My son’s enthusiasm did not

Stark State College
                                                                                                diminish over four weeks of classes.
                                                                                                I appreciated the convenience and security. After finishing
                                                                                                     four weeks at Kids’ College, my son asked if he would
                                                                                                                have the opportunity to attend next year.
                                                                        presents                                                             — R. J. Suppan Jr.

                          at the Advanced Technology Center                                                                                  2011
                                                                                                      Course Offerings
Welcome to Kids’ College!                                                                             Abstract Art (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
                                                                                                      Let your imagination take over as we create art
This summer program is offered by the Corporate Services and Continuing Education Division            from a variety of materials, such as paint, paper,
of Stark State College. Our goal is to develop and expand students’ interests, stimulate              markers, glue and clay. Bring your own white
creativity, and provide unique learning opportunities on a college campus. Kids’ College              T-shirt to paint.
                                                                                                                                     ($12.00 materials fee)
is held in the Advanced Technology Center, a beautiful self-contained building that includes                                Marsha Bray, Stark State College
classrooms, computer labs, and cafeteria.                                                             All Taped Up (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
                                                                                                      How many times do you need to tape some-
                WHEN: Monday through Thursday,                                                        thing? Do you know you can win money and get
                           Week     1   June 13 - 16                                                  scholarships for making stuff with duct tape?
                                                                                                      What makes this stuff stick anyway? Cooking
                           Week     2   June 20 - 23                                                  with tape? Get answers to these questions and
                           Week     3   June 27 - 30                                                  more as we sort the science, art, myths and facts
                           Week     4   July 5 - 8 (Tuesday - Friday)                                 of tape. Of course, we will have projects and fun
                                                                                                      stuff to make along the trip.
                                                                                                                                       ($5.00 materials fee)
                           Students can register for one, two, three or all four weeks.                             Christine deLaGrange, Stark State College
                           Morning (3 class periods), afternoon (2 class periods),                    All That Flutters - Exploring Butterflies
                           or all-day sessions (5 classes) are available.                             and Moths (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
              WHERE: Advanced Technology Center                                                       Inspired by my own daughter’s fascination with
                                                                                                      these unique flying creatures, we will explore
                           Stark State College                                                        what makes butterflies and moths so cool. Learn
                           6200 Frank Avenue N.W., North Canton, Ohio 44720                           habitat, growth pattern differences and more.
                  HOW: Students choose areas of interest from a variety of classes
                                                                                                      Learn how to grow a butterfly-attracting garden,
                                                                                                      raise a butterfly, or even create your own
                           offered for grades 1-3 and 4-7. In-person or mail in registrations         butterfly species. Take projects and information
                           can be made by completing and returning the registration                   home. Don’t let this exciting class fly by!
                                                                                                                                       ($5.00 materials fee)
                           form to Stark State College Continuing Education Office,                                 Christine deLaGrange, Stark State College
                           265 East Maple Street, North Canton Ohio 44720.                            Amazing Accessories (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
                           Phone registrations using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover can be             This class gives you an opportunity to make
                           made by calling 330-966-5455. The signed release form should               matching accessories that will go with any outfit.
                           be mailed. Registrations can be faxed to 330-244-8996.                     You will get to choose from a variation of colors
                                                                                                      and styles of beads to adorn your jewelry. You will
                 COST: Morning or afternoon sessions: $69 each week                                   get to make sets of earrings, necklaces, bracelets,
                           All day session: $109 each week                                            key chains and anything else you can think up
                                                                                                      that will all go together to make anything you
           LUNCHES: Students who register for all day may bring a brown bag lunch                     wear look that much better.
                                                                                                                                     ($7.00 materials fee)
                           with them or may purchase lunch in our cafeteria for $3.50 daily.                           Lauren Zink, Glen Oak High School
                           A weekly menu will be available each Monday. Checks for lunch              Anansi the Spider (Gr. 1-3)           H NEW!
                           should be made payable to A.V.I. Vending machines are available.           Experience and enjoy African folk tales about
MATERIALS FEE: For courses that include a materials fee (see course descriptions),
                                                                                                      Anansi the spider. We will learn some interesting
                                                                                                      things about spiders as well as experience African
                           the fees should be totaled and added to the amount due on the              culture through music and art. No need to be
                           registration form.                                                         afraid of these spiders!
                                                                                                                                       ($4.00 materials fee)
          REFUNDS: A full refund, minus a $7.00 processing fee, will be made for                                                Deb Roby, St. Barbara School
                           registrations canceled on or before June 6, 2011. Refunds                  Ant Farms (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
                           cannot be made for cancellations received after June 6.                    Come explore the ground beneath your feet and
                                                                                                      see what the world is like for ants and the envi-
TRANSPORTATION: Call Koala Kruizers at 330-966-2327 to solve your                                     ronment they live in. You will learn the different
                                                                                                      types of ants, see how they live and discover the
                           transportation problems.                                                   tunnel formations they make underground.
                                                                                                                                        ($5.00 materials fee)
                                                                                                                 Jeff Weyrauch, Northside Elementary School
     Class sizes are limited. Register early for best course selection!
                                                                                                               More courses inside!
                                                                                               My children were stimulated by the classes.
Art From Far Away Places (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
Different countries and different cultures express
themselves freely through art, color and design as                        They are 8, 9 and 10 years of age. They loved the course selection and meeting new friends.
they celebrate their own customs. Here’s is your                                    It is never too early for exposure to higher learning. Thank you for this experience.
