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									       BLUE HERON BAY                       Telephone numbers have been removed
                                            from the online newsletter for privacy and
        NEWSLETTER                          security, please contact your park
                                            directory or the office if you need a
                                            telephone number.
      FEBRUARY 2009

       By: Elaine Higgins


  I hope everyone is enjoying
                                            Sale. If you have items that you
themselves this season. There is
                                            no longer want or need and would
sure a whole lot to enjoy. January
                                            like to donate them to the BHB
was a very busy month and we have
                                            recreation table, please contact one
a very exciting February & March
                                            of the recreation committee
planned also. Be sure and check out
                                            members or you may simply drop
the bulletin board in the clubhouse
                                            them off near the stage at the
for the many happenings and events
                                            clubhouse, but let one of us know so
that our recreation committee has
                                            that we can put it in our storage
planned for the upcoming months
and also what volunteers have
                                                      HOST NEEDED:
planned to put on.       We are so
blessed here at Blue Heron to have
                                                 A host is needed for our annual
such wonderful volunteers. That
                                            St. Paddy’s Day Dinner. If this is
leads me into our Volunteer
                                            something that you and others
Appreciation Party. For all those
                                            would like to volunteer to do, please
who volunteer or help out in any
                                            sign up for it on the list down at
way, we will again show appreciation
                                            the clubhouse or let one of us
to you for all your time and efforts.
                                            recreation committee members
Please mark your calendars for
Tuesday, March 31st.
                                                         MAH JONGG

                                             I would like to start a Mah Jongg
                                            group. Anyone interested in playing
  Our BHB Recreation is accepting
                                            or learning to play please call Terry
donations for the upcoming Garage
                                            Oullette – 289 Kingfisher Lane-

     POLK SENIORS GAMES                         TICKETS ON SALE FOR
                                                   THREE EVENTS:
Information on the 17th Annual Polk
Senior Games is available at the          How did he do it? Be sure and get
clubhouse. The games are February         your tickets to the magical
28 – March 15, 2009. They are open        performance of Magician Terry
to men and women 50 and over. For         Ward. Terry is celebrating his 20th
entry deadlines and category of           year entertaining at Disney World.
events, please pick-up one of their       He did a command performance for
brochures that I have placed at the       Princess Diana and her sons. He
clubhouse or you may contact them         has also performed for many
at        863-533-XXXX           or       prestigious audiences and Major
www.polkseniorgames.org          or       Corporations.     He brings the
polkseniorgames@verizon.net.              artistry of magic to a new
                                          dimension.    By combining magic,
                                          comedy and audience participation,
       AARP TAX AIDE                      Terry will keep you laughing and
                                          well entertained throughout his
FREE Federal Tax Preparation and          performance.
E-filing.    Starting     Thursday,       Sunday, Feb. 8 at 7:00 p.m.
February 5 and every Thursday             Tickets $5
thereafter until April 9 from 10:00       FOR     Terry    Ward    TICKETS
a.m. – 2:00 p.m.       A couple of        CONTACT:
residents from the park will be           Sonny Kasuba………………….422-xxxx
working with other Volunteers in          Connie Novack…………………419-xxxx
preparing tax returns for seniors.        Bob Andrew……………………..422-xxxx
This service will be set up at the        Judy Churley……………………421-xxxx
First Presbyterian Church in Haines
City located at 104 Scenic Hwy.                       ***********
(RT.544) Haines City. Please bring            Well, Pirates and Wenches, the
your 2007 tax return and valid            time is almost here to party at the
picture I.D. Also, bring statements       Gasparilla Bash. We have heard
of income, such as, SS statements,        from the poodle skirts what a great
retirement income, interest and           time was had at the sockhop. Well,
dividends. Preparations limited to        host wenches (Linda & Patty Duke)
basic returns. For more information       will not be out done by a poodle
you can call Kathy Behl at 419-           skirt.

