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					GREEN COUNTRY WOODWORKERS                    TULSA, OKLAHOMA                                                                                DECEMBER 2010 - NO. 229

 Terry Leach      918-245-3506
                                              UPCOMING EVENTS
 Gregg Zumwalt
 Bill Morgan

                                          Christmas Party!
 Dean Hedberg     918-494-5791
                                                   Thursday December 9th
       Club Committees                      Memorial Dr United Methodist Church 7:00 PM
Bring Back                                           7903 E. 15th St S Tulsa OK
 Raymond Moore 918-865-7464                          -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Continuing Board Member
 Don Ray           918-492-0594        Board Meeting Thursday December 16th
                                            Memorial Dr United Methodist Church 6:30 PM
 Tom Maxwell       918-245-1923
Luncheon                                             7903 E. 15th St S Tulsa OK
 George Phillips 918-371-0826                        -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name Tags
 Dean Hedberg      918-494-5791
                                                                Club Luncheon
Newsletter                                      There will be no luncheon in December.
 Dale Bailey       918-485-6897
 Terry Leach       918-245-3506
 Gregg Zumwalt 918-249-4663
Toys / Show & Tell
                                              President’s Message
 Luther Teel       918-371-2687
Toy Wheels & Axles                       Ho Ho Ho, It’s my favorite time of the year (except for
 Wally Worsham 918-446-8004
Webmaster                         the cold !!!) and we, as a club, are going to be busy for the next
 Rob Bailey        918-369-1336   few weeks.

                                  A few reminders may be in order:

                                  1. Our club setup for the Darnaby Arts and Crafts show will be
                                  Friday, Dec. 3rd at 6PM. If you can’t spare the time to help with
                                  setup, I will be in the parking lot early (about 5:00) to accept
                                  your entries for the sale. The address is 7616 South Garnett
                                  (near 81st and Garnett) at the Union Intermediate High School.
                                  The show will be held on Saturday, Dec 4th from 9AM to 4PM.
                                  Your support of the club by making your projects available for
                                                                                  (Continued on page 2)
                (Continued from page 1)                           Knothole News
 sale and also by helping man the booth                 The Knothole News newsletter is published
 will be greatly appreciated.                       monthly and is distributed without cost to the members
 2. Our annual Christmas party meeting              of the Green Country Woodworkers. This newsletter
 will be on Thursday, Dec 9th at 7PM.               is written by club members and other woodworking
                                                    enthusiasts. We welcome articles, pictures and ideas
 3. Our board will meet at the church on            from our readers.
 Thursday, Dec 16th at 6:30PM.
 4. Our club luncheon will be cancelled             Email your contributions to:
 for December due to the busy holiday     
 season. We will pick up the tradition              Contributions to the Knothole Newsletter can also be
 again in January.                                  sent via regular mail to:
                                                                     Knothole News
        I want to take this opportunity to                          73949 Park Place
 wish all of you a very Merry Christmas,                           Wagoner, OK 74467
 and to remind you to remember why we
 celebrate Christmas, in commemoration of
 the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is my
 wish that all men would behave year-
 round the way we act and tolerate each               Monthly Luncheon
 other around the Christmas season. Again,           On Thursday Nov. 18, 2010, we held our luncheon
 Merry Christmas and may God bless you               at "Speedy Gonzales" restaurant located at 2601 S
 and your household.                                 Memorial. This was a nice clean place and very
                                                     good Mexican food. Everyone seemed to enjoy.
                                                     Those in attendance were as follows:
 Terry Leach.
                                                     Bob McCray
                                                     George and Aline Phillips & granddaughter
                                                     Betty & Gregg Zumwalt
             Bring Back                              Donald Ray
                                                     Raymond & Pat Moore
                                                     Terry & Sharon Leach & granddaughter
      November’s bring back was deliv-               Bud Garbee
ered by Terry Leach and was a timely                 Dean & Connie Hedberg
                                                     Bill Morgan
small mitered box. The lucky winner
this month was Dean Hedberg. Dean                    At the luncheon, everyone agreed to cancel the
has some extra time to come up with his              lunch for December because of the busy schedule
                                                     for everyone at this time of the year. We drew an-
donation since our next general meeting              other place for January (Napoli's Italian Restau-
will be in January due to the Christmas              rant) located at 6161 S. 33rd West Ave. This will
Party. My apologies for the lack of a                be announced again later in case it slips some of
                                                     our minds.
picture this month. No excuse other
than I was asleep at the shutter!                    George Phillips

