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									County of Riverside
   Financial Highlights

              Dennis Stout Jr.
                 Accountant II
 County of Riverside Auditor-Controller’s Office
Report Background
• Government Finance Officers Association
  • Popular Annual Financial Report Program
    • Goal
        • Supplement GAAP reports to make valuable financial information
          available to a broader audience
        • Designed to meet the needs of interested parties who may be
          unable or unwilling to use traditional financial reports
    • Eligibility
        • Prior year recipient of GFOA Certificate of Achievement in
          Financial Reporting
    • Report Criteria
        •   Narrative and graphic analysis explaining items of interest
        •   Clearly advise readers of the availability of the CAFR
        •   Disclosure of selected funds and account groups
        •   Information must be derived from the CAFR
Financial Highlights
• Not prepared on a GAAP basis
  • Opportunity for flexibility in presentation
  • Easier to read!
• Governmental Fund Financial Statements
  • Provides information on the sources, uses, and
    balances of current financial resources
  • Statements do not include capital assets and long-
    term liabilities
• Addresses financial & non-financial matters
  • Demographic & economic statistics
  • Internet Resources
Financial Highlights

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