                                                   FARMER’S MARKET
    So wenches grab your pirate and
come dance to the tunes of your                   EVERY WEDNESDAY
two favorite pirates of NightFall.                  9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Join in the fun filled games to win a             Outside the Clubhouse
gift from the treasure chest. And
most of all, keep in mind that we
will be on the look out for our best        IMPORTANT NOTICE:             When
dressed pirate & wench. So grab             there is an event at the clubhouse
your spirits (B.Y.O.B.) and come            and you are asked to bring a dish,
walk the plank.                             you do not need to bring a serving
Sat. Feb. 28 - 7 p.m. – 11 p.m.             utensil.    Serving utensils are
Tickets are $7.50                           provided from the kitchen.
FOR Gasparilla Bash TICKETS                   Also, please refrain from using
CONTACT:                                    the kitchen to wash your dish(s).
Linda Colhardt ……………….421-xxxx              Please take your dish(s) home to
Pedie White ……………………419-xxxx                clean.    The kitchen is very small,
Connie Novack ………………. 419-xxxx              and during these events there are
                                            volunteers that are working very
           *************                    hard to keep things flowing in and
                                            out of the kitchen and we don’t
   Our 9th Annual Pig Roast is              need extra bodies confined in that
scheduled for March 7, 2009.                small of a space while our
Tickets are $8.00. Come early,              volunteers are taking care of
the fun begins at 12:30 p.m.                getting things prepared and cleaned
Ticket Price includes meal w/rolls,         up.
ice tea, soda and beer, Plus Live
Entertainment from 1:00 p.m. –                    REVISED LINE DANCING
4:00 p.m. provided by “Fine Wine”.
Please plan on bringing a dish to              The Thursday Line dancing
share. Plan on eating at 4:30 p.m.          classes that were instructed by
FOR      Pig     Roast     TICKETS          Charlotte have been cancelled due
CONTACT:                                    to the lack of participation,
Bob Andrew ………………..422-xxxx                 however, our very own (new)
Kathy Behl …………………419-xxxx                  resident, Denise Naif has offered
Doug Conran ……………….421-xxxx                 to continue these classes on
Pam House …………………. 422-xxxx                 Wednesdays from 9:30 a.m. until
Larry Caldwell …….703-727-xxxx              10:30 a.m. at no charge. So come
                                            join Denise and keep on dancing.

         SEWING CLASS                     NEWS FROM YOUR TRAVEL DESK
                                                By: Walt Ellsmore
    On    Friday,    February   13,
Resident Shirley Matton will host a
Sewing Class. She will guide you              There is a 7 day cruise on
through and instruct you on how to        November 8, 2009 on the Emerald
make an over the shoulder tote.           Princess to the Eastern Caribbean.
You must bring your own sewing            The ship will leave Fort Lauderdale
machine and know basic sewing             and sail to St. Thomas, St. Martin,
skills. For more information, you         Grand Turk and Princess Cays in the
can call Shirley at 421-xxxx.             Bahamas. Bus transportation from
                                          the clubhouse and return will be
     MAKE-UP CLASS FOR                    provided. We have 14 residents
    DRIED FLOWER WREATH                   signed up and 25 who are
                                          “interested”. Details are posted on
  There were some of you that had         the bulletin board in the clubhouse.
signed up for the dried flower
wreath class in January and could            NEW TO BLUE HERON BAY
not make it. Pam House will hold a
make-up class on Friday, February                Ray and Pat Duckworth
20th at 9:30 a.m. for those of you                   Egret Drive
that had previously signed up and             Pat and Ray will be here year
did not make it and also for anyone       round, they come to BHB from Ft.
else interested in creating a dried       Myers Beach.
flower wreath.        Anyone else             Pat owned a craft shop and she
interested in attending, you will         is also an artist. Ray was in
need to call Pam and let her know.        construction management.
Her number is 422-xxxx.                      They are proud parents of 4 sons
                                          and have a beautiful granddaughter.
                                            Pat, of course, enjoys all types of
   FRIENDS WE HAVE LOST:                  crafts along with cooking, and
                                          traveling. Ray likes watching the
  We extend our deepest sympathy          news on T.V. and is interested in
to the friends and family of:             politics. They both love playing
AL HALLBERG –                             games.
240 KINGFISHER LANE                           Ray likes reading mysteries and
                                          history     novels.   Pat     prefers