chance to experience these different cultures.                                                                                                               — Anna M. Pugh
                                ($7.00 materials fee)
                      Marsha Bray, Stark State College
                                                           Best of Bridges and Bubbles (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                  learn how music is chosen for a concert, and
Awesome Alaska (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                              A collection of activities from old favorites               study a conductor’s score. You will also be invited
From the Aleutian Islands, made from volcanoes             “Structure Construction Zone” and “Bubble-ology.”           to attend the pre-concert rehearsal on June 28 as
to the Aurora Borealis, a magnetic phenomenon,             Build structures that balance, launch, protect,             well as be invited “back stage” prior to the per-
Alaska is a great place to visit. We will make             float, support and sometimes teeter, sway or                formance in downtown Canton. You will receive a
crafts and explore igloos, Eskimos, moose and              crash. Using everyday building materials, we’ll             conductor’s score to one of the concert selections
polar bears as we have a truly awesome Alaskan             “build” up to building bridges with straws, paper           and a conductor’s baton. ($10.00 materials fee)
journey.                                                   clips, pipe cleaners, and tape. Next, learn the                             Eric Benjamin, Canton Youth Symphony
                            ($8.00 materials fee)
                 Marsha Bray, Stark State College          “secret” to making monster bubbles. Try for the             Cat First Aid (Gr. 4-7)
                                                           longest-lasting or biggest bubble record. Experi-           The goals of Cat First Aid are to teach participants
Backyard Olympics (Gr. 4-7)        H NEW!                  ment with making bubble domes and towers,                   how to be prepared for emergencies that involve
Mom and Dad won’t let you play cornhole with               geometric bubbles and more!                                 a cat and how to protect themselves and the
them? They’ll change their mind when they see                                                   ($5 materials fee)     animal from further harm, injury or suffering
you’re a great teammate! Cornhole is more than                                Anita Coen, Bath Elementary School       during emergencies by teaching prompt, effective
tossing a bag of corn! Find out everything there           Beyond Go Fish and War (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                       first aid actions and care.
is to know about this game that has taken over             H NEW!                                                                                        ($30.00 materials fee)
backyards and picnics everywhere! We’ll also               It’s not too early to learn some grown-up games!             Kathie Ledson, Evaline Kirkpatrick, American Red Cross
explore the original backyard game of horseshoes           Learn the art of Hearts, the secrets of Rummy,
as well as the up-and-coming ladder golf!                                                                              Chem 4 Kids (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
                                                           and the rules of the Kings in the Corner. Learn the         Explore the mysteries and the methods of
                                  ($5.00 materials fee)
                   Mike Eckart, Kimpton Middle School      basic math skills to master Blackjack! Soon, it will        chemistry and science through fascinating and
                                                           be you teaching your parents how to play!                   engaging experiments. Learn the basics of
Balloon Man (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                                                    Mike Eckart, Kimpton Middle School       chemistry theory and practice while you have fun.
Ever wonder how they turn those balloons into              Bible Trivia (Gr. 4-7)                                                                       ($5.00 materials fee)
monkeys, palm trees, dinosaurs and crazy hats?             Learn the books of the Bible, how to look things                                   Susan Larke, Stark State College
Well, now you can learn how to do it yourself.             up in the Bible and some interesting Bible trivia
You, too, can be the life of the next party!                                                                           Clay Creations (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
                                                           through games and activities. This is a non-                Get your hands dirty with your own clay
Includes starter kit of 100 balloons, pump, and            denominational course designed to teach kids
workbook.                                                                                                              creations! We’ll use air-dry terra cotta clay that
                                ($16.00 materials fee)     the basics about the Bible.                                 makes it easy for you to express yourself. We
                                                                                    Susan Larke, Stark State College   will make unique clay critters and farm animals
                     Vern Kesweder, Stark State College
                                                           Brain Busters (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                                or easy bowls and other containers. No kiln or
Balloon Man 2 (Gr. 4-7)                                                                                                potter’s wheel needed. Bring along an old shirt;
Here is an advanced balloon class where you can            Learn some of the tricks and tips of how to
                                                           master mind developing games such as Sudoku,                we’ll get dirty!
learn how to make more creative objects and                                                                                                           ($12.00 materials fee)
characters. You need to be able to blow up the             Word searches and so much more. Come explore
                                                           a fun way to train your brain and take a Sudoku                                   Marsha Bray, Stark State College
balloon and tie it. Vern will share some of his neat
creations with you.                                        book home for continued brain teasing!                      Comics and Cartoons (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
                                                                                            ($5.00 materials fee)      Learn how to make characters come alive, move,
                                ($16.00 materials fee)                         Zak Gonidakis, Hoover High School       chase each other and tell a story. Funny places
                     Vern Kesweder, Stark State College
                                                           Broadway Bound (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                               and funny faces will keep us laughing and being
Baseball Skills (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                                                                                         just plain silly.
Develop your abilities in America’s favorite               Get a glimpse of Broadway musicals as we learn,
                                                           choreograph and perform scenes from your                                                    ($9.00 materials fee)
pastime. Learn all kinds of skills, from throwing                                                                                            Marsha Bray, Stark State College
to sliding, from catching to batting.                      favorite shows. We’ll have a performance on
           Jeff Weyrauch, Northside Elementary School      Thursday at 4:10 p.m.                                       Complexity in Coloring (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
                                                                             Megan Frederick, Stark State College      Coloring is not just for kindergarteners. We will
Basic Aid Training (Gr. 1-3)                                                                                           focus on complex coloring schemes using art
This Red Cross course includes first aid, choking          Budding Actors (Gr. 1-3)
                                                           Your first experience with theatre must be                  pencils, markers and more. Learn what a mandala
emergencies, water safety, bicycle and car safety,                                                                     and tessellation is. Create complicated designs
and avoiding drugs and other harmful substances.           exciting! This program will have you on your
                                                           feet learning the exercises and techniques actors           and use color to make them pop off the page.
You will receive your American Red Cross BAT                                                                           Turn abstract and geometrical shapes to art for
certificate.                                               must have in order to give the best performance
                                                           possible. Through the use of games, you will                framing. Leave with resources to continue your
             ($10.00 materials fee includes certificate)                                                               journey into the coloring world.
 Kathie Ledson, Evaline Kirkpatrick, American Red Cross    begin to understand how your senses are used
                                                           in problem-solving techniques on the stage.                                                  ($4.00 materials fee)
Basketball Skills and Drills (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                           Mary Lou Ianni, Kathleen Howland Theatre                       Christine deLaGrande, Stark State College
Learn the basics of basketball and develop your                                                                        Computer Game Creation (Gr. 4-7)
skills to take your game to the next level. You will       Caldecott Picture Books (Gr. 1-3) H NEW!
