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                              Today’s Latest News for West Virginia
                                     Agricultural Educators
                                          (Week of March 22, 2010)

        Agricultural Education News
       AE-5 Report: The data reported on the 2010 AE-5 is the summary of 2009 student enterprises. We suggest
        you gather the information as you summarize record books and complete the report soon thereafter. In order
        for your students to be counted as concentration completers, this form must be turned into the
        state office by the deadline. The report is due April 15
       2010 Ag Discovery Program: The Ag Discovery Program application process has begun. There is still time
        to apply. The deadline for applications is April 10, 2010. Ag-Discovery is an outreach program sponsored by
        USDA/APHIS and partnering universities to help students learn about careers in animal science, veterinary
        medicine, agribusiness and plant pathology. This 2 – 3 week program allows participants ages 12-17 to live on
        a college campus and learn about agricultural science from university professors, practicing veterinarians and
        professionals working for the U.S. Government. Students chosen to participate in Ag-Discovery will gain
        experience through hands-on labs, workshops, field trips and other group and team building activities. For
        complete information on the Ag Discovery Programs, please visit our website at:
       Changing Young Lives & A Community’s Future through Care and Agriculture:
        Do you want to use a community garden or a tutoring program to both increase agricultural awareness and
        change the lives of elementary school students? Funding from Campbell Soup Company has made possible
        community garden and tutoring grant opportunities through the National FFA Organization’s Partners in Active
        Learning Support (PALS) program. Each grant can be up to $2,000! The deadline for applying is August 2,
        2010. Contact the PALS office at 317-802-4413 or for more information.

        FFA News
       FFA Dues Deadline: All chapter membership must be paid in full to the state office by March 31 or your
        students will not be eligible for spring and summer activities, awards and degrees.
       Food Science CDE: The first ever WV FFA Food Science CDE will be held at Pierpont Community and
        Technical College in Fairmont on Tuesday, June 22, 2010. There will be a high school and middle school event.
        The details of the event will be sent out in the near future
       State FFA Degree Regional Reviews: All of the documents needed for the State FFA Degree Reviews are
        posted on the state FFA website in the Advisor’s Corner. Posted on the site are score sheets for both the
        Excel and online versions of the WV State FFA Degree. The teacher at the host school should access
        these materials and make sufficient copies prior to the review.
       2010 Proficiency Award Areas: The list of 2010 Proficiency Award areas can be found on the state FFA
        website. Information on eligibility for proficiency awards and State and American degrees can be found in the
        Advisor’s Corner.
       Proficiency Award Applications: The National FFA website has posted sample completed award applications
        for most proficiency areas. We have a link from the West Virginia FFA website to this site. Encourage
        students to use these as resources as they prepare applications for state competition. State proficiency
        awards are selecting at the FFA Governing Body Meeting on April 17 in Cedar Lakes.
       Agriscience Fair: Have you mentioned to your students the opportunities available through the Agriscience
        Fair at the state convention? Though the competition is not until July, NOW might be the time to discuss this
        with students so they can develop high-quality projects. The state competition follows the national rules
        (available from the National FFA website).
       Scholarship Opportunities: Please encourage your students to look into the following scholarship
        opportunities with upcoming due dates:
             o    Albert Yanni Scholarships – Twenty $2000 scholarships will be awarded to West Virginia
                  graduating seniors who are occupational completers. Information is available at
         Applications must be postmarked by March 31, 2010.

Upcoming Dates of Importance
     March 31: Deadline for all FFA dues to state office
     April 9: WV Beef Expo/WV Grasslands – Jackson’s Mill
     April 17: Spring Governing Body Meeting – Cedar Lakes
     April 22-23: WV Envirothon – Greenbrier County
     April 24: State Equine CDE – Potomac State College

For more information contact:
Jason Hughes, State FFA Advisor and Coordinator - Agriculture, Science and Natural Resources
Nathan Taylor, Executive FFA Secretary and Coordinator – Agriculture, Science and Natural Resources

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