   Pat would really love to start a           Jerry was the director of
craft class to share her ideas and         operations for the Marriot Hotel,
get some new ones.                         he also owned and ran a hotel.
  Since they have been retired for         Claudia works for Applebee's.
20 years they really know how to              They both enjoy golf, gardening
have F-U-N.                                especially planting and tending
                                           flowers. They also like long walks
                                           and horse races.
      James and Denise Naif                   They root for the Detroit teams
        Kingfisher Lane                    along with the Kansas City Chiefs.
                                              Jerry loves mysteries and can
   Denise and Jim will not be full-        read a book a day.
timers. They hail from Levonia,               Claudia is still working and hopes
Michigan were Jim worked for the           to have more time for fun and
water company and Denise for the           games when she retires in 3 years.
school system.
   They have 3 children and 8
grandkids.                                     YOUR NEWSY NEIGHBOR
   Denise really has a knack of                   By: Terry LaRock
creating crafts which of course she
enjoys doing. They both like playing          New Year's Eve came a little
cards     and    the    same     for       later than most of the country. We
shuffleboard, they also like working       had it on Sat. Jan. 3rd, 2009, and
around the house.                          what a great time was had by ALL!!!.
   They        read       mysteries,       Our hosts for this grand night were
biographies, and also the Bible.           the Conran's, Arlene & Doug, with
   They intend to enjoy life in good       lots of help from lots of friends.
health and, of course, their time          The food, the fun, the music, the
spent in Blue Heron Bay.                   dancing were even more fantastic
                                           after the fact of the BIG
                                           12/31/2008. Pictures were taken
     Jerry and Claudia Barwick             by Kathy Behl and Walt under a
          Crane Lane                       sign heralding the year "2009". It
                                           really was a terrific idea to
   Claudia and Jerry will just be          celebate just a little bit later. We
part-timers for now at least.              hope it becomes a BHB tradition.
  They live in Kansas City Mo.             Oh, the decorations were also
                                           beautiful. If I left anyone out that

helped at this event, please forgive       Sonny K. will never forget. And who
me, it takes at least 'till Feb.           could fault Bill Smith for saying he
before my brain catches up with            was from Dollys' home state of
me.                                        Tennessee so he could get a cuddle
   I will write about the remaining        that was really more like a smother.
events in next month’s issue. Really       At that point we were all rived up
I promise I will.                          for the incomparable Cher, and if
                                           she didn't look and move just like
WHAT A LADY WHAT A NIGHT!!!                Cher I don't know who could.
Without a doubt "DONNA MOORE"              Donna had one more surprise
put on the best show that I can            coming, Cher's better half for a lot
remember at the BHB clubhouse.             of her life "Sonny Bono." Donna
   Her performance was incredible.         went from one voice to the other,
Hearing and seeing the talented            even changing her height for the
women that Donna imitated was as           vertically challenged Sonny. When
good as hearing and seeing them in         Donna had a slight mix-up with her
person. It is close to magic how she       characters and become arguing
can completely become these                with herself it was just like 30
fantastic women by just a wig or a         years ago when we enjoyed "The
wiggle. Every show should start            Sonny & Cher Show'.
with the best and it was with "Miss           Donna was born and raised in
Patsy Cline" looking as fantastic as       North Carolina, but now calls
Donna really is. What a voice she          Orlando, Florida her home, along
has and what a great justice is done       with her husband and 2 children
by her love of         Patsy. Connie       ages 10 & 6. She has played in both
Francis came next with "Who's              Vegas, NV and Atantic City, NJ,as
crying Now?", Tina Turner with             well as many night clubs across the
"Rollin down the River'. Another           country.
favorite song to sing along with and          Thanks to Doug Conran, who
that is just what we all did. Tammy,       first saw her show in Vegas and
Winona, & Janis Joplin were fab,           brought back a tape of that
but we were all waiting to see what        performance        for     the     BHB
Donna would do as "Dolly" and after        committee to view. Unfortunately,
just a couple of minutes Dolly             the Conran's were out of town
appeared. We all know when Dolly           when Donna entertained us, but
enters a room her breasts arrive a         with a little luck, she will be back.
lot sooner than the rest of her
does. It was a performance that