                                                           Using Caldecott winners, students will share                The focus of this course is to become familiar with
learn drills that you can do individually or with                                                                      design technologies and software available to
friends; either way you will see that you can have         reflections on each story and express themselves
                                                           through music, drama, reader’s theater, dance               create your own computer games. Each student
fun and get better all at the same time.                                                                               will be able to create some simple but fun games
                    Zak Gonidakis, Hoover High School      and crafts.
                                                                                             ($4.00 materials fee)     at the conclusion of this course.
Be an Author (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                                                           Deb Roby, St. Barbara School                        Muriel Slaughter, Stark State College
Learn about the things your favorite authors do                                                                        Crafts to Give or Keep (Gr. 1-3)
to create their books. You will write and illustrate       Camp Out on Campus (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
                                                           Have fun learning things to do on a camping                 Use your creativity to make gifts for others or
your own book.                                                                                                         treasures to keep. We’ll make soap, candles, key
                ($5.00 materials fee.) Megan Frederick,    trip. You’re the camper as you go on an excit-
                                     Stark State College   ing scavenger hunt, fish for fun, and make crazy            chains and come up with some unusual creations.
                                                           crafts. It will have you screaming for s’mores!                                                ($5.00 materials fee)
Beginning Harmonica (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                                                          ($3.00 materials fee)                          Elizabeth Dain, St. Sebastian School
Have you always wanted to play the harmonica?                             Maggie Larke, Frazer Elementary School       Crazy Candles (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
Does it sound like a fun, new idea? In this class,                                                                     Do you like candles and wax art? Spend the week
you will learn to play standard, familiar folk songs,      Canton Symphony From A to Zing (Gr. 4-7)
                                                           H NEW!                                                      melting into the art of wax. Mold your style in
Christmas songs and old time favorites. Harmoni-                                                                       the candles you create and be inspired by the
ca will be provided.                                       Follow the canton Symphony Orchestra as they
                                                           prepare for their June 29th “Zing in the City”              artwork that uses this loved, moldable, meltable
                                 ($5.00 materials fee)                                                                 medium …WAX. You will learn a variety of safety
                        Mary Leary, Stark State College    performance. Your musical education will be
                                                           led by a conductor. You will learn about the                techniques and take home the spoils of your fun.
                                                           instruments of the orchestra, meet musicians,               We will make different candles each week.
          For more information:                                                                                                                        ($10.00 materials fee)                                                                                                       Christine deLaGrange, Stark State College
Creative Writing Adventures (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                   Expedition Egypt (Gr. 1-3)                                  Fit Kids (Gr. 1-3)
“Druidawn is a world, a place that is constantly             Explore the land of the Pharaoh, construct a pyra-          Learn to EAT fit, THINK fit, and BE fit in ways that
evolving, being developed, changing - and anyone             mid and learn the ancient art of mummification.             are fun and memorable. Through many random
can contribute, can help this world grow. The only           Create your own jewelry, adorn yourself with                acts of fun and fitness, you will learn to make
limits are those of your own imagination.” Come              symbols of royalty and learn why they really wore           small changes in your lifestyle that can add up to
play this creative writing game that inspires even           all that make-up. Finally, you’ll learn how to write        big results. There will be plenty of fun exercise
reluctant students to write down ideas.                      like an Egyptian.                                           and yummy, healthy snacks to prepare and
                                   ($1.00 materials fee)                                        ($6.00 materials fee)    sample. Come step it up and join the nationwide
             Wendy Silver, Fieldcrest Montessori School                                           Imaginarium Staff      effort to become a more Fit Kid!
Crime Scene Investigators (Gr. 4-7)                          Exploring the South Pacific (Gr. 4-7)                                                            ($4.00 materials fee)
Learn to apply a variety of scientific techniques            As we travel the South Pacific region, we will                                      Janis Kuhn, Jackson Local Schools
to examine the surroundings and solve a mys-                 meet really cool people from diverse cultures               Flight Simulator (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
tery. Study a crime scene looking for pertinent              and taste some interesting foods. The ring of fire          Learn how to fly an airplane by using a computer
clues. Hear from a real police officer about the             comes from this area, so we will build a volcano            flight simulator. You will learn terms related to
important steps they must take in a crime scene              and watch it blow!                                          flying a plane along with reading maps and using
investigation in order to solve it correctly.                                                 ($4.00 materials fee)      the different cockpit controls. Learn and have fun
                                    ($10.00 materials fee)           Jeanne Blankenship, 6th Street Christian School     at the same time.
                Jennifer Hoskin, Young Elementary School     Everything Grinch (Gr. 1-3)                                                      Muriel Slaughter, Stark State College
Cross-Stitch Creations (Gr. 4-7)                             Is your favorite story “How the Grinch Stole                Foam Art (Gr. 1-3)                          H NEW!
Learn how to read a cross-stitch pattern and                 Christmas”? Come spend the week learning more               What can you make with foam? Let’s find out. We
make the pattern come alive. Choose from a                   about this classic story. We’ll end our week with           will create different crafts out of foam including
variety of patterns and projects to make and take            our own ‘Who’ feast complete with roast beast!              picture frames and bracelets. Get ready to be
with you.                                                                                     ($5.00 materials fee)      creative with your designs.
                                 ($5.00 materials fee)              Linda Lockwood, East Canton Elementary School                                        ($5.00 materials fee)
       Linda Lockwood, East Canton Elementary School         Face Painting Fun (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                                                       Katie Eckart, Kids Country
Digital Camera Capers (Gr. 4-7)                              Have you ever wondered how they do face                     Fossil Frenzy (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)           H NEW!
