and Staffordshire are the only ones still with an Education and Welfare
Sabbatical, mentioned that Communications and Democracy shouldn't exist as person
running elections shouldn't run the media as well, summarised that Communications would
be dissolved and Democracy given to the president then Education and Welfare would be
split into two roles. Concourse given to a Part Time Officer, most other unions have
elections run by an NUS delegate to run the elections.

MH suggests returning officer should be a member of paid staff of the University or the
Union as NUS aren't based here and can't afford to lend someone out, having someone
here would be more efficient.
NC said Emily Cannon the Regional Officer for NUS suggested regional person and told
NC about options, also suggested that if NUS delegate and Election Forum present then
deputy returning officer should get marketing to cover admin of election and complaints go
to election forum and appeals go to NUS as detached to the University.

BR said Concourse suited with a Sabbatical and has a tiered system so someone being in
charge of the society would be too stressful, not suitable for “president” to do 12 hour
SD asked if the work has built up because made to do in a short space of time whether it
can be spread out. Deadlines should be spread as isn't needed every week, maybe work
on time management instead.
BR said it has been in a short space of time but still too much work, thought suitable to
have a sabbatical in the role and worries that someone not paid in charge wouldn't care as

Stefan Stone[SS] said Concourse is a good way for Off Campus students to communicate
with Campus, risk of society is people drop out, Sabbaticals can't resign whereas Part
Time Officers can, everyone expects an issue every month; could be dropped as Part
Time Officer gets busy, who would make sure there is time management.
RW identifies with the problem and agrees it does need permanent supervision, could end
up like KUBE radio a student run media service.

NC said Sabbatical needs to think of priories, education, welfare or communications,
marketing could focus Communications as have a lot more options to communicate with
BR removing communications seems dangerous, need someone over marketing and IT,
thinks media and marketing is big thing.
NC when looking at job description president works with outside media, Concourse
shouldn't be the only communication that we're using, all Sabbaticals will be monitoring.

LM thinks Concourse is better as an independent forum as more flexible, president as
editor could have as many people as needed, wont be shortage of volunteers.
BR team already 18 people but likes idea that there's someone to fall back on.

JE suggested putting a joint condition over all sabbaticals for Communications.

TK said familiar with KUBE and knows funding, Concourse needs 3 times amount so how
is funding going to work out as money cam from Fadi's budget, societies also need
permission for sponsorship so Concourse will need new sponsors.
RW said budget will be transferred and won't turn money down from any sponsors.

AM suggested research into KUBE and AU and compare hours to see if more than
Concourse, if yes suggest a paid role. Asked when they plan to implement the change.
NC ideally for next election cycle this year.

MH mentioned other University papers. Oxford SU sponsored newspaper fewer awards
than the independent one, Lancaster has individual and staff newspaper, Individual had
more readers/ followers, Sabbatical roles need to be worth while, is concourse really
crucial or is Welfare more needed.

DM agreed that society is a good idea but there needs to be a level of accountability even
if a sabbatical just over seeing, thinks complaints to an NUS delegate is a good idea as
can escape from the bubble and rumours won't spread.

Vinesh Patel [VP] said Student run society good, problems as spread across team , KUBE
is 7 days a week and Concourse only monthly. NC said constitution says only 4 times a
TW said doesn't matter if people dropping out as have committee people do there own
weight, people will be passionate about it and will step up.

Ben Blackmore [BB] asked if Concourse could become political tool for someone who
wants to become a Sabbatical. NC replied that KUBE could do the same Have to rely on
students to notice this and stand against it. KR could do that with any society. RW said this
would be covered in rules and regulations.

BR doesn't trust marketing and with Concourse as don't listen to students, thinks won't
have say over where funding goes and how it's spent. Also mentioned that editors harder
to find then you think so Concourse may suffer. Asked if there will be a meeting about this.
NC said a constitutional review group will take place that is open to anyone.

Fundraising for the Demo

KR said wristbands, Doughnuts are on sale, K2 Lockdown cut your clothes if against cuts.
NC tomorrow (Weds 27th) making placards and banners in the union.

LM asked if UCU and NUS were providing funding. KR said UCU gave enough for two
coaches. 57 people in each coach, roughly 200 people have signed up.

SS suggested making the deposit a voluntary donation as well to help pay for the coach.
KR agreed.

TW said the AU could do cross sport matches and will email club captains.

LM asked how much union has to subsidise payment. Are we going to the limit?
NC said there is no budget for it, it's all fund raising.

Laura Spencer [LS] suggested a Sabb Calendar.

Funding review
RW said the situation with money allocated to societies is the budget is set at £3250 for
the year. This is split between societies by giving undefined amount determined by Union
Committee and Student Council depending on the number of students that signed up.
Gave out £1500 in per capita grant last year. This year already given out £3000 at freshers
fair meaning the whole budget is gone so put in application to FGMT for grants and fund-
raising through Keele events. Because of the situation now questioning if per capita is
actually useful.
AM minimum and maximum student number changes between years, maybe move that
around and see how that will effect budget, Mentioned another account that should have
£1000 in it and RW should be able to access.
RW didn't know and said it wasn't in the budget so will check with Oli Cotterill.

SS said difficult to understand why more students in a society means more money, all
money should go through application process instead of sitting in a bank account for 3
RW said 3250 was appropriate for this method but because per capita has taken all money
aren't enough grants left. Need to look at structure rather than members.

[SP left as on call]

Aaron Webster [AW] said some societies apply loads f times throughout the year but
dance only apply once a year but that means they apply when the money isn't there.

DM said both points valid hard to implement just for grants and applying every week but
shouldn't be based on members.

NC said if grant based then money could run out of money. Societies need to apply ahead
of time, How would people feel if got rid of per capita.

BB suggests maybe wait for a month at the beginning of the year and see how may people
actually attend society. So money based on active members not hypothetical ones. RW
said tricky to police to implement and justify as many societies differ in structure so
wouldn't be accurate.

SD already have organisation based on grant requests. In AU Committee, teams have to
fill in budget form and decide what they want to do for the year, AU has emergency
money. The grant system there makes societies figure out what they want.

BR said that money doesn't make sense when basing on members.

RW highlighted 2nd issue. The number of societies that should have same status as KUBE,
i.e. Nightline, LGBT and possibly Concourses as all important in KUSU. Should budget like
they budget for KUBE, in the annual budget not the society budget. Need to decide which
are important.

Chris Dillon [CD] asked if receipts are checked, some societies wait for the surplus at the
end of the year so end up buying things they want but don't need.
RW laid down strict rules and keeping to them, no forms are going through that aren't to do
with the society, if there is a sudden influx at the end of the year it will be questioned.

[VM left]

RW recognition of special privileges. Nightline and LGBT don't charge membership so
need to affirm a difference between these and other societies.
Not fair to take away from other societies.

AM said make societies do applications for funding, would encourage president to think
long term. Set deadlines for rounds of applications and have budget of what to expect in
each round.

Meeting ended 9pm

Next UGM is November 9th.

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