   Red Hot Red Hat Happenings                "The Joy of Sex' as she looked to
                                             be about 9 months pregnant. I'm
    You never know what the hosts            happy to say that I caught her
of the Scarlette Belles Red                  bridal     bouquet.     Next      was
Hatters plan for their Fashion               "Babbette" Novack wearing a shy
Show.                                        pink slip. Nothing shy about Babbsy
    This year the models were                though, not with that flaming red
wearing clothing and accessories             hair of hers.
from "Belk's", and they really were               The almost last showing was
outstanding, as were our lovely              "Disco Dolly" Duckworth, the lovey
models,    Connie     Novack,     Sue        "Ducky'       never     looked     as
Ellsmaore, Ann Bunke,           Gloria       HOT!!HOT!!HOT! as she did that
Marcotte,       LolaDoty,      Virgina       day. You could see the steam
Carmichael, and filling in for Denise        coming from her shelled-shaped
Curtiss was Donna Wallace.                   ears.
    After a wonderful lunch, viewing              Since the theme was to show
the outfits, the drawing of door             us single ladies how we can attract
prizes and lots of other happenings,         a guy that we might have our eye on
there was no need for her majesty            in the park, but being realistic if
Connie to tell the attendees not to          you don't get the guys libido going
leave just yet. It has become an             then I suggest you just send him to
annual event to have some other              bed with a very old, very floppy-
type of "LADY" to take the floor.            eared bunny named Mary. If after
They did indeed take the floor and           seeing Mary in that black teddy,
brought down the house.                      flipping her fluffy bunny tail and he
    Mary U. orchestrated the skits           isn't on fire, forget it ladies he's
and made sure the sexy sirens                just DEAD.
looked their best as well they did. I           It was great fun and a big thanks
stood in my usual spot and                   to Doug, Darryl, Bob and new
introduced BHB shining stars.                resident Ray. Lets also give a big
    The line up started with the             thank-you to their wives Arlene,
ever seductive "Delores" Conran.             Mary Ellen, Connie N. and Pat D. for
Many of us had to remind ourselves           letting us laugh at their MEN????
to only feel the material and not                Connie would like to thank Judy
the models. Next was our perennial           and Lupe from "Belk's of Posner
maiden "Darlene" Fox wearing                 Park" there outfits really were
virginal white. We did find out that         beautiful, also thanks to Judy C.,
she had finally experienced the

Pam H., Fran H., Jeanne B. &               about what’s allowed to be brought
Mary U. for all their hard work, and       to the Clubhouse to sell. Also, be
I think me too. Oh, and of course          mindful that you have space under
our really true he-men, Walt who           your table to place items, but we
took pictures and Bob A. taking the        do need to keep the walk way area
videos.                                    clear so shoppers do not trip over
                                           anything. As you sell items off your
                                           table you can place items from
       FEBRUARY EVENTS:                    under the table on top of it.

     EVERY WEDNESDAY                       Sat. Feb. 7 - - GARAGE SALE
   11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.                                  AND BAKE SALE
                                                             8 a.m. – NOON
                                              Residents that are baking goods
Fri. Feb. 6 - GARAGE SALE                  for the Bake Sale, please bring your
               SET-UP and                  items to the clubhouse by 7a.m.
        RESIDENTS SHOPPING                    On Saturday morning, enter the
    The tables will be set up and          clubhouse through the kitchen
your name will be on the table you         door. You will see why when you get
have chosen. You may bring your            there. Please be at your table no
items down and set up between 2pm          later than 7:45 a.m. The doors will
–4pm.     Please, If you are not           open promptly at 8:00 a.m. for the
helping set-up or have a space             sale and we ask that you remain at
rented, DO NOT come down at                your table until 12 o’clock noon or
this time. The Residents Shopping          until all your items are sold. We
will be between 4 pm – 6 pm. It is         advertise being open until noon and
very hard for the merchants who            we want to be there, as we do have
are setting-up to try and sell their       some who will come in around that
items as they are trying to put            time.
them out for display. So please, if        Also, For those of you who do not
you are coming to shop, wait until 4       want to take your items back home
p.m. Those of you who are selling          with you and want to donate them
will want to bring your money with         to a local charity, please pack your
you so you can be ready to sell your       items up and take them to the back
items.                                     door of the clubhouse. We do ask
    Garage Sale Participants, Please       that you separate clothing from
remember to observe all rules              other items. If you have boxes you