Knothole News                                   2                                          December 2010
       GCWW General Meeting                                During his presentation he talked about sanding and
      October 14, 2009 7:00 PM                             finishing and fielded a number of questions. Steve
                                                           donated one box to the raffle and will be donating
    Location: Memorial Drive United                        four boxes to the Darnaby fund raiser.
           Methodist Church                            •   Show and Tell: Bud Garbee showed a golf ball dis-
                                                           play rack that he built for a family member. Steve
•   Terry Leach called the meeting to order and
                                                           Walter showed a chip carved tool "tote" box. Ted
    recognized and thanked the veterans present
                                                           Jacobson showed two turned Windsor stools (sized
    for their service. Terry then handed out infor-
                                                           to be used when making Windsor chairs). He also
    mation sheets on Kelly Mehler and George
                                                           showed four carved candy dishes he made for the
    Von Driska (the potential presenters for a
                                                           Darnaby fund raiser. Dean Hedberg showed a
    weekend seminar next year) and asked for
                                                           framed scroll sawed Christ and a yarn and ball wind-
    feedback from the membership. Terry also
                                                           ing device. Dale Bailey showed two turned bowls.
    handed out questionnaires soliciting feedback
                                                           Greg Zumwalt brought in a photo of some lawn fur-
    on the club's activities and suggestions for im-
                                                           niture he built as well as the hardboard patterns he
    provements. He then distributed sign up sheets
                                                           used for the various components. He offered to loan
    for next month's Christmas party. The club
                                                           the patterns to anyone interested in building the set
    will be furnishing the meat dish and members
                                                           of furniture. Jerry Duis brought in a framed scroll
    were asked to sign up for side dishes.
                                                           sawed Celtic cross and talked a little about the diffi-
•   The monthly luncheon (normally the 4th                 culty he had in finding a suitable pattern. Ed
    Thursday of the month) was rescheduled for             Sherman showed a replacement chair part that Betty
    the 3rd Thursday (11/18) due to the Thanks-            Zumwalt had turned for him a couple of months ago
    giving holiday. It will be at Speedy Gonzales          and thanked her for the work.
    at 2601 S Memorial at 11:30. There will not
                                                       •   Bring Back: Terry Leach brought in a lidded box as
    be a regular board meeting in Nov and any
                                                           this month's bring back prize. It was won by Dean
    pending items will be discussed either during
                                                           Hedberg who will be supplying the prize for the Jan
    or just after the lunch on 11/18.
•   The Darnaby Arts and Crafts show is Sat 12/4.
                                                       •   Toys: After Luther Teel's appeal for toys at last
    Set up will begin at 6:00 PM on Friday 12/3
                                                           month's meeting, several members took wheels and
    and Terry will be at the Union school (76th
                                                           axels home and brought back an assortment of more
    and Garnett) at 5:00 PM if anyone needs to
                                                           than 100 cars and trucks. Among those contributing
    drop off sale items prior to that. Terry, Dale
                                                           toys this month were Dean Hedberg, Jerry Duis, Bob
    Bailey, Raymond Moore, and Jerry Duis will
                                                           McCray, Don Ray, Bill Morgan, Dale Bailey and
    be there to set up and Don Ray will help in
                                                           Luther Teel.
    manning the booth on Sat.
                                                       •   Raffle: Steve Walter won a Shock Buster (4-1 plug
•   The club's new business cards have been
                                                           and cord). Jack Casey won a Stanley carrying case.
    printed and were available at the meeting. The
                                                           Dean Hedberg won a 15 piece clamp set. Terry
    members were encouraged to use them to re-
                                                           Leach won a box donated by Steve Walter. Ray-
    cruit visitors and potential new members.
                                                           mond Moore won a Yankee screwdriver donated by
•   Terry introduced Steve Walters who presented           Jerry Duis. Tre Knight won a 2nd Yankee screw-
    a program on producing chip carved boxes.              driver donated by Jerry. Rob Bailey won a box of
    Steve discussed the procedure he uses for de-          wiping cloths.
    termining the size of the boxes and his meth-
                                                       •   Terry closed the meeting by thanking everyone for a
    odology for tracking his time and material
                                                           good meeting and asking the members to remember
    costs. He reviewed the jigs and techniques he
                                                           and support the club's sponsors. There were a total
    uses to cut, miter, and assemble the boxes and
                                                           of 32 in attendance.
    then add the keyed corners and cut the tops
    free. He discussed the tools needed for chip
                                                       Submitted by Bill Morgan.
    carving, sources for patterns and ideas and
    then demonstrated his carving techniques.