Have you taken pictures where the person’s head              painting? Here’s your chance to learn about                 Explore the history of the Earth! Learn all about
is cut off or your finger is in the picture? Would           some basic tools for face painting! We will begin           the different kinds of fossils and cast your own
you like to learn more about digital photography?            with some basic “face art” and practice fun                 fossils to take home. Find out about prehistoric
We will study and learn what a megapixel is and              objects to display our creativity and personality.          animals and people, too. Do you think you can
how to use the options on a digital camera to                                                    ($8.00 materials fee)   walk in T. Rex’s footprints?
create great looking photos. You will also learn                    Stephenie Skolosh, St. Paul School, North Canton                                         ($8.00 materials fee)
about cropping pictures, reducing red eye, and               Fairies and Fine Literature (Gr. 1-3)                                                             Imaginarium Staff
enhancing your photos! Come experiment with                  Here is an entertaining study of those little               French is Fun (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
photography with us! Bring your camera with                  darlings of the fairy-tale, and we’ll make a fairy          Bon jour! Come get a start on learning and
you. Don’t forget – a picture is worth a thousand            garden, too.                                                speaking this beautiful language. Through differ-
words!                                                                                         ($7.00 materials fee)     ent activities, we will begin to learn vocabulary
       Stephanie Beltz, Beech Grove Elementary School                Jeanne Blankenship, 6th Street Christian School     and pronunciations.
Discover Africa (Gr. 4-7)                                    Fairy Tale-Reader’s Theater (Gr. 1-3)                                            Lynn Klein, Young Elementary School
Explore the various cultures, animals and                    H NEW!                                                      Funky Physics (Gr. 4-7)
lifestyles of the continent of Africa through arts,          Once upon a time…What is your favorite fairy                What do bouncy balls, water bottles, and stuffed
crafts and foods. You will be surprised what you             tale? Little Red Riding Hood? The Ugly Duckling?            bears have in common? They are all parts in the
can discover about this great part of the globe.             Read several favorite fairy tales and act out your          projects you can do in this new look at physics.
                                  ($4.00 materials fee)      favorite in reader’s theater at the end of the week.        We will explore properties of light, make our own
        Jeanne Blankenship, 6th Street Christian School                                     ($5.00 materials fee)        rockets and find out how those stars on your
Dominoes and Beyond (Gr. 4-7)                                                          Katie Eckart, Kids Country        ceiling really glow. The sky is the limit to learning
Well, dump my dominoes! Learn the basics for                 Fantasy Baseball (Gr. 4-7)            H NEW!                Newton’s laws and perhaps coming up with a few
playing dozens of games including Chickenfoot                Ready to enter the world of fantasy sports? It’s            of our own.
and Mexican Train with your own set of domi-                 baseball season and it’s not too late to draft a                                             ($5.00 materials fee)
noes and create original falling domino designs              fantasy team and compete against friends each                             Christine deLaGrange, Stark State College
as well. Venture as far as you dare into this world          week! By now, we know what players you want                 Fuzzy Friends (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
of dots!                                                     because they’ve been playing since April! We’ll             Learn how to make your own pom-poms, how
  ($5 materials fee includes domino game set with tray)      talk about rules and scoring, hold our own draft,           to shape them, how different types or colors
                     Anita Coen, Bath Elementary School      enter our teams for the second half of the season,          of yarn change the appearance, and the many
Dog First Aid (Gr. 4-7)                                      and when the week is over—it’s up to you to                 different things you can make once you know
This American Red Cross course will teach you                keep your season going!                                     the techniques. We will turn them into cute fuzzy
how to be prepared for emergencies that involve                                 Mike Eckart, Kimpton Middle School       critters you can make for yourself or give as gifts
a dog and how to protect yourself and the animal             Fashionistas! (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                                to family and friends.
from further harm, injury or suffering during                Using paper doll templates, fabric and embel-                                                  ($5.00 materials fee)
emergencies by teaching prompt, effective first              lishments, create a fashion portfolio of your own                                    Susan Larke, Stark State College
aid actions and care.                                        designs or have a collection of some well-dressed           Games for Anywhere (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
                    ($30.00 materials fee) Kathie Ledson,    paper dolls. All you need is an eye for fashion and         Stuck somewhere without your video games or
                  Evaline Kirkpatrick, American Red Cross    fun!                                                        other games? Come and learn some games that
Drawing and Painting Animals (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                                                      ($4.00 materials fee)   don’t need anything special. You’ll learn games
Learn basic skills for drawing animals that look                    Stephenie Skolosh, St. Paul School, North Canton     like Huckle Buckle Beanstalk, Swat ’Em, and other
real. You will learn how to sketch animals and               Feel Good About You (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                          games you can play with ordinary things around
then finish them with colored pencils or                     This American Red Cross program introduces the              your house. We may even make up a game or
watercolor paint.                                            basic concepts of self-esteem and assertiveness,            two of our own.
                                  ($6.00 materials fee)      pinpoints self-defeating behaviors, shows how                      Linda Lockwood, East Canton Elementary School
                        Marsha Bray, Stark State College     good self-esteem and assertiveness can protect              German Adventures (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
                                                             you from harm, and demonstrates simple                      Here’s a chance to begin to learn German so you
                                                             methods of improving self-worth.                            can speak with a German-speaking grandparent
                                                                                            ($10.00 materials fee)       or relative. They’ll be amazed at your ability to
                                                                                    Pam Cupari, American Red Cross       speak in German.
                                                                                                                                              Lynn Klein, Young Elementary School

This is an excellent opportunity for my child
                                                                                                                         Girls’ World (Gr. 1-3)
                                                                                                                         Enjoy learning how to make shiny lip gloss, hair
to keep busy, be creative and have fun during the summer. He has gone for two years. Last year he                        accessories and cool jewelry in this class just
went for one week but wanted to go more because he liked it so much! He went two weeks this year.                        for girls.
                                                                                                                                                            ($10.00 materials fee)
— Kathi Jones                                                                                                                                  Elizabeth Dain, St. Sebastain School
Go Fly a Kite (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                              Junior Jazzercise (Gr. 1-3)                                Mental Calisthenics (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
Join the fun of creating and flying your own kite.        The strong exercise habits kids develop now can            “One, two, ready…GO!” Strengthen your mind
First, learn how kite flying has been used around         go a long way in shaping their future. That’s why          through fun and intriguing brain exercises. Solve
the world for centuries. Then, build your own             Junior Jazzercise teaches things like coordina-            the mysteries of “red herrings” and Chinese
kite. Then, if we have some wind, we will fly them.       tion, strength and endurance, nutrition, and               brain twisters. Learn logic. Tangle with tangrams.