can leave we would appreciate it.        Sat. Feb. 14–Chicken Parmesan**
And if you able, please stay and                                   Dinner
help get the clubhouse set back up                               5:30 p.m.
to it’s original state. Thanks!                                  $5.00 p.p.
                                               Hosted By: Dick Giles
                                         Dinner includes Chicken Parmesan
                                         w/Pasta, Salad, Garlic Bread – Rolls,
Sun. Feb. 8 – MAGICIAN                   Beverage and Dessert.
             TERRY WARD
             7:00 p.m.
                                         Sun. Feb.15 – Ice Cream Social**
 TICKETS $5 IN ADVANCE                              Birthday & Anniversary
           $6 AT THE DOOR                                     Celebration
 Hosted By: The Carmichaels                                       7:00 p.m.
For ticket info and performer bio,                     Celebrants are FREE
please see Page 2 of this                                  Others - $1.50
Newsletter.                                      Host: The Colhardts
                                         February      is    dedicated     as
                                         sweetheart month and those
                                         married 50 years or more – FREE.
Fri. Feb. 13 – Sewing Class**               So for this Ice Cream Social we
                  9:30 a.m.              will not only celebrate February
            at the Clubhouse             Birthdays and Anniversaries, but
     Hosted By: Shirley Matton           we will also honor those that have
Must bring your sewing machine and       been married 50 Years or more. So
know basic sewing skills. When you       if you have been married 50 years
sign up please put your phone            or more, including this year, please
number next to your name so that         come and let us celebrate this
Shirley can contact you with more        wonderful achievement with you.

                                         Mon. Feb. 16 & Tues. Feb. 17 –
Sat. Feb. 14 –Coffee & Donuts**           55 ALIVE –AARP Driving School
        English Muffins Available              8:30a.m. – 12;30 p.m.**
                   8:30 a.m.             A classroom refresher course for
                  $1.50 p.p.             drivers 50 years of age and older.
                                           This program is given in two
                                         sessions over a two day period.

Each class lasts approx. four hours.                The class is limited to the
There will be break’s during that              first 30 residents.
time. You must attend both days to
be awarded a certificate of                    Thurs.Feb.19 – Ladies Luncheon**
completion.                                                      Sweet Tomatoes
   FIVE good reason to take the                    International Drive – Orlando
AARP Driver Safety Program:                    Meet at Clubhouse at 11:00 a.m.
1.       Learn defensive driving
2.       You do not have to take a             Fri. Feb. 20 –    Dried Flower
         test.                                                   Wreath Class
3.       You will get answers to                                   9:30 a.m.
         today’s driving challenges.            This is a make-up class for those
4.       Find out how to adjust your           that could not make it in January.
         driving to age related                For any one else wanting to join,
         changes in vision, hearing,           please contact Pam House at 422-
         and reaction time.                    xxxx.
5.       AND THE BEST ONE IS –
         GET     AN      INSURANCE
         DISCOUNT.         (     Auto          Sat. Feb. 21 – Sausage Gravy &
         Insurance     companies     in         Biscuits with Scrambled Eggs **
         most states provide a                                     8:30 a.m.
         multiyear discount to AARP                                $3.00 p.p.
         graduates!     (Consult your
         insurance agent.)
You will need to sign-up in                    Sun. Feb. 22 – Social Dinner**
advance for this course.          The                          Mimi’s Café
Cost is $12 for AARP members                         Lakeside Village – Lakeland
and $14 for non-members. Only                         Meet there at 4:00 p.m.
checks will be accepted.
    Bring your Driver’s License with
you along with a pen or pencil.                Tues. Feb.24– Red Hat Society**
Materials for the class will be                       Lunch at Rainforest Café
provided.                                       Downtown Disney Market Place.
   We will need at least            15           $17.50 p.p. includes entrée,
residents signed up for them to                drink, dessert, tax & gratuity.
come      and    do    the    classes.         Prepay. No refunds after Feb.
                                               18. Menu choices on board, will

order at restaurant. Names of                  Also, if you see that you
ladies to pay on sign-up sheet.            cannot attend an event that you
Carpool from clubhouse at 11:00            previously signed–up for, PLEASE
a.m.                                       cross out your name on the sign-
                                           up sheet. Thank you.