December 2010                                          3                                        Knothole News
            November Show and Tell
      November’s show and tell got us
back on track with another great partici-
pation. We had five participants and
some with more than one item. This is
always a great source of ideas plus the
added benefit of being able to ask ques-
tions if there is a “how did he to that” in
your thoughts. While this concludes our
2010 general meetings, we all are look-
ing forward to a great 2011 woodwork-
                                                   Ted Jacobson’s Turned Stool
ing year!

          Bud Garbee’s Golf Ball Display             Jerry Duis’ Scrolled Cross

          Dean Hedberg’s Scrolled Jesus           Dale Bailey’s Turned Elder Bowl

Knothole News                                 4                              December 2010
                November Presentation
        November’s presentation was done by
Steve Walter and he did an excellent job of tak-
ing us from start to finish on his version of
building small boxes. Starting with the layout of
parts to keep the grain continuous, through the
jigs for precision cutting, followed by embellish-
ing the top, to the opportune time to sand, and on
to an easy way to line up the parts and bring it
all together while maintaining closed miter
joints. Steve also added his method of insuring a
smooth finish to the touch. Thanks Steve for an
excellent and informative presentation.                  Steve Walter Has Everyone’s Attention

             Part Cutting Jig Version 1                        Part Cutting Jig Version 2

          Parts Layout For Easy Assembly                       The Fully Assembled Box

December 2010                                        5                                 Knothole News
                                   Question of the Month
 Excerpt from The Wood Whisperer. Thanks to Marc Spagnuolo!

 The question: “I am having a problem with very light drum sander marks showing up on my tops (usually QS white
 oak), but they only become evident after several coats of wipe on poly. I have had this happen before, so after sand-
 ing with a vibrator sander, 100, 150,and 220, I hold the piece at different angles to the light and have even wet the
 wood to simulate a finish, NOTHING. Even the stain doesn’t reveal the dreaded drum dip. Any tips on making the
 flaws appear before the final finish goes on?”

And the Answer:
What is Snipe? For anyone who doesn’t know, snipe is a term for the little dip that is created at the
beginning and/or end of a board after passing through a drum sander, planer, and sometimes even the
jointer. It can be very slight, only showing itself after finishing, or it can be severe as pictured right.

                           Planers and drum sanders have two pressure rollers, on either side of the cutter/drum head.
                           The rollers hold the board down so that it registers consistently as it passes through the ma-
                           chine. But at the beginning and also at the very end of the pass, the board is only being held
                           down by one roller. Snipe occurs when the board lifts slightly, due to the fact that it is only
                           being held down by this single roller. The end result is a board that is just a hair thinner at the
                           leading and trailing 3-4 inches.

Dealing With Snipe. Since snipe can sometimes be very subtle, its important to look for it during your finish prep. Wet-
ting the surface with mineral spirits can sometimes reveal a trouble area. And one way to really amplify problems on the
surface is to use a raking light. Any light shining over the surface at a very low angle will achieve the desired effect. The
reason why this works is because the low angle of the light creates a very long shadow for anything sitting proud of the
surface. This makes it very easy for our eyes to see. A good analogy is to think of what happens in the city when the sun
rises and sets. When the sun is at that low angle, the shadows of the buildings are very long. The longer the shadow, the
taller the building. So any surface flaws are amplified by this shadow effect. This is very handy before, during, and after
finishing and will improve the overall quality of your finish. Pardon the digression, but I love the raking light!
Now if you know your machines are prone to snipe, you can always leave your boards about 4-6″ long on both sides.
That way you can cut each end off before finish sanding. So those are two potential fixes. Lets talk prevention.

