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					Dan Rosenstein
1.    Scope and Introduction
2.    Kinect hardware
3.    Kinect and FRC 2012
4.    Kinect for Windows architecture
5.    Skeleton, audio and sensor data
6.    FRC Kinect architecture
7.    Programming
8.    Control considerations
9.    References and getting help
10.   Demo and questions
   Technology overview of Kinect for FRC 2012

   Focus on integration to FRC Driver Station

   Beginners guide to Kinect

   Supplement to official documentation
   Kinect launched for the Xbox 360 on 11/4/2010
    ◦ Xbox Launch Commercial

   Kinect for Windows announced (2/21/2011)

   Kinect for Windows Beta released (6/16/2011)

   Kinect for FRC announced (10/6/2011)

   You and FRC are at the cutting edge of technology!
    ◦ Kinect Effect (11/3/2011)
          3D DEPTH SENSORS

            RGB CAMERA

   The Kinect has multiple powerful sensors for
    depth, skeleton, video and audio input

   The Kinect is likely intended for robot control
    via the drivers station for the 2012 FRC game
 Four microphone array
  with hardware-based
  audio processing
  – Multichannel echo cancellation (MEC)
  – Sound position tracking
  – Other digital signal processing (noise suppression
    and reduction)
Driver Station   Robot
FRC Driver Station
                                             WPI Lib
                                         (Kinect Enabled)
 WPI Kinect Server

Kinect for Windows SDK


 Driver Station                            Robot

                 Joystick Position and Skeleton points
   Teams using C# can change/modify the WPI
    Kinect Server on the Driver Station

   Teams using LabView, Java or C++ can
    process joystick AND skeleton point data on
    the cRIO robot controller
   Robot control is achieved via skeletal position

   Gestures/poses relate to skeletal position and
    inform which control is desired

   Consider your gestures carefully!

   Response times will be different with Kinect
    compared to traditional joysticks
   SDK Quick Starts
    ◦ Code Samples and Slide Presentations

   Beta Launch Event Archive
    ◦ More code samples and info

   Gallery of Code Projects
    ◦ Kinect projects, including useful libraries

   Official Documents and Forums
   This presentation and video archive

   FRC Beta Forums (Access is Limited)

   YouTube
    ◦   Team   341
    ◦   Team   1912
    ◦   Team   294
    ◦   Team   2169
    ◦   Team   238
1.   FRC Forums

2.   Public Kinect for Windows Forums

3.   Escalate to Microsoft via official FIRST
   Go NeoBots, go!
   Can we put Kinect on the robot?
   When can we put Kinect on the robot?

    ◦ There is no FIRST rule (yet) officially stopping you
      from using the Kinect on the robot. That said,
      there is no software and direct hardware interface
      to integrate the Kinect and the cRIO.
   NeoBots team #2903
    ◦ Dan Radion, Jim Bassett, Brett Sarver

    ◦ Brad Miller, Frank Merrick

   FIRSTWA and Kevin Ross

   Issaquah Robotics Society team #1318

   Microsoft
    ◦   Aimee Sprung, Suzi LeVine, Stewart Tansley, Philip DesAutels, Alfred Thompson, John Gilbert

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