                            ($4.00 materials fee)         the importance of physical fitness. Children               Meander through mazes. Create tessellations or
                Vern Kesweder, Stark State College        experience the joy of physical movement as they            doodle some droodles. Improve your spatial
Hemp Jewelry (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)         H NEW!                dance their way through specially choreographed            intelligence with origami, the Japanese art of
Learn the art of knotting as you create bracelets         age-appropriate routines to today’s most popular           paper folding.
using Bonnie’s Braid knot, the side winder knot,          music. Each hour-long class consists of a 20-min-                                              ($3.00 materials fee)
the spiral knot and the square knot.                      ute exercise aerobics segment, a 20-minute game                      Anita Coen, Gifted IS, Bath Elementary School
                               ($7.00 materials fee)      segment focusing on exercise and nutrition, and a          Mind Blossom (Gr. 1-3)
                     Mary Leary, Stark State College      20-minute dance segment to basic choreography.             Have fun learning creative problem solving skills
Historic Indians of Ohio (Gr. 4-7) H NEW!                                                Kelly Vaughn, Jazzerbee     and developing flexibility in thinking through chal-
Through a variety of arts and crafts, you will be         Lego Architects (Gr. 4-7)                H NEW!            lenging verbal and hands-on activities designed
introduced to six historic Ohio Indian tribes.            Learn the secrets behind some of the world’s               to unlock your creative thinking potential. We’ll
Here’s a chance to make history come alive!               most amazing structures. We will use Legos to              have individual and team activities.
                                 ($4.00 materials fee)    create and explore amazing structures such as                                           ($3.00 materials fee)
                          Deb Roby, St. Barbara School    bridges, skyscrapers, and many other architec-                            Maggie Larke, Kent State University
History of Chocolate (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                       tural feats. This class will bring out the creativity      Money Savvy Kids (Gr. 1-3, 4-7) H NEW!
Follow chocolate as it travels through history from       and exploration in every child! Plus everyone gets         Learn the basic concepts of money management,
its bitter beginning to its contemporary state of         to take home their own Lego set at the end of the          including savings, spending, donating and invest-
confection. Of course, sampling has to be part of         class.                                                     ing. We’ll even be using our friend The Money
the class!                                                                               ($15.00 materials fee)      Savvy Pig® to learn these concepts. This is an
                                ($5.00 materials fee)                         Zak Gonidakis, Hoover High School      interactive piggy bank with four separate slots
          Wendy Silver, Fieldcrest Montessori School      Legomania! (Gr. 1-3)                                       and chambers. There’s also a sticker sheet to
Hooked on Science (GR. 1-3, 4-7) H NEW!                   Just imagine a room full of Legomaniacs and                help you remember to set goals for each money
Space explorers, let’s blast off to a fun-filled          buckets of Legos! We’ll create new stuff and               choice you make. The last session is the Family
week! We will explore the universe and how it             bounce ideas off each other. Four days of fun and          Money Press Conference, where parents,
works with many fun, hands-on experiments.                you’ll have a new Lego set to take home!                   grandparents and other relatives can see how
                                     ($7 materials fee)                                    ($12.00 materials fee)    you’re now a money savvy kid!
             Jennifer Hoskin, Young Elementary School                         Elizabeth Dain, St. Sebastian School                       Mark Clendenin, Stark State College
Investigating Electricity (Gr. 4-7)                       Let’s Have a Party (Gr. 1-3)                               Movie Maker (Gr. 4-7)
Electricity is hard at work all around us. Ever           Celebrate the summer with different theme                  Do you like to shoot movies? Learn to shoot mov-
wonder what all the buzz is about? Safety first.          parties. Learn about Mardi Gras traditions and             ies, add some transitions, and burn your creation
We will explore many aspects and experiment               experience a Hawaiian luau. How about a rodeo              on a DVD for viewing at home. Must have a video
with this fabulous force, from rewiring a lamp to         round-up or a pajama party? There’s no limit as            camera for class with cords to connect it to the
understanding a grid and more.                            to what kind of party we might throw.                      computer. This will be very creative so bring your
                                ($5.00 materials fee)                                      ($10.00 materials fee)    imagination and some ideas for video!
      Jeanne Blankenship, 6th Street Christian School                         Elizabeth Dain, St. Sebastian School          Stephanie Beltz, Beech Grove Elementary School,
                                                          Magic Moments (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                                                          Lydia Lee, Stark State College
Japanese Book Binding (Gr. 4-7) H NEW!
Want to be a poet? In this class you will create a        Discover the enchantment of magic as you                   Moving and Grooving Dance (Gr. 1-3)
poetry book using Japanese book binding. After            experience the thrill of learning and performing           H NEW!
being introduced to Japanese poems, you will              magical effects. Your friends will wonder how you          Everybody clap your hands…Let’s get our bodies
then have the opportunity to create several of            did those tricks! All participants will receive magic      warmed up so we can move and groove. Learn
your own. Then you will design the cover of your          tricks and expert instruction on performing these          new dances and have a dance party, including
book and use the Japanese art form of watercolor          tricks.                                                    Macarena, Cha Cha Slide and more.
to illustrate your poems.                                                                  ($9.00 materials fee)                                   Katie Eckart, Kids Country
                                 ($4.00 materials fee)                       Tim Angeloni, The Magic Encounter       Nature Crafts (Gr. 4-7)
                          Deb Roby, St. Barbara School    Make-Up Chemistry (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                           Do you like the great outdoors? Do you enjoy
Japanese Journeys (Gr. 1-3)                               Experiment and discover how to make inexpen-               making crafts? If so, this class is for you. We will
Take a journey through this island nation and             sive, organic or natural beauty products. You will         begin each day with a walk outside collecting
celebrate special Japanese holidays, learn the            create make-up and skin and body care products.            items from nature. Then we will use these
arts of origami and kirigami, and try your hand at                                           ($8.00 materials fee)   materials to make some crazy crafts.