Sat. Feb. 28- Coffee & Donuts**            UNLESS OTHERWISE POSTED,
        English Muffins Available          ALL SCHEDULED EVENTS AND
                   8:30 a.m.               OR ACTIVITIES ARE AT OR
                  $1.50 p.p.               AROUND THE CLUBHOUSE.

SAT. FEB. 28 –                                   UPCOMING EVENTS:
                                           Wed. Mar. 4 – BloodNet
     7 p.m. – 11 p.m.
                                                     9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
     TICKETS - $7.50
   MUSIC BY NIGHTFALL                      Sat. Mar. 7 – Pig Roast
ENTERTAINMENT – PRIZES                        For tickets and more information
       REFRESHEMENTS                       please refer back to page 3 of this
  Just B.Y.O. Beverage                     Newsletter.

  Hosted by: Linda & Patti
                                           Tues. Mar. 17 – St. Patty’s Day
For tickets contact:                                              Dinner
Linda Colhardt at 421-xxxx                        (Host Needed for this)
Pedie White at 419-xxxx
Connie Novack at 419-xxxx                  Tues. Mar. 31 – Volunteer
                                                         Appreciation Party
                                                               5:00 p.m.
**Sign-up sheets for these events          There will be a sign-up sheet
are in the clubhouse. PLEASE sign          posted for anyone who has
up for events as soon as you know          Volunteered and/or helped out in
that you will be attending. Knowing        any way or capacity for our Blue
in advance the number of attendees         Heron     Bay    Recreation.    We
for each event helps us in our             encourage you all that have gave of
planning and making the necessary          yourselves and your time to clean-
arrangements and/or reservations.          up, set-up, host or help with
                                           hosting, and the many other

aspects of running a wonderful              deadline. Residents are not allowed
volunteer recreation program. So if         to place any ad or other items on
you have volunteered in the past            the bulletin board in the clubhouse.
year please come on down and
enjoy.                                             BHB Contact Persons:

        RESIDENTS ADS:                      Neighbor in Need Committee:
                                            Terri LaRock . . . . . .419-xxxx
Looking to lease home for the                  For any general assistance, such
month of April.                             as a ride to an appointment, a meal
Call Resident Marilynn Martin               fixed when ill, etc. or if you need
 at 422-xxxx.                               some medical equipment that we
                                            may have on hand, such as,
           ***************                  crutches,       canes,      walkers,
WANTED: Grocery coupons from                wheelchair, bedside potty seat, etc.
Sunday newspapers. I cut them out
and get them to Military families           Sunshine Committee:
overseas to use for items at their          Gloria Marcotte . . . . 421-xxxx
store on base. So after you have               Will send cards to residents
gone through them and cut yours             hospitalized or ill, death in the
out, if you will drop them off at my        family, etc. So please, if you know
home at 385 Kingfisher Lane.                of any of our neighbors that are ill
There will be a box on my porch to          or have passed away, please let
place them in or if you call me, I          Gloria know.
will come and pick them up.
Thank You,                                  Welcome Committee:
Diana Caldwell                              Pedie & Jack White,
385Kingfisher Lane                          Judy Churley, Kay Watson,
703-727-xxxx                                Ralph & Denice Curtiss
   If you would like to place a For         Phyllis Chase . . . . . .421-xxxx
Sale ad, notice or an announcement
                                               If you are new in BHB and have
in the newsletter, the deadline is
                                            not spoken with Phyllis or if you
the 20th of each month. The ads
                                            need to up-date or change your info
are $5.00. You need to write the ad
                                            in the park directory, please give
up the way you want it to appear in
                                            her a call.
the newsletter and bring it into
the park office before the


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