Preventing Snipe. One thing you can do is run scrap pieces in front of and behind your good work piece. These sacrifi-
cial pieces seem to help even out the pressure from the rollers, resulting in a clean even cut on your project board. And
don’t worry too much about the sacrificial pieces. These are going to be very useful later as test pieces for your joinery
setups. Its always good to have extra stock around for setups.

In a similar vein, you can use long support rails to prevent snipe. By attaching a couple
of strips of wood, about a foot longer than your workpiece (but equally thick), you’ll
wind up with snipe-free boards all day long.

One final method, which is the least amount of work, is to simply lift on the back end of a board and the front is contact
the cutther/drum head. This helps to keep the front end of the board down on the table and should significantly decrease
the amount of snipe. Of course you’ll need to lift up on the end on the way out as well

Knothole News                                                 6                                               December 2010
                                     Highly Figured Hardwood for Sale
         Our business is to manufacturer custom hardwood shutters, but to benefit area woodworkers we are saving the most
highly figured hardwoods that come through our shop and offering them for sale to the public at our store the 1st Thursday of
each month from 9 AM to 3 PM. Inventory varies with time, but our goal is to have 4/4 to 12/4 figured hardwoods available
each month to bring out that artistic elegance in your projects.
        We are located in Stillwater, OK at 8517 S. Perkins Road. Come visit us and see what heirlooms
you can create with our product.
Chris Tietz
Manager, Kirtz Shutters 800-416-6455

       Johnson Lumber
        Company, Inc.                                                                     Keagy's Paint &                                                                 Supply Inc.
                                                                                       7944 E. 41st St. Tulsa, OK 74145

                                                                                          Kwal Paints & Varnishes
      Domestic and Exotic                                                                   Mohawk & Finishes
      Kiln Dried Lumber                                                                         Available
 Family Owned and Operated.
                                                                                      Varnishes • Removers • Solvents
  Spavinaw, Oklahoma 74366                                                               Deft • Superior Lacquers
                                                                                      Purdy • Zar • Watco • Abrasives

                               GCWW CALENDAR OF EVENTS
                                    Christmas Party - 7:00 PM
     December 9
                                    Memorial Dr United Methodist Church Tulsa OK
                                    Board Meeting - 6:30 PM
     December 16
                                    Memorial Dr United Methodist Church Tulsa OK

                                    Club Luncheon - cancelled for December

                                    Deadline for January
     December 30
                                    Knothole News
                                    General Meeting - 7:00 PM
     January 13
                                    Memorial Dr United Methodist Church Tulsa OK
                                    Board Meeting - 6:30 PM
     January 20
                                    Memorial Dr United Methodist Church Tulsa OK

December 2010                                                7                                              Knothole News
                              The Green Country Woodworkers
   The Green Country Woodworkers are made up of men and women who are interested in wood-
   working as a hobby. The monthly meetings are conducted as educational forums for the benefit of
   our members and guests. We have idea exchanges, problem solving sessions, safety tips and tool tips
   plus a main speaker on topics related to woodworking in all its phases.

             • To provide the Knothole News, a monthly newsletter to dues paying members.
             • To provide a library of magazines, books and video tapes to dues paying members.
             • Provide a membership card to current members that entitles current members to
               a discount at specified advertisers.
             • To promote woodworking and participate in woodworking and craft shows to inform
               the public of club activities.
             • To make wooden toys. All such toys will be donated to selected organizations
               throughout the year.
             • Monthly Show & Tell. All items entered in the show and tell will be presented to the
               to the membership by the builder.

   Membership applications are available at each meeting from the club secretary or treasurer. Annual
   dues are $35.00. Applications and dues may be mailed to: Green Country Woodworkers P.O. Box
   470856 Tulsa, OK 74147-0856 or given to the treasurer at any club meeting.

Knothole News
c/o Dale Bailey
73949 Park Place
Wagoner, OK 74467


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