traditional Japanese games and kite making.                            Wendy Silver, Fieldcrest Montessori School                                     ($2.00 materials fee)
               ($6.00 materials fee) Imaginarium Staff    Making Spaces (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                                              Maggie Larke, Frazer Elementary School
Jazzy Jewelry (Gr. 4-7)                                   Bored with your room and just do not know what             News Hounds (Gr. 4-7)
Do you have that perfect top and no accessories           to do about it? Hate the color but no time to              Calling all aspiring journalists! Come try your hand
to wear with it? Not enough bracelets for both            paint? Want more light or less light? How about            at newspaper writing of all kinds. We’ll explore
arms? Like to look at all those beads but not sure        stuff to store your stuff in? This room remaking           headline news, sports writing, fashion commen-
what to do with them? This is the class for you.          class will help you change your focus and add              tary, movie and book reviews, and those favorite
Glam up your wardrobe while learning basic tools          pizazz to your space. Using light, organization,           editorials. Perhaps political cartoons and comics
and techniques needed to make jewelry for any             focal points and more, learn how to take the               as well will give you an exciting taste of the
diva princess.                                            focus off what you don’t like in your room while           newspaper world.
                               ($5.00 materials fee)      making stuff you do like.                                         Stephenie Skolosh, St. Paul School, North Canton
            Christine deLaGrange, Stark State College                                      ($6.00 materials fee)
                                                                        Christine deLaGrange, Stark State College    O, Pioneers!                         (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
Jungle Safari (Gr. 1-3)                H NEW!                                                                        Learn about pioneer life through stories and
Let’s go swinging on vines through the jungle! We         Masters of Disaster (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                         crafts, including candle-making, sewing, yarn
will go on a safari checking out different jungle         This Red Cross program is designed to help children        dying and doll making. We’ll also learn what
animals each day. Learn about the things you              react when disasters strike. What would you do             pioneer kids did for fun, and we’ll finish the
would need if you were going on a safari and how          if basic services such as water, gas, electricity or       week with a pioneer food fest.
you would survive. We will create crafts to go            telephones were cut off? See why the best way                                               ($6.00 materials fee)
along with these animals.                                 to recover from any disaster is to be prepared                                Megan Frederick, Stark State College
                                  ($8.00 materials fee)   ahead of time. Learn common dangers associated             Orient Express-ions (Gr. 1-3)
                             Katie Eckart, Kids Country   with each type of disaster and how to take simple          Travel the Orient and learn all about the unique
                                                          steps that will help you and your family be better         customs, games, art forms, holidays and festivals
                                                          prepared for most emergencies.                             of the Far East. Make and sample sushi – don’t
                                                                                          ($10.00 materials fee)
                                                              Matt Sweeney, Melissa Seibert, American Red Cross      worry, our version is a sweet treat!
                                                                                                                                     ($8.00 materials fee) Imaginarium Staff
Peer Mediation (Gr. 4-7)                                   Read! Write! Publish! (Gr. 4-7)                             Settlers of Catan (Gr. 4-7)
Fighting and arguing are not the way to handle             Stimulate the love of reading and writing by using          You will enjoy this German board game as you
tough situations. We will conduct mock conflicts           the writing process to become a young author.               build settlements, roads, and cities as you embark
and discover the right and wrong ways to                   We will try writing comic strips, newspaper                 on a quest to settle the island of Catan. Through
respond. You will learn how to become a peer               articles, sports announcements, and more.                   acquiring resource cards, careful building, and
mediator to solve problems among friends or                We’ll explore some different types of book                  the luck of the dice you will be the next ruler of
peers to settle any situation.                             designs, illustrations, and ways of “publishing”            Catan! The layout of the board changes every
           Jeff Weyrauch, Northside Elementary School      the finished product.                                       game, which captures your interest and inspires
Picture This (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                                                                    ($2.00 materials fee)   you to only play some more and win!
                                                                  Stephenie Skolosh, St. Paul School, North Canton                                        ($5.00 materials fee)
Do you have a lot of pictures lying around and
                                                           Reading Skills Round-Up (Gr. 1-3)                                               Elizabeth Dain, St. Sebastian School
have nothing to do with them? Are you bored
with just putting them in frames or albums?                Sharpen reading, phonics, and language skills               Sharper School Reports (Gr. 4-7)
Well this class will show you fun, innovative ways         using children’s literature, poetry, games and              Do you want your school reports to stand out
to use your pictures as decorations, make neat             crafts. We’ll use a variety of techniques to                from the others? Then come and learn how,
variations of picture frames and lots more. Just           strengthen skills in class, with activities to share        with Microsoft Word and Excel, you can insert
bring in your pictures that you have at home and           at home. Reading, games and puzzles really do               graphics, tables, charts and graphs into any kind
explore the endless possibilities.                         go together!                                                of report. Your teachers will be impressed!
                                 ($10.00 materials fee)                                        ($2.00 materials fee)                             Lydia Lee, Stark State College
                     Lauren Zink, Glen Oak High School            Stephenie Skolosh, St. Paul School, North Canton     Sign Language (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
Pirate Adventures (Gr. 1-3)                                Red Cross Babysitting Certification Course                  Here’s a chance to learn how to talk with your
Ahoy, mateys! Join us for an adventure on the              (Gr. 4-7)                                                   hands and communicate with a hearing-impaired
high seas. Hear some pirate tales, search for sea          This course will include babysitting responsibili-          friend. You will learn the basic sign language
monsters, make a treasure map and practice your            ties, characteristics of children, selecting toys and       alphabet, how to sign songs, and how to carry
pirate “growl.”                                            games for children, supervising children, accident          on a brief conversation.
     Stephenie Zamagias, St. Paul School, North Canton     prevention, feeding of children, and emergency                                      Mary Leary, Stark State College
Plugging In PowerPoint (Gr. 4-7)                           procedures. Students will receive the American              Silly Sand Art (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)            H NEW!
The next time you have to give a speech or pre-            Red Cross babysitting certificate.                          There are more things to do with sand other than
                                                                                     ($35.00 materials fee includes
sentation in school, why not add the razzle and                              Red Cross textbook and certification.)    play in it. In this class we will make things such
dazzle of a PowerPoint presentation? In this class          Kathie Ledson, Evaline Kirkpatrick, American Red Cross     as Sandy Bottles and Sandy Pictures and much
you will learn how to use PowerPoint and how to                                                                        more! Come see the fun and clever way you can
create your own graphic presentations that will            Rockets’ Red Glare (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                           turn colorful sand into colorful art!
impress your teachers.                                     Rocket your way into the blue skies and above                                                ($10.00 materials fee)
                          Lydia Lee, Stark State College   and beyond. You will learn the background of                                     Lauren Zink, Glen Oak High School
                                                           rockets, all the safety tips, how to build a rocket         Simple Gifts (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
Poppin Papers (Gr. 1-3)                                    and what each piece is used for. Then get ready
Think paper is boring stuff? Not here! Learn why                                                                       You will make a simple, inexpensive gift each
                                                           to launch your own personal rocket into the sky.            day that you can give to Mom, Dad, Grandpa,
the art of rolling paper is called quilling. Find          Each rocket kit will come with everything you
the best way to use paper to cover just about                                                                          Grandma or a friend. We’ll use a variety of tools
                                                           need.                                                       like felt, string, beads, and more to make gifts that
anything. Create new forms of wild life with the                                           ($12.00 materials fee)
art of origami. Make your own paper treasures or                      Jeff Weyrauch, Northside Elementary School       include a picture frame and a personalized block
treasure keepers. Artwork, cards, stationary, and                                                                      clown.
toys are just a few of the possibilities.                  Rocks ’n Dirt (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                                                                 ($5.00 materials fee)
                                 ($3.00 materials fee)     Get your hands dirty with some rocks, fossils,                     Linda Lockwood, East Canton Elementary School
              Christine deLaGrange, Stark State College    geodes, and gems! Find out about the history                Spanish Salsa (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
                                                           hidden in the dirt. We will have a little fun with          How do you say the name of that Mexican food
Princess 101 (Gr. 1-3)                                     a pet rock and an edible rock activity.
In this creatively disguised class on etiquette,                                               ($3.00 materials fee)   you order in the restaurant? You can learn to
we will study our favorite ladies: Belle, Briar Rose,             Stephenie Skolosh, St. Paul School, North Canton     pronounce any word in Spanish. Now is the time
Snow White, and the new girl, Tianna. You                                                                              to begin a foreign language, and Spanish is the
will discover what makes them so lovely and                Roller Coaster Tycoon (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                        easiest one of all!
enchanting.                                                Do you have what it takes to create the ultimate                               Lynn Klein, Young Elementary School
    ($4.00 materials fee) Jeanne Blankenship, 6th Street   amusement park? Well, here’s your chance to
                                                           find out! Roller Coaster Tycoon is the first build/         Spy Kids (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
                                       Christian School                                                                Have you ever dreamed about being a detective
                                                           management computer program that’s as easy
Quiz-ardy (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                                   to use as it is powerful. You will enjoy building           and solving mysteries? This is the class for you!
Here’s a game like Jeopardy with interactive com-          amusement parks that dreams are made of …                   We will gather clues, go on a scavenger hunt, dust
ponents to let you play against your classmates            complete with the most outrageous thrill rides              for fingerprints, analyze handwriting and more.
in a game of learning and skill. Who will be the           imaginable!                                                 You’ll be thinking like a detective and performing
Quiz-adry champion at the end of the week?                                    Muriel Slaughter, Stark State College    experiments like a real forensic scientist.
                               ($12.00 materials fee)                                                                                                     ($5.00 materials fee)
          Jennifer Hoskins, Young Elementary School        Scene Studies (Gr. 4-7)                                          Stephenie Zamagias, St. Paul School, North Canton
Ragtime (Gr. 4-7)                      H NEW!              Brief scenes from classic theater will be explored,         Stagecast Creator (Gr. 1-3)
American pioneers and colonists knew how to                rehearsed and performed. A step-by-step strategy            This intriguing computer program gives you
reduce, reuse and recycle. Learn how to recycle            for the actor will be developed for the actor’s             the tools to design your own video games and
old fabric into new treasure. Materials will be            audition repertoire.                                        share them with friends. You can create and
                                                                       Mary Lou Ianni, Kathleen Howland Theatre
provided but you are encouraged to bring old                                                                           explore simulations and learn to use higher levels
clothes, rags, etc. to recycle.                            Scrapbooking and Memory Pages (Gr. 4-7)                     of thinking skills as you meet the challenge of
                               Imaginarium Staff           Use paper, stickers, embellishments, and stamps             becoming a game developer. Sure to be great fun
Ravishing Ribbon Art (Gr. 4-7)    H NEW!                   to enhance and preserve your favorite pictures.             while still engaging you in the learning process.
There is so much you can do with ribbon, so                Learn how to use techniques including cropping,                                       Lydia Lee, Stark State College
come and explore the possibilities in this class.          matting, and journaling to create pages you’ll              Stamping Mania (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
We will make great things such as hair ties, gift          always treasure. Bring at least 10 photos with              We’ll use rubber stamps and a rainbow of ink
bags and different arts and crafts. You may also           you the first day. All pagemaking supplies will be          colors to create greeting cards, gift bags and
bring in some of your own belongings from home             provided (scrapbook not included).                          tissue paper, and cool accessories for your room.
                                                                                           ($10.00 materials fee)
such as bags and flip flops to decorate with the                              Megan Frederick, Stark State College     Learn cool stamping techniques that go beyond
fun and fabulous ribbon. Come explore the                                                                              just the ink pad, including multicolor stamping
endless possibilities with ribbon!                         Sculpture (Gr. 4-7)                                         and chalk. Create invitations, holiday cards, or
                                   ($8.00 materials fee)   Learn to make 3-D objects from a variety of                 anything else you can imagine.
                     Lauren Zink, Glen Oak High School     materials. Don’t forget to bring your creativity                                            ($8.00 materials fee)
                                                           and imagination. We will be working with clay,                                Megan Frederick, Stark State College
                                                           string, paper, glue – you name it, we’ll do it!
                                                                                            ($8.00 materials fee)
                                                                                  Marsha Bray, Stark State College
                                                                                                                                                               U.S. Postage
             6200 Frank Ave. N.W. North Canton, Ohio 44720                                                                                                     Canton, Ohio
                                                                                                                                                              Permit No. 392

           June 13 - 16 • June 20 - 23
             June 27 - 30 • July 5 - 8
   Register for one, two, three or all four weeks!

Step into Soccer (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                           Tasty, Healthy Treats (Gr. 1-3, 4-7) H NEW!                Weaving (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                    H NEW!
Brush up on your basic soccer skills, including           Food is good, but not all foods are good for you.          Honor the traditions of your culture by learning
dribbling, scoring, defending and much more.              In this class we will learn how to make delicious          some basic weaving techniques. Try your hand
           Jeff Weyrauch, Northside Elementary School     snacks and treats that taste great and make you            at paper, yarn, and fabric weaving. A “reverse-
String Jewelry (Gr. 4-7)                                  feel great as well.                                        weaving” project is a great challenge for your
Come and make different necklaces, bracelets                                             ($10.00 materials fee)      creative mind!
                                                                              Zak Gonidakis, Hoover High School                                          ($4.00 materials fee)
and anklets using nothing more than string. You
                                                          Teamwork (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                                           Stephenie Skolosh, St. Paul School, North Canton
will learn several methods to design your jewelry
and have a variety of colors of string to choose          Teams can accomplish things that one person                Wild Things (Gr. 1-3)
from. Mix and match designs and make as many              alone cannot. Learn to be a great team player              Explore some of the best stories about the wild
items as you have time for. You will even be pro-         through a variety of fun activities and games. You         creatures of our planet – some real and some
vided with extra string and directions to continue        will be so busy having fun you won’t realize the           from our imagination. Get to know the animals
your designs at home.                                     important team and work skills you will be acquir-         that no one likes to love. From alligators to
                                 ($6.00 materials fee)    ing fir future sports and school activities                warthogs – we’ll find something cool to know!
         Lauren Zink, Middlebranch Elementary School                                         ($2.00 materials fee)   Stephenie Skolosh, St. Paul School, North Canton
                                                                                Janis Kuhn, Jackson Local Schools
Stupendous Stumpers (Gr. 4-7)                                                                                        Winter Wonderland (Gr. 1-3)
Stretch your mind and use your powers of logic            Traveling the Underground Railroad (Gr. 4-7)               It’s snowing in June! It may be 80 degrees
and reasoning to solve number, word, and logic            Here is a chance to be introduced to the historic          outside, but we’ll be thinking cool with some fun
problems and play fun brain-teasing games. You            underground railroad through reading aloud and             snow projects. We’ll color, cut, glue and paint
will learn strategies for finding solutions and even      music. Learn how the railroad worked as you                (even with shaving cream) to cool off our minds.
create your own games and puzzles.                        create codes and explore other crafts.                     Bring a paint shirt with you.
                  Megan Frederick, Stark State College                             Deb Roby, St. Barbara School,                                    ($3.00 materials fee)
Summer Fun (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)                                 Ultimate Frisbee (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)          H NEW!                 Linda Lockwood, East Canton Elementary School
Learn about and play exciting games in the sun.           It’s a lot like football, but you play with a frisbee.     Words are Power (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)        H NEW!
Activities will include badminton, kickball, cro-         Which team can get to the end zone? And if you             Become a better listener, reader, speaker, and
quet, capture the flag and more.                          drop the frisbee, it’s a fumble. Come and play this        writer! How? Stretch and increase your vocabu-
           Jeff Weyrauch, Northside Elementary School     new and exciting game.                                     lary in a FUN way with games like Taboo, Scatter-
                                                                     Jeff Weyrauch, Northside Elementary School      gories, Jumble, and Scrabble! Before you know it,
Survivor Island (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
You’ve seen it on TV. Now, let’s see if you have          Under the Sea (Gr. 1-3)                                    you’ll be a refined orator!
what it takes to survive? Discover what nature            Come and discover what lies deep under the                                                   ($3.00 materials fee)
                                                          ocean: mountains, magic and mystery, and                                      Mike Eckart, Kimpton Middle School
has to offer us by finding food, water, building
shelter, and overcoming other obstacles. Will your        maybe a mermaid or two.                                    World Tour (Gr. 1-3, 4-7)
tribe be the winning tribe?                                                                 ($5.00 materials fee)    What makes each culture so different, yet how
                              ($10.00 materials fee)              Jeanne Blankenship, 6th Street Christian School    are they all very much alike? We will “travel” to
          Jennifer Hoskin, Young Elementary School        Vacation Adventures (Gr. 1-3)                              four continents to discover the similiarities and
Symphony of 5 Senses (Gr. 1-3) H NEW!                     Forget the whines of “How much longer?” Now                differences of people from all around the world.
Do you trust someone else to lead you around              you’ll know! Learn how to make your family                 We will explore the people, their languages,
if you couldn’t see? See how strong your senses           vacation an adventure that is more enjoyable and           music, sport, food, holidays and traditions to
are. We will be exploring various activities using        will thrill your future teachers. Best of all, you’ll      learn what makes each group special. A simple
each of your senses.                                      learn how to come away with memories to last a             craft activity will be part of each day.
                                  ($8.00 materials fee)   lifetime.                                                                                     ($4.00 materials fee)
                             Katie Eckart, Kids Country           Jeanne Blankenship, 6th Street Christian School                          Janis Kuhn, Jackson Local Schools
                                                          Weather Wonders (Gr. 1-3)
                                                                                                                                  Great program giving
                                                          Learn about weather through a variety of experi-
                                                          ences, including books, music, poetry, and crafts.

                    For more information,
                                                          We will also go outside and learn to be “weather
                                                          detectives.”                                                                kids summer fun
                                                                                    Deb Roby, St. Barbara School                   learning opportunities with excellent
                 call 330-966-5455 or visit
                                                                                                                                       variety of classes to choose from.
                                                                                                                                          My kids loved the experience!
                                                                                                                                                            — Julie Dominick

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